Wings of the Wind (2015) Script



How did you make theheavens and the earth?

If you made everyoneand everything, why do bad things happen?

To teach us a lesson?

You're god ofthe universe.

Aren't you in control?

Nothing to say?

Jesse: Rose!

I'll justtalk to a bird.


Hiding out inthe field again?

Not hiding...Hiking.


I was having a greatconversation with a bird.

I don't think you'llbe finding the answers in the field.

Well Jesse, you provideno more answers than the bird.

I'm your cousin.

I don't need toprovide answers.

I think I'll leavethat for the birds.

New bird?

Yeah. just came in today.

Think you cancheck it out?

Did you call me or not?

Must have been a bird.


[Car approaching]

You expectingsomething?

Come on.

Did you get them?

Get what?

You know whati'm talking about.

Oh, that!

Maybe I did get them.

I knew it!


No, those aren't for you.

I couldn't find you any.

I love them, Wes.

Well, I suppose youshould start planning your first hike.

Yes, but Stephen saysviolin must come first.

When did you startplaying the violin?



Why'd you take offback at the hangar?

You made itpretty clear you didn't want to talk.

Besides, I'm sure yourtalk with the birds was very monumental.

You're alwayschallenging me to talk.

Well, now dear cousin,i'm ready to talk.

Are you really?

'Cause it looks likeyou're just looking to pass the blame.

I know whereto pass the blame.

You can't blame godfor your brother leaving.

Everyone i'mclose to takes off.

Choices weremade, Rose.

I gotta fly.

Who's leaving now?


When did youget back in town?

Just now.

Why are you walking?

'Cause I'm not flying.

No wings today?

No, every singlebird is in the shop.

Where we off to?

I got no place to be.

I got an idea.

We don't want Togo looking at birds.

It's called "birding".And I have something a little moreprofitable in mind.

Whoa, I haven't seen astack of cash like that-- keep your hands off.

Where'd you get it?

Just drive.

[Thunder crashing]

Now, I'll coveryou guys tonight, but next time you'rebringing your own stake.

No thanks. Not me.

Yeah, I don't know, Seth.

Don't get in alather about it, Jesse.

It's ten sawbucks, fivecard draw, no limit.

A hundred bucksis high stakes, Seth.

We'll be at the sametable and I'll clean it.

No risk.

C'mon, Jesse. Wedon't do this.

I know. We can'tjust leave him here.

Well, i'llbe in the car.

What a bunch of losers.

I'm out too.

You're back in now.

No, you know what?I'm not doing this.

This can't be controlled.

Um, I lookpretty in control.

Pay your fees andlet's go, all right?

You go ahead. I'llcatch a ride home.

[Crickets chirping]

[Suspenseful music]

[Breathing heavy]

[Inaudible voices]

[Suspenseful music]

You're going tobe part of the hiking competition, right?

I'm looking forward tocompeting against you.

You gonna help charliewith mapping out the event?

C'mon, Rose. You know allthe great birding areas.

What's up with you?

The dream again.

Bread for stones.

Snakes for fish.

It makes no sense.

It just tells me you'vegot hiking on your mind.

You know, stonesand snakes?

[Birds chirping outside]


Hat...extra socks...Towels.

I'll take theflashlight and bird books.

And I'll pack thecanned beans for lunch.


I'm gonna need a firstaid kit by the time I'm done with this girl.

Good idea.

We do need afirst aid kit.

Why can't wetake the mirror?

The key is toconsolidate only needed items into the packs.

I guess thateliminates Josie's wardrobe over there.


These are needed.

Why do you havethat huge blanket?

This is somethingwe may need.

To cover up withor for shelter.

We don't needfour outfits.

What if I getdirty or wet?

You'll dry!


I think we should leaveout the outfits and the blanket.

It's only a two day hikeand the cabin will have blankets, so let's juststick to the essentials.

Also, we need to starttraining with our packs.


Because it'sextra weight.

Mine doesn't weighanything at all.

It's empty,you knuckle head.

Cool it!

Now obviously wewill need canteens, notepads andextra food packs.

Don't forget aunt Ella'ssweet potato biscuits.

You'd think of that.


You realize you soundlike a chicken clucking when you do that, right?

So dad, whatdo you think?

I think not.

Dad, this is unfair.

I can fly a plane asgood as any man and you know it.

That's not the point.

This isn't about any man.

Well, it's about me, ifyou haven't noticed that.

I am fully aware.

You can't avoidthe inevitable.

Tomorrow the answerwill still be no.

I'm a pilot, dad.

Whether youlike it or not.

I can fly this plane.

You're not ready yet.

You're just tryingto prove yourself.

You can't protect meby not letting me fly.

I'm not doing that.

I'm just saying no.

You're not going tofly this or any other plane right now.

I have Seth to blamefor this, don't I?

No. it's just that yourattitude is getting in the way of yourjudgment as a pilot.

Walking away never solvedanything, Rose Cornell.

Mom and Seth are gone!

I'm not!

Doesn't that matter?


Everything here looks fine.

I don't know whathappened to cause the drop in engine power.

