Wind Walkers (2015) Script

[Flames Crackling]

They invaded our world...

And brought us viruses that we could not survive.

That broke the spirit of the people.

And now we are doing the same thing in other lands...

And other people.

Our own young men have forgotten the stories.

They fight, they take...

In places where they don't belong.

And when they come home, They will be the first to be struck down.

The Wind Walkers...

Will take them.


[Man Narrating] First hint of it came on the wind, And it spread like a prairie fire, Blowing through the world.

No one knows what brought it or where it came from.

Maybe it had always been here, just waiting...

A punishment...

Or a curse.

But I think deep down we all knew the storm was coming, Even if we didn't understand it.

Now the wind belongs to the dead and the damned.

Cursed to walk it forever.

What I do know is that I never should have come home.

You gotta be kidding me.

What is this shit?

What did this, a bear?

This bear walks on two legs.

Yeah, we just packed the place two days ago.

These goddamn redneck looters.

Yeah, whatever it is, they ate everything.

Not everything.

They came from the marsh and headed back the same way they came.

Why would looters head back into the marsh?

Well, we'll just stay overnight, Hunt and then go home.

[Man On Radio] For all you hog hunters out there, All you real South Florida hunters, I've been asked to relay a request.

Dad, what are you grateful for? I don't know. Um...

That I got a younger son who's still willing to hang out with his old man, So that's what I'm thankful for.

I'm also thankful for you guys to be out here...

And go back to a hot girlfriend. Ha!

Nice. Whoa. Redheads are dying out too.

You're hanging around with these guys a little too much. He brought it there.

You've done well. Although not for nothing.

She did give him a bit of the stink eye...

If I remember correctly.


Neelis, when's Matty deployed?

Supposed to be in Fort Bragg next week for a 10-day retrain, And then back in country.

If he ever comes home, that is. When's your call?

I'm gonna be hanging out with you backstabbing civilians for a while.

What are you talking about? They put me on a desk.

I'm a recruiter now.

Officially 4-F.

Unfit for service.

[Door Opens, Closes]

I think we're all fucking drunk. [All Laughing]

[Men Chattering]

[Wind Whooshing]

Go fuck yourself. [All] Go fuck yourself!

[All Laughing]

Thanks for some reasons. Yeah.

So, what's 4-F mean?

It means he's serving coffee, not his country.

[Wind Whooshing] [Voices Whispering]

[Man] * I've been here so long *

* Lightning's comin' *

* And howlin' rain *

* Run for cover *

* 10,000 soldiers *

* And more is comin' **


[Gunshot] [Snorts]

[Gunshot] [Grunting]

[Neelis] Kotzy!


[Rifle Cocks]

[Shrieks] [Gunshot]


[Man's Voice] We're waiting, brother.


It's blowback, Son.

[Insects Buzzing]

What the hell is that shit?

Somebody butchered him.

The meat's tainted.

Whoever gutted it made sure of that.

[Man On Radio] * Yeah, here comes my baby *

Anybody there?

* She been gone since yesterday *

* Yeah, hey Here comes my baby *

* She been gone since yesterday **

I... I gotta take a shit.

[Door Closes]

** [Continues]

[Insects Buzzing]

Fellas, uh...

It's time to roll.

Whoa. [Coughs]

All right, somebody's seriously fucking with us.

[Pounding] [Gun Cocks]


What was that?

Just the wind.

The wind? Wind?

Anyone else have the, um, overwhelming urge to get the fuck out of here?

[Neelis] Just relax, Kelly.

[Line Beeping] It's dead.

You relax.

[Man's Voice] We're waiting for you. We're waiting for you.

[Thunder Rumbling]

[Man Speaking Foreign Language]


[Man Speaking Foreign Language]

[Voice Continues]


[Thunder Rumbling]

[Insects Buzzing]

[Thunder Rumbling]

[Thunder Rumbling]

[Neelis] Looks like we've got ourselves a storm.

[Raindrops Pattering]

In weather like this, Mom would always say...

