Wind (1992) Script

So, what's on your mind?

I don't know. It's kind of hard for me to tell you about it.

I know there's been something on your mind since yesterday.

Morgan Weld offered Charley and I a free ticket to Newport.


To be on the crew of his new boat.

Yeah, he's got a new 12-meter for the America's Cup.

It's the big time, Kate.

Well, that's fantastic. That's great.

Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?

Because I'm not doing it.

You've been dreaming about doing this since you were little kid.

It's risky. There's no guarantees.

And, I could be bounced and sent home next week.

When are you supposed to be there?


Charlie's already gone.

What, so you're worried about me?

You could come with me.

You know I can take care of myself.

Prepare to tack.


Move it, lads.

Get up there, Spider.

Hey, Will...

Steer a while.


Designed by old Captain Nat himself.

He built six defenders and never lost once.





Col... Twice.

- Defender. Reliance.

Reliance. Built in 1903, crew, 66.

Largest single-masted ship ever built.


1934, Vanderbilt beat Endeavor.

She was the faster boat.

Closest we ever came to losing the cup in 130 years.

My wife used to call these "jealous mistresses."

You married?

Yeah, almost.

She'll be here next week for the Fourteens.

Sometimes we pay too high a price for our dreams.

You know, Will, you're skipper material.

So, I'm going to let you take over the trial horse.

She's an old boat, but she's a champion.

You'll be my sparring partner.

Sharpen my reflexes, huh?

Pick your own crew.

Thank you.

Come on. Let's get it.

Let's go.

Tie a knot.

We got to clean the whole thing up, jerk.

Port. Starboard.

Okay, drop anchor.

Aw, Kate...

Nice work.

Especially for you.

Last time I saw this thing it was like a jigsaw puzzle.

I can't believe this is the same boat.

What is this? It's beautiful, isn't it?

I can't believe you did it.

Come here, you, I've missed you so much.

So, tell me who's going to be here?

Oh, well, you know, old Mr. White Nose will be here.

Yeah? My favorite.

Shumway's going to be there, the Hulk.

Your favorite and mine, Jack.

No problem here.

Come on, we gotta tack out of here.

Hello, everyone.

Peter Montgomery here for the Australian sports network.

Welcome to Newport, Rhode Island.

We're at the Buzzard's Bay championships of the high-octane International Fourteens, one of the toughest classes in all of sailing.

As every good skipper knows, the big boats get the glory but the small boats make the sailor.

We've got several America's Cup contenders down from Newport today, let's look at the favorites.

Jack Neville, Australia's finest skipper and a cup challenger this year Charlie Gaines, Olympic silver medalist and the favorites, Parker and Bass.

Will Parker, probably the best match racer on the world circuit today, and Kate Bass, retired from racing six months ago, to get her master's degree in aeronautical engineering.

It's a nice surprise to see her here today.

Neville to starboard.

Here he comes, the bastard!

You bastard!

We're ready for you!

All right!

You're very good, you know that?

Thanks, baby.

Come up a little!

Take him out!

Ready to carve one?

Stand by to jibe. Aye aye.

Watch the teabaggin', bucko.

Port's Parker.

Hey, Parker!

What do you want to do?

Daffy Duck him.

You bastard!

Jack's lost his jib.

Patterson's coming on.

Shumway's coming back.

Whoa, nope!

No, he's not.

Patterson is no longer a factor.

Charlie's making his move.

Charley's gone.


Right there.

Oh, yeah.

We're in the groove now, baby!

You sure are, mister.

She's singing!

Whoa, sail this boat!

No surrender!




Do you know how close we were?

We had this one.

Yeah, we did, didn't we? Yeah.

Well... Damn it.

You can't win 'em all.

I would have liked to win this one.

Oh, there goes Jack. Perfect. Great.

Well, what do you want me to do, hate myself?


You were so close.

I didn't do it on purpose. Just, something happened.

Yeah. You're right. I shouldn't have.

You just had to go push harder.

You just had to run him over.

You look really beautiful. I just gotta tell you that.

Oh, really?

Yeah. You just look fantastic.

♪ My baby says She taught me so

♪ And I'm an ornery man

♪ Now my baby... ♪ Hey, hey!


Great race. Great race.

We gotta let you win once in a while.

Come on. You looked like a couple of turds on a tarmac.

In your dreams, Jacky.

How are you, darling? You look wonderful.

All the better for seeing you, Big J.

Big J, you've been reading my mail.

Of course.

How about a dance later?

I don't know if my heart can take it.

There he is, Will.

Yeah, he was watching today.

The would-be keeper of yachting's holy grail.

The only truly worthy opponent. The old eagle himself.

The old bastard.

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm sorry about screwing up today.

Yeah, well, winning's not everything.

But it's a lot more fun.

Look, I owe you one, all right?

Well, if you're really good.

I'll let you make it up to me.

I don't... Geez, how 'bout we go on this sexy boat?

Wanna go for a sail?

Shh, straight through the waves.

What do you think? I'm here, aren't I?

