Wrecker (2015) Script

You all right, Frank?

It's gonna be one hell of a blister.

Well, how does it look?

Not good.

Engine's cooked.

You making the call? Yes.

But it would help if I could get some reception.


You remember what that station attendant called this stretch of road here?

He called it Devil's Pass, Frank. Why?

I'm having the best time.

Leslie, pace yourself. We're just starting out.

I know. We're just starting and already I feel so great.

Come on.

Here, have it. No.

Do you want to drive?

Never mind.

Em, slow down, slow down. Why? What?

Oh, he's so cute.

Can we pick him up? No! We are not picking anybody up.

Leslie, don't!

This road is, like, it's a magnet for serial killers. You know that?

Oh, my God. Really?

No, I just made it up, but what would you have done if he was?

Slit his throat first.

Jesus, Leslie. Did I just hear you right? I need a beer.

Oh, come on. Don't... don't do that!

Hey, chill out. No need for the drama.

There is no drama. I am driving.

You want to die? No. I don't want to die.

No, neither do I. My life is extremely valuable to me.

And I... are you even listening? Of course I am.

Hey, Jim.

Yeah, it's Leslie.

Yeah, Emily's driving.

I don't... hold on. I'll ask. What was the excuse you gave, again?

That I was visiting my sister in Sacramento for a few days. What else?

Did you get that? I know. I cannot believe she's going through with this either.

It's like we have the old Emily back.

We've got like two bags of weed, some tequila, some rum...

...some gin and two cases of beer?

Yeah, the way you're going, we're almost out of beer.

Well, see you guys in a couple of hours.

And will you say "hey" to Dick for me?

Rick, Dick, whatever. Just tell him we look forward to seeing him.

Jim? Hello. Hello? Hello?

Lost our reception.

I just want to get there already!

Who's Dick?

Who's Dick?

Just the guy you're gonna fuck. Excuse me?

I know that there's this little complication...

No, Randy is no complication. Okay? He's my boyfriend.

I feel real shitty about lying to him about this trip.

What if he finds out? Who cares? Payback's a bitch.

No, there's not gonna be any payback, Leslie.

I still care for him.

And I'm not just gonna fuck some stranger to satisfy my own insecurities.

Why not? He did.

I guess that's why you're still wearing the bracelet.

You're so damn trusting, Em.

Because my gut's telling me that this guy does not deserve you.

You really believe that?

You know what? Things'll change.

I just... I have to toughen up a little. That's all.

My advice, toughen up a lot.

Oh, my God! Stop!

What? What?

Yeah, I think we go left here.

You think?

What does the GPS say?

I don't know. The stupid thing stopped working hours ago.

This fucking piece of shit.

Come on.

It'll be an adventure if we're wrong.

Fuck it.

Oh, God!

Diesel exhaust is the worst.

Has this guy never heard of climate change? Obviously not.

Come on, what's his deal? Why doesn't he just move over for us?

Come on, asshole! We don't have all day!

So what are you waiting for, girl? Pass him.

It's too risky, I'll take him at the summit.

Great. We need gas.

Oh, good, because I have to fucking pee.

That's quite the beast?

Yeah. Nice car.

Thank you. Fill 'er up for you?

Yeah. Yes, please.

I'm dyin' to see what you got under the hood. Check your oil for you?

Knock yourself out.



Jill? It is. Who's this?

It's Emily.

Oh, hey there, Emily. Sorry, I didn't recognize your voice.

Is Randy there? Yes, just a second.

Hey, Em, how's your trip going? What is she doing there?

You knew I was working from home.

You didn't answer my question. What's she doing?

Jill was kind enough to bring over some files that I needed from the office.

They couldn't be couriered?

They could have, I suppose.

Oh, man. You know how I feel about that woman.

How would you like it if one of my co-workers...

...tried to bone me at one of my office parties?

I wouldn't. I just don't know why you keep bringing it up.

Because you did nothing to discourage it.

So what are you saying?

Are you still there? You're right.

Of course, you're right. I need to stop blaming you for my insecurities.

I'll... just need to toughen up a little.

A lot. Well, that would be a good start.


You know I love you, right?

You called him, didn't you?


What am I gonna do with you?

Tell me more about Dick.

I knew you'd come around. He's so hot. You're gonna love him.

Oh, I think his name is... Rick?

How much do I owe you? $38.50, ma'am.

But you're a little low on oil.

I think we should leave now, before you-know-who gets back on the road.

Good idea. I'll fill 'er up at the next stop.

Suit yourself. Just don't wait too long. You might end up thrashing the engine.

What's going on?

Oh, my God, watch out!

Just move. Move, asshole.


Can you believe this guy?

Well, what are you waiting for, Em? Pass him before he changes his mind.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

He's... he did that on purpose?

He's... he's trying to fucking kill us.

That other car, too.

What is with him? We passed him a couple of fucking times...