That the devil was beating his wife.


[Man] There's a hurricane watch in effect for all of central Florida...

As Hurricane Dori makes its way over the Gulf.

And bizarre reports sweep across the state of spontaneous acts...

Locally, Staff Sergeant Brian Mills, returning from Afghanistan, Dug up the remains of his wife.

Dade County Sheriff's Department believe they have already...

[Radio Squelching]


[Man] * Just one more rider *

* And I'll soon retire *

* It's looking just like your ordinary night *

* I'll take you places *

* That you have never known *

* If you can get me home **

[Man On Radio] Fish and Game officials were asking for volunteers...

To help search for James Russiere...

A 60-year-old hunter missing since Sunday.

Thank you all for listening to the Sound of the South.

This is K60 FM.

** [Country Ballad]

[Woman] * Heartaches *

* Am I surprised by my heartaches? *

* Heartaches *

* It ain't nothin' new **

** [Continues]

Touch me.

Love me.


What? I'm just...

I'm sorry. N... No. It's okay. Don't apologize.

Are you there?

Yeah, I'm here.

You just disappeared.

Hey. It's me. Careful.

Careful of what? Nothing. I just...

What is that supposed to mean?

I'm not ready to do this.


Kelly! Kelly!

Come on, Kelly! Come on!

Say "cheese." [All] Cheese!

You don't know about the ritual?

What ritual? "What ritual?"

Ah, goodness. [Mutters]

Whoa. What ritual?

Give Doc your beer. Beverage, sir.

Serious... Take it seriously. Okay.

Put your hands down.

All right. Close your eyes.

Are they closed? Yes.

Relax, please. It's like a Zen meditation.


What do we call this?

Uh, I don't know.

Full nelson. Right.

Now, what do we call this?

Oh, my God!

Father nelson! Father nelson! Get the hell off!

Get the hell off of me!

Why does everything gotta be sexual between us?

Aw, you know you liked it.

Get your ass over here.

Good to see you, bro. Good to see you too, Sonny.

You still playing cowboy?

Better than playing soldier.

Kotzy. How you doing, buddy boy?

Hey, Doc. Welcome home.

Heather. How you doing, honey?

I'm okay.

Nah! Hey! Whoo!

Good to see you, buddy. Welcome home.

Thanks. All right.

What do you say we get a drink? Come on. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Wonderful. It's just...

[Whispering] He's a Wind Walker.

What do you say, old man?

Old man?

I'll still kick your ass.


Damn, Kotz.

You look a mess.

You ain't so pretty yourself.

Getting old.

Where's Matty?

He hasn't called you?

No. Come on.

He's AWOL.

AWOL? Yep.

Left about a week ago.

Kept saying, uh, he was needing to get the hell out of here.

[Sighs] Woke up one morning and... Now he's gone.

He just packed up his duffel bag and disappeared.

Haven't heard from him since.

I was hoping you had.

Not since we were in country.

What is it?

People don't just vanish like that.

Any feds come around?


What the hell would feds want with Matty?


Aren't you gonna eat? Gonna piss my mom off.

I'm just not that hungry.

[Neelis] Guys, listen up. Hey.

Sue and I... Well, we just want to... we want to thank all of you...

For coming year in and year out to our annual gathering here.

We eat, we drink... and we hunt.


It means...

So much...

[Exhales] to us.

[Neelis] Yes. Yes, it does.

To this thing we call family.

Hear! Hear!


Hear! Cheers!

[Chattering Continues]

All right. Where's dessert?


[Sue's Voice] He's a Wind Walker.


[Sue's Voice] A curse.

[Panting] [Voices Echoing]

Wind Walkers... are coming.

What's coming? A curse...

That rides on the wind.

[Neelis] I'm sorry, folks. She's just...

She's just a little bit emotional.

I'm not.

I'm not. No, no, I'm not!

Come on, honey. Come on, come on. Come on.

