Wrath of the Titans (2012) Script

In ancient times, the world was ruled by gods and monsters.

But it was the half-god Perseus, my son...

...who defeated the Kraken and saved humanity.

For his courage, I offered him a place to rule at my side.

But Perseus...

...was strong-willed and chose a different path.

He vowed to live as a man.

Even when fate took his wife...

...he would not pray for help, from me...

...or the other gods.

And now the time of the gods is ending.

But the son of Zeus cannot hide from his destiny forever.

Now pull it in. Do it again.

Throw in the other one real quick. Go on. I will tie this off.

Good catch today, Dad.

Where'd you get that? I made it myself.

You made it yourself? Heh.

I want to be a good god and do good things.

There's no such thing as good gods. Some of them are good.

Ah. Helius, there's more to life than gods and Titans.

Hey, Clea. I have a confession to make.

I, uh, needed him for chores so he skipped studying.

Now, you do a good job, make me proud.

I know you're here.

I visit him sometimes in his dreams.

He's like his father. A strong-willed boy.

You just passing through?


I need your help...


You're the great god Zeus. You don't need my help.

There is a calamity coming.

It will affect us all. Gods and men.

The humans may have stopped praying to us... With good reason.

...but there are consequences.

Without prayer, we gods lose our power.

When our power leaves us, all our work comes undone. All of it.

The walls of Tartarus are falling.

It is emptying all its demons onto the earth. The first are already here.

If our power diminishes much further, we gods will become mortal.

We will die and Kronos himself will escape.

It will mean chaos. The end of the world.

What am I meant to do?

This is business for gods.

We need all our children now.

Perhaps, together...

...we can remedy this.

But we need every shred of power, Perseus.

I will never leave my son.

I know your heart better than you know it yourself.

You believe your human half makes you unworthy to join us.

You will learn someday that...

...being half-human...

...makes you stronger than a god, not weaker.

I think you should go.

Sleep well, Perseus.

I will never leave my son.




It has been an age.

Indeed, it has.


My son.

Where's my brother Perseus?

Gone fishing?


What a brave and noble decision.

Let us go, then.

Tartarus. The great prison of the underworld.

Brother Hades.

We have come to your domain...

...as agreed.

Show yourself to us.

After so many years...

...the sons of Kronos, together once more.

Brothers in arms.


...you are the great ruler of the underworld.

Allow us to enter and help you rebuild...

...the walls of Tartarus.

My beloved brother, who banished me here for eternity...

...to look after our father, now seeks...


We must forget the past, brother...

...and unite.


But on my terms.


Above you.


It has begun.



Stay away, stay away.





Have you seen Helius?


Get back.

Keep away. Its venom catches fire.

Stay down.

Helius, go with them.

Take him.

I will find you. Go.


Dad. Run.




Dad, hurry. I am coming, son.

Helius. Stay there.




Come and get me.

What are you waiting for? Burn me.



Things are happening...

...in the world, Perseus. You know that, you have instincts.

The son of a god.

A son needs a father.

I made a vow to lo.

I know, I know, I was there delivering your son.

You vowed to your wife you'd never let Helius wield a sword.

That you'd live with him as a simple fisherman.

Well, that's a fine game in normal times.

But if you have power, you also have a duty.

Just fix my body...

...and leave my soul to me.

Where are we going?

I need to speak to my father.

There's nothing to be frightened of.

This is the Mount of Idols.

The closest place to the heavens.

It's a place where people come to worship the gods.

Or at least they used to come.




What happened?

Hades and Ares have joined Kronos...

...against humanity.

All the gods have disappeared.

I fear the worst. Here, here.

I got you, I got you.

Where's my father?


You must journey to the underworld and free him.

They took my father.

You're the only hope left in this world.

Or there will be oblivion.

How do I do it?

I am only half a god.

Then you must find another half-god.


He's my son.

He's with Queen Andromeda.

Tell him to take you to the Fallen One.


Take this. Use it.

If my son...

...survives and proves worthy...

...give it to him.

My own son betrays me.

Only when it suits you, you remember I am your son.


