Who'll Stop the Rain (1978) Script

Hello, Captain Six, this is Sky watch Two.

We've got 30 to 40 vector. Charlie's in open.

One five zero meters south of yellow smoke.

Be aware Red Lake Fire Base. Danger, close target.

Roger, I have yellow smoke in sight.

This is Sky watch. Come on in.

And save your steel. We'll use softies on this one.


Now, Phantom, watch your direction. You're a little close.

You're too close, Phantom. Phantom, you're too close.

Go round and abort mission.

Too late, I've released.

Watch out, base. You'd better duck. It's going to get mighty hot down there.


Incoming! Incoming!

Dear Marge.

I'm coming home.

I remember your saying when I left that people were dying and that I was crapping around with fate to come here.

You were more right than you could imagine.

Let me tell you the latest.

Military Command has decided that elephants are enemy agents because they carry supplies for the Viet cong.

So now we're stampeding the elephants and gunning them down from the air.

Of, course I filed a suitably outraged story about it.

But that was my last one.

I have no more cheap morals to draw from all this death.

So I have taken action.

An old friend from my marine days will be coming to see you soon.

His name is Ray Hicks.

We owe him $1,000.

I want you to pay him.

I have started something here that I can't stop.

And it's the right thing, I know

You see, in a world where elephants are pursued by flying men, people are just naturally going to want to get high.

I'll explain when I see you. And you'll understand.


Hello, John.

Hi, Charmian. Did the man deliver?

He surely did. You just missed him.

I kind of wanted you to meet him.

He's an impressive little fellow.

Take off those muddy boots, will you, sport?

When you see guys like that you know that it's all worthwhile.

Colonel Tho used to be a very gung ho soldier.

He says it's us came over here and corrupted him.

Oh, he thinks we made him deal smack?

People can be corrupted, John.

Are you high?

Just a little boo with mon colonel. You want to try it?

A weird time to get high.


Are you scared?


You've got to be the world's most frightened man, John.

I don't know how you live with yourself.

I sometimes think of that myself.

How's this for terrifying?

Do you want to count it?

I trust you.

My friends are going to have $25,000 waiting for you.

That's a nice return on a small investment.

Did you weigh it?

I didn't have to. It's two kilograms.

You don't get burned with heroin, by getting short weight. They cut it on you.

They're not going to burn me, Johnny. Believe me.

Don't think about it. You're doing the right thing, Johnny.

Yes, I am.

What about your old lady in Berkeley?

She... We don't have to talk about that.

It's all set, Charmian.

But you see, sport, we don't know her.

I mean maybe there's a side to her character that even you don't know about.

In all modesty, there isn't.

All right. It's your dope.


How much are your friends going to make out of this?

I don't know. Maybe a couple of hundred thousand.

Depends on how they cut it, I don't want their trouble.

Who are they?

Not the sort of people you might think.

You used to have some funny friends in Washington.

People keep in touch.

What are you going to do with your money, Johnny?

Such a dedicated non-swinger as you are.

I don't know.

Shit, you don't know, do you?

You just know you want it, right?

"I desire to serve God and to grow rich like all men."

Who said that?

I don't know.

Some great hustler of the past.

Well, I'm sitting here Thinking about those Philadelphia Fillies And some may think I'm talking about baseball But I'm talking about the ones that wear them dresses on so pretty And the way they swing should be against the law There's a lot of dangerous curves in that beautiful city Oh, but you'll never see no warning signs And if you want to get right down to the nitty-gritty...

Let's see your brownie, man.

Where are you from in the world?


You're going the right way, man, if you want pictures.

Charley's got skin diving sapper girls, you know that?

They swim out from the beaches with charges in their teeth.

Stick them on the hulls of those big AKs, and wham!

How's you like a picture of that action?

Get out of there, you little fuckers.

What I think about.

I think about catching myself a little sapper girl and fucking her to death.

I'm a vicious freak.

You know what else they got? They got porpoises trained to kill gooks.

This is a very strange war.

Yeah, it's weird, man.

We're not supposed to talk about it.

I'll be right back.

Holy Christ, you made it.

Sure I did.

You know when I talked to you the other night I thought you were drunk.

I was.

How'd you get in the base?

Oh, I'm doing a story on merchant seamen.

Sure you are. We'll go get a beer.

Hey, I've got something for you.

No shit.


There ain't no sappers. That's all a beautiful hoax.

Hey, you remember Macklin From Pendleton?

The C.O.?


Sure, I remember.

I saw him last month in Oakland.

Told him you were a big time reporter now.

How do you get along with the Marines down here?

Fine, we get along fine.

Don't they want you to re-up?

Not these guys not for this one.

You still into this?


Jesus, that's fucking piquant.

Piquant? I don't know what the hell that means. You turned me on with that book.

Yeah, I used to do stuff like that, didn't I? It's a good book.

You look terrible, John. You look like hell.

Is that for me?

That's the sorriest piece of packaging I've ever seen. What've you got in there?

It's two keys of scag.

Do you know what you're saying?

I didn't think we were that way.

We're that way.

You sound like we never talked about this.

I thought you'd have something else for me.

You said you wanted to carry weight. I got you weight.

I carry grass. Not that shit.

If your stash is as good as you say it is, it'll be easier than carrying grass.

I'll give you a thousand now, and my wife has another thousand for you in Berkeley.

You deliver and you split. It's that simple.

It's bad karma.

Look, I have reason to believe that this operation concerns Washington.

No, no, I don't mean Washington, I mean certain individuals. They know about you.

They checked you out.

What the hell are you trying to do to me, huh?

They absolutely won't bother you.

You're not supposed to know about them and they won't fuck with you if you deliver.

If I deliver, right. But if I don't deliver?

If I take you off because I happen to know you're an asshole then the roof falls in, Washington time? Ray, if you don't...

Listen, if wanted to keep a carrier honest, I might make up a bullshit story about Washington but I would never lay it on a friend.

It sucks.

You can't say no, Ray.

You're really scared, aren't you?

