Who's Watching Oliver (2017) Script

[clock ticking]


[keys clicking]

[computer beeping]

Hello, Oliver, how are you? How was your trip?

Hi, Mama, I'm fine. It's very hot here.

Mama is very happy to know you are safe.

And how are the girls there? Have you met anyone yet?

No, not yet, Mama.

How about the house? Is everything set up?

Do we have everything we need?

Yes, Mama, everything's fine, don't worry.

Good, because it's time.

And remember, darling, next time dress code.

Sorry, Mama. Sorry, Mama.

Well, I don't want to keep you. Have a nice time.

Thank you. Be safe, talk to you later.

Bye, Mama.

[clock ticking continues]

[alarm ringing]

[upbeat music plays]

Who's cat is that?

How did you get in here?

Do you know me?

I don't want you here.

Might be nice to have some company.

She wouldn't like it.

She doesn't like anything except...

Maybe the cat's hungry?

Cats don't eat bread, they eat meat.

[indistinct chatter]

[people chattering]

[birds chirping]

[music plays in distance]

[children yelling]

[train whistle blows]

Hey! Handsome man, where you go?

[music playing]

[people chattering]

Just go and tell her she's pretty.

Girls like that.

They like it when you tell them they're pretties.

Just get up.

Go over there and if you tell her she is pretty, she is gonna like that.

Yeah, she is pretty.

You... you are very pretty.

[chuckles] You're not.

I may not be pretty but I have what you need.

[chuckles] And what do I need?

To wake up and have a good time.

You're gonna wake me up, huh? How you gonna do that?

Come back, come back, come back to my place and then, and then, and then, then we can do a little drugs.

You don't look like the type of person who does drugs.

Look, look at me.

Of course, I do drugs.

[both laughing]

OK, you nutter, come on, let's go.

This is my room... this is my room, you can come in.

What the fuck happened to your mirror?

Oh, yeah, um, yeah, you should sit. Sit.


Well, then?

Here's the drugs. You can get started.

You should get started.

[cat meow]

Oh, you have a cat?




I guess I do have a cat.

[sniffing sound echoes]

Oh, your fucking fan, man. Sort it out.

Whoa, you're moving too fast.

What are you doing?

[computer beeping] OK, play music. Whatever.

[music playing]

Mama wants to watch.

Well, hello there, darling.

What the fuck, is that your Mum?

Yeah, that's Mama.

Not feeling very well are we, sweetie?

What the fuck? I'm outta here you fucking weirdos.

I wish you could. You dirty little cunt.

[babbling noises]

What did you give me?


[woman moaning]

Oh, you're still here, you little whore.

We thought you were leaving. Shame you didn't make it.


Do you know why we didn't let you go?

Come on, speak up.

[woman] Please stop...

[muffled talking]

I can't understand your stupid fucking face.

[woman] Please let me go.

Stop crying, you little bitch.

[mock crying]

Let me go. Oliver, fuck that bitch.

[woman moaning] Wreck her for Mama.

Come on, wreck her, wreck her, wreck her.

Wreck her for Mama.


[muffled] ...you fucking freaks.

[Mama] Wreck her, wreck her. Fuck that bitch. [woman] No.

Wreck her for Mama. Come on.

Wreck her, wreck her.

[table rattles]

[muffled yelling]

Wreck her. Wreck her for Mama.

Please, let me go.

[Mama] Open, her eyes, Oliver.

Stick it in her smelly little ass.



Peek a boo, I see you.

Peek a boo, peek a boo.


I am having so much fun.

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Fucked. Fucked who?

You, fucking you. Haha. You.

Oliver, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her.

Fuck harder. Fuck her, you idiot.

Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder.

Oliver, fuck her.

Stop. Oliver, stop!

[gurgling] Oh!

At least she's still twitching.

Twitchy little cunt.

OK, Oliver. Mama's tired.

Next time wait a little longer.

OK, Mama. Sorry, Mama, sorry.

Well, it was short but fun. Could have been better.

Now clean up your mess and go to bed.

