World Famous Lover (2020) Script

Stories, stories and stories.

Not hundreds, not thousands... but millions.

Every person in this world has a story.

I have a story as well.

I wanted to be a writer.

But I never imagined that my life... would become a story.

Are you done with your work?

It’s 09:00 p.m.

I'll take a shower and come back.

I'll take a shower and come back.

Didn’t you go to work?

What happened?

Do you have a fever?

No coffee today?

-What? -I need to talk to you.

Tell me, Yamini.

Did you change your hairstyle?

New shoes?

I am getting fat.

You’ve stopped noticing me, right?

I submitted my papers today.


Tell me.

I mean...

I quit my job.

With so many responsibilities, how--

Yamini, you know me.

I have always wanted to be a writer.

You asked me to take the job.

I took it for you.

If I don’t do this for myself now, I will never be able to do it.

With advancement in technology, who would be interested in reading books?

You said technology, right?

If a rocket has to go to space...

Look at that laptop.

For that keypad or laptop to work... or for us to watch a movie and enjoy ourselves... someone has to put pen to paper, Yamini.

Without pen and paper... the world is as good as dead.

You doubt if people will really read books, right?

They will certainly read.

Everyone will read it. And I will write it.

Give me a year.

Will you support me?

That day, I was really proud of you Gautham.

I was proud to be in love with a man like you.

But what do you do on a normal day, Gautham?

You wake up really late.

And if there is tea or coffee around, you have it.

Else, you don't bother making some.

If the food is ready, you have it. Else, you starve yourself.

You watch cartoons like a kid.

You read books. You wait for me to come home, have your dinner.

This has been going on for a year and a half.

In case you do wake up early... you accompany me to a stationery store.

You buy yourself pens, papers and pencils!

Have you ever bothered about opening the bundle, putting that paper onto a writing pad and writing?

You've taken me for granted, right?

If you don’t care about things they fall into disrepair, Gautham.

I am a human.

Apart from having a life, I have a heart as well.

And you took it for a ride.

You completely shattered it.

I can’t take this pain anymore, Gautham.

Love is a compromise, Gautham.

It is a sacrifice.

Love is divine.

But you don’t understand any of these.

I am tired.

...this is not easy.

I've sat on this chair for many days and wondered how to break this to you!

What do you want me to make for dinner?

How about some Chinese?

People are watching us.

Let them watch!

They watched us when we were hugging and kissing each other, right?

What is wrong with you?

Remember, you kept telling me?

What happened now? Did my eyes, nose and skin change?

None of those things have changed. But you are not the same Gautham I knew.

What do you mean?

What's the difference?

The Gautham I knew loved me.

What about this Gautham now?

What did this Gautham do to you?

Buddy, I read your Facebook post. It’s quite long.

It must be a short story.

Who did you write it for?

Bro, could you help me with an address?

Bro? Who's the brother here? Whose brother am I?

Can you help with the address of this auditorium?


This is close to my place.

What happened to the GPS?

It's cheating me. I’ve been moving about in circles.

Aren’t you the one who danced in "Dhee" dance program?


Well, if the GPS is cheating you, that means the address is a bit tricky.

I will take you there.

Your dress is nice as well.

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad.

But no girl has been able to pierce my heart yet.

What does piercing your heart mean?

This is the address.

It’s on the right.


I have to perform.

Hey, Yamini. Let's go. Come fast.

Hey! Who are you? Are you her brother?

No. No. I am not.

She asked me the same question as well.

But I told her. I am not "Brother". I am Gautham.


No, bro.

I don’t really know if we can call it that yet.

How dare you date girls from our college! You bloody...

It looks like the program has started.

She has asked me very sweetly to not miss it, bro.

I will go.

Hey! Where do you think you are going?


What happened? Tell me.

He gave up his job, Dad.

He wanted to become a writer.

He said he needed help. I helped him.

He doesn’t write anything, Dad.

Even if I am okay with all this... he lives in a completely different world.

And I am not a part of that world, Dad.

You kept accusing me that I didn’t write. I wrote!

Write, write and write! Do you think it’s easy to write?

Not just one or two.

I wrote ten books.

When I read what I write, I feel disgusted.

Writing doesn’t mean turning a white paper black.

It’s like sharing a soul.

The soul is missing in these.

You abandoned me because I didn’t write?




Why did you hit them yesterday?

Didn’t they tell you?

No, they didn’t.


Hey, classical dancer...

Where are the flowers?

What do you mean?

You would look great with flowers in this chicken dress.

Do you think I am here to take a test or accept a marriage proposal?

Flowers it seems!

Won’t you write?

I am done.

I was watching you because I didn’t want to waste time.

It just slipped out.

What is your name?



Look... look at how she is crying.

She must be our age.

Her husband died in a coal mining accident.

And she is not able to let him go. She is begging him to come back to her.

I am still alive, right?

How could you leave me?

This isn’t love, Yamini.

Is she educated like you are?


But she knows the value of a person.

Look at how it feels when your loved ones leave you.

I met you because I was born and raised here in Hyderabad.

You walked into my life.

You became a part of my story.

If I was born in Yellandu... do you think I would have met you?

I would have met some girl like her and gotten married to her.

I would have someone who would be willing to die for me.

If I was born in Yellandu...

You idiot!

Why the hell are you sleeping here?


You are here in Yellandu as well?

Will you dump him as well?

You said you wanted to leave me, right?

Leave my writing alone as well.


Here is your tea.

It’s been seven years since we got married.

We have a five-year-old son as well.

What are you so scared of?

Did I ever hit you? Have I ever scolded you?

You burned my hand early in the morning.

What’s up, man?

Where are you headed so early in the morning?

There's a limousine waiting for me outside.

It's gonna take me to my grand office.

I had scored 503 in my tenth grade.

None of the officers' children in the collieries had scored as much.

I'm a laborer today, because you lost your arm because of your drinking habit!

And now you nonchalantly ask me where I am off to?

Where would a laborer’s son go? Of course, in the mines, to toil!

Didn’t you think it would be wise to wait a bit after a 20-year old took up a job?

You got me married to that dimwit!

Before I could even make sense of what happened, I had a five-year-old son!

And then, this constant nagging every day!

Where am I off to, you ask! Where am I off to?

Next time if you ask me, I will break your other arm.

You are going to break my arm?

