Xanda (2004) Script

Here's the rules of Xanda Arena:

During match time, using fists or legs to hit on the opponent's head,body, thigh and calf gets 1 point. using knees to hit on the opponent's body gets one point.

No point for the two competitors to hit each other when clasping.

In the match, throwing the opponent on the ground gets 1 point.

Hitting the opponent on the ground gets 2 points.

If the two competitors are both on the ground,no points should be gained.

In the match, if one competitor have no action in 8 seconds, the opponent will get 1 point.

The hit on hindbrain,neck and crotch is forbidden.

The use of head,elbow and anti-joint attack is also forbidden.

The use of fly-kick to hit on the opponent gets 5 points. straight punches gets the red many points.

the black want to thow the red, he did it!

Nice? This kick is blocked by the red.

Counterattack? The red is not using his fists.

He is using his oxter.

I wonder whether this punch will earn him some points We'll find out after watching the judge records.

Circumrotating fist, that is an old trick of the black.

To control the pace of the opponent.

Finally he used his unique way of throwing.

Flying fist!

If this punch He did it!

This punch not only earned him 2 points, but also made the opponent shock for a short time.





Four You'll feel nothing when you fall.

When you hear the sound, you'll think..

What have I lost?

My name is Zhang Guoqiang.

People kept calling me Champion since I was a kid.

Because I never lose.







This boy is good.

He will be a champion in the future.

What do you mean? He's already a champion.

What Champion?


National Champion£¬excellent Champion


Here you are. Can't reach that number.

It can't be, you called at night?

Telephone department does not work at night.

How many times have I told you to pay more attention to the movements?

Benz BMW

Why this kinda car?

I've got the wrong lisence number.




You owe me five bowls of noodles now.

You'd better give him some of your car magazines.

You keep it yourself.

Where are you going?

Shen Zhen.

You've gotta be kidding me , by plane? It'll take 2 days by train.

What about them, if you're gone?



You are their teacher from now on.

You should all obey his orders.

Let's get prepared!

What are you doing?

I'll go with you, you still owe me 5 bowls.

I'm familiar with Shen Zhen, I've checked through the internet.

Internet?You dont even have a telephone.

I've made up my mind for a long time.

I'll buy a car when I get there.

I'll drive around and see the world.

So will it be Benz or BMW?

I don't care.

As long as it's not a tracktor.

And I swear..

I'll never ride on the roof of a car again.

never ride on the roof of a car again Hello,radio fans of Shen Zhen city.

The first word today is "WEEKEND"

It means the end of a week in English.

During weekend, Many people can't figure out where to go.

Have you thought about leaving the city abandon all your troubles... get back to your hometown and get together with your family?

And then enjoy the unique quietness of nature.

Cut, start again.


Are you a man or not?

Why you do not answer my call £¬ where the hell have you been?

Have you seen this guy?

You again? Didn't I just told you?

This is a music store, and we sell instruments here.

We do not find people for others.

I know.

I'm asking you, have you seen this guy today?

Are you a cop?

Are you a cop or not?

Then why are you so wild?

I am Liu Xiaoling, a sister of Liu Kaiming.

My ant is looking for you. Her number is 1398829696.

I am going to call the police if you still do not call me.

Are you outta your mind? Life is more impotant than reputation.

We've gotta work.

What is he talking about?

He's lost his job he will go back to work.

Alright, you listen up!

I'll show you right now!

Just the work of a guard.

OK,3 minutes, the one who falls loses. a week's meal.

1 minute.

2 meals

1 week

3 minutes.

Soon ,soon.

End signal? End signal.

I think we've made a deal.

The one who's foot is on the ground loses.

Of course

What kinda style is that?

Yeah, what the fuck, that is bullshit.

The hell with styles, you'll win only if you survive nowadays.

Time up, time up, enough What the...

Over? OK£¬OK half past 16 minutes,just now.

45 seconds past 19 minutes now. and 15 seconds more.

I really should go to my work earlier.

You body?Some thing wrong?

Go see a doctor.

The number you're calling is out of service area.

Please redial later.

Let me tell you something, Dont call me honey anymore.

Call me Han Dong.

Dont fuck with me ,Ok?

I'll give you one last chance, it's your choice whether to come or not.

What a shitty face.

You again?

I've already told you twice.

We dont need a singer here, we need a drumer.

Drumer? I can do that.

But you said you can't last time.

I can play a drum, I just learned it.

All right.

You'll work on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

You may also work on Saturday.

I'll sing for you on Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday, for free.

We have magic shows on Tuesday and Thursday.

And we do not work on Sundays.

So if you feel like singing, just do it at your home.

Telephone bill.

House rent.

There's 400 left, with the 2 thousand we already has.

Now, we have one third of a car!

But there's no windshield yet.

2 wheels and a backdoor lack.

Aren't you a internet expert?

Go through internet,find a way!

OK, I'll do it tonight.

But you said that, telephone department do not work at night.

Yeah, they do not work in our village, but not in Shen Zhen city.

In Shen Zhen city, the later people works, the more important he is.

Qiang, I am Dragon.

Do we have a plan for tonight?


Sure!One is 166cm£¬the other is 170cm.

Both long hair, one looks so sweet when she's smiling; the other one looks sweet even when she's not smiling.

Tell you something, I'll be running outta bullet this time.

If you miss this chance again, you should really go to a temple and be a monk.