Sweet dreams. Mama loves you.

Night, Mama, night.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I didn't, I didn't want to do that.

She made me, she made me. I didn't want to do that.

I... I didn't hate you. I didn't hate you.

Look at me, look at me. I didn't hate you.

I did it really fast.

A lot quicker then she wanted me to do it. A lot quicker.

If I hadn't found you and ended you when I did, the drugs would have done it, but slower.

How could you do that to your mother?

[water running]

[upbeat music plays]


[people chattering]

[upbeat music playing]


I had the craziest dream last night.

Do you wanna hear about it?

OK, so I was on this ship.

It was like a cruise ship but it wasn't really that fancy, so maybe it wasn't a cruise ship.

But everyone was dressed really fancy and I was dressed in rags.

The only way I knew how to get off this ship was to jump over board, so I did.

Anyway, I was in the water and I was so happy.

And then the craziest thing happened, my tooth fell out.

It's really strange, and then I saw a piano at the bottom of the ocean, playing the most beautiful music.

Piano? Yeah, a piano.

Why are you lying?

I'm not lying.

No piano, no music.

[train whistle blows]

Why would I lie?

Yeah, why would you lie?

How did you know I was lying?

I used to take piano lessons when I was a child.

My mother made me take it.

I always hated it.

Yeah, that's what happens when you are a kid.

You have to do these things you don't want to do.

[clock ticking]


Hi, Oliver. Hi, Mama.

Did you take some time to think about what you did last night?

Sorry, Mama.

Very messy, Oliver, very messy.

Won't happen again. Did we dispose of that trashy cunt?

We don't want to have any more problems, do we?

No, Mama. I sorted it, Mama. I'm sorry.

Good boy. Mama is tired today. We need some rest.

OK. Bye-bye.

[liquid sloshing] [upbeat music plays]


[dog barking]

This is my story.

See little, little Oli was happy and brave, but little Oli, he was raised by monsters.

A mommy monster and a daddy monster.

But little Oli, he didn't want to, he didn't want to grow up to be a monster.

And one day, daddy monster, daddy monster hurt him really bad.

Daddy monster burned him, burned him up.

But mommy monster, she saved him and killed daddy.

You see, he's dead there.

And, uh, they lived happily ever after.

No, they didn't.

What do you think? What do you think?

They didn't live happily ever after, did they?

But this is my story.


[music playing in distance]

Have you had anymore dreams?

Yeah, again.

This time I was tied to a chair.

Do you think it means anything?



[woman] That's better.

I like this park, it's just relaxing.

[train whistle blows]

Are you leaving again?

Yeah, I got to go.

I'm Sophia.

My name is Oliver.

Nice to meet you, Oliver.

[clock ticking]

[computer beeping]

Hi, Oliver. How was your day?

Yeah, it was nice, I went to a...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you need anything?

Because I don't need you tonight.

Can I ask you a question, Mama?

What is it? I'm busy.

Do you have dreams?

Fuck you!


[video shuts off]


[birds chirping]

What's, what is your name?


Sophia. Your name is Sophia.

It's a nice name.

[Sophia] I know it sounds really silly but I want to pretend that we are on a corny date like everyone else here.

I want something good today.

I have something for you first.

For me? Yeah.

Hold out your arm.

I really like the bracelet.

Thank you.

You're welcome.



I was thinking today, I was going to go on the boats.

Do you want to come?

With you? Yeah.

I'd like that.

So when do you want to go?

OK, we... we could go now. Now.



[water sloshing]

First time I've been in one of these.

Me too. It's exciting.

Tell me something about yourself.

Can't think of anything.

Like, what do you like?

I don't know.

Come on. There's got to be something.


I think... I think I like cats.

You think?

A cat came to visit. I like it.

It comes, it goes and it doesn't ask me to do anything.

I like that.

Does the cat have a name?


It should have a name. You should think about it.

[upbeat music]

[people screaming]


Today's been a good day.

Yeah, it's been nice.

But I got to go.

So soon?

But I'll be back tomorrow. So see you tomorrow.

