Wind River (2017) Script

There's a meadow in my perfect world... where wind dances the branches of a tree, casting leopard spots of light across the face of a pond.

The tree stands tall and grand and alone, shading the world beneath it.

It is here, in the cradle of all I hold dear, I guard every memory of you.

And when I find myself frozen in the mud of the real, far from your loving eyes...

I will return to this place, close mine, and take solace in the simple perfection of knowing you.


You got blood on your shirt.

Uh, yeah, I just came from work.

Who was the victim today?

Looks like it's gonna be me.

Want some coffee?


So, I gotta go to the rez tomorrow.

Figure I'd take Casey by to see your folks.


Something killed a yearling in the pasture behind their house.

Yeah, that's why I'm going.

Don't let Casey out of your sight on the rez.

Okay? No, like I said, I'm gonna leave him with your folks while I scout.

You know, it's too cold to drag him through the snow, so... You know what I mean.




Dad? Come on, bud.

Okay. I'm coming. Time to go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.

What's your BB gun pointed at right now?

Come here. Come down here.

Sorry, Dad.

Hey. What's the rule, bud?

Okay? Gun's always loaded, even if it ain't.


Yes. Okay. Come on, buddy.

Put that in the truck. Hurry up.

Okay. Don't run.

I'll be back Monday afternoon.

Just be careful on the road, okay?

This won't be my first snowstorm in a car.


Is this it?


Here you go, buddy.

You know, it's a good town, Wilma.

They got good schools there.

If I get the job, we're gonna have to talk about his child support.

Jackson's a lot more expensive.

Well, you go get that job, and we'll figure it out from there.

Don't you worry about it.

Take Togwotee Pass.

And don't go through Pinedale, okay?

This, uh, this storm's comin' from the south, so...

Yeah, you couldn't drag me through Pinedale with a rope.

I'll never set foot in that town again.

Well, good luck, okay?

Better hurry it up... it's hungry.

Chow time, boys.

You okay?


You gotta push his nose back when he rubs up on you like that.

Okay? 'Kay.


Told you I'd get that hat dirty.

He's got the height advantage on me is the deal.

Is that right?

Well, let's fix that.

Come on.

You're gonna earn his respect, buddy.

You know how you do that?

By standing your own ground.

So, let's get you up on there.

So, like I showed you, right?


Who's got the height advantage now?

Huh? Who's got the height advantage?

Let's back him up.

Be gentle.

Till he tells you not to be.

Take him around.

That's it.

Pass right by his food.

Keep on going, keep on going.

There you go. You show him who's boss.

Want to sidepass him over this way?


There you go.

That's it, son.

Keep coming.

Back him up.

He wants the food. Back him up.

Look at that.

All right, come on in.

How about that!

Good job. Come over here.

Put your hand up on his nose.

Let him smell you, let him breathe you, let him know you.

He'll love you forever.



So, what do you think of that, son?

That was pretty cowboy, huh?

No, son.

That was all Arapaho.

Hey, grandson! Hey!

Grandma's making you fry bread.

Did you have breakfast? Just eggs.

Well, go ahead, get you some!

Horses sense the storm, huh? Yeah.

So, uh, police chief call you to hunt the lion, eh?

Well, he called me to hunt something.

Yeah. Heard you lost a steer.

Yeah. I'll show you where.

It's a lion. Is that right?

Come on.

How's Wilma?

She got a job interview in Jackson.

Some hotel, I think.

Jackson Hole. Yeah.

Going to live with the millionaires, eh?

Well, I don't know about that.

I think the billionaires chased out the millionaires years ago.

Well, save your money.

When the wolves start eating their golden retrievers, that land's gonna go for pennies on the dollar.

Yes, sir.

Tell me what that is.


Well, it's a lion, all right.

There's two.

Three of 'em.

She's got both of last year's kits with her.

They chased your steer around for a while, it seems.

That's what the tracks say.

Mama's teaching her kids how to hunt.

She's teaching them on livestock.

Mama just got her whole family killed.

You got gas in your sled?

Hey. I need emergency assistance.

Repeat, emergency assistance requested.

Come back.

Fremont County Sheriff's Office.

What's your location?

The Wind River Indian Reservation, east of Boulder Flats.

FBI taking a while, eh?

Yeah, the road out of Riverton's bad.

I don't want to move her until they have a look, but I'm not gonna try to pull her out after dark.

We gotta get this show on the road.

We're losing the tracks, Ben.

Well, it is coming down pretty good.

You should let me follow 'em while I still can.

Can't let you do that, until it's okayed by the FBI, Cory.

You call her folks yet?

No. I want to take the body to Lander.

I know it looks like Natalie...

It's Natalie.

There's your Feds.

Where are these fools going?

They can't see the road. We don't have time for this.

I'll get 'em.

Your destination is on the left.

Turn left.

