Wyatt Earp (1994) Script

They just moved out of the O.K. Corral down by Fly's.

Looks like ike and Billy Clanton...

The Mclaurys, Billy claiborne. Maybe more.

Let's go.

Morgan, take care of mama for me.

Keep your little brother out of trouble.

Warren, I won't be seeing you for a while.

Where you headed, Wyatt?


I thought you went to Logan. I changed my mind.

Where you going, son?

To town. I'm going to enlist, pa.

I wanna fight the rebs with James and virg.

I'm ready. Are you?

You think your ma's ready?

I don't think she is.

Why'd you wait till I left to take off, Wyatt, if you think it's the right thing?

Virgil and James should be coming on home any day soon now.

Until they do, you know your job.

What was that? I didn't hear you. Eighty acres of corn.

You take on a job, you finish it.

Any man who can't be depended on steady isn't worth the trouble of having around.

What makes you think they're coming home soon, pa?

This war can't last forever.

Besides, it's what I want to happen.

You know I gotta whup you a bit.

Come on, Johnny reb.



Look who got long and tall.

We didn't know you was coming. Why didn't you send word?

We didn't know ourselves, so then we thought we'd just come on.

Well, is James coming too?

James is right here with me, Wyatt.

Hey, Wyatt.

Don't shoot me now, you hear?


James, welcome home. Give us a hand here.

Oh, thank you, lord.

Your mother thinks there's something wrong with me.

She says there's something in my blood that won't allow me to stay put.

Well, she may be right.

If she's lucky, i haven't passed it on to you.

We'll see.

But for this family, the time has come to move on again.

To the west of here is a vast expanse of untamed territory...

Full of wild Indians and countless dangers.

But beyond that wilderness lies a land with great promise...

Where civilization has flourished for hundreds of years.

We'll go to California.

And see what we can make of that place. But why, pa?

There are opportunities for lawyers...

And rich land available for people who know how to work.

In California, Wyatt will study the law and perhaps come to work with me.

Maybe Morgan and Warren will join our firm.

I've already told pa that I'm not going. I wanna see what's available to me here.

I don't wanna go, either. Martha's in love with Jimmy jorgenson.

Good for you, Martha. He's a standup boy.

His family knows what it means to put down roots.

Martha, if you don't wanna go, that's your decision.

Well, James has said he will join us, which suits me fine.

The closer you keep your family, the better.

They're the only ones you can rely on. Remember this, all of you.

Nothing counts so much as blood.

The rest are just strangers.

Nicholas, I think you've already told them that.

A hundred times.

Well, you can't hear it enough. I heard it a thousand times.

I heard you, pa. Blood counts the most.

I want you to get these things and get back.

Don't talk to anyone you don't have business with.

Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on him. That doesn't comfort me, Tom Chapman.

Both of you use your heads.

Don't linger. Don't worry, ma. We won't shame you.


See you guys later. Nice pitchfork.

I like this town, Wyatt.

Why don't you give up?

Excuse me.

I'm not going in there. I'll take a look though.

Go ahead!

Walk away. It ain't worth the trouble.

Stand back, or I'll settle this right now.

How you doing, Wyatt?

I'm okay, pa.

You know this land is full of people doing wicked things to each other.

I ain't afraid. I like it out here.

I like how nothing much has been touched.

I gotta tell you something, Wyatt.

I told your brothers when they went off to fight. I suppose the time's come for you.

You know I'm a man that believes in the law.

After your family, it's about the only thing you got to believe in.

But there are plenty of men who don't care about the law.

Men who'll take part in all kinds of viciousness and don't care who gets hurt.

In fact, the more that get hurt, the better.

When you find yourself in a fight with such viciousness...

Hit first if you can.

And when you do hit... Hit t0 kill.

You'll know. Don't worry.

You'll know when it comes to that.

The Earps always know.

Damn it, Wyatt, move this wagon! They're catching up!

This is all we got, Dutch! Well, whip those nags!

Giddap! Giddap!

Hold on, Dutch!

They're on us!

Shoot the horse. What?

Shoot the lead horse!

You can hit a horse, can't you?

Come on, boys.

That horse never done nothing to me.

You should be riding shotgun. I've seen you shoot.

Of course, I can't handle a team like you.

Hell, we made it. That's the thing.

You ever shoot a man, Dutch?

Sure, I shot a few. How do you think I got this job?

How about yourself?


Hope I never do either.

Good luck.

Here, girl.

It's the sore-ass boys back for a fourth of July.

Hey, red. I hope you brought sugar in this load.

I ain't had no real sugar for a month.

What's happening in this hellhole, red? You got any new ladies up to my standards?

I believe there is a new one just right for you.

She can stay awake two minutes at a time, and she favors them teeny little wangers.

Look who's talking.

Prize fight Sunday morning, Wyatt. You gonna referee?

I don't know. Last time some of the boys didn't like the decision.

Sore losers. Hell with them. See you later.


Get him, shanssey! Keep your guard up, shanssey.

That's it. Take him down!

Hands! Keep your hands off!

One. Two. Three.

You're hurt, Mr. shanssey. No, I'm just getting started.

It's not worth it. Let me fight him.

Are you sure? Aye.


Enough. Enough.

It's over.

God bless you, boy. God bless you.

Hey. Hey, kid.

You don't know a boxing ring from a mule's asshole.

And you twice cost me money.

Sorry you didn't like the decision.

Hey. Stay out. It's not your fight.

Come on, Wyatt.

This is the damnedest game I ever saw. You can't get a spot now anyway.

So why don't you come on up with me for a while?

I don't know if that's the right thing to do, Sally.

See, I promised my heart to another.

Which girl? I'll fight her for you.

It's no one here.

She's back in Lamar, Missouri, where my grandparents live.

Missouri? Wyatt, she ain't gonna help you tonight.

I saw her three times back in '63.

The third time she smiled at me just right.


I guarantee you, she don't know what I know.

I'll bet you're right about that, unless things have changed in Lamar.

Hey, Wyatt.

Your boy, Dutch, is drunk and he's telling everybody how you're gonna take ed Ross.


Who's ed Ross?

He's the guy who decked you at the fight this morning.

Look, I'd get ahold of Dutch before he starts some real trouble for you, all right?

Thanks, red. Sure.

I know ed Ross. He's bad business.

I'd better find Dutch.

Gentlemen, that's it for me. You don't have to leave yet.

You done? All yours.

How do you play this game? Simple, friend.

Place your bet on a number to win.

If you're betting for it to lose, tap her with a penny on top.

All bets on the spread, comes the turn. The loser, Jack.

The winner is Ace.

I had a feeling this was a game for me. You're a winner, sir.

Now can we have a better time than this upstairs?

At least upstairs I'd be making some money.

Wyatt Earp!

That's my name.

Well, that don't mean shit to me or anybody else in this world.

And it never will after this night.

Ed, this boy ain't worth your trouble. Shut up, Sally.


I hear you was looking for me to make a fight.

So I thought I'd be easy to find.

