White Snake (2019) Script

May all beings and all be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom for all, may health abound forever.

May peace.



I had that vision again.

I've meditated for 500 years.

Immortality's nearly within reach.

But I can never break through the wall.

I know, it's always treacherous.

There's an emptiness inside my heart.

It's missing something.

Why is it when I get close, I always get thrown into all this chaos?

Just what is it that I lack?

Hold this hairpin.

Hold it, you've always worn it.

You've never let me...

[Vertal I'll allow it now.

It was yours after all.

Hold it tight.

Late in the tang dynasty, chaos reigned, demons haunted the world.

The emperor craved eternal life.

His dark general unable to fulfill that desire, incurred his wrath.

In order to regain the emperor's favor.

The general had the people catch snakes to feed his daoist powers.

Force of darkness, flow and gather.

Spread your power across the land.

Force of darkness, flow and gather.

Spread your power across the land.


Seize her!

On her, positions!

Where is she?

There you are. - Who are you?

It's a scary world, you're safe here.

Where are we?

Snake catcher village.

What should I call you, where are you from?

What's wrong?

You don't remember anything?

Oh, it's the snake catchers.

It was our young xuan who saved you.

So xuan...

We catch snakes for a living and we build our houses this way because the mountains and forests are full of wild beasts and demons as well.

I'm a demon!

Careful where you run, kids. Auntie!

Hey, wait! The herbs xuan picked out really worked!

I'm almost healed! Be careful!

Catching snakes is dangerous! She's a real beauty.

Hua, can you lower that wine down?

Sure, it's the good stuff too!

Keeps snakes away!

Young lady, let's go.

Xuan, you're the last one again?

You'll be sleeping with the snakes tonight.

You better hurry!

It's xuan!

You're awake?


How'd you get down there?

What, no snakes again, xuan?

You want one of mine?

A catcher afraid of snakes.

If only your herbs could pay taxes.

Who needs taxes when you can save lives?

Xuan is back! Yay, xuan!

What did you bring?

Come take a look.

Who wants this one?

I want it! Oh?

Give it to me. Oh, easy now.


Help, they're going to eat us.

Young lady.

Xuan, she doesn't remember anything at all.

Hey, miss?

Don't worry, I'll take you to where I found you.

There could be clues.

Our snake traps are usually set down there.

Why do you trap snakes?

The world's getting worse and worse and taxes just keep getting higher.

The general lets us pay them off with snakes.

Which means no forced labor, so we all decided to catch snakes.

It's dangerous work, but if you don't do it, things would be worst.

There, it was under that waterfall.

Dudou, I know that's a shortcut but it's a rough path even for us and don't forget her.



You know magic?

Why don't I go first?

You can take your time.

Dudou, we ought to follow her, wouldn't you say?



Go on home then.

I wish I knew magic.

What do you wanna bet you're some kind of immortal?

I don't recall.

What is this place?

Oh, this is a shack I built.

It's usually where I do this and that.

Like dry herbs.

When I'm a doctor, I won't have to catch snakes.

"Hall of defense?"

Why is it that you call it that?

Huh, oh, this?

It's something that I found by the river.

Ah, right, so I was making umbrellas and then I heard dudou.

I went to look and you were just there on that rock, floating halfway in the water.

Kill the general, even if it costs your life.

Master, he's our greatest enemy.

You have our gratitude.

I'm not ready.

We have rules, you can't just act as you please.

Did you remember something?

Are there things you don't want to do yet you find you have to?

Sure, I don't wanna do lots of things, but that's what life is.

Though naturally I'd rather live it as freely as I can.

That's why I study everything.

Medicine, the stars, along with the esoteric arts.

Your fate may be set in stone, how you live isn't.

Spread your power across the land.

You okay?

I'm flying.

Hey, I can fly.


Hey, hey, look!

This is great, the wind's got us.



I'm fine, I grabbed this.

What is this?

Just focus on climbing. Right.

Miss, miss!


Wait, I know her.

