Wong Fei Hung (1991) Script

Look, look! They are shooting at us.


Oh! This is a dragon dance! Return to your post!


Master Wong, be careful of the ship's cannons.

Want to come up? - Yes!

Give me the tail!

"Bravery Soaring."

"Magnanimity Overflowing"

Look, Wong...

More foreign ships are anchoring in our docks.

Britain has Hong Kong, Portugal has Macau, Russia occupies Heilongjiang.

Our country is divided and I'm sent to Vietnam... to fight the French.

How'll the Vietnamese react to this plaque that says "Our Land Our People"

Someone come! Yes, your Excellency!

Take it down! - Yes!

Quick! - Wait a minute!

Excellency, the Govt. changes its policies often...

You could be called back soon.

The Govt's factionalised, and has cut my forces.

I think that whilst I'm gone... the men that remain here will be dismissed.

You're the chief trainer of my Black Flag Army.

I hope you'll organize them into a local militia.

So when China is under foreign attack, they can defend it.

Master Wong...


Excellency, don't worry! I hope you'll be back soon.

Wong Fei Hung!

The unequal treaties are written on this fan.

When you see it, you see me.

When I return, I hope the treaties will be erased.

Pork buns!


Here it is!


What are you talking about?

The town's full of foreigners.

How clever of you to do business with them.

Couldn't succeed in China, so went to England.

Take a photo with Old Chu's bird.

The bird will truly be honoured.

Don't mention it. You take one too!

Thank you very much.

Master Wong!

How are you, everyone?

Fei Hung!

Grand uncle, long time no see. You look great.

Thank you! Fei Hung, see who's with me?

Master Wong! Had tea? Many are expecting you.

Aunt 13? - Fei Hung!

She wants to shake your hand.

Foreigners shake hands.

Let me introduce you. This is Joanna.

How do you do?

What do...

She's asking: How do you do?

Say thank you ah. Thank you!

Oh, kill you. You're welcome!

Fei Hung, take a photo with the bird.



Fei Hung, taking photos is easy.


Look there.

Don't move... Or the photo with be no good.

Ready, 1 , 2, 3!

What happened?

It's boiling water!

How are you? Are you hurt? I'm alright!

This foreigner's game is too dangerous.

Too much powder.

You told me not to move!

Are you alright?

Grand Uncle, I'm glad you asked me to come... or you could've ended up like the bird.

That's right.

Old Chu! ...

I'll go back to England in a few days.

Yee was in England... but insisted on coming back.

At least she won't mix with those foreigners.

Please watch over her for me. Watch over her?

Old Chu, answer me, you're frightening me.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Anyone here?

I'm looking for Master Wong.

Who is it? What's up?

I'm from May County. M...ay...May...May.

I'm Leung Foon. I want Master Wong to teach me.

He... - He's not here?

I... I am... - You? You are?

Wong...Master Wong... You're Master Wong?

No...yes! - Ah, so you are Master Wong?

I'm a herdeman. I practiced Kung Fu with my cow.

The cow kicked me. Please look at my arm.


Not this one. This one.

Master Wong. I hurt my arm...

Why you wrapped my leg?


It's stiff, Master. Why's it stiff?

Are you...alright?

Master, perhaps you want to teach me Kung Fu?


No? Not good enough?

OK? I'll do my best. Can attack. Can defend.

Not a bad stand.


Still not good? I get it!

I'll roll a few more for you.

What's this noise?

Who is he? - Master is teaching me Kung Fu!

Buck Teeth So is teaching you Kung Fu?

Who are you? - Buck Teeth So!

You are not Master Wong? - Stupid!

Buck Teeth So, who're you?

He is Master Wong's disciple.

And who are you?

I'm also Master Wong's disciple, Kai what happened to your arm and leg?

Don't ask. I have to get back to the Theater.

I'm going.

Have to go before he binds my other side.

Foon, have you finished mending the hole on the roof?

The show will start soon!

I'm here to act, and you make me fix the roof.

It's not right and I'm scared.

If you don't do it how do I know you can act?

When I'm famous, I'll make you do it everyday.

What're you doing? A somersault?

What're you doing?

I thought it was the ship's cannon.

It was only thunder.

If it's true, we'll all go and work at gold mines in America.

We don't have to toil here.

Don't move! Or you'll spoil it.

Are you ready?

Foreign woman speaking Chinese?

China will be occupied by foreigners soon.

Wait for me!

1, 2. - Wait for me!

Wait for you?

It's stuck!

Foon, where the hell are you?

I'm changing!

Come out quick, don't be lazy!

Foon, you brag about your Kung Fu skills.

All you can do is climb roofs and fix things.

Broke the stage with a somersault.

Can you do it?

Miss, the clothes that got dirty... have been washed.

I asked someone to iron them.

Thank you, Boss!

Do you need fresh water?

No, I'm fine.

Who's it?

You didn't...

I'll invite you to our next new show.

Good, Boss!

Take care, the road is slippery! - Bye!

A Chinese pretending to be a foreigner!

Miss, umbrella!

Sir, no need to rush.

Come up, there are lots of girls here.

It takes so long.

