Winnie the Pooh (2011) Script


[Winnie the Pooh theme song]

[male narrator] This could be the room of any small boy.

But, in fact, it's not.

It is the room of one young boy in particular named Christopher Robin.

Now, Christopher Robin has a very active imagination, not to mention the uncanny ability to collect things.

Big things. Small things. Sticky things.

But his favourite things are his stuffed animals.

Ah! There they are now.

A charming and eccentric cast of characters.

And his best friend among them is a bear named Winnie the Pooh.

Or Pooh for short.

Together they had many unusual adventures, that all happened right here in the Hundred Acre Wood.

♪ Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood

♪ Where Christopher Robin plays

♪ You'll find the enchanted neighbourhood

♪ Of Christopher's childhood days

♪ A donkey named Eeyore is his friend

♪ And Kanga and little Roo and Tigger, too

♪ There's Rabbit and Piglet and there's Owl

♪ But most of all Winnie the Pooh

♪ Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh

♪ Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff

♪ He's Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh

♪ Willy-nilly silly old bear

♪ Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh

♪ Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff

♪ He's Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh

♪ Willy-nilly silly old bear ♪

[narrator] Chapter one, in which Winnie the Pooh has a very important thing to do.

As the sun rose over the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh leapt out of bed and greeted the day with much enthusiasm.

[snoring] Ooh...

Honey. [narrator] Uh, Pooh?

[stammers] More honey, please.


I say, Pooh?

[continues snoring] [clears throat] Pooh?

Oh, do wake up.

Pooh! [Pooh] Oh!

Oh, bother. I was having the most wonderful dream.

Yes, but it's time to wake up.

You have a very important thing to do today.

Like what? [chuckles] Well, if I told you that, I'd ruin the rest of the story, wouldn't I?

[tummy rumbles] [giggles]

Of course.

What could be more important than a little something to eat?

Or perhaps a little larger something.

Oh, not to worry, tummy. I always know what to do.

♪ A Pooh Bear takes care of his tummy

♪ He fills it with things that are sweet

♪ A Pooh Bear takes care of his tummy

♪ By never forgetting to eat [tummy rumbles in tune]

♪ When it is growly and glummy a search for the honey is on

♪ The Pooh has a knack for finding a snack

♪ Unless all the honey is...


[tummy rumbling in tune]

♪ A Pooh Bear takes care of his tummy

♪ No need for the tummy to fret

♪ A Pooh Bear takes care of his tummy

♪ He knows what his tummy must get

♪ Don't worry, my round little chummy

♪ I'm hearing your ravenous plea

♪ When there is no honey the Pooh takes the tummy

♪ Wherever the honey will be

♪ My friends are out there with honey to spare

♪ And they will take care of my tummy and me ♪

Bother. [Eeyore groans]

[gasps] I know that sigh.

Good morning, Eeyore.

Lovely day, isn't it?

Wish I could say yes, but I can't.

Oh my, Eeyore.

You wouldn't happen to have any honey lying about, would you?

You see, I seem to have run out. [tummy continues to rumble]

Oh, yes. Good idea, tummy.

Perhaps I should look in back.

Bother. No honey in here, either.


Eeyore, what has happened to your tail?

What has happened to it? Well... isn't there.

That accounts for a good deal. That explains everything.

No wonder.


Oh! There it is. I'd recognize it anywhere.

The very tree where I was hatched.

I remember the day Mother made these marks, her giant meaty claw carving furrows in the crumbly bark.

Chapter one, the birth of a genius.

Pardon me, Owl. What are you doing?

Hmm? Oh, hello, Pooh. Eeyore.

Why, I'm penning my personal memoirs.

[chuckling] Yes. Now, where was I?

Oh, yes, of course. With steely nerve...

Perhaps you could take a short break from your important work and help us find Eeyore's tail?

...and I rocketed towards Eeyore's tail!

Eeyore's tail?

What's wrong with Eeyore's tail?

Well, it isn't there.

Yes. So I see.

Won't you help us, Owl?

You have such a talent for speaking and telling us what to do.

Oh, thank you, Pooh. Yes, I do, don't I? I didn't think anyone noticed.

All right, take this. Write this down carefully.

Now, the customary procedure in such cases is as follows.

[Pooh, interrupting Owl] Excuse me, Owl, but what does "Crustimoney Proseedcake" mean?

For I am a bear of very little brain and long words bother me.

It means "the thing to do."

Oh. Well, as long as it means that, I don't mind.

[sighs] [coughs]

All right. Yes, well, the thing to do is as follows:

First, issue a reward to the...