You heard wrong, mister.

Only thing that's happened between us is I got popped good.

I don't wanna make a fight. Stop talking.


This man wanted to shoot me down...

Over nothing!

He lost.

I'm taking his gun.


Yes? Hello, Mrs. sutherland.

I don't expect you'll remember me... I know perfectly well who you are.

Your grandmother said you were coming back to Lamar.

Yes, ma'am. I'm reading the law with judge Earp.

Are those flowers for me?

Well, if you'd like them, then, yes, they are.

No, thanks. Let me see if urilla is around.

She might take them.

Hello, Wyatt.

Hello, urilla.

I brought you these.

Thank you.

I was glad to hear you were coming back to town.

You were? Yes, I was.

What's wrong?


Nothing. It's...

What is it, Wyatt?

Well, I wasn't prepared for how beautiful you are.

Did you learn to talk that way out west?

So you've come to Lamar to study with your grandfather?


And to marry you.

Do you think it's as simple as that? No.

I know it will take a great effort to win you.

I know many men have tried.

They failed because you were meant for me.

But I'll succeed. I'll begin today.

Is that your hat?

When do you expect to begin your practice, Wyatt?

It may be a while yet, sir.

The judge says he's never seen anybody make slower progress.

That's because the law is so damn boring.

Erwin, not everyone has the aptitude to be a blacksmith.

Oh, I don't know.

I think I could teach Wyatt here a thing or two...

If he was willing to work at it. I appreciate that, but I found a job.

I thought I ought to make a living while I continue my studies.

What is it, Wyatt? What's the job?

With the city police.

I'm to be a constable.

I figure a man who's about to propose marriage better have a livelihood.

When do you expect this proposal to happen, Wyatt...

So we can all join in the crying?

Daddy, Wyatt's proposed to me every day since he's been back in town.

Be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?

I do.

May we have the ring, please?

Place the ring on the ring finger of her left hand...

And repeat after me.

Urilla. Urilla.

With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring, I thee wed.

By the virtue of the authority vested in me as a judge of the state of Missouri court...

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Urilla, if it doesn't work out, you know where to find me.

Wyatt, you give it your best shot. You can do it.

Make us proud, Wyatt.

You've never seen such open space, urilla.

You can ride all day towards some mountain...

And never even get close.

There's practically nobody there.

The few people that are...

They just make up whatever kind of life they want.

What if you don't ever go back?

That's all right. I seen it.

I don't wanna be the reason that you're not happy, Wyatt.

I could be happy anywhere with you, urilla.

I don't care what job I have or where I live.

What I care about is being with you.

I thought this was only supposed to happen in the morning.

Please, Wyatt, let's not talk about it.

Urilla... Can't you let me be?

You can't go in.

I wanna see my girl. I can't allow it.

Has something gone wrong with the pregnancy?

This has nothing to do with that.

It's typhoid.

I'm going to have to quarantine the house.

I can't let you go in, Esther. It wouldn't be fair to the town.


Our blessed savior, who is himself the resurrection and the life...

Has assured us that this body, which we now commit to the ground...

Dust to dust and ashes to ashes, shall be raised in a perfect form...

And united to the spirit which has gone to god.

The grace of Jesus Christ...

And the love of god, and the communion of the holy ghost...

Come on. What's the matter with you?

What's the matter with you?

What the hell?

Come on. Back off.

This ain't no hotel, you stinking burn.

I can't tell you from the horse crap.

Keep walking.

Pardon me, sir.

I wonder if you could spare a fellow the price of a meal.

You're drunk.

No, sir, not at present. You reek of it and worse.

I'm not in the business of helping drunks.

You're correct, mister.

I have done my share of drinking lately, and I intend to correct my behavior.

And it would be a good...

It would be a good start if you could lend me the price of a meal.

There's no excuse for drunkenness.

Or for the self-pity which so often occasions it.

Yes, sir.

If you really want a meal, come with me, and I'll arrange it.

But I won't give you money.

Thank you, sir. I accept.

I don't know if they'll serve you here. Maybe they'll give you a meal in the back.


You don't know what you're talking about!

You want a snort? No.

Bob? Coming.

Here. You can have the hat, too! Son of a bitch!

That's a little better.

Leastwise, I can take you in my bed without you fouling it.

I'm sure you have your standards.

Don't think I don't.

Pretty new at this, ain't you? What?

Making a wreck of yourself.

Won't last much longer.

Gonna reform, are you, Ace?

Reckon I'll get myself shot dead pretty soon.

Let's find out what's left of you.

All right.



Horse thief.

How did you find...? Shut up! Do you wanna die?

That's what they do to horse thieves. They hang them.

I don't care...

Do you think you're the first man to lose someone?

That's what life is all about, loss.

But we don't use it as an excuse to destroy ourselves.

We go on. All of us.

Even you, Wyatt.

You're getting out of here.

I gave them $500 bail.

And I told them I'd defend you at your trial.

There's not gonna be any trial.

Because if they try you, they'll hang you.

And if they catch you, they'll hang you.

So you get on that horse, Wyatt, and you ride.

You keep riding till you get out of Arkansas.

And you don't come back here, ever.

Get them two, right there.


This could be the one.

I got it. I got it.

How about some hot coffee? We serve warm whiskey, not hot coffee.

Why don't you find me some coffee?

Coffee she is.

Excuse me, mister.

We saw you come in with your wagon, but we didn't see any skinners with you.

That's because there wasn't any.



That's as good as quit in my book.

My brother and me are looking for work as skinners.


My luck finally turned with those big stinking bastards.

Whiskey all around!

No, thanks. Wait a second, mister.

Link borland's buying, so drink up.

Thanks, but I got some coffee coming.

I don't do well on whiskey.

If you'd pay for my coffee, I'd be much obliged.


Mister, I've been in a real bad mood for a couple of years...

So why don't you leave me alone?

Drop your gun belt... And go away.

Got any experience?

A little.

It ain't too hard shooting a bunch of dumb animals.

Skinning's the ugly part.

Our mother didn't raise no shirkers.

Twenty-five dollars apiece. Mister, that's a deal.

My name is ed Masterson.

This is my brother... Bat.

What? Bat. Bat Masterson.


Okay, bat.

Wyatt Earp.

We got a brother named Jim too.

One brother?

That's all you boys got? One measly brother?

Well... better than nothing, I guess.

There's nothing counts so much as blood.

Everybody else is just strangers.

Well, I guess we know where we stand with old Wyatt here, don't we, ed?

You boys keep up that good skinning, you just might get to be family yet.

Of course, before you can be family...

I'd have to know where you got that name, bat.

It's just my name.

I already told you 10 times, Wyatt. They always called me that.

Shut up, ed.

I tell you what, ed. Tell me his real name, I'll let you do some shooting tomorrow.

It's Bartholomew. Bartholomew Masterson.


Why, bat, that's a beautiful name.

There's no reason to be ashamed of a $25 handle like that.

Maybe I'll just call you that all the time.