I've missedsomething somewhere.

I just don'tknow what it is.

If Rose wasn'ta good pilot, she would have crashed and it would havebeen my fault.

It's not about you.

I talked to jenkinsdown at the garage.

He's pretty interestedin hiring you.

Not yet.

He's a good man.

He'll treat you fairand he'll pay you good.

I've got a plan.

You're a good pilot.

And a great mechanic.

You need to getover what happened.

I'm not reallyinterested in that.

I'm not doing that again.

You know that book isnot going to help you.

What? this book is great.

That guy was convictedof gambling last year and you need to stayclear of him.

He was acquitted.

I'm telling you,pushing me away is not going to pay off.

You need to face thisissue and talk to me.

No, dad. I don'tneed to talk to you.

The problem is you'renot talking to anyone right now.

I talk topeople who get me.

Everyone around hereonly puts me down.

The way you see thingsaren't the way they are.

[Rose painting]

Any success, Ruby?

Yeah, there's a secondfloor above the hiking club.

That sounds perfect.

And they seem interestedin an art gallery?

Yeah, they reallyseem to like it.

They want to seesome more samples.

Josie helpedme pick some out.

She's become quitethe little assistant, hasn't she?

I'm gonna displaysome of her work.

I think I'll hold afashion show to promote the showing.

[Suspenseful music]

Ten bucks.That's all I have.

I thought youwere in control.

I was just havinga weak moment.

They call them winningstreaks for a reason.

They end.

Never borrow moneyfrom the people running the game.

You can't be more stupid.

I know.

Who's the loser now?

Look, if I don't payit back, I'm in trouble.

I have to pay it.

I know you guys don'thave a lot of money, but I'll win itback and more after I pay off the debt.

Dry up, Seth.

Ease up, Jesse.

You guys really don'thave anymore cash?

What do we looklike? Your bank?

What are we gonna do?

Not we. You.

Okay, cool down.

We'll figuresomething out.

I'll get some of myaunt Ella's bakery money to pay him.

[Radio music playing]

[Changing radio stations]


Radio evangelist: Welcome to the national radio evangelism hour.

This is evangelist James Brayden.

I've just returned from an enjoyable time of bird watching.

I've spotted 352 species this year.

As I've traveled evangelistically throughout the U.S., I've taken time for my favorite hobby, and I've learned akingdom principle through this hobby.

That is, let's not be too soon satisfied.

The Bible tells uswhen we seek him, we find the kingdom.

And all thingsare added to us.

Things you have neverdreamed or imagined are yours simply byreceiving them.

As a young boy, I grewup in the countryside in the late 1800's.

I was always seeking the lord.

I went into the fields tolook for as many birds as I could find, and the lord would guide me.

I found his faithfulnessis rich with blessing as I've asked and sought him like a child to receive.

I would always stop toask for his guidance.

James Brayden as child:Lord, help me find as many birdsnests as I can.

There were times wheni knew where at least

80 to 90 nests were.

Even today, he leads me and reveals his goodness to me.

I have come to know that it is the lord who desires to bless us, reveal himself to us and show us what we do not understand.

I would find nests abandoned by the mother and adopt them.

I would bring them home with me and set them near my window.

The lord would bring birds to fly through the open window of my room, andthey would begin feeding the young ones while I watched them.

I have seen that it is hewho cares for the sparrow.

It is he who comes to those who seek him.

It is he who answers a childlike faith.

It is he who comes through the open window of a desiring heart.

He is the one whoheals the broken.

He loves the unlovable.

He forgives theunforgivable.

He is the one ourhearts hunger for.

He is the authorof our faith.

[Knock at door]

[Turns radio off]

Rose, whatare you doing?

Nothing ofany importance.

Just getting mythings together.

I'm leaving forthe Bradford's.

I'm training for thehiking competition with Josie and Phoebe.

I'll meet you there.

[Birds chirping]

I brought the hikingcommission's new director of competition a gift.

Great! but you justcall me Charlie.

Planning thecompetition?

These are perfectfor planning a hike.

Yeah. it's goingto be swell.

I'm including some prettychallenging terrain.

Everyone'spretty keen on it.

I'm sure they are.

And you are a competitor,so no peeking.


What did youbring to bribe me?

Oh, nothing.

Just aunt Ella'sbaked goodies, and my greatcup of coffee.

I'm helping aunt ellaplan the hiking club winners event.

I'm excited abouthelping you, Charlie.

I'm excitedabout the hike.

You two aresomething else.

Don't you think josieshould know how to use a compass if she plansto enter a 20 mile hiking competition?

I suppose.

So you agree I shouldput a stop to it?

That's a great idea.

A stop watch.

That settles that.

[Birds chirping]

I received anew hat today.

I'll have to show you.

Okay, so tomorrow.Church or not?


I don't need to hear abouthow god allowed something bad to happen to someoneto teach him a lesson.

I don't want to servea god like that.

But I do like teachingmy Sunday school class.

Don't you think youshould go to church then?

Look at this.

Let me see.

I'm telling you Steve,there's nothing like winning, and this bookwill make you a winner.

