Wildebeest (2018) Script

When Linda turned 42, her mother drove her scooter into a tree branch.

It wasn't too bad, but when she heard that, she began to realize that each day could be her last.

Two days later, she started collecting everything related to elephants.

She needed something new in her life.

Her owl collection no longer interested her.

One, two, three, four... Wait.

Come on. One, two, three, four...

One, two, three, four, five.

No. One, two, three...

An elephant's skin is typically... Well.

Hm, that's indeed thick skin. Then, near their mouths...

What is that?

Filthy animals.


Listen to this.

Savannah elephants often sleep on their feet, so they can run away quickly in case of danger.

Troyer, they're leaving without us.

Linda, the second jeep!

I'm sweating like a pig.

I hope he gets going soon.

Come on, Linda. Let's follow his trail.

I'll survive out here for years if I need to.

Is it going to take that long?

If we keep walking, we'll be back at the hotel by evening.

If we'd kept walking, we would have been back at the hotel by evening.

But Linda sat there much too long.

She sat there eating the only two Bounties we had.

All by herself.

Answer if you see this, Jurgen.

I'm over here.

By the fire.

Why isn't he answering?

Here, Linda. Liquid. Tuck it away safely. We might need it.

I want to go to sleep. I'm dog-tired.

Do you think we'll make it out of this?

Of course, honey.

No... No, Troyer.

Catch up, Van Goethem.

True or false?

Dung beetles can carry up to 860 times their own weight.


False. 760 times.

My pocket knife is sharper, but it's in your pocket.

I'd like to see an elephant.

It hasn't got a compass, either.

Do you think anyone makes cakes shaped like elephants?

If so, I'd like one for my birthday.

Do you think those birds are showing us the way?


I think I'm getting a sunburn.


A sharp twig.

In case anything happens to me.

All this walking is making me thirsty. Have you still got that bottle?

That bottle of liquid I gave you yesterday?


The lid wasn't on right. All my stuff is wet.

With a sharp twig, you can easily drill a hole in the ground or hurt an animal.

So, I made one for Linda.

Imagine if something were to happen to me.

Linda would have to make it on her own.

However impossible that seemed, she'd have to do it.

Troyer, a lion with spots.

I always put Linda first.

I once even gave her the last bite of my chicken sandwich.

Troyer. There's something here. Come and see.

Wow, a flare. Honey, we've found a flare.

If we fire it off, the hotel will see that we're here.

Back up.

One, two...

You idiot. How could you do that?

And now, I'm going to drink.

We'd found a flare... but not one of the ones I'm familiar with.

When Linda gets mad, sometimes she goes to the other room to blame me, silently.

I know, because I once followed her, without her knowing.

She even poured a bit of water on my pillow in revenge.

We're not alone.

We'll have to wait awhile.

Go on, get out of here. Go on, giddy up. Giddy up.


What is it Van Goethem? Lost your sense of humour?

I'm Linda Van Goethem, and I'm mad about elephants.

Did you know I still haven't got one good picture of you here, in Africa?

Once we're home, I want to have my nicest photos printed on canvas, to go in the living room.

What are you doing, Troyer?

What are you doing?

Stop that, Linda.

Aren't you going to sleep? I'm sleeping on my feet.

That's safer.

Then I can run away immediately in case of danger.

A storm.

Here. Here. S.0.S. Hello. Mayday. Mayday.

Hello. Help, help.


Dammit. Run.


Where are you, Linda? Run. Don't stop. Just keep running.

Keep running, Linda. Linda.

Come on, Linda. Linda, run. Run.

Shouldn't we turn back?



Wait for me.


Lots and lots of elephants.

Come on, put your clothes on.

Put your clothes on. We're not at your mum's.

We keep our clothes on when we're on holiday.