Isn't she the assassin the general's after?

She is. The general, assassin?

It could be a trap.

Quick, before she wakes up.

Who's there?

That hairpin and I are connected.

You're awake.

I think this is magic.

But I don't know how to use it.

"Precious Jade."

Wait a second.

Precious Jade.

Precious Jade.

Oh, that workshop.

What workshop?

I've heard that it's in an almond grove just outside of yongzhou.

And that they craft the finest wares out of that little workshop.

This must be one of theirs, let's go ask them about it.

Xuan, thank you.

Don't trouble yourself though.

Who knows what kind of person I am.

Even if that isn't clear yet, I know this, you're not evil.

We're with the general!

Open up!

Everyone come out now.

The general?

Those two soldiers, we should go.

Forgive us, this year, snakes are scarce.

We've done our best.

The world's in chaos and demons are rising.

The general is hard at work honing his skills to save the country.

Right, demons feast on flesh and show no mercy.

We're truly grateful for the general.

However, tonight, I'm here regarding this umbrella.

Whose is it?

Also is there an unusual woman dressed in white in this village?

Answer him!

Please! Please don't hurt my baby!

Relax, just state the truth and nothing shall happen.

Fine, I'll tell you.

I saw her with xuan earlier.

My baby!

Search the village. Yes, sir.

Come on. Over here.

I'll take this side. This way!

How much longer do we have to stay in this cave and live in fear?

It was a crucial task.

Our master should've chosen me.

The scout's back!

She really attacked you?

Yes, and she was serious enough that she nearly killed me!

How dare she?

And for some reason, the general's army is racing this way.

Master, she's joined the dark forces and betrayed us.

Also, I saw her with a snake catcher.

It looked as if they were fond of each other.




Don't forget that the mantra I've taught you all is the very key to mutual strength.

This hand flows to the source.

United in good and bad.

My thanks, master, to you and everyone.

I am restored.

Master, the white snake has betrayed us all.

That's the...

Master, she would not betray us.

I'll bring her back.

You, we all know how close you two are.

Master, use the scorching death scales.

Is she serious?

Is she serious?

Bring her and the hairpin back in three days.

Even I can't save you, should the scales activate.


Chang pan.

And these are the boy's belongings?

Notify the general, he should head here.

Yes, sir.

If 1 can extract that young lady's energy, you snake catchers will no longer have any use.

Yongzhou's not far.

Still no memory?

If I had that issue, I'd have a huge headache.

I just can't imagine not knowing yourself.

Where you've been, what you've done.

Then again, there's a lot that's better off forgotten.

Look the wrong way and seasons turn, our lives are short but sorrows long.

And so, we might as well just focus on the good stuff.

Hey captain, that song of yours is ancient.

What dynasty is that from?

How about I sing one?

Sure, go ahead.

D> water's east j d> flow without a trace j

D> sets behind the hills 0 d rises as it will j» d> no concern j

> as it gleams j

» this life floats by j

d> no concern j

> as it gleams j

» this life floats by j


It's so true.

It is like a dream.

Enjoying life, it's nice.

If you like that song, I'll teach it to you.

All right.

Got it?

Let's sing it together.

We might as well, we've got the time.

A mysterious girl, mysterious powers.

She could be human or demon.

You think you're a demon?

They're all shapes and sizes, sure, but they're also known to eat people.

How could you be one?

And who cares if you are?

For instance, dudou.

If he was one, I'd still like the fella and I know the reverse is true, right, boy?


Who says I like you? What?

You're just the one who feeds me.

Am I talking now?

Woof, woof?

Why am I talking, why am I talking?

I shouldn't be?

Will people think I'm a demon now and kill me?

Why does my voice sound like this?

Sh, sh, not so loud.

He'll hear you. - I can talk.

Be careful, the river runs fast here!

You'll fall in!

You really are with a human.

Your life is mine!


Watch out!


Xuan, xuan, why don't we just go?

I'm talking to you.

I really think we should go.


Stop that!

