Without (2011) Script

Please take a few moments before disembarking the vessel.

Drivers are asked first to please return to your vehicles at this time.

All passengers will.

We hope you have a great day on the for the Washington State Ferries.

And we look forward to seeing you again soon.

It's right up here.

Over there, right here.



You sure?


So how long did you say you were in town for?

I guess as long as I need a job.

But I'm probably going home on weekends.

So it's not like I'm here for good.

You know anyone around here?

Not really.

If you want, I could show you around a bit.

Can I give you help with all that?


Thanks so much.



Okay, so don't ever press this button, all right.

You press this, you shut the whole system down.

Takes about 15 minutes to start back up, all right.

Only press it if you want to turn it off.

Okay, so you got your channels here.

You got a menu button here.

We got about 600 channels, but I just leave it on the Fishing Channel.

That's 354.

That's the one he likes to watch.

So we just set him up in front of it.

Okay, 354.

354. Bob, bring Joslyn to set up the kitchen.

One second!

Okay, sorry, she doesn't think you know how to use the toaster.

It's okay.

So anyways, so here's the volume.

Now I have it on lock.

This machine lets you keep the volume at one level.

All right, memorize the number you like best and adjust every channel.

Okay. Okay?

So you know, see that?

See, each channel has a different sound on it.

All right.

Now he needs it to be at least 34, okay.

HDTV goes to 36, but it sounds the same.

Right. See?

They all have a different sound, so have it on lock.

You got that?


Okay, good, all right.

Do you have internet here?

We don't.

That's one thing we haven't gotten around to setting up.

So yeah, we're kind of roughing it out here, but, and you won't get much of a cell signal or anything, but if you get bored, do what I did and learn how to record stuff on here, you know.

It's pretty intuitive, so.

Salt, pepper, tea, bottled water, coffee, I don't know how old that coffee is, but it's probably still drinkable.

Annie's Shells and Cheese, do not eat that.

That's Joe's, and he loves it, and I can't get it on this island.

But everything else should be fair game.

Dad likes mashed peaches in the morning.

I know he may seem like he's not all there, but he has his way of getting what he wants.

Forks, knives.

Knives, do not put them in the dishwasher, 'cause they will ruin them.

Liquor cabinet, how old are you?


Okay, all right, well, it's okay if you have a little bit of Kahlua if you want, but do not touch the whiskey, 'cause that's Bob's, and he will notice, I promise you.


What else?

The list, let me get that.

Okay, this is what Bob calls the Bible.

The Bible. Yeah.

Okay. So you're gonna want to read that and study it.

It's got doctors, numbers, pizza delivery, you know, everything about Dad but also everything about maintaining this house, okay.

So can you read, get a sense of...

Is that a E?

No, that's an R.

All my R's and E's look the same, so.

So just read through that and make sure you understand what the rules are and how everything works.

And then you should be okay, okay?


Kate and Joe, let's go.

Say goodbye to Grandpa.

Come on, let's go.

There you are.

You want to say goodbye to Grandpa.

Say goodbye to Papa, okay?

Give Grandpa a kiss, Katie.

Give him a kiss. Come on, babies.

I don't want to kiss.

You talk to her later.


Dad, I'm gonna go.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Joslyn, have a good time.

Don't let him push you around. Okay, Joslyn will take care of you, all right?

You want to take my purse?

Grab my purse. Okay.

We might be back in a few days, so we'll let you know, okay. Great.

All right, buddy, let's go.


Let's go, guys.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, Frank, how are you feeling?

You doing okay?

It's just gonna be you and me for lunch today, and I heard you like pears.

You want to have pears for lunch?

Come on.

Oh fuck!


Oh man.


Standing out the window But a lot of old neighbors thinking I turned

Television's tuned in the background And I'm confused by the notion And amused just by the small systems of you

It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same

Okay, young lady, two of the medicines in there are the same, and there's one that's Netopro.

It's new.


And just be aware that it might give him some dizziness if he gets up too quickly from laying down or sitting.

Okay, thanks.

Have a nice day.

And it's a ladyfish.

I'm getting a hit, too.

I think I'm about to get a ladyfish myself.

Now when you're fishing for, when you're out here and your gettin' ladyfish on, these guys are fast.

So they like a bait that's presented really fast, so you can take it back real quick, and they'll bust on it.

What'll happen is is they'll start chasing it, and they'll try to get it from the other ladyfish.

So when you're in a big school, they really like to beat the other one to the punch.

Now Angela, is there any certain fish that you're looking at catching today?

Well, since you asked, actually I would love to catch a snook, for the fact that I've never caught one.

I don't know if I should be happy that she wants to catch a snook, because that's my specialty, as most of you at home have seen, or if I should be upset, because it's like pathetic, because it's my own wife, and she's never caught a snook.