[Pooh] Gesundheit. I beg your pardon?

Well, you sneezed just as you were going to tell me what the first thing to do was.

I didn't sneeze.

No, you did, Owl.

No, I didn't. You can't sneeze without knowing it.

Well, you can't know it without something having been sneezed.

As I was saying, first, issue a reward. [Pooh whispers] He's doing it again.

You must be catching a cold.

I'll probably catch it, too.

No, no, no! I'm not catching a cold.

The word is "issue," not "achoo", and "achoo" isn't even a word.

It's just a sort of sneezy sound like achoo!

[Pooh] Perhaps you should lie down, Owl?

Oh! My throat feels a little scratchy.

Open wide, please.


Just as I suspected.

Owl, we need honey.

Enough of this infernal folderol!

Look, the thing to do is, we write a notice promising a large something to anyone who finds a replacement tail for Eeyore!

Is that clear?

That sounds like a wonderful plan, Owl.

Excellent. Now, we shall get Christopher Robin to write out the notices, and we'll put them up all over the forest.

Here you are, Pooh.

Oh, and make sure everyone can see them.

Oh, I will, Christopher.

♪ Come one, come two, come all Everyone heed the call

♪ There's a very important thing to do

♪ Drop what you're doing and come

♪ Bumpity-bumpity-bum

♪ There's a very important thing to do

♪ It's time to gather 'round The work has just begun

♪ And when it's done then you'll have found

♪ That you have had some fun

♪ With a monumentuous, consequentuous

♪ Very important thing to do ♪


There we are.

And now, I shall return to...


Hello, B'loon.

We have a very important thing to do today.

Oh, yes. [low growling]

Perhaps you'd like to join us?

Poor Eeyore. He's lost his tail. [shouting]

Consider yourself pounced.

That was a close call there, Pooh Bear.

This guy... and I'm talking to you...

...he was sneaking up on ya.

Whoo! Oh!

A slippery little devil, eh? Get back here!

Oh, no, you don't. Come here. Whoo!

Well, I must have scared him off.

Um... Tigger?

Yes, my good man?


Why, you.

Here, take some of that! What is this?

Oh, really? Sticking to me now. [shouts]

This isn't working out the way I was hoping. Make him go away.

Oh, dear.

[sobs] Get him off of me!

Is he still there?

Oh, yes. He's still here.

And I think he wants to stick with you.


I never thought of having a sidekick before.

I got to admit, he is a handsome devil. Look at the chin on this kid.

No, no. I can't do it, I tell you. It's too risky.

Why, if something were to happen to this little guy, I just couldn't live with myself.

It's a dangerous path I bounce. But I bounce it alone.

Because the Hundred Acre Wood needs a hero, Pooh Bear, and I'm the only one.

♪ Oh, I'm bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy

♪ Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

♪ But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is

♪ I'm the only one I'm the only one! ♪ Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!


Attention, please. Attention.

Something tragic has befallen a member of our community.

[all gasp] I present to you: Exhibit A.

Oh! That is tragic.

What? Oh, no, no, no.

Eeyore, will you turn around, please?

Oops, sorry.

Our dear friend Eeyore has lost his tail.

Oh, dear.

We mustn't leave him in this condition.

So, we will have a contest to find a new tail for Eeyore.

[clears throat] I do say, Christopher Robin, the winners of such contest are traditionally awarded some form of remuneration.

What is a "remooner"... Moonyour... A renew...

What are we renumbering?

I don't know, Pooh, but it sounds like a good thing.

Oh, yes, it is a good thing, Piglet.

It's a prize. But what shall it be?

How about something great, like a firecracker!

Oh, gracious, no.

How about something nice, like a warm hug?

Pruning shears. I need pruning shears.

I'd say thistles, but nobody listens to me, anyway.

Oh, Christopher Robin, I was hoping for something a bit... sweeter?

Why, Pooh, that's a grand idea.

The prize for a new tail shall be... a pot of honey.

[all cheer] Hooray!

[narrator] As the others searched for a tail, Pooh realized that a pine cone would not win him the honey.

Why not?

Because it would have to be something special.

Oh. Special, you say. Special.

Think, think, think.

No hurry, Pooh. Just take your time.

Take my time. What a wonderful idea.

Cuckoo, cuckoo.

Thanks, Pooh. Congratulations.

You've won the contest.

♪ It's Pooh

♪ It's Pooh Pooh wins the honey pot

♪ Found a tail for his friend

♪ Now it's on my rear end

♪ You get the honey Enjoy ♪


I knew it was too good to be true.