You FBI? Are you tribal police?

No, I'm here to take you to them.

Look, they're very close. Just follow me, okay?


I'm Jane Banner.

You by yourself?

Yeah. It's just me.

I'm Ben Shoyo... I'm the tribal police chief.

That's Cory Lambert, with Fish and Wildlife.

He's the one who found the body.

And this is his, uh, father-in-law, Dan.

He don't do nothin'.

We got the same job, eh?

Well, um, I'm sorry to meet under these circumstances.

So, do you want to show me the body?

I don't mean to be rude... I'm just freezing my ass off here, so... the quicker, the-the better.

Yeah? Well, that's gonna get a lot worse if you go out there dressed like that.

The body's five miles on snowmobile.

I'm afraid you'd be dead by the time we got there.

Okay. I-I got the call when I was at a weapons course in Riverton, so this is... this is what I've got.

Well, you should have a winter gear bag in that truck. Well, um, no, that's not a government vehicle, it's a rental.

I flew in from Vegas.

So I'm just the closest agent to the scene.

You don't... you don't think I can...

I can make it?

Oh, you're from Vegas? No, I'm not... I'm not from Vegas; I'm stationed there.

I'm from Fort Lauderdale.

I'm sorry, if we're gonna keep having this conversation... Let's get you fixed up inside.

It's gonna be great. Thanks.

Sorry. Excuse me.


See what they send us? Yeah.

Thermals can make underwear wedge up your bottom.

But I guess yours are already there.

Here, these should fit.

You're skinny.

Thank you.

Do you have gloves?


Goodness. What were they thinking sending you here?

Thank you.

And you bring them back the minute you're done.

They were my granddaughter's.

They ain't a gift.

You hear me?

Yeah, of course.



Hey, buddy.

Um... I'm gonna need a couple more hours, for work.

A couple.

This is our day.

I promise. Okay?


Hang with Grandpa. It's letting up. Let's go.

God, it was a blizzard 20 minutes ago.

Well, it comes in waves.

Could be sunny for an hour, then you're right back in hell again.

The storm'll be back.

That's something to look forward to. Yeah. Over here.

You got a positive ID?

Not positive, no.

Natalie Hanson.

We'll call that positive for now.

Does she live close by?

Yeah. Fort Wakashie.

It's to the north a ways.

What's "a ways"?

About a 30-minute drive.

Okay, well, she didn't run from home, then.

No one reported her missing? Her parents...?


Yeah. That's why we called you.

How experienced is your medical examiner?

Let's just say he... he stays busy.

Uh, order a rape kit.

When he's done with the prelim, I want her body sent to Loveland.

And make sure her belongings go with her, 'cause they need to get tested, too.

I'm listing this as a homicide.

How well do you know this land?

Like it's my job.

'Cause it is.

Well, is there anywhere she could be running from?

Is there anything close by?

Nearest house is three and a half miles from here.

Southeast. Sam Littlefeather's place is over there.


Those boys could use some serious looking into.

There are no structures closer?

There's a drill rig five miles from here.

They got trailers for the workers, but... that's closed for the winter. Okay, so why would a teenage girl be out here?

Well, kids come out here on their snow machines, and, uh, have a big party in the snow.

Not barefoot, they don't.

What do you think?

I only know what the tracks say.

Okay, well, that's all we got.

Well, come here, I'll show you.

Over here. See this one? See how the toes turned out, the front is much deeper than the back?

That says she was running.

Come here. I'll show you.

She ran until she dropped here.

See the pool of blood where her face hit the snow.

Now, it gets 20 below here at night, so if you fill your lungs up with that cold air when you're running, you could freeze 'em up.

Your lungs fill up with blood, you start coughing it up.

So wherever she came from...

...she ran all the way here.

Her lungs burst here.

And she curled up in that tree line and drowned in her own blood.

Well, how far do you think someone could run barefoot out here?

Oh, I don't know, I...

How do you gauge someone's will to live?

Especially in these conditions.

But I knew that girl.

She's a fighter.

So no matter how far you think she ran, I can guarantee you she ran further.

I got to get back to my son.

Hey, um... would you be willing to help me?

Hey, can he assist on this investigation?


He doesn't work for me.

And you got a lion to kill, don't forget.

There's three of 'em... and I didn't.

Sorry, what is it... what is it that you do again?

I'm a hunter.

You're a lion hunter?

I hunt predators.

Good. So why don't you come hunt one for me, then?


Hey, bud.

What happened? You can't sleep?

Had a nightmare.

That right? What about?

Who was she?

Come here, buddy.

Want some milk? No.

Well... she was a girl that just lost her way in the snow.

That's all. Okay?

What's all this?

That's work, buddy.

Did she die like Emily?

She died from the cold.

So she died like Emily.

Yeah, son.

I'm afraid she did.

Hi. Sorry.


