White of the Eye (1987) Script

Hello? Oh.

Karen, hi, listen.

I'm so glad you called. Do you think... Do you think we could make it 7:30?

Yeah. Yeah, that'd be great.

Er... I'm having a terrible day.

Maurice just butchered... he just butchered my hair.

I don't know what the hell he thought he was doing.

OK, great. OK, bye.

Yeah, it's all over your nose, Danielle.

Oh, go ahead and roll your cookies.

Danielle, what happened at school today?

Charlie said, "Can I borrow your Twinkie?"

I said, "No", and he said, "You don't need it, Porky!"

And he squeezed it.

That's not what I heard. What else happened?


I... I socked him in the back.

Danielle, honey, you can't keep going round socking people in the back.

It's just not right. It's stupid.

It's anti-social. What's "anti-social"?


Do you know what "social" is? No.

Social is like what we're doing right now... making cookies and talking and laughing.


Now, anti-social would be if Mommy grabbed your cookie-cutter and chopped up all your cookies and threw them on the ground.

That's anti-social.

OK, you understand?

You're not gonna do it again?


Come here and give me a big hug and kiss.

Let me see. There's icing on your nose.

I said, "Dr Sutter, on the ceiling?"

He says, "Oh, you said that I needed sound insulation."

"It was just a suggestion."

I said, "Yeah..."

I said, "No, no, no, that's fine, that's fine. It's a great idea."

It's a beautiful idea... soundwise, I'm talking soundwise.

You have to be a retired plastic surgeon to come up with that.


God, it's beautiful! You've really customized it.

Do you like the ivory? Mm-hmm, it looks a little like Danielle.

That's cold. That's cold.

I road-tested Sutter's living room.

You should have seen his face. Oh, do it!

Do what?

Come on, just do it for me. Please!



OK, horn loaded tweeters there, there, there and there.

And all the bass out this end.

Of course you have to have heavy-duty cables.

That's what separates the men from the boys.

Right. Well...

People think I'm kidding when I do that.

You know, they... they can't believe that I really feel it, right there.

It's like I got a tuning fork.

Here in my sinus cavities. I know.

It's weird. It's like... I can't do it with my eyes open.

Yes, you can.

Come here.


'We're not getting much information at all from the police

'about what the murder scene looks like or about the intriguing report... '

Uh, pushed the wrong damn button.

'... murders of two wealthy housewives.

'Homicide detective Mendoza had no comment for us

'when we asked him if the killing here could be related to the murder

'last August of Mrs Jennifer Ann Timmonds up in Phoenix... '

Give me a break!


Can we just get a lead line on this, please?

Are there any witnesses at all?

Come on, give us a break, would you? One statement, please.

I know a goddamn work of art when I see one.

Didn't you ever look at a Picasso, Lucas?

Picasso, my ass!

I'm talking post-cubist Picasso.

Why should I look at a goddamn Picasso? I'm a medical man, not a hippie.

Or maybe even later.

You know, Lucas, you're becoming a real bore this evening.

I can't even hold a civilized conversation with you, you know that?

Excuse me, sir, we haven't printed in there yet.

OK, OK, OK, I'm not touching a thing.

The sonofabitch took a shower.

Here. This looks like a nice piece right there.

I had to pick Danielle up from school today.

How come?

She socked someone in the back again.

I met the new principal, too. I hear he's supposed to be strict.

It's getting like the Bronx.

All they do is kick ass all day.

Do you miss New York sometimes? You gotta be kidding.

I'm not kidding. No.

You remember Mike?

Mike who?

Yeah, right, 'Mike who'.

That's history, baby.

God, we were so lost.

Heading for Hollywood... how stupid!

You sexy thing, you sexy thing, you I believe in miracles.

Since you came along.

You sexy thing...

Hey, close the fucking window. It's freezing cold out there.

Some like it cool, you know?

Oh, man, why me?

God, you live with a guy for six months and never realise he's afraid of a little oxygen.

How did you know...

We eat, sleep and fuck in this goddamn van for 3,000 miles and does that look like Malibu Beach to you? Huh? Malibu Beach?

You fucking put the tape in its case, man! You're killing it! Jesus!

Hey, use a fucking ash tray, will you, Joanie? It's right there.

All right, already. I'm using it.

No, man! Jesus Christ!

Goddammit! Oh, I'm sorry!

Looks like we have a dead-on-arrival here. Drowned.

What the fuck could I do, man?

Watch her burn?

Oh, here's my grandson.

He's an expert in the field of transistors.

Great! Terrific!

Know what we need, babe?

Get in the van for a while, eat some real food, you know?

Steak! I need steak!

It's cold out.

Here's your jacket.

Hey, is this place actually called "Globe"?

Sure is. Globe, Arizona.

How many miles to L.A. from here? L.A.?

Where is that? Ha ha!

A lot of Indians around here, huh?

Those are the Apache Mountains you're looking at.

It's their summer hunting ground.

They'll sell you a license, though. Especially this time of year.

I think I can fix it.

Hey, Joan, he can fix it, no problem.

Great! We're in luck.

Yeah. Hey, I was born lucky, I swear to God.

The Apache Mountains.

Joan, I think we're going to motel it.