And I didn't come here to look at your boat.

What's going on down there?

Come on, get down. They'll throw me off the crew.

I know, I'm sorry.

Come on, Max. It's nothing.



Happy faces, gentlemen.




Down! Let's count to ten. One...

...Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Four, five, six, seven.

Will, I think you've got an attitude problem.

You're pissing and moaning.

You're not talking to me about it.

He takes away my gear, he takes away my sails, he takes away everything...

Bad-mouthing Morgan isn't going to accomplish a thing.

And, besides, you'll lose the respect of the crew.

I got a tired old boat and I got a crew of mutinous dogs.

What am I supposed do?

I got the picture, Will, but Morgan sees something special in you.

I don't know what it is. A touch, a feel.

But, come on, everybody wants to drive the boat.

There's 10 other people on there with you, Will.

You've got the egos. They have the muscles forward.

And you've gotta make them into one body.

Will, the secret, I think you need to make them feel like they're part of a team.

That they're contributing something.

You got a choice, you can lead, you can follow, or, you can get out of the way. Understand?

I've got to go!

It's a big break for me, Will.

A dream job with a great designer.

So I'm going to do it.

What would I do here, anyway? Buy your groceries?

Sweep my floor, make my bed, make me breakfast in the morning.

Oh, gee!

What if you came on the boat?

You could be my tactician.

The two of us, together again.

Aw, come on, Will.

This is the oldest boys' club in the world.

They would tear me to shreds. No, they wouldn't.

Not if you were good enough.

And you'd be the first one!

The first woman.

Just like Eve in the garden of Eden?

Remember what happened to her.

What are you talking about?

Eve got what she wanted, didn't she?

If it wasn't for Eve, none of us would even be here.

So, what are you bitching about?

I'm bitching that I have to choose between my life or yours.

Heads, you stay with me and sail into history books, or, tails, you leave me in my time of need and disappear into academic obscurity, okay?

No, wait, it should be the other way around.

See, tails is the eagle, like your boat.

So tails I stay, heads I go.

Tails, you sail. Heads, you leave me.

Got it. Mind like a steel trap.

I'm a sailor, okay.

Here we go.

Okay, wait, wait! I changed my mind.

Heads, you stay here and sail.

Tails, you come with me and be my research assistant.

Give me a break. You can't compare this to that.

Oh, I see.

No, this is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

What's the best thing that's ever happened to you?

You are the best thing that's ever happened to me.

You mean it?



The draft on The Eagle's main sail has to be moved forward.

You think so? Yeah, and if we re-cut it, I think it probably would pick up...


You mean, like a team?

This better work, Will Parker, otherwise, I will never forgive you and I will be very cruel to you for the rest of your miserable life.

You promise? Mm-hmm.


We're up ten.

Speed's increasing. We're at 7.9.

Come up a little higher.

Congratulations, boys, we just beat Morgan.

Good work.

Hey, George.

Will, you're doing a fine job.

Ah, thanks. We've just been lucky.



There's a problem.


It's the girlfriend.

Come on, Will, it's just unprofessional.

It upsets the men to have a woman on board.

Crew chemistry.

It's a delicate, subtle thing.

Come on, George. That's bullshit.

She's doing a fine job. All the crew likes her.

Will, she's off the boat.

Fine. You can tell Morgan to take his boat and shove it up his ass.

And, from today, you'll be alternate helmsman and tactician on the "A" boat.

Well done.

Hey, beat it! Come on!

Hey! We're going to sit at the table, and eat like human beings tonight. Get out of there.

Don't spoil your dinner! Get out!

I'm cooking!

Here, take over, I can't take this anymore.

These onions are killing me.

Oh, also, I want you to make some of that good dressing.



You've been cut from the boat.

They say you don't mix well with the crew.

That's bullshit! That's what I told 'em.

I told 'em where they could stick their boat.


They also told me that I've been promoted to the starting helmsman on the Radiance.

I'm sorry, Kate. It's just...

Well, guys, the news is I'm out of here.

I don't know. That's just the way it is.

But, I'd just like to say how much I appreciate you guys.

You've been really wonderful to me.

And, um...

I'm sorry I messed up the soup.

Anyway, here's to you.

Hear, hear!

I have to fight so hard to stay on my own track.

You know, the pull of you and your life is just too much.

I have a life that has nothing to do with this and I just get sucked in.

I don't get it.

Is it defending your holy grail?

Some male ritual?

Maybe, you just want your face on a cereal box.

It's not quite like that, Kate.

It's, uh...

When you get a chance to do something that you've dreamed about doing, you do it.

I don't know. It's hard to explain.

It's being a part of something that's so much bigger than I could ever be by myself.

Gentlemen, you are all in a line of elite men, of great men.

You have defended the world's most endearing sporting record.

It's an honor to know you. It's an honor to sail with you.

Tradition has it that, um, that the first American skipper to ever lose the cup will replace it with his own head in the trophy case.

Gentlemen, my head is in your hands.

