Will (2011) Script

* Liverpool

I had to squint twice.

I thought I was looking at a ghost.

How are ya?

Must be me North Sea tan.

I'm good.


You're soaked.

Nancy, look who's here.

You're a sight for sore eyes, Gareth Brennan.

Hey, Nance.

Good to see ya.

You too, love.

How are ya?

Middling to brave.

Is that it?

Yeah, I travel light.

We'll clear it out for you tomorrow.

Yeah, move stuff around, if you like.

It's yours now.

Thanks, mate.

Actually, I been savin' for a flat.

Our own place.

Oh, member of the land owning classes.

Next thing you know, you'll be fox hunting and blowing a trumpet out your arse.

Ain't that the dream?

How's the boy?

Don't know yet.

You stayed in touch?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Sent him presents for his birthday and Christmas.

Got him some posters and football magazines.


Well, you're here now.

That's what matters.

Welcome back, mate.

Thanks, Davey.

Be a pint on the bar when you're ready.

* And I wonder

* When you will stay

* My little runaway

* Run, run, run, run

* Runaway...

Did you see the new images from the Hubble Telescope?


They're getting some brilliant photos of supernovas.

Super what?

A supernova.

Never heard of it.

When a star explodes in an incredible burst of light and energy. Get out of it.

Do you ever think me and you and the rest of the lot here are recyclable? What do you mean?

I don't know.

Like, with Coke bottles.

To be melted down and turned into shopping bags or key rings.

Key rings?

Yeah, you know.

Something cheap and rubbish.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed.

That was Einstein's big idea.

What's he got to do with rubbish?

Well, Einstein taught us that even things that are rubbish someday turn into stars and that eventually those stars will explode, sending streaks of light across the night sky.

And maybe, on a faraway planet, someone will see our light shining down from the heavens.

We'll be supernovas.

Steven Gerrard's a supernova, isn't he?

He moves like a tornado on fire, twisting in all directions at once, and always has his eye on the goal.

The ball is the moon and he is the Earth, and whatever he wishes, his legs make so.

He's a football supernova.

A child is better off with his parents.

If they fulfill all their responsibilities, Mr. Brennan.

I just want a chance.

And I just want to protect Will.

So do I.

We are the only family that he has known for the last three years.

If you leave again, it will devastate him.

When I leave, me son is coming with me.


To an oil rig in the North Sea?


And where's that now, Mr. Brennan?


And if you tire of your parental duties and return him to us in a week, a month, a year?

That won't happen.

You left him with us for three years.

Now, I understand that it was a difficult time for you...

"Difficult time"?

When Tracy died, it ripped me heart out.


I know there's no excuse for what I did to Will, but the good Lord carried me through it, Sister.

I just wanna be with me son.

"The Eye of God" is probably the most famous image the Hubble Telescope has ever taken.

Of course, it's not actually God's eye.

Leading astronomers describe it as a trillion-mile-long tunnel of glowing gasses.

Fart and give us a clue. But my personal favorite is Eta Carinae, one of the biggest stars in the Milky Way and five million times more powerful than our sun. In Chinese, it's called Tseen She, "Heaven's Altar."

Hello, Will.

What are you doing here?

Is there a law says a man can't visit his one and only son?

Will, your father has travelled a long way to see you.

Yeah, yeah, it's been quite a journey.

Me legs need a little stretching.

Do you think you could sneak out of class for an hour and give your old man a tour?

All right.


Let's go.

About the other matter, Mr. Brennan?

Oh, right.


What's all this I hear about you having a go at one of your mates?

He stole my football.

Well, then learn to protect it.

Mr. Brennan, Will cannot go about assaulting others.

No, I completely agree, Sister.

It's offensive and unacceptable.

What did your mother always tell ya?

Well, what did she say?

"An eye for an eye and we'd all be blind."

We're not hooligans.

All right?

Now, what do you say to Sister Carmel?

I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

I believe this belongs to you.

A bit of a Liverpool supporter, eh?


Well, we reds have to stick together.

Where's the rest of it?

That's everything.

Is that your desk?

Your mother used to make the best Christmas pudding.

Do you remember?


Hey, what's this?

I can draw you a new one.

You're a real artist, just like your mother.

Hey, King Kenny.

Pure class.

You know, the bigger the game, the better he played.

172 goals for Liverpool.

Is that right?

Three European Cups, 6 League Championships, 2 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, one Double, and one Treble.