Sure you won't change your mind and take another run at them?

No, I'm gonna visit my brother James over in Wichita.

Meet his wife.

See if I can't figure out a better way to make a living...

Than shooting a bunch of dumb animals.

Don't hold much future, that's for sure.

Not with every asshole in the territory plugging away dawn till dusk.

That's us, ain't it?

Are all bets in?

Next card, loser is six, winner is eight.

Just in time, sir. Thank you.

That's good, Wyatt.

Gentlemen, hold your bets for the new dealer.


How's it going? I'm getting the hang of it.

I like that game. I wouldn't mind owning a place, I'll tell you that.

Last week you wanted to start a stage line. Or was that the silver mine?

Now we're gonna have our own saloon.

All I know is there's not much future in working for other people.

Who knows, Wyatt?

With what bessie makes, maybe we could get a bit together.

Hi there.

She's my wife, Wyatt.

You know I don't like counting on women.

Hell, I'd count on bessie ahead of any man I know.

What you got against her, anyhow?

Well, she's a whore, James. Yes, she is, Wyatt.

And a hard-working one at that.

What are you doing with her?

Same thing everyone else is doing with her.

Only difference is she doesn't charge me.

It doesn't bother you?

That she doesn't charge me? No, I'm rather fond of the arrangement.

On a good day, I can even get her to cook and clean a little.

What was that? I didn't hear you. Nothing.

Your arrangement doesn't bother you, i guess it doesn't bother rne.

That's a big load off my mind, Wyatt.

I've been losing sleep worrying about...

Whether or not my arrangement bothered you.

I got something for you!

Where are you, big man? Look out!

What in tarnation?

What the hell's going on here?

Rowdy Dubbs is in the iron spike, drunk and mad.

He's already shot one man. Ford here's gotta go in and get him.

Oh, no.

It's your job, isn't it?

Not anymore.

They don't pay me enough to commit suicide.

Give me it.

I see you out there!

My leg!

Oh, shut up.

I don't see anybody else in there, but maybe you'd better check around.

Young man, how'd you like a job? I got a job over at pryor's dealing faro.

Seventy-five dollars a month.

I don't know. Being a deputy isn't... I'll make it 100...

But don't hold me up for more. A hundred dollars?

What's the marshal gonna say?

Marshal meagher's gonna like you just fine, deputy.

This could be trouble.

Hold on, Mike. Don't shoot him.

How are you, Wyatt? This is my no-good brother, Morgan.

As opposed to your no-good brother, James.

That's right. Morgan, meet marshal meagher.

Nice to meet you. You too.

Now, take off those guns.

Do what? Take off your guns.

Take them off.

When'd you get to town? About an hour ago.

This boy would make one hell of a deputy. Might have an opening some time.

If we do, he can put them back on.

It's really good to see you, Morgan. You, too, Wyatt.

Come on. I wanna show you something.

Go ahead. Come on!

You're not gonna believe this, Wyatt. Hold on to your hat.

Or maybe just take it off.

You decent, hon?

Here he is.

Lou, this is him.

This is my big brother.

How do you do, ma'am? It's a pleasure to meet you, James.

This is Wyatt, not James. We'll find James later.

Lou and I met out in California when I was out to see the folks.

Isn't she the sweetest thing you ever seen?

I believe she is.


Wyatt Earp!

Don't shoot.

If you miss me, it'd destroy your reputation.

Mister, I ain't in the mood.

Larry deger from dodge city.

People tell me you the man I'm looking for.

We used to see 30,000 head of cattle come through in a season.

Hell, this year looks closer to 300,000.

Think about it.

How much? Seventy-five a month.

I'm making more than that here. Plus $2.50 for every arrest.

I need help and lots of it. Things are already out of hand.

So you're looking for more than one? Hell, yes.

You know anyone you can trust?

I might know a few.

I'm Wyatt Earp.


Wyatt Earp!

Who the fuck is Wyatt Earp?

It appears to be just some asshole.

He's the asshole who enforces the law.

There ain't no law in dodge city. That's right.

Not for the clements crew.

Stand down.

We got some new laws since you boys were here.

Tell them, Morgan.

All visitors will check their guns immediately upon arrival.

That'll be the day.

No discharge of firearms within the city limits...

Except on the fourth of July and Christmas day.

No riding into the stores...

Saloons, the dance halls, or the gambling houses.

And no public intoxication.

Mannen, what's that supposed to mean, public intoxication?

I think what it means is we done enough talking.


It means if you do anything we don't much approve of...

We got a legal right to shoot you down.

You the one that's gonna try it?

Mr. clements, your men respect you.

And I don't wanna do anything to take away from that.

I'm sure you've earned it.

You and your boys are welcome in dodge city...

As long as you obey the law.

But if you don't wanna cooperate...

I'll open you up right now with this shotgun so wide...

Your whole crew's gonna see what you had for breakfast.

After that it won't matter much what happens next, will it?

Give up your guns, boys.

Only ones you need now are sitting right between your legs.

The job don't pay a salary to start. No salary?

Pays $2.50 for every arrest.

Wyatt cleared, what, $1000 last month?

Hell, how many is that? A lot.

You've got yourself a bit of a reputation, Wyatt.

It's a tricky thing, the reputation business, bat.

I gotta tell you, not all a man hears is good.

We heard about you all the way over in abilene.

What're they saying?

That people in dodge are complaining you're too quick to bash a man...

Just because you don't like the way he looks.

You just tell me what son of a bitch is complaining, and I'll go bash him.

Look, there are plenty of people around here who like Wyatt.

Let's see, there's me, there's Virgil...

There's me...

You might as well get broke in sometime.

Why don't you boys handle this one?

Evening. I understand, let me tell you...


Looks like you boys have been doing some drinking.

Yeah? What makes you say that? Intuition, I guess.

We're glad you're having a good time...

But you know there is a city ordinance against wearing firearms in town.

Says who? Says the law, that's who.

Bat, you're being about as sociable as an ulcerated molar.

These boys, they don't...

Shit, Wyatt!

You talk too much, ed.

You didn't have to do that, Wyatt.

Holy... I'll be a son of a bitch. How...?

That fella could've gone for his gun after he saw you buffalo his friend.


He was so drunk he couldn't have hit the ground with his hat in three tries.

I'm just saying, I believe I could've talked those guns off him, Wyatt.

Ed, if I were you, I'd look for another line of work.

Politics, maybe.

Ed's got a different style is all, Wyatt. People like it.

You could get killed in this line of work, ed.

You could get people around you killed.

Wyatt, we're just getting started. I know.

When I hit that fella, bat, your first instinct...

Was to pull your weapon and cover me.

This is a harsh land, ed.

It doesn't suffer fools.

I'm not a fool, Wyatt.

No, you're not.

But you're not a deliberate man, ed.

I don't sense that about you.

You're too affable.

Don't do that, Wyatt. Please.

You know how I feel. I want to, Mattie.

I could make you happy, Wyatt. I know I could.

You just give me a chance. I could be a wife to you.