I'm impressed.

Look, I'm a very timid person. I'm a virtual paranoid.

If this weren't stone cool I wouldn't go near it.

You can carry it, you know I can't.

Your ship sails tomorrow.

Okay, I'll carry your scag, Johnny.

Hell, why not? A little adrenaline cleans the blood.

But make sure I get treated right.

Self-defense is an art I cultivate.


Why are you doing this?

I don't know, I...

I feel like this is the first real thing I have ever done in my life.

I don't know what the other stuff was about.

Don't they say that this is where everybody finds out who they are, huh?

Yeah? What a bummer for the gooks.

Three, five, seven, four, five.

Okay, we'll take two of those.

Edna, would you take care of Tommy? Oh, sure.

Bender Books, can I help you?

See, he's gonna be speaking here on the 19th.

Can I talk to Marge? This is Marge.

This is Ray.

Who? Ray Hicks.

Can you hold on a minute? I want to take this in the office.

Is that a personal call?

No, No. Stay here.

Hello. I'm here.

Uh, you're a friend of John's, right?

You got somebody with you, Marge?

Uh, my father's here.

Have you seen John?

I'll call by your place tomorrow. Everything okay?

What do you mean?

I said tomorrow. Your place. Are you going to be ready for me?

Well, is John all right?

He's fine. Are you going to be ready for me?

Oh. yeah. Sure, you mean the money he owes you?

What time? Tomorrow night, 9:00.


Is something wrong with John?

No, no. It's fine. He's coming home in a few days.

Marge. Mmm-hmm?

Was that a friend of John's?

I guess so. I feel kind of deranged.

What are you doing?

I'm taking a pill. A pill.

You said you were going to try to stop.

There seems to be a problem of motivation.

Goodnight, Edna. Marge, just a minute.

Yeah? I got this for Janey.

I thought it was so cute.

Oh, it's got a lot of candy in it, I suppose.

Yeah, well, I'll send you the dental bill. No, she'll like it. She really will.

Marge. Give her a kiss for me.


Why didn't you tell me John was coming back?

I'm just not up for another round of talks about his character, his future or his general attitude.

Okay, okay, okay. Yeah. How about bringing Janey down for the weekend.

Will you think about that?

Yeah, that'll be nice.

Listen, Janey, how would you like to spend the weekend with your grandpa?

I can't.

Oh, yeah. Why not?

I want to go to Edna's.

But you can't spend the weekend with Edna. We...

Oh, that's the phone.

Can I have this because they threw it away?

Yeah, sure.

Hello. Yes, this is Mrs. Converse.

Oh, let me, let me write that down. Hold on.

Yeah. Can we buy a little fish?

Can we buy a little fish.

Wait. Just a minute, honey.

Uh-huh. I got that. Okay, thank you.

Can we buy a little fish?

Yeah, sure.

Guess what? What? Tell me what?

Daddy's coming home early.

Hi, another one please.

Did you have a good trip?

Yeah, pretty good.

They still got a lot of good pussy over there?


When do you go back?

I want to put some bread by and go down to Mexico for a while.

Mexico, that's a good place.

Hey, tonight Gonna be tonight Don't you know I'm flying, tonight What a lot of shit this place is now.

There was a kitchen at the back of the pool table?

What the hell happened to the pool tables?

You got to change with the times.

The times are fucked.

Why do I get to sit around and look at these poor junkies.

I'd just as soon look at you out there.

I ain't got no costume.

You got bigger tits.

Watch me now Jody's gonna get religion All night long Hey, come on Gonna hear the sun Hey, Alex.

Kid over there by wall, know him?


Is he a new face?

We got nothing but new faces here.

When did you say you were going to Mexico.

I didn't say I was going to Mexico.

Yes, you did. You said you were going.

It's a dream.

Johnny. Oh, Johnny.

He's going to deliver.

Man, I wouldn't have.

Way to go, Raymond. Way to go.

Very cute.

What's going on?

Oh, back door action.

Take it easy, don't be afraid.

What do you want? Don't be afraid.

Who are you? I'm Ray Hicks.

I'm the guy that phoned you.

Why did you come in that way? I don't understand.

Somebody's been on my ass all day.

What are you doing?

I don't know whether I lost them or not. Do you understand?


Wait. You're John's friend, right? And you're the one who phoned?

That's right. I'll take my money and run.

Oh, I don't have it.

Why not?

Well, I mean, I don't have it here.

Today's been kind of difficult. You said you'd be ready.

Well, I know but I had to take my little girl to the aquarium.

And the bank was closed.

You dumb cooze. What are you, a junkie?

Do I look like a junkie?

That's not always a factor.

Look, John will be home tomorrow. What is this shit?

You said you'd be ready.

Now you didn't tell me John was coming home early.

Well, I didn't know. What are you trying to do, fuck me over?

You and some other people, huh, Marge?

Look, I don't know what you're talking about.

Now, listen to me. If I beat up on you and took your smack I'd be within my rights, because you can't deal with people in this outrageous fucking manner.

I don't have any smack. I don't know who you are. Look.

If you want money I'll give you the cash I've got.

Your old man has got shit for brains.

You got a good place to stash this?

What is it?

That's smack. That's two keys. It's never been cut. I'm carrying it for John.

That's why you owe me money.

What am I supposed to do with it? I work in a book store, for Christ's sake.

You're supposed to hold on to it.

Your Johnny's made some new friends.

You're a couple of marks, you and John.

What do you mean, marks?

The people you're dealing with are going to see that right away.

What people? I don't know who you're talking about.

You will.

Oh, he's really in bad shape.

You know he can't even roll a joint. I mean, he never cared about money.

He must have just flipped out over there.

He's not the only one.

Look, I don't know if he told you or not but we do have a child.

Now, can't you just take it somewhere else?

No, Marge, I can't take it somewhere else.

How long is he going to be in there, man?

I think he's dicking her, that's what I think.

I'm going outside for a minute. I've got a bottle in the car.

I'll be right back.