No, no. [Sobbing]

I'm not. I'm not. No. No. I'm not. [Whimpering]

[Neelis] Come on. Come on.

I'm sorry. You just need some rest.

Don't make me. Okay.

[Boy] Dad? Hmm.

Is Mom okay?

Yeah. Yeah, she's fine.

She's just... worn out with worry about your brother.

[Boy] What are, uh...

What are Wind Walkers?

A myth.

Okay. When our people lost the land...

One of the things they missed most...

Was the, uh, sound in the wind moving.

You know, through the palms.

Wind Walkers.

And when the white armies came, Fucking around where they didn't belong, They feared them. Why?

Because the Wind Walkers would...

Stay behind to grab the white man in the night.


Quit it. [Chuckles]

You're freaking me out.

It's blowback, Son.

The virus of war.

[Voices Whispering]

You doing okay? Yeah.

[Clears Throat]

I'm just having a little trouble sleeping.

It's like I got a... A choir in my head.

[Scoffs] Yeah, I bet.

That's like Byzantine shit you went through, man.

Prisoner of war?

Mad crazy.

So they send you to, like, a... Like a shrink or something?

They tried to.

I didn't belong.

Some people don't belong anywhere.

[Kotz] You still pissed you didn't have the nuts to join us?

Or you just knew you couldn't shoot for shit?

You know, I saw Lexi this morning.

The girl is looking good.


Still feeling it?

I'm feeling nothing.

[Animals Chittering] [Birds Chirping]


Time to go.

[Sighs] Take care.

[Kissing] Bring me some meat.

Okay, sweetie. Bye, Daddy.

Good-bye, sweetie. Miss you already.

Okay. You take care of your mama, okay? Okay. I love you.

[Voices Whispering]

[Lexi's Voice] Touch me.

[Mouthing Words]

Let's go. Come on.

[Voices Whispering] [Growling]


[Insects Buzzing]


[Gunshot] Jesus Christ, Jake!

Sorry, Kotz.

What is it?


He's circling us.



Hey, we heard a gunshot.

Jake fired.

Fired at someone.

At-At someone?

We were standing here.

I turned.

It was like he was sucked into the trees.

[Sonny] What?

Let's go look around.

It's his.

It's Jake's.

I'm not losing Jake.

He's... He's gonna be fine.

It's gonna be okay.

[Wind Whistling]

Do you hear that?

What? I-I just hear the wind.

What is it, Kotz? Hmm?

What's going on?

Where's my son?

What took my son?

I don't know.






[Door Closes] [Clicks]

Sue? It's Lexi.

[Water Running]

[Door Creaking]

[Voices Whispering]

Are you okay?

The wind walks.

It talked to me.

Its messenger was my son.

A Wind Walker.

You have to warn Neelis.

Warn him about what?


There's no sign of Jake.

What's up?

What's that?

It's an anti-psychotic for schizophrenia.

Okay, so, what do we do?

Make sure he's taking his meds.

He definitely shouldn't be carrying a gun.

You don't think he had anything to do with Jake, do you?

Look, I don't know if he's off his rocker, out of his fucking head or what.

I do know that he's high as a kite.

Sky high.

[Sonny] What's that? It's Jake's.

We found it in a clearing.

There wasn't any sign of him.

Jesus Christ.

Neelis went after him.

He went after Jake.

And you just let him go, alone?

He fired at someone.

What the fuck is it, Kotz?

Somebody's using the miners' shack.

[Metal Door Creaks]


[Pistol Cocks]

What the fuck?

James Russiere.

[Sonny] Wait. He was the hunter that went missing. He was in all the papers.

Yeah, well, something's been feeding on James.

See these marks right here?

That wasn't an animal. Those are human.

[Snarling] [Gun Cocks]

Just the wind.

[Sonny] No, no, no. There's something in there.



Hold it.


** [Blues On Radio, Indistinct]

Easy now.

Wh-Where's Neelis? I need to talk to him.

He's not here. He's not here. Relax.

Lay down.

What's going on?

Where-Where's Neelis? I need to talk to him.