Bye. Bye.

Bye, Oliver. Bye, Sophia.

You can go now, Oliver.

Yeah, I'll go now.

Mama, I don't want to do this anymore.

You, you, you know what I mean, the killing.

It's not who I am, it's who you are.

I'm... I'm sorry but I don't want to do this anymore.

You... you can't tell me what to do.

I'm not, I'm not a little boy anymore.

I'm a man. I met someone.

I like her and she likes me.

This... this... this has to stop.

I... I still love you, but I won't do this anymore.

It's wrong what you make me do.

I have a cat and a girlfriend.

She... she might even love me.

Why? She can, she could.

She could, I could be like everyone else.

I could... I could be like everyone else.

No, no, no, I don't have to listen to your bad words anymore, Mama.

No, goodbye, Mama. Goodbye, Mama.



[computer beeping]

[Mama] Hello, Oliver.

Hello, Mama. How are you?

Yeah, I'm good, I want to talk about something.

Why are you dressed? I want to talk, Mama.

What's with the hair?

I like, I like the hair.

What is that fucking garbage on your wrist?

I found it.

Really? I found it.

We found it. Hm. So, so interesting.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Yeah, true Mama, true.

I don't like it, get rid of it.

Take it off.


Yes, Mama, I am.

I'm going to take it off. I'm going to take it off.

So why are we still dressed?

Don't... [indistinct] Mama.

I'm trying to take it off. Take it off.

I am.

Take it all off!

It's off. Everything.

I don't want to do this tonight, Mama.

I don't want to. Keep going.

I am, I am. I'm taking it off for you.

Take it off.

Yes, Mama, I am taking it. Go on. Take it off.

I am. [whimpers]

And now be a sweet boy, show Mama how much you love her.

No, Mama.

Come on, give Mama some sugar.

I don't like this, Mama. You dirty little fucker.

I'm not, you make me.

Faster, faster, keep going.

Show Mama how much you love her.

Please, please, I don't want to.

That's my boy.

Come on. Faster. I am!

Come on, you dirty little motherfucker.

Make Mama happy. You little cunt.

Faster, cunt, faster, faster. [whimpers]

You stupid little twat.

I'm not.

Finish it, come on, Finish it off. Faster, faster.

Oh! [exhales]

You came all over yourself. [panting]

Good boy.

Now go and clean yourself up. Get dressed. I will.

And find us an Asian slant cunted slut.

Mama wants some action tonight.

Stop fucking crying. I'm not crying.

Go on. Now! I am!


Disgusting... disgusting.


I need you to come back to my place.

Over there.


[music plays] [handcuffs clink]




[muffled scream]

Oliver, is she pissing?

Yes, Mama.

Oh, I wish I could smell her.

Nice work, Oliver, she's a real beauty.

Spin her around, I want to see her asshole.


Tight, tight.

Oliver this is going to hurt her.

You're in for a real treat.


I don't think she ever had it up her ass before.

Spin her around, I want to see her fucking face.

Long time no see, cunt.

Oliver, tear up that tight, little Asian ass for Mama.

[laughing] Me so horny, me love you long time.

Oliver? Oliver are you OK?

Maybe we should go get ice cream.

Did I do something wrong?


I've been in such a dark place for so many years and something's put the light back into my life.

I knew a girl who was in a very dark place for a very long time.

She never had a normal life.

She didn't know her parents, she didn't have any friends, she didn't go to school.

She had this family, this really big family, but they weren't really her family.

They weren't very nice to her, at all.

Was she in a cult?

Yes, but she didn't know it.

How're you supposed to know things if you've never known anything else?

You just accept things that you shouldn't.

What sort of things?

Things that should never happen to children.

What did she do?

Well, even though she didn't know any different, she always hoped that things could be better.

So, eventually, she escaped.

But it wasn't easy because she was alone.

How, how is she now?


she's not alone anymore.

I'm so sorry, I'm gonna have to go.

Please, just stay a little longer. I can't, I can't, I wish I could.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[computer beeping]

You're late. Where have you been?