See you found town okay.

Yeah, barely.

Did the family identify the body?


Did they give you a reason for not reporting her missing?

Well, she stayed with a boyfriend some.

They didn't think anything of it.

She was 18, free to do what she wanted.

Okay, Randy, you're on the clock.

I got about five minutes of this in me, so let's go.

I'll be quick. Morning.

Randy Whitehurst. I'm the medical examiner.

I'm-I'm Jane Banner, FBI.

Uh, as you can see here, she suffered a deep laceration along her brow line.

Two separated ribs.

Frostbite in both feet up through her ankles, frostbite on her nose and on her left hand.

Uh, the frostbite on her feet is stage four.

You can tell by the bluing here.

You see that?


Uh, vaginal wall is torn in different depths.

You think there are multiple assailants?

Can't determine that.

Could be one assailant who assaulted her multiple times.

Uh, I swabbed her and sent the sample by courier to the FBI crime lab in Loveland, Colorado per your request.

We should have the DNA results in six weeks.

Uh, those findings might help us make that determination.

What are you listing as the cause of death?

Well, you're not gonna like it.

She died from a pulmonary hemorrhage.

When... subzero air is drawn into the lungs, it can cause the alveoli... the tiny sacs in the lungs... to burst.

Fluid builds in the lungs, and if the air is cold enough, the liquid in the lungs will crystallize.

Ultimately, the victim either...

Sorry, you're not listing this as a homicide?


Uh, s... You have to take into consideration the circumstances.

She was raped repeatedly, beaten...

Look, uh, circumstances is your field, not mine.

Now, let me... let me show you. No.

I don't need it explained.

This is very prosecutable as a murder.

I mean, clearly, she wouldn't have been running through the snow if she hadn't been attacked, but I can't list the cause of death as homicide.

And I can't get an FBI team to the reservation unless it's listed as a homicide.

Look, I'm not here to solve this.

I'm-I'm just here to obtain a cause of death and send a team here that can. Look, present the rape, present the assault, and I'm...

Those don't fall to the jurisdiction of the FBI.

They fall to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Huh. Hey, don't look at me. I'm used to no help.

You have six officers on your entire force to cover an area the size of Rhode Island.

Yes, I know that.

No offense, but this will have to curl up in your lap in order for you to solve it.

I know that, too. We all know it's a murder.

All right, have a U.S. Attorney sign off on it, I'm happy to corroborate that, but I just can't put it on the death certificate.


Thank you.

I appreciate your passion.

It's not the Feds' usual response, but Randy is on our side.

When my supervisor sees his report, he's gonna want me back in Vegas.

Not that... I'm much help or anything, but...

...I'm all you've got.


So you never met him.


And she never talked about him?

Not to me.

So why would you let your daughter stay with a guy you've never met whose name you don't even know?

She was an adult.



I'm sorry. What does that mean?

It ain't good.

Ah. Um, look...

I don't mean to offend you.

I am just trying to understand the dynamic here, Mr. Hanson.

I'm trying to help.

Why is it whenever you people try to help, it starts with insults?

I don't know why she didn't tell me, but she was 18, and I chose to trust her.

I chose wrong.

Okay, well, um, how about... your wife?

Did your daughter talk to her?

Do you talk to your mother?

Her name is Annie? Is she here?

She's in the bedroom.

Good. I'd like to speak to her.

Be my guest.

Thank you.

Bedroom's just this way? That way.

Jane? Yeah.

You don't mind, right?

Hey, you don't need my permission.

You're an adult.



I'm-I'm really sorry.


I'd like to tell you it gets easier.

It doesn't.

If there's any... comfort, it's... getting used to the pain, I suppose.

Went to a grief seminar in Casper.

Did you know that?

I don't know why.

Just wanted the bad to go away.

Wanted answers... to questions that couldn't be answered.

The counselor come up to me after the seminar and sat down next to me.

And he said something that stuck with me.

I don't know if it's what he said, or it's how he said it.

He says, "I got some good news, and I got some bad news."

"Bad news is you're never gonna be the same."

"You're never gonna be whole, not ever again."

"Your lost your daughter."

"Nothing's ever going to replace that."

"Now the good news is,"

"as soon as you accept that, and you let yourself suffer..."

" allow yourself to visit her in your mind, "and you'll remember all the love she gave, all the joy she knew."

Point is, Martin, you can't steer from the pain.

If you do, you'll rob yourself...

You'll rob yourself of every memory of her.

Every last one.

From her first step to her last smile.

Kill 'em all.

Just take the pain, Martin.

You hear me?

You take it.

It's the only way you'll keep her with you.

I'm just tired, Cory.

You know, I just...

I'm so tired of fighting this life.

What you do now is for your boy.


Drugs is his family now.

He's gone, too.

Lives right down the damn road, but he's... he's gone.