I'm not agambler, Seth.

And stop calling me Steve.

It's gravy. Here,i'll show you how.

Look, eversince I was a kid--

I know, I know.

You make agreat cousin but-- no buts, Steve.

Look, I think you'vegot a gambling problem.

I can stopany time I want.

Stop now then.

It's notthe right time.

I've got to get mydad's money back first.

That's just an excuseto keep gambling.

You know uncle cliffdoesn't care about the money.

Just forget it...Stephen.

Wait a minute.

Oh, swell, Josie.

You stop every ten minutesto fix your boots.

How are we areever gonna make a

20 mile competition?

I won't have a problemonce I get these adjusted to my feet.


Really Phoebe,they will adjust.

If you don't get a tonof blisters before then.

How many mileshave we gone today?



We've been at thisfor two hours and only gone a mile?

Now I have to leave.

I told Rose i'dbe home by now.

Well, I guessshe's gone.

There. I'm ready.




Let's go!


How much trainingdo we need to do?

I say everyday.

We need to get in somegood conditioning and find out what we reallyneed to pack and what we don't need.

Charlie said we'dreach the cabin at the end of the first day.

So I guess that reallymeans we only have to go fast on day two.

Not exactly.

The sooner weget to the cabin, the sooner we can restand get started again the next day.

This isgonna be a kick.

Don't underestimate it.

It's going to be twodays of hard work.

And eight hours aday won't be easy.

Ahhh, it'sgonna be nada.

In my new boots, it'sgonna be a dynamite time.


Hannah said shethought you were here.

When do we move in?

I talked tomr. Davidson.

Well, he almostchanged his mind.

It's becauseof Seth, isn't it?

Word has gottenaround about him.


Nobody thinks the birdingshop is a good investment.

Just what I needed.

Well, a birding and anart shop are a hard sell, and people think giving usa space is a bit risky.

Let's just movein and deal with their opinions later.

Well, maybejesse could help.

People around hereseem to respect him.

That's true.

But I'm not asking him.

[Phone ringing]


I know.

No, I was, I wasexpecting your call.

I've been working ongetting you the money, okay?

I know.

I know Seth left.

I'm telling you I don'tknow where he is.

Look, I told you i'mnot the answer to your Seth problem.

All I'm working on isthe money he owes you.

[Tuning radio]

[Music playing]

Radio announcer: Thecounty sheriff reports today that illegal gambling rings continue to multiply in our county and the surrounding areas.

Problems continue to surface as organizations from Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland battle to gain power in rural areas.

Authorities caution anyoneinvolved in these gambling rings that they are not asinnocent as they may seem.

Families in the area arebeing left without hope after heavy losses in high stakes games.

Authorities are beginning-- are you okay, Rose?

Why do you haveto care so much?

Because that'swhat sisters do.

It seems like you'realways taking care of me, and it's supposed to bethe other way around.

So what? Maybeyou need it.

No! I can takecare of myself. Leave!


Get out!

[Door slams]

Oh, put it over therein the other corner.

Okay. I'll goget the easels.


You like it?

I love it.

[Violin music starts]

So you love it?

Is it what youthought it would be?

[Violin music]

Can't you say anything?

[Violin music]

I know it's gonna bea grandstand in here.

We're gonna have a blast.

[Violin music]

Come now, can't yousee me in here with my new fashions?

How about we goget your paintings?

[Suspenseful music]

I saw maloneback down the road.

Yeah, I saw him too.

Was he following you?

I don't know.

You gottaget out of here.

Come on Jesse, what arethe chances that--

I don't know, Wes.

What's he lookingfor out there?

Just get lost.

I'll meet you at my house.

The two of youwant some breakfast?

Thanks, aunt Ella.

Seth is intosome bad business.

Malone found menear the hangar.

Oh, yeah? What didhe have to say?

He was lookingfor Seth.

Wondered if iknew where he was.

You don't have any ideawhere Seth is so he'll just have to drop it.

I told him that.

The man is cock-eyed.

Do you have any idea whyhe'd be at the hangar?

Look, this, the thingis just gonna have to run its course. Andhopefully without us.

It was my wholeinheritance I got from my father and everything iwas sending to aunt Ella when I was in the war.

I never should havegiven him four bits.

Come on, boys.

Get in the kitchen andeat some breakfast.

I always like to sketchout my picture before I start painting it.

I should be able to showyou some water color techniques tomorrow.

At least mydrawings aren't as difficult as birds.

I love your birdhouses.

They are very unique.

Are you sure aboutdisplaying them at the art gallery opening?

I'm certain.

Are you sure you wantto sell them to help the gallery?

Oh, for sure.It will be swell.

I love this place.


This is where we break.

You sure we're gonna beable to hike 20 miles?

If we continueworking it like we have been, we will.

Maybe that's mydisadvantage.

I don't see usworking it real well.

My new shoesare carrying me.

Well, I'm not quitethat optimistic.

That's because youneed to stop looking up.

You're lookingtoo far ahead.

You need to keep your headdown and look at your feet and the path rightin front of you.