Please be careful. I've become attached to it.

And, I would propose a toast.

The cup. Hear, hear!

Never before in the history of the America's Cup has a foreign challenger come this far.

Boomerang has come from behind three times to win.

And pushed this best-of-seven series to a seventh and final race.

For Jack Neville, a chance to make history.

For Morgan Weld, it's do or die.

For the very first time, America's back is up against the wall.

And they're tacking.


Radiance ahead by three boat lengths on the forth leg as the boats speed toward the mark, but are still a mile away.

Boomerang, the white boat. Radiance, the blue.

They're sailing into the wind by tacking back and forth on this zigzag course.

As you can see, Weld has been keeping an eye on Neville covering him tack for tack, but with his bigger lead the American skipper can make for his layline now then head straight for the mark.

The question for Australia, can they stay close enough to attack downwind?

The Americans proving very good at hanging onto what's theirs.

What's going on, Rubsey?

They're a fraction higher and a little faster.


Come on, hold up on that tack line.

We're getting buried, sir, pull speed 8.2 and static.

Holding bearing.

What do you got now, Will?

Still increasing. We're up about seven boat lengths, sir.

Charlie, where's the mark? I can't see it.

Right over there.


Move it, lads, move it!

The main's coming down!

Spider, get up there and tie it to the mast crane!

Hey, get out of the sewer!

Mark, get up and stand by to hoist!

Watch out! Move it, lad, move it!

Their main's falling, Rubsey.

They're in trouble!

They're coming up fast, sir.

Latch it to the crane!

Speed 7.9 and falling.

Hurry it up, boy! Move it, move it!

They're probably going to tack on us, Morgan.

First spreader!

Second spreader!

7.6 now. We got to fix this!

Hold! Hold! Four boat lengths.

Third spreader!

Spider, give it all you got!

Five boat lengths and a layline, sir.

Latch it up, Spider!

We're on the layline, sir.

Spider, hoist the damn thing.

Losing bearing, sir. Closing 7.6 now.

They're tacking.

Boat speed 6.9.


Two boat lengths past the layline, sir.

We need to tack, sir.

Tie it off, Spider!

All right, tacking.

We can't tack. It's too dangerous.

We got to. We've passed the layline.

We're tacking.


Hang on, Spider!

Hang on, Spider!

Jesus Christ!

Hold on, Spider!

Get him down!

Get him down!

He's hurt! Get him down!


Get him down! Get him down!

Come on. You'll be okay!


Get him down, baby.

Get him down, baby. Get him down.

He's hurt. Coming down.

Somebody take the wheel.

Take the wheel.

Let's get him in the hole. Skye, cover for spider.

I got the main.

Looks like he's hurt pretty bad.

Poor bastard.

Good for us.

They'll be a man short at the spinnaker set.

You'll be all right, son. You'll be all right.

Ten boat lengths to the mark, Will.

Somebody get the med kit.

Come up on it just a little bit, Will.

...and the American lead has been chopped in half...

Radiance is going to have to sail perfectly on the next leg.

Boomerang is back in this race.

Holding bearing.

Three boat lengths, Will. I got it.

Two boat lengths.

All right, you're looking good.

The mark's coming up!

One boat length. The length of the boat.

Leeward runner.

Spider's okay. Will, you're too close!

Damn it! We hit the mark!

What? You hit the mark?

Got to go around again, boys.

Come on! Hurry it up, damn it!

We saw you, Morgan! Ring around the rosie!




All right, let out the spinnaker!

They're about to jibe. We should grab the inside, sir.

We're still in this, boys. Let's keep our heads up.

Bearing to leeward mark is 60 degrees.

It's a shorter course.

No, I'm staying. We still got wind on this side.

Morgan, we've got to go. They're coming at us.


They're jibing.

Okay, let's go.

I'm staying. There's still wind on this side.

Morgan, they're coming at us. They're going to take our air.

All right. On the inside now!

Jibing! Trim!

Our main's nearly on their air.

Just keep it going a bit further.


Good angle, Jack. 7.7.

Just keep working it down to their line. How's your main?

Little trim on, guys.

How's your bowline, Richard?

Talk to me, Will. What, what, what!

Coming away, coming away!

We want to get down and lay this mark.

Pinch me, Rubsey. Wake me up, wake me up!

What? I don't believe it.

You're awake, Jack. Just don't start mouthing off yet.

History is being made here in Newport.

The boats are only moments from the finish line and the one in the lead flies not the red, white, and blue but the green and gold from the land down under.

The America's Cup is about to be America's no more.

And Radiance is the boat that lost it and she lost it when tactician Will Parker hit the mark.

You're witnessing the end of an era.

Watch for the victory smoke.

It's almost there. Coming up to the committee boat.

They're over!

Boomerang has won the America's Cup!

You bloody beauty!

This is a historic day for Australia.

This is a historic day for skipper Jack Neville and his brave crew.

They've broken the longest winning streak in sports.

They've taken it away at last.

Hey, hey, hey!


Hey, Jack, good work, mate!


