Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) Script



You almost lost me back there.

So, what is this place? Someplace special.

I found this on a family camping trip when I was a kid.

Go on in. (LAUGHS) Are you serious? (WATER BUBBLING)

It's warm.

Of course. They're hot springs, you goof.

Whoo! It's hot!



Is this enough?

Well, if you really want to go back to nature...

WOMAN: It's nice and hot. MAN: Promise we will do this every year.

Until we wrinkle.


MAN: Whoo!



Sweetie, are you hurt? (CACKLING)

NICK: Daria! Ah!

Over here! Ah! Nick! (NICK GROANING)


Did you fall? No. Someone fucking shot me. What?








MAN: So you had no idea? He's adopted, you know that.

Thanks, Toni, having only known him since freshman year.

Still kind of cool, though, right? Finding out you actually had some family out there.

We are his family. That's why we're all here.

And that's why my brother and those guys are right behind us.

Look, I don't know what to expect. I don't know these people or this place.

I could be inheriting a Motel 6. Or... a meth empire.

I am just saying, it's the Appalachians.

Thanks, Vic. If it will help, I did some digging.

This isn't for one of your columns. Of course not.

I am just the investigative type.

Hobb Springs, established 1926 by families unknown. Maybe yours.

The first sanitarium in America outside Battle Creek.

Well, most people would approve.

Of what? Me going into a sanitarium.



Agnes Fields.

You are going to get yours. I will hold you to that, Mr. Jackson.



It's more like a health spa, really.

Spas don't come with their own outhouse, Bryan.

Jillian, it's two weeks, OK?

You know, getting Danny out in the open air, seeing how much of an inheritance this really is.

Really, Rod? Me fixing a tire is so amazing?

ROD: Just playing with my new camera. Yeah.

And your old camera posted my naked ass all over the internet last trip!

And got 4,000 hits in one day. Besides, come on, it's fun.

And fun is just the kind of therapy we all need.

Especially my sister and Danny. Yeah.

Got to love therapy.

Want to start the healing process?


You have checked yourself six times this morning.

He will be here real soon. I know.

It may take some time.

I can't go another winter.

I need this.

We need this.

We play this right, sister, he won't be able to resist you.

Lord knows I can't.

TONI: You guys, it's gigantic.

VIC: You inherited this? DANNY: I guess so.

Our little place in the country.

VIC: Well, it ain't a Motel 6. (TONI LAUGHS)

Couple coats of paint, and it could be... Fucking brilliant.

DANNY: Creepy.

TONI: Vic, get out of the car.

I need a moment alone with my boyfriend.


It's time to decide.

What do you want to do?

Just when I hit the lowest I have ever hit, I got a letter saying that I belonged to something.

Something that I gave up on years ago. Tell me what you want to do, honey.

I want to meet these people and find out what I am all about.

Oh, my God.

TONI: Yeah. Wow.

It's huge. (LAUGHS) I know, right?

Welcome to Hobb Springs.

Danny. That's right, yeah. I could tell by your eyes.

I cannot believe that you are finally here.

And who are you? JACKSON: This would be Sally.

I am Jackson. We're the caretakers here.

We weren't expecting your friends, but, um...

...I am pretty sure we can handle you, though.

Oh, we're just the first wave.

This is huge!

MAN: How are we even going to find our way around in there?

They call this a spa?

Better leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

We got a flat, and then got a little... Baked.

Turned around.

I see, no problem. We have plenty of vacancies coming up.

SALLY: Don't worry, they will be checking out today and then we will have the place...

...all to ourselves. Oh, goody.

I'd be happy to show you around. Uh, maybe we could get our bags first.

Yeah, maybe some rooms. It's been a long drive.

JACKSON: Whatever you wish. We work for you now.

That's pretty cool, actually.

Danny has servants now? Hey, how you doing?

SALLY: You will come on in.

TONI: Thank you. Geez.

They're kind of good-looking for hillbillies.

They're cousins. No, brother and sister.

Same thing around these parts.

Come on, they're probably just a normal couple.

They're funny-looking. And Amish.