Are you into hikingphilosophy now?

It's not philosophical.

It's common sense.

You're going to bediscouraged if you keep looking up at the hillyou have to climb.

Radio evangelist: It was the love I had for birds as a child that created the love for flying as an adult.

I was very young when I heard about the first plane to be designed and flown.

I have never stopped having the desire to fly.

Flying gives such a different perspective.

You see things differently when you're lifted up.

I came to know as I would sit and listen to the birds and dream aboutflying that I was in his secret place, abidingunder the shadow of his wings. he wants to lift us up on his wings.

He would pour out hispresence in my midst so strong I could not hide from his presence.

Where I am, heis always there.

It's the psalmist who said oh, that I have wings like adove for then I would fly away and be at rest.

Hasn't he given us his wings to ride on?

To lift us above?

He has made a way for you to mount on the wings of eagles and ride on the wings of the wind.

Isn't it time you turnto him for the answers?

[Changing station]

[Music playing]

How much longeruntil it's finished?

I'm not sure.

You are quitethe artist.

People pay good money forwater colors like that.

You're only saying thatbecause you're my brother.

No. seriously.

What areyou up to Seth?

What do you mean?

I know you. You'reup to something.

Where you going?

To wash out my brushes.

Josie found thesehidden in her barn today.

I think half ofthem are missing.

Guys like Seth don'tcare about who they're hurting.

No, they don't.

They lie and coverup with another lie.

They take things and usethem for what they want.

I love this one.

Here you go.

Can you go to thecloset and get me more linen so I canpack this order?



You all right?


I was just thinking about-- just skip it.

Okay, but you cantell me anything that's bothering you, you know.

Yeah. okay, I will.

[Tuning radio]

Radio evangelist: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever change the word of god to fit your circumstances, but ratherlet the word of god change your circumstances.

The word of god is filled with his promises and reveals his goodness.

Believe in his goodness.

Psalm 107 says to us, oh,that men would praise the lord for his goodness and for his wonder filled works to the children of men.

When I was a child, god'sgoodness would embrace me.

I found the lord was the anchor of hope for my life.

I finally realized it wasgod that was caring for me from the very moment mymother had abandoned me.

He was not the reason for the storm.

He was the protector from the storm.

It is simple childlike faith and simple understanding to believe in his goodness.

There was a day I rescued an abandoned nest and eggs in the midst of a storm.

It wasn't me who authored the storm so I could save them. I wasn't to be blamed.

Just like the lord is not to be blamed.

The lord is not theauthor of the storm.

Simply, he is not the giver of bad things.

Not at all.

It is his goodness that leads us to him.

He's not trying to teach a lesson.

He is not allowing these things just so that we would love him.

He is the onewho brings good.

He is the one who saves.

He is the one who loves.

He is the one who blesses.

He embraces us with his goodness.

Surely goodness andmercy will follow me all the days of my life.

Looks like you'vegot enough there to pay me back.

Oh, that and more bythe end of the night.

If you boyswant to join me.


See, this is exactly whati've been talking about.

It's an endlesscycle with you, man.

What do you mean?

I mean give methe dough, Seth.

No. you aren'tgetting nothing.

This here is my cash.

That's aunt Ella'smoney and you're not leaving here with it!

[Police siren blaring]

That's the blackand whites, boys.

Time to split!

No! you're not ditchingme until I get that cash.

All right! How much doi owe you for aunt Ella?

You knowexactly how much!


[Police siren blaring]

[Phone ringing]

[Inaudible voices]

You need to raise yourarms over your head if you start feelingout of breath.



It opens up yourairways and allows more oxygen into your lungs.

You sure you shouldbe giving me advice?

I'll be hiking againstyou in the competition.

I know.

I'm just not sure i'vebeen too good of a sister lately.

You've been swell.It's okay.

Not really.

I've been thinking aboutmyself a lot lately.

Things aregonna change.

I understand.

Hannah, you'reso positive.

And forgiving.

There's somethingelse bothering you.

I'm just havingthat same dream again.

Fish turning into snakes.

Bread turning into stones.

[Birds chirping]

I'd be so angry if I lostmy bakery because of someone gambling it away.

Well, I wasn't happyabout it, but I'm doing great.

I know if my brotherlost my bakery because of a gambling debt, I'd be givinghim a knuckle sandwich.

I don't think so, zeezee.

No fooling.

There would be no Rupert.

I'd flat knock him out.

[Smashing knuckles]

Okay. hot shot.

Well, girls, I don'tserve a gambling god.

And it was just a bakery.

I know things are goingto be restored even better than they were.

I heard Seth leftbecause of a gambling debt.

And I heard Seth took themoney from Wes and Wes took the money from you.

Seth and Wes tried to handlesome things on their own.

It created sometough situations.

We'll work everything out.

Too bad there's not abakery to take this to.

Hey! why are you sodiscouraged over my situation?

Look, I've got thisgreat kitchen to work in.

My baked goods are selling.

My catering is in demand.

I've got a greatbusiness going here.

I agree.

Look, the lord rebuildsthe ruins that men create.

