Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999) Script

(Alarm blaring) Let's get outta here!

Get out! Get out! Go!

Just leave the damn thing! Come on!


Come on! Just leave it!

Go, go, go, go!

Stay back! Stay down!

(Alarm continues blaring)

(Gun shots)

Let's go! Come on. Let's go!

Now! Move it! Go! Go!

GUARD: Stop! Right there!

(Panting) Morgana!

(Exhales) Oh, God. Are you okay?

Yeah, I think so. Easy, easy, easy.

Oh, God! What?

This stopped the bullet.

Oh, my God.

Where'd you get that? It was inside the statue.

(Stone sizzles, Morgana cries out) What happened?

It burned me!

Drop it!

No! Watch out!



Don't die. Don't die. You're scaring me.

Get out of here.

(Distant siren)

No. I love you, Morgana.


(Cars arriving)


Get outta here.

(Stone pulsing, squishing)

(Police radio, indistinct)

(Gurgling, squishing)



I can help you.

Fuck off.

I can give you life everlastingly, if you wish it.

I can end your pain if you wish that.

I wished I'd never been born.

As you wish.


(Screaming continues)

(Baby crying)



Cover the back. MAN: Yes, sir.

Let's go.

(Woman on police radio, indistinct)


Did I hear you say "Freeze"?

Yeah. Yeah, you're goddamn right. I said, "Freeze!"

Done. (Moaning)

The time is come.

Fulfill the prophecy.

Hold it right there.

Now, put your hands up.

Now slowly turn around.

Open up your hands. Slowly.

You wanna explain this to me?

He needed to chill out.

Cuff him. Get him outta here.





(Sighs) You say you acted alone.

You say you shot and killed two private security guards in the commission of a robbery.

That is correct.

Where's the gun? I said I don't know.

It just disappeared.

What about the six paintings you cut out of their frames?

Did they disappear too?

Look. Nathaniel.

I know you're not the shooter, so who are you trying to protect? A girlfriend?

Is that it? (chuckles)

She must be a real good fuck.

I mean, you're willing to take the injection for her.


You got a boyfriend?

You got a boyfriend, you sly devil. You little faggot, you.

Actually, I don't have any friends.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What the fuck are you tryin' to pull here?

Why don't you just tell me what you'd like, and I'll be happy to oblige.

The fuck you will, you lyin' sack of shit!

You give me nothin' but horseshit!

I'm the one that asks the questions here, not you!



Questions. Answers.

As intelligent a man as you are, don't you wish your job were a little more exciting?



Yes, sir.

Get this asshole outta my face.

Let's go.

Guy gives me the willies.

In a case that continues to baffle police officials, Nathaniel Demarest pleaded guilty this morning to charges that he robbed the Sarom Art Gallery and murdered two security guards. This is bullshit.

Judge Edward Lavwitz remanded Demarest to county prison pending sentencing.

But questions still remain as to how Demarest committed these crimes, since a weapon was never found nor have police discovered the whereabouts the missing works of art.

As for the 3,000-year-old statue damaged in the robbery, experts are confident it can be restored.

Called Ahura Mazda, it depicted an ancient Persian deity of that name.

I don't believe this. REPORTER: Meanwhile, the family of slain security guard Arnell Dawkins remain in seclusion.

Funeral arrangements for the father of two will be held along with the other security guard.

Police Chief Howard said that there will be a special ceremony at City Hall to honor the officers.

Reporting live from City Hall-- Shut up!

(Heavy door slamming)

(Man coughing)

MAN: What's the matter in there? (Muttering constantly)

(Footsteps pacing continually)

Is there something you'd like? Yeah!

How about your tight little yuppie ass?

Oh, I'm no yuppie.

Don't fuck with me, bitch!

I'll fuck up your life, you cocksucker. You understand what I'm saying?

I believe you mean you'll do me great bodily harm if I'm deceiving you.

Believe me, I'm not. Make a wish.

Any wish you like. Uh-huh?

All right. Uh, those are nice shoes. What, are they some kind of English shit?

I don't know.

Take 'em off.

Take the fuckin' shoes off, or-- I like you.

You're a powerful man. (Chuckles)

But you waste your power.

I'm giving you the chance to wish for anything you like.

Anything in the world. You can do better than a pair of shoes.