Aren't you scared of snakes?

That's a snake demon, xuan!


I can't just leave her all alone here.

Do what you like.

Dudou, why was he holding me?

You were shivering, cold as ice.

Xuan kept you warm, that's why he was holding you.

That brought you around, you were so cold, you iced up the floor.

But we didn't leave you.

There you are.

I was afraid you'd left.

A demon's tail.

I guess I am one.

Does it matter?

The world's full of awful folks without tails.

Who cares if you've got one.

You weren't awful.

Well, what do ya think, huh, huh?

No thanks.

Good sir, we barely made it to the city with our lives.

Do you have any food?

There's so many vagrants around lately.

Let's go, dear.

Out of the way!

You're all right. Is she okay?

Don't cry.

Those poor refugees, it's so sad.

They're considered lucky.

Yongzhou is still relatively safe.


What's wrong?

Oh, it's nothing.

Let's go.


You're not alone, you know.

Precious Jade workshop


I think I was here once. Position 31.


Ah, we have guests, I see.

Oh, you've returned, young lady.

Issues with the wand?

Oh, right, we would like to know more about its origin.

Hm, do tell.

Though you're human, I detect the distinct scent of a demon.

Perchance you were cozy with a certain one?

Well, regardless, come.

Every demon within 300 li flocks here.

If you require artifacts of the magical sort, come to precious Jade workshop, where all our weapons are of demon quality.


Get to work!

This hairpin belonged to another owner if I recall correctly.

It saps the energy of others and converts it to its owner's for future use.

Saps energy? Indeed.

This wand has no equal.

When young lady was here, you asked for an alteration, so you could control it.



No good!

But such changes could create large side effects.

I'll say, she can't recall a thing.

That's the reason why?

Oh, I think you're right.

One's foes do get drained, but then...

It could in all likelihood erase one's memories and without those, what use are magic powers?

Heaven knows, for every gain, there's a loss.

Poetic, no?

Yet you...

But young lady was insistent, you can blame it on this fox's vanity.

These sorts of reversals, changing heaven into earth, evil to good, people to demons, manipulating that, holds interest to us.

So this hairpin then.

Do you know where its old owner is?

Of course.

That's pretty big, isn't it?

It's from one of my kind, though they're clearly stronger.

I can tell it's a snake scale.

A snake's?

You're a snake catcher!


Blanca! Blanca!

Blanca! Blanca!

Blanca! Blanca!



Verta! I you're verta!

I know who I was.

You were given that hairpin and an order.

To kill the general.

You don't recall, sister?

Why does he need snakes?

That swine is using dark kung-fu.

The same that we snakes employ.

He increases his power through feeding on our essence.

Master hates the general and his kind.

She says they're sinister and vicious to the last.

He's different.

When I was lost, with no memory, he saved me.

Even so, I don't trust him.

So that's what the general's been up to with the snakes.

Deceiver! And you catch snakes, killer!

I really had no idea.

Death to collaborators!

What's your plan now?

Verta, release xuan.


A snake catcher like you, so unwilling to leave her side.

You're hiding something.

Verta. You're a snake?

So hot blooded, not good for your health.

Talk, what are you after?

Huh, so you are with the dark forces.

I have no idea what that is or what's going on with this thing.

See, sister, he is with the general.

I trust xuan.

Trust, huh?

I refuse to.

The snake catcher is mine!

Get up!

Sister, you've forgotten our clan's teachings!

All humans are devious, they are cheats and thieves!

Verta, I don't remember a lot, only our journey here and he's not those things.

I do remember!

Follow Mel


Could be dangerous.

Oh, who'd have guessed that this pagoda had a hidden tunnel.

We should find a way out.



Bird on a ceiling, tortoise under, palace within, gate without, eight doors, the door of life, that's it!

Don't worry, you went through the door of life.

What is this place?

It looks like an underground exorcism chamber.

So it should be safe for humans.

Still, why is there a daoist chamber down here?

I guess there was an abandoned temple and they built the pagoda on top of it.