Kick back a couple of days, what do you say?

Jesus, I got highway hypnosis, you know?

You got what?


As long as we get to Malibu before Christmas, fine!

Huh! Well, excuse me, huh?

Hey, Paul.

I am Apache.

Oh yeah?

Hey man, you ever been to New York, Paul?

No. No?

No, I didn't think so.

You see this tan, man?

That's Spanish, Italian, Scottish and a little bit of Puerto Rican, but not too much.

How about that! And my grandpa, that is my great-grandpa on my mom's side, was a full-blown Apache.

Yeah? An Apache Chief.

Anybody... anybody can come from New York, Paul.

Morning, sir. Good morning. What's going on?

Oh, we had a little incident here last night we're investigating.

I can't let you into the area unless you're a resident or working in the area.

Well, I'm installing some stereo equipment at Dr Sutter's.

Dr Sutter's is all right, I can let you go over there.

Is this the murder that I saw on TV last night?

Unfortunately it is. You can go over to Dr Sutter's though.


'Five, four, nine, report... '

Put those in the big room, dude!

OK, no problem.

Seeing her rings.

All her things.

And her clothes are in the closet.

Where she left them.

When she tore my world apart.

As you leave you'll see the nursery.

Oh, she left me without mercy.

Taking our baby.

And my heart?

'Officer needs assistance. '

Mr White? Yeah.

Good morning.

I'm an investigator with Tucson CID.

Charles Mendoza.

Arnold White, right? Paul.

Paul, of course. Yes, I'm sorry.

Listen, Paul, there's been a...

There was a homicide right next door there, and...

Yeah, I know. I...

Let me rescue this gadget.

That's real nice!

That's hot! How much does something like that run at?

Well, it was $2, 200.

Tricked out like that with that rosewood and ivory... it's $3,000.

Dr Sutter tells me you've got a waiting list a mile long, here in Tucson, Phoenix, all over the place.

You get around.

Those guys out in front always work for you?

No, I er... I sub-contract 'em.

It depends on the job. I love the classics.

Wagner, Stravinsky, Mahler... I'm big on Mahler.

Really? Mahler? I love Mahler. What kind of equipment you got?

Er... nothing fancy.

Fedcosonic, 40 Watts.

Fedcosonic, that's a good value. It's a good buy.

I gotta hook this up. Sure, sure, go ahead.

Now, if you're talking Mahler, you're talking challenging the bass, right?

Now, these can handle it.

Pure, undistorted power to the sub-sonic range.

Don't ask me how much. I won't.

But let me ask you this, Paul.

Do you still hunt?

No. Why?

Well, I heard you had quite a reputation.

Very heavy into hunting.

Well, yeah, I used to, but I quit when I got married.

My wife... You know how women are. Yeah... yeah.

Except when they want a fur coat, right?

Did you ever meet Joyce Patel?

Joyce Patel? That's the woman...

No, man, I never saw her.

Paul, take a look at these Polaroids.

No, not more than 1,000 miles.

Mm-hmm. Yep.

These Baja SE tires happen to be just introduced, quality, mail order imports from California.

Now, the company has all the customers on a floppy disk.

So, you could say we're in luck. Only a few sets in this state so far.

What are you trying to say?

I'm trying to say those are like fingerprints.

Fresh fingerprints.

How many sets do you have? In this state?

42. And out of state?

Paul, I'm gonna let you know a little privileged information.

We've had three similar disfigurements at least in this state and in this state alone.

Forget about out of state, OK?

Be patient with me.

I don't suppose you recall what you were doing August 10th for instance?

Tuesday evening?

Well... of course, why should you?

I'll check with my wife. She keeps the date book.

Well, er... there's no... no hurry.

Besides, I've got 41 more sets to go.

It's just leg work.

That's my specialty.

Come on, Danielle.

Come on, jump! Don't be afraid.

You know, there's no electricity without copper.

See that?

See it? How could you miss it? It's the only thing out here.

All these mountains are man-made by this town.

Donald, let me ask you a question. What?

Is it true that copper bracelets are good for your sex life?

There's no question about it!

Here! You see this penny?

That's an English penny. That'll give you a faithful husband.

That's all you gotta do is rub it.

Don't drop it! Don't lose it! I ain't gonna lose it.

Hey! I ain't gonna rub it anyway.

That'll be 16 bucks, Chief.

Looking good, huh?

Let's see how she sounds.

Hey, Paul.

I hear they hunt with handguns around here, is that right?

I used to pop varmints with an automatic. I learned to get 'em in one shot.

Oh, man, what bullshit, man!

That's a. 380 Beretta, buddy.

It's got 960 feet per second, so what are you talking about?

Huh? What the fuck are you talking about?

This gun's a motherfucker!

It's a fucking deadly weapon, man, it's Italian.

Varmints? Varmints shit, man!

Hey, Paul.

Are you doing any hunting or what? I'm thinking 'bout going up there Sunday.

Yeah? Mind if I hang out with you?

Hang out? Yeah!

It's late in the season, but I figure there's a few mulies left up there. Fast ones.

Mulies? What the fuck are we gonna hunt? Donkeys?

Mule deer.