You're sweating like a human, brother. Next, it will be tears.

Don't waste words on him.

Kronos is waiting...



Our father has offered us a deal.

You fool.

If we help him to escape Tartarus...

...he will allow we few gods who remain to keep our immortality.

No. Let him speak.

Let him speak.

Are you becoming weak?

You're in the underworld, Ares, where it's wise to obey me.

You forget our father once tried to kill us.

No, I remember everything.

And what exactly does our father want from us in return for our precious immortality?

We simply offer him the last of your divine powers so that he may free himself.

Oh, Hades.

What have I done to you?

You laugh as if you had a choice.

There is no choice.

I hope you have enough of them.

Pull him.

You will need it more than me.


Go on.

He likes you.

Me, on the other hand....

I love you.

I know.

Come on.

Eh, whoa. Keep it straight. Have it look good.

Come on, boy.

More Chimera. Archers.

Go, go, go.

Ready. Fire.

Chimera. Ready.

Hold your lines. Hold your lines.

Out of the way.

Hold your fire.

I said hold your fire. Queen Andromeda.

Ah, keep it straight. Oy.


You used to be a lot better at this.

All hail Perseus, killer of the Kraken.

Hail Perseus.

Great Perseus.

If it is action you're after, you are a little late.

I am just here to see Queen Andromeda.

This is a battlefield.

I am in command here. Uh-huh.

Well, I wish to speak to the queen.

And the queen wishes to speak to you.

Your Majesty.

Come on.

Hail Perseus.

You have obviously been in your own battles, Perseus.

I have been busy with mine.

Yeah, you have.

I won't keep you.

It's been too long.

I have a son now. I know. I'd like to meet him.

And my wife, she... I know.

I am sorry.

Your Majesty.

For the sake of the men, we must resolve our differences before sunset.

I made it clear we continue to fight...

...the Chimera invaders.

Today in the field we lost 300 men...

...for the death of four Chimera. We have...

...offended the gods. We need to pray.

You'd pray to Ares, perhaps?

As soldiers always have.

What if I was to tell you that Ares is your enemy now?

I would make peace with him.

You would make peace with the god of war?


What's your strategy?

There's a way we can end this, and then I can get home.

What is this for? It's to cut the oars for my trireme.

I need 170 oars...

...for the three rows...

...one oar per man.

This looks like a pick. lt is, however, the rudder for my flagship. Quiet.

Morning checks, Your Majesty.

Always eventful.

Oh, Your Majesty. Ah. So good to see you.

This is Agenor. He's a liar and a thief. I know it didn't work out between us...

...but, please, do try and get over it.

Have you ever had a woman love you so much...

...she locks you up like a pet rabbit?

He wanted my hand in marriage.

When I refused, he tried to run away with the crown jewels.

I think it's my extraordinary eyes.

Actually, you got the eyes of your father.

Do you know his father?

Yeah, Agenor here...

...he's the son of the great god Poseidon.

Your new boyfriend is clearly insane.

I am your cousin, Agenor.

I am the son of Zeus.

Half-god and abandoned just like you.

If my father sent you...

...I want nothing to do with you.

Your father is dead.

Gods don't die.

They do now.

Good. Could you do me a favor?

Anything. Go to hell.

That's exactly where I am going.

I just need information.

Your father told me...

...that you could help me get to the Fallen One.

You long for the ocean, don't you?

It's like a thirst you cannot quench.

It must be hell for you in here.

I want a royal pardon.


I want my body weight in gold.


Few gold coins, you're so scrawny.

Let me see. What else have I dreamt of as I lay here in my cell?

Don't push it.

I am going to need a boat, your fastest boat.

The Fallen One lives far across the ocean.


Well, put me on the deck of the boat and I will show you.

Your ship awaits.

Fetch my lucky cape.

Do you know why this is my lucky cape, me old mate?

Because the first time I wore it, I sprouted a beard. A full-grown beard.

Send word to every regiment...

...that's still intact to gather here at the Tyrene pass.

If I am not there in two days...

...then you can pray.

Your Majesty.

Regroup at the garrison. You can't leave...

...Greece without a queen.