...and he goes flying off the fucking hanger!

He's got to be fuckin' crazy. He's gotta be. No one else would fucking act like this.

Hey, fuck this. It's either his job or our lives. Speed up, Em.

I want you to read off the numbers on the back of the truck there.

Five-five-five... Yeah.

One-two... Yeah.


Fuck! There's no service.

I can't take the smell.

Time to leave this guy in the dust.


"Idiot"? Is that what you got, Em? What else do you want me to say?

Fuck you, you fuckin' asshole!

Don't do that again.


Hey, sit back. Relax. Enjoy the ride.

Smooth sailing from here on.

Wake me when we get to Palm Springs.

Come on.

Don't get too comfortable.

Just pass.

What the hell is he trying to prove?

No idea.

This is a joke, right? This has gotta be some fucking sick fucking perverted joke, right?

Because what else could this fucking be, you fuckin' asshole?

Stop yelling, okay? Stop yelling.

It's not helping. Just please, sit there.

Let me handle this, okay?

Yeah, fine. Handle it.

I was right, wasn't I? Yeah. It's just a joke.

This is one big fucking joke, you fucking asshole!

Easy. Easy, Em.

I got this. I got it, I got it. Fuck you, asshole! Fuck you!

Easy, easy.

Fuck you!

Last we see of him.

Way to go, Em.

Don't let him catch up to us. Just go. Drive, drive.

He's gonna fucking kill us, Em.

Brace yourself.

Oh, fuck.

Come on.

No reception. Yeah.

Come on.

Fuck! Hey.

We're still alive, okay?

We're still alive.

I walk like that after a night of heavy poundin'.

Yeah, we're just in a little discomfort, that's all.

Nothing a few painkillers can't cure.

Oh, I know all about discomfort, sweetie.

You try working this joint with these God-awful corns I got growin' on my toes.

Take your order?

Let's just make that two coffees, please.

Two it is. I will come back for your orders.

And a fork you can eat with.

Thank you.

He's back.

What? No, no, don't.

I just said he's back.

His truck's parked out there in the lot. But he fucking left.

We saw him, we saw him leave. Why would he come back for us...

...what does he want from us? I've got no idea, just...

...just be quiet while I try and figure out who it is.


I'm not sure, but there are two possibilities.

Two possibilities? We shouldn't even be here. I want to get back on the road...

Save it, sweetie, ain't got no reception around here.

I know that. Do you have a house phone maybe that we could use?

Well, you could, but it ain't working.

Of course it's not working, because nothing works in this shithole.

Excuse me?

Can I get a soup in a cup or a bowl?

Heather, hold up.

You know what? We will just have two cheeseburgers.

How does that sound, Leslie?

Two cheeseburgers? Anything else? No, thank you. That'll be all.

By the way, just a little further up the road, there's a rest stop by the summit...

...you might get some reception up there. We'll try there. Thank you.

You need to tone it down a notch.

Look, it's almost noon.

This is probably the only diner around for miles.

Probably comes here all the time to eat.

May be he was just going too fast down the hill...

...he had to slow down, just turned around, and... that's all.

That's all. I think we should leave.

That way if he follows us we'll know his true intentions.

And then what? We're right back to where we started.

Look, it's fine. The Mustang, it's powerful enough, no problems there...

...but there's no way I'm gonna continue driving at the speeds we're going...

...it's way too fucking dangerous. Okay, we'll talk to him then.

To who, Leslie? Which one?

Look, let's just sit here.

Be patient. We'll figure it out soon enough.

Two cheeseburgers.

Oh, my God, he's leaving.

Tell me when he's out the door.


It's not him.

Okay. What are you doing?

Okay. May I help you?

Stop it.


You know what I'm talking about.

No, I don't. I don't have a fucking clue. I'll call the police!

Don't play dumb with me.

You have been harassing us... no, terrorizing us... long enough.

Just leave us alone.

You got some serious issues, girl. Oh, I've got issues? I've got issues?


Who the hell do you think you are? Stop him, he's gonna kill her!

Let her go. You made your point, what more can you do?

Oh, God. You're not doing it here.

Just keep that crazy bitch away from me.

I think you two better go. Okay.

Emily, what just got into you?

You said I should get tougher.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Wait here, I'll get our stuff.

Stop, you fucking coward!

Show yourself, you coward!

Leslie. What?


Shit, there's no way. God, no.

There's no way. This is... this is impossible.

Please don't let it be him. Please don't let it be him. Please don't let it be him.

Oh, my God. We need to loosen up.

Holy fuck! Some actual courtesy.

That tow truck could learn from this guy. No kidding.

Thanks, man.

That's how it's done.

This is crazy.

Oh, God.

That is the craziest thing I ever...

Where's the driver? There is no driver.

We've been having these problems... Back it up.

Your car, back it up. We need to clear this bridge before somebody else comes along.