Don't move!

A gunshot, what's the matter? Who's it?

Master! Master!

Master! - It's Wing. Open the door.

Master! Master!

You opened the door just in time, or I'd have to break it.

We'll have tea sometime, my treat.

Excuse me!

Kai, who's been shot? It's the greengrocer.

Who shot him?

I don't know. Ask Master.

Buck Teeth So, if not for me you'd break something.


My name's Wing. Call me Porky and I'll get fat.

Back for so long and still don't speak Chinese.

Por...ky... - Bu...ck...Tee..th.

So, get me the medicine.

You don't speak Chinese, how can you handle medicine?

What are you quarrelling about?

Master, I'm teaching him how to be Chinese.

Give me "The Magic Healer". "The Magic Healer".

3, they're all 3 characters.

Master, I can't read!

You laugh at those who don't speak Chinese?

Come, So.

"Powder for 7 Cuts", "Blood-Clotting Powder".

So is from America.

Studied medicine there learns bonesetting here.

Then he's quite good.

Master, here's the water.


Take a rest, you'll be fine.

Master, this is a bullet from a shotgun.

Let's bandage him first.

Many ships, and too many colours in the flags.

So he boarded... the wrong ship and got shot.

The "Westernization Movement" is now underway.

When there's trouble, we Chinese suffer.

Can we Chinese survive?

The Manchurians have taken our land.

Now they join the foreigners and sell out our country.

Brothers of the Local Militia, let's act!

Ca...ca...calm down! You lecturing me?


Watch your tongue, can me Big Brother.

Wing! - Master!

You're too rash. Keep out of this.

This is a matter of life or death.

I must sort this out with the authorities.

Otherwise how can we Chinese live here anymore?

Excuse me sir, you would like something?

So, you explain it to the captain. - Yes!

Excuse me, Mr. Jackson of Sino Pacific Corporation... and General Wickens of the British Forces have made an appointment with us.

And I presume they should have reserved a table for this matter.

So we can discuss this matter more leisurely.

This is my master, Wong Fei Hung.

We'd be gratefull if you'd show us the table.


This way please.

Why so many swords and daggers on the table?

Excuse me sir, your menu, sir.

So, ask them to bring us some dim sum.

Foon, your job is to check tickets today.

I'm here to learn acting not check tickets, doesn't sound right.

Can't help it.

All the others have gone to America.

America? Gold mining?

Boss, is there really gold there?

Would I lie to you?

It's all the newspaper.

I'd go too if I didn't have to run this place.

Newspaper? What newspaper?

They're here for protection money.

You haven't paid?

Yes I have, but these thugs are from Shaho.

How dare they venture out of their patch?

If I deal with them, they've had it!


What are you doing?

I know you know wome Kung Fu.

Didn't you say you want to make it big?

Here's your chance.

I didn't mean that.

Boss, I'm not good at Kung Fu.

They've all come here just to honour you.

I'm being set up. Stop!

Boss, open the gate! Boss, open up. Quick!

No daytime show. No ticket.

I'll come another time.

Hey kid, come down!

Damn. I came a long way, and there's no show.

Next time I won't bother.

I know you're Foon. Here to talk with me?

No, I'm here to check tickets.

We're here to collect protection money.

They said you're a good fighter.

You're brave... facing us alone.

You've got guts!

You're kidding.

Let me buy you a gift.

I'll visit you guys in a minute.

No need.

No need for gifts, just a hand will do.

Chop my hand off? Chop your mother's head off!

Don't go.

Okay, it's too many against one.

Let's fix a time and place for a duel.

Don't bother, let's do it right here and now.

Get him! Stop!

Someone's fighting in the Theater.

Yes, with knives!

Don't run! Stop! Stop! Get him!

Excuse us, excuse us!

What's happening? - Fighting!

Fight out there, we're doing business here. Out! Out!

What is it, pal?

They demand protection money, and want to challenge me...

But they're too many against one. kill that dumb fool!

Armageddon over there. Go and look! Where?

That's Porky, Wong's disciple.

Never met him.

Porky, for your master's sake...

I'll let you go today.

So you're Master Wong's disciple?

I am!

I saw the junior doctor at Po Chi Lam.

That Chinese American.

Foon! - What?

I'm not kidding, if you don't bring a hand to Shaho...

I'll make you disappear from Fa Shan.

Let's to Shaho. - Go!

Chicken out because Wong's disciple is here?

You want a hand? Take this hock!

Big brother, what shall we do?

Do? Let's tear them apart!

Brother Wing. This one's for him!

It's free, I'm not doing business today.

You stinky boy...

Shaho's stupid, Shaho's dumb...

Give me any trouble, I'll beat you to death.

Have some puddings, enjoy the show.

A bean curd pudding.

Take that! Hold it!

Add a little water, make a perfect brew.

Boiling water? Who threw it? Find him.

Go up and see!

Who dropped boiling water? Out! - Go!

Old Fool, it must be you.

Not me. I've been eating pork buns.

Pork buns?

And that, Your Excellency, is the position of Her Majesty's Government.

May I suggest that we leave it at that?