Are you giving me orders now?

Unchain him.

Show me where the Fallen One is.

Who is the Fallen One?

Oh, the god Hephaestus. Heh, heh.

And who's Hephaestus?

Hephaestus was the god that made Poseidon's trident...

...Hades' pitchfork...

...and Zeus' thunderbolt.

Put those together...

...they form the Spear of Trium, the weapon the gods used...

...to defeat Kronos.

But Hephaestus lives on the island of Kail. Ha-ha-ha.

Which no one has ever found.

Kail doesn't exist, does it, Agenor?

It does...

...exist. I can take you.

Unchain me and give me the trident.

If you unchain him, he will jump off this boat, you will never see him again.

Hephaestus can help you save your father.

Don't let our family down.

Never doubted you for a second, Agenor.

Great Kronos.


We have delivered Zeus, your son...

...as you ordered.


Island of Kail.

I am not touching that again.

What is it?

I don't know. But whoever did this doesn't want us here.

We have no choice.

Fallen god has to live as close to the heavens as possible.

Streams run through.

Higher ground's that way.

What...? Look.

Don't move.

I can't see nothing.

We should pray to the god of war. Warriors.

I know it is your custom, but no matter what we're about to face...

...you do not pray to Ares.

If you do, he will find us and kill us all.

Close in.

Stay alert.

Trip wire.

Agenor. Yeah, yeah. Saw it.

The most important thing is to do nothing.

Nothing, I can do well.

Aah. For the love of Zeus.

I told you to do nothing.

I didn't do anything. Just stay still.

No, no, no.

Cut the counterweights.

Don't cut the counterweight.

Yeah, he's right, the fall will kill him.

Cut the counterweight. Cut the counterweight.


Cut the counterweight. Cut the counterweight.



Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Stay down.


What is it?


Andromeda, slow him down.




...give him support. You, follow me.


I pray to you, great god Ares. I pray to you...


Is it gone?


This is going to be a bad idea.

Where's my cousin?

Glad you're hanging in there.

Yeah, I thought I'd give him an eyeful.

What was that for?


Poor Ares, always...

...following orders.

I am my own master.

Yes, of course you are.

Perhaps it's only humans...

...that have free will.


Pain. Your lesson in being human.

Why don't you weep?

Why don't you weep like your favorite son, Perseus?

If I weep, it will be for you, Ares.



Weep for your son.

I said...


We are in this together, Hades.

Do not weaken now.

Your weakness is your blind hatred for your father and your brother.

You don't know when to stop fighting.

You have already won.

Kronos is draining Zeus' power.





At last. I knew you'd come.

Poseidon, I can see your trident glinting.

Ha-ha-ha. Ah.

It's not...


We're looking for Hephaestus, the maker...

...of such mighty weapons. Well, should I let them in?

He says no.

But then he always says no.

He always says...




You are Perseus...

...son of Zeus.

I am.

"Release the Kraken," all of that.

Yeah. Who are you?

I am Agenor, son of Poseidon.


Have you ever heard of Agenor?

Never heard of you.

Well, your friend may also know me by the name...

...the Navigator.



Still no.

Don't worry, son, he says there are many useless demigods.

"Useless"? About as useless as your one-eyed friends.

Those Cyclopes...

...helped me forge the god-weapons.

Have respect.



Hold on, because...

Poseidon dead, Zeus captured. The words...

...don't even sit together.

We need your help to rescue Zeus...

...so he can stop Kronos.

That's the plan, is it? Yeah.

Right. Right. Well, in that case, we'd best prepare.

For what? The end of the bloody world.

Kronos will dismantle the earth.

You will be scattered across the universe.


You forged these weapons...

...right here for the gods. You must be able to help us.

Shut it. How could I...

...when I have no godly power anymore?

Who's he talking to?

Don't you...

...walk away from me.

His all-powerful father took it away from me...

...when I sided with Hades in their little family argument.

Yes, I know now it was a mistake.

People forget.

In the beginning, Hades was wise...

...and just and strong.

It were your daddy became drunk on power.

We were even hoping...

...when Zeus came he might see his mistake and restore our...