Oh, look, look, look.

What's he doing? What's he going inside for?

I think he made us. Come on. Get the back door.


What's going on? We've got company.

Go in the back and stay with your kid.

What are you doing? Do what I say.

Whatever happens don't answer that front door.

Mummy. It's all right.

What's going on? It's all right

I can't get the door open.

What the fuck is going on?

I'll kill you quick!

Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, man, okay!

Don't move.

Give me that hand. Give it to me.

Get down.

Now, I want you to just stay in bed.

Raymond, you fucker!

Raymond, this isn't about you man.

You weren't even supposed to be involved!

Shut up!

You ever seen these guys before?

No. Who are they? Mommy?

They're take-off artistes. That's who they are.


Mummy, don't go away. Don't leave me alone in here.

It's all right.

Raymond? Raymond, listen to me, man.

There's no deal it's just us.

Get up.

You were just supposed to make the drop, man.

We got no problem with you.

All right, all right. Come on...

Raymond, will you listen?

Marge! Come in here.



Get in here. Oh, shit, this is theft, man!

You're gonna pay for this.

You fucking... He's gonna pay for it.

He's gonna burn!

Hey, don't involve yourself in a disaster.

It's just her and her husband, a couple of idiots.

Nobody would pay them. Would you?

Marge, get his keys.

Hey, look. What are you getting for this run? A couple of grand?

I'll double it. For Christ's sake!

I'm doing a favor for a buddy. How are you going to double that?

Give me the keys.

Maybe I ought to kill you fellows.

It wouldn't help.

I might feel better.

You're going to end up in the bag. You know that?

Pick up that gun.

Pick up that gun!

You're in big trouble if you touch that gun, lady.

It's 30 years. We're federal agents.

Are they?

No. They're the people John was expecting.

Give me that.

Lady, you and your kid are going to regret this.

I swear it. Get the kid. We're getting out.

Oh, let's give it to them. They'd kill us anyway.

That's an intelligent young lady. Can't you hear what she says, man?

I'm calling the cops.

Now listen to me. You call the cops, they'll nail you.

They'll nail John. They'll take your kid away. It's your dope.

Now you grab anything that might say where we're going.

Pack some stuff for yourself and the kid.

I'll be back in a minute.

Wild turkey, come in, please.

We're getting wild, Turkey, what's the...

Is she okay?

I don't know. She's exhausted.

You got some place you can leave her? Some place safe?

Are you crazy? I'm not leaving her anywhere.

What, do you think those guys are going to forget about you?

Every bum in the state's going to be looking for that smack.

Oh, Jesus.

Come on, Marge, maybe we can get clear.

But not with your kid along.

I can't leave her.

You saw those guys. They'll kill her if they have to.

You want her to have a better chance than we've got you leave her some place safe.


Edna, I need help. Marge, what is it?

Come in.

I thought you were... Come on, get in.

Where are we going? I know what you thought.

Are you going to tell me where we're going?

I gotta place in LA.

We'll be there in eight hours.

As long as I remember The rain been comin' down Clouds of mystery pourin'

Confusion on the ground Good men through the ages Tryin' to find the sun And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain

I went down Virginia Seekin' shelter from the storm Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow We should warn John.

Shouldn't we?

What are you going to tell him? Go back to Saigon?

That's 8:00 a.m. Rock at Los Angeles for the beat of KF.R.H.

Stay here.


What happened?

Neighborhood freaks. Could have been worse.

Could have been a body in this bag. The big ones eat the little ones up here.

Come on. Welcome to LA.


Is Janey all right?

I talked to Edna. Yeah.

Your father's sending Janey to his brother's place in Canada.

She's been there before. She loves it there.

It's a farm, you know.

It's perfect, you did the right thing.

Then Edna came at 8:00 in the morning with Janey.

Where are they now?

Marge is hiding some place God knows where, Janey's in Canada.

What's she doing in Canada?

I sent her there because her parents are criminals.

She's with Arthur.

What the hell are you doing dealing in heroin? Have you lost your mind?

Maybe. How much do you know?

There was a man here this morning named Antheil.

A federal agent who talks like a lawyer.

He asked me did I knew my daughter was caught up in a narcotics ring.

They're already after us. They have got you.

I have been waiting all my life to fuck up like this.

Well, you finally made the big time.

I can't believe I did this.

A sense of unreality is not a legal defense.

If Marge is safe she'll call.

Where are you going?

I'm going home. It's all I can do.

Stay away from the house.

Then what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Run. Don't try any heroics.

They haven't heard from John, have they?

Oh, God. Can you imagine what Janey's going through.

When I was a kid once I had days like that.

No, not like that.

You wait till I tell you the story of my life. You'll eat your heart out.

How did you turn out?

Well, your husband once told somebody I was a psychopath.

Yes, that's the kind of thing he'd say.

You think he could be right?

It's a very imprecise term.

Hey, bubi. Hey.

Come on. Get him in the car.

I shot a guy in the gut one time in Nam.

It don't kill ya.

If I'd been there by myself I'd have given it to them.

That's what we should have done, we should have just given it to them.

It isn't yours any more.

Well, who's is it?

It belongs to whoever controls it.

So is it yours now?

You know if you wanted to rip it off you should have done it before.

You never should have shown up with it.

I can see where you could be a real pain in the ass.

Oh, would you like me to go home?

Well, I would love to do that, but I can't.

Come on, Marge, you and John fucked up.

Don't give me your regrets.

You think I want that shit?

I never moved that stuff in my life.

Wait a minute.

Maybe we could sell it to them after all.

Try it again.

You know, they offered you a deal. We could still make one.

Shut it off.

We could still make a deal!

Who's we?

They know what fuck ups we are. They've got their pride.

I don't think we could pull it off.

Well, I think they're fuck ups too.

They're animals. You can't make a deal with animals.

Well, why don't we just leave it? Bury it.

No! And just...

All my life I have been taking shit from inferior people. No more!

When I left the marines I made myself a promise.