I expect they'll find out he's involved in this somehow.

He's staying with the Littlefeather boys.

Is that it?


You're driving this Fed around so she don't get lost? Is that it?

That's what they asked me to do.

It's not what I'm doing.

Then what are you doing?

I'm a hunter, Martin.

What do you think I'm doing?

If you find out who did this, I don't care who it is.

You understand me?

Right where they stand.

Then get off my porch and go do it.

Natalie's brother lives here with Stan and Bart Littlefeather and a real piece of work named Frank Walker.

Hanson kid's bad, but the others are just... stone evil, so watch yourself.

Shouldn't we just maybe wait for some backup?

Well... this isn't the land of backup, Jane.

This is a land of you're on your own.

Listen to that shit.


Yeah, we're looking for Chip Hanson. He around?

Not here, bro.

Who are you?

Who the fuck are you?

I'm the FBI.

Are you Sam?


You high right now, Sam?

How many times have I arrested you?

Chief. What's up, bro?

Where's your brother?

He's in prison where you put him.

What? No parole?

Well, look at that... the justice system at work.

That reminds me.

My P.O. told me to give you something.

I... I got it... I got it right here. Let's see...

Wait. Let me see your hands. Let me see...

Cory! Watch the back!

The other two's outside with Cory. Let's go.

He's-he's still alive. We need to call the EMS.

EMS is an hour away. Just... just leave him. Mm-mm.

He's not dead, Ben.

Like I said, let's go.

Are you okay? Yeah.

The skinny one's Natalie's brother.

Who's the other one? That... is a Frank Walker.

Won't your daddy be proud?

My dad's in prison, asshole.

I know. I put him there.

Tell me what happened to your sister, Chip.


Don't play dumb.

About what? What happened to her?


What'd that cracker do, huh?

What... what cracker?

Was she seeing a white guy?

Do you know him? Do you know who he is?

Do you know his name, Chip?

You just said "was."

Why did you say "was"?

Wh-Why did she say "was"?

She just said "was"!

Because I found her raped and killed right over there, son.

That's why.




You go. I'm gonna get Chip over to Lander and see if he'll give me the name of this boyfriend.

I'm telling you, this is how we find him.

No, we go to where he works or where he lives.


All right, well, where does he work?

Where does he live?

You think this asshole's gonna tell us anything? I don't.

Look, I know you're looking for clues, but you're missing all the signs.

Come here. Let me show you.

See this here?

This is a sled track, right? Okay.

Okay, you see out here on the ridge?


Use these.

Okay. You see at the end of the ridge here?

Follow my hand. Can you see my hand?

Yep. Okay, when I take it away, now look.

Do you see that? Uh-huh.

Can you see the shadow there? I think so.

The snow's starting to cover it.

Now look up at the base of the mountain there... you see it go up the ridge there?

You'll see it a lot easier there.

You see those tracks go up that mountain there?

Yeah, I see it. All right.

Natalie's body was found just past there. Right?

And someone unloaded a sled right here, drove all the way out there.

There's no tracks coming back... why is that?

I'm telling you... the answers are out there.

Hey, look, um...

I don't know how to do this, okay?

I'm not a tracker. That's okay.

That's all I do.

Look... you asked me to help you, right? Yeah.

We should go, while I still can.


Why are we stopping?

Well, we're above the storm now.

The trees are too thick to drive.

Got to walk from here.

Come on.

Put these on. Okay.

Now what?

We walk.

Follow these sled tracks heading south.

Ready? Yeah.

All right, follow me. Mm. Okay.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

We were on foot the last half mile of it, but we blazed a pretty good trail in the snow, so...

I could take the boys back up there if you want.

Well, I'll talk to the BIA supervisor.

He just might want you to do that.

Security team over at the rig's got cameras around the perimeter.

I'm gonna head up there in the morning... we might get lucky and find something on tape.

All right.

Did... did the two we have in custody say anything?

They ain't the talking kind, Jane.

These kids, they expect to go to prison.

It's a rite of passage.

Hell, I think they look forward to it... you know, uh, three hots and a cot and free cable.

Anything's better than being here, the way they see it.

Let's just test their DNA against the semen and see what that tells us.

Can I talk to them? No, Cory.

Anything they tell you would be inadmissible in court.

And then anything you'd tell us would render every net result inadmissible as well.

What if I didn't tell you?

What if I just knew it?

Yeah. Agent Banner.

Yes, sir.


I've known this kid since he could walk.

I gotta canvass the house.

The, uh, back door only locks from the inside.

Look at you.

Look at you.

I didn't do shit.

All you've been doing is shit for the last few years, Chip.

It's this place, man.

Look what it takes from us.

What it took from you.

I'm not gonna stand here and tell you that life's fair, 'cause it ain't.

To either of us.

But, you know, what do we do?

This land, land, this land is all we got left. What's this "we" shit?