Congratulations, Jack.

You and your crew raced a masterful race.

Right into history, right? Johnny, I got it!


Hey, Morgan, you going to be down there trying to get it back, in Australia.

Right. This wasn't just for us.

It was for every Australian sailor!

That's working better.

Because of its slow speed, I turbulated its surface to increase its efficiency.

So where can we use it?

Any airfoil performing at similar Reynolds numbers.

Gliders, sails...


Doesn't work.

The wing should be like a...

Smooth like a woman's thigh, you know?

This is like a hippopotamus thigh.

Excuse me. Yeah?

I'm looking for Kate Bass. I understand she works here.

Yes, she's down by the hangar there.

Thanks. Got a wrench?




What are you doing here? Are you okay?

Oh, yeah.

You've been pretty hard to track down.

I've been looking all over for you.

Geez, I hope you don't mind me barging in on you like this.

Oh, no. It's great to see you.

Really? I've been thinking about you.

Yeah, I've been wondering how you've been holding up.

That's real nice of you.

Geez, you look good.

Oh. Oh, Will, this is Joe Heiser.

I think I talked to you about him.

It's Will.

Oh, Will, the sailor. I've heard a lot about you.

How you been doing?

So, you got killed, huh?

I mean, psychologically.

Big game of ritual warfare.

Nah, I wouldn't say that.

They're really amazing, those cup boats.

So, what percentage of the success of a boat is from the design and how much is just the skill of the sailors?

Oh, it's hard to say. Every race is different.

Yeah, but it's important. I mean, the design is important.

Yes, it's important.

They wouldn't spend so much money on boat design if it wasn't important, would they?

So how much does it cost to build one of those boats?

You know what they say about boats?

They're holes in the water where you throw money.

It's quite a place you got here, Kate.

We like it.

I've always been interested in sailboats.

They're very similar to aircraft.

Hey, Joe, want to give me a hand here for a second?

You know, a lot of the same principles apply.

What are you doing? What do you mean?

Why are you hustling Will?

I don't really think he's up for it. And besides, he's broke.

That's not the point.

I mean, he's got something. He's got something you can sell.

What about our work, what we're doing?

What we're doing is on the brink of a black hole.

A shot in the dark is better than no shot at all.

Joe, this is just hard for me. Can you please drop it?

I can get it to work. I promise.

You know, there's always more than one way to skin a cat.

It doesn't have to be such a big complicated deal.

You could test the boat models down in the river right down here.

And, I got the guys in the hangar working. Great guys.

All the tools we need, the know how.

And we'd be independent out here, you know?

Working together, you know, tight, like a team.


And you'd be in control of everything.

We could do it almost for nothing.

You're so full of it, it's pathetic.

You know, there is one thing

that might be better than winning the cup.

It's losing the cup and then winning it back.

You are so demented. What, you haven't had enough?

Wait, what are you getting angry about, we're just talking.

There was a time when I thought I had to explain myself to you, but that time is long gone.

You know, we can do it.

We can go down there to Australia and win it back.

Don't worry about her. I can handle her.

A great designer who knows how to handle women.

Quite a guy.

You see Will leave?

He's gone?

Lessons are down by the creek.


Madame Butterfly.



The famous fumbler.

Listen, is your father around?

I really need to talk to him.

I think so.

I don't live there anymore.

I'm camping out down by the beach house.

Keep your eyes open. He's, um...

He's in rare form these days.

Okay, thanks. See you later.


Turn around.

Who are you?

What do you want? What are you doing here?

I came to see Mr. Weld.

Mr. Weld isn't receiving visitors.


Come in, boy.

It's good to see you.

My, you've been hiding out as long as I have, huh?

You're looking good. Come on in. Have a cup of coffee.

Sit down. Sit down, boy.

Listen, sit down. I'll give you a cup...

Before I give you the cup, let me show you something.

I've been figuring things out, and I figured...

Here, this will tell you why this country's in such a mess.

Read that. Read it.

Read it.

"Chicago cabbie," huh?

"Wins $4 million in lottery."

Yeah. Lottery.


You think I got all this by guessing numbers, Will?

I broke my ass.

My father was a potato farmer.

Excuse me... From Idaho.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about...

Everybody wants it easy now, Will.

See, I'd like to make a proposal to you.

They want it on a plate.

And the reason we don't have the cup, Will, is that we don't deserve to have the cup.


We could try again, you see?

Again? Yeah.


Will... You're a decent person.

Go back to that girl, get married, live in the country, be a quaker, first man on Mars, anything.

But, don't, don't, don't bullshit yourself.

I'm not bullshitting myself.

I'm going to get it back, sir.

I can do it.

You think you can do it?

I know I can.

Then, take it.

Go ahead, take it.

Take it!

Cock it.

Cock the damn thing.

Put it right there.



Do you think if I were the only thing between you and that cup, do you think...

You could pull the trigger?



You'd make a good martyr, but not a soldier, not a Caesar.

You don't want blood on your hands.

Forget it, Will.

