Wildlike (2014) Script

You're gonna go right up to the gate and get her?

Yeah. Jane, listen, I'm gonna be as close as security allows.

You know, she's pretty grown now. Or at least she thinks she is.

Jane, listen, I'm gonna be there and I'm not gonna miss her.

I'm gonna take her to get her bag, back to my place and I'm gonna feed her and entertain her.

And we're gonna do the same thing all summer, okay?

Okay. Thanks, really.

Got a good tailwind up south.

We should be able to make up for that lost time on our slightly late departure out of Seattle.

Hope to have us all down in Juneau on schedule, about 11:35. Meantime, we have clear skies.

The good news...


Kenzie! Kenz!


How are you?

Is this your bags here? Yeah, I got it, thanks.

Yeah, so how was your flight?

It was fine. Fine?

I'm sorry you had to move around so much.

Glad you're here with me though.

Just hop in there.

Welcome to Alaska.

Here we are.

Jesus. What'd you pack in here?

So this is... your home now.

Go ahead and just help yourself to whatever you want, okay?

There's the kitchen over there and "mi casa es su casa."

It's like your own wing down here.

This is your room.

Over here is a closet for you. Put some extra blankets in there and hangers.

It gets cold at night, okay?

Okay. Well... just take your time and make yourself at home, all right?

I can't believe how much you've grown up.

Just look at you.

The last time I saw you...

Your dad really liked this place.

I'm not sure why.

I miss him.

I miss him too.

But maybe you want dessert?

Yeah? Well, let's see what they have.

Well, how long am I up here for? I don't know. I need some time.

I just wanna be strong. You know, there's just the two of us, okay?

Yeah, whatever. Don't do that.

I'm gonna get set up in an apartment nearby so I can just be an outpatient.

Really? Where? Seattle. Like around our old neighborhood.

I wanna come back then.

Oh, well, it's not that easy. It doesn't really work that way.

This is still part of my treatment, so... How are you guys getting along?

Fine. He said you were havin' a blast.

Said you're like an adult compared to when he came and he stayed with you for, like, three nights. Remember that?

After Dad's funeral.

I have to go to work tomorrow. I was thinking you should come with me.

I think I'm just gonna stay here. Come on, it'll be fun.

We have computers and stuff.



Okay, I'll take a look at it and I'll call you back. All right, thanks.

I don't even know how long I'm here, Mom says like a month, but who the hell knows?

Hey, Kenz, this is my buddy Blain. This is my niece, Mackenzie.



She's on the phone.

It's all right, it's my uncle.

Kenzie, want more pizza?

No, I'm gonna throw up.

Don't do that. Come on, hang out.

Have a seat. Watch some TV.

Oh, man, I forgot something.

I'll be right back.

Is that your phone? No.

Are you sure? Yeah.

Answer it. Pick it up, answer it. What?

Pick it up, answer it. No, no, you answer it.

Answer it, pick it up. No. Fine. Fine.

Stupid. Hello?


What? It's... it's for you.

It's from me.

You like it? For real?

Yeah. Are you serious?

This is mine? Shit!

Blain went and picked it up for me.

You really like it? Yes! Fuck, thank you.

Hey. Hey.

Come on!

You havin' fun?



You like livin' here?


What's not to like?

I don't know.

It's cold.

Well, yeah, in the winter it's cold.

How long you been here?

Well, about 15 years.

Have you lived here by yourself the whole time?

What about a... a girlfriend?

Well, we broke up.

What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?


Well, I imagine all the guys would be chasing you.


What about, like, a dog or something? You ever get a dog?

No. You ever have a dog? No, but I want one.

You do? Yeah.

Well, why don't we get a dog?

For real? Yeah. We got the space.

Yeah, let's do it.

Wanna try these on and see how they feel?

It's always cooler out here by the glacier, you know?

Like, ten degrees cooler in the wintertime.

Check that out, Kenz. Mendenhall Glacier.