Only thing native about you is your ex-wife, and the daughter you couldn't protect.

Maybe if you'd played detective...

That's not something you get to talk about.

You hear me?

Go over there.

You're gonna lecture me about protecting people while you deal the shit that's killing them?

Unlike most people, you had every chance to get the hell out of here if that's what you want.

You had the army, you had college... whatever, it was your choice.

Look what you chose.

Look what you chose.

Goddamn you.

I met him.


Yeah, the motherfucker was almost as old as you.

All right?

I wanted to fight his ass, too.

But Natalie wouldn't let me.

Guess love really is blind, huh?

He works security on one of them drill sites.

Does the boyfriend have a name?

Matt. Matt something.

I don't know.

Who does?

Sam knew.

Why don't you ask him?

I think you'll be talking to Sam long before I do.

You think this is who I wanted to be?


I get so mad, I want to fight the whole world.

You got any idea what that feels like?

I do.

But I decided to fight the feeling instead.

'Cause I figured the world would win.

What did I tell you?

Did-did he say anything?

No, fuck, I don't... I don't... I don't want to know.

You're headed up to the rigs tomorrow, ain'tcha? Yeah.

Natalie's boyfriend worked there.


No. Fuck, don't tell me.

This thing's solving itself.


I want you at the rig with us tomorrow.

You don't catch wolves looking where they might be, you look where they've been.

They been right here.


You okay?

I been better.

Brings it all back, doesn't it?


So, you and Ben and this little FBI girl formed your own posse to go solve it all, I hear.

Just trying to help.

You won't get the answers you're looking for.

No matter what you find.

This isn't about Emily.

Good night, Cory.

Matt Rayburn.

Do you know him?

That the guy we found in the snow?

Yeah. His fingerprints are in the database.

He's a security contractor for one of the drill stations.

All right.

That it?

Am I fired now? No.

Come on, why don't you come inside. Okay.

We'll warm up. Yeah.

You, uh, want something to drink?


Got, uh... milk and coffee and well water.

Water is good.


All right, uh, just make yourself at home.

Here you go.


That's, uh... that's my daughter, Emily.

She passed three years ago.

I'm sorry.

You want to know how, don't you?

I do, but...

Makes two of us.

I was, uh, working as, uh, an outfitter in Pinedale, and there was a big snow.

So I found myself with a rare night off.

So I go to a motel, call the wife and say, "Why don't you come up and stay for the night?"

And when you got two... two kids and you're on the mountain half the year, it's... you don't get much time together.

So we had Emily look after Casey.

He was five at the time. She was 16.

I guess word got out that we were out of town.

So some school friends came over.

Then some more friends.

Then, uh... and then some people came over that weren't friends.

So a little gathering turned into quite the party, I guess.

Then, uh...

I don't know.

You know, there's a lot I don't know.

Got that phone call the next morning.

From Natalie.

Saying that Emily was missing.

She was worried, naturally.

They were best friends.

You know, we tried to be very careful with Emily.

Tried to plan for everything.

She was such a good girl.

But we let our guard down.

Really, I tell you, you know, you may have kids one day.

You cannot blink.

Not once, not ever.

There was a guy moving sheep over by the Wind River.

He's the one who found her.

Some 20 miles from our house.

They don't know how she got there or what happened.

Autopsy couldn't tell us much, 'cause the coyotes got at her pretty good.

You know, I'm-I'm sor...

I'm sorry, it's not...

I'm sorry.

Could you point me, um... towards your... uh, the bathroom?

Straight back there.


"There is a meadow in my perfect world..."

Emily wrote that.

It's what got her accepted into the summer writing program at Colorado State.

Did she write it to you?


Doesn't matter who it's to.

Just matters who it's from.

Look, I'm sorry about, um, earlier tonight.

I guess...

I'm just trying to do the right thing here.

And I don't really know what the Hanson boy told you, but...

I don't want to stumble into something like today if I can help it.

So, you know, if he said something that...

I should know, I'd appreciate if you shared.

Well, all he said was that.

Natalie's boyfriend was named Matt.

And you've already figured out who that is, so...

You could've called for that information, no?

I wanted to know why you're helping me.

Now I do, so...

Tomorrow... do you think we could not ride the snowmobiles

80 miles an hour?

Yeah, sure.

If you want to end up in a ditch we could've jumped over, but...



You win.

Have a good night.

All right.

See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

You're shaking more than she is.

It's cold enough to freeze a well digger's ass out here.

Yeah. Below zero, I bet. Yeah, six below.

It's a lot colder up there.

Hey, bud.

Hey. How are you doing?

What are you doing here?

Those tracks that lead from the Littlefeather house to the body, I'm gonna follow 'em, see where they go.

How about you? Yeah, well, Jane's the only one with jurisdiction out there.

Just wanted a few extra badges along.

