White Sands (1992) Script

Hey, Ray. Your wife get you that hat?

Something wrong with it?

Nothing that pissing on it won't cure.

Maybe we ought to form a circle and do it.

Hi. Hi.

We were flying over the gorge, and Cas spotted him.

I got 20/15 vision.

Pilot called in and told the authority.

He's an Indian.

I'm Harold Kleinman.

What were you doing way out here, Harold?

We're amateur archaeologists.

We left the wives in Santa Fe hoping to find this ancient "Anastazi"...


Guess you don't find many bodies out here, huh?

No, we sure don't.

What do you think, Bert? He's dead.

Why would anyone come way out here to kill himself?

Maybe his wife bought him a new hat.

I won't be positive without an autopsy.

Hi. How you doing?

You bring these tourists out here?

Just trying to keep them from finding any arrowheads.

Ray Dolezal. Delmar Blackwater.

Don't touch the car. Okay. Sorry.

Navajo? Mescalero Apache.

Bloodthirstiest red bastards this side of the Rio Brazos.

I was kind of hoping for that scalp.

Let's get this bad boy out of here. He's starting to smell ripe.

If you need any more pens, just tell me. I sell novelty pens...

...imprinted with the message of your choice.

Holy shit!

Ray, you're not actually going to tag that...

...and report it as evidence, are you? Ray?

What stopped that bike, Ben? I don't know.


Is that real money?

Uh, yeah. Gee, that's a lot.

There's got to be $ 1000 there, Dad.

What you looking at?

Look, Ace, go tell Mom I'll be home real soon.

I got more work to do. Okay. See you later, Dad.


This is Deputy Sheriff Ray Dolezal, Torrance County...

...4- 3-9er-2-7-7.

I'd like a trace and status on a '90 T-Bird...

...VIN number 2-6-Charles- Henry-Charles...

...3- 9er-Nora-1 -John- 1-2-1-2-2-9er-2.

I can be reached at 412-5607.

I'd appreciate it if you could expedite this. Thanks.

Maybe the federales can I.D. Him and get him out of here.

Maybe I won't even have to cut him open.

That briefcase could be $20,000 lighter, Ray.

Nobody'd know we didn't find it that way.

Was it a self-inflicted wound?

There's no reward for being so black-and-white ethical.

Was it a self-inflicted wound, Bert?

Rug fuzz.

Here. Take a look.

Ugly rug. Butt-ugly rug.

Longhorn Ranch Motel.

Paid cash up front for the first night.

Had this big old wad of bills.

That's what fooled me, that big wad of cash he had.

I figured he could stand good for the balance.

That's a $63 mistake, isn't it?

How'd you know it was my rug, anyway?

You see him go?

Didn't see him at all after he checked in.

I'm not the nosy type.

Did this Mr. Spenser make any calls?

If he did, he didn't make them from the room.

We got this deal. For $4.00 you can make unlimited local calls...

...but he passed on it. Did he have a car?

He said he did. I never seen it.

We usually clean these rooms up almost every day...

...but Mr. Spenser put "Do Not Disturb" on the door.

You probably saw it when we come in.

If a customer wants privacy, he gets it.

Decorate these rooms yourself, Mr. Peterson?

No. I brought a fairy over from Albuquerque. He did it.

I couldn't do this. I'm colorblind.

There's been a fire in there. What?

Don't touch anything. No, sir.

Jesus Christ, what's he been doing in here?

My Lord.

This look like teeth marks to you?

Well, maybe.

Teeth marks? Yeah, I think so.

You got a hell of an imagination, Raymond. Let's go.

Got this John Doe up your butt now, don't you?

Going to drive us crazy trying to figure it out.

Ruin my Saturday afternoon in front of the TV.

Guy's in trouble, in a motel room with half a million...

...scared, writing on everything, making desperation calls.

He covers his trail: Burns his clothes, swallows that paper.

That happens in the morning, and he's dead by noon.

Maybe that piece of paper wasn't digested.

Intestinal gases. The ever-loving death fart of a warthog.

All we got are two names: "Goodman"...

...and a date written on a fast food wrapper...

...kind of looks like an appointment:

"Noreen." Who the hell is Noreen?

Ease off. You're as persistent as a dog with two dicks.