Mule deer. Mule deer? Yeah! Yeah, I knew that.


Hey, man, what's so funny, man? Mule deer.

Everybody knows mule deer.


I said heel!


There's my girl!

Here we go. Ready?

Into the capsule, if you dare.


August 10th, August 10th...

What are you doing? Nothing.

Hmm? Nothing.

Doesn't feel like nothing.

Why have you tied our dog to my leg?

Hmm? Because I have something to tell you.

And what have you got to tell me?

I got you some cookies. You got me cookies?

Yes. You got me cookies?

Yes. Let's see them.

Mmm, cookies!

Shasta likes them too. Who made them? Me and Mom.

We'd better try them out on the dog.

Keep still, Shasta. Keep still.



Let's go see Mommy. Come on.

Yeah? 'Hey, you're home?'

That's right, Fred.

'Joan around?'

No, she works down at the thrift store on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

'Right, right...

'Paul, I gotta talk to you.

'I wouldn't want to use the phone for this, you know. '

I don't understand why a bright guy like that wound up in this burg. In Globe?

Selling high-tech hi-fi shit out of his backyard?

We got us a non-conformist here, Charles, come here.

That's the file.

Worked for six years as an accountant at the mine.

Managed to embezzle six grand in six months.

Jumped bail and disappeared into thin air.

The mother remarried, couldn't handle the kid.

He was raised by his grandfather.

You know, "embezzlement" must be a weird-sounding word to a kid.

Here's the kid.

Phil, that's a juvenile hall rap sheet, you can't put that on the computer.

I'm shocked at you, man, I really am.

What are you telling me? You don't believe in genes?

Nothing's sacred to you.

I'm gonna pull the plug. Are you a cop or a nun?

This kid has got a serious anti-social juvenile record.

That's not gonna help us. Look, I got something I wanna show you.

Possession of dangerous drugs... Phil, I'm gonna pull the plug.

Drunk driving, aggravated assault on a police officer, probably on speed, hunting the reservation without a license...

You're spending too much time up here. You finished? Let me show you something.

These four objects, what's the common denominator?

What's the point? We got us a Christian slasher here?

Is that what you're saying? Maybe. Look at this.

What does this tell you?

It tells me it's Margarita time, Charles.

OK, now what does it tell you?

I give up. You tell me what it means.

OK. Phil...

The North Star.

The setting sun. South is blue... I don't remember why.

East is black.

What we have here, Phil, is an ancient Indian compass.

This goes back before the Vikings.

This is the four directions. That's what the Indians call it, OK?

Now, I want you to take this and shove it up your floppy orifice, OK, Phil?

Thank you, I will.

Hand me the sign, will you, please?

What happened in here, Fred?

Jesus, goddamn horde of locusts is what happened!

People just take advantage.

Ruby, we got shoe leather here.

We're out of drippings, Dad. Jesus!

Out of drippings, out of drippings...

Anne Mason came in.

She didn't want to call your house.

Oh... give me another beer.

She wants you to go up there, fix the dish.

It needs maintenance, she says. Fix the dish...

Six months ago I installed a maintenance-free unit up there.

You made your bed, pal...

Jesus, you kids!

I explained to Joanie, nothing happened up there... nothing!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

But I'll tell you who needs maintenance...

It's Anne when Vernon leaves town. What horse?

Never mind, Fred. If I'm going up there, I don't wanna go sober.

Keep it down, keep it down...

It's just Stu.

Ruby, those BLTs ready?

No, the toaster's busted.

Ever since I stopped working here. Look at this place!

How are you doing, Dad?

So, how's it going, big Stu?

I'll tell you.

It's a goddamn ant farm up at that office.

A bunch of jokers from Tucson came down here, sliding around, looking for that psycho of theirs.

Call themselves CID.

They had me mimeographing today, for God's sake!

No... Yeah!

How's your ma?

You should go visit her, Dad.

Sure. Poor Sarah.

So, I guess you heard about those tyre tracks.

What tyre tracks?

Oh yeah, seems they're looking for a truck with Mickey Thompson Bajas.

The new kind. Shit, I got Bajas. Brand new.

Fifteen tens? Hell, no. Mine are jumbos. Big suckers.

I got mud up where I live, Paul.

Well, I guess that lets you off the hook, Stu, doesn't it?


God damn! What the hell did you put in this, Freddy? Formaldehyde?

No, we're all out of formaldehyde, son.



Do you still have regular? You bet.

OK, and can you tell me if I can get to Stope's Creek from here... Mrs Galloway's?

Yes, you sure can, lady.

Go right down here to the first road and take a right.

I don't know what the hell you're gonna do when you get back there.

Can I use your bathroom? You bet.

It's right around the garage there, in the back.

OK, thanks.

Where you're from, you sexy thing I believe in miracles.

Yes, I do.

You sexy thing.

Hold me, you sexy thing.


Kiss me, doll.

You sexy thing

I believe in miracles


Come up here!


You know where.

How long you been out here, Mike?

You see that motel?

I call that home now.

I always liked it around here, remember that? I always did.

You know... it's weird.

We were just talking about you.

Wondering how you were.

Been to New York?

I was there.

I had an accident.

Fell down the stairs.