Wha-Wha-What's happening? Nothing.

Everything's okay. You need to relax.

Sue told me to find Neelis... to warn him about Matty.

Matty came home.

[Raindrops Pattering]

You seem awful calm. Yeah, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Yeah, and he wasn't even on Prozac.

It's worthless. I... I... Maybe it's the storm. I don't know.

Yeah, yeah, must be the storm.

That's great. Nice work. Thank you. What do we do now?

We can't just leave Jake and Neelis out here alone. They won't make it.

She did.

Or maybe it's just a coincidence...

That people keep disappearing when you're around them.

Oh, maybe she got lucky. You don't know.

[Sonny] Yeah, maybe.

Just have to wait and find out, won't we?

[Pattering Continues]

If we can get to the trucks, we can help them.

So, we're going for help in the morning?

We go to the trucks. We go for help in the morning.

Great. Doc?

Let's not spend all day here.

You were missed yesterday.

Why didn't you come have Thanksgiving?

It's just hard right now... With Kotz.

Come on, Lexi. That's no excuse. You're family.

Hey, um, keep an eye on Sue.

Yeah, I will.

[Men Laughing]

[Men Chattering]

Let's have a good, clean fight, boys.

Who's the ref?

[Laughing Continues]

You're not going out there with those nuts, are you?

Oh. Well, whose nuts do you think I should go out with?

I'm sorry about yesterday.

I have to move on with my life, Kotz.

Well, why don't we just wait and see?

We did that already.

[Chattering, Laughing Continues]

All right.

[Lexi] The wind. I know.



Sue saw something.

It nearly scared her to death.

She thought it was Matty... calling to her through the wind, But she wouldn't let him in.



It wasn't him.

There was nothing left of him.

She called him a Wind Walker.

What happened?

What happened to you guys out there?

[Thud] Jesus.

[Kelly] Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Laughs]


Kotz, you all right? Yo!

[Sonny] Well, looks like we're not the only ones huntin'.

Throw me your gun.

Goddamn it. Don't do this bullshit.

All I'm trying to do is make sure we're safe.

Throw me your fucking gun.

You're a piece of shit, Sonny.

[Kelly] Dude, we're almost there. Why not just stick together?

That's right. We are.

And as soon as we get out of this Bermuda Triangle of bullshit, We'll call the cops and they'll deal.

I don't know what the fuck is going on, but whatever it is, he knows.

What if you're wrong? Then I'm wrong.

[Lexi] I'm not leaving, Sonny.

[Sonny] Very touching.

Take a look around. Consider your options.


You don't want this on your conscience.

Believe me, it's a...

It's a bad call. Yeah.

What are you running for, mayor?


Come on. Come on.


[Voices Whispering]

[Man Speaking Foreign Language]


[Man Speaking Foreign Language]




[Rustling] Stop.

What? What was that?

What was what?



Jake? Is that you?


[Running Footsteps]

[Running Continues] It's Kotz.

Come on... Jesus! [Gunshot]

[Lexi] Jesus Christ! Stop!

What the fuck are you doing? Come and get me, motherfucker! I'm coming for ya!




No! No! No! No! No!

You wanna have me? You really wanna have me?

Come on.

What are you gonna do, shoot us all?

It's not worth it.

It's not worth it. Come on.

I don't know about you guys, but, uh, I'm pretty sure this is the best year yet.

You know. I mean, I'm having a blast.

Guns drawn. What are we gonna do now?

It's a long way to town.

Fuck it.

I'll go. Age before beauty and all that shit.

You guys be good, all right? All right.


How do you feel now that Daddy's gone?

[Kotz] Don't miss.

[Thunder Rumbling]



** [Blues On Radio]


Holy fuck! [Shouting]


Fuck! What the fuck is...

Fucking bit me! What the fuck is wrong with him?


He fucking bit me!

[Sobbing] Oh, shit.

What's wrong with him?

He ate... He ate his own tongue.

