White Sun (2016) Script

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If you knew you were going to compromise, you are the maoists, why have made all these promises ethnic minorities ?

We were sure to win the war !

We, the maoists, are now at the head of the government, but we don't have the majority.

We have had to make compromises to begin the peace process.

Father ?

Father, you're up there ?

Father ?

You are at the top ?

Father !

Father !

Pokhara ! The bus to Pokhara !

Buy your ticket first.

It is not 500. It is 1 200.

1 200 ?

I am sure you have a seat ? Yes.

1 200, since when ? - For a long time.

Quickly, quickly.

Could you help me ?

Here we go, here we go.

The body of dad will he pass by this window ?

We would have been able to go out the door when he was still living, if Durga had informed us he was on the point of dying.

I would have done, if I was clairvoyant.

Let's go...

In this heat, it will deteriorate.

How is it that it is so heavy ?

I can't touch the body.

This would pollute the ritual.

Maybe we should wait the arrival of Chandra ?

No, let's try it again.


OK, I'll just go out the window.

Pass me the feet !

What do you do ?

He is fallen !

Women must not touch it !

Or drop it ! - Let go !

Shobha, go pick the herbs.

It is necessary to cleanse the body, now.

Here ? Carry-out to purify it.

The whole house is defiled.

I took care of him living.

Now you need to purify it ?

Mom, let's stay with grand-father.

Pooja ! That's enough.

Please, let's stay with grand-father.

I want to stay with grandfather.

Pooja ?

You have seen us as they have treated ?

It is because you have touched the body.

Eh, you're still not my money ?

Tire-toi, I have no money.

I will pay you when I have a job.

It's been very long that you say it.

I can have it ?

Badri, when you got this book ?

I bet he stole it.

The dealer gave it to me.

Sure it was stolen. - He is a liar.

Vas-y, plays.

Need a carrier ?

Casse-toi. I'll deal with it.

It's my job.

I will save it for you.

The path is painful.

You will not alone.

It will not cost you dear.

Stop. I don't need a carrier.

The path is steep.

It you need help.

Leave me alone.

Forget it ! He is too stubborn !

Give me your bags. Not expensive.

I said no.

Just 300 rupees.

I can wear them alone.

The path is too steep.

200 ?

You arrive in Qatar ?


Of Malaysia ?


Then this must be Dubai ?

How old are you ?

Ten years.

Ten years from now ?

These bags you would collapse !

How would wear you ?

I am not a human.

I am a carrier.

Go home.

Your parents must worry.

I have no parents.

I have not in me.

Where do you live ?

In this bus station.

You are a soldier ? - I was.

You have made war ?

You have shot with the rifle ?

I love the rifles.

You know what it is, a rifle ?

It looks funny ?

Returns home to your friends.

It will be better.

There you will be able to go to school.

You know how they treat us in this village.

You know what I'm talking about.

I will meet my father in Pokhara ?

Tell me, please.

Is it that my father is in Pokhara ?

What father ?


Who told you that Chandra is your father ?

I've heard it.

Why do you need a father ?

I will not thee suffice not ?

I do not love you ?

I have not enough beloved ?

Why do you need a father ?

I can give you a statement.

And will become an adult.

Thou shalt have no need of anyone.

I don't want to be an adult.

We can't leave it there.

If we set a pulley here to move it down ?

Do you think that would hold ?

Maybe we should request to the priest.

Look, your grandfather is stuck.

But no.

It will start to rot.

It will become a skeleton and will turn into a ghost.

This is not true.

Your grand-father will come at midnight and you turn into a ghost, you too !

They are coming ! - happens ?

Chandra and his son.

Chandra has a son ?

Stop pushing !

Let me see.

I can give thee 20 000 rupees.

This is not too little, my sister ?

If I bring the goats to Pokhara, I would have 50 000.

You couldn't go to Pokhara, there must be a bus ticket to the goats.

Feed them, transport them...

It would be too much.

It takes me a small profit, is it not ?

Not ?

It is too little, my sister.

I will buy all of your goats and you can't make me a good price ?

Pooja, where were you all morning ?

It has arrived.


Chandra came ?

Chandra ?

Aren't you Chandra ?

Greetings, my aunt !

My humble greetings, Chandra !

Please, do not disturb you.

We feared all that you don't.

Could you help me ?

... but you're the son the chief of the village.

And if not Chandra, how then ?

Call me Agni.

What ? Use your Party name here ?

Yes, how is it ?

Here, I brought him to the house.

I thought that a leader of the Party would come in a helicopter.

I was looking at the sky, not the road !

No greetings... not with a death in the family.