Stairwell B, cell block five, Attica.

I was dumb. I was D-U-M, "dum", and I turned my back.

Now I'm dumber.

You know, I feel good, I really do.

A lot different.

But good.

What seems to be the trouble, Anne? Come here and take a look.

Just what kind of satellite system did you sell Vernon?

It's not worth shit, you know that?

How long has this been going on?

You know, I just got back from Florida, Paul.

This is the reception I got.

That's funny.

'... this number toll free to order this beautiful... '

It's the satellite on and off switch.

Keep your kids from watching the blue movies.

Might wanna hit that before you call me next time.

Really? Well, I don't have any kids, now, do I, Paul?

Look, I'm sick of the sight of the damn thing!

It's ugly, and it's got too many... too many knobs.

You look great!

Dynamite, just like always.

Here. Try some of this.

I made it. It's health food. It's real good.

Thanks. It looks good.

Oh, Mike, how long you been out?

You just got out, I can tell.

I'm recycling myself.

There's gotta be something I can do.

You need money?

Come here!

Now, close your eyes. Come on! Close your eyes.

Turn around, turn around...

Now... I want you to imagine over there...

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

A nineteen thirty-ish English mahogany clothes closet, OK?

Big enough for a humongous TV.

The biggest they make.

And I press my little remote control, which is right by my bed, OK?

Which is about here...

No... maybe here...

Oh, here it is!



Right there, OK? Hold it, Anne!

I'd love to hold it, Paul!

I always loved you, Joanie.

And then he came along and he laid his eye on us.

The Apaches call it the white of the eye, Joan, what he laid on you and me.

Relax, will you! Come on!

Oh, it wasn't his fault.

It just... it just happened.

It's part of life. I don't know...

No, you don't understand.

Tell me why you think you're up here, then. Hmm?

Wanna do something for me, Joanie?


Wanna do something for me? Don't tell Paul you saw me.

Please, no, you gotta promise me. Don't tell Paul you saw me.

Please. OK.

This is just stupid. It's fucking stupid.

I can't do this.

I knew you'd come by.

I knew you'd come by, Joan. Sooner or later.

I swear to God, I saw it all up here in this television set.

And you look good. No... excellent!

Excellent, man!

I believe in miracles.

You stupid hillbilly!

From now on I'll listen to any proposition that you make... business proposition... but I wanna hear it from Vern first. Do you understand?

Oh God, I wish I was back in Florida. I think that's a good idea.

TV in your bedroom closet. That's you, Anne.

You like that?

I don't know.

A Cuban kid did it. He's an artist.

Wanna get me a beer?

Step right up, come on in.

If you'd like to take the grand tour.

Of a lonely house.

We once called home, sweet home...

I had to go to Tucson to see a guy.

Didn't happen to be a cop by any chance?

There was a message from Officer Bulldozer or something.

And then Stu called and said he wanted to come by later and talk to you.

Some things that just might chill you.

Oh, to the bone I suppose you didn't remember to pick up my copper-steel frying pan set from Goldwaters?

Six cake pans included, only $29.95?

Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I forgot.

Great! Now I'm cooking with one pan.

She brings the paper to me.

Sit down on my knee

I would like to talk to Stu.

Oh yeah, I was right there in the office with those CID fellows.

Oh, you should have heard Harry holler.

"Tires, tires, tires. You've been rambling about tires for half an hour, Mendoza."

"You know, I've been sheriff of Gila County since you were directing traffic, son."

He mentioned something about how he was engaged to your ma's sister.

I didn't know that.

Er, yeah, he quoted some scriptures at him, and er...

He said they had a fucking nerve pulling your juvy hall record.

They're not supposed to do that. You can take them to the court.

Good for him!

Yeah, he said, "Yeah, so the kid had a couple of wild years."

So what? So did I. So did a lot of kids around here.

"What... Well, I tell you what, Mendoza."

"You can take that psycho analyzing and shove it!"


"Anal-ize!" Never heard him talk like that.

Er... do you mind if I use your bathroom? No. No, go ahead.

Poor thing. Why didn't you tell me?

What's a juvy, Mom?

Danielle, honey, get out on that porch and clean up the mess you made.

Those damn tires! They're good tires, too!

This could happen to anybody.

But when it happens to you, you go, "Why me?"

Why me?

This thing is turning into a nightmare.

Man, I think I lost your canteen.

No, you lost your canteen.

That's where we all came from. My dad worked down there.

That's beautiful.

Is that mother-of-pearl? Yeah.

I did the in-lay myself. Like it, do you?

Yeah, it's gorgeous.

It's yours, man!

I love you more now than I did then.

Do you, baby? You know I do.

I'm never gonna let you go.

You know that?

What about him? Forget about him.

I'm the one now.

God, I had the weirdest kind of haunting dream.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

You know you told me about Mike?

Mike Desantos. Mm-hmm.

Get this. I'm out in this gas station in the middle of nowhere, and I hear this tune.

I believe in miracles.

Since you came along, you sexy thing.

Sexy thing, you. Yeah.

That don't mean anything to you? No.

OK. I turn around.

And guess who's filling my gas tank.

Mike Desantos, looking like something the cat dragged in.