Whoa! Whoa!

You're a fuckin' genie!

Hey, fucking guy. He's a fuckin' genie!

We got a fuckin' genie in our cell! Hell, you're a genie, huh?

Yes. All right. Okay. Fine.

Fine, because I'm gonna make a wish.

If the wish don't come true, I'm gonna own your lily white, yuppie, motherfuckin', golf-playin' ass.

If the wish comes true, I own you.

(Mutterer groans) The fuckin' state owns me!

MUTTERER: Jesus Christ. All right.

Okay. Fine. Great.

You see the bars there?

I wanna walk right through the bars, man, and walk right on outta the jail.

Come on. Come on, genie.

Done. (Screams)


(Moaning, panting)

DEMAREST: You woke me.

Fulfill the prophecy.


(Breathing unevenly)

(People praying softly)

It's been a long time, Morgana.

Hello, Gregory.

(Sighs) Father.

You shouldn't be here.

It's still a church.

It's where I live.

I'm sorry to bother you, all right?

I just needed to talk, and you're the only one--

Look, something's going on.

There's always something going on with you, Morgana.


No. This is different.

You know, this isn't the first time I've been here since--

What is it you want to talk to me about?

Do you--

Do you believe in the devil?

I believe in God.

Yeah. So if, um, if God exists, then Satan has to exist too, right?

Is there a point to this?

I don't even know.


Eric's dead.

Is that what you came here to tell me?

Not really, no.

You know, you could just say, "I'm sorry."

I'm sorry.

But he wasn't the right man for you.

I loved him.

Do you really know what love is? Do you?

You couldn't love me, and so you came here.

I'll tell you what real love is.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son--

I don't need a sermon, Gregory, all right?

What do you need, Morgana?

I need answers.

I just don't know the questions yet.

Goodbye. (Sighs)

♪ (Hop-Hop music playing) ♪

Yo, check this out.

I'm getting it on with my sister-in-law, right.

Next thing I know the bitch drops fucking dime on me.

Attempted rape. I got this loser for a fuckin' P.D., and it's my third fuckin' hit.

That's fucked up, man. Check this out, man.

I get stopped at a light. They check in the trunk.

I get busted for a bogus search.

My lawyer plea-bargains three-to-five when I should have fucking walked.

Punk-ass motherfucker should go fuck himself.

DEMAREST: You're absolutely right. Who's the fuck is this guy?

Who you talkin' to, you fuckin' faggot?

I'm talking to someone who doesn't belong here.

I'm gonna do you a big favor because you're new and you're ignorant, and not rip the fuckin' tongue out of your mouth for talkin' to me.

I'm going to do you a favor, because you're an unjustly imprisoned man.

You'd like to see your lawyer paid for all the pain and suffering he's put you through. Yes?

Yo, man, are you tripping? Yes.

Who the fuck are you? I'm the Wishmaster.

I make wishes come true.

Oh, yeah? Well, you better wish for some fuckin' sense real quick.

I believe you said you'd like to see your lawyer go fuck himself.

I could arrange that.

Yo, man, you ain't playin' for real, my boy here's--

I only play for real.

What's in it for you? Your soul.

Fuck it, man. Make it happen. Freeze.

Let's go, man. Your lawyer's here.

He wants to see you. Tell your friends.

Come on. I said come on!

Get him outta here, man!

Well, well, well. What do we have here, boys?


I like to flatter myself.

Flatter this, motherfucker.

Fuck off.


You wouldn't be tryin' to do any business here, would you, bro?

Just trying to be helpful.

Is there something I can help you with, brother?

I'm sure there is.

I'll be watchin' you.


Tinker Bell-lookin' motherfucker.

Hello, Robert. How's it goin'?

You tell me. Well, actually, very well.

Oh, yeah. Have a seat, please.

I think that I may have some good news for ya.

Something about your case didn't sit right with me.

It was the search.

It wasn't handled properly. I did some digging.

And I uncovered a procedural screwup that's potentially very damaging to the D.A.'s office.

I think that, uh, I can get all the charges against you dropped.

Back up, man, back up. What are you tellin' me?

You can get all the charges dropped?

That's right. What are you sayin', man? That I can go free?

That's right, Robert, and of course, you know, with my connections at the police department and the D.A.'s office, well, you know, I can--

(Groans painfully)

Goddamn, what was that?