I care for you, but I'm not gonna tell you things that aren't true.

I don't wanna hurt you, Mattie, but if seeing me causes you pain...

No. No.

We have time.

I have to give you time, that's all. You'll see.

Only, don't leave money on my dresser, please.


Unless it's because you wanna take care of me.

Is that how you mean it, Wyatt?

Bat. Ed.

Wyatt, the mayor's asked us to come get you.

The mayor? Is something going on?

Some people are concerned about the way you've been handling things, Wyatt.

What do you think, ed?

There's been some complaints.

From some in jail, maybe, not from citizens.

Some of them too.

I'm just saying this out of friendship, Wyatt, so you know.

All I know is the mayor wants to see you.

He asked us to find you. That's what we did.

You know, Donovan went all the way to a title shot after that bout.

Don't know what shape I'd be in today if you hadn't have stopped that fight.


What are you doing in these parts, Wyatt?

I thought you was the deputy marshal in dodge.

I was...

Till the city fathers forgot to renew my contract.

Too much of a hard-ass, I guess.

Well, you are, Wyatt. Everybody knows that.

Who replaced you? A fella named Masterson.

Bat Masterson? No.

It was his brother ed.

What's he like?

He's affable.

Very affable.

What are you up to?

I'm doing a job for the railroad. Looking for a fellow named Dave rudabaugh.

Know him? Yeah.

I heard he might be headed this way.

Well, he come through here all right, but where he went I couldn't tell you.

What'd he do?

He robbed the Santa fe train three times, looks like.

There is somebody who might know something.

If he does, he'll probably tell you. He hates rudabaugh.

His name's doc holliday. He's a killer, isn't he?

He's killed some.

He owes me a couple of favors, and he's as good as his word.

He's dying of tuberculosis.

He travels with a whore named big nose Kate...

But he's not her pimp.

You take me to him?

Doc. John.

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt Earp.

I've heard that name somewhere. Don't know where, but it wasn't good.

Mind if we sit down?

I'm looking for Dave rudabaugh.

There's a reward for information about him.

Are you a lawman, Wyatt Earp?

You are not wearing a badge. Are you ashamed of your profession?

I myself was a dentist. I was proud to be a dentist.

I did not hide the fact that I was a dentist.

How are your teeth, Wyatt Earp?

They're working all right.

Well, take good care of them. They cannot be replaced.

I am no longer a dentist. I'm a sporting man. That is my work now.

In Georgia, we were taught that a man should take pride in his work.

Have you ever been to Georgia, Wyatt Earp?

Beautiful state, Georgia.

Very green. I was forced to leave Georgia.

I fear that I will never see it again.

I'm sorry.

Do you believe in friendship, Wyatt Earp?

So do I.

Do you have many friends?

John here has been a friend to me when most men were not.

Dave rudabaugh is an ignorant scoundrel. I disapprove of his very existence.

I considered ending it myself on several occasions...

But self-control got the better of me.

Besides, I'm a sporting man...

Not a killer.


Tell me about the reward, Wyatt Earp.

You'd be doing me a favor if you would call me either Wyatt or Earp.

Not both.

All right.


Call me doc.

Hey, bartender.

Howdy, friend.

You ain't my friend.

True enough, but I am the law here...

And the law says that you can't wear the gun in town. Hand it over.

What if I don't?

I'll have to take it away from you. You'll go to jail. You'll miss the party.

You don't want that, now, do you?

Give it to me!

Don't give it back till they leave town.

Thank you.

I sure will do that. Okay, good. You have a good night.

That one laying over there... I didn't see who it was.


Bat, I'm shot.


Oh, god.

Oh, god!

Let's go.

My name is Wyatt Earp.

It all ends now!

Hello, doc. Wyatt...

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Kate elder.

Nice to meet you, miss elder. Charmed, I'm sure.

You can call me big nose Kate. Everybody else does.

No, it's not that big. All kinds of reasons a person gets a name.

I couldn't agree more, ma'am.

This is my brother Virgil, bat Masterson. Doc holliday.

Bat Masterson. You're the man that killed sergeant king in Sweetwater.

Got you in the leg, I understand.

My congratulations to you, sir. King was a skunk of the first order.

I wish you'd got him before he shot poor Molly Brennan.

She was a sweet girl. Yes, she was, ma'am.

So, what brings you to dodge city, doc? I guess I missed you, Wyatt.

This is where the money is.

Anything else?

Well, perhaps you've heard, we had an unfortunate incident in fort Griffin...

Entirely beyond our control.

It seemed a good time to move on.

Hope we won't have anything unfortunate happen in dodge.

Oh, likewise, I'm sure.

I'll be checking my gun as soon as we find a suitable hotel.

I look forward to more civilized surroundings.



Maybe he ought to check his knife too.

I heard he cut that man in Texas from his belly to his dick.


Don't know what you want, Wyatt. This setup seems pretty sweet to me.

We're making good money. Looks like we'll get a piece of the alhambra faro bank.

There's never been a man that got rich working on a salary, that much I've learned.

If you wanted to get rich, you went into the wrong line of work.

That's what I'm saying.

Think it's gonna be any different in tombstone?

Can't say, but there's silver there. And opportunity.

The town's booming, Virgil.

They're gonna need saloons, stage lines, hotels, you name it.


Did it ever occur to you that maybe we're doing the only thing we're any good at?

Goodbye, Allie. Bye.

I'll see you a little later.

What's this all about? I don't know.

Where you going? Allie says they wanna talk to you alone.

Wyatt. Allie.


Thanks for coming, Wyatt.

You're probably wondering what this is about.

You're damn right.

We've been talking. We like it here in dodge.

We want you to stop talking to our husbands about going to tombstone.

All that nonsense about mining claims and starting your own businesses.

They all listen to you, Wyatt. They'll do what you say.

I know Morgan will.

We'd like you to just leave well enough alone.

Just for once, let the Earps settle down somewhere.

Is that right?

You brought me here to tell me that without my brothers?

Stop talking and start shooting. They're upstairs.

It's that goddamn holliday and his whore! Where is it? Where'd you put it?

Never again, you bastard! You've raised your hand to me for the last time!

Kate! It's Wyatt! I'm coming in!

Don't shoot me!

Where'd you hide it?

Come on, little dove.

Let's finally get it over with.

Don't think I won't, you skinny heap of pus.

I won't have you hit me ever again.

Put that gun down, Kate.

I don't want you shooting me by mistake.

Year after year, sleeping in his bed...

Breathing the diseased air he coughs up all night!

No one else would come near him! This is what I get!

This is his idea of a fair hand!

You won't be shooting him tonight, Kate. Let her do it.

They can hang the bitch. We'll both be happy.

What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me?

What have you got?

I am dying of tuberculosis.

Everyone who knows me hates me.

I sleep with the nastiest whore in Kansas...

And every morning I wake up surprised.

Surprised I have to spend another day in this piss-hole world.

Not everybody that knows you hates you.

What were you fighting about this time?