And the next thing I know, he's offering me home-made peanut butter.

Peanut butter? Yeah, peanut butter.

You know, Freddy wants to try and take over this place from Lou.

You mean... have two places?

Take the diner from back there up to here.

I like the old place.

Yeah, I do too. I'm used to it. Me too.

There's Lisa.

What? What? There's Lisa.

Hi, guys. Oh, hi!

I wonder how much make-up she bought today.

Oh, you're so bad!

God, her hair looks like a Brillo pad. Yeah!

Phil Vally did it.

Doesn't know a damn thing about hair... it's all garbage, those perms he does.

Look what he did to you! Yeah. Disaster!

God, she's going back! Can you believe that?

How many hairdressers in Arizona...

Well, boy, he must be the worst. And so expensive!


Oh my God, look at that!

God, what is it around here?

Is everybody trying to look like Anne Mason or what?

Joan, I am not trying to look like Anne Mason.

I'm just trying to look nice.

Did I say you, Caryanne? Did I? I said Lisa.

Oh God, you're so tacky!

So? I mean, really.

Sure, sure, sure! What we'll do is, we'll put in a nuclear pack.

I'm sick of this! Everybody's walking around with hair like God knows what!

Well, it's the fashion.

It's not the fashion, it's the Anne Mason lookalike contest.

Maybe she copied me.

'Anne, I just can't make it today. '

What about my closet?

Vern's just wild about the idea, by the way.

Well, I got this really complex job to finish in Tucson, and er...

'I won't be able to make it. '


Well... it's no problem. Forget it.

Yeah, I... I... I think we should forget it, Anne.

Well, don't worry about it, OK?

'I understand. '

Easy come, easy go, huh? Uh...


Easy come, maybe, but I was born that way, now, wasn't I?

I guess I'm just a teensy bit disappointed.

You know, I'm lying here in a warm, sudsy bath.

Just me and my diamond-ringed finger, my pouty lips...

Lying here all day, thinking about you, Paul.

Yeah? Yeah.

Well, I love Joan.

And I don't trust you, Anne. Why should you trust me?

'But I'm glad you called, honey, cos I meant to tell you, ' you should park down that road, you know the one?

Be discreet.

Like me.

Freddy. Have you seen him? Who?

The preacher man says it's the end of time.

And the Mississippi River, she's a-going dry.

The interest is up and the stock market's down.

And you only get mugged if you go downtown

I live back in the woods, you see.

A woman and the kids, and the dogs and me

I got a shotgun rifle and a four-wheel drive.

And a country boy can survive.

Country folks can survive

I can plough a field all day long I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.

We make our own whisky and our own smoke too.

Ain't too many things these old boys can't do...

I know what you're doing.

And if you ain't into that we don't give a damn.



Damn these things!

Oh, shoot!

Can I have a liquorice?

Dad's in the doghouse, huh?

Where are those damn dishes, Ruby?

Get your little butt moving! Yeah, I'm moving it, I'm moving it!

You know, we got Paul White back there, and he's clogging up the sink.

Is that right?

Joan was here looking for you. She wasn't smiling.

Oh, no!

It's those damn tires. They're cursed!

Blame it on the tires again.





Don't turn on the lights.

What's the matter?

Don't push me, Paul, I'm right on the edge.

What's wrong, baby? Where's Danielle?

Give me a break, Paul. When Danielle goes to school, I want to talk to you.

Maybe we should talk now, calmly.

Don't cause a scene.

We'll have this conversation when Danielle goes to school tomorrow.

I don't want her to have to hear what I gotta say about you.


No matter what's happened, I want you to know I love you.

I love you.

There's something else I have to tell you.

Yeah I know, you love me, right?

Oh, great!

Morning. Good morning, Paul.

Paul, this is a son-of-a-bitch of a situation here.

You're telling me, Harold?

It's a real pile of shit all right!

But as sheriff of this County it's my pile.

Now, it came as a surprise to me, knowing you like I do, when our Tucson friends here told me they'd been questioning you about this heinous homicide of theirs.

Not to mention the Phoenix deal.

Now we got this goddamn thing here in Gila County.

Well, it's obvious... the same sonofabitch did 'em all.


They got what they call a psychological profile on the pervert.

Whatever that means.

This guy's a fucking kook, sheriff.

I'm surprised he hasn't left us any semen yet.

They haven't got shit. That's the problem.

You gotta lean on somebody.

So you pick a guy that's got a set of tires that match your tyre tracks.

'And you call that evidence. '

'No, sir. We call that a question mark.

'Now we... we traced all but four sets of those tires sold in this state. '

The only individual here with a question mark is you, Paul.

I'm a question mark?

That's the problem. Are you kidding me?

What about the four sets you haven't traced yet?

What if the psycho is from another state?

You won't even deal with that. What about those question marks?

We're working on it. One at a time, we'll get 'em.

Harold? Yeah, Paul?

Put yourself in my shoes.

Think I oughta just shut up till I get a lawyer in here?

All right, now everybody here, listen up.

There ain't but one question that matters a damn as far as I can see.

Paul, where were you last night before you stopped off at Freddy's?

I was at Socorro Ridge. I told you.