Actually, we're kissing cousins on our Quaker brother's sister's side.

I am so sorry, that was so rude of us.

Ain't nothing we haven't heard before. Just let it roll off my back nowadays.

So you really are brother and sister?

As I said, we weren't expecting so many.

We can make more, if you'd like. DANNY: Uh, no, no, it's fine. Really.

We will leave you here to rest a spell while we figure out how best to deal with you.

What is that?

Go on, sit down.

(SCOFFS) We're really staying here? Why, what's wrong?

Ain't no doubt all of this is a little bit weird.

Yeah. You guys don't get the charm of this place?

I do.

You rip the place down, subdivide the land, and we go back, we will send someone in for a real appraisal.

Yeah, I think you're forgetting that I don't have anywhere to go.

(SCOFFS) What, so this is your home now?

I don't know. Maybe.

Danny, you're used to Central Park West and Nobu on Friday nights. Yeah. And look what that did to me.

Hey, we don't have to make a decision right away. It's fine.

This place is alive. It has history, secrets.

Enough excitement for two weeks at least.

Come on, back me up, Vic. Uh, sure.

A place this old surely has a book in it.

Maybe a movie even. Short of murder, or a Hollywood scandal, who'd give a shit?

Me, Bryan. We could be talking about my history. So me. Yeah, me too.

Me. Got to stick by family.



Is that the big, strong man I rang for?


That's more like it.


Mr. Jackson?

Hello? Oh...





Silly little bitty. (LAUGHTER)

A little self control, boys! That's all I ask!



Oh, my God! Is that real gold?

Oh, Bryan! These are Hepplewhite!

And for those that don't watch Antique Roadshow...

Oh, and they look to be in perfect condition.

Oh, they're going to be worth a fortune. A fortune?

How'd you like my place now, Bryan?

Hey, guys. This place just got a whole lot better.

TONI: What? JILLIAN: Oh, great.

VIC: Where's he going now?


Let's get naked. (LAUGHS)


DANNY: It actually smells sweet.

Hey, guys, if we're going to do this, we're going to do this in style.

You ready for it? BOTH: No! (LAUGHING)


Thanks, man. Come on in!

There's room for everybody!

TONI: Hey. You OK? It's really all mine.

(LAUGHS) I am still wrapping my head around that.

Maybe it's just what we needed.

I suppose this will have to do. Afraid this is all we have right now.


Hello? We're the new owner's best friends. So you can do better.



Are we all here?

Now, you boys had your fun with those bikers.

And you messed with the little bitty real nice.

Now quit!

Leave Danny alone. Even if it means giving his friends a pass.

Now I thought I made myself clear!



It won't be long, and you can all have at them as much as you like.

Now you keep doing what you're doing you're going to ruin this for all of us!

Do I make myself clear? Do you understand me?


Fucking family.

So, like, what's the plan with the cameras, dude?

Like, you're carrying them around everywhere.

Yeah, man. Look. Compact and easy to hide.

I think we should put one of these in Danny's room.

Oh, I am not up for seeing my sister naked, but thank you, though.

Well, what about the rest of us, dude?

Fucking asshole!



Oh, shit.

(LAUGHS) What are you doing?

Please tell me you got a camera for this.

Give it here, give it here.

I'd like to thank the Academy for this prestigious award.

I will enjoy this every single day. (BOTH LAUGH)

JILLIAN: Tell me how it's fair that we have to pay for groceries.


Poor puppy!

JILLIAN: Bryan. Yeah?

Come check this out.


You folks just passing through?

BRYAN: No, we're staying up at Hobb Springs.

You don't say.

I don't get up there much myself anymore, but I expect I will be.

Well, why is that? You just got in?

Yeah. Yeah.

You all see a bunch of little, old ladies be-bopping around up there?

Oh, yeah. The Daughters of the Revolution?

That'd be them. Poor things can't remember if this woman got back on that bus or not.

Agnes Fields, you hear of her?

No. Like I said, we just got here, so...

Just what is a lovely couple like you doing settling in Hobb Springs?

Oh, well, our friend inherited it. Well, nice for him, huh?