Are you okay, man? Yeah. Whoo!

Excuse me. Um, okay. Uh.

All right, yeah. We were-- Ooh!

(Moaning) You okay?

Oh, God. Okay. We were talking-- (Tearing sound)

(Groaning) Mister-- Guard!

Guard! Ohh!

Guard! Yo, man, he's sick, man, he's sick!



What the fuck? (Screaming)

What the fuck are you doing, man?


What about my case, man?

What about my case, man?


DEMAREST: Fulfill the prophecy.


(Music sting) (Gasps)


Who are you?

Who the fuck are you!

God, this is bullshit.

(Keys clicking)

Ahura Mazda.

"The deity of light in pre-Islamic Persia.

"His shadow was said to contain all that was dark.

He thus came to symbolize the duality of good and evil."

(Bell ringing)

Who is it? It's Gregory.

Come on up.

(Elevator running)

"Ahura Mazda was also known as Keeper of the Stone of the Secret Fire."

Never seen a girl without her makeup before?

Father Dmitri told me you were outside the church the other day.

Yeah. Um--

I was walking by, and I decided to, uh--

Did you want to talk to me?

Not really, no.

You all right?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Only because Father Dmitri said you seemed ill or--

I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Still trying to find the answers, huh?

The questions keep piling up.

I keep having these nightmares and things.

People dying. A voice keeps saying, "Fulfill the prophecy."

"Fulfill the prophecy"?

I keep thinking it has something to do with Eric's death, you know?


Yeah. Actually, that's why I wanted to come by.

I wanted to say I was sorry.

I was wrong, what I said to you the other day about Eric.

My heart is truly with you.

I know.

The weird thing is I'm not even sure he's dead.

I mean, there's been no reports. Nothing on the news.

W-Wait a minute.

Maybe he's just missing. Why do you presume he's dead?

Because I saw him shot.

What? Have you been to the police?

It was during a robbery.

I was part of it.

Oh, my God.


(Crying) I killed the man who shot him.

He left a wife and two kids.

And then I hear about this Nathaniel Demarest guy, arrested at the scene.

Confessing to everything. I mean, the murders, everything!

W-Wait. You have to confess. He's an innocent man.

I don't know what he is.

I thought at first maybe he was a police plant or something.

But he keeps showing up in my dreams!

Or whatever they are.

Listen to me.

You have to confess. It's your only way to find peace.

All I know is I gotta find out who this guy is

and get him outta my life.

GUARD: I need to see some I.D.

(Man speaking Spanish)

Holmes, we need detergent.

(in Russian accent) Mr. Demarest.


I'm Osip Krutchkov. How do you do?

I do very well, Mr. Krutchkov. And you?

Oh, call me Osip.

I'm as well as I can be in this fucking shit hole.

You'd like to be out of here, of course.

Who wants to be in prison when he can be a free man?

Perhaps I could help.

So I am told.


What were you told?

That you are the devil.

That you take men's souls.

Did you believe them?

I don't give a shit if you're devil or not.

As long as you will give me what I need on this earth.

It is truly a pleasure to do business with an enlightened man, Mr. Krutchkov.

Now, what can I do for you?

(Chuckles) First, obviously, I want to get out of here.

Only one wish to a customer. Oh, Mr. Demarest.

I am not usual customer.

Maybe not, but there are rules.

Rules are meant to be broken.

Help me, and I help you.

Now, why would I need help? Everybody needs help.

Even the devil.

What are you doin'? Oh, yes, sir. Just talking a little bit.


Let's go.

I'll catch you later, baby.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

(Several conversations, indistinct)

MAN: You're gonna have a hearing in about two weeks.

We meet again, Morgana.

How do you know my name?

I've been expecting you.

Where, exactly, do you think we met?

In the art gallery.

That's bullshit. I've never been there.

Why did you confess to the robbery?

So you wouldn't have to, my dear.

I don't follow you. Oh, I think you do.

We wouldn't want to talk about it too loudly in here, now, would we?

You were there?



"Hidden," I think, is a better word.

Look, you're talking in circles. I can't follow you.

You're right.

Why don't you ask me a question?

What happened to Eric? The young man who was shot?

He had a regressive experience.

No. No riddles.

I'm sorry. He's no longer with us.