Relax, there should be clues around here, I'll go look.

We will get out, wait here, okay, hm?

Heaven and earth, breath of all life.

Ceaseless honing, magic abounds.

Demons wither, monsters shrivel.

Evil expires, drowned by heaven.

Spread your power across the land.

This is a magic weapon, take it and assassinate the general.


I remember it all.

I found the exit, let's go.

Hey xuan.

Would you say demons are fated to die?

Blanca, you're...

Forcing us to catch snakes for the slaughter.

The world is in chaos!

And if this goes on, things will get even worse.

Blanca, whatever happens, I'll be there.




Verta, I'll go with you.

Sister, you've seen the light?

Where are you going?

Sorry, we need to part ways.

Why should we?

The world's heartless.

There are rules here and so many things that I'm forced to do.

You're human, I'm demon.

You said once, there are things that are better forgotten.

It's like you say, the world's heartless, our paths different.

What we have is real though.

I'll find a way for us.

It won't take long.

Wait for me.


You're human, if we're together, it'll just hurt you.

Sister, I doubt he'll return, we should go back.


We've been together for hundreds of years now.

Things are different though, for him.

We worked so diligently and endured such hardship.

Forms such as these aren't easy to attain nor these lovely faces.

But our true nature will reveal itself.

When it does, will he still find you charming?

Master once said, only humans know the taste of love and desire.

When I first awoke, I thought I was one.

I think the taste of love and desire is overrated.

Laying like this, it's like the statue's embracing me.

Isn't this good enough?

It's cold though.

Am I cold too?

What's that on you? Don't.

It's the scorching death scales.

I promised the master I'd get you back in three days.

If not...

The death scales will tear you in two.

Why did you?

Hurry, surround them! Sister.

Yes, young one, I can help you.

You can?

You know, I was young once too.

Rather frivolous as well as wild.

Even now, I have quite a few regrets.

You should know one day, you could regret this.

I'll regret things right now as long as we're not together.

So be it, you are young, aren't you?

Though transactions require an exchange.

Can you afford what it will cost?

I'll trade you anything.

Good, there is one way.

Become a demon.


What do you...

Young one, think.

If you're a demon, then you two can stay together.

However, I would need to take your vital essence.

Demons such as ourselves require human vitality to create our magic weapons.

The most effective demonic weapons are forged from this very vitality.

Precious Jade workshop is renowned for staying on the leading edge of that front.

If I have to, it's a deal.


However, do you understand the consequences of this?

As a human, you're currently afforded several advantages.

Such as peace and safety.

You muddle through life taking it for granted but as one of us, gods, humans and daoists will all want to kill you.

Even your own kind will want to kill you.

Once I finish taking your vital essence, you'll be turned into the weakest and smallest of demons.

However hard you try, there will be no advancing.

I understand, do it.

Sure, let's start.

I merely forgot, for this to work, I still require one ingredient.

What ingredient?

You can't do this!

Let go of him!

Hello, we meet again.

That hairpin isn't so fearsome.

You tried to kill my master with such meager power?

One of your kind is quite the valuable thing to daoists like us.

You're worth 10,000 snakes.

Why youl which is why I informed my master you were at snake catcher village.

Looking at the hour, he could arrive there soon.

Leaving you two all to me.

There's no reason to share the credit.

Little daoist, you really are awful, but thanks for the information.

Once we're finished with you, your master will shortly follow.

So the little daoist is actually this ugly?

No wonder you wrecked the place.

With all these handsome statues around, you were jealous.

Escaping this net is quite futile, I assure you.


Xuan, xuan!

You're awake?

Xuan, xuan!


You still have it.

How are you?


Dudou! - You have a tail now.


I'm a demon.

With a tail and everything.

Dudou, where's your tail?

It's right...

Where is it?

This was dudou's. It's gone!

Dudou, easy, looks like we're both freaks now.

We'll make the best of it moving forward, together.

Let's go.

Dudou, I can run so fast now!