When was the Double?

1986. Do you know I was at Stamford Bridge the year we beat Chelsea to win the League Championship?

I know.

I was about your age.

Oh, the docks were dying.

Dad was scrambling for work.

We got hold of a couple of tickets and borrowed money for the train.

And for two hours, we stood side by side at the Scouse end, and we watched the match!

And Dad was laughing like he used to, and he was singing, and I was stood there right next to him.

I was like this, you know, looking up at him.

I was praying for a Liverpool victory so Dad's money wouldn't be wasted.

For 90 minutes, I asked God to give Liverpool a win.

You know, for 90 minutes, I prayed and I pleaded.

And you know what?

I think I was heard, because the light took on a funny kind of glow, and the clouds parted, even though they didn't want to, and there was King Kenny Dalglish, waving that magic foot of his and banging in the winning goal.


Me dad... he put his arms around me waist, was squeezing me so tight I never wanted the game to end.

I wanted to stay there and live right there, feeling that moment forever.

He was crying, and then I started crying.

And then we were all crying.

5,000 reds all crying and singing and dancing and jumping up and down, saying, "Come on, you red man! Come on, you red man!"

'Cause we all had our prayers, and with one little flick of his foot, Kenny Dalglish... made it all okay again.

But I'm not Kenny Dalglish.

And I don't have a magic foot to make everything better just like that.

God, I wish I did.

It's okay, Dad.

When your mum--

when Mum died...

I wasn't there for you and I'm sorry.

And no scarves or posters or anything like that will ever make up for the time that we lost.

But I'm back on my two feet, and I'm here... because I'd like you and me to start over...


Hey, you don't have to give me an answer now.

Take as much time as you need.

I had a dream Liverpool one-nil in the semi.

One-nil, really?

With Garcia scoring.

Not Gerrard?


Not Alonso?

It's Garcia.

I know.

Isn't Garcia a bit dodgy?

No, he's class. Believe in your dreams, do ya?

I don't know.

I guess.


Come here, son.

Now, you promise me one thing.


Never let fear get in the way of your dreams.

Go on, Will.

Well done.

And again, and again.

Well done!

It's a goal!

You scored a goal!


This was your mum's favorite place in the world.

Do you remember?



Race ya!


What a noisy place to belong.

On the Ning Nang Nong?

Where the cows go, "bong."

And the monkeys all say, "boo."

There's a Nong Nang Ning.

Where the trees go, "ping!"

And the tea pots...

"Jibber Jabber Joo." On the Nong Ning Nang...

All the mice go, "Clang!"

And you just can't... catch 'em when they do.

So, it's Nong-- so, it's--

Nong Nang...

Ning Nang Nong.

Cows go, "bong."

Nong Nang Ning, trees go, "ping."

Nong Ning Nang, mice go, "clang!"

What a noisy place to belong is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong.


This is amazing.

That's two bull's-eyes already.

And there's number three.

Did Sister Carmel teach you this?

Oughta turn you professional, son.

You keep it up, Will, I might book you in with an agent.

Put this show on the road.

Cheers, Davey.

Hey, son, pay attention.

You're in the presence of that rarest of breeds, a man of his word.

Yeah, our word's about the only thing the government ain't taking away from us.

Hey, Will, did you tell Davey about your dream?


He dreamt that Liverpool knocks out Chelsea one-nil in the Champions League semi.

Hey, shouldn't a boy of your age be dreaming about girls?


It's Liverpool one-nil.

What odds do you think we could get?

On a win or a one-nil win?


And Garcia scores.

Not Gerrard?



Lenny, you hear that?

I'm on it.

What's the odds?

11 to one.

How's about a ton? You've gotta play to win, mate.

Or don't they teach you that in school no more, eh?

£100, Liverpool to win.

Garcia to score.

So we're gonna win £1,100?

Ask him.

Well, we need some spending money for our trip.


I dunno.

What trip?

What's that?

What's what?

* When you walk

* Through a storm

* Hold your head...

The Champions League final!

Yeah, you ever heard of it?

Are we going?

You're holding the tickets, aren't ya?

I never had anywhere to go before.

Well, now you do.

But these must have cost you a bomb.

I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

Anyway, have we ever been to Istanbul together?


We ever been to the Champions League Final together to watch Liverpool?


So, the way I see it, now that we're eating our meals together, traveling together, training together, there's nothing in the world that we can't do.