You'll owe me for this one. Promise you that.

Looks like a radish. They in season?

Oh, cut it out, Bert.

And here's a carrot.

Garbanzo beans.

This may be putrefied lettuce.

Must've been a salad bar.

There's a sorrowful last act for a desperate man.

Hey, maybe Noreen was with him.

Maybe she had a big burger with fries.

Maybe Mr. Goodman had apple pie.

Yeah, it's all starting to make sense now.

We'll call it "The Big Lunch."

Wait, what is...?

Goddamn. This looks like paper.

It's that kind of waxy paper they wrap hamburgers in.

It's got about a 200-year half-life. Something's written on it.

What's it say? It's smeared.


Numbers. Son of a bitch.

Seven digits doesn't mean it's a phone number.

We're sorry. The number you've reached is not in serv...

Maybe it's in Utah.

Motel didn't have a long-distance record.

He used a credit card or billed another number.

We're sorry...

What's the area code in Texas? They have five.

You are one tenacious S.O.B. You calling all 50 states?

Maybe that's not a six, but a zero.

Holy unrelenting bastard.

- Hello? Hi. Who's this?

This is 803- 1424. And who is this?

Mr. Spenser.

- Ooh, just a minute. Who is it?

Ray, who is it? - Spenser?

Yes. Who's this? - Goodman. Where have you been?

You were supposed to call.

I ran into a problem, but it's taken care of.

- You're four days late. I know, but it's fine now.

It was a personal thing.

Yeah? Well, we figured you changed your mind.

Why would I change my mind? - Don 't get cute.

We're ready to forget it all.

No! Look, I'm sorry about the delay.

There's a hotel in Taos, the Kachina Lodge. Tomorrow at 8 p.m.

- A room will be reserved for you. Kachina Lodge. 8 p.m. Fine.

Bring the money.

Of course.


Dad, stop! Stop! Watch out for my bike!

Did you bring your gun? Yep.

Probably see you tomorrow.

Bye. Bye, honey.

Be careful. I will.


Bye, Ray!

I don 't think he's a base-stealing threat...

Come on. Throw it over.

Yeah? Good afternoon.

We're trying to locate Deputy Sheriff Ray...?

Dolezal. Ray Dolezal. Know where he is?

Something wrong?

Don 't guess you find many bodies out here, huh?

Why would he kill himself?

Was it a self-inflicted wound?

Did Mr. Spenser make any calls? Noreen. Who is she?

Where have you been? You were supposed to call.

You're four days late.

Oh. Is this your room?


I was just finishing it up.

Oh, okay.

Mr. Spenser?

Yes? Sorry to bother you.

On the bed!

Don't move.

I said don't move!

Welcome to Taos.

It better not be marked.

Or what?

Hey! Hey, wait a second!

What's going on? What the fuck are you doing?

Goddamn it!

Down, boy!

Are my hands cold?

You know, we could've taken this money...

...and cut you up for coyote food.

Lucky for you we're not criminals.

Be in Santa Fe day after tomorrow...

...at the Hotel La Fonda bar, 6 p.m.

Don't be early. Don't be late.

You might bring a change of clothes.

Hello. - Hi, honey.

Ray. Where are you? - I'm still in Taos.

- I'm staying the night. Is everything okay?

Everything's fine. Just fine.

Look, I don 't think I'll make it home tomorrow.

Maybe Tuesday. I'll come home as soon as I can.

Ray? Hi. Greg Meeker.

Welcome to the all-new Albuquerque FBI offices.

Have a seat.

You like snapshots, Ray?

I love snapshots.

Little frozen fragments of time. Completely real.

Unless you know what happened when a picture was taken...

...you don't know shit. Where's my hat?

Artie O'Brien, a.k.a. Spenser.

He's dead. See?

No way you'd know that from looking at this photo.

Oh. That's Goodman. That's the redhead.

Gorman Lennox. Ever met him?

No. Me, neither.

Kind of like this one, though.

You gave him my money, Ray. FBI funds.

You give a half million to a man you don't know?

What the fuck were you doing?

I should've let you handle it, but I was trying to I.D. A body.

With bureau money? With whatever I had!

All right. Cool.

I accept that. From cop to cop. Square business.

Cop to cop. Straight up?