Go on, do it! Break my hand then!

Hey, shut it and sit down. Sit down and read your papers.

Greetings, Mr. Srinu.

Greetings. Greetings.

Why are you guys here, outside my house?

How could you forget? Today is the counting day.

Everyone is sure that you are going to win.

I got everyone here for our victory lap.


But I’ll just go and drop my son off to school.

-Go on. -Alright!

-Let’s go fellows. -Kiddo, get on the bike.

-Carefully. -Sir...

-The counting is in progress. Come soon. -Yeah, sure.

Hey, take off your hand.

Yadhi, come here.

Yes, sir.

Call that cable TV guy and get the cable disconnected.

Why, sir? Isn’t the cable working?

It's doing a better job than it should. She's speaking in English.

Get it disconnected.

Alright, sir.

These sunglasses are so cool, Yadhi.

That’s true, sir.


Srinu, you cocky brat!

The counting isn’t done yet... and you are already here at the union office!

Right here at the doorstep... with your sunglasses on.

You really think you're gonna win?

Listen up, Mr. Patnaik.

I want to tell you something.

You have been the union leader for the past ten years.

That has always been unanimous as well.

And no one here dares to contest against you either.

And after ten years... if a novice like me comes along, rebels and files his nomination for the elections... it means that you’ve lost.

The counting... it's just a formality.

In the seventh incline, Srinu is leading by a margin of 23 votes.

Hey! Stop it! Stop it!

Don’t celebrate your success yet.

Does leading in seventh incline mean that the election is over?

All you have is a 23-vote lead. Why are you guys celebrating?

There is a long battle ahead.

There is the tenth incline, eleventh incline and the 23rd incline.

What else?

NGO, open cast and many more, bro.

In the Black Diamond coal mines labor union elections... a young mine leader, Srinu... has won the election with a resounding margin.

-All hail... -Srinu!

-All hail... -Srinu!

-All hail... -Srinu!

Hey, Suvarna?

Is your mom around?

Why would my mom be here? She must be in the village.

What about your father then?

My father is with my mother in the village.

Then who is going to scrub my back?

I am coming. Coming.

Mr. Manager... how many times do I have to ask you to not flash your light like that?

Am I a buffalo or a goat?

You must be taking me for granted just because I respect you.

I wasn’t sure if you could hear me amidst all this noise.

If I can’t hear you, climb the machine and scream in my ear!

If I reprimand, I am accused of being the crazy one.

Set that aside. We need to talk. Come down.

Tell me, what is it?

Ms. Smitha has joined us as our Junior Welfare officer.

You'll be working together a lot.

So, I thought it is best to introduce you to each other.

Ma'am, I am Srinu. I am the union leader here.

My hands are smeared with coal dust.

What do you expect while working in a coal mine, Gold dust?

Brother, did you notice?

When you were the union leader, the welfare officer was an old hag.

As soon as he became the union leader, some young lady comes here and he gets to squeeze her hand.

Look at them! Have you ever seen such a beautiful welfare officer?

-Hey, Saidulu? -Yes, brother.

You have no brains at all.

Once they are appointed, they stick around until their retirement.

If we are lucky and if there is an election next year... won’t we win?

Are you saying that you would squeeze her hand as well?

Is that what I said?

Get back to work! Idiot!

Why are you touching me?

Go back to sleep!

You, woman! Why are you throwing yourself at me?

I am suffocating because of the heat anyway!

I'll kick you out!

Why are you so angry today?

So, what?

I will show you when you come crawling back to me.

Why would I come to you?

For that.

I will never come to you!

Idiot! I will gouge you!

-Yeah, right! -Shut up and sleep.

Get lost!

What do expect while working in a coal mine? Gold dust?

Everything is clear, sir.

It’s clear.

The blasts have started, sir.

I'll need an hour to reload it.

Mr. Srinu.

-Call him. -Just a minute, ma'am.

-Yeah, right. -Call, Srinu.

Ma'am is here.

-What? -Ma'am is here.

Greetings, Ma'am.

What brings you here?

Nothing in particular, Srinu.

The manager told me that you'll be showing me the coal mines.

So, I'm here.


-Hey, Yadhi! -Yes, sir?

I've got some really important work.

Ma'am wants to have a look at the coal mines. I need to go.

Alright. I will take care of it. Go ahead.

-Hey! -I will take care of it, sir.

Yes, I will.

Sit here.

Hey, sir... you are on a roll I'm impressed by your energy The girl has opened the door to love

She is full of colors Amidst a coal mine She shines brilliantly I have caught her I’ve got her She is a seductive star I wonder why you are so lucky Your dreams will never sleep again A hillbilly like you Has hit a jackpot Bless you Pray to the Lord and thank Him Go on, go on! Oh, king!

Have... have... Have some fun Go on, go on! Oh, king!

Have... have... Have some fun You are a lucky man, Srinu Don’t miss this opportunity This golden girl is yours That’s the way to do it What a girl! You are a lucky man! You make a great couple!

Come on, celebrate and dance Come on, dance to the beat A fair-skinned maiden With great beauty She is educated as well She's the moon And she wants you With her Ray-Ban shielded eyes Nobody knows what she saw in you She rushed And came to you with great gusto Even though you are not educated Try to adapt and go with the flow If you miss this opportunity You won’t get it back Go on, go on! Oh, king!

Have... have... Have some fun Go on, go on! Oh, king!

Have... have... Have some fun You are a lucky man, Srinu Don’t miss this opportunity This golden girl is yours That’s the way to do it What a girl! You are a lucky man! You make a great couple!

Come on, celebrate and dance Come on, dance to the beat In the midst of a coal mine

I’ve been working here for 30 years.

You've never asked me to stop drinking.

This immature guy dares to give me an ultimatum!

Hey, Srinu!

Get down.

What is this nuisance?

You asked Grandpa Rattaya to quit drinking?

He will drink.

He will continue to drink as much as he wants and come to work.

What will you do about it?

What will you do about it?

You're just a union leader. You're not our boss!

Mr. Patnaik, you guys have some discussion... and then, you come here and grab my collar.

As you're here, why don’t you turn around and take a look?

Do you want them to thrash you?

Won't a warning suffice?

What do you think, guys?

Hey, calm down, bro.

I was joking.


There's some dirt on your shirt.