Look, why would you take the rap instead of me?


How could you have access to anybody? You're in prison!

You're here. Besides, this is only temporary, and I've managed to gather up a few like-minded souls.

Everybody wants something. I love that part!

What does "Fulfill the prophecy" mean?

You'll learn that when the time is right.

What prophecy? And why me? What is it about me?

You set me free.


FEMALE GUARD: Are you all right, Miss?

Yes, I'm fine.

Come on, asshole.

Come on.

MAN: Go ahead and put it over there.

(Workers conversing, indistinct)

There's this guy. Jackie T.

PIays it off like he's my boy.

Be sharin' stuff, talk shit about what we're gonna do when we get out.

I tell him about my stash, I tell him about my girl.

He gets out.

Next thing I know this fuckin' Sancho is runnin' around with my bitch.

And I don't know what else. That's no good.


We really must do something about that.

What's it gonna take? Your soul.

And a pack of cigarettes.

Just take care of business, all right?


BUTZ: Hello, bro.

See you been spreadin' your hustle around my house.

Yes. That's good.

'Cause I'm here for my rent.

Your rent? My rent.

My piece, my slice, my vig.

You just got a new partner, motherfucker.

Not. I prefer to work alone.

I don't think so.

I am prepared to offer you something else, however.

You don't offer me shit! I take, and I take, and I take!

Yes, of course.

What I meant to say was, you can take anything you wish.

Is there something you'd trade your soul for?

My soul? Man, Butz don't have no soul.

Shut up!

Oh, yes, he does.

What'll it be, brother? Power? Money?


One more word outta you, and I'm gonna shove my fist so far down your fuckin' throat you're gonna shit knuckles!

Nobody does business in my fuckin' house unless I get my rent.

Very well.

What else you got?



Don't you know these'll kill ya?

Your drugs!

I want your drugs.

Exactly which drugs would you like?

I don't give a damn. I just wanna get wasted.

Wasted? Wasted.

Fucked up. Tore up from the floor up.

Stomped right into the ground.

Wasted. Mmm.


What the hell's the matter with you?

I don't know what the hell happened!

Wanna show me what you got, motherfuckers?

Come on! Let's rock!

(Steam hissing)

Careful what you wish for, brother.

That's how hard you can hit me? Pow, pow!

Get outta here! Can't take care of yourself?

Got to give your a little butt a Tampax.



Every time I have trouble in my house, I see your ugly face.

Now, what the hell happened here?

Bad drugs.

Oh, you're a funny guy, huh?

Let's see how funny you are with a week in the hole!

A week?

Is that the best you've got?

You want more? You got it, mister.

I was in a hole once for 3,000 years.

This should be a breeze.

You're a fuckin' nut case.

I'm gonna take care of you. Now, get his ass outta here!

Stuff his ass in the hole!

"According to legend, an all-powerful Djinn

"laid waste to the court of Persia.

"As he prepared to scourge the earth

"and usurp the world for his own, the king's alchemist created the Stone of the Secret Fire."

"By incantation, the alchemist imprisoned the Djinn within the fire-red opal."

(Whispers) Fire-red opal.

(Demarest muttering)

(Morgana's voice) "Lest the Djinn escape again and bring on the apocalypse, the god Ahura Mazda was enlisted to guard the stone."

Oh, man.

"Guard the stone and keep the Djinn trapped within the space between the worlds."

(Dishes crashing, wind howling)

(Bell tolls)

I mean, I feel like I am losing my mind.

I mean, the article on the Net says there's this Stone of the Secret Fire with this, Genie-- this Djinn thing locked inside it.

And it's guarded by this god, Ahura Mazda.

Okay, well, I found the jewel inside a statue of Ahura Mazda.

The jewel broke on my body.

Is that what Demarest meant when he said I woke him?

I mean, from what? From inside some stone?

And when I asked Demarest who he was, I got this--this flash... of this hell and this--this thing, this Djinn, staring at me.

I mean, either this whole thing is some kind of weird delusion, in which case I'm not sure I'm standing here, or this guy is for real.

Well, in this flash, how do you know this thing you saw was a Djinn?

Because it looked just like the thing in the article.

The one pictured in the article you read?

No, wait a minute, Greg-- No, no. The only reason I'm asking because you've been under a lot of stress since Eric's death.