You want to walk 'em through this?

Uh, sure, yeah. Um... the drill station has cameras all along its perimeter, so we're hoping one of the cameras caught something.

And, uh, we'll also canvass Matt Rayburn's trailer, and see if there's anything that links him to the assault.

Do you have a warrant?

I'm gonna ask real nice.

Can't get there from the Littlefeather house?

Uh, it's a real tough sled ride through two canyons, and I ain't looking to dig you out, so I wouldn't recommend it. We'll take the refinery road around.

See, you got to drive 50 miles to go five.

Yeah. Welcome to Wyoming.

Didn't you people get the memo that it's-it's spring?

Come on, guys. If you find anything, you call me on the radio...

Sure will. ...we'll come up to you.

Mornin'! Mornin'.

Can I help you?

Yeah, does, uh, Matt Rayburn work here?

Yeah. Do you know where he is?

I was, uh, about to ask you the same thing.

No, he got in a fight with his girlfriend a couple days ago.

She took off.

He took off after. We haven't seen him since.

When was that? Three days ago.

Hell, we-we didn't know what to do.

We've been waiting on corporate ever since to tell us whether or not to fill out his termination papers or call you guys. Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah. Here about Matt.

You find him? Is he okay?

What happened to you two? What's that?

You look a little torn up.

Yeah, well, you hit one of these pine branches doing 60, see what happens to you.

Yeah, we run the property line twice daily... comes with the territory.

You should try using, uh, face shields.

I requested helmets.

Our supervisor said, "Snow's soft, ain't it?"

Corporate's in Texas. What can I tell you?

Does Matt bunk here on the property?

Yeah. Yeah, we all do.

Can we see his trailer? Yeah, sure.

Come on, I'll walk you up.

What's going on, boss?

They're here about Matt.

End of the line for you.

So, did, uh... did something happen to him?

Do you know where he is?

That's what we're trying to find out.

His girlfriend filed a Missing Persons Report.

Well, how can that be? I thought you guys found her in a snowdrift right before the storm.

Excuse me?

I heard her name go out over the radio when you guys found her. I don't remember using her name.

Well, maybe you weren't listening.

What the fuck are you doing?


Why are you flanking me?

What are you talking about? What the fuck you think I'm talking about? You got us on three sides...

Get your hand off that weapon. This is private property.

Put the fucking gun down!

Hold it right there! Put the fucking gun down right now! Hey!

Put it down! Do it!

Drop to your knees right now! Do it!

Turn away from me! Drop to your knees right now!

Evan! Fuck you! This is a Department of Energy lease on reservation land, asshole!

You're breaking the law by being here! Hey!

This is leased land on a reservation, Deputy!

You got no authority! You think I don't know what you're doing?! Fucking do it, asshole! See what happens!

Hoka hey, white boy, let's go.

What are we doing?

Deputy, you've got no authority!

You're in violation of federal law!

Lower your weapon! Fuck you!

You got us in a crossfire! Talk to me! What do I do?

Hold your ground! County sheriffs have no authority!

All right, everybody, just take it easy! FBI! Hey!

FBI! This is federal land, and I am the only authority!


Right now, all of you stand down!

Okay? Everyone.

We're all working towards the same goal here, and I need you to back down and take your hands away from your weapons.


Dillon, holster your weapon.

Fucking decaf, man.

Jesus fucking Christ.

You keep these assholes in check, lady.

We're just doing our fucking job here.

Yeah, when we show up, your job is over, asshole. Evan!

Holster your weapon, now!

All right. Every one of you step to my left.

Let's go. Nobody behind me. Do you understand?

You got it, asshole. Guys... Yeah.

...step my way!

Everybody take a big, deep breath here, please.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Relax. Deputy, holster your weapon. You didn't see it?

Now, or you're under arrest. Do you understand me?

You didn't see it.

Take us to Matt's trailer.

Yes, ma'am.

Ben, you copy?

Ben, do you copy?


This is it, right here.

Does he bunk with anybody?

Yeah. Me and Pete Mickens.

Is Pete in there now?

Yeah. He's sleeping.

He's got the night shift.

Can I help you?

Uh, yeah, I'm... I'm looking for my knight in shining armor.

I think this is his trailer.

Well, um...

Shit. I'm a little short on armor, you know?

Um, I don't mind.

You don't mind? Yeah? Uh-uh.

Do you have any idea how good it is to see you?

Like, any idea? Man, oh, man.

How did you get here? I didn't hear your carriage pull up.

Well, my, uh... carriage wanted to catch the 8:00 show in Lander... she dropped me off at the turnout.

What'd you do? You just walked in the snow, huh? Mm-hmm.

Like Superwoman. Well, I think you're worth it.

You think I'm worth it? Yeah? Mm-hmm.

Would you get your ass in here?

You're, like, baddest woman on the planet, you know that?