Never again am I going to be fucked around by morons.

The next mother who tries to make me back off is going to have to live it out with me.

You're not playing this right, John.

You've got to learn to identify with your captors. Like those guys in Korea.

What'd he say?

He said "Where is what?"


Okay, John. Come on, up you get. That's a good boy.

Here you go. You'll love this.

What's it say?

"In danger all that counts is going forward."

What else?

"By growing used to danger a man can allow it to become part of him."

"He grows used to evil."

Is that what happened to John?

Are we going to talk about him?

When you knew Johnny in the marines, what was he like?

In some ways he was beautiful.

In some ways he had his head up his ass.

Like this number here.

Drink with me?

Why did you carry for him?

Because he asked me.

I don't always have to have a reason for the shit I do.

Why are you taking these?


Bullshit. You got a habit, Marge. How much?

I don't know.

I guess, I'm doing too much.

That's my last one.

Are we going to stay here?

No. We're gonna try and move that stuff.

Where is she?

Where is she, bubi?

I don't know. I swear.

Hey, I've seen your lady, John, she's big.

Big? She's not big.

Let me tell you how it is, John.

I was humiliated in front of your wife.

Your friend Raymond chained me to a toilet.

The bastard thought it was funny.

Hey, you know, your old lady's fucking that guy right now.

Moaning and groaning. On the floor, on the bed. Upside down, sideways.

What's this for? You making pasta?

You could scald yourself, schmuck.

Pour it out.

We'll do what I said? Leave the heat on.

Let me tell you about your pal, John.

He looked at me, see. And these was this little twinkle in his eye, like he's thinking, what a schmuck this Jules is.

What a contemptible fucking idiot.

And she helped him do it, man.

I hated it!

Where is she?

I don't know.

You're sure you're not lying, John?

You're lying to protect her ass, man? You're sure you're not lying?

You think your old lady and Hicks care two shits about you.

They're out there having a great time together. Yeah.

And they're probably still laughing about how they tied this stupid schmuck to the toilet.


Hold it.


No. No, there's nothing.


Hey, bubi. You can go home now.


My name's Antheil. Narcotics investigation.

I was just reading your play.

Found it on the shelf over there. I liked a lot of it.

I don't like the main character though.

This Marine, he's like a little jellyfish.

I guess you were supposed to like him because he's against the marine Corps.

Is that it?

Something like that.

Why doesn't he do something?

I mean, go over the hill, refuse an order.

I couldn't sympathize with a character like that.

Not everyone did.

The Marine in the play, that supposed to be you?


Maybe a little?

Maybe on some level.

You know what I think, on some level?

I think you're the kind of wise cocksucker that writes a tear jerk play against the marines and then smuggles a shitload of heroin into this country.

I deny that.

And no more literary conversation until I call my lawyer.

You mean Ben Odell?

No Commie lawyer's gonna help you now.

What do you want from me?

A little help.


Did you think about who you were cutting in on, running scag?

I don't know what you're talking about.

The bike clubs, the black guys in Oakland. The syndicate.

And that's not all.

They've got a lot of imagination when they deal with clowns like you trying to take a piece of the trade.

I've heard the stories.

They're all true.

I can feed them your ass.

Just let you run around loose. I guarantee you'll be picked off the streets in less than 24 hours.

You know the only one who can help you?


Oh, and as I watched him on the stage My hands were clenched in fists of rage No angel born in hell Could break that Satan's spell And as the flames climbed high into the night To light the sacrificial rite I saw Satan laughing with delight Hi, Ed.

What did you say? What do you need?

I fell into something. I thought I'd look you up.

Oh, yeah, good for you.

Can we talk? I got something for you.

Ray, you fucker. How come I didn't know you, man.

It's been some time.

I want to move some scag.


You know what it mean?

I don't see any problems.

What is life without a dream, eh, Raymond?


Look, just run the name Ray Hicks through the computer and give me everything that comes up, okay?

No, forget that one. I want the APB on the Land Rover.

That's right, there can't be more than 20 of them registered down there.

It's easy to spot. It's a very distinctive vehicle.

I don't know. Try Washington.

Right. Let me know.

Who are those guys?

Witnesses. They're helping me in an investigation.

Tell me about your charming wife.

She's 30 years old. She's half Irish, half Jewish.

Don't get smart with me.

I want to know how to deal with her.

Is she the kind of broad who'd burn her husband and split with her boyfriend?

Or is she the victim of circumstances?

If you really want to know, I think she's pretty moral basically.

"Pretty moral basically." Oh, Jesus.

What a couple of yoyo's.

You're in a lot of trouble, my friend. And so is you're crazy old lady.

If you help us, maybe I can let you walk. Both of you.

You want me to help, huh? That's right.

What if I refuse?

If you refuse?


There's always your little girl, what is it, Janey?

What do you want me to do?

I'll let you know.

You know our little friend in Saigon told me you were nuts, but she didn't tell me the half of it.

"Our little friend in Saigon?"

Yes, Charmian.

We go back a long way. Even a dipstick like you should have figured that out.

I'll let you know, John.

I'll sell you a key for 20.

I'll give you a rate for two.

I gotta tell you this comes as a complete surprise to me, fellow.

Not the sort of thing I would've expected from you, personally.

But that's the fucking war for you.

You could approach a small group of responsible people.

You want to sell scag the film industry, is that what you're saying?

A dealer with a personal clientele like that is perfect for him.

Jesus, Ray. You're in here with the big town with all that shit.

Doesn't it make your heart go pitty-pat?

I'd be scared, man.

Am I talking to the right person, Eddie?

Am I God, Ray? How would I know?

Look at those kids, I want it. I want it.

I sit still for every big creep in town. Do me this, Eddie. Do me that, Eddie.

Even you, man. I'm sitting on top of all this shit, Eddie, please lay it off for me.

If you want it, say yes. If not, say no.

All right, all right. I got some ideas on this.

I been associated with this guy. He's English, he used to be a masseur.

He, uh, has a lot of goof-sie works.