Tell me about him. This Artie O'Brien/Spenser guy.

Artie was a mule.

From time to time, he'd transport money for us...

...and shit like that.

Something went wrong on this one. We don't know why.

But then you stepped in... And fucked up.

I didn't pull the trigger that blew his brains out.

No, you didn't.

Let's just figure out how you're gonna pay back the money and get home.

What are you talk...?

To the government, you're responsible for the money...

...since it was your call to give it away.

Maybe talk to your sheriff. Pull it out of petty cash.

What if I went to Santa Fe?

Meet with Lennox, tell him the deal's off?

I'd get you back your money.

You amateur. You don't know what's out there.

Want your money?

You still want to know about Artie.

Forget Artie. Artie killed himself.

Hang on a minute.

He might be right, Greg.

It may be our only play.

Think about it.

The bimbos think he's Spenser. What can we lose?

Okay? Okay. Go to Santa Fe.

Can I call my wife, tell her I'm okay?

You can't call your wife. Why not?

Nobody can know what you do. You're undercover.

Standard operating procedure.

If you do this, you'll do it our way.

Spenser have a first name? Bob.

Artie called himself Bob Spenser.

Bob? Yes.

I can be a Bob.

So, what'd they say?

Come on, tell me.

They said they were pretty pictures, but only show professional artists.

Mr. Gorman Lennox?

Hi, I'm Bob. Bob Spenser.

Oh, Jesus. Bob. Where'd you get that hat?

It's new. No kidding?

Would you excuse us? Hold on a second, Bob.

Bob, this is...? Roz.

Roz Kincaid. Nice to meet you, Roz.

Bob, here, is from Los Angeles.

He has an important collection of American Western art.

Isn't that right, Bobby? Uh-huh.

I tricked you, I'm an art broker.

Bob is a client. I'm gonna take him around...

...to some of the galleries, recommend some acquisitions.

First, I'd like him to look at your paintings.

I'm gonna recommend that he buys one.

That is, if we come to a fair price. Oh, no. I...

You're an artist?

Look at the work, Bob. You tell me.

Are they for sale? Oh, this is silly.

Hell, yes!

What are you doing? Jesus Christ.

What if she comes out here and sees that?

Those are her dreams. You don't throw them away.

Come on. Let's go. We're on a schedule. We gotta move.

Ben, I said to stay out of the street. Come in.


Pick up your bike. Then come inside and sit down.

Hi. Hi.

Molly Dolezal? That's me.

I'm Special Agent Flynn, and Agent Demott.

We're with FBI Internal Affairs.

We wanna talk to your husband. We saw the note on the office.

Your neighbor said you work here. He's not...

Do you have a gun?

I'm talking with these gentlemen.

Go home and set the table for dinner.

Sorry to interrupt you here at work.

We deal with crimes within the FBI. How can I help you?

We're investigating a missing $500,000 from an impound facility.

Money that's evidence in a case. We think your husband's involved.

You're from the FBI? Yes.

Our prime suspect in this theft had an accomplice.

We know your husband found our suspect dead, along with our money.

Your husband's disappeared and we can't find the accomplice.

My husband's trying to find who the dead man was.

If he calls... I'll tell him you want to talk.

That is all you want?

Here's my card. I realize you want to protect him...

...but think about one thing: Half a million dollars.

It's a lot of temptation.

They use the same clay...

...that Indians used to make pots a thousand years ago.

Worried about your money? I want to talk about it.

It's in a safety deposit box along there with mine.

I was thinking... Maybe we should reconsider.

Sorry the girls got rough, but it's microelectronics.

We live in the age of the body wire.

It's understandable we got a little paranoid.

I personally feel that it's all about trust.

You trusted me with your half-million dollars.

So naturally, I'm inclined to trust you.

Lane said you'd deliver, and you did.

Most guys wouldn't trust me.

So it was a test?

What did Lane tell you about me?


What did Lane tell you about me?


You see? It's trust. It's all we got. It's all we need.

You're not what I expected.

How's that?

From what Lane said, I expected a fancy package...

...sort of a fast-talking, slow-walking...

...mohaired-Sam kind of a thing.

You show up in your cowboy hat and I thought:

"I hooked up with Andy of Mayberry."

If you're not comfortable with me, let's call the deal off.