[Speaking Foreign Language] Nobody fucking move!

Neelis, what the fuck is that thing?

I found him out in the woods. He was starving.

Jesus! Fuck! [Sonny] That's bullshit.

That's bullshit! You know something. Somebody here knows something.

[Kelly] God!

Oh, fuck!


You're bleeding.

He can't stop eating.

He's so hungry all the time. [Growling]

[Sniffles] But he's my son.


[Sniffles] He has to be fed.

I gotta take him out. I gotta take... I gotta take 'em both out.

Oh! Fuck!

It's all right.

We'll just go. Come on.

[Groaning] Fuck!


[Kelly Shouting] What's wrong with him?




[Kelly Groaning] Oh, fuck!

[Growling] I know, Jake.

He's calling us.






My... My son's not here anymore.

Already in hell.

[Kelly Sobbing]

[Kelly] You fuck!



Oh. Oh, Son.

My son.

What have you done?

[Sniffles, Sobs]


[Flesh Squishes] [Radio: Static]

[Man On Radio] The crisis has reached epic proportions...

In a matter of days.

The World Health Organization warns of new cases globally...

And as of yet has released no new information...

On how to terminate the infected.

Now back to K60, the Sound of the South.

** [Rock]

What happened to you two over there? In country.

How much do you wanna know? All of it.

They just came out of nowhere.

We couldn't even get off a shot.

We tried to radio in for help, But what we didn't know is that our mission was so secretive...

That all communications had been cut off.

They didn't even know we were gone for weeks.

It's a total goat fuck, you know.

Matty and I were the only ones who weren't wounded. Everyone else was all torn up.

[Man Speaking Foreign Language] They stuck us in this cell...

Way the fuck out for weeks without food and water.

With the dead and the dying.

[Man Speaking Foreign Language]

They began to rot.

They were infected.

And Matty...

Matty just kept looking at them...

The way that an animal looks at something to eat.

And he began to eat.

Eating the infected.

Eating the dead.

I couldn't...

As ravenous as I was, I couldn't stop him.

And that's when I was the most afraid.

And I was just waiting...

Waiting for the hunger to take me over.

I think Matty got infected with some sort of virus.

And I think he brought it back.

He brought it back home.

It's contagious?

I'm sorry.

Why didn't he infect her?

Or take her, like Jake?

I'll tell you why. Because he wasn't there.

Or maybe you were.

Slinking behind her.

Just waiting...

Until she became one of you.

I see right through you, brother.

I see right through you.

What do you see?

The truth.

That they brought us here... to die.



[Shouts, Grunts]

Move. Get the fuck out.

What the fuck you doing? Get the fuck out!

Fuck you! Get the fuck out!

Fuck you! Get the fuck out!

Fuck you! Kelly's infected! Get out!

We are not animals! We cannot just start killing people.

He's not human. He's one of them. You don't know that.

I do. Goddamn it, Sonny!

You are doing exactly what Matty wants.

You are chasing them out to him.


Goddamn it!

What the fuck are we supposed to do then? We wait.

We wait and we see.


My hair isn't coming back.

That's a nice little joke.

Your future self leaves one too many iterations of the old.

People drop in periodically, wanna talk.

You just smile.

Because you got no idea what's going on.

And then it hits you.

You're in love with yourself, with everyone you see.

Their... Their smell, their taste.

I wish I could say it was made up.

But I'm real.

Yes. A reinvention.

But me.

I take no pleasure in eating myself.

I just have to.

You see...

I've had time to ruminate.

Feed... so I can have my night eyes, So I can hunt.


[Neelis's Voice] The virus of war.

[Sue's Voice] A curse.

[Matty's Voice] We're waiting for you. [Laughing]

[Pills Rattling]

[Sue's Voice] that rides on the wind.

[Lexi's Voice] What? [Mouthing Words]

[Matty Laughing]

[Overlapping Voices]

[Matty Laughing]

[Sue's Voice] that rides on the wind.

[Sonny's Voice] Better than playing soldier.