I don't recall.

But like most times, when Kate and i disagree, we set to killing each other.

All of you can kiss my rebel dick.

I know sometimes it isn't easy being my friend...

But I'll be there when you need me.

They say it was the biggest funeral in the history of dodge.

Of course, the town ain't that old.

People liked ed.

We've covered some ground, haven't we?

What is it, Wyatt?

I've had it with being a lawman, bat.

Had enough of being famous.

I'm sick of dodge.

What are you two doing? Can't you wait to get in here?

We're saying goodbye.

I'm leaving dodge, doc.

Hallelujah. I'll drink to that. I'm gonna settle down...

Start some kind of business where nobody wants to shoot rne anymore.

My brothers and I are going.

You're both welcome to come along.

Where is that? Tombstone, Arizona.


It does sound quiet, I'll give you that.

The man we've been waiting for.

Come on in. Here you go.

Set it right down on that bench, son. Okay.

Our savior has arrived.

Oh, yeah. Here you go.

Thank you, Mr. Earp. You're welcome.

Morg, honey, food's ready.

Come on, sweetie. I'll be right there, little darling.

I'm gonna be sick.

Wyatt, the food's on the table.

Good, Mattie. That way we'll know where to find it when we're finished.


In mining claims, we got the mountain maid mine, the Mattie blaylock, the grasshopper.

Why haven't you named a mine after me'?

They will, Lou. They're gonna call the next one the idiot.

Damn it, bessie, you know something...

Bessie, shut up and have yourself a drink.

Go ahead, Wyatt.

We're about 50-50 between the mines that are producing...

And the mines that are... Worthless.

That are not producing.

In other words, we ain't seen a dime's profit from the lot.

Not "in other words," James. Those are the words.

Incomes, we got our salaries...

Plus James' sampling room, and a half interest in the oriental faro bank...

And a quarter interest in one at the crystal palace.

From the sound of it, you'd think we'd have some money by now.

I'm afraid we're about as rich as lawmen are ever gonna be.

When you get through with the talk, that's what we are.

That's good enough for me, sweetheart. I married you for your looks.

I guess you lost out all around.

We have close to $14,000 cash between us.

Why don't we just split it up, and everybody do what they like?

What we've gotta decide is how to invest it.

Don't you ignore me, Wyatt.

If somebody voted you king of this family, i didn't hear about it.

You dragged us down here with a lot of talk about owning businesses and getting rich.

Now here you are a year later, a bunch of lawmen and bartenders, just like before.

Some things haven't worked out like we'd like. That's nobody's fault.

We didn't come here to split up stakes. We're trying to build something.

Why does it always have to be the brothers together?

Why can't it just be you and me, James?

They're afraid to say anything, but they're thinking the same as me.

We are your wives. Don't we ever count more than the damn brothers?

No, bessie, you don't.

Wives come and go, that's the plain truth of it.

They run off.

They die.

You're a cold man, Wyatt Earp.

God forgive you, you are cold.


I'm sorry if I hurt you today.

That was not my intention.

Let's have children, Wyatt.

Mattie. You're always talking about family.

Well, let's have children. A family of our own. Our children, yours and mine.

Before I'm too old for it.

Before I dry up inside. I can feel it, Wyatt.

A part of me is starting to die.

It's not too late.

Children aren't a part of the bargain, Mattie.

They never were.

They're no good.

That you, Frank Stillwell, and you, Pete Spence...

Did, on the evening of September 8, 1881, rob the Sandy Bob stagecoach...

On the road from tombstone to Bisbee. How do you plead?

Not guilty. And that's not all I gotta say!

You'll get your chance.

Spence? I didn't do nothing, judge.

It's all a setup job by those damn Earps and marshal white.

Look at me, judge. This is the way they treat you...

When you come nice and easy-like to defend your good name.

Nice and easy, my ass. Quiet, everyone.

Now, there's enough evidence and eyewitnesses to warrant an indictment.

I'll set your bail at $7000 each.

Have you the means? They got it!

We'll stand that money, judge.

Get them away from these bastards. Before they're lynched!

There ain't an honest cowboy can get a fair shake in this town.

First, why don't you show me an honest cowboy?

Enough! The next man that speaks out will be fined $25 contempt of court.

Your honor, $25 wouldn't pay for half the contempt I got for this court.

Bailiff, collect $50 from curly bill brocius.


Didn't take them long to get back on the road.

The Clantons and the Mclaurys paid their bail. It's the law.

The same for them as it is for you or me.

Then I guess it don't work too well, John.

Ike, what happened?

You're a little late, Johnny.

What is wrong with you, Fred? Why didn't you send word...

When you caught up with them? Didn't know where you were.

I'm the county sheriff! Those men were caught in my jurisdiction.

I should've been at that hearing. They had enough friends there as it was.

We've been all over hell looking for those two.

Maybe you weren't looking hard enough, Johnny.

All over hell, huh?

Sounds like yourjurisdiction, all right.

The outlaw's best friend would like a word with you.

Hold your bets for the new dealer. All right, place your bets.

Just tonight, Wyatt. To peace. No exceptions.

No exceptions.

That about sums you up, doesn't it? What's on your mind?

You're headed for war with ike Clanton and the men he rides with.

And it's all over nothing.

You and ike want the same things. The same things we all want.

Really? That's right. To prosper.

To have some security for our family.

You did not come to tombstone to be a lawman again, Wyatt.

You are an entrepreneur.

You're full of ideas for making the Earps rich.

Nothing good can come from you interfering...

With the business of the Clantons and the Mclaurys.

Only blood.

But with a little cooperation, a little "live and let live"...

Everyone can make out.

How's that? Money, lots of money...

To be shared with everyone who helped.

I know you.

That's what you've always been after. You've forgotten something.

The Clantons and their friends are rustlers.

What do you care what they do?

They don't tell you how to run your games.

They're murderers and thieves.

They rob the stagecoaches my brothers and I are paid to protect.

One of those bastards shot bud philpot, who never did a thing to anybody...

Your best friend doc holliday is one of the worst killers in this territory.

Some people say he was in on that robbery that got bud killed.

Hell, even big nose Kate said it. That was your work, Johnny.

You got her drunk and mad to say that. And I'm sick of hearing your lies!

Go to your friends. Tell them, if they wanna make a fight with the Earps...

They know where to find us!

Good morning, Maria.

Morning, George. Good morning, Virgil.

How are you, George?

Look at behan.

He'd lick himself all over if he could, he's so whipped up.

What's with him? His woman's coming back...

From San Francisco on the Prescott stage. A Jewish girl.

I never knew him to have one woman.

Guess you haven't seen her yet, Wyatt. Oh, he's been busy while she was gone...

But I reckon he stay home tonight.

Evening, miss. Good evening.

Are you taking a walk?

I am.

Is that a problem?

Could be in this town.

A young woman walking alone in the evening...

People could get the wrong impression.

What impression would that be? Far as I know, the red light district...

Is the other end of town. I didn't mean to imply that.