Changing a tyre, right? Yeah, changing a tyre.

And watching the sun go down.

It was a pretty sunset. It sure was.

Pretty sunset!

I'm gonna go talk to the girl.

'So, what time did you stop off at Freddy Hoy's?'

'It took about 30 minutes to change the tyre.

'It's a dirt road up there, and after rain it gets pretty damn soft. '

'Pretty damn soft, huh? I'll say. '

There's all kinds of dirt, Paul.

We're real good at analyzing dirt.

What did you say you use this for?

I didn't say, but I don't use that. It's not insulated.

'OK, let's take it again from the top, 'and this time you can leave out the sunsets. '

'The sunsets... '

I'm not saying that he's not telling the truth, just that his account of his movements just don't quite add up.

Of course he's not telling the truth.

He's lying his goddamn ass off, can't you tell?

I suppose he told you about his flat tyre?

Well, let me tell you something.

It ain't easy to ruin a tyre that cost $110.

I bet he told you a lot of shit about where he got that flat tyre.

Looking at the fucking sunset or something.

He's looked at a lot of goddamn sunsets lately.

Good old boy.

I guess he didn't tell you where he got that flat tyre.

In front of the local slut's house. I mean in back of whatever, a certain married lady, and then it was me who let the air out of his tyre?

You son of a bitch! You think I'm a fucking dumb housewife?

Well, I'm not!

Cos I got you down, asshole!

I know your act.

You know...

Maybe he's protecting his goddamn rich girlfriend.

Her and her money. Women like her.

You whore.

Whoring your body.

I bet you just roll over on your back like a dog with your big dick sticking up in the air, don't you, Paul?

Cos they love that!

Of course now you're gonna try and tell me you're protecting me.

Because you love me. You asshole!

You think I care what people think?

I'm from the fucking city, I don't give a shit about small-town talk!

I'm ready to tell the whole fucking world, you shitheads.

'Excuse me, ma'am, we've run out of tape. '

Shitheads! Got it? 'Thank you. '

Let's just bring this down to a logical conclusion, all right?

With your permission, Harry.

According to Mrs White... er... her husband around the hours of 5:00 to 6:30pm or thereabouts was involved in sexual congress with another party, this third party...

Anne Mason!

M-A-S-O-N. Wife of Vern. In cement.

Global Concrete and Trailer Parks Incorporated, and hopes to be president of the Chamber of Commerce next year.

Ha ha.

I'm gonna visit Anne Mason. You don't mind waiting, I hope?

No, it's OK, Harold.

This may be your pile of shit, but I sure got sunk knee-deep in it, didn't I?

Sure did!

Screwing people's wives in a small town is the seventh deadly sin all right.

Good thing your grand-pappy ain't around to witness this.

In there!

You want a sandwich?

No thanks, Harold.

Want some soup, Mom?

I'm never gonna let you go.

You know that?

What about him?

Forget about him.

I'm the one now.

Listen, Paul. What can I say?

During an investigation like this you turn over rocks.

A lot of skeletons crawl out of the closet. You know?

You don't really give a damn, do you, Charles?

A lot of guys would be happy to have an alibi.

Anne Mason left an hour ago to join her husband in Palm Beach.

Tough titty, huh?

I'm not surprised. It's gonna take about a week to get Vern ready for this one.

Yeah, well, the caretaker said he don't know which hotel she's staying at, but they're due back on Monday.

I er... I tried to keep the lady out of this.

I hope you understand, Charles.

C'est la vie!

Let's just hope her memory is in better shape than her marriage.

OK, Charlie, enough said.

I'm gonna send Paul on home here. No sense him staying here all day.

Course not. As long as you don't skip town, too.

We'll just wait for Monday and see what Monday brings.

Truth and revelation!


Paul, listen, I wonder if I could have ten more minutes of your time before you skedaddle out of here... as a favour to me.


This is gonna be bad, isn't it?

Oh my God!

If a guy ever earned himself an alibi on Monday, it's you, Paul.

I can't believe you done that, man!

Yeah, you do.

No, I can't.

It's OK.

How about it?

Know what I'm gonna do?

I'm going to attempt to defrost a couple of pizzas.

Now, what do you want... pepperoni or the gooey one with the saus...

Never mind, I know you want the gooey one with the sausage.

That's what you like... you always want it. Now, wait right here, OK?

Give me a half hour and I'll be up. OK.

By the way, I got you a present.

It's right over there.

Wait right here, OK?

Better save some of that for Mom.

You know, Shasta's gonna have to sleep outside tonight.

Shasta's in the dog house?

Yeah, I guess you could call it that.

Here we go now. Here we go.


Mmm, boy...

Hello? 'Caryanne?'

Oh, hi!

Listen, I have a marital problem. 'Oh, yeah. '

Honey, I heard.

Ain't that something?

I was just gonna call you.

Do you think you could come by tonight and get Danielle?


Well, er... honey, I'd love to, but... we're gonna see "Gone With The Wind" at the drive-in.

I've never seen it. Can you believe that?


I tell you, how about if I come by in the morning and get her first thing?

Caryanne, couldn't you just come by after and get her?

Honey, you never know what's gonna happen after the movies.