He knows what everybody likes. He might be the one.

No intrigues, Eddie.

Paranoia, Raymond?


I'll put you in touch.

How about tonight? Tonight?

Man, you must be desperate.

How's your friend?

If I was smart I wouldn't even know him.

Are we scared?

We don't know the meaning of scared.

Did you eat anything?


Do you want to call your kid?

They can't trace one phone call.

Sure, I'll call her and say, "Hi, honey. this is your mommy.

"She loves you very much"

"but she has to go bye-bye."

I know all about that call.

I can handle the rest of it. It's what's in my head that's gruesome.

Okay, we're going to get you high.

Don't joke with me.

I'm not joking, come on!

I don't know much about that stuff you've been taking.

So, I don't know what your tolerance is.

All right, snort it like coke.

Let's see if you get off.

Go ahead, hit the other one.

Okay, come on.


Better than a week in the country, right?

Oh, it's a lot better than a week in the country.

Oh, it's good.

Oh, right there. In there.

Oh, great.

It does funny little things to you.

Do you remember last night?

I remember everything with absolute clarity, since you walked in on me.

Not one funny little thing slips by me.

Do you believe me?

What can I do? I gotta believe you.

You know, I was really strung out there.

Don't brag about it, it's not such a tough condition.

This isn't what you want, not really.

Maybe it is. It's simpler than life.

I'm going to call Eddie.

Whatever's right.

Check and mate.

Where the fuck did that come from?

I didn't even see that.

You got me.

You stupid little bastard. You better learn how to play the game.

You hit my fucking bridge, man.

Tough tit.

Why don't you read a goddamn chess book for once in your life?

I hate jailbird chess. I hate the style.

Like a god dam little Tweety bird. Oh, here's a move.

It's fucking degrading.

Plenty of guys who belt you when they lose.

Fucking Danskin, he wins and he hits you.

Where do you think I learned how to play the game?

I learned it in the slammer, man.

I can't help that.

Hello there, you brought your samples with you?

Did you make your contact?

Who are you? The school teacher?

It's the big dealer and the woman of mystery.

Well, come on in and say hello.


Who the hell are you, Raymond? Buffalo Bill?

You're going to love this guy.

Is that the Englishman?

Patience, man. Our hosts here are the nicest folks you'd ever want to meet.

Gerald and Jody, this is Raymond and...

Marge. Marge.

Hello. Hello.

Sit down.

Is that the Englishman?

Gerald's a writer. And a hell of a writer at that.

Gerald, explain yourself to the man.

This may not be easy.

Well, you see, I've been fooling around with a project that concerns drugs.

I've done dope like a lot of people have.

I mean, I've smoked a lot of grass.

And I've had some beautiful things on acid.

Excuse me.

I want a word with your friend. Wait for me.

It's all right.

Oh, please. Come and sit down.

Would you like some Chablis?

What is this shit, Eddie?

He wants to cop. I thought you'd be amused.

I don't want this insanity, man.

Then you're stupid.

What you got to sell is a "No-No" around here.

For $6,000 I'll take it off your hands.

With a little imagination. You could screw Gerald for a lot more.

You'd give me what?

The guy's loaded, his wife's an heiress. They've got no conception of money.

You said $6,000. Take it easy.

Hey, Eddie. I'll burn it before I'll take a fucking like this.

You'll take a fucking like you wouldn't believe.

You want to get hip man. Now, I'm warning you.

You're doing me. You're doing me.

Take your hands off me, cocksucker.

You nickel and dime asshole.

Don't you dare threaten me with violence.

You're way out of your league here, Jack.

You're not selling grass to college girls down here.

I'm doing you a favor.

You're too vain, Eddie.

You think so?

I can lay this off for you. Ain't nobody else can.

You don't have the bread.

Oh, yes, I do.

And when we're finished here we'll take a little ride, and do a little business.

Finished what?

We're going to turn Gerald on and then he's going to do us a few favors because he's a nice cat and because we're going to make him scared.

We're going to put you into his life. And then he's going to want everything back the way it was before.

You like it?

Yeah. I like it, Eddie.

And this is what I call narcotics paraphernalia, Eddie.

I got better than that, sweetheart.

I got some coke to run with it.

Ed's my absolute picture of the operator.

Mine too.

Raymond's the operator. Not me.

But is Ed an addict, Gerald? I don't know.

I didn't know he was an addict.

Yeah, Ed's an addict.

Ain't you, Ed?

None of your fucking business.

Oh, shit, yes. Oh, shit!

Oh, Chihuahua.

Is it Mexican?

Is it Mexican?

She wants to know if it's Mexican.

Okay, who's next?

What about me?

It's gotta be you.

Unless you'd like to go first, darling.

No, there's no reason you shouldn't.

Now you give me some place nice, eh?

Gerald, I want to take her pants off.

Does he know what he's doing? Mmm-hmm.

Bend down.

That's real pretty.


Oh, is that very good?

No, that's enough.

Oh. Oh. Oh, Eddie, stop it.

I think you gotta do the rest, man.

I got to... I got to... Hey, I goofed.


Shall I take my pants down?

No, sir. You don't have to. Sit down.

Hey, don't hit him in vein, Raymond.

Hey, Eddie. I'm not gonna get him in the vein, man.

Don't look.

Oh, my God.

Eddie. Eddie.

Help, my God. Eddie, it's a vein.

Hey, Raymond. Come on, Ray. What are you doing, man?

I told you not to hit the vein.

Hustle now, creep. Let me see you hustle now.

Why did you do it, Ray? Why did you do it, Why?

Your too vain, Eddie. You're too vain to take a joke.

Good God. Ray. Why did you do it?

Get your stuff. We're getting out.

We've got to help them. Come on. We're going.

Let's get out. Ray!

God help me, God!

Get up, Gerald!

Man, I want out of this fucking city.

What, were you trying to kill him? He's just a jerk with a dumb idea, the same as us.

Eddie Peace knows what to do. He'll pull them through.

Why Gerald?