Park it over there by mine. You see somebody else coming, you scream. Loud.

Get in, I'll push.

Hey, the steering wheel's locked!


See if it'll turn over first.

It was worth a shot, anyway.

Park it. Hand brake! What?

Hand brake. I can't hear you.


We're in luck. This tow truck driver said he'll give us a hand.



What are you playing at?

Get in.

Go. Go!

What the fuck's going on? Who is that guy?

If I were you, I would get out of here before he tries to come for you too.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God. He's coming!

What do you fucking want from us?


All right.

Yeah. Try to keep up at this speed, asshole.

You're no match for this this fucking car.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

The doors! Lock the fucking doors!

This is fucking insanity.

Can you change a flat?

Come on.


How are you making out? This one's too tight.

Let me try. No, keep your eyes on the road.

Come on, you little fucker. Come on!


I did it! I actually did it!

We gotta go.




Fucking asshole, don't you dare fucking hurt her. Don't hurt her.

Oh, come on! Give me some reception.

Give me some fucking reception. Please give me some reception.

How much longer? How much longer? Goddamn it, how much longer?

Slow down. Slow down.

Please do the right thing, please, I am begging you. Please let her go.


Leslie, are you in there?


Please, I just want to know if she's safe.

Wait! Don't go! I just want to...

You son of a bitch, this isn't a game!

Please! Son of a bitch, this isn't a fucking game!

I just want to know if she's safe!


I just want to know if she's safe, you fucking asshole!


What? Oh, shit!

That's it.

Keep going, you fuckin' creep.

Come on, please give me some fucking reception.

Something fucking work!


I cannot believe this.

Hold it together, Emily.

Fuck this.

I'm gonna sit here and wait...

...until it is safe to go for help.

Open the fucking door, Emily! Open it!

You fucking bitch! What?

You left me there to die! No, I didn't!

I didn't! I swear I thought he took you! Bullshit! You left me with that monster!

No! Please, please, believe me! I swear! I'm sorry!

I swear!

I'm so sorry.



...how did you get here so fast?

I hitched a ride.

With who?

Who do you think?

No, I... I gave you the road.


Oh, my God! Oh, my fucking God! Thank you, thank you, God. Thank you.

Thank you, God. Thank God you're here.

Thank you.

Thank God you're here. Thank God. I thought you were him. I honestly thought...

Ma'am, please, I just need you to get back in the car.

What? No...

Officer, I need help. I need help!

Driver's license and registration, please.

No, you don't understand.

He took my friend and he is coming for me!

Who? Who's coming for you?

I don't know.

He drives a tow truck and he wants to kill me.

He had to have passed you.

He... he had to.

No, someone is chasing me, Officer.

I swear.

Ma'am, please, just get back in the car.

I just need you to get in the car.

I know this sounds crazy. It sounds fucking crazy to me too...

Driver's license and registration, please.

I am not making this up.

I'm not.

There was a tow truck. The driver, he took my friend Leslie.

He took my friend Leslie, and I think he killed her.

Certain he killed her. And now... now he wants to kill me.

He wants to kill me, because I am the only witness.

Where are my fucking papers?

Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to settle down.

Sure. Sure, I'll settle down.

I'm not making this up.

Come on.

Fuck, it's in here. Here!

Yeah, here! Here they are.

Oh, God.



Hello? Is anybody there?

This is police dispatch. Who am I talking to?

Oh, my God, thank you! I need help! I need help, please!

I need help.

Please respond, ma'am.


What the fuck?

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. You gotta be fucking me.

What the fuck do I do?

Just go, just go.


It's just us. It's just... us.

I need gas. Quick.

Nah, we're closed. What?


Look, ma'am, look, come on, I don't... I don't want no trouble here.

Fill 'er up now! All right. All right.

Do you have a phone? Yeah, yeah.

Where? Over there. It's over there.

Oh, thank God. Thank God, thank God.

911, what is your emergency?

Police, please.


Yes, I want to report a tow truck driving... Can I have your name, ma'am?

He's taken my friend. He killed a police officer.

Ma'am, can you calm down? I need your name.

My name is Emily. Emily Kirk.

What is your address? 1537 Jefferson Boulevard.

Like "Captain."

I live in Seattle, Washington.

If you can just stay on the line, ma'am, we need to verify some information.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit!

What the fuck is going on?

That was my only phone!

All right.

If this is what we need to quit...

...then bring it on.

I'm ready now.

Bring it on.

Bring it on, bitch, 'cause I'm ready for you this time.



No. Fuck, fuck, fuck.


Oh, fuck!



Where are you now? Where are you?


Oh, my God. No. No more oil.


Come on.


Oh, fuck! Fuck, come on. Just come on.

You wanna play?

Let's play.

Fuck it. Got no choice.

Come on.




Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?


Oh, fuck!

Please, Leslie, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


Is anybody here?


My car is broken.

I could use a little help here.