You give the money back. Do I seem edgy?

I quit smoking about a week ago...

...it's been like boring a wild hair up my ass.

I can't do anything right. Let me just chill out.

We'll relax.

You put up 500,000, I put up 500,000.

We're partners. We're all locked in. Right.

Are we expecting someone?

Well, yeah. Lane.

Lane? She was a little concerned...

...when she didn't hear from you. Thought maybe you backed out.

Here she is. Here comes Lane. Here's our girl.

Hi, honey.

Hope I didn't hold you up. Just wanted to see Bobby squirm.

Well, where did you disappear to last week?

Well, you know.

You could have called.



Let's sit down.

When Gorman said he was meeting you face to face...

...I had to see it with my own eyes.

I thought perhaps something had gone wrong.

Obviously not. No. Just personal business.

Gorman, you owe me a finder's fee.

I'll take care of you when the deal goes through.

I've got to confirm my transportation.

Don't let her bulldoze you. She's used to getting what she wants.



Who are you really?

Bob Spenser. Really.

The other one lied? Must've been.

So where is the other Bob Spenser now?

He's dead.

He's dead?

You could blow me out of the water right here.

We both know it. But since you haven't...

...you're waiting for the deal so you can get your fee from Lennox.

Am I right?


Did you kill him? Would it matter?

Did you? No.

We're all set.

Can you give us a ride?

I can drive. I'll do it.

Why drive when one can be driven?

That's one of my rules.

Hey, Bobby, you like helicopters?


Come on. Get in the front.

This is Bob Spenser.

You might wanna buckle up there, Bob.

Mr. Lennox.

Colonel Bedrosian, Gorman Lennox.

This is my partner, Bob Spenser. Hi, Bob.

Let's get inside, it's noisy here.

Ever been to White Sands before?

No, I sure haven't.

It's not sand. It's gypsum.

Some kind of prehistoric underground lake.

A keepsake. Don't tell anybody where you got it.

Taking sand is illegal.

Something to remember White Sands by.

I'd like to take a reconnaissance of that briefcase.

Money talks, bullshit walks.

Be my guest.

Let's do some business.

These are M-16s.

Brand spanking new.


9mm Berettas. Hollow-point ammunition.

C-4 explosives.

Claymore mines.

Fléchette grenades.

Now this, gentlemen, is the AT-4 Viper.

This little lady will knock out a tank at 300 yards.

Armor penetration, 11.81 inches plus.

Muzzle velocity, 985 feet per second.

Ground troops like it because it's light, reliable and easy to use.

International Arms magazine rated this honey four stars.

It'll fill your basic needs. I'm impressed.

This all stuff that wasn't used during Desert Storm?

Negatory. This is state-of-the-art.

We deal with the Defense Department. We'll give you 500 now...

...and 500 on delivery. Well, no.

There's been a slight increase in cost.

Excuse me? We want 400,000 more on the back end.

That's bullshit.

If you can't handle the volume, fine.

Fuck it, then. Forget it. No sale.

I ought to turn you in to the Treasury Department...

...collect a little reward.

We'll just take our money back. We can't do that.

We've incurred significant costs. It's a nonrefundable deposit.

A half million dollars, nonrefundable?

You two cheap, dime-store cowboys...

...squatting on your fat-ass pensions over in Las Cruces.

Black-marketing military hardware to the highest bidders.

You fuckers make me want to puke.

This is a wash. We're out of here.

Fuck 'em. Wait a second.

Wait a second. This is crazy!

You changed the rules. How do you expect us to react?

We're talking about $400,000 we gotta come up with.

It was unavoidable and unforeseen.

You want us to believe you've had an increase on your end...

...but you're not giving us credit.

You're passing the whole cost onto us.

All right. I tell you what.

We'll eat 150,000.

That means you owe us 750 on delivery.

Well done, Bobby, but maybe now you can explain to me...

...how we're gonna find an extra $250,000.

I thought you did this all the time.

You're the money man, not me.

If I had the money, I wouldn't need you, now would I?

He's not here. Can I take a message?

Are you ringing the right room?

It's Bob Spenser. - Yes, ma 'am.

Can I have his room?

- No, but can I take a message? No.

Good night. Good night.

I need to wait in his room.

That's impossible. I'm not just anybody.