'Cause he's a Martian.

They're all Martians. And I'm a loyal American who fought for my flag.

Peace was fucking with me and I don't take shit from Martians.

In Vietnam I had men that were dead the day they hit that place.

In the morning they were in Hawaii, in the afternoon they were dead.

So fuck Gerald? That's right. Fuck Gerald.

I was pissed off. It seemed like a good idea.

Where are we going?


Now, for my first deal today, I'm going to give you...

I'm going to give you a place you can take all the salad out the fruit salad.

No, I'm not going to do it. Are they real? ls it real? Marvelous.

Great. I'll have that. I'll have it.

During the commercials. ls that all right?

Turn that shit off.

Would you like that? Oh, I'd love it.

All right, Jane has bought this case down the aisle.

How do you guys know each other?

Antheil introduced us.

Antheil's quite a fellow.

The coolest.

Fucking guy's got bread stashed away, beautiful home, chicks coming and going.

They say the system don't work.

Don't tell that to Antheil.

Does he pay you?

What? Do you think I do this for nothing?

I get a crack at a job at the Agency after this.

Don't you have a record?

That don't mean shit. If Antheil says you're in, you're in.

I could really go for that.

You could be a second Antheil, right?

What about Danskin?

Does he want to work for the agency too?

He's a brute, man. Psycho.

A dude like that, he can't deal with the public.

It's me.



We're moving out.

They spotted the boyfriend's car in LA.

Know who's with him? Your bigger half.

As long as I remember The rain been comin' down Clouds of mystery pourin'

Confusion on the ground Good men through the ages Thank you.

Tryin' to find the sun And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain Get me the map. I want to take some back roads.

Jesus. Home on the range.

You just missed Yuma.

That's California. We need Arizona, New Mexico.

Are you talking about the border?

No. We're going to the Mountain. Elojo Grande, The Big Eye.

What are we going to do now?

We're going to go after them? What else?

We're going on the road, fellow.

We've located your wife. I'm arranging a touching reunion.

I just had a very interesting talk with an old buddy of Ray Hicks.

Tell me. How do you feel about your wife and Hicks?

How do I feel about them?


I feel left out.

What the fuck is this? We're going to New Mexico?

That's right.

Land of enchantment.

When we go in you're going to help us negotiate.

Negotiate? Yeah.

Maybe we'll exchange you for the dope. I don't know.

We'll improvise. Psychodrama. You get to be the star.

I knew I wasn't looking at it right, I mean, I was considering all the legal issues here.

You let me worry about that.

I'm very good in court. You ready to go, fellows?

But wait a minute.

We're going to be at the back of beyond, man. How are we going to contact you?

I'll be waiting for you. It's near the border. I have a colleague down there.

We've done business before. He's going to let me know when Hicks arrives.

Antheil, they arrive.

What is this?

What did you have here?

Lion hunts.

Hoe downs, celebrations.

Light shows. Tribal dances.

Sounds like fun.

No doubt about it.


I have come home.

This is Dieter Pravda's place.

He's the man we need right now.

If anyone can lay that stuff off, he can.

Come on, let's start walking.

His house is way up there on top.

Here, give me your hand.

I don't know if he's up there but he's never gone for long.

Anyway, Dieter doesn't care. We can stay there forever if we want to, babe.

The Jesuits built it in the missionary days.

They came up here when they were hassled.

It's kind of a retreat.

Dieter's had it for about 10 years.

Jesus. Yeah.

Hey, beautiful, come on out here a minute and talk to me.

You know what? I put this whole system in myself.

Yeah? See these wires.

They run all the way down the mountain.

You can run all that stuff in the valley from up here.

You know, when I came up here in '65, there were all kinds of people here.

Dieter hauled in a couple of tons of hardware.

He had speakers, amplifiers, tape decks, microphones, all kinds of lights.

Came in and said we'd got to get it all together. Hook it all up.

One big circuit.

Well, I'm the only one that knows anything about that shit.

So I get the job.

Everybody else is so ripped, they couldn't change a battery in a Jap radio. I'm laying wire from hell to breakfast.

Took me about four weeks.

And half the time I'm so stoned I couldn't even talk.

But by Christ we did it.

One big circuit.

Man, we made this mountain boogie.

I'd have liked to have seen that.

Where were you?

Come on.

Come here. Come on. Oh, no, no, no.

No! Come on, let's do it!

Come on, babe, don't be scared. I want to see strut your stuff.

When Dieter gets back, we'll have a celebration.

We'll have some of that old time weirdness.

What do you think you're doing?

Don't worry, nobody's watching.

Oh, why not? Fuck real life.

That's right. Real life don't cut no ice with us.

Hear that lonesome whistle blow That's your cue and by now you know That I got another true lover waitin' in Tennessee This midnight special's a-burnin' the rail So woman don't try to follow my trail This Golden Rocket's gonna roll my blues away Hearher thunder on through the night This Golden Rocket is a-doin' me right And that sunny old Southland sure is a part of me Wait a minute.

Your fire went out, you done lost your flame And this Golden Rocket is a-rollin' my blues away It sounds like a chopper.

That's either the border patrol or a bust.

That must be the main trail going up to the house.

There's another one for you.

Several trails up there. You'll find them marked on the map.

Which one do we take? That's up to you.

Read the map, for Christ's sake.

It's pure smack. All over the seats.

Maybe he can read it.

Right. Who knows?

These people may be actively hostile to those creeps up there.

They'll have specialized knowledge about access routes.

This is somewhat different from what we had envisioned.

That's true.

Antheil's pissed off.

Let me make one thing clear.

Tomorrow morning we're going to have to act officially.

There'll be local police involvement. There will be regulation procedure.

There will be arrests.

And there will be confiscations.

Smitty, you get that.


Cops will grab the dope, right?

You'll get zip.

Shut up, smartass.

So we only got to morning to take it all through, eh?

That's right. Right.

You two going in with us?

To some extent. We will be here to back you up.

Shit man, you told me you had this place cased.