Tell you what.

You take one of these up there, do me a favor, show it around.

Maybe we get lucky and her face will ring a bell with somebody.

Oh, is there a reward?

Sure thing, officer.

I can't think what could have happened to her.

OK. Well, take care. See you.

What are you doing?

I can't get this hot spot to work.

Have you guys seen Danny?

Yeah, he just wandered through here a minute ago.

Leave him alone, Mom, he's enjoying himself.

Something wrong? I don't know. Come on. Let's go find him. Thank you.

TONI: I guess this place just gives me the creeps.

TONI: Danny. We have been looking all over for you.

You OK?

Take a look at this picture and tell me if I should be.

VIC: That guy kind of looks like Danny. Even some of the women do.

The whole history of this hotel's up here.

How could I not know any of these people? These pictures only go up to the '70s.

Maybe your side of the family moved.

Not everybody, though. Look.

VIC: I think we just met your cousins.

Whoa, you guys.

DANNY: Why the hell are they all covered up?

I don't know how to break this to you, man, but what we have here is classic mountain breeding.

DANNY: Stop. I am just saying, there's bound...

...to be a few defects along the way.

DANNY: Stop. Seriously. You heard him!

You think because we're mountain folk, our ways ain't fit for fine society?

We have had all sorts stay here, including three presidents:

Teddy Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Jefferson Davis.

Not one had a complaint!

Jefferson Davis? It's OK, Jackson. Really.

He was just messing around. Weren't you, Vic?

I am sorry. I am just very proud of my heritage.

Families really tamed this land, they made it into something.

It's impressive. Really.


Want to see something really impressive? Yeah. Come on.

Shit! Don't touch. Sorry.

You have a good eye, Danny. It belonged to your grandfather.

He was hell with a bow. The bane of critters everywhere.

What is it, honey? My grandfather.

My grandfather. I just can't believe I even had a grand...

Please. Give it a feel.

Man, that's tight.

Ever been bow hunting, Danny?

Never been hunting, period.

I would like to keep it that way.

That's hardly a proper view, miss, considering you haven't even tried it once.


Fit OK? I am getting used to it.

I knew you would.

Your girl, she really didn't want you to come.

She's just being protective. They all are.

That guy with the fancy car and girl to match.

Bryan? We used to work together, before it all... happened.

I used to be on Wall Street. Had a bit of a meltdown.

Seems an appropriate reaction. (SCOFFS) Not everybody thought so.

Not my company.

Definitely not my clients.

I lost a lot of people's money.

Including Bryan's, Toni's, my own.

I guess that's when you find out who your real friends are.

The ones who stand by you. Maybe they think you owe them.

No, not them. It was all so embarrassing.

You weren't suited to that nonsense. On the plus side, it's how we found you.

What do you mean? JACKSON: We do have the internet out here.

DANNY: So you found me through Google? JACKSON: Yeah.

Took a long time. But it was important we found you.

To run a hotel? Amongst other things.

Time to climb up. This doesn't belong to somebody?

Anything on this land belongs to us.

Go on.

Beer has arrived.


There you go, dude. Fuck, we need an opener.

Yeah. Hey! Where's Danny?

Out hunting.

What, Danny? What's this?

Oh, yeah. Remember the little gaggle of old ladies?

Yeah. Well, one of them went AWOL.

Fucking Alzheimer's, dude. It's a fucking killer.

You need to go get Danny. Now? Yes. Please.

It's going to get dark soon, and I don't like him alone with these people. OK, Mom.

They ain't going to like it.

Are you sure we don't need a permit or anything? Sh!

Every man lives by his own set of rules.

Speaking of which, time to introduce you to the hunt.

First you got to scout, then stretch.

JACKSON: Someplace the deer feels safe.

Where men can't get to it.

Bait your area.

Lure, entice the deer over your ways. (DISTANT SCREECHING)

JACKSON: You don't want to go after your prey.

You let your prey come to you.

It's about patience.

And being smarter than the animal.

Be still.

Aim for the upper shoulder.

The neck.

Or the brain.