[Sue's Voice] A curse.

[Lexi's Voice] What happened to you guys out there?

[Man On Radio] CDC says avoid being bitten by the infected.

And if you are bitten, Go immediately to the nearest military facility.






He's... He's been in the cabin.


How'd he do that?

Holy shit.

How'd he do that? Hmm?

Son of a bitch. [Kelly] Oh, fuck!

[Heavy Breathing]

Move it, Sonny.

Real slow. Toward me.

Or I'll blow us all to hell.

That's good. Real good.

Now, stop.

Look up.

He's using cables and pulleys.

The same system we used on perimeter watch.

That's how he gets around without a trace.

Okay. Okay, cool. I-I-I believe you.

Just-Just... Just put those out.

I don't know who to trust.

Can I trust you, Sonny? You can trust me.

You don't even know how much you can trust me. Just put those down.


You okay?

He's hunting us. One by one.

But why isn't he killing us?

He's building an army.

Okay, listen up.

Sonny, you and Kelly need to walk the perimeter.

I'm not going with him. He's infected. Oh, blow me.

Who says I wanna go with you anyway? You fucking dick.

Jesus Christ. Okay, Sonny, you come with me.

Kelly, you stay here with Lexi.

He's coming undone.

Keep an eye on him.

So, where are we going?

Walking the tree line.

What the hell for?

We need to create a protective perimeter, And we're going after them.

Wha... "Them"?

[Flesh Squishing]

[Body Thuds]

Welcome to the war.

I hear something.

Do you hear that?

It's coming from over there.

[Cell Phone Ringing]

[Ringing Continues]

[Beeps] Hello.

[Automated Female Voice] If you like to make a call... [Screaming]

Oh, shit.

It's a decoy. No way.

There's no way he'd sacrifice his own father.

Okay. We leave him.

Please, d-don't leave me.

[Gasps] I'm hungry.

I'm so... I'm so, so hungry.

Goddamn it.


[Gasps] Neelis.

Turn around.

[Gasps] He made me taste.

Now I can't stop. Hungry.

I'm so, so hungry.

[Growls, Chuckles]

It's a trap!


Whoa! Oh, fuck!

Holy shit!

Kotz! Kotz!

Kotz! Kotz!

[Neelis Laughing] Get me down!

Ah, shit! Fuck! Holy shit!

Kotz! Kotz!

Get me... Get me... [Gunshot]

Get me down! Oh, God!

Where is he?

Oh! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Where is he?


** [Rock On Radio]



[Sonny] Open the door. [Coughing Continues]

[Pounding] Goddamn it, Kelly! Open the fucking door!


[Gunshots] Piece of shit!

Open the door, or I will annihilate you.

Piece of shit! [Thuds]

Open the fucking door when I tell you to open the fucking door.

Goddamn it!


Put the fucking gun down. You put your gun down!

Put the fucking gun down.

[Lexi] Where were you, Kelly? I heard something!

And then I went to go find out what! I looked everywhere for you!

Well, you know that strange sense...

Of sometimes what you're seeing isn't actually happening?

That's called para-fucking-noia, you little fucking tart!

Maybe what you're all thinking...

Is right...

Maybe the big, bad wolf is right in front of you.

Huh? Hmm?


[Doorknob Rattling]

[Rattling Continues] Maybe he's at the door.

[Rattling] Jesus.

Oh, Jesus.


[Groans] What the hell are you looking at me like that for?

He's one of them. [Kotz] Jesus Christ.


Fucking... All your fucking guns on me for?

The fuck is your problem? I'm not infected!

Fuck you, you pieces of shit!

You'd fucking like that, wouldn't you?

Wouldn't you fucking like that?

I am not infected!

I can do this! You know what this feels like?

[Groans] You know what this feels like?


I will fucking destroy you.

[Glass Shattering] [Kelly Screaming]


Kill me. Please.

[Growls, Screeches]

[Shell Casings Clattering]


[Thunder Rumbles]



Look, I realize that things are a bit strange right now.