No, you didn't see this guy.

You didn't sit across the table from him and look in his eyes and see--

I don't even know how to describe it.

Maybe if you'd--

Forget it. Forget it.

No. No.

Maybe I should.

(Demarest muttering)

Open three!

(Bolt clanks)

Time's up, Demarest. Let's go.

Front and center.

Get him outta here.


(Door slams)

Who are you?

Who do you think I am?

Leave her alone.

Is that your wish?

I'm not askin' you. I'm tellin' you. Leave her alone.

Like you left her alone, Father?

I know how you feel.

I'd like to get my hands on that cute little ass myself.

You won't succeed.

Who's gonna stop me?

God will stop you.

God has nothing to do with this.

God has everything to do with this.

Begone, Satan!

I think you have your demons mixed up, Father.

(Duplicating Morgana's voice) Gregory, I want you. Gregory.

Tell Morgana I'll be in touch.


Gregory, are you okay?

He's not of this world.

(Morgana screams) (Demarest roars)


(Gregory reading in foreign language)

"First the Djinn must gather 1,001 souls, "this being the Assyrian number for the Apocalypse.

"He does this by the granting of a wish.

"The souls are held in a kind of purgatory

"until the requisite number are attained, or the Djinn fails, "in which case the souls are freed.

"Should the Djinn succeed, he must then find the human

"who woke him into this world

"and grant him three wishes.

"Upon the granting of the third wish, "the Djinn may now bring forth his race into our reality

"and overwhelm humanity, as prophesied by the ancients."

Fulfill the prophecy.

You asked me before if I believed in the devil.

I do now.

So you think it's true.

If it isn't, thank God.

If it is...

God help us.

You know, I couldn't figure out why he'd want to go to prison.

Especially with all this power he has.

A lot of wishing going on in there.

He's just biding his time, collecting his souls.

1,001 and then it's my turn.

All right. What are we gonna do?


(Cup spills) Augh!

Okay! Uh... All right.


Thanks. I don't know what I'm gonna do, but you've got to avoid Demarest at all costs.

Yeah, well, that...

Okay. May not be possible.

Well, whatever you do, please don't wish for anything.

All right, that should be easy.

Is there a 12-step program for wish-aholics?

Yeah, it's called faith.

No. No, I brought him into this world, and I damn well better get him out.

The book says he can only be returned to his own realm by someone who's...


All right! So I got a little bit of a problem there.

Gonna have to work on it.


Well, I'll tell you what.

You work on it from your end, and I'll work on it from mine.

♪ (Choir singing) ♪

(Praying in Latin)

Purify my soul.

♪ (Choir singing) ♪

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

PRISONER: Do a couple more reps.

Why are you so quiet today, my friend?

Running out of customers?

It appears I've exhausted my consumer base.

Oh. So the rest of those morons are not so stupid that they look.

On the contrary, they're more stupid than you can imagine.

Checkmate. (chuckles)

Well, time to blow this Popsicle stand.

Amazing! I woke up with the same idea.

Shall we go, then?

Oh, yes. Sure. How?

Walk out the front gate.

Just like that?


All you have to do is wish it. You said I get two wishes. Remember?

This is how it works... You make a wish.

I get your soul. After that, we'll see.

To be continued.

Get your butt out of here. Sorry, sir.

You're a naughty little girl. You hear what I'm sayin'?

And Daddy gonna teach you some respect!

This is my house.

And ever since you been here, there's been nothin' but trouble.

There's been four murders. There's been an increase of contraband.

There's been a lack of discipline. You're not foolin' me, man!

You think this shit's funny?

I got a place here called "hell" that'll make your week in the hole like a walk in the park.

Been there. Oh, you think you're a tough guy.

When I close them doors, I'm gonna have you cryin' for your mama like a little bitch.

Sounds great, sir, but I've made other plans.

You just got a month in hell.

I'm gonna keep you there till the rats eat your damn eyes out.

Is that your wish, sir?

That's my order.

I tell you what my wish is. I'm all ears.

I wish I could slow dance with you for one minute, alone, Compton style.


Oh, my God.

(Laughs) Shall we dance?



Yes, sir!

Krutchkov, how badly do you wanna leave this prison?

No, sir. I am happy here.