Your Government is most generous Wong Fei Hung!

This is General Wickens of the British forces.

Mr. Jackson of the Sino Pacific Corporation.

They've kindly agreed not to press charges.

So stop making demands for the greengrocer.

This is unjust. The people are outraged.

Outraged? Wong, you have no authority.

You are just a civilian.

Who are you to negotiate?

The Westernization Movements is on relationships with foreigners...

It's better to keep the peace.

These rolls are made from our flour.

So you appreciate western food?

The foreigners draw boundaries here... and set up forbidden areas.

If we fight each other... and defer to them, then soon we'll lose the flour to make rolls.

You're friends with Lau of the Black Flag Army.

But he doesn't follow orders from Central Govt.

I'm sent here to watch you.

I intend to set an example.

Are you alright?

What is all this?

Master, it's our Local Militia.

Master Wong!

Stop them!


Don't fight!

Kai, I told you to tell them not to fight!

Told you not to fight!

Put down the weapons! Still fighting?

Don't move.

I expect you'd have an explanation for this disgraceful intrusion.

Good day!

General Wickens.

You're quite good! - Of course!

Big Brother, that looks like Master Wong.

Master Wong.

We are many, let's take him on!

Don't fight!

He hit you? Don't fight!

Don't fight, Kai!

Don't fight... - I told you not to fight!

I said don't fight! You're still fighting?

Really stop? They're coming. Let me go!

Big Brother, are you alright?

Who just kicked me? - Don't know!

Have you taken them on? - Yes, we have!

Carry on!

Buck Teeth So! - Stupid!

I'm so sorry!

So, tell them they've made a mistake.

Mr. Jackson! - No need to explain.

If China had no forbidden areas, we'd be unsafe.

Master, this alien can speak Chinese.

Still attacking?

Don't call me a alien "Chinese Devil"!

You listen, we're doing business with you.

If we don't use our heads, how do we make big money?

Otherwise you'll get yourself... in big trouble.

Goodby Chinamen! Let's go!

Shoot whoever resists. - Run! Run!

The authorities are here!

Let's get outta here!

Stop! Don't move!

Drop your weapons. Why're the Local Militia fighting?

Where's Porky? Gone?

Don't move, or else we'll shoot.

Wong, this area's rented by the foreigners...

The Local Militia make trouble here.

You're the Head, how do you explain it?

Excellency, they were Govt. trained.

So they would not act without a reason.

Reason? What the Govt. discards, you retain.

The Local Militia is directly under us from now on.


Tell them report to City Hall!

Or get arrested. - Excellency...

Master Wong will pay for all the damages.

Yes, Your Excellency!

Beware of fire. Beware of thieves.

Master, I've lost my appetite.

I hear this was started by a gang from Shaho.

City Hall now requires us to report in.

Will they hold us in custody?


Sit! City Hall's authorized to look into this.

If it's a set-up, they'll find out the truth.

So, let's eat...

Until the verdict is know, this'll be our last meal together.

Let's eat.

Listen, "Local Militia", prepare to eat.

Pick up vegetables! Eat rice! Swallow!

Aunt 13!

Don't worry, the Local Militia will be fine.

It's late, why don't you sleep?

I want to take your measurements for a suit.

A suit?

Why would I want to wear a western suit?

It's for when you go abroad.

Aunt 13, is the West so wonderful?

Why do we have to learn from the West?

They invented things like the steam engine and many other things.

Their science is developed far beyond us.

If we don't learn we'll get left behind.

When you get the chance, tell me more... about how great the outside world is.

Aunt 13, if it's so great, why'd you come back?

There's something here they haven't got.

What haven't they got?


People I want to see I was away 2 years, but my heart was here.

In fact you were always in my thoughts You are very sweet.

Aunt 13! - What's wrong?

I thought...No, it's nothing!

Fei Hung, you and I are relatives by name, not by blood.

We were raised together, don't call me Aunt 13.

What'll I call you? You're senior to me.

I'll do it!

What's this? Doesn't matter!

Doesn't matter?

Of course it does, one must be precise.

Chinese shouldn't wear suits.

Chinese are Chinese, Westerners Western.

There will be railways and a telegraph company soon.

Everything will change.

China will change will the world.

You're right.

Western guns and ships are here.

Everything is changing.

Changing. What will we change into?

I appreciate your gift, but you keep it.

When all Chinese wear suits, I'll wear one.

Come greet me the God of Fortune! Here I am, the God of Fortune!

Get away! Get away, Jesuit!


Sir, we already bought the God of Fortune.

Come greet the God of Fortune!

Sir, we already bought the God of Fortune!

Did you buy Fortune from me, or the old one?

He's now dead in a well. Want to see him?

Just buy a new one!

If I pay him, what happens when the old God comes?

Sir, do you need a hand? You want to join us!

Yes sir! Life is so tough right now! Give me the money.

So that we can take care of you.

Sir, don't clean me out, give me a chance.

And who'll give me a chance? Give me of it!

Take advantage of people in these hard times?

It's Master Wong!

You're from Shaho?

Come with me to City Hall.

Protect me!

Stabbing your own people?