Didn’t you take a shower?

You should get this shirt cleaned by your sister.

Do you know how a leader should look?

He should look sharp.

Hey... old man!

If you drink at work again, I will thrash you.

That's my warning to each one of you.

If anyone drinks while they are on the job...

I won't let you in the mine or touch the coal. Do you understand?

Go on. Get back to work!

I shall take your leave, Srinu.

Hey, you! Come along.

Mr. Patnaik.

Won't you greet me?

Greetings, Srinu.

Mr. Srinu, I'll take your leave.

Hey, you. Come here.

I wish to speak to you.

-Get back to work. -What is it?

You have two sons, right?

-So what? -What is the youngest one’s name?

I often see him roaming around the house.

Isn’t he struggling with his studies?

Why do you care?

He has the ability to become a doctor.

You know, in my tenth grade, I scored 503 marks.

My father kept drinking, lost his arm and turned me into a laborer.

Are you going to turn your children into laborers as well?

Why would you ruin their lives?


Go, get sober and then come back to work.


If you insist that you need to drink and cannot live without it...

I am going to put you on track for a voluntary retirement.

And give your retirement funds to your children.

You can do whatever you want. At least, they can live better lives.

Go on. Go and drink.

It seems like you guys have children, so that you could ruin our lives.

What brings you here, ma'am?

I am eating, ma'am.

Well, I don’t have friends here.

Are you having a pancake?

-Yes, ma'am. -I love pancakes.

Brother, when you were the union leader, that old hag...

I mean that ex-welfare officer... did she ever come to you and have her lunch with you?

She used to sit in her office and have her meals.

And this woman here, she's so sweet.

She's sharing a meal with him!

She is getting all chummy with Srinu.

Isn’t it bothering you?


Stop this nonsense.

I can see it.

Stop making a scene. Shut up and eat.

-Hey, Narsingh. -Yes, sir?

Get a pancake for ma'am.

-Alright. -This will be enough for me.

I will eat this.

And you can have this. My lunchbox.

Ma'am gave me her lunchbox.

I swear on my mother, ma'am.

I eat this thick bread only when I am sick, ma'am.

This isn’t thick bread, Srinu.

This is a burger.

People in Mumbai have this for lunch.

-How does one eat this? -I'll show you.

One minute. It’s very simple.

Open the bread like this. Put the patty in there.

And that’s it. Ready to eat.

Go on, take a bite.

Brother... she got a bun... opened it... and put something inside.

And she's feeding him as if he doesn't have hands!

Saidulu, I am going to kill you today.

Shut up and eat.

How is it?

Awesome, ma'am.

Try it with this sauce. It’s going make it better.

How is it?

It’s even better with this paste, ma'am.

You are eating like a caveman!


Oh, God!

She licked off his saliva as well.


I am going to die, brother.

Doesn't this bother you, brother?

You piece of shit! I am unable to take this.

I couldn’t take a single bite. You idiot!

Mr. Srinu.

Your son isn’t doing well in his studies.

He needs to concentrate.

It would be better if you pay attention.

What is it? Why aren’t you studying?

He studies well, Ma'am.

I've been quite busy these days with some union work.

I will take care of this, ma'am.

Come fast.

Listen, a child is a mix of two sets of genes.

You don’t have education in your blood. You are not educated.

And he doesn’t study well either.

Not only are you shaming me at home, you are doing it to me in public as well!


Take him to his class and go home.

What’s going on? Why isn’t he here?

-He must be taking-- -Mr. Patnaik.

Looks like you have some work.

-Saidulu, how are you? -I am doing well, brother.

Ma'am wanted to see me.

You seemed to have lucked out.

Who is it?

Ma'am, it's me, Srinu.

She is asking me to come in.

I will be back. You stay here.

Ma'am asked me to close the door.


Brother... isn't it customary to keep the door open while meeting a lady in her office?

When that old hag was in the office, you would always keep the door open.

What the...

She is from Mumbai.

And Srinu is a hot-blooded man.

They have gone inside and closed the door.

I wonder what’s happening.

I don’t get this story at all.

Hey, Saidulu.

Come here. I need to tell you something.

-You piece of crap! -Brother!

Whose side are you on?

If I hear another word from you, I will hit you with this bucket.

-Brother, I was just-- -Get lost!

Why would I care, brother?

You saw what I saw.

-Didn't you? -Sit down.

Move aside!

Srinu, all the 120 files and checks are ready.

Are these the files you asked for? Is anything missing?

Take a look.

Thank you, ma'am. You were pretty quick.

I wonder what’s going on inside.

Everything is fine, ma'am.

But I can’t find Pedda Babu’s name in here.

Who is Pedda Babu?

I mean Rattaya.

Rattaya’s name is in there.

It shouldn’t be missing. It must be in there.

Where is it?

Here it is!

Really? Yeah, it’s right here.

My eyes!

I didn’t see it, ma'am.

The files are fine, ma'am.

So, do you want the checks now?

Post them as usual, ma'am. I will inform everyone.

Please leave the doors open, Srinu. The heat is suffocating.

When he went in, he closed the doors. And when he came out, he left them open.

Hey, Pedda Babu! Come here.

-I’ve been looking for you. -What is it?

Your insurance money is here. One lakh, ninety thousand.

What do you want to do?

You tell me? Aren’t you the one always advising people?

Buy a bike for Karthik. He needs it for his college.

Are you paying attention to what I'm saying?

I was watching the plane.

-A plane? -Yeah.

I was thinking of buying that for Karthik.


If Karthik manages to become a doctor, I am going to buy him a plane.

Every day, he will get on the plane in Yellandu and get off at Warangal.

He can use it to attend his college!

Don’t you think I know what to do with my money?

You already made me quit alcohol because of him.

I'll come deal with you if Karthik doesn't become a doctor.

I will put you on that wretched plane.

Get lost.

What the hell is he talking about, brother?

Let him be.

-Greetings, ma'am. -Ma'am, greetings.

Srinu, is there a good shopping mall nearby?

Mall? Yes, it’s right here.

Let me get my bike. You can follow me.

No. No. Hop into my car. I will drop you back.

Alright, ma'am. Let’s do that.

Dad. Tea.

What happened? What are you waiting for?


Your son isn't home yet. He was supposed to pick my son as well.

It’s been an hour since he finished school.