Oh, dear.

Well, rules are rules. So sorry, Pooh.

Excuse me. We could give B'loon a try!

Whoa! [giggles] How clever, Piglet.

What do you think, Eeyore?

Sure is a cheerful colour. Guess I'll have to get used to it.

♪ It's Piglet It's Piglet

♪ Piglet wins the honey pot

♪ Takes the prize fair and square I'm still a bit up in the air.

♪ You get the honey Enjoy ♪ Hmm. This may not work after all.


[narrator] And so they tried a great many things.

They tried...

...and they tried...

...and they tried...

...and they tried, and they tried and tried, and they tried...


[accordion makes sombre music]

...they had run out of things to try.

It's OK. I'll learn to live without it.

Poor dear.

You know, I may have just the thing.

Up, up, up you go.


There you are.

It's an awful nice tail, Kanga. Much nicer than the rest of me.

♪ It's Kanga No! No, no, no, no. How about we celebrate with silence?

♪ Enjoy ♪ Oh, bother.

My tummy is feeling a little 11 o'clock-ish.

Do you still tell the time, clock friend?

I can't tell by the expression on your face.

[narrator] Pooh left feeling unsatisfied and a little out of sorts.

In fact, he was so distracted by his rumbly tummy, that he didn't notice that he was walking onto the next paragraph.

What is a paragraph?

It's a group of sentences that form a complete thought.

Is there honey in this paragraph?

Oh, sorry, Pooh, no.

Well, then I don't find it very useful.

What's that, Pooh?

I'm not sure. I shall follow it to see where it leads.

Eeyore, your tail!

Yep. Unravelled. Guess I'm back where I started.

[Pooh] I'm sorry, Eeyore.

Such a nice tail, too.

No matter. All good things come to an end.

Oh. Oh! Eeyore, if you... [grunting]

Oh, my goodness. This story is going too fast!

[grunts, sighs]

I wish that paragraph had been a little longer.

Ooh! Of course.

Christopher Robin will have some honey.

He loves to share. Especially with me.

[humming] Christopher Robin!

Are you not there?

[tummy rumbles]


[narrator] Just then, Pooh spotted a note.

I did? Certainly.

Just there, at your feet.

Oh... Uh, to your left.

Uh, no, Pooh, your other left. A little bit more.

A tad. A hair. No, no, back a bit.

Oh! There you are.

Well, it's a good thing I noticed it.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have seen it.

Pooh was puzzled by the note. Even more so than usual.

And even more than that.

So, Pooh decided to go directly to Owl's house, hoping that Owl could help unpuzzle him.

♪ You get the honey Enjoy ♪ Good job, Owl! Thank you. Thank you.

Yes, it is quite clever, isn't it?

T-A-E-L. Yes. Perfect.

Well, hello there, Owl.

That is a very fine looking pot of honey you've got there.

And so remarkably... gooey.

Gooey? That happens to be my personal favourite.

Ooh! What do you have there, my boy?

Oh. A note I found at Christopher Robin's.

With strange words I cannot read.

But, Pooh, you can't read most words.

Yes, but especially not the strange ones.

Let me see. There's never been a note written that I could not decipher.

Here, Pooh, help yourself.

Yes, parchment is of a fine quality. [grunting]

Oh, stuff and fluff.

Don't leave us in suspense, Owl. What does it say?

Patience! Patience.

One must be careful when decoding such arcane text so as not to incorrectly interpret its true meaning.

So, can you read it?

Of course I can! It says...

"Gone out. Busy. Backson.

Signed, Christopher Robin."

[gasps] Our dear friend Christopher Robin has been captured!

What? By a creature called "The Backson."

[all gasp] Backson!

Captured by the Backson!

What's a Backson? Ooh!

A horrible creature! Malicious!

You don't say. Ferocious!

Fero... ?! Ooh!

And worst of all, terribly busy.

So, what does this Backson look like?

I saw a picture of one just the other day.

Oh, Christopher Robin. [Owl] Now, let me see.

Bathwater, biscuit, baby, barnacle, beluga...

Wait a minute, why is biscuit ahead of baby and barnacle?

That doesn't make sense. Oh, it's such a mess in here.

Dash it all! Where is that picture?

I have some chalk, Owl. Can you draw it?

What an excellent idea, young man.

Artistic talent runs through my family.

In fact, it practically stampedes! [chalk screeches]

In fact, it practically stampedes! [chalk screeches]

[both groan] [whimpering]

He sounds scary already.

♪ It's a giant creature with a tail

♪ Here, I'll draw Piglet in for scale

[growls] Oh, dear!