Get going! Run!

Quick! Get away, quick!

Run! Where've you good-for-nothings gone?

Go to hell!

Damn, it's high!

Run Alright! How wonderful!

Did you see Master Wong do his

"Shadowless Kick"?

Did you see it? - No, I didn't.

Everyone, this guy extorts money.

I'm taking him to City Hall.

Please come and be witness.

He's impressive, did an amazing jump.

Boss, he wants protection money from you.

Come with me to be a witness.


And live my days worrying like the Theater boss?

You were practising Kung Fu in there, I saw no fighting.

In America, people have to walk carefully.

Because they can trip on gold.

How's that possible? - There's more.

Wash your face in the river, you'll find gold.

Is it really so wonderful?

Of course it is!

Just one visit's worth a lifetime of work in China.

Come, have some leaflets, one for everyone.

Don't said I didn't inform you People there wear dark glasses day and night. your eyes will get hurt You can't pick up gold if you're blind.

Lost sheep, God's Kingdom belongs to you.

You're promoting America too?

Material things are transient.

Only Jesus is the truth.

You should follow him and experience life.

I arrested a criminal today, will Jesus be my witness?

Beware of me. Beware of thieves.

Big Brother!

Big Brother, are you over there? I'm here!

Get ready!

Master! - How are you?

You crazy? Fanning when it's so windy outside.

City Hall locked up the Local Militia?

Won't release them till the suspect's caught.


I can't be a witness because I'm a suspect.

They even let Hung of Shaho go.

When will the Local Militia be released?

When someone offers to be a witness.

Master, how about Foon?

Foon? Do you know him? - Yes.

You must be in this.

What's you hiding?

I...Master, you don't always trust me.

So, I...

I what? Speak!


Fire! - Calm down, So. Don't panic!


So! ...

Master, what shall we do?

The arrows came from the pharmacy's roof.

So, Master is coming to save you!

Never mind me. Gather...the valuables!

Kai, get your weapon. We'll take them on.

Wing, put out the fire. I'm off.



So! Here!

Goddamn steps!

His Excellency's fan? It is!

Wow, the rooftop fire is big!

It's...even big...bigger down here!

Someone's on the roof. - Shoot him!

It's Master Wong. Go! Run!

Po Chi Lam is on fire!

Don't forget the camera, hurry up!

Po Chi Lam will be no more if it's burnt.

What are you doing, Aunt 13?

Taking a photo of Po Chi Lam.

A photo! Your butt is on fire.

You're blocking the sign.

A little more, I can't see you.

Should we wait for Master?

The...roof...is...is on fire!

So, look this way!

Kai, shift a little to the right.

I thought I had it with me.

But I was taking pictures of Po Chi Lam.

You're just like a foreign hag... caring only for trivia.

Don't ever bring this into the Clinic again.

Or I'll throw it away.

His Excellency the Governor is here!

Wong Fei Hung, you open Schools, triad societies... divide up the town and run illegal business. You did't obey the law.

Now other triads take revenge...

The burning of Po Chi Lam is your own fault.

It's time to mend your ways!

Excellency, Schools are not triad societies.

If the authority... labels martial arts illegal, then our grand tradition... will be lost.

So when attacked, how'll we defend ourselves?

Is that what you can courting peace?

Can't save your Po Chi Lam... and you dare lecturing me!

It's City Hall's job to investigate the fire.

You tell me, who did it?

I don't know.

You don't know? You're covering something.

Big Brother!

Wing, what are you doing? Go in!


Can I come in?

Foreigners...why you come here?

Wing! - Master!

Go on like this, and you stop calling me Master.

Don't go.

You must hold something against Fei Hung.

You can tell me.

Wong Fei Hung. I know who set Po Chi Lam on fire.

I can be your witness.

Check if anyone's from Shaho.

Hey, are you from Shaho. - No!

Not the way you talk.

There's so many people here!

Big Brother, seems City Hall may get you.

Goddamn! That Jesuit must've told on me.

Should you go and hide in Shaho?

No way!

We're afraid of City Hall, they're afraid of the foreigners.

So let's find us an influential foreigners!

Wait for me.

We want to speak to Mr. Jackson.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

What's going on down there?

Damn, we don't speak English. Try harder.

Please, please let us in to see Mr. Jackson.

We all want to see Mr. Jackson.


I'd better have a cigar I don't like cigars.

If I keep a dog, it'll guard my house.

You are wanted by City Hall.

What good is it if I help you?

I'm not afraid of being arrested.

But I am afraid that without a leader, my brothers' talent will go to waste.

You come all this way to make money, send so many Chinese to America.

Why don't I give you some women to ship over?

Isn't it a better idea?

No, we don't allow the labourers to have wives.

Don't allow them to have descendents.

Otherwise they'd stay there forever.

I don't mean wives, but whores.

I have as many as you want.

It's Master Wong, who always interferes.

Dare you kill him for me?

Master Wong? - Yes...

I'll invite him to the show tomorrow. Yes, yes, yes!

Then he'll be killed by me... or the authorities.

Do you hear noise?

Something just dropped into the water.

Wing, City Hall's after the Shaho Gang.