Mama's been worried about you.

Why are you dressed again?

I was... I forgot my camera.

I was at the park but I got it back.

Oliver, look at Mama, tell Mama the truth.

I was at the park then I forgot.

Why are you wearing that fucking garbage that you found?

I met a girl.

Oh, you found us a girl.

Why didn't you say so? No, it's not like that.

I like her, she makes me really happy.

She makes you happy.

Oliver is happy, how cute. Oh...

I think I might love her.

No, you love Mama.

You know we can't have her in our lives.

This is different, she is different.

I think she might actually love me, too.

Oliver, you're breaking my fucking heart.

Do you want me to fucking die?

You know you will never find anyone to love and take care of you like Mama.

Do you really think I would let some whore come in and destroy everything, do you?

No, Mama.

Love... [laughs]

She loves you, does she?

Then she must know everything about you.

She must know what you do to all those girls.

She must know that you hunt them, beat them, torture them, rape them, drug them and then you kill them.

[tsking] All those poor little girls.

She must know you're a motherfucker. You re a monster.

No, she doesn't know.

You really haven't thought this thing through, have you?

No, Mama. Bring this little lover to Mama.

OK, Mama. Now.

I'll go and get her now. You, monster fucker.

OK, Mama.

I got to find someone for Mama. I got to find someone for Mama.

I got to find someone for Mama.

I got to go find someone for Mama.

I got to find someone for Mama.

[upbeat music playing]


I gotta get someone...

I gotta find someone.

I gotta find her.

You're dead.


Fuck her, Oliver, come on, fuck her.

Fuck her, fuck her...

[voice distorts] Fuck that bitch. You little cunt.

I got money, I got money.

I need girlfriend tonight, one night. I got money.

Fuck off. I got money, for you, you can have it and come to my house because I've got money.

I've got a lot of money. Dude, fuck off.

I need somebody to come back. I got money.

I got money.

I've got money.

I got a lot of money. I can give you money.

I got money and go to my house and I need girlfriend. The fuck?

And I got money, a lot of money.

And we go to my house and I got money.

Lucky you.

[speaks foreign language]

Fuck. You fucking slag.

Fuck... Fucking cunt.

[mumbling indistinct]

You should come in.

[mumbling indistinct]

[speaks foreign language]

Yeah, you come over here.

Hey. Come over.

No wait. You sit here. Sit here.

Yeah, sit there. [speaking foreign language]


[computer beeping]

Yeah, you come over here, come over here. I want you to talk to Mama.

[speaking foreign language]

This is her, the one I love now, it's over.

This is her, this is her. So you're the one, huh?

Did you think you could replace me?

[laughs] Replace you?

What do you want, old woman?

This old woman is going to fuck you up, you stupid cunt. Who is she?

Is she watching or what? Is she your mom?

[speaking foreign language]

Tell her you're my girlfriend, tell her you're my girlfriend.


This is the one I love and now it's over.

[screams in foreign language] This is her, this is her!

Oliver, did you take your pills? This is her.

This is her, this is her, this is her.

This is her!

This is her! The one I love, now it's over.


[woman grunts]

Stop looking at me! Stop looking at me!

Stop looking at me! [screaming]

Oliver, stop it, stop it.

Leave me alone! Stop looking at me!

Leave me alone! You're dead!

I killed you, I killed you, I killed you.

You didn't take your pills, remember?

Stop, you made such a mess.

Everything is going to be alright.


Go away! Leave me alone, leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

Oliver, stop, don't do it. Don't do it.


You didn't take your pills, remember?

Tell them to stop it, Mama. Leave me alone.



[singing in foreign language]

You did this, you did this you. You! You did this!

[Mama singing in foreign language] -[woman coughing]

[singing overlapping]

♪ Oliver, take your pills

[singing in foreign language]

♪ Oliver, take your pills Oliver, take your pills ♪

♪ Oliver, take your pills Oliver, take your pills ♪

[singing in foreign language]

♪ Oliver, take your pills

[singing in foreign language]

♪ Oliver, take your pills


Quite now. Shh!