I don't know which one I should look at.

But anyways, I'm gonna do my best today.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get her on some snook, and anything else?

Anything bitin' will do.

Anything biting, all right.


Come on.

Come on, come on.

Fuck you, fuck you.

One more set, guys, go!

One, two, three, four.

Good technique, full range of motion, make a full range of motion.

You don't want that shortcut, short one.

Put full range of on motion, show that flexibility.

Show your strength, let's go, and...

One, two and three. Work it.

Four. Go.

That's it, work it.

Won't have to.

Won't have to do this one.

I can't do everything.

There's a lot of things I can do that make more, any sense.

It's stupid.

No, don't, because I don't have any service.

I have, like, one bar of service in the old man's room.

Yeah, but it's way easier if you just call me on the landline, right?


It's fine.

It's quiet.

It's like...

Yeah, yeah.



Is 2% okay?

We're out of skim.

Yeah, that's okay.

Here you go, a small chai.

Anything else?

No, thanks.

Okay, $2.25.


It's okay.


Thanks a lot.



Oh my God.

Oh my, oh my God!

You okay?


Oh fuck.

It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same What the fuck?

Let me tell you what.

I tell you what.

I used to, the same thing use to happen to terrorize big fish.

I don't give up.

Shorty wanna thug Bottles in the club Shorty wanna hump And I like to touch Your lovely lady lumps Shorty wanna thug Bottles in the club Shorty wanna hump And I like to touch Your lovely lady lumps Baby girl, what's your name Let me talk to you Let me buy you a drink I'm T‐Pain, you know me Konvict Muzic, Nappy Boy, I know the club closes at three What are the chances of you rolling with me Back to the crib, show you how I live Let's get drunk, forget what we did I'm gonna buy you a drank, I'm gonna take you home with me Got money in the bank, shawty What you think about that?

I'll be in the gray Cadillac We're in the bed like

We're in the bed like

Call me So I can make it juicy for you Call me So I can make it juicy for you Call me So I can make it juicy for you Call me So I can make it juicy for you Shorty wanna thug Bottles in the club Shorty wanna hump And I like to touch Your lovely lady lumps

Never stop looking at me.

You're pretty.

You're pretty.

You're prettier.

I like your boobs.

Never stop looking at, hey!

Never, never stop looking at me.



Put that bow back, put that bow back.

Make that second move.

Do you know how deep he's going?

Yeah, he's going.

He's got to be.

What the hell is he doing?

Here, if you close him out, make sure and grab the shell.

What the fuck is this?

I got him.

Hold on now. No, got this right here.

You like this, Frank?

I got the whole block.

It's kinda gay.


I don't know.

Small chai with low fat, right?

Yeah, with skim, if you have it.

Sure. If you have it.

So what've you been up to lately?


How 'bout you?

Same old shit.


Anything else?

Do you have any bagels?

Oh no, sorry, we usually run out of bagels by like 10.

I have muffins, though.

No, thanks.

Do you know if Jodi Lee still lives around here?

Yeah, she does.

She owns that gallery out on Ackerley, yeah.

Do you know here?

I feel so bad for her.

Did you know her daughter?


Did you read about it?

Yeah, a little.


So sad.


Okay, thanks.

Hey, stranger!


So this is where you live.

This is not where I let you off.

Oh yeah, I got a little confused.

4050, that's... I didn't think anybody lived here.

Yeah, there's a family that lives here, and I stay with them.

Is that the Weisses?

No, the Dumonts.

I don't know them.

They live off‐island, part of the time.

Do they need their countertops done?

I've done almost every kitchen on this road.

Maybe I could come have a look.

I don't know.

I'm not the right person to ask.

Well, maybe when they're around, I could come over and have a look.


Will they be back later today?

I don't know.

It's 'cause they're really private.

But maybe I could tell them that you came by.

What's your last name?

Engel, Darren Engel.

They'll probably know about me.

I'm doing a house over near town over by the Long farm.


Maybe you could stop by sometime, and we could have some coffee.


All right, so I'll see you around.


All right.

That's you.

And that's your mom and that's your dad.

And that's you and your brothers and your sister, and that's your puppy.

You're just hanging out outside.

And this is your second‐grade class.

And that's you, and that's your friend, your best friend, and you're right next to each other.

‐ yeah, and you're next to the teacher, 'cause you're bad.

You, your sister, all your sister's friend who were annoying.

Here's your mom and you and your mom's friend and your mom's friend's son.

What else, what else, what else?

This is the love of your life, Megan Almay.

You loved her.

This is creepy.

It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same



How you doing?


Okay, well.

All right, okay, great.

Okay, and can you come get me?

Don't go like this.

If you go like this, you're gonna shut down the whole system.

Take you about 15 minutes to start back up.