Foon, where were you?

I've to go back to the Theater. Come with me.

Wait, let me lock up first.


Hey, come out first. - Oh right!

This is Wing, the one who can Sove of any problems.

Master Wong's disciple. Welcome!

I won't see the show for free. I'll check tickets.

I like gate duty.

Thank you indeed. Never mind, never mind.

Ticket. Have you got tickets?

Those with tickets, get in.

Do you have tickets?


Do you know who I am? Look at the sign.

He's Wonder Ho, I'm White Gent.

And I'm Wing! No ticket, go!

The show's starting and you tell us to leave?

OK, we'll go, just don't regret it! We'll go! We'll go!

Got tickets?...

Brother Wing, let's go in.

No hurry, the actors aren't there yet.

Thank you so much.

Have you seen Wonder Ho and White Gent?

They tried to barge in, I turned them away.

What? They're the actors.

Who will act then?

Then we don't have a show.

You stay here.

I'll go and fetch them. - Tickets...

Master has come, you help me.

I've to go to toilet.

Excuse me.

Mr. Jackson, let me introduce you to the Reverend Father.

Please to meet you, sir.

General Wickens, please take a seat.

Can't imagine you'd be invited by the foreigners.


Aunt 13! - Master Wong!

Why so detached?

Relatives must respect the rule of seniority.

Alright, let's just watch the show!

Please! ...

Wing, we're in trouble.

Master's hre. I don't want to watch the show.

The actors are gone. You're going.

What'll I do?

I can sing. - So what?

I can act a little. Let's go!

You dare sing on stage... in front of Master?

Fool, who will recognize us with make up on?

OK, let's take a chance. Come backstage.

Lucky you get us or the show'd be cancelled.

Amazing that you could recognize me...

Isn't that Porky?

Who's Wing? Let's go. - Go.

The White Snake is now a Fat Snake.

Porky! Porky!

Hey, Porky's changed profession.

Hey, where'll we get our pork from now?

Wing, again!


I got him to do it, don't blame him.

Pack up and never come back.

Alright, Brother Wing, I'll join you in the pork business.

Watch out!

Stoop down!

Seal all passageways!

Lead the foreigners out.


It's fighting outside.

Foon, it must be the Shaho Gang.

Go after them!

Aunt 13!

Stop it!

The Troops. - Yes, sir.

Get ready.

Don't shoot at the audience.

Gun shot! My god! - Don't shoot.



You fool.

Shoot him.


Limestone powder. Close your eyes.

My eyes...

Don't get up.

Master Wong? Don't care about him, let's go.

Protect His Excellency!

Come on!


Hide away.

Aunt 13, take the gun and hide with the reverend.

They came for me. Don't stay here!

Reverend Father!

Master, take the pole!

Master, I'll help you!

The floor's too thin.

Master, I'll help you! - Who are you?

Help Aunt 13, I don't need help.

Leave her alone.

Tiger, use your gun. You idiot, shoot him dead.

Shoot them.


Reverend Father.


Father... - Reverend Father.

Wing, come and protect Aunt 13.

They've gone backstage!

Come up here.

Damn it.

Why ambush me?

It's you who ambushed me?

Foon? - He's Foon?

It's dangerous here, there're killers inside.

Question him, I'm going to have a look.

Foon, what're you doing?

How would I know?

He's been hitting me ever since he came in.

Foon! - Don't move!

You say don't move, but you still hit me?

Let's sort this out before hitting anyone.

Run, run!

Master Wong, don't move!

Your Excellency. - You shut up!

Excellency, they left something.

What? "Glory to Local Militia. End to foreigners"?

Weren't all the...

Local Militia arrested?

How many have you given shelter to?

Your Excellency. I've been set up.

Don't believe him.

Arrest these Shaho thugs.

What Shaho thugs?

That's the second time you've hit me.

Find out the truth before you lay blame.

The truth?

He's taking protection money.

What? My Master takes protection money?

Yes! It's him!

Master Wong, isn't he from Shaho?

What's Shaho? The Yellow River?

You don't need to explain.

City Hall will soon arrest... your other members.

It's time to arrest the head first.

I'm going to arrest you first... and close your Po Chi Lam.

How'll you make trouble now?

A lot of people were hurt at the theater, let me tend to them, then I'll go with you.

Alright, go ahead.

You'll be guarded.

If anything happens...

I'll arrest and execute you right here.

Don't move. You're bleeding.

So, fetch the medicine. - Ok!

Go away. Can't you see the eviction notice?

That doesn't give you permission to steal.

Bring them back!

You dare hit us? - Go away!

Don't you have anything better to do?

Master, they are stealing, I'm stopping them.

So what? Wanna fight?

I'll fight with you.

OK, let's go!

No! I mean I'll fight you!

Master, I fight you?

Where's you like hitting?

Is it here? Here?

You want me arrested sooner?

If not, don't block me saving people. Master!

You're so manipulative. You used us.

We'll arrest you, if you stand in our way.

He's smart, escapes arrest this way.

Come hit me? So restrained!

Mr. Cheng!

Still bleeding. Fetch me the "Last Aid"!