It is good that you came.

We do not know if you, the maoists, to believe in the rituals.


How are you, Suraj ?

I've learned that you have left the army.

Then I should feel safe here ?

We can get along for a few days, right ?

What could we do ?

It is too old.

They couldn't get off.

Why not ask for help ?

To who ?

Your brother Suraj is the only man valid that it remains in the village.

You want to make it pass through this little window ?

You know well that the body can't leave out the door.

Yes, but if one of us kills himself trying to bring it to the cremation, it will not help either.

The rites have their reason to be, Chandra.

Not like you by the maoists think.

You can't just forget everything.


Eh, leave her alone.

I said to leave him alone.

Ass !

Do you have to eat for him ?

There is nothing.

You know that Durga is part angry.

Who is this ?

Is he not like him not as a copy ?

To who ?


Who is Agni ?

You don't know ?

The son of Chitra, Chandra.

Oh, Chandra ?

Yes !

Agni is the name of the Party.

Art thou not the son of Chandra ?

Huh ?

I said.

I'll see what I can find.

Do not let go again at the top.

Chandra, hurry down !

Quickly, quickly !

You two, take the legs.

It is damn heavy !

Place it near the holy basil !

A mine !

Made see.

Stand back ! Back.

Further !

She could explode.

It has no firing pin.

Do not be afraid.

It will not explode.

The daughter of Durga.

It looks like him.

Where is Durga ? I have not seen it.

We asked him to keep at a distance.

She touched the body of your father.

She was probably trying to help you.

What ? You, above all, the justify ?

Some groups ask seven states, other six or eight.

You think that one day we will have a Constitution ?

You can be damn sure that there will never be agreement.

Where it's a lot of discussion about, it never acts.

Then, it is not for tomorrow ?

Not with all of these events.

Suraj, what do you think ?

They will vote, anyway.

I don't think.

Look at this rain...

I hope it will stop before morning.

This will be difficult in the rain, to make the procession down to the river.

Why are you here ?

I came up with Chandra.

Why ?

This is my father. - This is not true !


Not. - If !

He came to Kathmandu !

Me too.

I have also come to Kathmandu.

Then where is it ?

Behind this mountain.

I learned how they have dealt with.

It was a war to stop it.

Our elders will never change.

I would not even warned, for my father.

Thank you.

Well, I wanted to see you.

I was hoping to ask you a favor.

You want me to sign and recognize to be the father of your daughter ?

You'll do it ? We moved to Pokhara.

I see.

But why me ?

For issuing a certificate of birth, the government wants the signature of the father.

For here, I'm still your wife, so...

I would have not asked, but without a birth certificate, Pooja will not be able to go to school.

The father of Pooja will not sign ?

I ask you just your signature.

I've done a lot of things for you during all these years.

I took care of your father when Suraj and you're gone.

Yes, you have done a lot for me.

You have given me the daughter of another man.

It has happened a lot of things during the war, Chandra.

Thou hast been gone for many years.

You don't know how it was to survive alone out here, as the wife of a guerrilla fighter.

You, you did not do errors ?

We all heard the rumors.

No children ?


Chandra, come to play carrom.

It is necessary that we spend the night.

Maybe later.

Chandra, what is your position at this moment the Party ?

We never see you on tv.

You need to be the central Committee at the time it is.

I think that Chandra will be the first of our village to become a minister.

I will not be a minister, my uncle.

Why not ?

I don't like your Party, you know.

But you have abandoned everything for him.

At least in our village may ultimately develop.

tea ? - No, thank you.

Chandra, what you want to do business of your father ?


Could you ask to Durga ?

It is she who will know the better.

She said that you and Chandra have to decide.

Chandra, can you come ?

It goes you well.

You can take it, my uncle.

If Suraj is okay.

Really ?

Your father had good taste.

Kaji, it will be useful.

Would like.

Chandra, the land act...

You were married to him ?

Tell me, you were married ?

A long time ago.

Years ago.

But it is not your father.

If you were married, how is it done ?

Mom, tell me please.

Pooja, it is necessary to sleep, I pray to you.

It is still our luggage.

Three protesters were killed by bullets during clashes in the district of Mahottari.

According to witnesses, the police fired tear gas and live ammunition on the crowd the event...

Thirty spectators, in the majority of children, have been hurt trying to flee.

The balance sheet of the dead is expected to worsen.

In addition, the police smashed the cameras of the two journalists.

Then ?

I told him that I was going to think about it.

You're telling me you can't find anyone other than my brother to marry ?

He is the father of Pooja ?

You interested now ?

Now yes.

The wrong caste here and there...