Girls, bad thingsdon't come from god.

He's just too good.

How's the money looking?

Well, it looks like wehave the first three months at least covered.


But we are still short onthe capital needed for the initial stock ofthe birding items.

I just want people tosee this as more than an art gallery and birdingshop, you know?

I want it to mean something.

I think it'sgoing to be unique.

I've come up with a name.

Really? what is it?

Wings of the wind.

[Violin music]

I apologize i'mso late, Steven.

I'm packing up now.

Oh, it's all right.

I just wanted to talkto you about something.


I don't like the thoughtof Josie participating in this competition.

Why is that?

She's 15, abovethe age minimum.

She's been conditioning.

She's a goof off andisn't taking this seriously.

It's all for fun anywayso they can see how far they've come.

She hasn'tcome far enough.

That's not really fair.

She's worked hard.

She would be reallydisappointed.

I need you todisqualify her.

I can't do that.

She hasn't doneanything wrong.

What are you soafraid of, Steven?


You see what I mean?

I'm not afraid of anything.

Winning is what I do best.

Come on, Seth.

Can we just go?

We just got here.


This is chicken hazard.

Six is my main so ineed a 6 or 12 to make.

Yeah. right.Let's go.

Calm down.

Now I don't want to rollaces or 11, all right?

And how!

Do you see what I mean?

I nicked.


Give them here.


Just roll them, Steven.

And I suppose you'regoing to tell me that this is a game of skill.

What are you trying toget my brother involved in?

How did you find me?

I called himbefore we left.

Oh, nice.

That's real Jake, Steve.

Come on. Let's go.

Playing brother'skeeper now, huh?

Look, you need tosee the light, Seth!


Oh, see the light?

Don't you worry.

Me and god arestill like this.

I bet.

You know, that was realnice how you ditched us when the flatfoot showedup last night.

What can I say?I'm on the lam.

Couldn't stick around.


Well, just go ahead andgive me all his money then.


What do you mean can't?

You know, you havewinning streaks and losing streaks.

There is no way that youlost all of that money in a day.

I told you there was a gameat Malone's at midnight.


I've missed thesetimes together.

I've missed them, too.

We just needto hang out more.


It would be good for youto be around friends.

Say, bitterness, blame andanger aren't going to help you feel better.

I'm finally having somefun in my life, making a difference in learninghow to make a living, a good living.

And you want to spoilit all with this don't gamble nonsense?

I'm not hurting anyone!

Nonsense? are you kidding?

This isn't aboutgambling nonsense.

This is about howyou're hurting people.

How you're hurting yourself.

No. this intervention, thisintervention is nonsense.

This isn't afulfilling life.

Only because all ofyou are ruining it for me.

Do you really thinkthat you're going to make a living out of gambling?

Yes, I do!

I'm a professional gambler.

Wow. a real visionfor your future.

A real vision that takesfrom everybody else.

But that's what youdo, isn't it, Seth?

Take from everyone else.

A real moocher.

No, that's not fair.

This has just been myfriends helping me while I've learned a profession.

You've got tobe kidding me.

Surely you'renot that stupid.

You're just angry atmom leaving and dad not letting you fly!

I am not theone yelling here.

I am only yellingbecause you're so stubborn.

And why is it thateveryone else is always your problem, Seth?!

You're alwaysblaming someone else!

Wow. wow.

And what yourguys problem, huh?

There you go againhanging me out to dry.

That's enough, Seth!

Get a grip, all right?

You are so selfish,man, it is ridiculous.

You are not the victim here.

Everybody's got a kicka guy when he's down.

You all talk aboutmaking choices, huh?

Well, I'm making mine.

I'm leaving, Rose.

I'll work on paying everyoneback as I get on my feet with my next winnings.


Just like mom!

Making your choices, huh?

Tell dad I said goodbye.

Thanks for nothing, guys.


[Airplane whirs by]

[Phone rings]

Here you go.

Cornell aircraft.



I don't know.


I said okay.

I'll see you then.

[Footsteps fall onhardwood floor]

Hey, Jesse.

Brought you somestrawberries.

Well, thanks, Sam.

Going tobirding fest today?

I don't think so.

Why not? Do you haveto work again?

[Knock at door]

You think you couldtake Sam upstairs?

Just help her get readyto go birding with Rose?

What's happening?

Nothing I can'ttake care of.

Are you back to stay?

You know I'm not.

There's no money to be hadhere, so you can just leave?

I just need in the house.

There's not a chance.

Come on, Jesse.Just let me in.

You're my cousin.I need some help here.

You have stolenfrom our family.

You've lied andcheated all of us.

And now you're goingto play the victim?

You got a lot of nerve.

Just let me in.

Have you lost it, huh?

Ella and Sam are in there.

I just needto get something.

Don't give me that lie.Okay?

This is my house.

You need to change.

We don't need the hurt thatyou're causing everyone.

Shut up, Jesse.I don't need your sermon.


Okay, everyone.

Make sure your shoes aretied and you have everything you need.


So class, we're going totake a little one mile hike down the trail.

Along the way we should seesome beautiful birds, and I'll point themout as we go along.