It's just that you should have an escort.

Well, Mr. Earp, I can either be a shut-in or walk alone on the streets of tombstone.

I appreciate your concern.

I saw you once before.

Before you came to tombstone, in dodge city.

You were in a show.

I know. I saw you too.

I saw you, and then you killed a man.

So I said:

"What are you afraid of, darling?

You're not some red lnjun that thinks the camera's gonna steal your soul."

And she said, "no, Johnny."

I'm afraid that someone besides you might see it."

But I assured her that would never happen.

Bob, you seen James around? Not lately, I haven't.

Wyatt, you gotta take a look at this.

Danny, I am sure Marshal Earp is too upstanding, righteous...

And married...

To be interested in a naked picture of a young Jewish woman.

You're a damn fool, behan. Maybe.

But I'm the fool that climbs into bed with that every night.

What's she doing with you, Johnny? Just about anything I can think of.

How much detail do you want?

It ain't right, shooting a man when he don't know it's coming.

I'll give him one in the face just for you.

You ain't doing any shooting tonight.

That's curly bill's job. Frank?

Where's the commotion, Frank? Don't worry about that. Got a spot?

Yeah, I got one. We're close.

I don't know if I like that one or not. It's not quite my style.

I like that hat. The black one?

All right, boys, let her rip.

Wait for me at home.

Clanton, move!

All right, boys, that's enough. Put down the guns.

Drop them.

That'll be enough fun for now, bill. Hand it over.

Damn, you can't have a little fun in this town.

Whether it was just some drunken fun that got out of control...

A mistake, as you say, you were just trying to hand over your firearm...

When it accidentally discharged...

Or whether it was another heinous crime, carefully planned...

And maliciously premeditated, we'll have to wait for a jury of your peers to decide.

But what we know already is this...

You have robbed the people of tombstone of a precious resource.

Fred white was a brave lawman, a loving father and husband...

A loyal friend and a good man, which you, William brocius, are not.

Your bail is set at $15,000. Virgil, you're the acting marshal now.

Take him out of my sight.

Behan's not here. I'm not looking for Johnny.

He's horseshit.

We found something to agree on.

Maybe you've heard about the private photograph...

My former fiancé was showing around?

Or maybe you've seen it.

It seems every man in town has.

You shouldn't be in here. I've been in worse places than this.

You mean you want me to go somewhere with you?

I heard a story about you.

About you and a prisoner named Tommy o'Rourke.

Tommy behind-the-deuce, they called him.

Is it true what they say? How you saved him?

People make up a lot of things.

Sometimes even I don't know what really happened.

I know this though...

The stories are always better.

Is Mattie Earp your wife?

We've been together a while.

She uses my name.

I owe her that at the least.

I'm not gonna marry Johnny behan.

I never thought you would.

What would you know about it, Mr. Earp? Wyatt.

You don't know anything about me.

I knew a lot about you the minute you got off that stagecoach.

Like what?

That you're a brave young woman.

That you came out to a place like this on your own...

To a man you knew wasn't right for you...

Because you liked the adventure of it all.

I've never been afraid of much.

You're afraid to say my name.

Why would I be afraid of that?

Because you know once you do, that'll be it.

You've got a lot of confidence, Mr. Earp.

I believe you're trying to seduce me.

What do people call you?



What makes you different from all the men who've tried what you're trying?

I guess you know, Josie. No, ldont.

Then say it.

All right.

I don't know what you're talking about...


Come on, brocius, let's go.

Come on!

Get on your horse, bill, before they shoot you down in cold blood.

You had your last chance, and you let it go. There ain't gonna be no more talking.

You talk too much for a fighting man, ike.


I've seen your kind my whole life. There's never been but one way...

To deal with any of you. Your day is coming. Get ready.

Why not make it today?

I cannot speak for everyone, but personally...

I am getting sick to my stomach of all your empty yellow talk.

If you wanna make a fight with these boys, why not get it over with...

Right now? You're the first on my list, holliday.

Spend the rest of your time waiting to see me.

Mclaury, seeing you would be a nice change.

I understand most of your enemies got it in the back.

We ain't through.

I think we ought to just kill them all.

You know, Morg, Wyatt's my friend, but I believe I'm beginning to love you.

Wyatt, tell me about Missouri.

I loved a girl, Josie.

I loved her more than I'll ever love anyone else as long as I live.

I married her, and we were going to have a child, and she died.

And our child with her.

I wanted to die too.

I burned everything we owned.

The pictures...

The baby clothes she'd made...

Ribbons from her hair.

I tried to burn out everything I'd felt back there.


I'm not asking for any more than you can give me.

I just wanna be close to you.

I wanna be lying here next to you when we're 80.

I never thought about living that long.

But if I do, you can bet all I'll be doing is lying here.

Then we better not waste any time.

Wyatt, I think you better come with me.

Doc goodfellow says she's gonna be okay.

She took a dose of laudanum with her whiskey.

It looks like she was trying to kill herself.

Lucky we found her in time. Lucky somebody came around.

Where would she get this?

Probably over in Chinatown. It's not hard to find in tombstone.



Go back to your Jew whore.

If I was married to him, I'd drink a gallon of the stuff.

Allie, shut up.

It's all right, dear.


Give me a bottle and a glass, clem. What?

Don't make me ask you twice.

Gentlemen, this game is losing its allure.

I'm out.

Don't mind if I do.

If you're gonna break the fast, the least you can do is invite a friend.

I'm not in the mood for talking, doc. You know how it is with me.

You don't have to do much talking when I'm around.

Wyatt, you ever wonder why we've been a part...

Of so many unfortunate incidents, yet we're still walking around?

I have figured it out.

It's nothing much, just luck.

And you know why it's nothing much, Wyatt?

Because it doesn't matter much whether we're here today or not.

I wake up every morning looking in the face of death, and you know what?

He ain't half bad.

I think the secret old Mr. death is holding...

Is that it's better for some of us over on the other side.

I know it can't be any worse for me.

Maybe that's the place for your Mattie.

For some people this world ain't ever gonna be right.

Is that supposed to let me off the hook?

There is no hook, my friend.

There's only what we do.

Well, it won't be for long.

After tomorrow, this town's gonna smell a whole lot better.

Ike, why don't you slow down on that? Don't tell me to slow down.

I've waited long enough as it is.

Those Earps and their skinny diseased friend...

Are gonna find out what a real fight is all about.

I'm moving on.

If you're smart, you'll go back to the hotel to get some sleep.

You're gonna need some help if you're gonna take on the Earps.

I got friends. They're coming tomorrow. You'll see.

And then this town is gonna thank us for what we done.

Ike, if you're gonna talk like that, you'd best take it somewheres else.

Good evening.

How you fellas doing? Not bad. Good to see you.

Shut up, I'm tired of hearing your noise.


I hear you're gonna kill me.

Get out your gun and commence. I ain't heeled, doc.

You scum-sucking bastard, if you ain't heeled, go and arm yourself.

I shall meet you in the street.