A one-shot kill.



Now we check the blood trail.

JACKSON: Pink blood with air bubbles means you have hit the heart or the lung.

Now that's what you want.

Dark red, you probably hit the liver.

The buck may hang in there, but they will die soon enough.


JACKSON: Watery blood with bile, you may have to track the deer, deliver another shot.


JACKSON: He may try to bolt.

But if you have aimed just right, it will be pure reflex.


Good shot, Danny.

What do we do next? Nothing.

It's dark red blood. Besides, he will be dead soon.

We have more than enough meat back home. Come on. We can't just leave it like this.

It's your kill.

Just be careful.

He may have some kick left in him.

Upper shoulder, neck or brain. Go.

JACKSON: Very good, Danny.

That's very good.



Charlie, what did you do to this weed?

Oh, fuck this!





You're bleeding. So are you. Most of it's not mine anyway. Ah!

We have got to get out of here! He saw my face.

Who? Are you tripping? Not anymore, I am not.

This is fucked up! Ahh!

It's him. Relax. It's probably just Jackson.


Or not. Here, pull from that end. Pull from that. Slow, slow, slow!

It's not coming! It's too twisted! Go get some help! I can't leave you! Go! OK.



Sorry if it stings, sweetie.

No, no, it's OK.

I am blaming Vic for that too.

You have to be sure about these woods.

So I heard a buck, your first time shooting.

It wasn't a buck.

I killed a doe. Even better.

Is that strong stuff? Yeah.

It sure smells like it. Yeah.

It takes some getting used to. No, no, it's... it's fine, actually.

I kind of like it.

I do make it myself.

You sit right there.

We will be right back. I am going to wash this off of my hands.


Now to get you out of those bloody things.

All right, it's OK. I can do it.

Now, don't you be that way. I patched up all my brothers one time or another.

OK. Fine.

All you boys react that way.

I'd say you're strong enough.

You just... You just have some aches that need rubbing out.

Toni will be here any second, so...

There's no sense waiting.

You're very important to us.

You don't even know me.

But I know this.

And it beats inside every one of us.

And with your mind, your schooling, your strength, and our blood, you can have anything you want.

I still find it hard to believe that. Don't you?

TONI: What's, uh... (CLEARS THROAT)

Where have you been?

Jackson brought Danny to me to tend to. I got pretty messed up, hon.

Yeah, Vic didn't look so good either. I should go tend to him.

Think she's going to help Vic take off his clothes too?

Oh, come on, stop. She was just trying to help.

Help herself, obviously.

You look gross. (LAUGHS)

Does it hurt? Oh!

What is all over your legs? Oh, it's ointment. It's a family formula.

God, you're going to get infected. You should lay down.

Now you're talking. Ew! Don't touch me!

Hey, come on. Come on. Don't! Don't touch me.

You're disgusting. No. Please. Come here.

It's not... where's the peroxide?

I had a bad feeling about this.

You going.

Did you actually kill something?

Because it looks like you rolled around in blood.

Yeah, with a bow and arrow.

You actually... Yeah.

It's pretty cool, huh? No! Yeah, it is.

No, it's not. I am not impressed. Come here. What are you, a hunter now?

Oh, yeah, big time. Big man. Big man hunter.


We should pick up hunting.


CHARLIE: Why so glum, sugarplum? Get that thing out of my face.

Can I interest you in an herbal essence? Keep that shit away from me too.

You see one mountain monster man, and you go cold turkey.

I saw... What?

Nothing. Give that to me.

You. Dude! Oh, shoot!


You know what I saw today? Civil War era.

Flatware. Silver.

What are you doing? (LAUGHS)

Oh, you know. Just feeling some love tonight.

Now. Go, go, chug! There we go, there we go.

There it is! Yeah! (LAUGHING)

Give that.

Hey, man. Ah!

Nice. You see any mountain men now? Ahh!




Wait. What is it?


Now I feel better. Damn it!

Come on, Jill! Give us the old Girls Gone Wild.

Fuck you! I'd like to see you guys do Boys Gone Wild.

What do you mean?