And we need to stay onthe path and not get off.

Hiking rule number 1 is toalways keep yourself seen.

Miss Rose!

I brought a friend with me.

His name is winsley.

How are you, winsley?I'm glad you came.

Fine. me too!

Are you readyto go birding?

Yes. I love birds.

He had a nest in hisroom, and the mother would come through his windowto feed her babies.

You're not afraid ofthunder storms, are you?

Oh, no. I knowgod is with me.

Okay. that's what I figured.

Okay. let's go!

I am not chickening out!

Are too!

Am not!

You just needto cool down!

Hey, Dolly, I'm going toneed you to back off and do that right now.

Quit flappingyour lips at me.

Keep right on walking.

[Mockingly) quitflapping your lips at me.

I heard that!

[Mockingly) I heard that!

I heard that, too.

I'm not crossing.

It's likefour inches deep.

How do you know?

Because ijust crossed it.

Would you twohang up the fighting?!

How are we going to winwith you both acting like a couple of knuckleheads?

[Indiscriminate chatter]

You need to keepthese shoes tied, peanut.


Everyone, you hear that?

It's a cardinal.

I don't see him.

There he isright over there.

Over there?

Can Sam and I goup ahead and look?

Yes, but youtwo watch out.

I'll be right here.

Stay close by,and stay seen.

Okay. we'll be right back.

I still hear him.

I think we'regoing to find him.

Keep watching, winsley.

We'll find him.

I will becausei love cardinals.

[Birds chirping]

Rose has seemedpretty upset lately.

What do you think is wrong?

She just needs toconsider the sparrow.

You know, how they don'ttoil or plant, but the lord takes care of them.

That's rich.

Isn't it the lordthat maketh the rich?

That's what the Bible says.


I just figured thelord says what he means.

I guess believing is achoice we act on, right?

Yep. just chooseto believe.

So how far are we going?

Where are we anyway?

Yeah. where are we?

Do you see it yet?

Are we getting too far?

My shoe is untied again.

Does god killa bird, miss Rose?

Of course not.Why would he do that?

My friends told me thatgod does bad things to teach us a lesson.

God says he knows when everybird falls to the ground.

Why do people think thatall the bad things that happen are god tryingto get our attention?

I don't think that I wouldlet something bad happen up here on this hike just to teachyou guys to listen to me.

How crummy is that?

That's true.How dumb would that be?

No. if something bad were tohappen, it would be because you didn't listen to me.

We'll listen.

Should we turn around?

[Wood snapping]

What was that?

The bird.

I don't think so.

Ivy, I don't thinkyou should do that.


What are you doing?


Rose is goingto be furious.

Now, don't you girls gotelling Rose you saw me.

You'll only upset here.

She's already upset.

All the more reason.

You don't want toupset her more, do you?

What are you doing?

You're bloody, andthis is pretty creepy.


I know how it looks, but i--i ran into something and I looked forsomething I dropped.

Out here?

Go on back to Rose now.

Girls, do not tell Rose.

[Birds chirping]


[Phone rings]

[Slams phone down]

[Crickets chirping]

Did you hearthat loud noise?


No. in the house.

In the living room.

It's probably just dad.

No. dad's not home yet.

Plus he would have justturned on the light.

You coming?


To find outwhat the noise was.

Hannah, come on!

[Phone rings]

[Slams phone down]

[Phone rings]

[Slams phone down]

Are you sure youheard something?

Yes, I'm sure.


What are we doing?

What's that for?

Let's go.


Did you hear something?

All I hearis my heartbeat.

You need to toughen up.


Maybe we shouldhave stayed inside.


[Footsteps running by]

I heard that!



[Suspicious creaking]







It's time to pay up.

Look, I've been saving upbut I don't have the whole

7,000 Seth owes.


Well, we'llconsider this interest.

And we'll considerthis a deposit.

That planedoesn't belong to us.

And that'snot my problem.

No money, and i'lltake the plane.


I'm keeping my focus.

God is protecting us.

The lord is my Shepherd.

Hannah, you need to go beyondthe children's tall tales.

If you aren't believing,what are you doing?

Going to sleep.

[Hanger door opens]

Hey, boys.

Didn't bet onyou being here.

I guess you lost again.

I'm going toneed to borrow a bird.

After all you've done,now you're going to steal a plane.

You just missed Malone.

He beat the daylights outof me and took the keys to the plane.

Oh, man.

That's tough.

I --I'm realsorry about that.

He made it pretty clearyou left me holding the bag.

I mean, you're family.

You're supposed to help.

Do you know whatthey'll do to me?

You need tomake this right.

Look, I'm sorryabout aunt Ella.

I wish there wassomething I could do.

This isn't just aboutaunt Ella anymore, okay?

This is about everyone!

I mean, things are sidewayshere, and you're out there chasing shadows.

Look, if I couldmake this right -- well, let's go see unclecliff and Rose then.

We'll work together andcome up with the money.

We'll get you out of this,and you can come back home.

Are you going to answer me?Seth!

No. it's obvious noneof you want to help me.