You haven't got it.

Forget it.

I can guess what Daddy said to you.

He said...

You're too clumsy for ballet.

You don't have a head for business.

You've been to the best schools in the country and you haven't graduated from any of them.

He basically told you you were a loser, right?


Maybe he's right.

He's just wallowing in self-pity.

He can't face the fact that he's a failure.

God, I hate boats.

How do you feel about winning?

It's beyond my experience.

You know how you win a sailboat race?

Imagine that your hand is a beautiful boat sailing along in a beautiful breeze.

Along comes another boat, steals your wind, smothers you, takes away your power.

So, you steer a course to stay away from the other boat.

But it comes back, covers you again, steals your breeze, takes your power.


The most important thing is finding your own wind.

Sailing along under your own power staying out of the other boat's shadow.

You have beautiful hands.

What do you want?

You know who Geronimo was?


He was an Indian.

He was man who kept fighting for what he believed in.

He never gave up.

Right to the end.

What am I going to do with you?

You're a disaster in the making.

I'm gonna need therapy after this, I can tell.

There's not enough forward buoyancy.

In a downwind leg, it would turn into a submarine.

As long as it's a fast submarine, what's the difference?


It would sink to the bottom like a rock.

It's not a big problem. We can overcome that.

Listen, Joe, you've never been in one of these things.

I'm telling you, it's a problem.

There's a lot of wind in Australia.

That's your opinion, right? That's what you think.

Don't guess at things. Look at the numbers.

Numbers don't lie.

What do numbers tell you about squalls, tides, freak waves, eh?

You know, you discount my work because you don't understand it.

You know what you don't understand?

That a mathematic process can be very intuitive.

It's like music.

You know what your problem is?

You're oversensitive because once upon a time you thought it was more important to go out sailing than to pass Trigonometry.

You don't know diddly squat about boats.

You're impossible. This is impossible.

How can I work with you?

How can I work with such a hard headed ignoramus on my back?

The waves are so big and the wind is so strong.

And the tide and the di and the da.

What do you want, Noah's Ark?

Yeah, I could see it.


How does the water know the boat's coming?

Well, it doesn't really.

It travels along with the boat at different speeds.

Good idea of yours, this tank.

Yeah, good idea.

The river was a good idea! The river was a good idea, too.

It was a good idea but you could not see the bow waves coming.

What do you think?

No, no, I want to know what you think.

No, no, I want to hear your opinions.

I think, maybe, we should try your idea.

Maybe we should move the keel back.

I think your suggestion was good to move it forward because it might work.

You think so? We could try it.

You expecting anybody?

It might be the I.R.S.

Maybe it's the Australians coming to spy on us.


Is this it?

Yeah, this is it.

Where the heck did you get that?

Oh, I sort of kidnapped it from my father.

This is Joe... Abigail.

Oh, hi.

Nice to meet you. Will talked a lot about you.

I missed you. I missed you too.

Was I wrong to come? No.

I have to pee really badly.

Is there a...

Joe. Yeah?

Yeah. You just go to the hangar.

To the left and straight ahead.


Hang on.

Bunch of animals. You know, you...

Hi. Who are you?

Oh, I'm Abigail Weld.

Oh... Hi.

I'm Kate. I work with Joe.

Kate. Yes.

Oh, hello. Well, welcome.

Thank you.

Oh... Well...

Is this the only bathroom?

Oh... Yeah. I'm sort of desperate.

You can always go outside.

Oh, no.

No, thanks.

I'll just make do.

You know, the airframe is the lightest and most efficient construction in aluminum.

Very, very strong.

It's relatively inexpensive too.

This is all fascinating.

There's something I have to tell you.

I wanted to tell you face-to-face.

I have less money available to me than I was led to believe.

How much less? A lot.

A lot. So what have you got?

Approximately $200,000.

That's really bad.

No. It's not bad at all.

You'll have to start raising money.

I can't. I don't know anything technical.

Don't worry. I'll explain everything.

I've plucked a few pigeons in my day.

To be honest with you I really don't know if I can do this.

Sure you can.

I guess we have to be gliding for a while.

You ever been up in an airplane without a motor?

It's really great.

I'll take you up someday. You'll love it.

Why worry? I mean what could possibly happen?

Of course, my design could turn out to have a few flaws.

After a couple of weeks it turns out that Will and I hate each other.

And Abigail proves to be the flake of the century.

She can't raise a dime.

And this big tornado comes, tears this place apart.

We're broke. They put us in jail.

The state department wants to throw me out of the country, but I fool them.

They put us in jail and I catch pneumonia and die.


Okay, now I'm ready to really go to work.

You like it?

Hi, Nick. It's Abby Weld.

I know, we haven't spoken since college.

Here you are, Vice President.

It's amazing.

No, no, I'm not calling about a job.

Um, yeah, sure.

I can call back in a half-hour. How about that?

Okay, fine. Bye-bye.

Will you sign this, please? What's this?

A standard contract.

I think we should have a legal deal on paper.