Yes. I am happy. Everything is fine, you know?

American prison is the best in the world.

(Demarest's voice) Is it your wish to blow this Popsicle stand?


Make your wish.

Are you fucking too much?


Open sesame.

(Door opens)

Morgana! My God.

What happened to your hand?

I had to cast out my own devils first.

Look, he escaped.

What! When?

This morning. I think he has all the souls. Is that why he got out?

I don't know, maybe he needs more and can't find any takers.

A thousand's a pretty big number.

Yeah, well, not big enough.

You know, all the books say that when the apocalypse is very near, the nature of the world will change.

I haven't seen that yet.

I don't think anything this guy does is random.

Tell me. How did he escape? They don't know yet.

This guard was killed. He was mutilated.

He left with this other guy, this Russian man--

Wait wait wait.

A Russian. What was his name? I don't know.

You know what, It's gotta be in the papers by now.

Here it is. Osip Krutchkov.

I know that name.

Krutchkov. He murdered two men in my parish.

Wait, what, he lives here?

I-- I can't say. I just-- I used to hang out at this club...

Um, Siberia. Club Siberia.

Wait, the place on Third. Yeah.

♪ (Singing in Russian) ♪

Hey! Hey! My droog Nathaniel! Here!


No, thank you. Come on.

What the hell kind of devil are you?

You know, he's the devil, this son of a bitch.

He can give you anything that you want.

Money, Pavel? Hmm? Huh?

You want-- (cackling)

You want a big dick, my little friend Misha?

Huh? You want it? He can give it to you.

(Man speaking Russian)

(Man laughs) (Osip speaking Russian)

Get out of here.

Get out, I told you!

Misha, I said to get out of here!

This fuckin' son of bitch! Get out of here!

(Speaking Russian)

Nothing. Just... (in Russian)

(Speaking Russian)

(Demarest speaking Russian)

You speak Russian.

Why are you so afraid of Pushkin?

Everybody is afraid of Pushkin.

He's a big boss.

I despise Pushkin!

Make me big boss.

Get rid of this fucking Pushkin.

I wish I want to be big boss.

You've already had your wish.

One more, please.


There are rules not even I can break.

Come with me.

Please. Come.


♪ (Russian instrumental music playing softly) ♪

(Speaking Russian)

Is this true?


Just ask.

Why? What you get from this?

The pleasure of seeing you achieve your end.

You are the most interesting character.

Yes, I am.

There is nothing I need. Surely there's something you want.

Fame, fortune, power.

Fortune and power I already have.

Fame I don't need.

Excuse me.

Maybe a woman you couldn't get.

Some object of great value.

Perhaps you'd like an enemy to disappear.

I don't need you for that. You're wasting my time.


I told you! Never mention his name in my presence!

Nathaniel can get to him, really.

Somebody who's offended you. Someone you can't touch.

Moustafaranski's gang out of Chechnya.

What could you do against Moustafa?

Anything you wish.

I want his head.

Can you do this?

Consider it done.


(Speaking Russian)

(Men shouting) (Speaking Russian)

(Screaming in Russian) Moustafa!

OSIP: Get out of here!

I'll kill you, motherfucker!


Take him out of here. (Speaking Russian)

(Maniacal shouting) Moustafa! Moustafa!

I did it!

On his wish I did it! Ha-ha!

Ah, now I am the boss, number one!


I got what I want. You get what you want.

And what would that be? One more soul.

One more soul?

I need 800 more souls, and I'm growing impatient.

Oh, wait, wait.

Go on the street and take them. You're powerful.

I can only act when I'm wished to do so, but that will change very soon.

My droog Nathaniel, wait.

You need souls.

I have such a great place for you.

(Speaking Russian)



Lovely to see you again, Morgana.

Did you really think you could kill me?

(Chuckles) Evil never dies.

Perhaps there is something else you desire.

Your dead friend Eric alive again.


There will come a time, soon, when I will call upon you to fulfill the prophecy-- you who woke me.

Three wishes you will make.

Then my kingdom will reign on this earth.

For now, this wish I give you freely so you may know its joy.

Tell me your desire, child.

I shall grant it.


Souls, Krutchkov.

I need souls.

(Morgana sobbing)

(Church bell tolling)

(Praying silently)

God, forgive me.

God forgives all sin.