How about New York? Oh!

You'd hate New York.

You'd hate it. You go a whole month there, your... your feet never touch anything but cement.

Okay, how about Chicago?

Hmm, shit. Baby, it's the same thing as New York.

It's just colder, you know? More crime. Mmm.

If you're into that kind of thing.

You think that's funny? Yeah?

All right, how about Los Angeles, hmm?

Hey, listen to me.

Do never, ever say that word around me again.

Oh. What? It's warm there.

Yeah, I'd rather be in Iraq.

Iraq's warm.


And I'll tell you what. I got one.

Mm-hmm. I got one.

I was, uh... I remember I was stationed up at this place called Point Mugu, right? Mm-hmm.

It's about an hour north of L.A. It was Christmas.

I woke up, I'm all alone.

You know, I don't have anybody, and what the Navy does at Christmastime is they have these dumb little skits in the mess hall, you know, for the guys without families.

And I wasn't gonna stick around for that bullshit, so I just... I got in my truck, and I hightailed it out of there, and I wound up in this little mountain town called Ojai.

And I get there, and it's like... it's, like, fruit farms and vineyards, and there's this mountain surrounding it, you know, like, protecting the town.

And the people there are, like...

Everybody smiles at each other, you know? Yeah?

And they say hello, and it's, like...

I remember thinking that they were all, like...

I don't know. They had these looks in their eyes.

Like they were in on some sort of a secret, like they had all figured it out.

There's this mission, this Spanish mission right there in the middle of town.

They're having Christmas Mass.

They're celebrating Christmas in 70-degree weather, you know, and I just went, and I picked me up an orange off a tree, and sat down on a bench and listened to that choir sing, eating my orange, you know.

It was... I don't know.

It was the best Christmas I ever had.

I want to live there.


Let's live in Ojai. Okay.

Yeah? Mmm.

What time is it?

I thought they were staying in town tonight.

I did, too.

Shit. I'm sorry, Nat.

Just shut the, uh...

Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!

SHOT! SHOT! SHOT! Yo. What do we got? You got...

You got drinks? You got... you got vodka?

Whoa, hey. You got... What do you got?

Get me... get me a beer. Get me a beer.

Fucking take one! You want... you want one?

Man, you want one? Yo...

Smells like sex in here.

What you two been doing? Well, well, well.

What do you got, the fucking honeymoon suite?

What you two been doing, huh?

What have they been doing?


Well, hello there.

Hi, Pete.

Hello. You know, I'm... just kind of wondering what you got on under them big sheets there.

Hey, Curt, you mind getting him, man?

Come on. Pete. I asked the lady a question.

Pete. What does she got underneath them sheets?

It's a fluffy down coat, Pete. It's not very sexy.

Well, fluffy sounds good to me.

Hey, Curt, you gonna get him or not, man? Matty.

Wait a second. Are you naked, too?

Are you... are you naked, too?

What have you two been doing?! Come on!

Are you naked? Hey, Curt, you mind getting him out of my room, please? -Come on, Pete. Let's go! Are you naked, too?

What have you two been doing? Hey, Curt, could you get him, man? Huh? -Pete, come on!

I'll tell you what. I just want one little peek. Come on!

I just want one little... just a little... just a little peek.

Hey, Curt, why don't you come in here and and get him out of here? I don't understand why you don't do that, man.

Come on! Just a little pek. Just a little peek.

Hey! What the fuck is your problem?

Hey! Oh, ho!

Bros, whoa, whoa, whoa, he turned all serious all of a sudden. Why are you doing that?

Come on. Pete. Huh? Now don't you be bullshitting me, girl. You've been showing your little ass like a flag around here.

And I've been seeing it, and all I want is a little...

All I want is a little peek.

What are you gonna do, big boy?

What are you gonna do? Come on.

What are you gonna do, big boy? Pete. Sit down, Pete.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey. The fuck's that about?

Fucking chill.

Oh, yeah, I see that. Pete, have a seat.

He don't want to share. I don't understand.

Man doesn't want to be friends.

You know what? You know what? We ain't friends.

Friends share.

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Aah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What the fuck!

Being such a fucking pussy over this prairie nigger.


Stop! Hey, hey!


Hey! Hey!


Get him off him!

Get the fuck off! Matty, get the fuck off!

Don't fucking turn...

Hey, guys.

Hey. Come on.

Jesus. Aah!

Get the fuck off!

Hold him!

He hit my head good.

You ain't too proud now, are you, bitch?

Huh? Next one's my turn, you fucking bitch.


Oh, God!

Get his arm.

Grab his arm. Pull... pull him off.

Pull. Get his arm.

Arm. Grab his arm!

FBI! Open up!

Are you sure someone's in there?

Hey, Pete, it's Curtis.

Ben, you copy?

FBI is standing in front of the door. Open up!