Won't see anything like this anywhere else, Kenz.

It's pretty awesome?

Got you some water.

I'm gonna go back to my truck and get my camera.

It's turning out to be a pretty nice day, man.

Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna take Kenzie over to the waterfall, okay?

I'm feeling fish tacos, by the way. Fish tacos?

Are you cold? I'm fine.

How's that sound, fish tacos?

She's gentle.

Come on, Skadi.

I think I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

You need your bag?


Hey, West Seattle Health Center.

Hey, is Jane there? It's Mackenzie, I'm calling for my mom.

I'm sorry, who's this? Hey, is Jane there?

Jane. We haven't seen her all week. She checked herself out.

Who is this? This is Bill, head RN.

Look, if you see her then please tell her we're really concerned, all right? I think...

Oh, God.

Carolyn, I was an idiot thinking I could do this all alone.

I wish you were here. I just miss you.

I miss you.

Oh, God!


Sit down.

Sit down.

We're gonna have a little talk. Come on, I didn't...

You got something to return? Come on, it's not like...

I didn't take anything! Come on?

Look, I just... I got the rooms confused.

It happens, okay? Yeah, I'm not buying it.

I'm sorry, you scared me. You scared me shitless.

Look, I just... it was a misunderstanding.


Okay. Forget it.


But, you know, it was pretty freaky last night.

I wish I had a camera, you jumped so high. Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Just about to call the manager... You don't... you don't have to do that.

It's fine. I'm just... just kidding.

So, are you from around here or...

No. Just a vacation?

Yeah. Out by yourself?

Not with like a group or a wife or something?

I see you're getting the ferry.

11:00 a.m. to Seattle? 11:00 a.m. goes to Whittier.

Yeah, no, yeah, Whittier.

But it goes to Seattle after that, right?

Yeah, it goes to Seattle eventually. How we doin' over here?

Anything else I can get you? More coffee?

Gonna have the check, please. Okay.

Is that where you're from?

That's where I live, yeah.

Have you got a ferry schedule I can look at?

Yeah, it's in my room, maybe you can break in.

Here you go, have a great day. Thank you.

The ferry leaves today... and then again in two weeks. Two weeks?

Yeah, two weeks.

Hi, folks, welcome aboard. Bound for Whittier.

Car ramp closes in 15 minutes and rotation continues until 10:45 a.m...

Kenz, it's me. Where are you?

Look, if you did this on purpose, that's okay. Just... just call me.

Look, I saw the money missing from the kitchen, okay?

I'm sure you needed it, but...

I'm not gonna go to the police, I wouldn't do that to you.

I don't wanna get you in trouble, I just want...

I just want to know that you're okay. Just call me or text me or anything.

Welcome aboard the bus to Anchorage, Denali, and Fairbanks.

We'll be in Anchorage in about an hour, Denali about five hours, and into Fairbanks in about eight.

Hey, here we are at Denali National Park for all you backpackers, hikers, and daring souls. Next stop is Fairbanks.

We have about a five minute break here for you to stretch your legs.

Awesome. Thank you.

Let's go.


What's up?

Yeah, hey.

Nothing. Listen, I need a favor.

Can I use your shower?

I'm waiting for my room. Like, it's just... it's just not ready.


My name's Jennifer.

Hey, Jennifer.



Shower's in the bathroom.


Makes sense.

I washed my clothes, so they're hanging in your bathroom.

Sorry. Hey, no worries.

My turn.

You can hang out.

Don't steal my stuff?

It's a deal.

Guess you were tired.

I'll just go check if my clothes are dry.

So I'm... I'm headed out early tomorrow morning.

What are your plans? Where are you headed?

I'm going to Seattle.

You from there?

Yeah. How about you?

Backpacking to Denali. I mean, I'm from Michigan.


Goin' through the park.

That's cool.

Can I see?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.


Okay, so we're gonna get dropped off here at Kantishna, and then make our way down to Mount McKinley, try and get a good view. Anchorage is down here, and over here off the map is Seattle.