As long as we're together.


* Walk on Come on, son. * Through the wind

* Walk on

* Through the rain

* Though your dreams

* Be tossed

* And blown

* Walk on

* Walk on

* With hope in your heart

* And you'll never

* Walk

* Alone

* You'll never

* Walk

* Alone.

Hey, Will?

Do you think we can play football with your dad again?

Are you turning into a red?

I'll ask.






Let me in!

Where is he?

Where is he?

He's gone to heaven.

He was just here!

No, no, Will, no.

You've taken him away!

He had a brain hemorrhage.

It's your fault.

He fell asleep and didn't wake up, do you understand?

You liar!

No, no.

I'm sorry, mate.

He's not here.

He's gone.

No, he should be here with me.


With me.

I know, I know.

That's the best place.

I know.

He should be here with me.


One more thing.

Can you take me, Davey?

My brother's getting married on that day in London.

I'm his best man.

Will, let me keep the tickets until we work out what to do.

Something so precious shouldn't be risked in your room.

They'll still belong to me.

Of course.

And no one's going to take them from you.

I'm alone.

You're not alone, Will.

You'll always have God.

Will God take me to Istanbul?

God can take you anywhere you want.

All you need is faith.

Looks like hatchet face finally got herself a boyfriend.

He's not her boyfriend.

He brought my dad's stuff over from the pub.

Including the tickets?

Let's see 'em.

I don't have them.

Who does?

Sister Carmel.

What does she care about football?

She's holding them for me until they can work out who can take me to the match.

The crook's gonna sell 'em and pocket the cash.

You think?

There's only one thing worse than a nun, and that's a thief.

She'll steal your tickets just like she stole your football.

But she gave the football back.

For now.

It doesn't matter anyway.

You're probably right.

Fact is, Liverpool has to win, and we all know that's never going to happen.

Comes down to results.

Liverpool loses, you stay.

Liverpool win, you go.

It's a '60s, '70s, and '80s revival night at Anfield.

The shouting is about to begin.

The crying's about to begin.

The Liverpool fans belt out their famous anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone."

All they can do is just sing their hearts out, will their team home.

Gerrard with space, tapped it towards Baros.

He's beaten Cech to it, now the goalkeeper made contact.

Luis Garcia!

Was it across the line?


Luis Garcia!



The first goal of the semifinal is a Liverpool goal.

It's Lampard this time.

Oh, really good save by Dudek. Tossed it towards John Terry.

Dudek comes for it.

It's Gudjohnsen.

Oh, he's missed.


That's how close Chelsea came to the final.

All the youngsters on The Kop will have had to hear all about it from their fathers and grandfathers.

The good old days.

Well, they're back.

The time has come for Liverpool to play in yet another European Cup Final.

Rome, Wembley, Paris, Brussels, and now Istanbul.

May the 25th.

Can you believe it?

It's just, like...

Your bloody dream.

A lot of good it does me.

If Chelsea were playing in the finals and I had a ticket, a seven nation army couldn't stop me from going.

Me neither.

Well, how am I going to pay for it?

The money you just won on your dad's bet?

Look, not going is a kick in the balls to you, to your father, and to football fans everywhere.

Hatchet face doesn't care about this match, Will, but you have rights.

That's right, Will.

I've been reading it up on the Magna Carta.

Know anything about it?

Ooh, I do.

In 1215, Common Law was established to...


Way back when some blokes got together and told King John he couldn't go around getting his jollies however he wanted...

And, uh... Simon?

There were legal limits to his whims and diatribes.

Such as "Habeas Corpus."

What's that got to do with me?


Hatchet face is trampling on your rights as a free Englishman.


Ah, bonjour, Madame.

Stop. Will, come on.

Playtime's over.

Listen, gents.

As I understand it, Will, you need to get from here to there.

Don't worry, mate.

It looks further away on a map than it really is.

You'll likely go through Germany...

Wiener Schnitzel.


Sacher torte.


Nothing to eat there.

And Bulgaria.

Famous for their karvarma.


A slow-cooked meat stew.

And you'll be in Turkey.

World-class kebabs.

It's a bit of a trek.

It's the finals, mate.

The match is on the 25th.

We checked the tidal charts and the ALT...

Ambient Lunar Transition.

Yeah, moonlight.

This full moon provides your optimal go time.


Winston Churchill.

Will Brennan.

"Many are called, few are chosen."