But could you please untie me from these... fucking ropes?

Where'd you get the blood on your face and hands?

I don't know.

I passed out. [Kotz] They sent you.

Didn't they? Yeah. They sent you on a little reconnaissance, huh?

That's exactly what they did, and what a successful mission it's been.

Look, I don't know what crazy people think, Kotz, but you may.

Well, you just forgot one little thing.

I belong to a unit that doesn't officially exist.

Which means I was never here...

And none of this ever happened.

I could waste you, and the universe wouldn't even blink.

They got us dug in here like ticks.

We need to stop them before it can spread. [Sonny] Good.

'Cause I'm sick of running from these fucking things.


He likes the cover of trees.

So this is where you set up.

That way you can keep an eye on all avenues of approach.

I'll lure him out.

Don't miss.

I'm gonna kill this shit and mount it on my grille.

Don't leave me like this.

Give me a chance.

We can't afford that chance.

I'm sick, Lexi.

I've done terrible things.

Disgusting things.

I know, Samuelson. We all have.

Come and find me, you piece of shit!

I'm right here!

[Snarling] [Screaming]

Oh, God!

Oh, fuck!

Oh, fuck!

Oh, God.

[Snarls, Hisses]

[Rifle Cocks]

He's waiting.

Like a spider.

And when he's done waiting...

Rats in a maze, where do they run?

Shut up!

Make me, bitch.



That thing is not going to take me.

I'm not gonna go like that.

Do me first.


[Sniffles, Clears Throat]

[Gun Cocks]

We're gonna make it.

Do you hear me?




I can kill this thing.

I know in my bones.

[Man On Radio] Here's another one for you...

Before I tuck you in for the night.

** [Rock] He didn't chase after me.


'Cause he didn't have to.

He's already here.



What is this?

Its nest.

[Slurping] [Growling]

Who's there?



[Screeching Continues]


[Growls, Screeches]


* The things I saw inside *

* The things I saw inside *

* Is what really caught my eye *

[Screeching Continues]


* Live while I can, yeah **

** [Vocalizing]

** [Ends]

They didn't find your canoe?

How come they didn't wreck it?

[Kotz Narrating] Who knows if this is the world or just the edge of it?

I wanna believe that we'll be okay.

The storm'll blow over...

And everything will be like I remembered when I get home.

And everyone will be waiting for us.

But nothing happened.

We'll just have to see.


[Engine Revving]

[Revving Continues]

[Engine Stops]


The Wind Walkers followed us...


[Gurgling, Gasping]

[Gasping Stops]

[Man On Radio] Looks like Hurricane Dori is knocking at our door.

We've got one wind chasing another across the Gulf.

I don't know about you, but I feel possessed tonight.

This one goes out to all of you out there...

Bracing yourselves for the storm.

Get your night eyes on.

Stay tuned. ** [Rock]

It's over.

I'm so hungry, Kotz.

I'm so hungry.

** [Continues]

[Man] * I'll be on the road *

* If you wanna take me home *

* Sick of all your brothers *

** [Continues, Indistinct]

* Walking all alone you can mail me to and fro *

* Sick of all your brothers *

** [Continues, Indistinct]

* Sick of all your brothers *

** [Continues, Indistinct]

* Sick of all your brothers ** [Screeches]

** [Fades]

Some say the conquered tribes left the Wind Walker behind...

To take the white man into the night.

A curse against them for taking our land.

But we know that the Wind Walker has always been here.

And they will always be here.

* Sleep inside forever *

* There's no cold inside his soul *

* Buried to the leaves *

* There's another with no fire *

* All of your disease *

* All of your desire *

* All of your disease *

* All of your desire *

* All of your disease *

* All of your desire *

* All of your disease *

* All of your desire *

** [Continues, Instrumental]

* I was on the road *

* Hear them walking down a while *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire *

* Buried side by side *

* Lie the master and his child *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire *

* All that you can see *

* All that you inspire **

** [Ends]