Caryanne, you've got to promise that you'll call me...

Caryanne, you have to promise me you're gonna call me after the movie.

I promise.

'Promise. ' OK?

'OK. '

I tucked Danielle in bed.

Wow, you look beautiful.

Paul, I er... I found something in the bathroom.

Oh yeah? What?

Behind the tub in there...

Oh, that.

Yeah, I was gonna talk to you about that. Erm...

I hid it in there, you know, I didn't want Danielle getting into a lot of chemicals and stuff.

You can't hide anything in this house, can you?

Paul, I don't understand.

You've got to explain to me.

Look, I know we're not supposed to keep secrets from each other.

I knew you'd find out, Joanie.

You always do.

It's like that Anne Mason thing.

God, I felt so bad about that.

I swear to you, I didn't go near her that night.

Oh, don't cry, baby.


Please don't cry.

As a matter of fact...

I went up there, and... and decided I was gonna put her out of her misery.

That's what I call it.

That's what she's in, that's what they're all in.

Misery. Sheer misery.

But I changed my mind.

I went next door, and I used that other girl.

What's her name, er...?

What's her name, what's her name...

It doesn't make any difference, it's the same thing whether it's her or somebody else.

The same exact thing, there's no difference.

You mean you couldn't stop yourself?

Stop myself?


No, I didn't ask to be the one.

I couldn't believe it. It's like...

It's like somebody else is doing it and I'm watching.

And I'm... and I'm going crazy, I'm going insane... this is insanity!

So, what I had to do was I had to look my predicament right straight in the eye, and it said, "Paul White, you are the one."

"You can't run any longer."

It wasn't my choice, but I was chosen, like... like that bombardier.

What bombardier?


He didn't ask to be chosen, did he?

Paul, honey, nobody chose you.

Who... who chose you for Christ's sakes? God?


God? God...

God, Joanie, is the middleman.

Look, this is light-years... light-years beyond that.

This is...

You know what? It's...

It's out there. Bang in the middle of the universe.

The known universe.

Do you remember... remember what I told you about that fucking black hole?

You remember, Joanie? Huh? I remember it.

Right, it's out there... It sucks everything into it.


Well, if that's not female, I don't know what is.

It's female? Yeah, female.

I mean, I know the difference between male and female, and believe you me, they are different!

Opposite! They are opposite!

It's not like I'm hearing voices or anything.

It means this... this is scientific fact.

You see...

The female of the species is the main reason that evolution is turned inside out.

Paul, I don't believe that. I think you're making this whole thing up.

What about Adam and Eve... and the apple?

Do you think that's bullshit?

That's not bullshit.

No. These women...

These beautiful, beautiful women...


The world of appearances.

But you can't kill what's already dead, can you?

Joanie? Joanie?

Oh God!


Open the door for me, baby.

Why did you do it?

Why Lisa?

Listen, sweetheart, open the door.

Open the door! No!

Honey, you're gonna wake Danielle.

Come on!

Joanie? Just open the door for me, baby.

Come on, Joan. No!

You see?

You're a part of me. I thought I was a part of you.

But you're all alone.

I must have made you feel all alone.

You're talking crazy.

I'm no different to those other women.

Oh, yes, you are different.

I love you more now than I did then.

Do you, baby? Do you?

You know I do.

You're different.

You hear me?

Hello? 'Oh hi, Paul, it's Caryanne. '

Yeah, hi, Caryanne.

'I bet Joan thought I was gone with the wind, huh?

'Listen, I can pick up Danielle now if it's not too late. '

Just a minute, I'll ask Joanie. 'OK. '

'Paul, I... I could come over right now. '

No, Danielle's asleep.

Uh-huh. No, I'll have Joanie call you tomorrow, OK?

'Oh... ' OK.

'Tell her, I'll call her... '

Good night.

I can't believe that you thought I was going to harm my own kid.

Don't you fucking move, bitch!

Paul, open this door!


Don't look at me. Don't look at me, Joanie.

Clean up this mess.


Mommy, I want a glass of water.

Don't come in here, honey, Daddy's busy.

Go get a drink of water in the kitchen, OK?

While you're in there, why don't you fix me a baloney sandwich?

You know, with the apple spread?

But I don't want that wheat bread.

I want the white bread, you understand?

Not peanut butter, the apple butter.

Top and bottom, OK?

If you wanna help Daddy, that's what you can do, OK?




It's like a fucking car accident.

One minute you're cruising along, the next minute you got no legs.


Oh, Paul!

How'd you get so fucked up?

No wonder you locked this up.

Oh, I depended on you... I counted on you!

Oh, it's his brain, I know it!

It's a fucking brain tumour.

Mommy? Danielle?


Daddy exploded the bed! Danielle, honey, are you OK?

Dad's wearing a bunch of hot dogs.

Are you sure you're OK, though? Yes.

Listen, honey, don't pay any attention to Daddy.

He slammed the door on me.

Danielle, honey, listen, don't pay no attention to Dad.

He's real, real drunk, OK? And he locked me up here, and I can't get out.

He locked you up with the key? Yes, honey, but listen...


I want you to sneak out of the house real, real soft, OK?

And I want you to run as fast as you can down to the main road, and don't let Dad see you.