I wonder where he went.

Srinu is not a small-time worker anymore.

He is a union leader now.

He must have a lot of work.

No wonder he's busy.

Dad, if that’s the case, I will go and pick him up from school.

-You stay right here. -Alright. Go on.

-Don’t go anywhere. -Go on. Go on.

This color will suit you.


Why do I need clothes?

We're here to buy you some clothes.

I can’t judge how you look when you are dressed in your uniform.

But when you dress formally, you will look superb.

You will surely rock it.

Go on, try it.

Madam, please no...

Try this as well and tuck your shirt in.

Oh, my goodness! These clothes fit me perfectly!

It’s good.

Really good.


One minute.

Ma'am, please.

I will put it on, myself.

How does it look now, ma'am?

What is this, madam? It feels weird.

It's cold... and smells great as well.

If it’s in the bottle, it has a particular kind of smell.

If you spray it into the air, it has a different kind of smell.

And if you spray it on me, it has a different smell.

On you...

You've got yourself a beauty now, Srinu?

Is that why you keep telling me not to touch you?

Come home. I will break your leg.


I am back.

So? What do you want me to do?

Welcome you?

Do you want me to sing your praises?

That’s not what I meant.

I simply said I am back.

You were back yesterday, and will be back tomorrow as well.

Why do you need to announce it?

What the hell! Why is she this angry?

Hey! Won’t you get up?

I came back. I washed myself and... changed my clothes. I am hungry.

So, what should I do?

What should you do?

Won’t you serve me food?

It’s right there. Serve yourself.

What's wrong with her?

What have you cooked?

I made lentil soup. Pour it and eat.


What happened to your fear?

Do you want me to come to the bedroom and use my belt?

Stop getting mad over petty things!

I am not angry. Just eat.

I have a headache.

I go out and work the whole day.

But I don't get a proper meal at night either.

Switch the lights off.

I have a headache.

Take a look at what’s in the bag.

What does it matter? I will take a look at it in the morning.

I will not switch the lights off until you have a look at it.

You won't let me sleep peacefully!

Nothing much.

Ever since I became a union leader, I’ve been meeting a lot of officers.

I was getting sick of this uniform. So, I bought some new clothes.

And for the past two years, I didn’t buy you a single saree, right?

I bought a few sarees as well.

This green sari will look wonderful on you.

Take a look.

Stop being mad at me.

You said your head was aching, right? Did you take a tablet?

Put that saree aside and sleep.



Can’t you women control yourselves?

Do you have to try on new clothes as soon as you get them?

There are so many festivals coming up!

Well, I thought this green sari would look good on me.

That’s why I wore it.

-If you say... -No. No. Let it be.

It looks nice.

I am letting it go today.

Remember that those other sarees are for festivals and other occasions.


Today is Sunday, right?

What do you want me to cook?

Chicken fry or chicken stew?

Go and ask your father-in-law.

Just make whatever he suggests.

-Dad? -Yeah?

Should I make chicken fry or chicken stew?

Make chicken stew.

I love it!


Dad wants chicken stew.

Then why don’t you get to work?


Greetings, ma'am.

Where can I get good chicken biryani here?


They don’t make good Biryani in the town.

I know a restaurant on the outskirts.

They make really good biryani.

Do one thing, ma'am...

come to the park at 01:00 p.m. I will get it for you.

We shall eat together in the park.

Hey, what are you doing?

Our kid is watching us.

Are you teasing me?

He isn't here.

Dad might see us. Let me go.

He is outside.

If you stay quiet, he won’t realize.

-Come here. -Don’t make a mess.

Control yourself!

Anyways, what are you doing today?

Dad said he wanted chicken stew, right?

That is why I am cleaning these pieces of chicken.

Well, I feel like eating your special chicken biryani.

Oh, God!

Thank God, you told me before I began making the stew.

Go take a shower.

I will make some delicious chicken biryani.


You are looking divine in this green sari.

Go take a shower.

Yes, hello.

What? You want me to come for a meeting?

Why would you organize a meeting on a Sunday?

We have a family as well. Why don't you guys consider that?

What? All the members are already there?

Alright, fine. I’m coming.

Yeah, I'll be there.


I am leaving.

I got a call. Apparently, all the members of the union have assembled.

-They said it was an urgent meeting. -Wait. Wait.

You asked me to make chicken biryani and you are leaving without tasting it.

Have a bite and go.

-Can I have a quick bite? -Yes.

-I'm late. I will eat it at night. -Wait. Wait.

I will pack it for you. You can try and eat there.



Srinu. One minute. Just a minute.

What is it?

You have a large appetite.

I wasn’t sure if just one lunchbox would be enough for you.

I've packed another one for you.

Srinu, I made this with a lot of love.

Don’t share it with anyone.

Don't share it.

Alright, fine. I won't share it.

What? What happened Srinu?

I've never worn such clothes, ma'am.

Srinu, you look like a movie star.

One minute. Look here.

-No, ma'am. I don’t want to. -Look here. Look.

-Srinu, why are you feeling shy? -I feel weird, madam.

Please stop it, ma'am.

That lady is smoking hot.

She seems to have lit up Yellandu.

Why are you guys gawking?

Run! Run!

Don’t you have women in your house?

I am going to thrash you idiots!

The world is a shitty place, ma'am.

You said you wanted to have biryani.

Wanna try it?

Oh, God!

-Survana! I slipped. I fell down. -Dad!

-What happened, Dad? -Suvarna, I fell down. I fell down.

I fell down.

-One minute. One minute. -Oh, God!


Oh, God!


Is it good?

It could be an emergency. You never know.

Who is it?

Your father slipped and fell down.

It looks like he has dislocated his shoulder.

The man is in great pain.

We have to take him to the hospital. Where are you?


The old man fell down?

Listen, do this.

Take him to the Collieries Hospital.

Tell them that the union leader Srinu has sent you.

-They'll take care of him. -Hold on.

Did you understand?

I am in an important meeting.

As soon as I'm done here, I’ll come see the old man.

You be careful.

Go safely.

What happened, Srinu?

Apparently, some old man fell down.

I told them to take him to the hospital and inform the staff that I sent them.

I have to look after many people, ma'am.

-How far, Suvarna? -Just a few more minutes.

Suvarna, I am not able to breathe.

It’s close. It’s close. Don’t worry.