We have a relationship...

...Bob Spenser and I.

This is an unpleasant situation. I just can't... Good night.

Any messages for Lennox in 306?

No, Mr. Lennox.

Mr. Spenser?

A woman's asking to be let into your room.

I hope we're practicing safe sex, Bob.

See you in the morning.

She didn't leave a note. Her name was Noreen.

What did she look like? You must have walked past her.

Sort of offbeat, redhead, around 25. Okay. Thanks.

You're bad at this. We're just watching you.

I'm FBI. I work for Meeker.

You didn't warn me about Lane or Noreen!

She might have confused you with another Bob Spenser.

You wanted to take Artie's ride, here it is.

We're only halfway home.

Lane's a piece of work, huh? What do you mean only halfway home?

You're using me as bait for a sting on Lennox.

I didn't lie. I just didn't tell you everything.

If you want to bail, I'll understand.

I'll say you lost the money.

No, no, I'm in. Let's get this guy.

Just don't bullshit me anymore.

All right.

The truth is...

...I've been trying to bust Gorman Lennox for five years.

I finally get Artie in place, and the whole thing blew up.

Artie was FBI? One of my best undercovers.

Do you think Lane killed him?

Artie's a suicide. Stay on track here, Ray.

I need another $250,000. What?

They upped the ante. I'm taking care of it.

You want another 250 grand on top of the 500 you already lost?

Isn't it your operation?

I'm already out on a limb. Get serious.

Without that money, Lennox won't believe me.

If I ran that up the bureau flagpole, nobody'd salute.

Where the hell am I supposed to get the money?

Ms. Bodine's got a talent for finding cash for lost causes.

Damn good at it. Takes a nice cut.

She's getting a finder's fee for Lennox.

Which is what, five grand? This is a different ball game.

The commission on this deal's got to be over 100 large.

I'm sure she'd go for it.

She likes living on the edge, playing in the gutter...

...seducing men of mystery like Artie.

Like you.

You don't have to. But it's an option.

You can sell it to her somehow.

How much are we talking about? $250,000.

Bob and I are already at risk for a million.

We were set to do it ourselves...

...but they upped the ante. So here we are.

We need 250,000 and Bob thought... Thank you.

Bob thought?

Bob thought you might be willing to cross the line...

...for the greater good.

I don't get involved in these things.

But you'll show us someone who does...

...and take a fee, right? You're commenting on my ethics?

The people you're trying to help are being butchered...

...by the government peace-keeping patrols...

...and blankets and Rice-A-Roni ain't gonna change that.

Since when have you cared?

All I'm saying is...

...before humanitarian aid can work...

...there's got to be some humanity to give it to.

He almost sounds like he believes it.

Who are you dealing with?

If I told you that, you could go straight to the source...

...and cut me and old Bob out here completely.

If you were the type to get involved in this.

Now, we'll give you 10 percent of the total deal.

That's $ 125,000. That's your share.

We'll allow whatever guarantees you might need to protect yourself...

...and your friends from old Gorman Lennox.

"My friends."

You mean 10 percent of the front end? Right.

So you buy these guns for...

...what? $ 1.25 million?

Then you sell them to your freedom fighters for $3 million.

I think I'd like 10 percent of the back end.

$300,000. Is that fair, Bob?

You don't care if it's fair but it's nice of you to ask.

I like to be completely up-front. What about you?

Me? I believe in money.

If you can get it, we'll be friends.

Well? Foreplay's over, Lane.

It's time to fuck.

I could do one of my little events.

One of you have to help me make the sales pitch.

I'd love to stay here tonight...

...but unfortunately I have to go to El Paso.

I'm sure Bob can stay here...

...and take care of things.


Hey, Bob. The keys. Oh, yeah.

No, thank you. Thanks.

So who did kill Bob Spenser?

How do you know he was killed? I only said he was dead.

How did he die then?


You don't have to be straight with me. It's okay.

But it doesn't lend itself to intimacy.

We're intimate, aren't we?

The minute you chose to be Spenser and I went along with it...

...we became intimate.

All right, look.

Maybe this is a bit of a game to you...

...but if Gorman finds out you're not Spenser...

Let's just say I want to know who I'm dealing with.

I'm a guy that Bob Spenser could be, that could be Bob Spenser.