[Owl] ♪ Its hide is like a shaggy rug

♪ Its face a surly, ugly mug

♪ With two sharp horns atop its head

♪ Between a mop of hair that's red

♪ And in its nose a ring of gold It smells of monkey's feet and mould

[monkey shrieks] ♪ Its toes are black, its fur is blue

♪ I swear that all I tell you is not made up

♪ The Backson ♪ The Backson?

♪ The Backson ♪ The Backson?

♪ Oh, no!

♪ But, Owl, what does a Backson do?

♪ Yes, Owl, what does a Backson do?

♪ Hmm, what does a Backson do?

♪ I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking

♪ And now I will tell you

♪ They sneak into your library and scribble in all your books

♪ The Backson, the Backson We don't like the Backson

♪ When decorating your Christmas tree they tangle up all the hooks

[all] ♪ The Backson, the Backson We're afraid of the Backson

♪ They spoil the milk They stop all the clocks

♪ They use their horns to put holes in your socks

♪ The Backson's the one who's been putting holes in our socks

♪ Tell us more about what Backsons do

♪ Yes, more about what Backsons do ♪ More about what Backsons do?

♪ Why don't we hear some thoughts from you?

[Tigger] ♪ Maybe they make you sleep too late

[Owl] ♪ Yes, yes That's good, that's great

♪ I bet they're the reason my tail is gone

[Owl] ♪ You're on a roll Go on, go on

[Rabbit] ♪ They muddy up your tidy house

♪ They make you feel as small as a mouse

♪ They break your crayons ♪ They spill your tea

[Kanga] ♪ They wake up babies at one and three

♪ They made me catch the cold I caught

[Pooh] ♪ They made me lose my train of thought

[Tigger] ♪ They swipe your stripes ♪ They clog your pipes

[Rabbit] ♪ They dig up your garden ♪ They won't beg your pardon

[Pooh] ♪ They eat your snacks ♪ They won't relax

[Rabbit] ♪ They chip your tooth [Kanga] ♪ They steal your youth

[Owl] ♪ And now you know the horrible truth

[all] The Backson, the Backson The Backson, the Backson

♪ Oh, no

♪ Oh, yes [all] Huh?

♪ I know exactly what to do

♪ We'll find things Backsons are partial to

♪ Like books ♪ And dishes

♪ And socks ♪ And toys

♪ Yes, everything that a Backson destroys

♪ Then we'll dig an enormous pit and make the items lead to it

♪ He'll fall in and we'll get our friend

♪ And this horrible nightmare can come to an end

♪ The Backson ♪ The Backson

♪ The Backson ♪ The Backson

♪ Go home and search your closets Bring everything that you can

♪ The Backson, the Backson We're gonna catch the Backson

♪ We'll save Christopher Robin by following Rabbit's plan

♪ The Backson, the Backson We'll save Christopher Robin

♪ We must be brave and have no fear

♪ So to the death, we'll persevere

♪ We'll search by the sun and the light of the moon

♪ And if everything goes well we'll be back soon Back soon. ♪ Back soon Sounds like "Backson."

♪ Back soon ♪ Oh, well. Good luck, everyone!

[narrator] While Rabbit and the others were busy gathering the Backson's favourite things, Pooh and Piglet found the perfect place to dig the pit.

Piglet dug, and dug, and dug. [grunting]

And Pooh supervised.

And now to disguise the pit. Catch, Piglet.

Gosh, Pooh, I hope this idea works.

Oh, it will, Piglet.

The Backson shall follow the trail of items right to this lovely picnic.

[whispering] Which is just the pit, of course.

And when he falls in, we'll get Christopher Robin back.

Yes, Piglet. We shall get Christopher Robin back.

Very exciting. [giggles] What do you think, Pooh?

Hmm. I think this rock would be better over there.


Oh, yes. That makes all the difference, you see.

Oh! I almost forgot the most important part.

Oh, yes, Piglet. I couldn't agree more.


Oh, Piglet, this is a very light lunch.

No, Pooh. This isn't lunch.

I just thought it would complete the disguise.

Well, it certainly fooled me.


Well done, you two. Now, put your combat gear on.

This is a dangerous mission, and we cannot afford any mistakes.

The fate of Christopher Robin is in our hands.




[slicing sounds]


[narrator] As the group continued on with Rabbit's plan, they journeyed deeper and deeper into the woods, placing items as they... [Tigger] Hey, hey!

You want to keep it down up there, pal?

What? Tigger? Why aren't you with the others?