Contracts are my job, aren't they?

But you guys are amateurs at this business, so it's important that I have total control of the design.

Total control?

What are you talking about, partner?

I'm not signing off on the design of this boat until I feel it's right. Not for you, not for anybody.

Look, what we have to do is, we have to figure out who is responsible for what.

You guys will work on the hull, we'll work on the sails...

Listen, I'm putting my reputation at stake, here.

What happens if we don't agree on anything?

What happens if we run out of money?

I'll be left there holding the bag.

Heiser, stop talking like you're the only one taking any risks here.

It really pisses me off.

Why would I give you total control of the design?

You haven't proven that you can build something that will stay afloat. What do you mean?

Well, I have an idea for a new kind of foresail.


What's so special about this?

Okay, I got the idea from a beetle.

You know how it's got these hard wing covers?

They lift up and act as big downwind sails.

If we can use that mechanism on the boat, it will fly.

Heiser likes this idea? No, because it's not his idea.

So $2,500 for the prototype, and then?

This is such a nickel-and-dime operation that we've got to take these kind of risks.

Don't talk to me about nickle and dime operations.

Money is my department.

Money may be your department but if you don't listen to ideas then we don't have a chance.

I don't want to hear this from you.

I like to think of myself as a member of this team.

Will and I have been at this game for 15 years.

You show up and have appointed yourself queen bee.

But, it's my money, and I'd like to think I have some say in how it's spent.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Well... I'll think about it.

We're going to need as much waterline as we can get.

I've factored in the average weather in that part of Australia over the last 20 years.

We got to play the percentages.

You mean compromise? Yeah, of course.

You always get to a point where you have to stop torturing yourself and play the percentages.

You're afraid of committing yourself.

You have this desire for perfection.

What's wrong with perfection?

Nothing... If you're God.

If you're prepared to wait 500 million years for it to evolve.

But we got to start building this boat next week.

That's it.

Skye, I need your help.

Yeah, yeah, that's right.

No, no, no. I'm not joking. It's really happening.

When can you be here?

Fantastic. I'm counting on you.

Sheik, it's time to come out of the woods.

You're not going to believe this but it's happening!

Listen, what about Otis?

You're kidding me.

Fantastic. All right.

Hey, Charley. What's happening, baby?

Well, it's time to go to work.

Listen, you know where I can find Hook?

Thanks a lot, buddy. I'm glad I can count on you.

You don't know how I can reach Bruno, do you?

You're kidding.


We're out in the desert, so bring some beer.

We're looking for help from the private sector.

Yes. Individuals with heart and vision like yourself.

With us it's more than a boat race.

It's proof that America hasn't lost its competitive edge.

This is the quintessential all-American endeavor.

What? Oh, no, no, sure. I'll hold.


A slight accounting error.

I gambled. I thought we'd be covered by now. We're not.

This is an incredibly humiliating experience.

How could they do this to us?

You know, when big companies become rich, they want to become respectable.

So what do we got to sell that can make them look more respectable?

Let's face it. What we're doing here is not about saving the world or curing cancer.

It's just about good, clean fun.

Well, that's it.

That's it, clean.

A white sail on a blue sea. What's more clean than that?

But we can't do it on the phone. We got to press the flesh.

We got to go on the hustle.

Do you have a suit?

Has he got a decent suit?

Do you have a decent suit? I got a decent suit.

Hey, what are you doing?

Looking at the stars.

Oh, yeah.

Wow. Yeah.

Makes me feel so small.

You going to spend the night out here?

I don't know. Maybe.

This feels like old times.

Kate, I'm still in love with you.

Can we just lie here and not talk?

I'm selling clean air and he's sucking on a cigarette.

The lady's all legs and no brains.

But, uh...

We got it all. We got it all.

What? You got it all?


Ladies and gentlemen, all of Australia is with us today to cheer the boys on.

Welcome to the 31st defense of the America's Cup.

Long shot Geronimo is still on the war path.

The Americans squeaking out their victories over seven other international contenders in their bid to challenge Australia.

Underdog Will Parker has had all the breaks in these finals.

And somehow, he's managed to hand Jack Neville three defeats out of five but how long can his beginner's luck hold?

It's awfully hard to run a one-boat campaign at this level of competition.

And, Geronimo is battle-weary from her three months of trials.

Abigail Weld hits up the shoe-string syndicate.

But you can be sure there is another Weld pulling the strings.

The Yanks have a chance to put it away today.

They lead 3-2, but as they head for the finish, it's Australia just in front.

All right, here he comes.

It's going to be close! It's going to be close!

We're going to have to duck him.

Stand by to tack.

Tacking! He's coming back to cover.

We're a bit wound up, we need a bit more pace.

He's covering us! Let's go back! Tacking.

All right!

You're looking good, Will, very good.

We gained another boat length.

Trim the main! Trim the main!

They've had good pressure out their left.

It's a big gain for them.

Our course is 1-7-5, down five.

You guys are sailing like a bunch of maggots.