Works for everyone. You're making fun of me.


In another context...

...I could be stable. I could be married, raise a kid.

Same guy, different story.

Which is the guy I'm attracted to?

I don't know.

Either way, I should just trust you?


I'm just being honest. One of us should try it.

Okay, we're being honest here?

Tell me...

...what's between you and Lennox?

It's ancient history. It's not important.

Trust me.


Yeah. Thanks.


Lane, I need...

I need to keep our relationship...

...on a business level. For right now, or forever?

You don't want to get involved with me.

We'll do the deal...

...then I disappear.

I've never met anyone like you.

You're honest...

...even when you're lying.

We have a call in the house. Tell them to call back.

Hi there! How are you?

Great to see you. Super party. Thanks.

Take it to the table in front.

Shall we go? Oh, sure.


Nice to see you.


I want to show you something.

It's a letter. Here.

This might give you an idea of what we're up against.

Here's a pen.

You like horses?

Not especially. This looks like a good one.

You're right. He is.

We'll ride in the rodeo Friday.

You're not the kind of woman I'd expect in a rodeo.

I'm not the kind of woman you'd expect.

Hold that?



I don't know. Gorman gave it to me. Could be fake.

How come you knew Spenser and Lennox didn't?

Spenser found me.

Spenser was a sleazy grifter who said he had a lot of money.

I set up a meeting with Gorman to get him off my back.

They deserved each other.

And there's a finder's fee.

Come on, Bob. Look around you.

Do I really need a finder's fee?

No, but 300 grand from that arms deal...

...could buy you a lot of hay and Persian rugs.

Lennox and you like this game.

You pull in someone like Spenser...

...maybe scam him, maybe not.

Maybe you guys are scamming me.

You make a pile of money, come back here...

...and pretend you're interested in worthy causes.

I give the money from these deals to those who need it.

300,000 can do a lot of good. Noble.

I don't have to justify myself. No...

...but it's a fine line separating you and Lennox.

Sometimes that's all you got.

You want to know about Gorman?

This is the picture:

I was 20. I believed in good and evil...

...and he was the sexiest man I'd ever seen.

He was smart and dangerous.

And that was a huge turn-on.

I didn't know any better. I had a trust fund. I was bored.

One day he came home...

...put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger.

Just to see my face when I realized it was empty.

What's he doing in your life?

Gorman's like a virus.

Once you got him, you got him.

And now you've got him.

But you're not bored anymore, are you?

You're chasing your tail here.

It's an open-and-shut case.

Artie stole from the FBI, and Artie's dead.

So, what happened?

Artie was a burnout.

I should have got him some professional help.

I guess he just decided to help himself to bureau funds.

When he discovered you guys creeping up on him, he killed himself.

Well, okay.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks. No problem.

Take it easy. See you.

Drop what you're doing and get on this case.

You may have to go to Denver. What about Ray?

Don't worry about it. All right.

Our national anthem! And we are ready to rumble.

And here's the first rider...

Look out, Jess Frank.

Man, I hope he is okay tonight.

You can laugh at him but you gotta respect the job they do...

... our clowns and bullfighters. Give them a round of applause.

A great job they do. Here in New Mexico...

You'll fall from your chair before I fall from Blade.

I want to get a good seat.

How about a good-luck kiss?


See you back here at the truck. Yep.

We got a kiss, Blade.

That concludes our bull riding, and it was great.

Let's give them a big round of applause.

We'll go from bull riding...

... to the cloverleaf barrel race.

Let's welcome all these ladies tonight.

All of our barrel racers.

Excuse me.

We're all set for Thursday.

Smokin ' in the Rockies, rockin ' in the Smokies.

And here she comes around the first turn.

And to the final turn...

... it's a dash for cash down the homestretch.

Let's go to our next barrel racer.

We need to have Mr. Bob Spenser.

Bob, if you're listening...

...please check in... I'll be right back.

Let's welcome our next racer.

Here is Sally Price from Harrison, Arkansas.

Here she comes...


I'm Bob Spenser. You paged me. Oh, yes. Miss!

That girl wanted to talk to you. Thank you.


You're not who I was looking for.

Are you Noreen? Listen, mister...

You were looking for Spenser at La Fonda hotel.