Now it's a party! Get that away!

Sick. You're sick.

Come on, guys. Sorry.

Yeah! Nice!

Just a minute, guys.

ALL: Whoa!

You OK, man? (GASPING)


Wait a second. You're doing what?

Restoring Hobb Springs. Top to bottom.

Figure we could have a grand reopening by next summer.

What did you do to him last night?

This isn't me. It was my decision.

There's something about this place.

Haven't you guys felt different since you got here?

Yeah. I have been freaking out. Passing out over here.

Toni? No, we're really happy for you, hon.

But this place... Was great. And it can be again.

Do you even know anything about... about running a hotel, or a spa?

I am not just doing it for the money. No, we get that. We really do.

Rod? You said that we'd all make a great web series.

What better way to film a group of friends restoring a great landmark.

Yeah. I could definitely cut a good sizzle reel together.

Make it a rustic Real World. DANNY: And Vic?

You said you were game for writing a book about the history of this place.

Sure, but... See, Bry? We build awareness.

The rest of it is just simple business sense and that's why they paid us the big bucks.

What do you say, man?

Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to draw up a business plan.

I knew you'd come around.

I know what you're going to say. Then why are you going to make me say it?

Did you look at the guy? It's like night and day.

We were supposed to be going back to the city.

It's not so easy for me to just pack it all in, you know.

We came here to help him.

I don't even know why we're still friends with the guy!

Oh, my God! You just don't know when to shut up!


What exactly were you doing with that?


This is Staffordshire.

Do you have any idea how much these are worth?

How much?

Two thousand, at least.

Cabinet's full of them. I...

I didn't think anyone would notice.

Show me.

Where else have you checked for these? Just here. I didn't want to look alone.

All right. I will bring them to you, and you catalogue them. OK?



Oh, yeah.

These... are perfect.

So secret passages really do exist.

JILLIAN: Yeah, but where do they lead?

Check out those cupboards.

Are we going down there?

They keep priceless antiques out in the open.

Can you imagine what they decided to hide?

JILLIAN: Hey. Are they...? BRYAN: Yep.

They're screwing.

What the hell is that?

I think I know.

Get the idea?


You're saying that they would just have sex here while people stood by and watched? Mm-hm.

Geez. This is one kinky spa.

Whoa, whoa!

What are you doing? Well, I am agreeing with you.

Kinky, right?

Wait. Are we really going to do this?












SALLY: Stop!

You were supposed to wait!

Now you disrespect this room?

Well, go on now!

You might as well take what you came for.

He stays with me.

SALLY: Get..... (GROWLS)


What those boys did to you...

You like that? (GRUNTS)

Your head's hurt real bad.

But I have seen people live with a lot worse.

Just let Sally take care of you.

You're so handsome.

I think you like me rubbing up against you. BRYAN: No...


I can make you feel better than that stuck-up bitch you brought.



You're supposed to be saving yourself for when the time's right.

When's that going to be?

I know it's hard to wait.

But I am so close, that I can touch him. How did this one get in here to begin with?

I tried to stop them.

The fact they stopped at all is a small miracle.

They're just not listening. Tonight then. We have them all meet Danny tonight.

You ready?

Finish him off.

Take him to the kitchen.

We will carve him up later.

SALLY: Don't you fret, lover.

You will be in me, one way or another.




VIC: Water damage.

Fried outlets.


I am going to need some more paper.

This would go a hell of a lot faster if we knew what Danny had in mind.

Where is Danny? We need keys to some of these places.

Check the front desk. Only if Wednesday Adams is on a break.

Vic. Fine.

I will go, but you go get your boyfriend. This was all his idea.

TONI: Danny?


Toni! Hey. (GASPS)


We could all use a little guidance out there, please. OK.

Did you do all this? No.

TONI: This is Jillian's. DANNY: Yeah.

Was she trying to take these? I don't know.

She and Bry were always going on about selling things off.

TONI: Without asking you?

When it comes to money, Bryan's done worse. Have you seen them anywhere? No.

DANNY: Looks like they took off with a few parting gifts.

That's not like them, though.