I don't even know how many people he's got up there, for Christ's sake.

Any mishaps just get out of it at first light. I am not kidding.

We're going to be all over cops.


Let's go.

I don't think Antheil is pissed off. I think he's scared.

Just shut the fuck up. Don't say a word. Not one word.

When you are supposed to talk, I'll tell you. Right?


Hi there, fellow! Senor.

We are looking for some hippies living round here.

You know hippies, freakos. Savvy?

Guy named Ray Hicks is with them.


They live up in the mountain here. Right?

I don't know.

You know the way?

I don't go there.

Hold it, tamale pie.

Going to show us the way there?

Hey, schmuck, chili head.

Is anybody coming, Sister Ann?


You're supposed to say, "I see only the sun and the grass looking green."

How much of that shit are you doing?

Oh, I don't know. There's so much of it.

I can see you killing time on the road.

But you'd better use some moderation.

Nobody can surprise us. We have got the high ground here.

We're going to win this one.

You know that?


If we can lay that stuff off, we'll go down to Mexico.

I know some people there.

Hey, hey, maybe we'll get a boat.

Who's going to be on that boat?

Where's that boat going to go?

That's going to have to be some boat.

Hey, hey, hey!

Don't fold on me, Marge.

Play some of that music.


Scumbag spic, wait up!

I hate this kemosabe crap.

Hey, Jules, you all right? Shit.

I should've worn sneakers.

From old Montana down to Alabama I've been before and I'll travel again...

What the hell is that?

Where the fuck is that coming from?

How the hell am I supposed to know?

I'm tired of runnin' on the same old track Bought a one-way ticket and I won't be back This Golden Rocket's gonna roll my blues away Hey, schmuck. Where's that...

Oh, shit. Hey. Hey.

Watch out, man. Get down, man.


Get inside.

What was that? Who's shooting?

Where did he go? Shit.

I knew he wanted to run. I didn't think he'd get it on, though.

They heard us. Fuck it, man, they heard us.

Get inside. And stay out of sight.

Can you read me? Over, for Christ sake.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. we lost Conto.

We're in tree city, man. Who knows where we are?

What do you want us to do now? Over.

Just keep going up. What else? Over.

Right. Come on. Let's go.

Hey, Jules, I've got to get high.

Oh, shut up, schmuck. Come on, come on, come on!

You no-good asshole, come on!

Don't call me an asshole, yeah?

Those shots came from a high power rifle from down below.

It could have been a hunter, couldn't it?

No, there's gonna be a bust.

We have been turned. Who by?

Eddie Peace.

I should've killed him when I had a chance.

Go, get ready to sprint. Go on.

What a shit. Walking everywhere. All for this, asshole?

I beg your pardon?

You like this? Trees and weirdness?

The great outdoors. Are we lost?

I don't know yet.

I'll let you know when I find out.

Why the hell are we walking downhill now?

How the fuck should I know? You're leading, aren't you?

Holy shit!

Oh, wow.

Hey, Jules.

Shut up, idiot.

Look at that.

Get in here. Give me that thing. Give it to me.

How the fuck are we supposed to get on the other side, man?

How the fuck do I know, man? We're lost.

Give me that fucking thing, will you?

Come here, schmuck, Hey, get in here. Get in here.

Max One. Max One. We're on the wrong mountain.

What do ya think of that? Over.

Tell me about it. Over.

Well, we can see the place. But we're fucked.

We can't do a thing from here. Over.

How much closer can you get?

About two more feet then it's Grand Canyon.

All right, get in position.

Take cover. Move asshole up where they can see him.

Tell them you'll shoot him if they don't produce.

Man, what do they care. They'll laugh at us.

Make asshole do the talking.

He can use his influence on his wife.

What do you think, schmuck?

You think she'll come through for you?

I don't know.

Let's go, come on!

Ray. Ray Hicks.

Is that you, Pidio?

Ray. What's up?

There's five guys. They have guns.

Where? Three over there.

They know you are here. Which side?

The other side of the canyon.

There? Yes.

The other two? In the valley.

You know something?

They may not be cops at all.


Marge! It's John.

Stay in here. Pidio, check the back trail.

Tell her to give it to us, or we'll kill you.

Give it to them.

Or we'll kill you.

You think this is funny?


Then say it.

Or they'll kill me.


It tolls for thee, motherfucker.

We have to do what he says. Stay right here.

We have to stall them.

Say. Please let us go.

Please let us go.

We have to dig it up.

Say it again, louder.

No. I'm going down. I'm through. It just isn't worth it.

They can have the dope and me with it.

They're stalling.

Hey, lady, we got your kid.


They're lying.

How do I know that? How?

If you think they have her, you tell them to produce her.

Produce her? They're gonna burn her with cigarettes.

Oh, for Christ's sake, Marge. They haven't got her.

She's with your family.

I'm taking it down.

Hey, Jules. What?

I want to shoot that horse. Can I?

What an idiot.

What do you think they're going to do? Let you walk? You'll never make it.


I'm coming down. I'm bringing it with me.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?


Hicks brings it down.

Not you. Hicks.

You heard them. They want you to bring it down.


No! Stop!

Stop. I'm bringing it down.

Please stop the shooting.

Oh, wow.

I could put one right between her eyes.

Hey, cut it out. Cut it out.

Hicks won't do it.

I'll bring the stuff down. I swear it.

No. You heard me. Hicks brings it down.

Hicks won't come down. Won't even talk to us.

Wife says she'll bring the stuff down. I don't know.

They're getting foxy. Over.

Can you see her?

Yeah, man. She's right across from me. I could hit her with a rock.

God damn it. What's the problem?

All right. We'll just appeal to her finer feelings. Let me talk to asshole.

Here he is.

Converse, can you hear me?

Yeah, yeah. He can hear you.

All right, get down on your knees.

Is he on his knees?


Yes, he's on his knees.

Now, put your hands together like you were praying.

Are his hands together?

What are you doing?

Are his hands together?