No! Wait! Hey, watch it.

Noreen, I just want to talk to you! Listen to me!

I can help you. You're not FBI?


You're not FBI? No!

Okay, but we gotta go someplace safe.

I have a white Volkswagen.

They followed me. Who?

The feds. They want their money.

They know where the money is.

They said if I found Bob for them, they would let me off.

I came here because Bob loves the rodeo.

Bobby's dead. Oh, Jesus.

You sure they were feds? FBI?

I told him it wouldn't work, to just give the money back.

What wasn't gonna work?

Ten days ago, his friend shows up...

...says he has a plan to get the FBI off us.

That way we could stay together and still keep the money.

What was his name?

It wasn't Bobby's idea to take the money from the bureau.

He just wanted to stay with me.

What was the friend's name? I don't know!

I have a picture of the three of us.

Maybe it's in my car.

Ray. Hey, Ray!

FBI. Internal Affairs.

We just want to ask you some questions.

Let's take a ride.

Hey! What the hell?

Give me the keys. They're in it.

What happened? Where's Bob?

Wait a minute! Gorman, my horse is tied to the back!

We've been looking all over New Mexico for you.

We didn't expect you to call yourself Spenser.

Maybe you were in on it and helped Artie.

Four months ago, a lot of money disappeared...

...from bureau impound.

Sound familiar? No.

You don't have to answer.

Yeah, questions. A lot of unanswered questions.

We're taking you to the police.

You won't need a lawyer unless you're hiding something.

What's he doing?

Wave him by.

What's he doing?

Hey, watch out!

You guys drunk?

My God, what happened to you?

Where's Gorman? I don't know.

He took off with the truck. He didn't say anything.

I just want to know what's going on.

You don't even know who I am.

My name is Ray Dolezal. I'm a cop.

I'm trying to figure out who killed Spenser.

I'm sorry.

Get the car.

Get the car!

He's back.


You all right?

Who killed that girl tonight?

- We should tell somebody. - I think I can keep you out of this.

I don 't want to be kept out of this.

I care about you. I don 't care about Lennox or the FBI.

I care about you.

I want you.

I'm married, Lane.

You want to go back to your wife?

Do you need money?

I can get you money.

You can pay off the feds, make them disappear.

I'll get you some money.

Oh, God!

Oh, yes. Oh, yes...


Oh, God! Yes.

Get down, Deputy Ray. Get down.

Oh, yes. Oh, thank you!


Don't do it!

The guys at the rodeo were FBI too, right?

It's a big Bureau, lots of headless horsemen.

Can I put on pants? You killed them.

Go ahead, shoot me. Do it!

You think it'll solve things?

The murder of a federal agent?

My first concern was the operation's integrity. It was a judgment call.

Go outside. I'm fine.

Wait in the car.

The less you know, the better.

You drilling her, Ray? Did Artie know the money was stolen?

Washington wouldn't fund my sting so I borrowed it.

Artie went ballistic when Internal Affairs showed up.

So you killed him, left the cash, and hoped he'd be blamed.

No, not me. I told Artie the truth. Your truth.

I'm putting on my pants.


Ray, Ray, Ray.

You'll appreciate this story.

When I finally found Artie...

...he's holed up in the local Ranch Motel...

...waiting for Lennox, thanks to your friend Lane.

His plan has come apart. Reality is setting in.

He thought I was gonna save him.

I drive us out to nowhere and then I tell him the truth.

His wife knows...

...he's fucking Noreen and he's fucking Lane!

Bullshit. Ask her!

Bring Lane in here and ask if he wasn't in before you!

I tell him that his life is shit...

...and we're both fucked...

...and there's no way out.

And then...

...I handed him the gun and said, "You go first, buddy."

And he shot himself.

I walked to town. I'm arresting you for his murder.

And they'll believe you. What picture will they be seeing?

Small-town redneck who possibly stole money from the FBI...

...telling tales about a respected senior minority agent...

...who hasn't so much as a bug stain on his record.

I'm out of the loop.

Artie's dead. Noreen's fingered you as the accomplice.

She's dead.

All you've got is a Polaroid, cowboy!

Means nothing!

It's just another snapshot.

If I help you bust Lennox, what happens?

Then you're a hero. You get to go home.