How is the biryani ma'am?

It’s very good, Srinu.

Ask Srinu to come.

Yes. He will certainly come.

He said that he was in a meeting.

Oh, God!

We're almost there. Almost.

Mom, I can smell biryani.

Didn’t you wash your hands properly after you ate?

Mom, there's Dad.

Here, take a piece of chicken.

That's where the smell of biryani is coming from!

I told you that your father had dislocated his shoulder.

Is this your important meeting, Srinu?

No, please.

Why are you checking your phone?

Sorry, ma'am.

We need to get him to the hospital. Look, the signal is green. Go on. Drive.

Yeah, alright.

It’s 03:00 a.m. Didn’t you sleep?

You go on. I’ll come.

She doesn’t wish to come...

Spend the night with me And hence, the nights are lonely All I have are your dry words That have broken my unblemished heart I've collected Those broken bits of my heart And tried to put them all back together Hey!

You want to go to the school, right?

Get on the bike.

Greetings, Mr. Srinu.

I want to tell you something.

What is it?

You go early in the morning and return late at night.

And you are also the union leader.

Don’t waste my time.

Get to the point. What do you want?

No. What I meant is... we have a library nearby.

Apparently, they teach us stitching. Seamstress.

I would like to learn, if I have your permission.

Do you really need my permission for these trivial things?

How much do we need to pay there?

Rs. 2,000

Pay them and keep the rest.

You might need it.

Go on. Okay? Okay.

Hey, get on kiddo.

I will drop him and pick him up from school.

Since you are the union leader, you must be busy and must have a lot of meetings.

I'll walk to the school, get some exercise as well.

Alright, fine.

Is it possible to change the past? Is it possible to change the story?

Is it possible to forget it all?

Breakfast? No, ma'am. I haven’t had it yet.

Yeah, sure. We'll eat together.

Alright, let’s do that.

No matter what I change I have thorns to console my pain I am surrounded by them I am trapped in this cage The stars in the sky Are like the dots in the painting Made at dusk The oncoming night awaits the moon She keeps saying that She doesn’t wish to come...

Spend the night with me All I have are your dry words That have broken my unblemished heart I've collected Those broken bits of my heart And tried to put them all back together

These hopes of mine I know are futile This vermillion on my forehead Has turned to ash My affection has dried up My vision’s fuzzy due to tears Even though we’ve tied the knots Our bonds haven’t been tied I feel stranded I am a corpse that is living

Why is the food so tasteless?

It's just like my life.

Try this.

I've collected Those broken bits of my heart And tried to put them all back together The stars in the sky Are like the dots in the painting Made at dusk The oncoming night awaits the moon She keeps saying that She doesn’t wish to come...

Spend the night with me And hence, the nights are lonely

-Hey, Suvarna? -What?

Why isn't Srinu around these days?

Well, he is the union leader now, right?

He is slightly busy these days.

Really? I haven't heard the sound of this bike lately.

Yeah. He will be back, soon.

Alright, then.

You have ruined your life anyway!

Why are you ruining my life as well, Srinu?

Mr. Srinu!

Mr. Srinu!

-What is it? -Congratulations, brother.

I am very happy today.

What’s the reason?

Srinu, congrats.

Hey, Srinu! Congratulations!

This must be your doing, Mr. Patnaik. Right?

And here you are, having fun.


-You're really the man! -Get off!

When are you giving us a treat?

What for?

From now on, you will always be the union leader.

I am telling you.

Congratulations, man!

Why are you guys congratulating me?

There she is, your ma'am.

She'll tell you.

See you.

-Congratulations, Mr. Srinu. -Just keep walking.

Move along now. Come on.

This is such good news.

Ma'am, you too?

They are just pulling my leg.

What do you mean?

Why didn’t you ever tell me that you have such a beautiful and smart wife?


What is this?

What is all this?

May I tell you something?

Before we got married, I had passed 12th grade.

I had enrolled in an Open University.

You know what my mother said?

Your husband will flatter you in bed.

If he asks you about your education... don’t tell him the truth about how educated you are.

Because he has only completed the tenth grade.

This will hurt his ego.

And if his ego is hurt... you will ruin your own marital life.

That is the reason why... whenever you asked me...

I used to tell you that I failed the sixth grade.

How would I know that...

you like educated women.

That is the reason why I studied.

I studied really hard!


I never thought my education would make it to the newspapers!

Do you like this, Srinu?

This is what you like, don’t you?

You like women who dress like this. Right, Srinu?

Tell me.

-I will wear shorter skirts, Srinu. -Hey, stop.

-If you like this. -Stop.

I'll put on shorter skirts!


If you want me to be naked, -I would do that as well, Srinu. -Stop this.

What are you doing?

What is all this? Stop it. Stop. No.

I beg you, Srinu.

Don’t abandon me...

and my child.

All we have is you, Srinu.

I will do whatever you want me to.

I will dance to your tunes.

Don’t abandon us, please.

Would anyone leave Smitha and go back to Suvarna?

No one would do that.

If anyone says that they would, he is a bloody liar.

But Srinu compromised and went back to his family.

Because compromise is something I do.

Remember the things she said to me?

She said that, "love is a compromise."

"Love is a sacrifice."

"Love is divine."


What have you done to the house?

You are married as well, right?

Don’t you ever fight with your wife?

Yeah, we do, but we don’t smash our house.

Hey... What's on your hand?

Why are you here?

What do you want? I am going out.


You wanted an advance of one lakh rupees from a publisher, right?

Here. Not one... but two lakh rupees.

This is double the encouragement.

My father treats you like his own son.

He has agreed to publish your book.


Please don’t let me down in front of my father.

I've started writing.

My laptop is on the dining table. You can start reading.

I'll meet Yamini and be right back.


Is Yamini there?

Hey, Pradeep. How are you?

Yamini, I must tell you something.

You know...

Srinu is a laborer in Yellandu.

Which means... he wanted good education... a fancy job and... he wanted to marry a beautiful girl.

But, because of his father, he became a laborer.

And got married to a dimwit.

Gautham, who is Srinu?

Who is Smitha? Who is Suvarna?

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

I started writing.

Could you take the day off?

Did you eat something?

You usually get a headache if you don’t eat.


Let’s go out and eat.

Come on.

Let’s go to Nanking.