Get away from the door!


Fuck you. Let's go.

Pete, you okay?

I'm hit! Who isn't?

Pete, you good? We're good!

How many we got down?

Two that won't get up.

No. I'm getting up.

Goddamn it, the women out here are spunky.

Anyone see where that came from?

Can you stand? I don't know.

Well, you better figure it out 'cause we're not done yet.

Where is he? I don't know.



Hey, Curtis!

Behind trailer three!


You okay? Mm. Mm.

Let's get you inside.

Mind if I have a look?



I see a couple rounds went through here.

It's just pieces. You should be okay.

There. Let's see.

Let's see here.


Yeah, hold that. Press it tight.

Uh, yeah. Okay.




Give me your radio.

My best chance out of here... a helicopter.

You don't have one of those, do you?

Nope. Hey.

Hey, give me your radio.

Go get him.

I won't bring him back.

You have to know that.

I do.

Go get him.


Come on! Come on!

You know where you are?


It's Gannett Peak.

Highest mountain in Wyoming.

And on the hottest day in August, shovel a foot of snow.

Today... too cold to snow.

Look, man, let's just... let's just talk for a minute, all right?

Let's just... talk. Please.


What the fuck?! Where are my boots?!

Where are my boots?! You know, I got all the time in the world here.

Can't say the same for you.

So we gonna talk, or you gonna keep whining?

Look, I'm...

I have made mistakes, okay?

So what'd you do?


Hey, look, I'm... I'm not the law here.

I'm just a guy sitting in front of you.

So you can tell me the truth.

If you tell me the truth, I'll give you a chance.

Ah, you just listen to me!

You know what it's like out here in this frozen hell?

There's no nothing to do. No nothing.

Ain't no women, no fun!

Just this fucking... this fucking snow and the fucking silence.

That's all!

My family's people were forced here, stuck here for a century.

That snow and silence... it's the only thing that hasn't been taken from them.

So what'd you take? I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know what you...

I don't know what you mean.

You take something, too?


Nothing. Ah.


I need you to be honest with me.


You get drunk?

Get lonely?

Then what'd you get?

If you did it, just be a man and say it.

Say, "I raped her."

I raped her.

I raped her! Yeah!

And the boyfriend?

What, did he get in your way?

Did you beat him to death?

Look, a nod's not gonna cut it, okay?

Need you to say it. We beat him.

We made him dead.


Please don't.

I'm gonna cut you loose.

It's okay.

Free to go.

Where?! Where am I gonna go?!

I'm a man of my word.

You told the truth.

I'm gonna give you a chance.

I'm gonna give you the same chance that she got.

What... what chance did she get?

What... what chance did she get?

If you can make it to that highway, you're a free man.

Where-Where's... where-where is the highway?

You know how far that drill camp was from where I found Natalie's body?


Six miles. Barefoot.

That's a warrior.

That's a warrior.

You? You may make 600 feet, but...

Uh... better get going.


I don't understand. I don't understand.

What do you want me to do?!

I want you to run.

How you feeling?

I feel okay.

I got you something.

Thought maybe it'd give you a little taste of home.

Little crocodile.

Please don't make me laugh.

It's an alligator.

He'll protect you, better than that bulletproof vest, right?

I shouldn't joke about that... it saved your life.

You saved my life.


Jane, you're a tough woman.

You saved your own life.

We should both be honest.

I just...

I got lucky.

Well, you know, luck don't live out here.

Luck lives in the city.

Don't live out here.

You know, that's whether you get, you know, hit by a bus or not.

Whether your... bank is robbed or not, or whether someone's... on their damn cell phone when they come up to a crosswalk... that's luck.

That's winning or losing.

Out here, you survive or you surrender. Period.

That's determined by your strength and by your spirit.

Wolves don't kill unlucky deer.

They kill the weak ones.

You fought for your life, Jane.

Now you get to walk away with it.

You get to go home.

I know what you're doing.

I'm gonna read to you from a magazine.

"Ten Signs That He's Into You."

Things that I really want to know.

"He looks you in the eye when he speaks."

Ain't you supposed to do...

She ran six miles in the snow.

Yes, she did.








What's with the paint?

It's my death face.

Is that right?

And how would you know what that is?

I don't.

Just made it up.

'Cause there's no one left to teach me.

I was ready to quit.

Then the phone rang.

Which is never good.

But today it was.

First time Chip's called me in over a year.

Where is he?

The station.

I was gonna go pick him up.

As soon as I washed this shit off my face.

Heard about what happened.

Heard there's one still missing.


No one's missing.

How'd he go out?

With a whimper.

You better go easy on Chip.

Suffering's hard on young men; They don't have our practice.

I should go get him.

Yeah, but I... just need to sit here...

...and miss her for a minute.

You got time to sit with me?

Oh, I ain't goin' nowhere.