This is your time, Will.

I smell fear.

It better not be you.


Come on.

Hang on a sec, Will.

You might need these.

Have you got your map?



Thanks, Simon.

As the dust cloud said to Orion:

"Ready, set, glow."

Here, here.

I can't reach that.

Me, too.

Get on my back.



Where are they?

Tipped off.

Oh, you tricky girl.

They might get pinched there.

Put 'em in a safer place.



Can I hold 'em a second?

Aren't you coming?

Look, you've got a few hours

'til sunrise.

I need to stay here and throw

'em off the scent.

Yeah, they'll try to break me down, but it'll take 'em at least three days to beat it out of me.

By that time, you'll already be in Istanbul.

Could get a bit sticky.

They might even have to bring in the dogs.

Come in.

I suppose you're here for the money.

Oh, come on, Will.

I can't just give you the money and let you bugger off to Turkey.

My father won that money fair and square.

Your father was a very good friend of mine and I need to do right by him.

Me, too.

Will, do you know what would happen if the police found out that I'd given a 10-year-old kid...

I'm 11.

All right, if I'd given an 11-year-old kid over a thousand pounds 'cause he ran away from school hell-bent on a Champions League Final in Istanbul?

Do you know what they'd do?

My father said you were...

They'd hang me from the closest tree!

...a man of your word!

That's what they'd do!

I believed him!

How you gonna get there?

I don't have a lot of time.

Can I please have my money?

If the police find £1,100 on you, I shall testify that you stole it.

I can't steal what's already mine.

Oh, don't get smart.

I need to pull the money out of the safe.

I won't be a minute.


Sister Carmel?

It's David Lennon from the pub.


Where's Davey?

Getting my dad's winnings.


Good for you.

How've you been?

All right?

If you ever need anything, you just ask.


See you soon.

Oh, and tell Davey I cashed up, okay?

'Night, Will.


Turn off the light.

What's going on?



You have a lot to answer for.

What do you mean?

( woman on intercom chattering )

Yeah, you'll need to take this load to be weighed.

We're all done on number four, John.

Hey, Kevin, how many in total?

That looks all right.

Have you finished the paperwork?


It's okay.

10 minutes 'til we start boarding.

It's all clear on number seven, Steve.

Same throughout?

Yeah, it's trees all the way to the back.

Did you oversee the packing?

In the interests of safety, all passengers please use the black and white...

Yeah, yeah, that's right.

Okay, mate.

You're clear to board.

Cheers, then.



( announcer chattering in French )

Thank you.

Is this Paris?

Is this Paris?

Outside Paris.

Where are you going?

The station.

Gar de l'Est.

You need to take a bus to the Metro, then into the city.

You take the Metro number four or seven?


Go ask Alek for a ride.

He drives into Paris every day.

Thank you, mister.

Mr. Wong.

Thanks, Mr. Wong.

Come on, man.

Sarajevo is my club, my father's club, my grandfather's.

You look a lot different, but it's you.

I know it's you.

I remember.

We all remember.

What do you remember, huh?

Hey, nothing, sorry! Understand?

I'm sorry, Zukic.

I meant no harm.

It's just... you gave us all hope and then...

NK Sarajevo!

NK Sarajevo!

You left them in your door.

You're Alek, right?

You can take me to Paris.


Mr. Wong said you could give me a lift.

You know Mr. Wong?

My father works with him.


Hey, Zukic?

Okay, get in.

Quick, quick!

( man on radio speaking French )

Where am I dropping you?

Gare de l'Est.

I'm meeting my dad there.

Are you a footballer?

Are you blind?

I drive a truck.

Did you used to play?

Isn't NK Sarajevo a football club?

Who cares?

So, Istanbul was your big idea?

For the record, I ain't saying yes or no.

Then what are you saying, Ritchie?

For the record?

I'm rough, I'm rude, and yet I've got a reputation on the streets as a straight shooter.

Is that right?

We're asking you for the last time.

Where's Will?

Liverpool, most likely.


Stop lying.

Or you will regret this.

Isn't it enough that you are so sinful?

Do you have to drag Simon down with you?


What can you tell us?

I-- I'd prefer to have my lawyer present.

Is that an admission of guilt?

If you're pressing charges, I have the right for legal advice.

And the right to see the police code of conduct.

A solicitor is not gonna save you, son.


Are you gonna bring in the dogs?

Stop, stop.

Please, stop.