Why not? He might have, had he come.

I am sorry...

...that you think being human is not enough. But we humans...

...hope when there's no hope.

And we believe when to believe is idiotic.

But sometimes, in spite...

...of everything, we prevail.


...which of you two...

...is in charge?

I am. Then...

...if we were gods...

...how would you help us free Zeus?

Oh, my dear.

You remind me of someone.


She was my wife.

Come with me.

If Zeus is captive in the underworld...

...he's likely being held in the heart of Tartarus.

There can't be much time before his life force...

...is completely sapped.

But how do we get to him?

We can't.

Normally you'd be right, young man.

But when I designed this marvel...

...I included a secret passage, a shortcut...

...if you will.

You designed Tartarus? Oh, aye.

And built it.

Aphrodite, I could...

...not only get you inside...

...I could give you a guided tour.

In order for the prison of Tartarus...

...to be completely impregnable...

...I built it from the outside in.

So I had to leave a passage for meself to get out...

...when the work was done. And this labyrinth...

...is the only way a human can travel through the underworld...

...and get to the heart of Tartarus.

Where's my snarling bastard of a son Ares?

Will Kronos really spare him?

And you?

Is there no end to this?

I am afraid, brother.

Is that what you want me to say? I am a god and I am afraid.

Well, you should be.

When your precious humans die, at least their souls go to another place.

When a god dies, it isn't death.

It's just absence.

It's nothing.

It's oblivion.

It's oblivion.




I am close.

Stay with me.

You see, if you align the edges correctly...

...it gives you a shifting depiction of the interior.

Can I say, that is a masterpiece.

Well, useful to a point.

Would you let a lowly navigator hold it? No.

Well, you are the son of Poseidon.

He's the one who taught me to navigate. That, and how to seduce a mermaid...

...which seemed random, but came in handy more often...

...than you'd think. Thing to do is...

...don't talk to her, talk to her friend.

Navigator, this is the entrance to the labyrinth.

There are hundreds of doors, all of which would kill you...

...save one. You see...

...I designed it to play...

...tricks with the mind. After all, the mind...

...is the greatest trap of all.

So you have got to control your fears...

...so you don't turn on yourself or each other...

...if you want to make it to Tartarus.

There it is.

There's our door.

Everybody back.


Which one of you prayed to him?

You betrayed our father.

He betrayed me...

...by choosing you.

You beauty.

Come on. It won't stay open...

...for long.

No, not now.

Great god Ares...

...be merciful. It was I who prayed to you. I was taught...

...to pray for my enemies. I prayed you would find peace...

...in your heart... Ah. Ah.

We are brothers...

...but not equal.

I have got to give them more time.

One last godly thing.

Come on.

Let's see what you blee....




Perseus. The door's...

...closing. Come on.


Is that all you got...

...you sniveling...


Get to the door.

Come on. Come on.

Oh, Korrina.

She was a fool to pray to him...

...and he was a coward to kill the weak.

He has fought in many wars.

He's slaughtered innocents for centuries.

It's all...

...he knows.

I can't beat him.

Mutton head.

Two days ago I was trapped in a cell in a dungeon, admittedly...

...trying to escape, unbecoming of the son of Poseidon.

But today I am here, and I am trying to save the universe.

Jump in.

Your Majesty...

...I realize in a labyrinth with a million possibilities...

...this is the last thing you want to hear but...

...follow me.

That way.

Or this way.

I don't know...

...how we will get through this without Hephaestus.


Where is your son?

This way.

That way.

This way.



You must turn back.

This should be...

...a corridor. This map makes no sense.


There's something in here with us.

Just give me the map. No.

The mighty Kraken slayer. Shouldn't he be somewhere...

...posing for a statue? Agenor...

...just give me the map. The map is useless.

This way.


I know where we're going.

This way.

Get back.


Get up.



Take the weight.

Come on, come on, come on.

Go, go.


It's cold in here, isn't it?

You're not real.


Why are you doing this? Please, Dad, don't kill me.

Perseus. Perseus.

What happened?


Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Kronos has his power now.


I am so sorry.