Because. I'm busy tracking the Backson. Shh-shh-shh.

Yes, but what about Rabbit's plan?

Only a Tigger can catch a Backson. [whispers] And I'm the only Tigger, see.

[groans] [gasps] Hello.


Hoo! I probably deserved that.

Oops! Look who it is! Hoo-hoo! Let me get off your back.

There we go. I thought you were the Backson!

Until I found out you wasn't. What are you doing out here, anyways?

Too slow. Got left behind.

Left behind?

That's a horrendemous thing to do to a guy.

No matter.

Sure would like to help Christopher Robin, but I can't. Hmm.

Buddy! Where do you think you're going?

You and me are gonna catch that Backson together!

Thanks, but I... That's the spirit!

Here we go!

Pouncy, pouncy, pounce! [groans]

You and me! Oh, yeah! Look out, Backson!

OK, we're back. Look at us pounce!

I'm alone. OK. Hoo.

Buddy, if you're gonna pounce, you got to have some bounce!

We just need to get you Tiggerized.

♪ Gonna fix you up By the time we're through

♪ I'll be Tigger One You'll be Tigger Two

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great

♪ Gonna be two pals hunting in the woods

♪ Gonna show that Backson we got the goods

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great

♪ Well, I'm not sure ♪ Oh, stop that gloomy rumination

♪ All you need is a little bit of Tiggerization

♪ Wait ♪ Why wait?

♪ Don't you see it's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great You're looking great, Tigger Two.

Now, you've got to learn to bounce like a Tigger.

♪ When you learn to bounce you should take it slow

♪ So I want you to keep your bounces low

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great Whoa!

♪ If you hit a bush or a tree you'll fall so do your best to avoid them all

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great

♪ A perfect pounce will make you feel alive

♪ Just go from a squat into a headlong dive!

Ow, ow, ow.

♪ You're gettin' it now

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great Ahh. Isn't this super-duper fun, two Tiggers here together?

♪ I used to be the only one But two is twice as better.

Are you ready? For what?

I'll... be... the...

♪ Backson, you be the Tigger

♪ We're gonna see whose bounce is bigger

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great

♪ You're gonna give me your best attack

♪ But don't just think that I won't fight back

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be great

♪ Strike me down Give me all you got

♪ Bounce me, trounce me Flounce me, pounce me

♪ Do it, do it, do it! Ow.

♪ It's gonna be great It's gonna be great

♪ It's gonna be... [shouting]

♪ Great ♪ Tigger Two!

That was the bestest picking up bounce I never seen!

In fact, we're going to skip right ahead to advanced Tigger training.

Where did you go, you little bouncer?

Ooh. Going bare-knuckled.

Look at this guy. I like your style!

Now this is just ridicerous!

You are gonna need this if you're gonna get the Backson!


Backson tracks!

The Backson must have got Tigger Two!

He's picking us off. One by one.

Gosh, Pooh, I hope the Backson is pleased with all of our items.

I'm sure he will be. Oh. [tummy rumbles]

I wish I had some honey.

[bee buzzing] [gasps]

Piglet, um, could you come here, please?

Pooh, are you sure this is going to work?

Well, of course, Piglet.

Once I get you up in the tree, just hand me the beehive.

And then tummy and I will take care of the rest, won't we?

OK, Pooh. I guess you've thought this through.

Oh, yes, Piglet. Indeed I have.

[Piglet grunts]

Oh, bother. I don't remember thinking that through.

[Piglet] Um, I'm sorry I messed up the plan, Pooh.

Oh, don't worry, Piglet.

I shall get you out, and we'll try again.

[grunts] It's no use. Think, think, think.

Ah! I know.

I'll have you down in just a moment, Piglet.

[Piglet] No hurry, Pooh. The bees are quite gentle.

[giggles] As long as there's no sudden movement.

Ah! Oh, my!

Pooh, are you sure that's a good idea?

Oh, yes, Piglet.

Ah! I'm quite sure.

Well, you know best, Pooh.

Ah! Oh. Oh. There we are.

Oops. New plan, Piglet. Run!

[Piglet] OK.


Oh... Is this fast enough, Pooh?

I suppose you could run a little faster.

[Piglet] Whoa! Ooh!

And this can go here. All done.

It takes a smart rabbit to trap a Back...

Oh! What are you two doing?

Beehives are not on my list of Backson-friendly items!

But, Rabbit, the... Move along, move along.

Well, I was moving.

Oh, that Backson is sure to pick up this trail, and we don't want to be around when he does.

Come, come! Go, go, go!