Don't go like this, unless you want to fuck up the whole system.

You can change the channels like this.

You can change the channels like this, but don't go like this or like this, because that would mean you were changing the channels.

We've got about 600 channels, but you can only watch one, the Fishing Channel, 354.

But I want to watch movies.

But you can't watch movies.

This is my house.

Oh man, I really want to.

But you can't.

You have to watch the Fishing Channel, 354, don't forget.

I'll try to remember.

It's really difficult.

That's how you put a lock on the volume.

And that's how it remembers what kind of volume you want.

But you've got to do it with your left hand, because if you do it with your right hand, then you can end up setting the volume for 36, instead of 34, and you really don't want this one.

You want this one down here, because that's what's gonna sound really, really good for you.

Okay, got it, okay?

How about this?

A button, the first button, undone.

Or maybe like...


But you already saw me wear these pants.


A little more fancy?


No way, right?


Okay, this, we can wear in a lot of different ways, maybe like this.

What do you think?

And I'm not really thinking of anything coming along in terms of a career change or continuing on playing football, but out of the blue, all of a sudden, one day, this letter comes in the mail, and on the upper left‐hand corner, it says, "NFL."

So I open it up, and inside it's an invite to a combine.

Do you know what a combine is?

Okay, it's kind of like this testing platform for collegiate athletes.

It allows them to display their athletic abilities.

And a lot of coaches show up.

It's a really big deal.

And you get tested based on, like, your 40‐yard time and your bench press and like a bunch of other things.

And so they invited me.

And so I'm feeling pretty high on my horse, and I'm thinking, you know, maybe I should do this.

But then I pause for a moment, and I put myself in the shoes of, you know, these NFL players, and, you know, three years into it, these athletes that are at the top of their game, the pinnacle of their athletic ability, are getting blown‐out knees and fracturing bones and losing their ability to play.

But not only that, but they're turning into, you know, persons that just can't do anything, on or off the field.

They're bedridden, and they can't walk five feet without cringing, doubling over in pain.

That's like, that's for the rest of their lives.

And so I'm thinking about this, and I'm thinking, you know, I really don't want that.

It doesn't make any sense to me.

I mean, yeah, I've been invited to this thing, but you know, that's not what I'm all about.

That's not what makes me me.

And so, I think to myself, I can do other things.

You know, it's a big fork in the road, and I decided, you know, I can put my collegiate, my collegiate athleticism in the past and my playing career, and I can be fine with that.

And I can do something completely different.

So that's basically what I want to do.

I just want to raise a family, be able to show my kid how to play sports, and you know, run with him, and yeah, be a dad.

You know, so yeah.

That's kind of, yeah, that's what I'm happy doing, so.

How about a little nightcap?

For you, Frank, just a little bit.


What the fuck?

It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same

It's all the same It's all the same It's all the same

Good morning, Sunshine.


Hi, hi, Bob, how are you?

It's going good.

It's going, yeah, it's going good.


I, I did, Bob.

I ran the,

ran the faucets.

I ran all the faucets on Wednesday.


Friday, okay.

Yeah, I'm looking at it right now.

On Thursday, I ran the washer on a low cycle using cold water.


Just one time.

Okay, you know, maybe I did it on Friday.

I wasn't thinking about the day when I told you that I did that, but I will, I will look at the Bible and I will do what it says.

He's good, he's good.

But he's doing this thing where...


Hello, Bob?

Okay, yeah.

All right, I'll see you on Sunday.

Just so you know, we refilled the lorazepam, and I want to remind you that this medication is only taken as needed.

So don't you be taking any yourself, young lady.

Okay, I won't.

But if you do, gimme a call.

Hey, how's it going?

What can I get you?

I'll have a small chai with nonfat or 2%.

We only have whole.


Whole's fine.

So how are you?

It's $2.25.


You like that, Frank?


You can breathe.

You want to see a little more?

Don't tell anybody.


I like that,

because I think you're really pretty.


I think you're really fucking sexy.

Don't worry.

I won't tell anyone.

I want to watch you.


Do you want to watch me?

You are a little slut.

No, you're not a slut.

You're a good girl.

You're a good,

slutty, sexy girl.


Oh yeah.

Cock, pussy, dick, cunt, cock, pussy, dick, cunt, cock, pussy, dick, cunt, cock, pussy, dick, cunt, cock, pussy, dick, cunt, cock, pussy, dick, cunt.


Door's busted.

Should I be worried about that?

I could fix it for ya.

Got any beer?

No, we have Kahlua.

I'll take it.

So I looked at your countertops, laminate.

I thought this house could do better.

Seems to work fine, to me.

So you're looking after the old man?

Where's he?

He's sleeping.

It's nighttime.

I want to see him.

Where is he?

Is he over here?


Is he over here?


Man, that's freaky.