What's wrong with you?

There, there, there.

Okay, I'm stopping.

There, please.

Is that Notre Dame?


Here's good. How far is it to the train station?


How far is it to the train station?

See that street?

Follow that street until you hit Boulevard de Sebastopol.

It's a straight shot.

You can't miss it.



Hey, be careful.

One of those, please.


But it's all I have. Forget it, then.


Hey! Hey, come back!

Give me back my wallet!

Hey, stop!

Stop, please!

Come on.

Please give my wallet back.

Please give it back.



Where is Will Brennan?

Only four days before the Champions League Final, 11-year-old Will Brennan, a fanatical Liverpool supporter, has run away from this school in Kent.

We should have flown him to the game.

It was all he had left.

But we, believing that we were acting in his best interests,

took away his last possession.


Excuse me?

You English?


You ready?

What for?

So how do you know Alek?

Who's Alek?


Little man... my own X-ray eyes saw you getting out of Alek's truck this morning.


How'd you know that?

I was right down there spreading my holy sunshine to the masses.

Are you a priest?

Do I look like a Catholic priest?

Come in, Rangoon.

One more.

One more.

And again?


Now you're waiting for Alek?

Is he supposed to pick you up? Alek? Alek?



You should lock your doors, my friend.


To keep surprises like this out.

What surprise?

The person you forgot to pick up.

Hi, Alek.

How long have you known each other?

I gave him a ride from Rungis today.

That long.

Salut, Serge.


Oh, hello.

My name is Mathieu.

What's yours?


Hello, Will.

Are you dining with us, Serge?

I'd love to stay and figure out the cosmic intersection, but I gotta bounce.

But I know the little man is hungry.

You're leaving him here?

I just boogied across town.

Now that he's here, I am leaving.

Let's eat.

Then we sort it out.

Please join us.

Where's your father?

Something happened.

What happened?

My wallet got nicked at Notre Dame with all my money and phone numbers.

Oh, disgusting.

Stealing from a child.

What's wrong with people?

A lot.

Where did you say you were from?

The South of England.

And your family lives there?

No, my dad's from Liverpool.


And my mum died a few years ago.

I'm so sorry.

So, why are you in Paris?

I'm on my way to Istanbul.

Champion League Final?

Yeah. Liverpool versus AC Milan.

I'm sorry to break it to you, Will, but Liverpool have no chance.

You must be mad. What do you think?

Oh, I think he's right.

Milan's a powerhouse.

They've got Pirlo, Nesta, Kaka, Shevchenko...

Yeah, but we've got Gerrard, Carragher, Hyypia, Alonso...

Fair enough.

Why didn't you tell me you're a football fan?



Show him your treasure.


Ah-haha, one minute.

I get it from my place, ah?

I know you didn't really wanna give me a ride today, but thanks.

I appreciate it.

Et voila, I have it.

Do you know who this is?


Scored twice for France in the World Cup Final against Brazil.

July 12, 1998.

In the 27th minute, on a corner kick, Zizou outjumps the Brazilians and heads the ball into the net.

Zizou, one, Brazil, zero.

And then, a few minutes later, he does the same again.

Another corner kick.

Zizou, two, Brazil, zero.

He's a genius.


You know, Will.

Today is a good day.

Today is Alek's birthday.

Happy birthday, my friend.

Yeah, mate.

Happy birthday.

Thank you.

Do you know what Zidane's first name means?

What, "Zinedine"?

It means "beauty of the faith."

You sleep okay?

Do you like orange juice?


Do you want to go?

Where did you get these?

My dad.

Where is he?

Where is your father?

Listen, look at me.

Tell me where he is.

Tell me the truth.


I ask you a last time.

Where is your father?

He died.

I ran away from school

'cause they weren't gonna let me go.

Hey... it's okay.

Come on, come on.

Hey, shh, shh, shh.

It's gonna be fine.

Wait here, I'll be right back.

You know what true beauty is?

Being an original.

Not a duplicate, not a knockoff.

You want the original.

We pay more for the original.

How much are they worth?

10,000 Euros, at least.

Maybe 15 or 20.

Only for the rich.

Not true.

What are you doing?

Give me back my tickets.


I thought you were my friend, but you're a liar just like everybody else.

It's not what you think.

No wonder you're not a footballer.

You're not good enough to wear the shirt.

Sorry, can I borrow these?

I'll bring 'em back.


Will, wait!