Danielle, are you listening to me? I know where the key is.

No, Danielle, honey, I want you to stop the first car you see, just stop it.

I'm gonna get the key. No, Danielle...


Where are you, babe?

We're gonna have a real party this time.

We're gonna have a real good time.

We're gonna play music and have things to eat.

You can listen to all that kind of music, you know, that you like, that gives me the headache.

You know, U2 and them too and us too and me too.

Where the fuck is that kid?


Did you make a sandwich for Daddy?

Danielle? Did you make your Daddy a sandwich?

No, no, no, honey.

Don't go up there, Danielle.

Don't go up there.

Do you hear me, Danielle?

Get down here!

I got the key, Mom!

Danielle, hurry! Put the key in!

Danielle, don't!

Oh Paul, please don't hurt her.

Come on, Danielle.

You'll be OK.

Go on, float like a butterfly. Don't drop me.

Swing down into the bush, you'll be fine!

Get her the fuck away from the door, Joan.

You'll be fine. Ready? One...

Get back away from the door. Two...

Three... jump!

Stay the fuck away from me!


Run, Dani! Run!

Run, honey.


That's my girl.



Where the hell are you, honey?

I got your handbag here.

You lost it.

I got it for you, I picked it up for you.

I'm always picking up after you, aren't l, Joanie?

Where are you, sweetheart?


You just wait right where you are, honey. Wait right where you are.

I'm coming for you.

And you and me, Joanie, you and me, we're gonna bore right to the centre of this planet.

We're gonna bore right down to the core of this molten rock.

Right into the centre of this planet, Joanie.

If we can't go down anymore, we're gonna go up.

We're gonna go up, up, up, up... up!

Right back to our atoms, Joanie.

You think I'm gonna leave you behind in this... this... this fucking vacuum?

Never, baby! Never, cos I love you, Joanie.

I love you, Joanie, I love you!

Joanie, where the hell are you?

Are you nuts?

Joanie, I love you!

Come on, don't fool around, honey.

You wait for me, baby. Cos I'm coming for you.

I'm coming for you, Joanie.

Didn't you ever hear me say, "This family sticks together"?

You've heard me say that a million times.

It's true, Joanie.




That was not a very funny joke, Joanie.

I didn't like it.

Joanie, where are you?


Don't fucking move!

Well, hey, buddy!

Let go of the knife, buddy.


Now move the fucking . 44 from the holster.

Ultra-slow, Paul!

Drop it!

OK, Joanie, come on. Take the goddamn gun.

I got this firearm on full auto, OK, Paul?


Your dynamite don't bother me one bit, buddy, a couple of bullets ain't gonna set it off.

You sure? Yeah, man, I'm sure, you fuck!

Yeah, one more crack, I'll blow your goddamn legs off, how's that?


Cock it. Stick it in his goddamn mouth.

Come on, Paul, open your mouth. Come on.

Boy, I sure pick 'em.

Yeah, you sure do, Joanie.

You sure do pick 'em.

Come on.

Goddamn, I knew you'd come by.

I knew you'd come by.

I just knew it.

I saw this whole place on television.

On this TV I got in my head.

Re-runs, right? That's right, Paul, re-runs.

The fact of the matter is, that up to that particular point in time, I made things crystal clear for this pervert.


What's fucking crystal-clear is that you're a fucking psycho killer, man!

That was crystal-clear.

Paul, what are you doing, man?




What are you doing?

Oh, shit!

Hey, man, get away from me, man.

What the fuck are you doing?


Just what am I gonna do with you, boy? Huh?

What do you think about me, huh?

Just what do you think about me, boy? Huh?

What am I gonna do with you?

What am I gonna do with you, man?

What am I gonna do with you, man? Huh?



Then why the hell didn't you tell me?

Tell you?

After you fucked him?

You know what I told myself?

I told myself, "Fuck the both of them!"

Now that... that must have been your dream, Mike.

But you just... you just couldn't quite cut it, could you? Huh?

You couldn't cut it, could you, big boy?

Either way...

I got my dream. Yes, sir!

Keep moving, you sonofabitch! I got my dream.

I said... I said...

I am the one!

And I was the one.

Wasn't I? Joanie?

Wasn't I, Joanie?

Wasn't I, baby?

Look what you did to him!

God, look what you did to him!

Don't go no closer! Now he's dangerous.

He's gonna bleed to death. He's gonna fucking bleed to death.

So what?

Give me the gun. Give me the gun!


You're hurt bad, huh?

Oh honey, I love you.

I love you too, baby.

You want me to shoot you?

Shoot me?

Do you?

Why do you want to shoot me?

Because you can't change the channel, man. Future or past.

No way, you bastard!

You think I don't know what's going on in your fucking mind?

Huh? I can see it all... in Technicolor.

Let me tell you, Mike.

I did something with my life. You know?

I left my mark.

Oh, fuck!

Run, Joanie!

Hey, listen. Back there in '76.

Nobody knew about those guys back there in '76.

I sure didn't know.


Now everybody's a shrink, right?

It's like... ten years.

Ten years gone with the wind.

Heads I hit Malibu Beach before Christmas.

What's ten years...