Some sins are too great, even for God.

No sin is too great for his forgiveness.

I killed an innocent man.

I left two children fatherless.

I have blood on my hands I can never wash out.

The blood of the Lamb can cleanse all sins.

No, not mine!

I brought him into this world.

And I'm too weak.

I'm too impure to get him out.

I pray to God for forgiveness,

but I can't hear his voice.

Morgana, listen to me.

It's in God's hands.

If it's His will that you serve him, so be it.

I saw his true face.

The face of God?

The Djinn.

I found Demarest and...

I tried to kill him.

My God.

And when I shot him, he changed.

Those pictures of the Djinn--

there's no way to fight him.

For us, no.

For God, through us--


(Speaking Russian)

Hey! Come in.

It's okay.

A priest can't do you any good, girlie.

He's gone.


I'm afraid I can't tell you that, Father.

Why not?

What are you afraid of?

I made a pledge.

You made a pledge?

You sit before God, and you tell me you made a pledge with this--this evil?

I don't see God in this room.

I just see a poor priest... and a pathetic little girl.

OSIP: You want to save the world? I show you how to save the world!

(Gun cocks) Just--Just put the gun down.

If she's dead, she can't wish this world into hell.

He's right. No! Put the gun down.

No, it's the only way to stop him.

I can't let you! Put the gun down.


(Morgana moaning)


There's nothing there.

Oh, he has other plans for you.

How many souls?

How many souls does he have? Did he say?

You made a wish, right?

You want to spend eternity in his hell?

Then help us! Help yourself!

He said he needs 800 more.

That gives us some time, right? Yeah.

Not where he's going.

(Loud music, talking)

I understand you'll be representing our Eastern European partners while you're out here.

Yes, indeed. Quite so.

Do you have any experience in the, uh, gaming industry, Mr. Demarest?

Oh, yes.

Whoo! Congratulations, Tex.

Thank you, partner.

Yeah, we like folks to win.

Anything that encourages our other guests to bet is good for us.

Since the house has the advantage, eventually they all lose.

Now, what a wonderful business.

Yeah, we like to think so.

(People chattering)

In fact, you might say the casino wishes everyone the best of luck.

The casino wishes everyone the best of luck?

Most assuredly. How nice.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee.

How are you? How's the suite?

MAN: Gimme them bones, gimme them bones. Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Come on, seven. Come on, seven!

Come on, seven!



(Slot machine jingles)

(Phone ringing)


This is Osip Krutchkov.

I am so sorry. I must talk to you.

What do you want?

You must go to him before he gets all his souls.

I have purchased you a ticket.

Please, I beg you. You must go, now.

Yeah, right.

I also need one for Father Gregory.

(Duplicating Osip's voice) Both tickets will be waiting at the airport.

Goodbye, Morgana, and thank you.

MORGANA: This is it, Gregory.

Do you really think we can do this?


It says here that the king's alchemist from Persia got the Djinn back into the gem through an incantation.

Now, what incantation?

"And as it was prophesied, the alchemist took the stone unto his hand, "as a woman pure of heart takes the light of God unto her soul, "and spoke the words Nib sugaroth baheim, upon which the Djinn was again imprisoned within the opal." there it is.

All right, so you figure if you just say those words, um--

Nib sugaroth baheim.

Yeah, the Djinn is just gonna disappear?

Yeah-- no-- well, yeah-- I mean he goes back inside the opal.

But if the king's alchemist can do it, then so can we. Why can't we?

Because he knew what he was doing.

(Morgana sighs)

At least you're pure of heart.


Look, Gregory, the world as we know it is about to come to an end, and you're gonna stop the Djinn by using a quotation from a book you bought at the Spell-Checker?

What else have we got?

Morgana, I really don't think this is the way to Heaven.

Don't be too sure.

(Thunder crashing)


(People shouting)


What the fuck is goin' on?

I don't know, Mr. Farralon.

(Shouting continues)

All right, dealer. Let's see what you got! Come on! Let's see what you got!

Go ahead!


(Thunder crashing)


I claim that which is owed.


Fulfill the prophecy.




(Screaming) Morgana, what is it?


(Screaming) What is it?




It's over.

He has all the souls.

(Sirens blaring)

MAN: If we stay calm, no one will get hurt.

We all wanted something for nothing.