Lighten the jib, let's go now!

Helm's down!

We're gaining bearing. I think we can cross now, Will!

Don't tell me what you think! Tell me what you know!

We're going to cross!

Are we gaining on them or what?

We're fine, we're going to cross 'em, let's go for it!

I don't believe you, Charley!

Are we going to crease-line them, or not?

We're going to make it! Let's go for it!

It looks like they're heading in here for a lee bow situation.


Hold your course, we're fine!

What the bloody hell do they think they're doing?

We're not gonna make it.

We're not gonna make it!

You always say that and we always make it.


Look out!

Watch out!

Jesus Christ, Jack!

You were too damn slow!

It was only a matter of time before the Americans ran out of luck and Jack Neville's years of experience caught up with them.

The word from the race committee tonight is they will not allow a couple of cowboys to turn this challenge into a free-for-all.

Who started the fight?

He did. He did.

I think when Jack woke up this morning he thought he was a sumo wrestler instead of a sailor.

It's got nothing to do with bloody sumo wrestling.

The real tragedy is that we've lost our mast and we have a broken spare and if we don't have a mast, we're not in the race.

Is that the way you want to win it?

I tell you what, mate.

I came here to sail against you, against a yachtsman.

Not against the bloody marines.

Jonathan. BBC television.

Jack, what will you submit to the protest hearing tonight?

I'll be submitting the truth, which is that we were on the starboard tack that they were on the port tack, that it was our right of way and that we should have won the bloody race!

You should've avoided our boat. The race was ours.

You had an opportunity to steer around our boat, and you didn't.

The Australian skipper could have avoided a collision...

Should have avoided a collision.

I've been saying that I thought I had enough room!

But the, uh...

The truth...

The truth is I didn't, and, uh...

This race belongs to Australia.


It's an extraordinary development here in Fremantle.

A concession by the American skipper now leaves the series all tied at three races each, and the decider tomorrow.

You sure it's in here? I don't know. I didn't pack it.

It might be in the other one. Maybe we forgot it.

You know, it's amazing how things just come to me.

You're thinking about how to generate more lift.

Joe can you help me, please? This is very important to me.

It's a kevlar bag, it's got white starts on it.

I sort of imagine this huge shape go by with almost no tip vortex. It just came to me.

Are you listening to me? You're lying on it. Get up.

Oh, the whimper. I thought it was here.

It's the whomper. Yes, the whomper.

The whomper.

The whomper, the world's largest bug wing.

All right, let's go.

What the hell are you doing?

Giving our extra mast to Jack so we can race tomorrow.

Under whose authority? Mine.

You don't have any authority any more.

What? You're fired. Through. History.

Listen, Abby. Go home. Take a shower.

Listen to me, we all worked our asses off to get this chance.

And we're almost there. And what do you do?

You betray us with your hip principles.

What a load of crap!

Do you have any idea how humiliated I was in there?

I am head of this syndicate, and Charley is now skipper.

Now, get out of here!

And you can get off these premises before I call the police!



Charley, what the hell is going on?

You're out of here! No, you are out of here.

Get out of here!

Stop playing the fighting bitch. You aren't the captain!


You've done a wonderful job, all of you.

Well done.

You've restored my faith.

Who's he?

You had to turn up, didn't you?

It's time for the amateurs to step aside and let the professionals take over.

And don't worry...

I will skipper the final race.

Will somebody please tell me who this guy is?

Can he do this? Probably.

Most of our sponsors are controlled by one of his secret holding companies.

You're not doing this, Daddy.

I didn't spend $4 million for some kind of power play.

I did it for the love of my little princess.

I believe in your abilities.

I believe in all of your abilities.

I can make it all right.

The cup will go back to America where it belongs.

I can redeem everybody.

Men, we've got a race to win.

Morgan, the cup's right over there and you're in our way.

One... Two...


That's private property.

I'm warning you.

♪ Under the shade of a coolabah tree... ♪ This is mutiny.

♪ And he sang as he watched

♪ And he waited till his billy boiled

♪ You'll go a-waltzing Matilda with me ♪



Kate, I've been looking all over for you.


Open the door. Why?

Listen, I was thinking.

I know what you're thinking and you can forget it.

I'm not replacing Charley.

You don't need me.

You're right, I don't need you.

We're all rugged individuals, right?

Nobody needs anybody.

The fact is I do need you, Kate. I really need you.

So what do you say? Listen, Kate, last night I realized that, well, if we lose, all this will have still been worth it.

But, well, if we win and you're not on the boat, this just won't mean anything.

Kate, I can't trust anybody else.

I could never trust any body else like I trust you.

What do you say, huh?

Tails, you stay here or heads, you sail with me.

Only this time, Kate, we'll do it our way.

There's been a big shakeup in the American afterguard.

Kate Bass has replaced Charley Gaines as tactician on Geronimo.

The old team of Parker and Bass are back together again.

Go inside.

Big trip, here we go.

How long to the gun?

It's showdown time in Perth, Australia.

There will be no protest flags today.