You bloody crook!


I wanna show you something.

Will, wait!


Will, can you hear me?

Come this way.

It's okay, I've got you.


I don't need you.

Or anybody else.

I'll go to Istanbul alone.

I'm afraid you won't get very far.

What is that supposed to mean?

Here's the broker's ticket from the quarterfinal.

Liverpool vs. Juventus.

See the hologram?

Your tickets don't have it.

Your father was ripped off.

They're fake, Will.

They're fake.

Sister Carmel?

A man in Paris named Alek Zukic is on the phone.

He says he has Will.

He's a bit shaken up, but he's fine.

May I speak with him?


Are you all right?


You scared us very much.

We all miss you.

We'll see you very soon.

What's this?

It's about 9,000 Euros.

For the tickets.

Mathieu, he's a runaway.

I just told his school I was returning him.

I'll go to jail.

It's a crime not to help.

Mathieu, I can't.

If money can't be used to help a young child's dream come true, then what good is it?

There's another selfish motive.

It will be good for you.

You need this as much as the boy does.

Everything's fake.

The tickets are fake.

My dad's a fake.

He said he was gonna take me away and then he died.

The school's a bloody fake.

Sister Carmel, the whole bloody mess of them.

They say they'll take care of you forever, but when you get too old, they just kick you out onto the street.

The whole bloody world's a pack of fakes and lies.

Hey, come on.

If I had a real ticket...

I'd still give it to you.

But I don't have a real ticket because I'm a fake, too.


happy birthday.

Why'd you put me in a football strip?

Because you're at the Ataturk stadium in Istanbul.

But why?

It just felt right.



What are you doing?

What do you think?



But how are we gonna get in?

We'll figure it out.

Don't you trust me?

I don't know if I do, but you're all I've got.

We're going to Turkey!

We're going to Turkey!

You should've seen it!

Alek was brilliant!


Oh, that's more like it!



Thank you.

Wait, wait.

Did you go to the school?

Did they see the truck?


That's the most awesome car I've ever seen!

And she's Liverpool red.

This is my pride and joy.

A time traveler from 1966.

Mathieu, we can find another car.


Careful of the flat tire!

Send me a postcard.

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool!

Come on, you red men!


Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool!


See you at the Ataturk, mate!

Come on, you red men!


* I saw your eyes

* I saw your eyes

* Saw your eyes

* And you made me cry

* Made me cry

* Made me cry

* For a little while

* Little while

* Little while

* I was falling in love

* Falling in love...

* Falling in love.

That hasn't been washed since World War II.

World War I.

Do you do chicken kebabs, our kid?

No, that wasn't Carragher.

You're wrong, mate.

That wasn't Carragher.

It was.

It wasn't.

Cheers, mate.

You don't know nothing about Carragher.

I know more about Carragher than you know about Carragher.

I know, I'm from Bootle.

So what?

I don't care if you lived in his house.

It wasn't Carragher. Listen, I'm telling ya, Carragher scored in his first match against Middlesbrough.

No, you're wrong, mate.

It was at Arsenal.

Excuse me.

That was at Highbury.

No, it wasn't.

Excuse me.


I don't mean to be rude, but, actually, Carragher's debut came at Middlesbrough.

On January the 8th, 1997, when he was brought in for Rob Jones in the Coca-Cola Cup.

His first premiership start was against Aston Villa on January the 18th, 1998, and he scored. Where did you pop up from?

Check out Rain Man.

Liverpool super brain.

Come on, join us.

Join us, come on.

Come on with us.

He's amazing.

Where'd he get all that from?

There'll be pasties on the motorway.

Love that red car.

Going to the final?


The both of you?


Come on, boys and girls.

Gather round this little fella.

May I introduce the Liverpool Super Brain.

Be prepared to be inspired.

Lad, tell them about Jamie Carragher.

Well, let's hear it, then.

Jamie Carragher?

Come on.

Come on, lad.

James Lee Duncan Carragher?

Tell 'em about Jamie.

Speak up, now.

Born January 28th, 1978, in Bootle, Merseyside.


A central defender, right back.

Over 400 club appearances, helping win 1 FA Cup, 4 League Cups, a UEFA Cup, and 1 European Super Cup.




Where in the world is Will Brennan?

The English boy, known as Liverpool's number one fan...

The question now is, will he make it?

Okay, everybody, listen to me.

This boy was spotted on your bus.