For what?

For having banished you.

Can you forgive me for that?

Why do you ask?

Because I forgive you for this.

Release me, Hades.

I know there is still good in you.

You have no pride, Hades.


I won't let you kill him.


You can't stop this.


Come on.

Go, go.

Father. Father.


Open your eyes.


Perseus, my son.

Use the power inside you.



Ares. Andromeda.


...come with us.



Weapon. Give it to me.

Hold them.

Mantius, impressive.

You gathered a fine army. I have prepared a royal tent.

And is it fit for a god?

Great Zeus. Great Zeus.

Great Zeus.


...will come for me, Perseus.

I don't have the power left to stop him.

I wanted...

...to leave the world safe for you. I failed.

I should have come with you.

I was just... You pulled me...

...out of Tartarus.

You saved me.

How do you suppose you did that?

I never stopped thinking about getting home to my son. Then...

...you use that. Fight for your son.


Only the Spear of Trium can defeat Kronos.

And the hand that holds that spear will have to be...


We have two pieces of the Spear of Trium.

Poseidon's trident...

...and Hades' pitchfork.

So, what we need is Zeus' thunderbolt.

Which is on Ares' back.






I pray to you.

Meet me at the temple of the gods.

You say we're not equal.

So come prove to me...

...you're right.

Prove to our father that you're right.

I hear you, brother.

I will get the spear. You hold him off.

Don't give me the big speech.

Yeah, I wasn't planning to.

Our battle plan...

...must be simple.

Three lines of defense:

Agenor's men will hold the front line...

...from the trenches.

Cover every part...

...of yourself, or you will be burned...

...by the fire.

Every piece of cloth...

...every piece of skin. Help each other.

Phalanxes behind that...

...and infantry as the last defense.

I will lead the infantry myself.

And our job...

...is to hold Kronos back for as long as possible...

...if we're to stand a chance.

Dig in. Position.

Secure positions.

Kronos is near.



Light the fires.

Light the fires. Light the fires.


Fire the artillery.





Please don't hurt him. I am not going to hurt him.

I am going to hurt you.

And I want him to watch.

I want you to know...

...what it feels like...

...when someone takes your father away from you.

Front line, attack.

Stay with me.

Stand firm.

So this is what a father...

...would go through for his son?



I do...

...forgive you.

You look...

...10,000 years younger.

And feel it.

Death was circling you.

That was the last time I will have the strength to chase it away.

We have the power...

...between us to put on a little display.

Like in the old days.

So shall we finish this?

We have no weapons.

We had power before we had weapons.

When we were young gods. Yes.

Let's have some fun.

Helius. Weapons.

Hold the line. Hold the line.

Stand firm.

The Spear of Trium.



The first strike's mine, brother.


Together now, brother.

This is it, boy. They have given us a chance.


Come on, stand up.

Perseus. Perseus. Perseus.

He's waiting for you...

...before he goes.

Your boy gave you strength.


As did mine.

Perhaps Hades can heal you.

He already gave me my last chance.

And you sacrificed it for him.

There will be no more sacrifices.

No more gods.

Use your power wisely, Perseus.

Thank you, my son.

All my power is spent.

Who knows?

I might be stronger without it.

I know it's broke. No need to tell me.

I could walk on it, but.... My mum always said...

...you should let everyone have their moment to shine. You know?

So, you know, I am established. I have already got a name.

You know? The Navigator.

If I am not mistaken...

...you're the son of Perseus. I am Helius.

Is that your boy, Helius?

Go over there.


Come here.

I have got a story to tell. Come and meet...

...your Uncle Navigator.

I am Agenor.


I have read that you are a great disappointment.

That's right, I am great.

This is my nurse, Tiger.

We have to be prepared if there's another attack.

We're fortifying Argos with the third regiment.

Our engines will be ready in two days, so in the west we can...


...I am actually looking forward to going home.

I have decided being a boring fisherman isn't that bad.

You know we can't go back home.

Take it.

You're Helius.

You're son of Perseus...

...the grandson of Zeus.

Take it.

It's heavy.

Yeah, it is.

Is it too much?