I was tired of always fighting.

Do you know how many time we've completely lost ?

But no, Suraj is not her father.

If you want to know why I'm getting married, this is not marriage that interests me.

Why it would interest me ?

I live alone for so long already.

Chandra ?

Agni ?

Everyone is searching for you.

The procession will begin.

You can tell them that I just ?

I had not planned to return.

I have a lot to do.

It will be necessary to tell them yourself.

Then, why my brother ?

Pooja is in need of an act of authorship.

Who will sign the papers ?

You would sign, you ?

It will no longer be your problem if I get married.

Take off your shoes.


The hands, please.

The two of them.

OK, put it there.

Now you can wear it.

Oh, wait !

Wait, I forgot something.

I almost forgot.

What is the idea ?

It was the wish of dad.

Your father supported the king during all his life.

This is a joke.

It is too much.

Hand in the.

Hand in the.

I've given everything to this fight.

My father and I were opposed to this policy, but I'm not income to see it.

This is not the time !

Wear, now. That's enough.

Chandra ?

I didn't say to stay here ?

I have not said that the funeral are prohibited to women ?


More slowly.

Wait, wait, wait.

I told you to wait !

Slow down, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful country your Party has tried to destroy.

For two centuries, one caste has led this country.

The people did it not because to fight for justice ?

The respect for the deceased, I pray you !

What a shame !

I have seen the effects of your "justice" every day in my clinic.

There is no peace without justice.

Hey, you two !

How can they quarrel during the procession !

I came here for help, once the war was over, and you, what did you do ?

We must think of the country as a whole, not only to a village.

Brother, you can not even take care of your own family.

A real sin !

Ten years. What is it that you can show as a result ?

You think that it is necessary to Durga ?

You know she'll marry you only to that you him the signs of the papers.

You just can't accept your defeat !

How have you been able to ask the body before the river ? It is a sin !

You are crazy ?

What do you do ?

I told you to stop !

What have you done ?

You will enjoy wearing your father's death on your shoulders !

Where are you going ?

Where are you going ?


What have you done ?

Who is going to carry the body to the river, now ?

We'll do it.

My God ! Why did I have to see this day !

Chandra, bring it back to Suraj.

No one can help you carry it.

Go and get Suraj.

You ask me after what he has done, my uncle ?

Wait for me here.

I'm going to find someone else.

The houses look different when they are empty, isn't it ?

Yes, I feel like a ghost.

I am looking for the police station.

It is no longer there ?

He moved to the other side.

Ah okay, that's it.

I'm going to.

This man was a leader village for twelve years.

Look-the today.

Lying in a ditch !

Do you think we will of the dead best, we ?

My son I would give up on ever as well !

Do not be too sure !

You pueras like a dead rat well before he returns to the United States !

Believe it or not, it is the truth.

He's right, you know...

Me, for example.

I have seven children but none of them lives at home.

Not a single one do not offer me a glass of water if I felt bad.

I'm terrified when I think of it.

My death might be even worse than Chitra.

Death is the ultimate truth.


What are you doing up there ?


I don't want you playing up there !

What have you taken ? - Nothing.

What hast thou in hand ?


Come here !

Eh, what are you doing here ?

They burned the old bridge.

Why are you here ? Go home !

You don't want that I show you where is the new bridge ?

OK, you two go now.

I can find my way from there.


To me thou hast not heard ?

I'll be the first.

Then hurry.

Eh, what do you do ?

Eh !

Don't tie !

Why you tie ?

I want to come, me too !

Idiot ! Why did you have attached ?

Are you my father ?

Who told you that ?

Your mother ?

People say that it could.

No, I'm not your father.

It is not you, there ?


This is my cousin.

I am your uncle.

Our faces resemble each other, that's all.

Uncle ?

You did not come to Kathmandu ?

My father also lives in Kathmandu.

It is a big city.

Your father, me, there are a lot of people in Kathmandu.

Why is my father not coming to see us ?

I really want to meet him.

It is that it is very poor.

He would need money to come to the village.

When he has money, he will come.

One day you will understand.

But my mother said that my father fight for our rights to us, the lower castes.

She said that ?

That is what she said on the other ?

Why did you wanted to come ?

What ? Who said I wanted to ?

You could not cremate your father say to your brother.

Well, it has completely screwed up the funeral.

We will see that it will find to help take dad.

If your father is that important to you, you should help him.

You essentially ridicule the both of them.

What is it ?

Oh, that. I need your signature.

So what Chandra said is true.

Who wanted to be married ?

You know my daughter.

I have always been honest with you about my feelings.

You me wives only for that ?