Both sides have agreed to waive the rules and settle this match on the water.

At the start, they'll jockey to get behind each other till the gun goes off.

The boat behind trying to force the leader over the line early.

Let's join the pre-start maneuvering, now.

Just about a minute left on the countdown clock.



One minute down.

He's running.

Put your back into it!

Pump it! Attaboy.


I'm on him.



20 seconds.

Where's that bloody red boat?

Go for the line!

Eleven, ten, nine...

Eight, seven, six...

Five, four, three...

Two, one...



What do you mean, what?

See that over there?

See it? Let's tack.

It's pretty risky.

Come on, it's right there. You can practically touch it.

All right, boys. Quiet.

Let's roll tack this mother.

They're up to something.

They're tacking.

Trim, trim.

2, 2.5, light.

Geronimo picked up a patch of wind on the left side of the course and the Americans have squeezed out a four-boat lead.

Australia trying to find the groove heading to the windward mark.

Stand by to tack.

Going in at 17.


Go slow on this tack, stay the length.


10 boat lengths to the mark.

Straight set and starboard pole.

It's got to be clean.

Jack's gaining.

They tacked behind us.

Ahead by six boat lengths.

We'll have to pinch it to clear.

Four lengths!

Okay, bow's at the mark.

Start your turn.

Peel it off. Put up the 1.5, quick.

Get that kit down! Ready forward.

It's coming down.


Hang on, we're coming up!

Take the wheel, Kate.

Bye-bye, Parker!

Raise the whomper.

We got to use it!

The what?

Okay. Here we go.

Jesus! We'll never catch them now.

You've got to use my new sail. Your what?

The whomper. The whomper?

You're going to put it up, it will go "whomp" and we're gonna get back in this goddamn race.


Will you trust me for once, you pea-brained nincompoop?

Sheik, put up the...


The whomper!

What are you looking at?

Nothing, I'm getting it, I'm getting it!

Go, go!

Holy shit.

Geronimo has just hoisted a monstrous spinnaker.

It's the whimp...

It's the whomper! It's my whomper!

It's your what?

My whomper!

One of my inventions.

Up, up!

Tighten it up.

How about a bit of spear fishing, Rubsey?

It's going to be a hard luff.

Keep her up.

What's he doing?

What are you doing, Jack?

Oh, what a pity.

It looks like Jack Neville has just given the Americans tit for tat.

This is it, the final leg.

One and a half miles from the finish line.

Australia doggedly hanging onto the lead.

Parker's only hope is that he can get to some clear air somewhere on the course.

But at the moment Platypus controls Geronimo with her wind shadow.

If Parker tries to break free and head for the clear air, Neville tacks right on top of him, stealing his wind.

Geronimo has three full boat lengths to make up and very little of this course left in which to do it.

We're gaining on them. We're gaining on 'em, boys.

Hold it!


1,100 yards to the finish line.

They're pressing.


If we're gonna do this, we have to out-tack them.

Tacking! Let's work now!

900 yards to go.

Come on girls. Let's eat 'em up!

Go, go, go!

Here we go! Helm's down.

We're getting it back boys.

We're getting it back!

800 yards!

Lay off!

Here we go again! Helm's down!


600 yards!

Tack again, we got to go!

Okay, tacking!

Lee ho!

500 yards to the line!

Here we go again!

Lee ho!

They're gaining on us.

Stand by to tack!

300 yards to go!

Let's fake him out!

So we can land the finish line.

We should go for it right now.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Okay, tacking.

Lee ho!

Go, go, go, go!

Go on back, go on back!

Here we go, here we go!

We got to go back, Jack.

They've thrown us a dummy, we've got to go back.

Jack, we've got...


Lee ho! We've got to go back.

Come on, get the bloody gear in!


Oh, no! Parker's faked out Neville.

He's thrown him a dummy tack.

Geronimo has finally got her nose into clear wind.

200 yards!

Come on, guys! We got to do it!

We got it!

Oh, yeah!

♪ In another time there was a night

♪ When all the wind and all the raging sky

♪ Could not contain our dreams

♪ And we were sure we'd go so far

♪ As we looked out across a million stars

♪ We had only to believe

♪ I never thought that I could lose you

♪ But then I had so much to learn

♪ We toss our hearts into the air

♪ Never really thinking

♪ We watch 'em fly into the sun

♪ We never cry till love is gone

♪ But then, once in a while, out of the blue

♪ A dream comes back to you

♪ When I close my eyes I still can see

♪ The moment that you slipped away from me

♪ You were waiting for so long

♪ The words that I could never say

♪ Rushed out to catch you, but it was too late

♪ I turned and you were gone

♪ I never thought that I would find you

♪ Funny how the world can turn

♪ We toss our hearts into the air

♪ Never really thinking

♪ We watch 'em fly into the sun

♪ We never cry till love is gone

♪ But then, once in a while, out of the blue

♪ A dream comes back to you

♪ Oh, then, once in a while, if you are true

♪ A dream comes back to you ♪