Because we won't loanyou any more money or let you take a plane?

Yes. that's what I need.

Look, I'm skipping town, Andi'm not coming back this time.

And that's on you, boys.

[Ominous music]

[Birds chirping]

Wake up. Rose!

Are you okay?


The dream again?

[Birds chirping]

[Key clacks inthe birdhouse]

What's that?

It's a box I foundin the linen closet.


What's stranger is thati found a key to it out in the birdhouse.

That is strange.

What's in it?

This is mymother's jewelry.

How could you?

How could I what?


Look, I didn'ttake anything.

It was in your house!

That doesn'tmean I took it.

Don't you think that ifi took it, I would have already lost itall to a debt?

I didn't tell you this, butseth has been showing up looking for cash.

He was trying toget in the house.

Now I know why.

Seth is back?

No. he just kept comingback trying to get money.

But I don't thinkwe'll see him again.

How do I know you'renot messed up with Seth?

I keep seeing youaround with a shovel.

That's just something wesand I are taking care of.


You want meto buy into this?

No. we're family.

And I'm going totake care of it.


I'm going to chooseto believe you.


[plane whirs by]

I told Jesse that ithink it's time that we leveled with the two of you.

I tried to handlethis on my own, okay.

But when Wes gotinvolved, it all turned bad.

I know you know Seth has agambling debt with Malone.

Well, it's a lotworse than you think.

How much is he in for?

7,000. I --i got astash of money buried.

But it's not enough.

We're still $5,000 shy, andmalone made it pretty clear that we don't havemuch time left.

So uncle cliff, he'sgot the key to the cessna.

And he's going to keepcoming back until we finish this.

It's ridiculous we haveto pay off Seth's debt.

I'll come upwith something.

Let's dig up the moneybefore they wise up to where it is.



Stop telling me no.

I think the two ofyou need to calm down.

I don't wantto calm down.

Nobody's listening to me.

You're right about that.

I know I'm right and youdon't need to be doing this competition.

Look, everythingis going to be fine.

Would youstop saying that?

Everyone just thinksi'm over reacting.

I know you are!

What will it taketo get you to listen?

Hide your hiking boots?What?

You're going to haveto choose, Josie.

It's all about people makingthe right choices, isn't it?

I'll be there to pickup the pieces when this thing falls apart.

Steven, don't leave.

It's settled.

[Piano music]

[Ominous music]


[Seth's muffled voice]

[Ominous music continues]

[Bird chirping]

Radio evangelist: Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snareof the fowlers.

The snare is broken, and we are escaped, psalm 124:7.

I'll say the scripture againto help you understand what the word of godis telling you.

Our soul is escaped is abird out of the snare of the Fowler.

Our snare is broken,and we are escaped.

Psalm 124:7.

The lord is not caging us with problems or circumstances.

He is not doing things to teach us a lesson or get our attention.

He is good god.

He is not theauthor of evil.

He has sent his son Jesus and set us free from the snare of the Fowler.

He wants us to believe in his love for us, to embrace his word and receive his blessing.

If you would step out in allyour reasoning and all your emotion and know his thoughts are higher than yours, then you would fly.

You would rise above the challenges, the people and the circumstances that arecontrary to who he is, and he would give you wingsto ride upon the wind.

You are team five,the last team to leave.

You kick off in 30 seconds.

You'll see on your mapthe trails split into two.

The left trail isthe easy trail.

It is a big longerbut much easier.

The trail is clearly laidout, and it's difficult to get lost.

The right trail isthe advanced trail.

While it's shorter, it'smuch more difficult.

We'll be here waitingfor you tomorrow afternoon.

Happy hiking!

[Girls giggle]


Take the easy trail.

Yeah. yeah. You'reholding me up.

Hurry, girls.

Pace yourself!

Why are wedoing this again?

Because we're partof the hiking club.

And why are we partof a hiking club again?

Because theseare our friends.

And why are these -- okay already. Quityour complaining.

Yeah. let's have a good time.

[Birds chirping]

This area is so amazing.

I think I can spotsome nice birds here.


Let's get moving.

Slow down.

You're going too fast.

Remember whatcharlie said?

Pace yourself.

Don't be a stickin the mud, Hannah.

This is going tobe a long 20 miles.


Where do youthink Josie is now?

If they're going at asteady pace like they should be, they'll be around here.

And the trailsplits here.


But they shouldn'treach that for another

15 minutes or so.

Say, Charlie, doyou have anymore maps?


I'm heading outon the trail.

Here. at leasttake my compass.


Can I come?


We are way ahead ofpace by almost 20 minutes.

Isn't that good?

Not exactly.

We can't use upenergy early on.

Well, let's take theeasy trail and slow down.

We should be closer torose's group anyway.

Come on, youfuddy duddies!

What are you doing?

Get back here!

It's no sweat.

Look how far ahead we are.

That's becausewe're going too fast.

Think how far ahead we'llget if we take this trail.

Come back, Josie.

Come on, Josie.

Don't be a fathead.

We can't lether go alone.

[Birds chirping]

Psst! hey, what's she doing?