Suraj, you're a good man.

But I need to know that if you get married, you will recognize Pooja as your daughter.

Wait here, I'm going to talk about to the police.

My sister ? My sister ?

Sit there. If she wakes up, you order a snack.

I'll be back soon.

Why you love me not ?

What is it that you want ?

The momos.

You have money ?

OK, wait.

the POLICE STATION OF RAMPUR So you're the son of Chitra ?

The regional leader of the Party of the king ?

Yes, it was the Party the national democratic.

You are the son of the wife of Chitra ?

You don't look like any of the two.

No, another woman.

I have never seen here before ?

I was far away.

Away ?

In the people's liberation Army.

We are here to help the citizens, but your village is outside the district.

Who wins ? The Nepal loses.

The next post is two days from here.

We have not chosen to places.

You sell ?

You can not help me in neighbours ?

How many do you want ?

Too many days have already passed.

What ? You try to steal the police ?

It is a chicken, not a goat.

Why not bury it ?

I thought that you, rebels, do not believe more in the ancient rituals.

The two sides have buried the dead.

It was also buried corpses after the earthquake, but...

You see the smoke out of this mountain ?

Your classmates are there.

Why not ask them ?

You know that as they have done secession of the maoists, me they would see as an enemy.

They sit up there and dream the day they will win the war with their broken rifles.

You know where they are but you don't stop ?

What is your name, already ?

Agni. - Listen, Agni...

It is not as free as you believe.

It has a lot to do, you know.

As long as they stay up there, we don't fight.

And you know like everything is going wrong since the earthquake.

Salute your brother Suraj of my hand.

Come under the tarp.

Don't change the body.

The former, come here.

No, they have to stay on this side of the wall.

One can take this path ?

Go round by here.

Who is mary ?

The son of Bhim Dahal, Jit. the member of The Assembly ? Yes.

The leader of the maoist ? Yes.

I know the father of the groom.

He was my commander.

Excuse me, do you know where is the comrade Bhim ?

Ask there.

Excuse me, do you know where is the comrade Bhim ?

It's going to happen.

Pardon ? - helicopter.

Comrade Bhim ! Lal Salam !

Comrade Agni, Lal Salam !

I don't believe it !

The old sayings don't lie, huh ?

God said, "If you wish, I will make it happen."

I thought precisely of you and you're waiting for me.

I have to ask you a favor.

Of course, anything you like !

Congratulations for the wedding of your son.

Thank You. - a long time ago that you are not come among us.

Listen, the President will announce the Constitution today.

I just came for the wedding but I can't stay long.

Once the Constitution is announced, everything goes back in order.

Comrade Agni, come with us.

It is necessary that I present you to my son.

I need a moment with you.

We are going to discuss.

What are your children ?

This is urgent.

We are going to discuss.

Do not judge me.

They wanted a traditional wedding, but I am always yours.

This is my son Jit and my daughter-in-law.

Jit, look who it is.

Comrade Agni.

You've gotta remember, I've talked to.

Yes, it is famous.

If we have a Republic and a democracy, it is through Agni and to the comrades.

It takes me a moment with you.

Of course !

A favor...

Of course, of course.

Everything you will need.

No problem.

Everything you will need.

Listen, it is a happy moment.

You know that it brings bad luck have a bad new today.

If it was not for thee, Agni, I would be very angry.

My father is lying dead in the past three days.

What ?

We need you for the ceremony.

OK, I'm going to come.

Uncle ? Uncle ? - What ?

Why we have not been able to eat ?

You have nothing taken at the tea shop ?

If. So What ?

But it was beautiful at the wedding party, with all these people.

The food looked delicious.

What selfish !

Of the people for whom we had risked our lives !

If I hadn't been there, it would not be more in life to celebrate.

You are in the nepalese army ?

No, I'm not in the army.

The groom's father, just now, I saved his life before the army.

You don't know ? Our uncle is maoist !

He is fighting for a new Nepal.

You killed my parents ?

You did not say that he is your father ?

Why would I have killed your parents ? are You a maoist ? - Yes.

The maoists have killed my parents.

But it was not me.

Come here.

I'm also going to kill you.

Pooja ! It is good, let the.

I cut you in pieces ! I'm going to kill you !

You want to beat me ?

OK, beat me.

Badri, listening, forgive me.

So many people have been killed during the war.

Not only are your parents.

I'm sorry for that had happened to them, I'm sorry...

Look at me...

No, Pooja, let the.

You killed my parents !

You want to hurt me ?

I understand.

You that I respect, why are you on the way ?

You do not see ?

Oh my God !

Who is this ?