Rabbit, please, can we stop for lunch?

Pooh, we cannot rest until Christopher Robin is rescued.

Try thinking of him instead of honey.

[rumbling] Very well. Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin!

Ooh. It worked. Much better.



Does anybody see that?

See what, honey?

Honey? Ooh! [rumbling]

I can't wait to see the honey on that Backson's honey when he falls into our honey. Eh, Owl?

That cheeky honey will honey twice before honeying our honey again.

After we honey the honey, can I honey a honey?

Uh-uh-uh. No honey before honey, honey.

Wha... ?

Honey up, Pooh. We have to honey.

[Owl] Honey. [Rabbit] Ooh, honey!

[Kanga] Yes. [Rabbit] Honey.

[narrator] As Pooh watched the honey honey away, his honey honey honey honey honey honey honey honey honey honey honey...

Ooh, Christopher Robin, Christopher Robin, Christopher... hoo-hoo-hoo, Christopher Robin.

♪ Honey

♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey

♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey

♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey

♪ Honey, honey

♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey, Honey, honey, honey, honey

♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey, ♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey Honey? Honey.



♪ Everything is honey everywhere I see

♪ Everything is honey and that's quite all right with me

♪ I am a bear of little brain I can't explain

♪ Why everything would be changing to

♪ The favourite snack of Winnie the Pooh Can you?

♪ Everything is honey I can't get enough

♪ Of lots and lots of pots and pots of sticky, licky stuff

♪ Oh, what a sight Oh, what a dream

♪ Dive in the wonderful honeyful stream

♪ Swimming in the honey Swimming far and wide

♪ Open up my mouth and let the honey flow inside

♪ Ooey and gooey and very sweet Eat and eat then repeat

♪ Suddenly I'm in a honey boat

♪ It doesn't matter where we float Whoa!

♪ 'Cause everywhere is honey There's a honey Pooh

♪ He's just made of honey so I guess I'll eat him too

♪ If everything is honey and I am what I eat

♪ I must be made of honey

♪ And life is very sweet ♪




What a lovely picnic!


Oh, bother!

Double bother.

Pooh! Now where did that bear go?

We searched all over, and no sign of him.

The report from my aerial excursion is inconclusive.

[Pooh moaning] [clanking]

[all shout]

[gasps] The plan worked. We caught the Backson!

[Pooh continues moaning] Oh! It sounds horrible!

Now that we have him, Owl, you can go and get Christopher Robin back.

No! No, I'm far too important to put myself in that predicament.

Kanga, off you go.

Oh, no, no, no. I'm with child.

Send the pig.


How about all of us go? [Pooh groans]

All right, Backson. Give Christopher Robin back!

Huh? [Pooh] Oh!

Oh, bother!

Pooh! Oh, hello.

Oh, Pooh, you went back for the honey, didn't you?

But I told you it was empty.

Yes, and I believed you, Piglet.

But my tummy had to see for himself.

[scoffs] Poor, poor Pooh.

How are we ever gonna get him out of there?

♪ It's me, it's me

♪ I win the honey pot

♪ Found this anchor over there

♪ Now it's on my derrière

♪ Not that anybody'd care ♪

[Rabbit] OK, everyone, make sure you have a good hold.

Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

Something tells me I was better off with Tigger.


Yep. [all shout]

[whistling fall]

[all grunt]

Oh, this is lovely.

We are stuck down here, and the Backson is still up there.

[whimpering] Oh, dear! Wait for me.

No, Piglet! No, no, Piglet. Stay.

But the Backson!

You can help us if you stay up there!


OK, Piglet, go look for something to get us out of here.

[stammering] OK.

There might be something over by the pack.

Thank goodness one of us is up there.

I was worried we'd be stuck here forever.

I found something. Here.

What? Ooh.

That's a lovely flower, Piglet.

Yeah, I thought so, too.

Yes, Piglet, it's very nice, a perennial.

But I think we need something longer.

Longer? Of course. How silly of me.


Oh, good thought, Piglet.

But you can't possibly think that that's long enough.

Oh, yes, it is. Owl read this to me once, and it was certainly the longest thing I'd ever heard.

[giggles] Oh.

It's true, Rabbit. It lags a bit in the middle.

Of all things, why didn't we think to bring a rope?

Well, there is this rope.

Spot-on, Piglet. Do be a helpful little swine and get us out of here.

All of you?

Yes, Piglet, all of us.

All right. Three, four... Don't forget Rabbit.

[scissors snipping]

[Piglet] And six.

There! Now you can all get out!