He is an English runaway.

His name is Will Brennan.

Yeah, come on, mate.

We're Liverpool fans, not bloody criminals.

Hey, it's our Super Brain, isn't it?


Where is Will Brennan?

I'm Will Brennan.

No, I'm Will Brennan.

No, I'm Will Brennan.

No, no. I'm Will Brennan.

Uh-uh, I'm Will Brennan.

I'm Will Brennan.

I'm Will Brennan.

You're not Will Brennan.

You've never been Will Brennan.

I'm Will Brennan.

Trumped-up charges.

No evidence.

What a travesty.

First they come for your neighbor, then they come for you.

That's why I'm joining the SAS.

What's that?

Special Forces.

Learn to jump out of airplanes, fire cannons, know what swamp bugs are best to eat when you're

30 miles from nowhere and the enemy smells blood.

It gets pretty sticky out there sometimes, doesn't it?

That's why we've got to learn how to defend ourselves.

Where do you suppose Will is?

Halfway to Istanbul.

You think?

Yeah, don't you?

I knew you were a fan.

I didn't know you were a genius.

Do you wanna play for Liverpool when you grow up?

I'm not good enough.

Don't say that.

You're still young.

Yeah, I guess.

Morgan Hatch went to my school a couple of years ago.

Have you ever heard of him?


He's brilliant, a midfielder.

He moved to London for an England Schoolboys trial and didn't make it.

And if he's not good enough, well...

Don't be too hard on yourself.

Yeah, it doesn't matter.

We're all supernovas, anyway.

Super what?

A supernova.

It's when a star explodes in an incredible burst of light and energy.

Who told you that?


He's my best friend at school.

He knows everything about stars.


Where did you learn to do that?

Where'd you learn how to draw?

My dad says I got all the good genes from my mum.

Plus, lots and lots of practice.

We need to make one more stop before Turkey, okay?

To see your family?

Some people I used to know.

( woman on TV speaking French )

( children speaking in Bosnian )

Is this where you're from?


When was the last time you were here?

Oh, it's been years and years.


Avdo, I didn't mean to intrude.


They should be back soon.

You waited 10 years, what's another 10 minutes?

Mina, Nana, you remember Alek.

Hello, Mina.

Mirsad, come here.


It's a fine name.

We were blessed with him nine years ago.

Mirsad, Edina, go get washed.

Where have you been?



You don't look Bosnian.

I'm English.


Was your pirate ship blown off course?

Nana, haven't you seen the news?

When I was a little girl, your great-grandmother, Aida, used to make the best halva.

Do you remember halva?

She always used wild honey.

And Aida would give it away as gifts, even to her Christian neighbors.

We were all friends then.

None of us had very much, and life was sometimes very hard, but we had our families.


What does he know about family?


No, Nana.

I can't do this.

I can't pretend nothing's happened.


Your little friend doesn't know?

Didn't want to ruin the trip to Istanbul for the big match?

Tell him what you did to my son!

What happened?

I was playing for Sarajevo-- a club in Bosnia.

One weekend, when the war was over, I came back to the village with kits and footballs. All the kids were on the street.

Who wants a football, eh?

But one was missing-- Zeno.

What are you sitting there for, huh?

What's going on?

Don't you like football?


He was always a bit shy.

I gave Zeno a football.

Especially for you.

Now go play, come on.

He ran off and...

Who wants another football?

You want a football?

All right, here, have one.

Here, have one.



I'm sorry.

But a day, an hour, a minute hasn't gone by that I haven't thought of you-- of Zeno.



Please, forgive me, Mina.

What's that?

It's the call to prayer.

What's he saying?

He's saying it's time to lace up your boots and head for the pitch.

Whose shirt is that?


That's just as I drew it.

I know.

Wait, you played for Liverpool?

I was doing well in Sarajevo.

Then the big clubs started coming around.

Barcelona, AC Milan, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

I had a good trial for them.

They sent me this as a thank-you.

I wanted to sign.

Then Zeno, and...

Do you know what my dad always told me?

"Never let fear get in the way of your dreams."


No more fear.

Go on.

It fits me perfectly. What?

Alek, you must hurry.

A neighbor saw your car, called the police chief.

Since Will is in the news, he'll arrest you for the publicity.

Can I have my shirt?

Almost done.

The cops are coming.

Where's Will?


Jump in the back.

Come on.

They come from everywhere to virtually nowhere.