"Last Aid"!

He's dead. Tell his family.


Fei Hung!

What's the tattoo?

It's Arabic numerals. "JACKSON"

Is it his ship's name?

Don't worry. I'm Wong Fei Hung.

You're hurt. If you move, you'll tear the wound.

You're Master Wong? Help me!

Get up. Where're you from?

America! - America?

We crossed seas; denied medicine when ill.

Many were thrown overboard.

In America, we were branded like pigs.

We were cheated... by the Chinese dealers here.

We signed contracts, paid for food and the trip.

Paid for so many things.

Those who tried to escape were caught and killed.

I came back to China.

I... I...Master Wong...

Don't worry, you're back in China now.

Let me see if I can find your family.

Don't think too much.

Kai! Keep secret his contract with the foreigners.

Or City Hall will arrest him.

I understand.

Going to America's better than staying here.

Don't miss out!...Come...Take a look! You want one?

Giong to America? How? Take one.

You want one, too?

The same America as in the newspaper?

Right! If you want to go, pay an exit tax... pay your passage, rental, blanket and food.

Get a 3 year contract.

You mean it costs 2 years salary?

Haven't you got money? - No, I haven't.

Then don't even think about it.

Shove off!

You want one, it's full of gold there.

Someone's fighting there!

Duel? Let's go and watch it. Go, go.

Don't go, don't go!

You dare show off... in front of my house... and hit my disciple.

What's your name?

Master Yim.

I'm matchless in 1 9 provinces with my "7 Sabres".

You're a guest, so I'll let you thrust 3 times.

Then prepare!

No. 2!

Still No.2 and you already draw your sword?

You will get killed. Let's forget it!

Don't go.

Hit me in the back?

"Iron Vest Kung Fu"!

I've let you thrust 3 times. Admit defeat!

There must be a way to beat him.

What are you following me for?

My name is Foon. I'm from May County.

There're lots of gangs in this town.

My Kung Fu is poor.

I'm often harassed.

Can't even make a living.

Please take me as your disciple.

What's the point of being a Kung Fu expert?

Can't make a living.

Master, are you hungry?

You take shelter.

I'll think of something.

Good! - Give me a drumstick!

Good food, we don't eat bad food.

Gentlemen, come inside!

The soup's salty. Don't drink it. Let's go!

Today's soup's very salty.

Hey, why'd you steal my bowl?

Gentlemen, welcome, come and have a drink.

Welcome gentlemen, let me sing to you.

Master, have some soup.

2 men drink from the same bowl. Pathetic!

Madam, shall I have them thrown out?

If I made it here, who'd dare belittle me?

Right, got to be the top.

Who's the best in town?

Master Wong?

Fei Hung!

Aunt 13, you're right. China must change.

Fists can't fight guns.

I'm under house arrest, soon I'll have to fight.

Take care!

Fei Hung, I'll wait for you.

You don't have to.

If you do, I won't die in peace.

You won't die...

I'm only mortal... Go home!

Wing, he...

Wing, go inside, it's raining hard.

Master didn't tell me to, so I daren't.


Go back to Po Chi Lam. - Master!...

Come, go in!

I...Master, let me do it!


It's raining harder.

This is closed, go!

I'm "Iron Vest" Yim from Shandong...

I'm here to... challenge Master Wong.

Please tell me who Master Wong is?

Master, a challenger! - Wing, pour tea!

Master! - Pour tea!


Kai, take the patients to one side.

Have a seat!

Why not fold the umbrella now you're inside?

Have some tea!

Foon, what're you doing?


Master Wong, your techniques are famous, especially your...

"Shadowless Kick" and "Ten Forms Fist".

I intend to open up my own school, thus I'm here to challenge you.

So people will know... my martial arts is the best.

I'm under house arrest, you could get in trouble.

I can't fight you today.

Be a man. Don't be a coward.

Master Yim!

I've patients here, so it's not ideal for combat.

Wing, Kai!

Want to be thrown out again?

What're you standing around for? Master.

Take the patients to the back.

I'll take you inside. They're going to fight.

Why do you bother my patients?

Move him or he'll get hurt by my master.

Bull! If not for my Master, I'd beat you up.

Let go! - No!

Goddamn, Foon! - What?

You dare try again?

Yim, stop fighting.

If you go on, I'll fire!

Don't hurt my Master. Give me!

Master, are you alright?

I'm "Iron Vest" Yim. I don't fear guns.

Wong Fei Hung, I won too easily, it doesn't count.

Let's have a duel tomorrow in the street.

If you don't come, I'll assume victory, Foon!

You jerk!

You ungrateful shit!

Stupid! Stupid! Speak Chinese, you infidel.

Are you OK? - Yes, I just slipped!

The guards are hurt, there'll be trouble.

City Hall will be here soon. Wing, Kai... go inside, get some money and go.

Aunt 13, go and wake the man from America.

What're you standing around for? Get away.

Take the man with you.

So, you don't know Kung Fu, you're defenseless.

Don't wait for them. Go now. - Mas...

Take care! - I'll see you off!

Don't act recklessly.