Yamini, don’t leave the house like this.

Where were you last night?

At your father’s?

Do you have five minutes to spare?

Ma’am is going out for lunch. Deal with it later.

Greetings, sir.

Greetings, ma'am.

Didn't I tell you not to let anyone in without my permission?

Whom was she was referring to?

-Not you, sir. -Hey!

Whom were you referring to? Tell me!

Open. Open. Open the door.

Hey! Open it. Open the door.

Sir, I will lose my job.

Please leave, sir.

She treats me like a stranger.

But she will never know in her entire life, how she got this job.

What is this, sir?

We're in the middle of a recession.

I have an idea, sir.

I’ve been contemplating quitting the job for a while now.

But I am not able to.

I think it’s time we talk about it.

No, sir. That is not what I meant.

I worked for the sake of financial security.

And Yamini is from a very good college.

She is a very intelligent girl.

If you give her an opportunity, she could definitely take my position within a year.

But I wanted to send you to Paris.

I can’t take up your Paris offer.

But I do have a request.

Please retain Yamini.

Yamini, I want to--

What do you mean by a nobody? And stalking? What is this nonsense?

Talk to me for five minutes.

Yamini, can’t you talk to me for five minutes?

I wanted to spend my entire life with you.

And you completely ruined it.

Now you ask me for five minutes.

Yamini, stop!

Mr. Gautham... Mr. Gautham... Yamini isn’t here.

Didn’t she just get back from the office?

Where did she go?

She and her father just left.

They will come back, right?

Maybe in an hour or two, maybe today or tomorrow.

I will wait here.

I need to speak to Yamini and her father.


I haven't eaten since morning. Can you get me something?

Do you have eggs?


-Make me an omelet. -Alright, sir.

Hey! Hey, Giri! Vamsi!

There is a really hot freshman chick. Come on, let’s go.

We've been studying together since childhood Coincidentally, we enrolled in the same college.

And all of us like the same girl.

Do you have a lighter?

Hey, Sabya.

Buddy, people usually end up fighting over girls.

-Brother. -That’s true.

That’s how friendships are ruined.

There’s just one thing I want to say.

If the girl likes anyone amongst us, she is his girlfriend.

And for the others, she'll be a sister.

Who is going to approach her first?

Let’s toss a coin.

-Yes. Let’s toss. -Come on.

Who the hell are you?

Come on!

Actually, I studied management in my degree as well.

Hey, classical dancer.

How are you?

-We are late for class. -Come, let’s go.

Yamini, stop.

Give me a hug, please.

No. no. I don’t want this side hug.

I want... a warm tight hug.

Why did you need a hug so early in the morning?

Is anyone watching us?

Yes, they are.

They are staring at us.


Give me one kiss.

A small peck.

Yamini, just a small kiss. Just a peck on the cheek.

-Yamini, please for me. -Gautham, people are watching. No!

Yamini, please. Just a peck.

Yamini, I’m begging you.


I am pursuing MBA as well.

I've cleared my CAT exam.

If you want a kiss...

What’s all this?

You asked for a hug and a kiss... and you're asking them to keep the change.

What’s going on here?

Yamini, I am very ambitious.

I want to reach great heights.

For that, I need to focus on my studies, right?

This entire batch is trying to court you.

It will be so time-consuming to compete with them every day.

If things don't work out, I might be deeply hurt.

And that might affect my studies.

That’s the reason...

I asked you for a kiss to send a message.

They should know... that we are in love, right?


Shall we go to the class?

Damn it!

Wait for me.

Come with me.

We will be on time tomorrow, sir.

You said that there was a very big reason for this pancake treat. What is it?

I didn’t have my breakfast.

-Really? Breakfast, huh? -Hey!

Hey! Stop it!

Why didn’t you come to the class? What are you doing here?


What are you writing?

I want to excel in the field of sales.

But I am a little scared of numbers.

There must be many people like me, right?

So, what I do is, I replace numbers with words and this way, they are easy to comprehend.

I am trying to write a book called Simple Economics.

Oh, are you a writer now?

No, nothing like that.

Okay, did you eat?

Okay, let’s go eat.

Come on. Let’s go.

Sir, omelet.

Why is Yamini doing this?

Keep it there.

What are these?

They are looking at grooms for Yamini.

You arrogant prick!


Will your apology fix my car?

Get out of your car.

Get down and see.

-Just a minute. -Get down. Get out and see.

Hey! Moron!

I asked you to get out. How dare you leave?

Have you lost it?

You hit my car again. Get down.

If you see someone is disturbed, just accept the apology and move on.

You're making things worse.


Are you out of your mind?

I will not leave you alone.

When you are in love, don’t take stupid emotional decisions.

In the end, they don’t even answer your calls.

That day, I wish I had listened to my boss, I would have been in Paris earning euros and living the life I wanted.

PARIS, FRANCE How are you, Paris? How are you?

Can we be friends?

Can we be friends?

My adrenaline is spiking

I am like a fireball that flies high No one can stop me

Even if you give me an attitude It’s my life... Is what I will say I will hold the world accountable I shall ask, "What’s new today?"

I shall be on the lookout For beautiful new memories I will embrace the brand-new day


Hello, friends.

Our radio station has broken even in just two years.



Yes. Yes. Yes.

350,000 on 13.

Place it, please.

Excuse me, please.

Thank you.

No problem.

The fourth floor please.

I hope you are not following me.


Please speak in English. I know very little French.

I know a little bit of Telugu.

Yeah. So, my company policy is to learn the language of the destination.

That’s why I took some classes.

No. No. You are speaking Telugu really well.


So, good night, Gautham.

Good night, Iza.


-Hello, Iza. -Hello, Gautham.

What happened? Are you late today?

Excuse me.

What’s with this small talk?

Did I go to France to have small talk?

I wasn’t this shy with Yamini.

Iza is a pilot. So, she would like things to move fast. Like a Jet.

Get to the interesting bit.

Good evening, Gautham.

Good evening, Iza.

I insist.

I don’t work on Sundays.

I don’t work on Saturdays either.

Well, then... where did you return from yesterday?

So late?

I put an alarm, woke up, got ready and came down.

I was waiting for you.

Why, Gautham?

-Can we go out? -Yes.

Good night.

Life doesn't always go as per our plan.

But on paper... everything goes according to my wishes.