Well, I guess you never really know anybody, huh?

We have known them for three years.

Yeah, all they have ever been about is the quick and easy.

Bryan with his subprimes, and Jillian playing the Manhattan socialite bitch.

Danny! She's from Wisconsin.

I mean, I gave them a chance to get in on the ground floor.

God forbid they ever achieve anything in life by actually working for it.

That's what I am trying to do here. Wow, Danny.

They are your friends. You know why Bryan's so eager to get me back in the firm?

So he didn't have to do any work.

I always did the heavy lifting, and look what that cost me.

They're my old life. This... this is my new one.

My God! I am really trying hard to be supportive right now, but the only person I don't feel like I know is you!

What are you talking about? It is this place!

You wanted to bring me here. Yeah. Because I thought it was going to help.

And it has! Even Sally noticed the difference from when I got here. Oh, my God. Sally?

Oh, don't start... don't start that again. Please. You want to bring up... No, no! No!

Her and her brother/husband/cousin/whatever. Enough of that shit! They are the only ones...

...that we really know nothing about! How do you not get that?

You want to know something? Go ask them yourself.

Yeah, have you? Have you checked into anything that they have told you?

They have been nothing but kind to me. And we haven't?

You don't understand. Oh, my... These people are my... What? What are they?

Do you even know? You don't even know, Danny!

Fuck you!

Did you get all that? Look, it's OK. It's OK.

DANNY: Jackson? Sally? JACKSON: In here, Danny.

I need to talk to you. And we with you.

There's so many things we need to explain, we're just not sure how.

SALLY: I am sure this is already so overwhelming for you.

DANNY: You could say that again. And we're thrilled that you're...

...interested in the hotel. SALLY: But it's already just such a small aspect of who we really are.

DANNY: Who are you?

I think it's better if we show you.

But you got to come alone.

There's members of the family that have been aching to meet you.

DANNY: Let's go. JACKSON: Come on.

Wouldn't it be easier to use a flashlight? It's the way we do things.

You will see.


DANNY: Who are all these people? JACKSON: They're all kin...

...one way or another. (GIRL LAUGHS)

JACKSON: Come to welcome you home, Danny.



How long have you been doing this?

We have known each other since our clans first set foot in these hills.

There were three families back in those days.

The Craytons, the Boggles and the Hillickers.

Which am I? You're Hillicker, Danny.

And all of you? We're blood. Yeah.

JACKSON: Our families tamed this land.

Reaped its rewards, the coal, the timber.

Others tried to chisel in on what we'd earned, but we had birthright.

That's for the lady. That's for you.

What's that? It's the family vintage.


JACKSON: See, like this brew, Hobb Springs is a testament to family.


JACKSON: It's a place for our folk to gather from far and wide.

With them came others.

Like your friends came with you.

And they bring temptation to stray.

Weakened our family, muddied our blood.


See, how do you preserve family strength?

How do you keep it pure? How? We stick to our own.

There's nothing to fear, sweetie. There's nothing to fear.

What happened to them? It's the price of purity.

Purity... Stick to our own....

That's right, Danny. Family. Uncle, cousin. Brother.

See, what was tradition became ritual.

And that ritual preserved our blood lines, it cleansed it even.

Our devotion was strong and rewarded, but when it was weak...

...we were punished.

So it's been for generations.

Lately, everything has gone wrong. No child comes to terms.

The ones that do, they don't survive.

And that's why we need you, Danny. Why?

See, only true blood will keep this family alive.

What do you mean?

Danny, you and me. Our blood is still true.

It belongs together.


Get the... Fuck!


(LAUGHING) Get the fuck off!


Danny! I know him.

No. You only think you do.


Ah! What the fuck?


I am sorry, I... I don't know. I don't know who you are.






Flesh is life.


Long life.








Guys. Oh!

Jesus, Toni.

Maybe it's Danny or Vic.

Come on.

Here. Toni, stay back.

Ready? On three.

One, two, three!

Oh, shit! Fuck!

I will say, we almost killed you, man! Danny! What the hell happened to you?