Master! - Don't act rashly.

Don't worry, your word is my command.

Kai, tell Aunt 13 to take the man leave immediately.

I release them... in order to get the whole gang. Search!

Wait! I have many invalid patients here...

They couldn't leave and that's why they stayed here.

Please don't disturb them.

Otherwise they'll become more seriously hurt.

You asked me not to go inside?

So there must be something inside.

But I intend to catch you off guard... to see who might be hiding with your patients. Search!


Someone's stealing away! - Chase them!


So, go quick!

Get them! - Yes!

Wing, do it!

What? Master?

Wing, I told you to do it!

Manchurian Dog! - You insult me?

Samson's Lift!

Can we really fight? - Yes!

Where's my gun?

Where're you going? Come back. Shadowless Kick.

Go after them! - Yes!

Don't bother.

The man you want is here.

Divide up. - Yes!

This way.

Hold the pole, the rest go under.

Wong Fei Hung, I arrest you on charges of treason!

Your Excellency, I'll go with you.

Kai! - Master!

Kai, fetch medicine for the wounded.

Medicine from Po Chi Lam is the best.

How many are you?

Are you alright, Your Excellency? You good-for-nothing!

We're about there. Hang on!

Now we've got guns, we've got power.

We have to find women for the foreigners.

Sha...Shaho Gang!

Hurry up, go that way.


Let go of So!

You get away!

Don't let her go!

Let go!

Sir, take care of yourself.

Run! They're many. Don't stay for me.

Go to hell!


Let me go! - Go!

There's one over there. Get him!

Get him! Don't go.

Damn you come to help me now?

Punching Po Chi Lam Kicking Wong Fei Hung?

Challenging Master Wong!

Yes, we're not going home. Let's wait here!

When do you think Master Wong will be here?

Open your mouth wide.

Open the door!

Go away!

You dare shoot me? You'll be shipped tonight!

Do you hate me?

I want to taste your fresh Will your skin need spicing up?

When you have to serve those stinking labourers, you're gonna remember me. Take her to my room!


Big Brother, the one who beat Wong is here.


Good, now Fa Shan will be ours.


You know each other? Foon is now your Big Brother.

Confide in him.

He's the Big Brother? Call him Big Brother.

Big Brother!


Remember he's Big Brother.

Master, I'm busy tonight.

Please excuse me!

We'll talk about the new School tomorrow.

Get the present for Master ready.

Master Yim, this is for you to open a School.

The Yim's Fist Style will conquer Fu Shan.

Come...let's toast Master Yim!

Cheers, Master!

Don't move! What do you want?

Master Wong, we all admire you.

We know you've been set up.

Master Wong, we've decided to free you... and we'll take responsibility for it.

Master Wong, this way!

Great! Let's go, Master!


There're laws in China, I won't make a mockery of them.

Go! Master! - Go with Master!

No, Excellency. I appreciate it, but I won't go.

Wong... - Master Wong is over there.


Master, you're still here?

So! - Master...Mas...Mas...

Speak slowly.

Master... Aunt 13 and I took that man, but we ran into the Shaho Gang.

They killed him and captured Aunt 13.

Think of something to save her. - What?

Master Wong, let's go and save her.

Wing, I'll give you a few men.


Let them go! - Yes!

Buck Teeth So, how come you spoke so fast?

I was...rehearsing all the way.

I'm sure you'll miss the Chinese food when you return.

Isn't that Master Wong?

Aren't they the Local Militia?

Master, you're great.

You even beat Wong Fei Hung.

Give us a little demo.

Just a little? Just a little?


Bitch! The hell with you!

That'st enough, Master, enough!

Master, that's enough!

What's wrong?

This money is dirty.

Don't accept it.

What? You insulting us?

What are you doing?

What do you mean?

You looking down on us?

Nothing in this world is perfect...

Virture is often found among the lowly...

Our priority is to make our name in Fa Shan.

When that's achieved, we can talk justice.

That's life. Foon, pick up the money!

Pick up the money! Pick up the money!

Pick up the money!

You think you're a Big Brother?

I think you're a nobody!


Pick up the money!

Make our name in Fa Shan? That's life!

Big Brother! ...


Damn you!

Aunt 13, wake up!

Bastard, don't touch me!

Don't scream, I've come to help you.

Foon, is it you? So many people are coming!

Make off, I'll cover you. Quickly, go!

Get that woman!

Foon, stop or...

I'll kill this woman.

Our Big Brother? Go to hell!

Hit me? Damn you!

Master, they are inside. - Let's go in!

What's going on?

Master, Foon in no time at all... tried to force himself... on my life.

No, it's not true... - Shut up!

Foon, you scum, apologize to your brother.

Yim, we met at Po Chi Lam.

Shut up, you bitch! Go!

You want rebel?

Stupid, she's not his wife.


She's related to Wong Fei Hung. Wong Hung?

Foon is trying to escape!


How dare you.

Come back! Get him!

Stop right there

I've brought some Chinese gal here for Mr. Jackson.

We come to see him tonight. open the gate.

Mr. Jackson is expecting us, come on Open the gate now, come on.

We're getting cold, please.