Keep your eyes closed.

And breathe in naturally.

What shall we do? He dozed off.

Yeah, look.

He is asleep.

Look. Look.

It’s a pose.

It's not. You were sleeping.

Have you thought about it?

I fell for you, the very first time I saw you.

I did think for three minutes.

The feeling didn’t change.

I told you.

Did you give it a thought?

You don’t like Yoga, right?

Wanna see?

You are a pilot, right?

I fly a plane. I don’t jump from it!

Come here.

My heart is strumming I wonder What this sweet tune is It’s a tune That’s never been heard before There is a symphony in my heart

My heart is strumming

I wonder What this sweet tune is

My journey with you Every minute Touched me Drove me onwards I have found the dawn I was looking for My dreams have come true And they stand before me It’s all because of you

My heart is strumming I wonder What this sweet tune is

It’s a tune That’s never been heard before There is a symphony in my heart

Don’t you Indians have sex after you get married?


Why are you laughing?

Are you angry?

Hello, Gautham.

Hello, doctor.

You asked me for one unforgettable memory...

And I... I gave you a lifetime of darkness.

I can no longer see you with this guilt in my heart.


Attention dear passengers of Flight Air Lilly...

We'll be staying here for the night.

What are your plans for the evening?

How about dinner tonight?

It’s been six months since I've regained my vision.

I would like to walk along the beautiful streets of this town.

Let’s meet when we get back to Paris?

No problem.

Sorry, ma'am.

What happened to your eyes?

They are on a face more beautiful than mine.

They look at this world... from up there.

I wanted to tell you.

But you were unconscious.

I didn’t know when you would wake up.

Well... I didn’t know if you would ever wake up.

I don’t need my eyes to run a radio station.

But I guess Air Lilly... won’t accept blind pilots.

One of the most beautiful memories that I’ve seen with my eyes...

You telling me that you love me...

remains a permanent memory.

So, this... this sympathy, empathy, pity, I don’t like these things.

When those eyes have the same love for me as they did...

Why would you think I didn’t know the value of sacrifice?

I want to see the same love in your eyes again.

Why are you crying?

I am the one who is sad.

I read the Yellandu episode.

Since then, I am unable to control my tears.

My father read it as well.

And so did Richa.

I am really proud of you, man.

Here... Dad asked me to give this to you.

Why do I need this now?

Apparently, you writers... internalize all the pain from the world outside and put it in your words.

Drink, laugh, cry.

Just write.

Buddy, take this.

-What is this? -This is my latest one.

Read it.

I have to go see a director.

I will read it when I get home.

Hey, Gautham.

Just call Yamini and tell her everything.

Trust me.

Isn't he here?

Gautham, what are you doing here?

Those placement companies are looking for you.

Come on!

My first copy is for you.

Look who’s written the foreword.

Everyone has a hidden talent.

I feel mine is writing.

If I take these jobs I'll be trapped.

That is the reason, I am not attending these placements.

Can I tell you something?

it’s about words and numbers, right?


24 seems to be God’s favorite number.

That is the reason why he gave us 24 hours in a day.

So, in those 24 hours, work for eight hours.

Sleep for eight hours.

And write for eight hours.

Please don’t get offended by my suggestions.

I wouldn't have stopped you if you had some financial backup, Gautham.

But, an empty stomach will not let you write well, Gautham.

If not for yourself... do it for me?

Please attend the interview.


Do you know why I’m attending the interview?

Because I told you to?


Because you told me like my mother would.


Thanks, Dad.

We own a huge company and so many properties.

But I like it.

Dad, Gautham got a good job as well.

What job?

Which company?

Actually, I've worked in sales for two years.

So... tell me, Yamini.

Where would you like to celebrate with your friends?

No, dad. I don’t need all that.

I just brought Gautham with me to introduce him.

Yes. You did.

We already shook hands.

Do you know what I studied?

No, sir.

Do you know what ITI is?

The kids of your generation might not know this.

It’s a trade job.

And my trade was electrical.

If someone need to fix a bulb... or repair a fan... or fix a motor, I was the guy.

My passion for technology made me what I am today.

You are all very well educated.

how much should people like you achieve?

You can look for a girl... woo the girl... get married to her... and take care of her wealth.

Dad, how could you say that?

You are not insulting Gautham. You are insulting me.

No. No. I am not hurting. I am just talking.

I was just being straight-forward.

What’s your opinion on our future?

Whose future?

Mine and Gautham’s.

Both of us.

I didn’t expect him to be so rude.

What should we do now?

Two options.

One... go and get married.

But... if we do that... the media is going to bitch about my father.

I don’t want them to insult him because of me.

I don’t want that either.


Won’t the media have a field day with that?

Yes, they would but it would be frivolous news.

And it would be about my dating life.

It won't damage my father’s reputation.

Let’s live together, Gautham.

Until Dad agrees to get us married.

What if he doesn’t?

We'll just live like this.

If you are okay with this. Then, so am I.

Isn’t our story about love?

Can’t you recall our story?

My every breath is fueling my sorrow Won’t you douse these flames, darling?

I can’t seem to keep my eyelids closed These hot tears are waiting for you With all these bruises in my heart This silent sorrow is killing me

I am the beating heart I am the sunrise, the day Even before I could wake up and see You're the dream That slipped away from my fingers All these days I’ve been away from you Like an abandoned book Without you by my side Which path do I take?

I knew that you would come back.

Come on.

Let’s not fight anymore.


You told me to put pen to paper.

I've already started writing.

I will help you in cooking and with the chores as well.

Please don't leave me alone.

I am getting married in three days.

I am giving you the first auspicious invitation that we usually offer to God.

That’s the reason why I got it here myself.

You are not getting married to anyone else. This is not right!

Go and ask your dad to cancel this wedding!

We tried Gautham.

But it didn’t work out. Not all relationships work out.

We’ve been in love for four years.

We’ve been in this house for a year and a half.

How can you get married in three days?

What is your problem now? That I’m not writing?

I am telling you that I am writing.

This is exactly what’s been happening for a year and a half, Gautham.

This wedding is not happening, Yamini.

Yamini, please cancel this wedding.

Yamini, please.

I’ve started writing.

Then, go!

Get lost!

Why did you come back here?

You left me, didn’t you?

Why did you come here to tell me that you are getting married?