Huh? Wha...? What happened? I was drinking.

A lot. (LAUGHS) Drinking?

There was dancing.

Had a barbeque. Oh, yeah, sounds nice. Yeah.

Us? We were scared out of a sound sleep by some maniac banging on the fucking door!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down. I don't need this right now, Rod. OK?

Danny... are these scratches?

I don't know. You should know, huh? # Da, da... #

Stop. Stop. Hey, come on, dude. Danny. Come on, get off. Come on.

DANNY: All right, all right. Listen, we need to leave right now.

Fuck that. I am home.

This is not your home. You know what? You guys can leave.

Bryan and Jillian, they did. Vic did. What?

Vic left? Danny, what happened to Vic? How the fuck should I know?

Want to go? Stop! Come on! Don't!

You know what, guys? I am...

Why don't you just let me get some sleep, please.

Guys, I have never seen him this fucked up.

No. Should you guys carry him upstairs...

...or something? Yeah, but what about Vic?

I don't know.

Do you guys smell that?

Hold on. Charlie!




CHARLIE: Go, go!

(SOBBING) TONI: We have to get Danny to go.

Whether he wants to or not.



Get up, Charlie! Go!

Toni, go! (SOBBING)



Get Toni out of here right now!

Go now!















Where is he, Rod? We have to find him! No! We go and come back for help!

We can't leave him here! He wants to stay!

Don't you get that? I think he knows what's been going on!

No! No!

You saw when you asked about Vic.

No. Danny would never do that, Rod! Danny would never do that!

Listen to your brother for a change! No! Toni! Toni!
















Please don't shoot me. Where's Danny?

(LAUGHS) Where is Danny?

Where he belongs. What did you do to him?

Did you do something to him? But he liked it.


He doesn't know what you are. I do. I do!

So you think you know all of our secrets now?

You're murderers!

You eat people!

Don't you judge me.

I am going to tell Danny everything about you.

He knows.

That's why he's staying. To fill me with a baby.

And I can already feel that baby coming deep inside.


You're going to get yours now, girl!




You want to see what firewater does to that pretty face?






What the hell are you doing? (GROANING, PANTING)

DANNY: Oh, my God, Sally.

It's OK. Sh, sh...

You're trying to kill my family now? Family?

We're your family, Danny. The ones they killed. I told you to leave!

Not without you. You don't know me anymore. I have changed.

And you don't belong here. So just go before you get hurt!


Like Vic?

Like Bryan and Jillian, Danny? Hurt? They're not hurt! They're dead!

Just fucking leave!


You fucking hurt my sister. Huh?

Enough! Enough.

I said stop! Oh, no.

I am afraid I can't do that, Danny. She knows an awful lot.

No one will believe her. She knows that. Oh! That is not enough! You have me.

I am a Hillicker now. You don't need her too.

I am really sorry.

You see, we have our ways. (SCREAMS)


Don't worry, baby, I am going to make this real quick.

I will do it. What? I said I will do it.

I brought her here, and she's my responsibility.


You do it. TONI: No!

Make it fucking quick!


Oh, my God. (SOBBING)

No! No! No! No! You're taking too long, Danny.

Run. Fucking finish her! And don't look back.

You fucking...





Danny, no. I told you to leave.

I tried. You didn't listen. I couldn't.

Now you have gone and killed one of us. He was trying to kill me.

This isn't happening. I can't help you anymore.

(SOBBING) Just stop, Danny! This isn't you!


It's family.


You have a fantastic day, thank you.

DANNY: Hey, guys, how are you? Find the place OK?

Welcome to Hillicker Springs.

Just you wait until you have experienced our hot springs.

Boy, are they to die for. Now, go find your rooms, OK?

Enjoy your stay. I know I will.

How are you ladies? Hi.

Hey, how are you? You enjoying our all-protein buffet?

I have already lost six pounds. Wow!

Don't go disappearing on us now, OK? (LAUGHS)

Come on, boys, we have got more important work to do, huh?

Come on. Let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Don't worry.

We will keep trying and trying. It's not that.

What then, sweetie? I am just happy.