How very thoughtful you are, Piglet.

Good grief! Tie them together, Piglet.

Can you tie a knot?

I cannot.

So, you can knot.

No, I cannot knot.

Not knot? Who's there?

Pooh! Pooh who?

No! Pooh, it's...

Piglet, you'll need more than two knots.

Not possible.

Ah! So, it is possible to knot those pieces.

Not these pieces.

Yes, knot those pieces.

Why not? Because it's all for naught.

Oh, dear! I can't tie a knot.

But there is something I can do.

Don't worry, Rabbit. Piglet's very clever.

I can tie a bow.

See? [groans]

For crying out loud! Piglet!

I know! Christopher Robin has a jump rope.


Wait a minute. My gracious, that's it!

Piglet, go to Christopher Robin's house.

Oh, I see.

Yes, Piglet, go, and bring some honey.

Yes, bring some honey...

[gasps] The jump rope, Piglet, the jump rope.

With a little honey on the side.

You mean, all by myself?

Through there?

Yes, Piglet.

Through a dark wood fraught with peril, on a mission of life or death.

It is a task of great complexity, but I have full confidence that you shall return victorious, and rescue us from the abyss.

Go forth, Piglet, and we shall await your return.

For weeks, if necessary.



I can't believe how wonderful that speech was.

I can't, either.

Moved me to tears.

[narrator] So Piglet bravely ventured forth towards Christopher Robin's house.

But the further he went, the more frightened he became.

[whimpering] Oh, dear.

I mustn't fear.

There's a very important thing to...

[heavy stammer] Do...



Oh. It's just you, B'loon. I'll get some help.

Oh, dear. I am the help.

How did you ever get stuck up there?

It wasn't the Backson, was it?

Oh, good.

I knew the Backson wasn't around here.


[Tigger grunts]


[stammering] Backson!

Huh?! Backson?

[screaming] Piglet, help!



Let me tell you, that was the last time I'll ever put my beak in a keyhole. Shh-shh-shh!

[whispers] Do you hear something?

Help! Help me! Piglet!

He knows my name!

[blowing hard]

Yeah! [gasp]

Whoa! Oh!



[straining] [grunting]



[Piglet groans]

[all gasp] Backson!

Whew! It's only Tigger.

Oh! Hi, fellas!

Tigger Two? I thought the Backson got you.

Ahh. As soon as we get out of here, we're gonna show that Backson what Tiggers are made of, aren't we?

Thanks, but I'd rather stay an Eeyore.

What? But what about all the pouncing and the trouncing?

And the mixing it up? I thought you liked being a Tigger.

The most wonderful thing about Tiggers, is you're the only one.

Aw, shucks. I'm speechless.

[Piglet] Excuse me.

I can't breathe! [groans] [Tigger] Oh.

Sorry about that, little guy. I didn't mean to scare you.

Wait! B'loon! Don't leave!

[Piglet] You're the only one who can get us out of here!

We're all gonna die.

Cheer up, Eeyore. We won't perish for days.

Which leaves plenty of time for me to continue my memoirs.

Now, dear Uncle Ridley...

♪ Honey ♪

[Owl] ...exacerbated by my aunt's predilection for only the finest parchment... Hmm. [gasps]

...woven so tightly the ink took weeks to fully dry.

Their nest was littered with quills that were never used, papers that were never cut, and letters that never dried.

My aunt often bemoaned the situation in letters that she couldn't write to me.

It drove my poor uncle absolutely batty, which is quite a feat for an owl, I assure you.

Now, when my uncle had committed an exceedingly rousing point...


...and let me tell you, it packed quite a wallop.

[groans] Huh?

Look! Look, the letters!

The ladder! The ladders formed a letter!

I mean the letters... We can get out!

[narrator] And so they all used the letter ladder to climb out of the pit.

But little did they know that coming through the bushes was...

[branches snapping] [all gasp] Backson!

Back to the pit!

[Christopher] Wait, everyone.

It's only me.

[all] Christopher Robin!

You found them, B'loon. Well done.

It's Christopher Robin!

How did you escape from the Backson?

Backson? What on earth is a Backson?

He wakes up babies!

He swipes your stripes!

He puts out the lights!

Yes, and we thought he took you from us.

What gave you the idea I was taken by a Backson?

Your note.

[narrator] Christopher Robin explained that it had all been a misunderstanding.

And now that it was autumn, the school year had begun.

His note was simply to say he had gone out and would be back soon.

[all] Oh!

Ooh. Um...


It's getting late. We ought to be heading back.