And that's what they got.

All right, it's showtime. Let's go.

(Thunder crashing)

Three wishes, Morgana, and I shall reign.

DEMAREST: Come in.

I trust you didn't find the disturbance downstairs too upsetting.

Is that what you have in mind if your kingdom comes?

Well, you know what they say, Father.

"What goes around comes around."

Do you like to gamble?

Depends on what's at stake.

Anything you wish.

The casino would be happy to offer you unlimited credit to play the game of your choice.

I have a feeling you'll do very well.

I can feel it.

Matter of fact, I can guarantee it.

Save your games for the people downstairs.


MORGANA: So you want me to make a wish?

Three, to be exact.

All right.

I wish... you were gone forever!



Still here.

A wish cannot change that which is eternal.

Please wish again.

DEMAREST: You can do better.

I wish--I wish you back into the Stone of the Secret Fire.

I see you've done your homework.

Unfortunately for you, it's not that easy.

After all, I am the Wishmaster here.

So any wishes pertaining to me are circumscribed by the prophecy.

Nib sugaroth baheim.

So, we have done our homework.

Do not play with forces you don't understand, or you will suffer the consequences.

You don't frighten us.

God's already sent you once back to hell.

Oh, please.

Not that old story again.

Hell is your world, not mine.


In God's name, I command you out of this world.

I wish you into hell, Demarest.


(Thunder crashes)

(Whispering voices)

Welcome to my world, Morgana.

Where's Gregory?

Where he's always wanted to be.

Behold the man.

What good is your faith now?


What have you done?

Nothing that can't be undone, child. Just ask.

Let him go.

Let him go, please.

Is that your wish?


Then watch him suffer.


(Screaming fades)

I wish you to release him.


(Thud) Gregory!

Oh, God! Gregory!

(Sobbing) Oh, God.

You said you'd release him!

And so I shall.

(Gasping) (Screams)


You bastard!

Two more wishes.

Go fuck yourself in hell.

Make your wishes.


You tax my patience, child.

I wish there was no evil in the world.

Evil is the half of a perfect sphere.

Try again. Tell me how to stop you!

We've been through all that.

You're wasting my time now, and you're pissing me off!

Make your wish!

Fulfill the prophecy.

(Whispering voices)

All right. I understand.

You've had a tough day.


I can see how this could get a little depressing in here, couldn't it?

This place isn't exactly... happy.

I know.

What we need is a more wish-provoking environment.

(People moaning)


Can you believe this? First a run on the house.

Now 200 people drop dead all at once?

What's next? Frogs and locusts? Could be.

We're finished! Not yet, Ross.

What we need is some more action. Good for business.

Come on. Don't you wish we had some real action?

No! No, don't!

Who's she? An acquaintance.

Don't listen to him. He's the devil.

So, what do you say, Ross?

No, don't say anything. It's a trick.

You know, Nathaniel, I think I've had about all the action that I can handle.

(Woman on police radio, indistinct)

I just wish I could see this nightmare come to an end.



Hurry up! Help!


(Man screams)

MAN: Look out!


FARRALON: Get out! This place is damned!

Everyone out!




Too bad. You just crapped out.

(Flatulence sound)

Ahh. (flatulence)

Ooh! (croaking)


Do you wish to see more?

No. Then end it.

Make your wishes.

I don't even know what to ask for.

Ask for your heart's desires.

A million dollars?

A bird's nest?

To see your lover priest one last time?

You said, "Fulfill the prophecy." what prophecy?

I have no more time, child.

You told me I'd know the answer when the time was right.

It is written, "that one who wakes the Djinn

"shall have three wishes.

"Upon granting all three, the race of Djinn shall inherit the earth."

And as was prophesied, "the alchemist took the stone unto his hand, "as a woman pure of heart takes the light of God unto her soul, "and spoke the words, Nib sugaroth baheim."

I wish the man I shot was alive again.


Ah. Daddy! Daddy!

That's good.

MORGANA: Nib sugaroth baheim.

Nib sugaroth baheim. (Growling)

Nib sugaroth baheim.


Nib sugaroth baheim!



Nib sugaroth baheim!


Nib sugaroth baheim!



Nib sugaroth baheim.






(Voices howling)



(Voice howling)



Gregory, he's gone.

(People chattering)