Come on, don't be crazy. Do what he says.

Are his hands together?

Yeah, yeah. He's praying. Come on, let's get on with it.

Wait! Please don't shoot him.

Then tell Hicks to get his ass down here.

I'm tired of pissing around with you, lady.

Get that stuff down here or I'll blow his head off.

If you shoot that man...

If you shoot that man, no one comes down.

I repeat.

If you shoot that man, no one comes down.

Fuck you.

All right, hold it!

Ray, if you don't go, they're going to kill him.

No, they won't. They need him.

You won't go?

Hey, Marge, hurry up.

Do what you think is right.

I'm coming down.

I will give it to you if you let him go.

I know. I know.

All right. It's agreeable.

What do you mean it's agreeable?

This is one of those times when you have to be optimistic.

When she gets down here we'll be waiting for her.

What do we do with asshole?

Just keep him with you and in one piece.

You guys keep her in sight as she comes down. Over.

It's agreeable.

Antheil better watch his ass, boy. That Hicks will kill you.

Hurry up!

Is the trail marked clearly?

Yeah. Do you want a light?

No, no, Pidio, no light.

I'm going to cover you all the way down the trail.

I don't want you to cover me, and I don't want any more stuff with guns.

Okay, talk to them about that.

We see you. Now bring it down.

She didn't even say goodbye. How about her?

They'll be waiting for her in the amphitheater.

If I go down the goat trail, the trail you came up, I'd be right behind them. Right?

Yes, but, Ray, they are five.

They got my buddy, man.

And they're going to kill him and that pretty lady.

How am I going to let them do that?

Do you see the way she walked to her fate?

Nothing but class.

She's the love of my life. No shit.

Beats the hell out of all of them.

Pidio. Do the lights in the valley still work?

I don't know, Ray. I think so.

Let me tell you how this works. We're going to give them a show.

When you hear this go, hit these and these.

Crank up the volume and then hit that.

Wait here for me. I'll be back.

Hey, let's keep together.

Are you all right?

I could beat you to death. You know that?


Shut up. What the fuck is the matter with you?

I don't know.

But pretty soon I'm either going to be away from you or dead.

And either way it's fine with me.

Want odds?

On what? On dead.


Right. Come ahead, I have it. Shut up.

That way.

Drop it.

Where's John?

He's here.

You're safe now, Mrs. Converse.

Where is he?

Shine a light on him.

It's going to be okay, you'll see.

You got it?

Yeah, we got it.

Keep going, honey. This is your touching reunion.

Smitty, she brought it. Don't hurt her.

No. No need, man.

Hey, wait a goddamn minute!

They've got a switch on us.

Run, Marge.

Over here, Marge.

Keep your head down.

Up here, Marge. Get behind these rocks.

From old Montana down to Alabama I've been before and I'll travel again You triflin' women can't keep a good man down You dealt the cards, but you missed the play So hit the road and be on your way Jules!


So, honey, never hang your signal out for me I'm tired of running on the same old track Bought a one-way ticket and I won't be back This Golden Rocket's gonna roll my blues away


Where are you?

Below you, to the right. I'm coming in.

Okay, I'll cover you.

Hear that lonesome whistle blow That's your cue and by now you know That I got another true lover waitin' in Tennessee This midnight special's a-burnin' the rail So woman don't try to follow my trail Johnny.

Hearher thunder on through the night This Golden Rocket is a doin' me right The fucking head guy, who is he?

He's some kind of cop.

He's not straight.

No shit.

That guy's going to have to run for it.

Nailed him.

I've got two of them boxed in, I think the other two are dead.

You two can get out of here.

All right. Here's what you got to do.

The two of you drive out of here to the highway, go west to the railroad tracks.

You're going to pick me up there in the morning.

Come with us. No.

If those guys get to the radio every cop in the state's going to be on our ass.

Now I can keep them pinned down here for hours.

You meet me on those tracks in the morning. It's the only way, John.

Go on, for Christ's sake.

Wait a minute.

Hey, tonight Gonna be tonight Hurry, go ahead. What are you waiting for? Go now. Go.


Hey, come on Gonna chase tomorrow Tonight Tonight

Watch me now Jody's gonna get religion Get in and turn the lights on, Marge.

I've got to get the keys. Hurry up. Now.

Here, here, let me strap you up.

Easy, easy.

When did you start that?


It's your wonderful smack.

You can't stay this way, Marge.

I know.

I know.

He's walking out there.

Yeah. Let's go get him.

Hey, John.

I got it. I got it all.

You be there for me.

Don't cringe, man. It don't do no fucking good to cringe.

I don't know. I don't know.

But I been told. That Eskimo pussy is mighty cold.

Left, left.

Left, right, left. Ain't no use in going home.

Jody's got your girl and gone.

Ain't no use in feeling blue. Jody's got your sister too.

I'm going to take a three day pass, I'm going to whoop old Jody's ass.

Sound it all now, one, two, hit it again, three, four.

Bring it all down, one, two. Three, four.

Three, four.

Left, left, left, left.

No, no, no, no, Ray! Ray!

No, he's not dead.

Marge. I've got to bury him.

No. you're not going to bury him.

Don't you touch him. Don't you dare touch him. Get out of here.

Get away.



No! John!

Move over, Marge.

If we stay here and grieve, we'll be just as dead as he is.

As long as I remember The rain been comin' down Clouds of mystery pourin'

Confusion on the ground Good men through the ages Tryin' to find the sun

And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain

I went down Virginia Seekin' shelter from the storm Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow Five year plans and new deals Wrapped in golden chains And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain

Heard the singers playing, how we cheered for more The crowd had rushed together, tryin' to keep warm Still the rain kept pourin', fallin' on my ears And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain

I went down Virginia Seekin' shelter from the storm Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow Five year plans and new deals Wrapped in golden chains And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain

Heard the singers playing, how we cheered for more The crowd had rushed together, trying to keep warm Still the rain kept pouring, falling on my ears And I wonder, still I wonder Who'll stop the rain