Who'll give this yellow-bellied prick a gun?

Doc. Doc, that's enough.

I ain't gonna fight you tonight, doc, but your fight's coming soon enough.

My mama always told me never put off till tomorrow people you can kill today.

Doc, he ain't armed, and he's drunk.

There ain't no law against killing drunks.

If you intend to open your lying mouth about me or my friends again...

Then go heeled and ready to fight!

Josie, what are you doing here? Ike Clanton's been going around...

Saying they're gonna shoot the first Earp who shows his face.

Just ike?

Wyatt, come away with me now. We'll leave the trouble behind and go.

Leave? I'm not gonna leave. Please, Wyatt.

I don't wanna see you shot down in a street fight I don't understand.

This is where we live.

My brothers and me, we've staked it all on this place.

It's nothing, Wyatt. It's a mining camp, dirty and small-minded.

It's our home...

And I'm not leaving, Josie.

Not for the Clantons or the Mclaurys or anybody.

Not even you.

Then give me a gun.

Give me a gun, I'll kill anyone who tries to hurt you.

Go home, Josie.

Thinking about you could get me killed.


I love you, Wyatt.

If you leave me, I'll kill myself.

I'll do it this time, I swear.

I swear before god almighty i will kill myself. It'll be on your head.

Do you hear me?

If you don't break off with that whore, you will come back and find me dead.

Talk to me, you cold-hearted son of a bitch.

There are men out there i may have to kill, Mattie.

I don't have time for this today.


Marshal, they're around there, sir.

You heard?

You know how many?

I wonder if curly bill and them boys come in.

What did you hear? Ike's been up all night drinking...

Trying to screw up the courage to kill us.

Billy Clanton, Frank Mclaury, and Billy claiborne came in this morning.

Curly bill? Indian Charlie? I don't know, Morg.

Could be anybody's here.

Where's holliday? He hasn't been around.

All right, let him sleep.

How do you wanna handle this, Wyatt?

I'm gonna have some coffee.

Give me one of those cigars. Sure.

Is there gonna be a fight, Wyatt?

I think there must be.

Do you want some help?

Thanks, clem.

They just moved out of the o.K. Corral down by fly's.

It looks like ike and Billy Clanton...

The Mclaurys, Billy claiborne. Maybe more.

Let's go.

Where the hell are you going?

We're going down the street. I think I'll join you.

We intend to disarm them and take them in, doc. You understand?

Oh, I understand, Virgil, but do you think they will?

Put that under your coat.

No use provoking them until we get a chance to talk.

Hell, I've heard enough talk already.

There is likely to be some trouble.

Now hold on here.

Don't go down there. There'll be trouble. We're just gonna take their guns.

No. No, there's no need for that, i disarmed them.

Then there won't be any trouble, Johnny.

Let them have it.

All right.

You sons of bitches have been looking for a fight. Now you can have it.

Throw up your hands.

I want your guns.

No, Frank, don't shoot!

Wyatt! Wyatt, no, I didn't want this!

I ain't armed! I ain't... Billy!

Billy, no! Billy!

Frank! Frank!


Look out. Get out of my way.

Take them down to the house, Jack.

Allie, don't let him move too much.

Wyatt, I'm taking you in.

No, he didn't. No, he didn't.

Easy, Morg. Easy, Morg.

Where's virg and doc? Don't try and talk.

Where's the doctor? Yonder.

Wyatt, I'm gonna have to arrest you. Wyatt!

Get him down to the house. I'm not gonna be arrested today, Johnny.

Not by you and not by anybody else.

In the name of god, Wyatt, there has been enough blood today.

I reckon that's the Earp family business.


Oh, god, are you all right? I'm okay, Josie.

You go home now. No, I wanna stay...

Josie, go home. It might not be over.

John, would you see her home? Miss, Wyatt's right.

They murdered them! Them Earps shot them in cold blood!

Ike's been in here all morning threatening to kill them. It was a fair fight!

Break it up. Break it up.

Everybody who's not family, get out. Allie, clear this chair for her.

Don't tell me what to do in my own home. Allie.

Men may be coming into town to kill us all today.

It's not important what you think of me. We have to cooperate.

So clear the goddamn chair!

What happened to her?

This, a lot of it.

Oh, lord.

Mattie. Come on, Mattie.

Nobody by the house, Jack.

It's your fault this happened.

I wanted to get away from here, but he wouldn't leave you.

You and your precious brothers. Well, damn you to hell, Wyatt Earp.

Well, here we are... One big happy family.

Wyatt. John.

What are you doing here with him? Wyatt, I'm here as your friend.

We have warrants for you, doc, Morgan, and Virgil for the crime of murder.

Your brothers can stay here until they recover...

But he's here to bring you in.

Behan was afraid if he came with his deputies, there'd be blood shed.

Johnny's not as dumb as I thought. Wyatt, the warrants are legal.

I won't let them use the law to kill me and my family, John.

I won't allow that. What'll it take, Wyatt?

I need to know my family is safe.

You boys are finally treating me the way I deserve to be treated.

Let's drop him, Jack. You got it.

And that one's Wyatt's. I'll come back for the rest of them.

Easy, now. Virg.

Ain't no fire.

I don't wanna go to no hotel. We're all going.

I don't wanna. Where's my medicine?

Did you take my medicine? I want... I want my medicine.

Allie, help her.

Calm down, dear. What?

Tell me, what is it?

We got somebody on the roof? No.

All right, put somebody up there, Sherm.

No. No.

You son of a bitch, you've brought your whore.

Mattie. You think I haven't heard?

You think I haven't heard them laughing behind my back.

Wyatt and his heeb whore. Mattie!

I won't stay under the same roof with that.

Don't you talk about me.

Who is she? I'm your wife. Goddamn it, that's enough!

Wyatt, I told you this would happen. Both of you!

I'm your wife. I am.

I'm your wife, Wyatt.

Quiet, everyone.

Quiet, please.

In view of the controversies between the Earps, Clantons and the Mclaurys...

And the quarrel the night before between Isaac Clanton and John holliday...

I am of the opinion that the defendant, Virgil Earp, as chief of police...

Subsequently calling upon his brothers and holliday to assist him...

In arresting and disarming the Clantons and the Mclaurys...

Committed an injudicious and censurable act.

No. Ridiculous. They were keeping the peace.

Yet when you consider the existence of a law-defying element in our midst...

And consider the many threats made against the Earps...

I can attach no criminality to his unwise act.

Moreover, the evidence taken before me in this case would not, in my judgment...

Warrant a conviction of the defendants by trial jury of any offense whatever.

I order the defendants to be released.


A blind man could have made that shot.

Now you're gonna have to show me something.

Look who don't know if he's coming or going.

You're just in time to watch me whip Bob's ass for, what, 50th time?

"Fiftieth time?"

Wyatt, maybe you can answer a question that's been dogging me for years.

What's that?

How come Morgan here is the only Earp who's completely full of shit?

Bob, the whole family wants to know the answer to that one.