That's a good boy. All better now.

And let's make this the last time we do anything so silly.

[woman panting]

Take a breath, have a rest and then go and clean up your mess.

You know, you have to go and melt your ex-girlfriend.


[girl whimpering]

[whispers indistinct]


[woman groans]

Look, what they did to you.

They hurt you really bad.

Help me.

They thought you were Sophia.

But you're not.


You want me to help you? Help me.

You want me to help you?


OK, I am.






[alarm ringing]

I'm a monster.

[train whistle blows]

We need to talk.

You see, there is a dark side of my life.

And I am growing to care for you so much that I would never want it to hurt you.

Because of this, I feel it would be better if we didn't...

I had another dream last night.

But it wasn't a good dream, it was a bad dream.

I dreamt that you had another woman.

But that's not why. There isn't another woman.

I know. I saw you dump her body.

[liquid sloshing]

What do you mean?

I followed you, I watched it.

When I... when I said there wasn't another woman...

I was wrong.

There is another woman and it's my mother.

She... she makes me do terrible things I don't want to do.

I know, I know about family controlling you, hurting you.

Why... why did you come back?

Because I couldn't live without you.

Because without you I'm already dead.

You're my happy place.

We could be happy together.

Finally have our own lives with no one controlling it.

Just you and me.

[train whistle blows]

[carnival music plays]

[Sophia] How many?

How many what?


[people screaming]

Too many.

Very high up here.

It's a lot higher than I expected.


What does it feel like... to kill someone?

I never got used to it.

[Sophia] When I saw you with another girl, I... I wanted to...

then when I saw that she was dead, in a strange way, it made me happy.

Is that weird?

Not to me.

Nobody's ever liked me.

I like you.

[door opening]

[computer beeping]

You're the monster.

[upbeat music]

[carnival music playing]




[computer beeping]

[scoffs] Look what the cat dragged in.

Still alive I see.

Mr. Important, eh.

Not a care in the world for his mama.

Where have you been?

She... she left me, Mama.


I thought we killed that bitch.

You stupid fucking idiot.

What have you done? Of course she left you.

Why would she leave me?

What has Mama always told you about woman?

You can't trust them. Those bitches will always hurt you.

You know you can't trust anyone but Mama.

Mama will never leave you.

Who has always been there for you?

You, Mama. You've always been there.

Remember when your daddy hurt you?

Yeah, I remember. When he burned you.

I remember. What did Mama do to Daddy when he hurt you?

Tell me, what did Mama do?

Mama... Mama killed Daddy. Mama killed Daddy.

Yes, she did, because Mama loves Oliver.

Is Oliver going to be a good boy?

Yeah, I am going to be good now.

Because it's time.

God, I'm horny.

OK, Mama.

[upbeat music]

[music in background]

[flesh cutting]


Oliver, what's going on?

Shhh! Mama's watching.

[Mama] Who's there?


Where did you go?

You left me alone with her again.

Sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

They took me away again, they took me away. I'm so sorry.

I told you about my family. That bitch. Kill her, Oliver.

Kill her, kill her, kill her. They won't let me go.

That fucking bitch. They won't let me be alone.

That's her. Kill her, kill her.

Oliver, please, listen to me, I love you.

Kill her, kill her! And I know you love me, too.

Kill the bitch. Do it now. Do it.

It's OK, Oliver. You can do it.

Kill me.

Do it, do it, do it.

I'd rather die than live without you.

Oliver slit her fucking throat.

She wants to die. Kill her.


Kill her Oliver.

Kill her, kill her, kill her.

She's a slut.

What do you think you doing, you stupid child?

She's going to hurt you.

You're going to regret this. You stu...

[slow tempo music plays]

[upbeat music plays]

[Oliver] Mama says I'm a good boy now.

I'm a good boy.

[mumbles indistinct]

Mama wants me to do this...

[continues indistinct]

'Cause I'm a good boy, Mama.

I'm a good boy.

I'm a good... [continues indistinct]





All roads lead to Mama.


[Sophia grunts]