Mr. Jackson will be very happy.

Open the gate. - Open the gate.

Thank you, come on.

Take it easy! - Yes, Big Brother!

It hurts. - Right!

Master, these people have turned on me...

They'll do the same to you, don't trust them.

You don't trust your brothers, yet speak out for Wong?

How is it? Too cruel, not used to it?

Let him go, I'll do anything you want.

What makes you want to sacrifice for him?

Bargain with me? Damn you.

Are you Master Wong's woman?

When I'm done, your face will be so scratched...

Master Wong won't recognize you.

Where's the woman you took away today?

Big Brother! Master Wong is here! Master Wong?

Fei Hung?

Arm yourselves. - Yes!

Get all the guns out. - Yes.

Go, get all the woman on the ship.

Master, Wong challenges us.

Fight for us?

Don't worry!

Foon! - Go!

Aunt 13!


Let's see how Master Yim finish Wong Fei Hung.

You're not needed here, go search for Aunt 13.


Master Wong!

Master Yim, win or lose, it's just a game.

You've got no excuse not to fight.

As you wish.

It's down there!

"External Chi Kung"?

Today only one of us leaves here alive.

Hey, how do you fire a gun?

Don't worry, we have guns.

You said you're good, come on.

I'll help you, Master.



Hey, Buck Teeth So! It's you?

Come up and get me down. Quickly!

Aunt 13's been kidnapped by the Shaho Gang.

What? - What?

Aunt 13's been kidnapped by the Shaho Gang, Hey, get me down, Buck Teeth So!

I'm sorry, I forgot!

Your Excellency.

Enemy is approaching.

General, please!

This is General Wickens of Her Majesty's Royal Armed Forces.

I'm escorting this Chinese officer... who comes in search of escape prisoners.

On his behalf, I request permission to search your premises.

This is the territory of the United States of America.

Permission is not granted, and any trespassing... will be regarded as direct violation of our Federal Laws.

Damn your Yankee laws!

Damn you Brits to hell!

Stop! Don't shoot...stop! ...

Excellency, it's dangerous here. Better leave.

Brothers, get inside.

Big Brother, anymore?

Kai, I'll help Master, you save Aunt 13.

No, I'll stay!

You go!

I'm Big Brother! You listen to me!

You both don't have to stay. Go save Aunt 13.


Master Wong!

A sneak attack.

It's all in self defense.

You call this Yim's Martial Arts?

The world's full of surprises. Must take precautions.

Be quick, the ship's leaving. Take them aboard!

Go, bitch!

Fei Hung...it's Aunt 13. Fei Hung!

Fei Hung... I'm Aunt 13...

Bring her to the ship, go.

Troops, attention.

Mr. Jackson, Master Wong is here!

Master Wong, take him on!

The ship's over there!

Hung, take them to the cabin.

Yes, sir.

Line up the men, ready now.

Go down, quick!

Turn around.


Leave him to me.

They're yours.

Master Wong!

Master Yim, we are done!

He's leaving.

Master Wong, watch out!

Master Wong, where're you? We haven't finished yet.


I am Iron Vest...

Master Yim!

Master Yim... - Wong...

We can't fight guns with Kung fu.

You scum.

Master Wong, don't go!

Still going? Don't shoot!

Load the cannon.

This is Commander Man from the Provincial Government of Guangdong.

1 2 o'clock 30 degrees.

No, 1 0 o'clock 40 degrees. - What?

1 0 o'clock 40 degrees. - Aim, fire!

Wait! - Fire!

Oh, God!

Damn you Yankees. They've hit my ship.

You there, check the ship.

Who is this Wong Fei Hung?


Kill him!

Watch out!

Master Wong, have the guts to fight man to man.

Fei Hung, he's got a gun on his knife.

Watch out, don't fall into his trap!

Shut up.

Bitch, you brought them here, so I'll burn your face.

Let's see which is faster, you or my gun.


Oh, let me go!

Mr. Jackson. - Sir.

Mr. Jackson and the Shaho Gang... sold women to America.

Your Excellency, save us.

Shaho Gang, I will reward to catch all woman.

By law, you can't kill me, you must hand me to the Govt.

You have violated international law.

Put down the gun!

Why won't it fire? Did I forget to load it?

If you don't put it down, I'll kill him!

Put down the gun!

You've hurt a Chinese Official... in a forbidden area.

How will you explain it to the Chinese Govt.?

Don't let even one Chinese live.

Then I won't have to explain to any Govt. !

You scum!

You don't have to explain!

Your Excellency. Wow, you dare jump this high.

Child's play. No big deal.

Thank you Your Excellency!

All credit to Master Wong.

Don't mention it. - Thanks Master Wong!

Thank you Master Wong!

China's changed so much, how call I cope?

America? Do they really have gold there?

If they really do have gold, why would they come here?

Maybe we're standing on gold now.

After this drink, you'll be my Master.

But Aunt 13 and I are so close now...

We'll be together from morning to night.

If one day she marries me, then you'll have to call me Uncle.

I'll be your senior so you'll have to serve me.

Foon, what are you thinking?

Have some tea, Master!