So when do you fly out?

I don't know.

I might take a ferry out.

Really? Ferry takes a while, no?

Yeah, but...

Hey, do you want me to just, like, hold this room for you until you get back?

You're funny. Come on, why not?

It's expensive. Oh, well. I'm worth it.

Well, just don't go on your trip. Stay here.

But I want to go. I've been planning this trip for...

Just kidding.

Hey, are you, like, in some kind of trouble or something?


Hey. I'm sorry, I... Yo, Tommy, open up.

Whoa. Hey, Jennifer. Hey.

Tommy, who is this?

All right. Jennifer.

Tommy, who's that?


I wish I knew where you were.

Listen, I... I don't know what else to do.

I miss you.


Fire is almost out.

It's gas. Drink, miss?

Yeah, an orange juice. No, she's fine.

Just... yeah, sure. Bring her juice.

Orange juice, got it.

Thank you.

So, what's your name?


My name's Rene Bartlett.

Rene? Yes, it's French.

Bart would be easier.


So, Bart, what is your itinerary?

My plans?

I'm gonna hike through the park for a few days.


I'm hiking around, too. Are you here by yourself?


Have you been here before?

How long are you staying at this lodge?

Tomorrow I start hiking, thank goodness.

Get on the Denali bus, and then I get off and hike.

Hike and hike.

Tents and backpacks and shit.

You know, I'm sorry, I'm not... You're taking the same bus as today?

No, that's the bus that goes to the visitors' center.

I'm taking the bus that goes to Denali.

What is Denali?

It's the park... that's named for the mountain.

Good morning and welcome to Denali National Park and Preserve.

We're scheduled to drive into the Toklat River, Mile 53, before we turn around.

We'll be making stops along the way for backpackers and day hikers.

You're always welcome to put the windows down.

Sometimes you can even get a photograph.

Use your binoculars, your cameras.

If you guys have any questions at all throughout the day, don't hesitate to ask.

Okay, folks, we're gonna load up.

Next stop is Eielson, about an hour from here.


The bus just left. Hey!

Hey! Hey!


You're just gonna have to walk the road back to... just to the park entrance. I mean, you'll... you'll get a ride. There'll be...

There'll be a bus here or somethin'.

You should just stay on the road and...

Not a problem. You'll be okay.

You know... make a lot of noise just for the bears, you know, and, well... I mean, you won't see any bears. You'll be fine.

You'll just... you'll be fine.

Just... stick to the road.

I'm not going back on the road.

You don't have a choice. I'm hiking, too.

Seriously, there's the road.

What... what are you doing?

Listen, you know what? It's rude.

It's rude to intentionally follow other hikers.

There's a code... of privacy.


I'll wait with you. We'll, just...

I'll wait with you.

We'll just go back up to the road, and if it takes an hour, it takes an hour, it takes two hours, fine, okay?

Come on.

Get off of me. Get the fuck off me.

I'm gonna wait by the road.

You also just happen to be stopping here for the night.

Is that it?


Hey, where are you goin'? To eat dinner.

We eat a hundred yards from the tent. We don't make fires.

I cook on a stove and there are no marshmallows.

Don't spill food on yourself, don't break any branches, don't step on any flowers, and just leave everything the way you found it.

This is bear spray.

Hold onto it. Never approach a bear or a moose or whatever.

Don't approach them. If a bear charges you, then...

I know what I'm doing. You have no idea.

But whatever you do, don't run.

Do not run.

Don't run. Don't run. Got it.

All right, here. Eat.

Morning, Jennifer.

Just beginning to wonder if your disappearance was a problem or a solution.

Bart? My name's Mackenzie.

What? My name's not Jennifer, it's Mackenzie.


Want some breakfast?

Get under the tarp.

This is fuckin' cool, this setup.

So now we... We wait. Stop swearing.

Find the smallest one. See that smallest one? Right by your right foot.