What do you see?

A red crossbill.

I've never seen one before.

[Birds chirping]

There it is.Very rare.

Must be a bust year up northfor them to be this far south.

Well, I'm lostwith all that.

And you're pointing isn'thelping me to see it.

Put it this way.

It inspires me to paint.

Get on, girl.


She's all fueledup and ready to fly.

Thanks, Jesse.


I've come up with a way topay off some of Seth's debt.

When I deliver this plane,the two of you go to the address on the paperworkthere, and you close the deal.

What are you saying?

I'm selling my plane.

But -- it's already done.

I'm beginning torealize how dumb this was.

We should neverhave followed you.

What are youtalking about?

Probably the three of ustaking the advanced trail of a 20 mile hikewithout an adult.

That's it, all right.

We should have broughtsteven with us.

This was so dumb.

Steven isn't an adult.

He's just my brother.

He's older than us.

By only four years.

That makes him like 20.

So what?

So what? So what?!

Yeah. so what?

You are such a meathead.

Stop fighting!

It's not making anythingbetter, and we need to find the cabin before dark.

Do you care if wetake the easy trail?

Like I would care.

Good because I toldhannah I'd stay on the same trail as her team just incase they needed some help.

Sounds like a good idea.

Okay then.


A blue grosbeak.


I'll be back.

I want to takesome time to sketch.


Radio evangelist: It is the lord who cuts rivers among rocks, whose eye sees every precious thing.

It is he who brought water out of a rock in the wilderness and gave drink as out of great depths.

He is the bread of life who has exchanged himself for the stony placesof our lives.

The word tells us that Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness to turnstones into bread.

Even Satan knew that it is Jesus who turns stones into bread.

So many think that Jesus, the living bread, is the author of stonyplaces in life.

No. Satan is the author of the stony places.

Jesus said in Luke chapter 11 verse 11, if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone?

Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent?

No. he gives ushis goodness.

He is the bread of life andhas shed his blood for each of us on the stony place of the cross.

However, he has risen.

All the stones were rolled away.

He is the life giver, the author of the blessing, the son of righteousness, and has risen with healing in his wings.



It's going to be easierfor us to just sit here and wait for someone to find us.

I don't see how youforgot to bring the compass.

The one thing we actuallyneed, and you forgot it.

We should haveremembered the compass.

She probablycouldn't read it anyway.

I just never imaginedthat Steven would be right.

He frustrates me, and ididn't want to listen.

Now we knowyou should have.


Rise and shine, girls.

Time to get up.

Apology accepted.Now let's go home.

But there will be payback.

I ought to smack youinto next month, leaving without a compass.

Then you take theadvanced trail.

You know better.

I don't knowwhat I was thinking.

Can't tell me the lorddidn't put you in check.

He's always speaking.

The lord?

Yes, the lord.


The lord is always speaking.

Some listen.

Some don't listen.

And some refuse to listen.

Weren't you listening?

I guess not.


We gotta get outof here in 30 minutes.

All right.

I'm just disappointed.

It's okay.

Giving up the shop is whati need to do to help Jesse.

I'm not a quitter.

I'll buy more suppliesand we'll start again.

You're right. We will.

And I'm sticking with you.

Best friends forever?

Best friends forever.

Okay then.


[Family happily chatters]

It is amazinghow it all added up.

We had all the money in abox and put it on the table right in front of him andtold him just don't snap your cap at us anymore.

We did it.

Well, we canceled thedebt Seth couldn't pay.

They're probably goingto get caught soon by the black and whites.

I know they've been workingthose raids for a couple years.

What's this?

The papers toour new plane.

When I went to deliverthe plane to Kendall manufacturing, johnkendall gave it to me.

Just like that?

Just like that.

Well, go get ready.

You're going to fly today.

[ Jazz music ]

** radio evangelist: Isaiah40 verse 31 tells us that they that wait upon the lordshall renew their strength.

They shall mount up with wings as eagles.

They shall run and not beweary, and they shall walk and not faint.

If you begin to understandthe motion of the wind and the simple aerodynamics of how a plane or a bird flies, you will understand the miracle of lift and god's plan for your life.

The word of god tells us that we will ascend, spring up, rise, be taken up and exalted as we understand the term "they shall mount up with wings of eagles".

Putting the law of lift into operation supercedes the natural law of gravity.

The power of faith is a spiritual force.


Rose, I'm enjoying your water colors in my gallery.

Your inspirationhas touched me.

I was praying and felti was to give you this.

I believe it is more than enough for you to open your wings of the wind shop and hope you keep it going for a while.

May you be blessed as you embrace the lord's goodness.

John Kendall.

Radio evangelist: There is no speech nor language where the voice of his word is not heard.

It has come forth from theend of heaven and make its circuits unto the ends of earth.

The heavens declare his glory.

The line of his word has gone throughout and has set a tabernacle for the son as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber.

Day unto day utters speech.

Night unto night shows his handiwork.

The law of the lord is perfect converting the soul.

The testimony of the lord is sure, making wise the simple.

His word establishes the heart.

His word is forever.