Just a moment, everyone.

Just a moment, everyone.

Oh, yes. You're right, Piglet.

We owe a very special someone...

...a token of our appreciation.


This reward goes to a good friend and a loyal companion.

Someone who not only helped us out of this pit, but also found Christopher Robin.

And he just so happens to be wearing red today.

So it is with great, great honour and a humble heart, that I bestow this pot of honey upon our dear friend...


Wonderful idea, Rabbit.

Hooray! Hooray, B'loon!

Thank you, B'loon. Goodbye. Hooray!

[narrator] Pooh watched as B'loon took the honey pot higher and higher, until it was completely out of sight.

Oh, bother.

Sorry, Pooh.

Ever have one of those days where you just can't win, Eeyore?

Yep. I know how you feel.

[rumbling] Oh, yes.

I simply must find some honey.

[narrator] As Pooh continued searching, he got hungrier...

Oh! ...and hungrier...

Yes, tummy, I know. ...and hungrier...


...until he found himself at Owl's house.

[bell jingles]

Well, stone the crows. If it isn't Pooh Bear.

Hello, Owl.

Well, congratulate me.

For what? I have achieved completion of my autobiographical treatise!

Oh! Was it painful?

No, no, no. My memoirs are finished.


Dash it all, Pooh. Why do you keep staring at that bell rope?

Because it reminds me of something.

And that reminds me of another something.

Perhaps I could borrow some honey?

Just a taste? A drop, perhaps?

A small lick, I should think.

My boy, I shall do better than that.

Not only will I beckon you to my table, but as we feast, I shall treat you to an excerpt from chapter 127, which tells the gripping tale of how only a few days ago, I found that very handsome bell rope that you were admiring just hanging over a thistle bush.

Thistle bush?

Or was it a gorse bush?

No. No. It was definitely a thistle bush.

Pardon me, Owl.

At first I thought someone lived there, so I rang it.

No one answered.

And then the thing just fell off in my hand.

What sort of place was this particular thistle bush in?

Certainly not a very cheery place.

One might say it was rather...


Yes. That's it. Do you know it?

Oh, dear.

Nobody seemed to want it, so I brought it home.

Oh, but somebody did want it, Owl.

Really? Who?

Eeyore. My dear friend Eeyore.

He was fond of it, you see.

Fond of it? Attached to it.



Yes. Well, yes.

And I was just keeping it safe for him.

Well, there you are. And you can tell him he's welcome.

Yes, Owl. And thank you very much.

I say, Pooh! What about the honey?

[tummy rumbles]

Some other time, perhaps?

[narrator] Ignoring his tummy's desperate pleas, Pooh went directly to Christopher Robin's.




So what do you think, Eeyore?

I'll test it out.

Seems about the right length.

Pink bow's a nice touch.

Swishes real good, too.

So, are you happy, Eeyore?

No. Ooh.

But I sure do like this new tail.

Thank you, Pooh.

And now, I have a surprise for you, Pooh.

I do like surprises.

[Christopher] OK. Open your eyes.

They're open, Christopher.

[Christopher] No, silly. Put your arms down.

Congratulations, Pooh. You win the grand prize!

♪ It's Pooh It's Pooh

♪ Pooh wins the honey pot

♪ You're the winner of the prize

♪ I really can't believe my eyes

♪ Pooh gets the honey

♪ Honey, honey, honey, honey Here you go, Pooh.

Oh, yes, of course.

[all gasp] Thank you all ever so much.

♪ Everything is honey Everything is good

♪ Everyone is happy in the Hundred Acre Wood

♪ A honey happy ending for a Pooh to eat

♪ Yes, everything is honey

♪ And life is very sweet ♪ You know, Pooh, you did a very important thing today.

I did? Well, yes.

Instead of thinking of your tummy, you thought of your friend.

Oh, thank you, Christopher Robin.

And now I don't think I shall be hungry again for a good long while.

[tummy rumbles] [Pooh] Oh, bother.

[Christopher] Silly old bear.

[Subrip & Sync] easytobeaman



Oh! Ooh, ooh, ooh!

[unintelligible dialogue]

[crickets chirring] [frogs croaking]


Wow! It's amazing what you can find in the woods.

A marble! And a boot!

And oh, my, that's a scary-lookin' fella.

Gosh! Maybe these are his things.

You know, I better pick 'em up so they won't get broken.

That's the last thing I would want.


[thud] [grunt] Oh, my gosh!

Is this a pit? I think I'm in a pit!

Hello? Anybody up there?

Oh, well. I sure hope that fella