Roll it up, stick it in here. That's right, yeah.

Just take the end of that little hole.

You know, I do actually like the outdoors.

Something in common.

Everything's wet.

It's not wet. It's just... damp. Just leave it on. It'll dry faster that way.


Even the cards are old.

I've had them a long time.

Jesus, Bart. Don't... don't move. Don't move.

It's okay.

Slowly, it's okay.


Look at it.

Come on.

Who's Carolyn?

She was my wife.

She died last year.

I'm sorry.

We honeymooned up here.

Flipped a coin. Heads, we'd go to Alaska, tails, Mexico.

It was just kind of a dumb idea, really, but... then we just kept coming back here.

Guess you're by yourself now she's...

We didn't have kids, so...

My dad died last year.

I'm sorry, too, then.

It's fine. It's okay. I'm fine.

Your wife... how'd she die?


She had it a while.

I knew it, I felt it... something.

And she wanted to go south to see her family and come up here.

I... I said no.

'Cause of the... the treatments... which was stupid because... all the treatments pretty much failed.

They all... everything failed.

And she didn't get a chance to come back up here...

didn't see her family.

I told myself that it was because I was afraid to scare her... but really... it was because I was afraid to watch her say her goodbyes because I just didn't want it to be real.

But it was real.

Do you think she's still here?

That would be nice.

You're awake.

Get off.

God, what are you... what are you doing?

Jesus Christ.

Now what the hell gave you that idea? I... How old are you, really?

God, Jesus.

I don't... I don't need this... whatever this is.

I don't need it.

I rented a car, do you want to go get a bite to eat?


How about some more hot water for that tea?

Thank you. You're welcome.

Will you get me just an oatmeal and... and...

I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back in just a...


Let me talk to Mom.

Oh, thank God, are you okay? I want to talk to her!

Just let me come and get you, and we'll go see her.

You fucking lied to me! What did you tell her?

I didn't tell her what happened. I didn't want her to think bad of you.

I think we screwed up.

You must be feeling the same way.

You know, you're the only one I can talk to about this, just you.

I know you feel like I broke your trust, and...

I'm sorry for that, but this is for both of us, Kenz.

For you and me, so, please just think about it.

We're in this together.

Just you and me, so we have to trust each other, okay?

So come back and I'll do whatever you need.

I'll take care of you... I don't need your help.

I've got someone who's helping me. Who? Who did you meet?

Kenzie, listen to me, right now, you need to be very...

You need to get away from this person, and you need to stay by yourself and let me come and get you. I think you're scared!

Yeah, I'm scared for you. I'm scared something will happen to you.

I'm scared you're gonna get in trouble.

You're by yourself right now. Listen, you need to be very careful right now.

Are you there?

Are you there? Hello?

Just tell me where you are and I'll send some money so you can get around, okay?

Look, I have money.

I can just get anywhere, I could get a ferry...

Okay, let's meet on the ferry.

The next one to Juneau. What? No, I didn't say that.

Kenzie, I know where you are.

The police, they called me.

So just stay there, okay? And I'll be there in a few hours.

No police...

Bart! Bart!

Open the door!

I don't... Mackenzie... Drive, just drive.

Just fucking drive, you don't understand!

You think you do, but you don't!

Why won't you listen to me? I'm trying.

Please, just drive.

Why are we stopping?

Rest stop.

Oh, hey, sorry about that!

Probably shouldn't have been flying so close to the road, but usually it's pretty desolate. Sorry about that.

Yeah, apologies. How you guys doing?

Morning. Morning.

Hey. Fly kites out here?

Nice kite? Doesn't look like there's any damage.

You got car trouble? Is it all right? No, we're fine. Well... we're low on gas, actually, you know if there's a gas station in either direction?

No, to tell you the truth, I have no idea. We flew in.

We have some gas though, back at the camp. You got a can, you want to follow?

A can, no, actually. That's all right, we got one.

Hey, Jamie. Hi.