I guess I'm kind of getting used to it.

Can I touch him?

I don't know, can you?

You got a pretty lady here, stud.

Not so sure I'd be falling asleep if I had such a beautiful woman next door to me.

All right, are you done?

He has to rest, so.

Come here.

No, you come here.

I don't want to...

Okay, all right, you got to go.


Because I have to go to bed.

Times up, buddy.

I haven't finished my drink.

Well, I'm sure you can find another drink.

That's kind of rude.

You invite me in, and then you kick me out.

Yeah, well, that's the way it goes.

You're such a fucking tease.

I'd like you to get the hell out.

Okay, okay, I'm finishing my drink.

You're drinking whiskey?

Yeah, get out.

Get out!

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Jeez Louise.

When do I get to see you?

I don't know, Darren.

We'll talk later, go!

You're pretty.


Okay, I'm...

I'm sorry, Frank.

Let's get you to bed.



So how's your mother?

She's okay.

She had shoulder surgery, last month, but she's okay now.

My brother had to driver her around.

I just had surgery myself.

They put a plastic tube in my eye, so I know how recovery time can be.

So where's the house?

It's on Adobe Road.

It's like eight miles from the town.

Do you know where that is?

It's a nice, it's nice.

It's quiet.

And when will you be going back to school?

I don't know.

I mean, I'm going back to school.

I just don't know when, so.

I guess, I'll just have to wait and see.

Well, I'm sorry I don't have more to offer you.

I can make some pasta.

No, I have to get back to the house.

The family's coming back home, and I have to clean everything up.

Yeah, well, that's how you girls are.

Do you think it would be okay if I could go upstairs?

Yeah, sure, of course.

It's still a mess up there, like it always was.

You know where it is.



You know, it's gonna be pretty nasty out this week.

Why don't you take a raincoat?

Oh no, it's okay.

No, really. I have a...

Here, try it on.


You know, I'm really glad you came by.

I hadn't heard from you, and I wondered what happened to you.

Did you know she was feeling that way?

Fucking whore!

You fucking drunk bitch, you think you're pretty?

Do you think you're pretty?

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

What the fuck?

Stay the fuck away from Darren.

Fuck you!

She crying.

Fucking tired of this fucking thing.


Did you lock the door?


It's all the same It's all the same What the fuck?


Fucking look at me!

I know you've been fucking with me.

Do you hear me?

Hey, wake up, asshole!

I know you've been fucking with me!

Fuck you!

Stop watching me!

Stop watching me.

Put your stuff down.

There we go.

Watch out, sweetie.

All right.

We're here.

See your grandpa.

Want to say hi to Grandpa?

Hi, Grandpa.

Hi, Dad.

All right, you, want to give Grandpa a kiss?

Say hi to Papa, buddy.

How are you? Hi, Papa.

Hey, Frank. Did you have a good time?

Come. Say hi to Papa.

Come. Hi, Papa.

Okay. Let's go.

Good job, buddy.

Come on, let's do it.

Let's get some treats.

Katie, let's get some treats.






Hey, we need to see you downstairs.

Joslyn, we need to talk to you about some things that went on in this house while we were away.

It's clear to us that some disturbing things happened in our home, and Bob and I are very upset to have to talk to you about this.

Lines were crossed, and you betrayed our trust.

For example, knives in the dishwasher.

Why were there knives in the dishwasher?

I don't know.

No, Joslyn, listen.

Knives have to be hand‐washed.

Otherwise, they dull, and their handles break.

I mean, this is one of the things I specifically told you before I left.

I have it written down in the Bible.

Did you even read the Bible?

You read the Bible?


Okay, we made our expectations very clear, and it's obvious you have no respect for our property.

We thought you were a good girl.

I mean, why in the world would you watch the TV at a volume of 64?

It's dangerous.

It's reckless.

It's inconsiderate.


And it could damage the whole system.

You know, I think Bob's very upset, but what he's trying to say...

It fucked the whole system.

What he's trying to say is that you disappointed us.


We came to a clear understanding, and you let us down.


Bob, go get her a tissue.

I need you to kind of pull it together.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I miss her.

I do.

I really, really miss her.

That girl's a freak in the bed like me Fucked up in the head like me She don't give a fuck what you said like me Likes giving good head like me, like me We'll be in the club popping bottles all night We'll be making love, getting juicy all night She can make it hurt, make it hurt so nice

'Cause her little pussy's so, so tight She got those lips, she got those eyes She got those hips, she got those thighs She got me hyp, hypnotized Now get down on your knees Show T‐Pain what you like You ain't never seen a dick like this You ain't never seen a dick like this You ain't never seen a dick like this Just like this, just like this That girl's a freak in the bed like me Fucked up in the head like me She don't give a fuck what you said like me Likes giving good head like me, like me