I say Artie stole the money. You and me took a lemon and made lemonade.

It's your only move.

You get back to me now, Ray.

I'll be here. Waiting.


What are you doing here?

Have you seen Lane? No. You all right?

I want to show you something.

They made this a working holiday. Do you believe that?

Our tax dollars, hard at work.

Good always triumphs over evil.

Come on. Let's see how much they know. Hop in.

My number-one rule in life...

...is don't let people intimidate you.

Here you go. Payback.

You are a disappointment. I'm working for the FBI.

No, you're not. I know who you are.

I made calls.

I know about Greg Meeker and his pathetic little scam.

I'm C-fucking-IA, Bobby.

Meeker doesn't know shit. He can't touch me.

They don't tell him that, though. Officially, I don't exist.

I can't.

My profit's my reward...

...for selfless service to God and country.


What's the fuck's wrong? I brought them here for you.

They're the only ones that can connect Artie to you.

Nobody'll ever know. I will.


Well, we're partners. I'm action and you're money.

We could be legendary.

This isn't about sides. This is about confusion.

This is about creating enemies.

The goddamn world's falling apart.

Peace reigns. Freedom reigns.

Democracy rules.

How can we keep the military/industrial complex...

...chugging forward without clear-cut, pit-faced...

...scum-sucking evil breathing down our neck?

Threatening our very shores.

Now, my job is to make sure...

...the other side keeps on fighting.

Whatever side we're officially not on this year.

But that's water under the bridge.

You helped raise the money with Lane.

You came through for me.

It's set up. We meet them tomorrow.


Get the fuck away from me. You're crazy.

I'm not going anywhere.

Where's the money? I need the quarter mil.

Where is she? Where is she?!

You can't win here, Ray. Dealer holds the card.

Look, hey, we'll trade Lane for the cash.

She said you had it. See you.

Bury them if you want.



Ever been to White Sands? It's not sand. It's gypsum.

Man, not this noise again!

We're going for a little ride.

It's easier if you rip it off.

Oh, shit! You son of a bitch!

You'll see the light soon...

...and remember the only way out is to help me get Lennox!

Guess what, Greg? Lennox is CIA.

That's bullshit!

Who the fuck told you that? Ray!

So what if he's CIA? So what if he's in on Artie's deal?

It's not gonna save your ass! You're losing it, Ray!

Losing it the same way Artie did!

We both know what happened to him!

The farther you go down that river, the harder it is to return!

You listening to me, Ray?

Last night, that call I made? FBI Internal Affairs in D.C.

I said I was Artie's accomplice, and I'd meet them here.

I don't get it.

Lennox killed the Feds who think I'm the accomplice.

Anybody could be Artie's accomplice now, right?


Like you, for instance. Oh, man. Look, Ray...

Don't do this! I told them to send one guy.

Just one, or I'd bolt. My first concern being the operation.

You know this is not gonna work!

You got lots to think about. Choices.

You could try to explain everything to the FBI.

It's a long shot, but you are a senior minority agent...

...without even a bug stain on your record.

Or you could kill him and take the money and run.

You like choices?

I'm glad you got my clue.

Where's Lane? That was the deal.

She's down the road, by the entrance.

You don't trust me. Where's the money?

Oh, it's right in there.

Why'd you put it in there? I wanted a chance to get away.

You're so goddamn cynical.

I thought you quit smoking.

Looks like I have no willpower.

You sure the money's in the case?

I thought we had a mutual trust here.

You're making me sad.

Maybe we can hook up again someday.

No. Too wild for me.

It's a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit.

They have an agenda, so do I. But you know what? It works.

Yeah, it's the CIA way.

It's beautiful. It keeps corruption to a minimum.

I'm gonna go while you're in there.

Oh, I know.



Very fucking funny!

Who the fuck else is out there, huh? Ray!

I heard gunshots. He's dead, isn't he?


I guess that's it.

You can give the money back to the donors...

...or a cause you believe in.

I thought I had.

Are you in love with your wife? Yeah, I am.

Are you in love with me?

I could have been.

Is this yours? New hat, yeah.

Molly bought it for my birthday. Molly...

Let's see.

Looks good on you.

Be careful.

We found our money in the trunk of the car.

Half a million. Also footprints into the dunes.