Too fast, I can't catch up.

Ah, gees!

I'm back, blanca, and I'm like you now.

Didn't they take your vitality?

You're so fast!

Blanca, blanca!

Where are you?


Xuan, xuan!

Don't take my powers, don't do it.

I beg you.

Xuan, look at this!

Demons are coming!

Run for your lives!

Demons are coming!

Blanca, blanca!



Wait, blanca!


It's huge, is that blanca?

Let's just go, maybe they can turn us back.

You really did return.

Though blanca herself has now turned into a giant python.

That daoist stole her weapon, but somehow she drained his strength instead.

How could that be?

Interesting, you're one of us now.

Little one, you scarcely know her.

What kind of connection could you share?

In the end, you just fell for my sister's pretty face.

Now that she has changed into her full demon form, are you still fond of her?

Where is she going?

Snake catcher village, little one, you're still in the dark?

The general's there now.

She's looking to settle the score.

He's there?

And before too long, that village will be drowned in tragedy.

Our village?

Pick a side.

Xuan, where do we go now?

We're going home.

The general's at snake catcher village?

I saw his fleet, it's gigantic.

My guess is that he already knows where we're hiding and he's coming for us.

How can he know where we are?

Unless there's a...

Chang pan is loyal to us and the green snake has the death scales, neither one can be the betrayer.

Maybe it was the white snake, she could've joined the general's side.

There's clearly a traitor among you!

But we won't wait for them to attack us.

Though we're outnumbered, we'll take our chances on the front lines.

All of us will attack snake catcher village!

Find the traitor, kill the daoists!

Crush the village!

Find the traitor, kill the daoists, crush the village, find the traitor, kill the daoists, crush the village!

Have a load and back here.

Everyone run, the village is in danger!

A giant python is on its way here!

Hurry, stop what you're doing and run!

What's gotten into you?

Walls are high here, what are you scared of?

So are yongzhou's and it was destroyed.

We have to run, there's no time.

Yongzhou's solid stone, pythons, there's no way.

Xuan, you finally returned.

Auntie, you should leave now.

I should, let me tidy up first.

Just go!

The general has arrived.

A giant python.

The truth is that you're a demon.

So how do we know this isn't some demon trick?

General, you should defend the peace, not invite disaster.

He is a demon. Yeah, but who really cares?

I'm still xuan and I still ran here to warn all of you.

Yongzhou's in ruins and this place is next.

Listen, you have to run!

You're evil!

Useless little thing.

It's all your fault, you risked our lives, made us catch snakes to feed your power and forced blanca to turn into a python!

She's here, let me go, I could save us!

Why not?

Go ahead.


Blanca, in yongzhou, you had to face those soldiers.

You didn't want to hurt them, but up ahead, while they may catch snakes, they really are all innocent, so please don't turn the village into a second yongzhou!


Blanca, just listen.

I've been turned into one of you.

Now we're both demons.

Even though you've grown, it doesn't matter.

There's a vast world out there, full of all kinds of wonders.

So who cares what your body's like.

Blanca, even though I'm the weakest of your kind, I'll give my all to protect you.

And if they won't accept us, we'll just go to the ends of the earth.

Our place is out there, we just have to find it.

A pair of demons, together and free.




Surprising, there was a python after all.

You're to thank for this, little demon.


Without you, I could not have readied this trap.

You shall now be extinguished, body and soul.


What is this?

It's your essence, your spirit.

Snake catcher, little demon.

He's extinguishing us, body and soul.

Once your soul scatters away, you won't be able to be reborn again.

It is gone for good.

It's gone for good?

Quite true, sadly, and such a waste now that I hear it.

I prefer having it over losing it.

Once I've perfected my dark powers and reached a higher state of being, his highness will then see what I've achieved.

I hold the secret to immortality.

Immortality, you brag of knowing its secret, but all you're doing is stealing ours, so do it.

What's this?

That was foolish.

You absorbed the scorching death scales.

It's nearly time, they're just about to explode.