Here to the outskirts of Istanbul.

We're at the Ataturk Stadium, which gleams on the dusty plain like an Ottoman jewel.

It's AC Milan versus Liverpool in the Champions League Final, and for millions...


I don't see anybody selling tickets.

Don't worry.

Sorry, mate, are you selling tickets?


Sorry, do you have extra tickets?

No, no, no, no.

Oh, Liverpool, we love you.

You need any tickets?

We do.

This is ours tonight.



What are you doing?

Don't run off like that.

He has tickets.

Do you have tickets?

This could be your lucky day.

Let's see 'em.

Where's the magic seal?


How much?


We only have nine.

Then you, my friend, are out of luck.

Come on, man.

This is important.

Yeah, yeah.

I know it is, yeah.

That's why it's 12 large.

Wait, we have to make a deal here.

No, mate.

Hey, it's Liverpool's number one fan!

How are you?

What's wrong, little fella?

I can't afford the ticket.

What, you haven't even got any tickets?

Can't you cut us a deal?


Oh, come on, mate.

Don't you recognize him?

Come on, he's famous.

Oh, I'm onto you now.

You're that kid off the TV.


I'm sorry, mate.

But the ticket, it cost me


Will you take 10 if we can find it?

I'm going soft.

Ten grand, it's yours.

Good lad.

Tell you what, I'll even give me hat to collect the dosh.

Chuck it in.

Right, let's get Liverpool's number one fan into the match.

Come on, people.

Dig deep, dig deep!

This is Will Brennan.

I'll put mine in, too.

Come on.

Will Brennan needs a ticket!

Thank you very much.

Thank you, my love.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Come on, people!

He's our lucky mascot!


Thank you. Thank you!

Yes, thank you, my boys!

That should do it.

That will do it.

Here you go.

One ticket, enjoy.

Where's the other?

We paid for two.

No, you paid for one ticket.


I'm sorry, it's the only one I have left.

I'm sorry, Will.


Come over here.

One left, what can I do?


This is your ticket.

Now you go in, enjoy the match, and I'll wait for you here.

I don't want to go without you.

I won't go without you.


Will, is that you?

Kenny Dalglish?

You made it, brilliant.

Well, we got this far.

What's the problem?

We only have one ticket, but there's two of us.

Well, here.

Take this... and walk up to the gate, and I'll see you down there.

Come on.

Oh, he's only gone and given him his pass.

Oh, that's too much, that.

That is top drawer, absolutely top drawer.

You were my dad's favorite player.

King Kenny.

He was at Stamford Bridge in '86 when you beat Chelsea one-nil for the League title decider.

I remember your dad.

He was the one who was shouting loudest.

It's Anfield legend Kenny Dalglish with Liverpool's number one fan.

Kenny, thanks for stopping by.

Boys, please!

A few words on tonight's game.

It's a fantastic occasion for Liverpool Football Club and also a fantastic occasion for Will, who's been through an awful lot to get here.

Let's hope we both have a great night.

I'm sure you will.

Now, Will, the whole world is watching.

Is there anything you'd like to say?

Just hello to all my mates back at Saint Luke's.

Come on, Will.

Especially Simon and Richie.

Hey, look, guys, I made it.

And I'm here with Kenny Dalglish.


Would you like to run out with the players?

I'm scared.

Can you keep a secret?

So am I.

Go on.

Thank you very much.

Will, we knew you couldn't be stopped.

Now you go up the front with Stevie and take the teams out.

You deserve it.

Thank you, Mr. Carragher.

I'm so glad you made it, my friend.

Go on, that's the way ahead now. Will, Will, Will, Will, Will, Will, Will, Will!

Hear that?

They're waiting for you.

Now, go on, son.

It's time.

* In your heart

* And you'll never

* Walk alone...

Go on, my son.

* You'll never

* Walk

* Alone... Will! Will!

Will! Will! Will! Will! Will!

( "Space Age Love Song" playing )

* I saw your eyes

* And you made me smile

* For a little while

* I was falling in love

* I saw your eyes

* And you touched my mind

* Although it took a while

* I was falling in love

* I was falling in love

* I saw your eyes

* I saw your eyes

* Saw your eyes

* And you made me cry

* Made me cry

* Made me cry

* And for a little while

* Little while

* Little while

* I was falling in love

* Falling in love

* Falling in love

* Falling in love

* Falling in love.

By their deeds he shall know them.