Do you want my blessings for your wedding?

Go and marry whoever you like.

I am sorry Yamini. I was angry.

When you guys were living together, I never interfered.

Yamini told me that she was done with you.

That is when I fixed her wedding.

What is it now?

You wish to speak to her, right?

I shouldn’t have behaved like that.

This morning...

I spoke nonsense in a fit of rage.

How can you marry a stranger?

Yes, we fought.

But for all the good days, give me two hours. I want to talk to you.

There will be fights after marriage as well.

Will you go and get a divorce?

Talk to me.

I’ve started writing.

If you want, I’ll leave that as well.

I’ll do a nine to five job.

I will be with you. I will come with you to the office.

Please, let’s go home.

What do you mean sorry, Yamini?

Yamini, come home.

Uncle, you said something to me. Do you remember?

You told me that you are not that well-educated and yet you built this empire!

I loved you daughter.


People should always get what they love.

Call your love.

If she comes to you, take her with you.

I won’t stop you guys.

How unfortunate!

Did I damage your car?

Let me fix that for you.

The only way to overcome...

my emotional agony is... is by physically bleeding like this.

What now?

Should we fight?


-Brother! -Stop it. Leave him.

Leave me.

Hey, leave him. Let him go.

Let him go!

Leave him.

Leave him.

-Brother! -Leave him.

-Brother! -Leave him alone.

Hit me.

Are they your friends?

At least you have them.

I don’t have anyone.

Do you think this is pain?

I don't have a father.

I don't have a mother either.

And the girl that I love... is no longer with me.

Even if I die now...

I have no one to cry for me.

You are listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3.

It's hot.

And I am your host Bhargavi.

The author of the book World Famous Lover is going to be released from prison today.

The unfinished story of Gautham and Yamini... that was published, sold five million copies... and created a sensation.

Gautham is going to discuss the ending of his story with his fans and well-wishers.

For now, listen to this beautiful song.

98.3 Mirchi. It's hot.

Let’s go.


Please hold on.

What are you doing? Wave at them and smile.

Excuse me. Please hold on.

Get in, fast.

Get in.

Your books and laptop are there.

And the reviews are here--

What are you doing there? Come in.

Can we go to your house?

That is your house. You can come and go whenever you please But that’s not the point. I will tell you, come.

We have a press meet now. And later, you have a signing event with your fans.

You will have to tell them the conclusion of your book World Famous Lover.

There's a lot to do. I'll handle it.

I’ll tell you.

You've stopped noticing me, right?

If you don’t care about things they fall into disrepair, Gautham.

I am a human.

Apart from having a life, I have a heart as well.

I can’t take this pain anymore, Gautham.

What are you thinking?

After I read that book...

I understood something.

Our elders always say...

"Everything that happens, happens for the greater good."

Perhaps, this is the greater good.

If those things did not happen to you, you wouldn’t have written this book.

Maybe you wouldn’t have been this successful.

Buddy, you don’t understand how lucky you are.

Even after you hit that person with a stone, he survived.

You got out of the prison in two years.

Has any book in the world sold five million copies without its conclusion?

Listen to me, Gautham.

Give that book a climax.

And start a new chapter in your life.

Come on. Let’s go.

I think, it’s the first time in India... that an author and his work is getting such recognition.

Thank you so much, everyone.

I read somewhere that... a life without meaning and a book without ending are both useless.

But that’s not true in this case.

Sorry, Mr. Gautham.

We published this book without your permission, through CC publishers.

I think it’s because of our friendship...

The "World Famous Lover" himself...

You’ve been waiting...

with a lot of enthusiasm to listen to end of the story.

Sir... what happened to Yamini and Gautham?

While Gautham was in jail...

Yamini waited for Gautham with pain heart and tears in her eyes.

She didn’t get married even after two years.

This can be the climax of a story you read in the book.

But this is not a book.

This is my life.

The story of Yamini and Gautham that you guys read in the book World Famous Lover is our story.

And In real life... no one waits.

We have to live with our mistakes.

Life does not offer an option to undo our actions like computers do.

You cannot delete the things you don’t like and rewrite them.

Yamini is the only family I have.

I spent more time with her... than I've spent with my parents.

When I wanted to be a writer...

she supported me.

Can you support me for a year?

She was with me when I was struggling to write.

She was with me when I was writing this book.

Here I stand before you...

but she is not with me.

She is with her family somewhere.

When I think about it, I don’t know about the book, but in life, I am a failure.

I failed to understand the one person who was with me every step of my way.

I thought I made a huge sacrifice when I let go of my job.

I felt that she didn’t understand me even though I compromised a lot.

When I wrote Srinu and Suvarna’s story... remember Srinu left Smitha behind and returned to his wife.

I thought Srinu compromised a lot.

I thought that the compromise in that story came from the writer in me.

Srinu wasn’t the one who was compromising.

It was Suvarna.

I was not the one who compromised.

It was Yamini.

In the Paris story, when Gautham sacrificed his eyes for Iza, I thought that, the sacrifice came from me.

The sacrifice that Gautham made in Paris did not come from me.

It came from Yamini.

Yamini left her home and her family.

She left them behind... because of her love for me.

I stopped loving her the way I used to, when we first met.

She looked after me like a mother would.

All the stories that I’ve written... the characters in them... all the compromise, sacrifice and the divinity in love, came from the life that I spent with Yamini.

The title of this book, "World Famous Lover" isn’t me.

It’s Yamini.

My "World Famous Lover" is...

The only desire I have is that...

wherever she is, she stays happy.

You were right.

I always loved money.

In my haste to earn money...

I didn’t take care of my wife’s health.

And she died.

I deserve that pain.

But, the pain that you guys give me... is not what I deserve.

I didn’t come here to tell you that I’ve changed or that I understand your choices.

I came here to ask you to help me get rid of this pain.

As soon as she found out that you were in jail... she called off her wedding.

She was sure she wouldn’t be happy...

If you were in jail.

So, she isolated herself for two years.

She spent those two years in despair.

Even though she didn’t commit the crime... she subjected herself to the punishment along with you.

My daughter did not have the courage to meet you.

What did you say?

You want her to be happy wherever she is?

How could you wish for something like that?

She can never be happy.

Leave me alone.

I want to erase all the pain... that I’ve given you and rewrite it with love.

Do you know the way home?