Get down. Hide yourself. Find a gun. Take that gun!

We sent for the doctor and Lou, Wyatt. It's gonna be all right, Morg.

Go find James and Virgil Earp. Go.

Marshal Earp, you gotta come quick.

It's your brother, Morgan.

What's wrong? He's at hatch's. Hurry.

They got me, Wyatt.

Don't let them get you.

You're not gonna die on me, Morg.

I won't let you.

Set my legs out straight.

They are, Morg.

It won't be long now.

Where's Lou? She's coming.

She's coming.


I heard gunfire. I came to see what's going on.


No.No! No!

How is he?

You can see for yourself.

Wyatt, he wants to take my arm.

Don't let him cut it off.

You heard him, doc.

Either way he's gonna be a cripple, if he doesn't bleed to death.

At least I'll be a two-armed corpse.

Virg, please.

You never mind. I still got one good arm to hug you with.

Where's Morgan?

Where's Morgan?


I don't want them taking a shot at you.


So sorry, Wyatt.

I loved that boy...

Like he was my own little brother.

What do you wanna do?

Kill them all.

Hold it right there. I was just going in.

Nobody's going in there. Well, I'm here to see Wyatt Earp.

Who's here to see Wyatt Earp?

It's all right.

I've come to help bring Morgan home to ma and pa in California.

I'm glad you're here, Warren.

It's time to go now, Mattie. Sure, sugar.

Off to California with the Earps.

You're the only brother that hasn't been shot.

That's not fair.


Wyatt! It's all right.

It was an accident.


Mattie, if you wanna go on the train with the others, you'll have to go now.

I don't know when I'll be back here.

Go to hell.

When you do come back, I'll be gone.

If you keep up with that stuff, it'll kill you.

What do you care?

I don't anymore.

John holliday?


It's from Bob Paul in Tucson.

He says ike Clanton, Frank Stillwell, and their friends are in Tucson.

They've been watching the trains.

Somebody in tombstone told them we were coming.


We'll go as far as Tucson, get you out of the territory.

You'll stay on the train and help James and the women...

Get Virgil and Morg back to California.

James and them can get Morgan back.

Wyatt, if you're going after the men that did this, I'm going with you.

All aboard!


James will watch the back door.

You watch that one.

Anybody tries to come on, shoot them.

You murdered my brother.




It's me, Sherm.



Okay, Wyatt.

Let's go.

It's all right, Virgil.

That's one for Morgan.


Finish it.

Marshal Earp.

Thought you better take a look at this.

I haven't shown it to sheriff behan yet.

Your brother was a good man. I'm grateful, Albert.

They got a warrant out for us on Stillwell already.

I guess everybody in Tucson saw us there. Oh, really?

Even with you being so quiet and all?

Better collect our things and go.

Sherm, see if the two Jacks will take a ride with us.


You're still a marshal here, ain't you? Sure.

But now he's gonna be a marshal and an outlaw.

The best of both worlds, son.

I missed you.

I want you to go home to your folks in San Francisco.

When I can, I'll come and get you.

When will that be?

I have some men I have to see.

I don't know where that'll take me.

I'll be expecting you every day.

I'm broke. You know that. It doesn't matter.

There's nothing left to hold you here.


I was gonna say my family.

I'll be your family, Wyatt.

I'll give you children.

We'll make our own place where no one will find us.

And I won't die on you.

I swear it.

You were right, Josie.

We stayed too long.

You couldn't have been trying to arrest him. Not with 20 bullets in him.

No, I wasn't trying to arrest him.

I don't know what to say to that.

This is my will, John.

I've named you as executor. Not that there's much left.

This is not a jungle, Wyatt. We have laws.

Yes, we do.

If those men think they can hide behind those laws, then they've missed their guess.

Goodbye, John.

Wyatt. Wyatt.

I wanna see you.

Johnny, you're not careful, you'll see me once too often.

Looking for Pete Spence.

He no here.

Go to tombstone.

How about the one they call Indian Charlie?

Something bothering you?

What makes you so sure Ringo, Spence, and curly bill...

Are with this pack we're trailing now?

They're up here, all right. How do you know?

That's what Texas Jack's friend told me. Maybe he's wrong.

Maybe it's just ordinary rustlers out about their business.

You gonna shoot all of them too?

You can take off whenever you want. Go to hell.

You can't get what you want, Wyatt.

You can't kill them all.


I'm dead anyway.

So if you wanna go out in a Blaze of glory...

I'm with you.

But if you wanna live...

What do you want me to do, forget about it?

Just wait.

Get out of Arizona for a while.

Make them think it's over.

Then we'll come back later. We'll pick them off...

One at a time.

You need to go to Colorado.

One of those sanitariums in the mountains.

I'll go...

If you'll take me.

You've been a good friend to me, doc.

Shut up.

Johnny Ringo!

Wyatt, let's get out of here!

Show me where our gold is, Wyatt.

Point it out.

Right there.

Well, that doesn't look so tough.

No, I imagine we can pick most of it up in just a day's excursion out of nome.

The problem will be lugging it back to town.

What are we gonna do with all our money?

We'll buy you a new suit.

You could use one.

Excuse me. I'm sorry to bother...

But are you by any chance Wyatt Earp?

My name's Francis o'Rourke. I believe you saved my uncle's life one time...

In tombstone, Arizona.

That's the story my father told us, anyway, many times. Believe me.

This is my wife, Josie. It's an honor, ma'am.

I'm afraid my husband has saved so many lives...

It's hard for him to keep track of them all.

Well, you'd remember this, if the story's true.

My uncle's name was Tommy o'Rourke.

They called him Tommy behind-the-deuce.

I thought so. Guess my father's story's true.

He said my uncle killed a mining man named Schneider in a card game.

This Schneider fellow was very popular, and pretty soon a lynch mob had formed.

They were coming down to jail to take Tommy out and string him up.


Marshal Earp, give me a gun!

For god's sake, let me protect myself!

Tommy, if I hear one more sound out of you, I'm gonna help them do it.

It seems your brothers were off collecting renegade Indians in another town.

You were all alone.

They were shouting that they ought to just shoot you, take Tommy with them.

Finally, when they quieted down, you said:

Nice mob you got here.

I said, we want Tommy o'Rourke! Yeah!

Get set for disappointment, because you're not gonna get him.

He killed one of my men. He killed a man!

He'll stand trial for that.

You arrogant son of a bitch. You think you can stop all of us?

You boys can get me.

That won't be any problem with all the guns you got here.

But I'm taking 10 or 12 of you with me.

Starting with you, dick gird.

And you, McGee.

Maybe you too, Harvey.

So if any of you want Tommy...

And you want me...

Come up front with these brave men.

We'll all go together.

Anyway, that's what my father told us.

What happened to your uncle Tommy?

He was shot dead up at Omaha in '87.

Guess he wasn't worth saving.

Anyway, it's an honor... Mr. Earp, sir.


Some people say it didn't happen that way.

Never mind them, Wyatt.

It happened that way.