Do you know Chitra Bikram Thapa of Nepaltar ?


The former head of the village.

It is to him.

Oh, he had to buy me pots.

How is it death here ?

He is not dead here.

Why the let you here on the path, then ?

It is too old to wear it.

I'm old and I carry all of these pots.

I can pass ?

The lower castes can't walk close to the body.

Take the other path.

You want me climbing the mountain ?

It is my path.

Don't be so stupid.

You can see that there is a corpse, take the other path.

OK, it is I who am stupid, I'm going to.

The war really has changed these people.

Uncle Suraj ?

You we open ?

Please, open the door.

health CLINIC


Let me talk to you.

I want to present you my apologies.

It is you who was right.

It is not there.

Going to grandpa's house.

You two, go-y.

I am to you.

This is the worst day ask me for help.

They have done it.

For the first time in the history of Nepal, the people will be written Constitution approved through their elected representatives.

This day, the President Ram Baran Yadab will sign and announce the Constitution at the last session of the Assembly.

Nepal became officially federal Republic and the peace process will be complete...

Finally we will have the Constitution today ?

It seems that yes.

This is really good news.

It is awesome...

It seems that I take cold.

The heat is the best medicine.

Ask the above.

You make a fire ?

It is growing dark and cold.

Why should we have to suffer ?

It will take away also the ghost.

I do not believe in ghosts.


What the hell are they there ?

Durga has brought these guerrillas to wear the body of Chitra.

Do we have choice ?

Rather that than let them rot, right ?

He is right.

Instead, it.

Where is Chandra ?


The body is there.

I have never seen anything like it in my life.

Small, where is Chandra ?

He prepares food for all of us.

It kitchen ? Chandra ?

Durga, the body smells bad.

Come to the river.

Here it is.

Long live the Revolution, comrade !

Long live the Revolution !

Long live the Revolution, comrade !

Long life to the Revolution.

We found, Kumar.

If these types carry the body, I will not do the rituals, just to make that clear.

That's going too far !

At your age and this day, you continue to think like that ?

Priest ?

Would you like to come back, please ?

I'll go talk to him.

I can kill him before you wear your father, or I have to wait ?

Chandra is not so bad and it will go much faster if it is the door all together.

It should, Lieutenant Suraj !

You have torn at the feast and this cold night is in the process to take me to the head !

You honor my father.

I agree about the traditions, but it has no meaning to wait any longer.

If one continues to accept it, and it, and it yet, we will, finally, nothing more !

Worse, we won nothing !

I do not accept !

We will cease to exist.

Expect Suraj.

And if it never comes ?

If he does not come, it is better to let the body of Chitra to rot rather than be worn by them !

How many years has seceded ?

Eight years ?


We fought together against the king for many years, and now you see me as an enemy.

We had to start the peace process somewhere.

But there has been too much compromise.

We must stop of killing each other.

Who kills ? Not us.

Let's see.

What rights have we obtained, we, the minorities, by asking politely ?

How do we reconcile after all this violence ?

What can we still ask the people for support ?

Of course, but it is a step back.

They have even removed rights !

drop your weapon and go !

You me traps after all these years ?

And on the corpse of your father !

Please, don't pull it out more !

There are women and children.

Don't tell me how to do my job !

I brought them to help us, Chandra !

What have you done ?

Comrade Kumar, we are surrounded !

Agni, get these civilians out of here.

Kumar, this is a misunderstanding !

All they understand, what are the balls !

Do not shoot ! There are children !

Durga, takes the kids !

Apart from the guerrilla fighter was killed, there are mostly minor injuries.

At what time it started ?

I don't know. Later in the night.

You know, my brother ?

Lieutenant Suraj, it is necessary to go there.

Nice job.

Thank you.

They seem to need help there.

I'm sorry if I've sown discord between you and Suraj.

I have been selfish.

It's going to.

I don't want to marry Suraj.


You don't want to marry him ?

Durga, have you seen the children ?

They should be went to see the helicopter.

Can you go check, please ?

That you said ?

I'm happy you wives not my brother.

Because of your hate. Laughable.

No man will call me his wife.

If you're sure...

Where is the body of Chitra ?

You have been asked to stay near him.

How did you lose it ?

How could I know that someone would move ?

You were also with me !

It is a corpse.

He has not been able to go. Kaji ?

Do you think I moved ?

You have not seen the ball in my leg ?

And if it was the army ?

Yes... It must be in the helicopter.

That is what we can do, then ?

Bring it back to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu ?

Durga, Chandra, come all, children !

I have found it ! Come, I pray you.

What is she saying ?

Where are the children ?

Translation : trigon-film