Not so difficult.

I see this is your doing, witch.

You forced my hand.

Today we're going to settle things once and for all.



Way of fire.

Mountainous earth!

Watch out!

Master, sister!



Kill them all.

Secure the gate, hold strong!

Master, we've wiped out our greatest enemy today.

Please allow me to return your hairpin now.


I allowed your sister to take this to assassinate that daoist.

I never thought she'd steal another's powers or turn into a giant snake.

Master, you have the wrong idea, she really tried to...

The daoist is gone, so I no longer have any use for this.

Why, master?

The daoist did such cruel things to us.

But one day, it was clear to me, anything he tried to master...

Sister. I could too.

Run. If he could take it, then I can take your essence just as well!




It's fortunate that you have newly gained strength, little demons.

It's excellent fuel for my own.

I'm glad I had the foresight to lend it to you.

All that is shared flows to the source.

It all returns to me!



She drained all of the power I had left.

Guess you can't push me away again.


Watch out!


Wait, the woman and the net.


There's the heart, the ghost, southwest horn, chariot, wing.

So the door of life is...

Over there!

What are we waiting for?

We have to hurry and save xuan.

We can't go, they're demons, right?

Yeah, and we just saw that the girl in white is too.

It's still xuan though!

He was once, not now.

That's right, we could've all just died.

I tell ya, if we free those two, it's certain death.

It's just not worth it.

If xuan didn't save you, you'd be dead now!

Dudou's a demon too!

A dog demon!

And so what, who cares if we're not like you, we risked our lives to save you!



All of their souls were drained away.

If we stay, we'll both have our souls extinguished as well.

Don't worry, the villagers, they'll save us for sure.

Xuan. Huh?

You said on the river that life is short and sorrows long.

So we should just focus on the good things.

Remember, those dandelions and the ferry?

And that tower?

I can see it all.

You can?


What's that?

Xuan, listen.

Someone's trying to break through.


Xuan, no.



You can't!

Please, xuan.

Didn't you say that we'd leave together?

That we'd set out to the ends of the earth and see so many places?

Don't go!

Don't go!

Please don't, xuan.

Don't go.

D> water's east j d> flow without a trace j

j» go at their own pace - xuan.

Blanca, whatever happens, I'll be there.

And sorrows long.

The world's full of awful folks who cares if you've got one?


It won't take long. D sets behind the hill > wait for me.

Your fate may be in stone.

Got it let's sing it together. D rises as it will > the world's heartless, our paths different, you might as well, we've got the time.

But what we have is real though.

D it's a dream

J as it please j

» this life floats by j xuan, no.


Do you see xuan?



Where are you?

At that last moment, I managed to save his soul.

He's in the hairpin though.

It cost you dearly, you were a snake again.

Using what little strength I had left, I sealed the memories of what occurred into this.

Today you've unlocked it as last.

Even if I did, immortality is something I can't reach.

It hasn't freed you?

That second of joy, held for 500 years.

Was it worth it?

Even if it cost 1,000 years, it was worth it.

I'll always be with you.

Xuan, where is he?

His soul survived and reincarnated, it's out there somewhere.

I have to find it.

Whoever he is now, he's already lived through so many lifetimes.

Even if you do find him, he may not be how you remember.

Wherever he is in the world, whatever he looks like,

whether he remembers me or not, I have to find him.

After all, I remember.

Look at that.

Hey, wait!

Wait, wait.

Wait a second, hold up!

Honestly, you're so forgetful.

Thank you, brother.

Yeah, yeah, you're on your own.

He seems to have time now. Excuse me.


Excuse me.



You dropped your hairpin.

Thank you, sir.

It looks very old.

Is it valuable? - Tis.

Thank you again for picking it up.

I'd really hate to lose it.

You seem like a lady of good standing.

Where are you from?

That's a long story.

> Why does j

> spring hurry like so j

J» and galloping rain j

D we feel jd

D yet this is j

> a worldly fear j

Did you find what I was looking for?