Masafumi. Hi, nice to meet you.

Mackenzie. Jennifer.

Hi, Rene. Ide.

Peel that for me.

So, are you from Alaska? No, I'm from Minnesota.

Josh is from Alaska, though.

Masafumi is Seattle, and Ide is Japan.

We're testing kites.

So where are you and your... daughter?

Niece. Niece. Where are you guys headed?

Well, we're taking a little vacation, we've been all over, went to Denali and...

Spend the night, take you up flying tomorrow.

No, no, we don't... we don't want to intrude.

You're not intruding, spend the night. I mean it.


Come on in.

Come on.

Here you go.

You know Josh, the pilot guy? Yeah?

Built this fucking thing right in his garage.

Believe that? I wish he'd build me one.

You ever been up in one of these? No.

No? Never had a chance?

Oh, you were scared? That's cool, I was scared in the beginning.

Gotta get over that shit though... No, no, I'm not scared.

Oh, okay. That's cool.

Hey, how far can these things fly?

Could this go, like... all the way to Seattle?

Why, you ready to go home?

Oh, it's no reason.

Well... my place in question is Minnesota.

My mother's there, and she is a piece of work.

I couldn't fly this thing there, and let me tell you, I wouldn't want to.

How old are you? I'm 14.

You're 14, oh, my God.

That's funny. 14 years old.

What was I doing, 14 years old?

Oh, I was... I was learning to shoot.


We had lots of wolves running around and black bear.


That's what I was doing in that summer.

So you're probably... ready to get back to the city?

This'll all be over before you know it.

Okay, it's gusty here. Okay, you ready?

So... what's with all the kites and stuff?

I grew up in a family with three boys, and... my father used to bring kites from Japan for us to fly, and... my older brother, Gus, he and I would go outside and... fly all day, almost every day.

One moment I was holding his hand, and... he got hit by a car and killed.

Then I stopped talking and never went back to school.

One day, my dad, he yells out to me to come outside, and... he was out there flying a kite.

Takes my hand and tries to put it on the string, and...

I told him I was scared.

And he told me, the wind's like life, it's always changing.

And the strings there, they're like the feelings that connect us to our family, you know, to the people we love.

To the flyers.

I've been flying kites ever since.

A ferry to Seattle... goes through Juneau, leaves from Whittier, leaves tomorrow afternoon.

If you leave in the morning, you can make it. Is that what you want to do?



Are you gonna tell me what... I can't tell you.

What about the police? What about them?

Hot chocolate.

Thank you very much.

Passengers for Akutan, Juneau, Sitka, Bellingham, Seattle, keep your tickets on you.


Where'd my partner get to? Jennifer just took the binoculars and went out on the deck.

Excuse me for a sec.


Can we go to the room? Yeah, yeah, sure.

You left this.

Well, I guess we should get you back to Seattle.

You know, I can go to the police for you... And what for?

Mackenzie. What? It doesn't matter, okay?

Nothing happened.

Okay? Nothing happened.


Juneau. This is Juneau. Passengers disembarking in Juneau.

We are now fastened to the dock. Auke Bay terminal.

Disembark here for Juneau. Car deck's open.

Absolutely no smoking on the car deck. Bart?

All passengers waiting to continue on to Seattle should be back on the ferry within ten minutes.

Keep your tickets on you... Shit.

Bart! Bart.

Why didn't you stay in the cabin?

Don't look.

What are you doing, you wrote a text on my phone?

Don't worry, everything's going to be fine. What are you talking about?

You got the map?

It's in my bag. Okay, I'm getting off here, you're staying. What? No, Bart, he's gone...

No, you're staying.

I'm gonna come with you then. No, you're not.

I am... This is it.

You're gonna stay on the ferry until it gets to Seattle.

I'm gonna follow you anyway. Follow me, I'll turn you in.

You're not listening to me, I'm not gonna...


No, you're staying on the ferry.

Okay. Alright.