OK,OK, that's enough.

I'll be there even if I'm dead.

What did he say?

He said he's going to die?

Shit? What's that supposed to mean?

You don't know?

He always says that he's going to a macth when we talked about girls.

That's it?

200 thousands prize.

Why are we not in it?

You can't beat Dragon,right?

I have a way of fighting , and this is Xanda,not the same.

What's the difference?

Com'on£¬lay your hands on me.

Take it easy.

So this is your way?

Are you kidding?


This is called Xanda.

Not yet?


Don't you remember our date?

I do.

The lobsters here is quite delicious.

You've gotta have a try.

We often come here.

People would invite us here from time to time.

We've had enough of that,clodhopper.

I dont know why... just everytime,they invite us to a place like this

Hold your position.

Keep your arms straight.

Keep your arms straight.

We've met when we were kids. But it's been a long time.

Do you remember me? Do you know my name?

I forget.

I'm Yu,you should write it down.

And put it in your pocket, then you won't forget.

OK, I'll do that.

Wanna do some exercises?

Can I?

Why isn't Dragon coming? What time is it?

Yeah, what happened?

He can't be dead,right?

What's the matter with you?

Do you have any trouble?

Do you have any trouble?

Well just let me tell you a joke.

Is that Zhao Wei?

What does he do?

Isn't that Zhao Wei?

Isn't that Zhao Wei?

The winner of 2 Xanda Match.

And he never loses.

His right...no, left fist is very strong.

Not fist,leg.

So you watch that thing too?

Of course. Why do you think we're here?

That Xanda Champion you talked about, where is he?

I am.


He's the Champion of 5 games in HeBei Martial Arts Competetion Year 1999.

Oh really?

Aunt told me to give the ring back to you.

Where's your aunt?

I don't know.

She said that you are not allowed to see her again.

She'd better say that to me herself.

She won't, she now understands.

She won't be waiting for you like this.

Where's your aunt?Where's she?

You bad boys are just like this.

Are they kidding?

What Champion? Do that to a lady.

This is not just about her waiting for me, I'm also waiting for her.

Didn't I said that..

We'll get married when I become the national Champion Yeah, quite clear.

Five years?Ten year? What if you can't get a Champion?

There's no one like you.

What do you think she is?

She is also a human.

How can you compare her with a fight?

Boxing is my career. Those're also humans who fight.

She knew I was a competitor when she first met me.

You call that poor game a sport?

That's just fighting.

This is not like that.

What do you want?

I won't talk to you any more. Give me your phone, I'll talk to her myself.

Couldn't you just be more gentle.

What kinda man you are?

Goodbye means goodbye!

Just tell me where your phone is. I'll find her myself.

Tianjing,Hong Kong,Mongolia,Urumchi Go find her yourself.

Are you OK, miss? May I help you?

Who the hell are you? It's none of your business.

Are you OK,miss?

Are you OK,miss?

Lin,I am sorry, I didn't mean it.

Forget it.

This is it.


It's just a misunderstanding, no big deal.

What? You think you have more people?

Enough, stop it.

You hit us first.

You think you're Xanda Champion?

Today,I'll teach you how to fight!

Well , that's a good style.

But when it comes to real fight, you should really get more practices.

Your friends' leg has been smashed.

It now has some extrusion syndrome And it needs to be operated now, to release the pressure.

If he do not have the treatment as soon as possible, his leg may be damaged and we may have to cut it.

You must pay for the treatment right now.

No pay, No operation.

How much is that,doc?

About 20 thousand, inculding operation fee,treatment fee.. everything. treatment notice, please pay first.

Can I pay for it later?

We'll hand over to the next shift at six tomorrow.

Make sure to bring the money before six.

Or your friend will not stay in the hospital.

Let me pay for this.

I don't owe anyone else, this whole thing starts because of me.

I can not do nothing about it.

Let me pay for it.

I'm sorry, I am also that kind of people.

I know, but do you have any choice?

Everything there is smashed, do you have any money?

The most impotant thing is your friend He needs money.

Do you have?

All right.

Let's share the payment.

You can give me back later.

I've written the due bill. for you.

But you must promise me.

You will accept when I give the money back to you.

Or I won't take this money.


I'll leave my phone number and adress.

Just call me.

We are training,so please go back.

Dragon, do you have any money right now?

What's up?

It's about Shrimp.

Dragon£¬What's up?

Nothing£¬he It's none of your business.

I'm here to ask Dragon for a favor.

So you're that guy who will carry Dragon around?

What do you want him for?

Coach£¬he None of your business£¬just walk away.


Shrimp needs operation, and the payment is 20 thousand.

What happened?

He hurt himself in a fight yesterday.

We must hurry, or his leg will be cut.

It's all because of you.

Why didn't you come yesterday? You promised.


You must help him, or I won't treat you as my friend anymore.

Don't go.

Does he make any trouble?

What the hell happened?

It's all my fault.

Not your prentice's business.


Let me ask you a question,everyone.

Such a stupid, no self-discipline student..

Should he stay here or leave us?

What are you doing here?

Get out?

Dont have to miss him everyday.

Soon, we'll be together. to the free world outside.

I'm not looking for him, I'm looking for you.

I hope you can teach me Xanda.


I won't teach you.


If it's because that I..

I did not honor you in the first place, I'll appologize now.

I hope that you don't mind.

Look at yourself. You wanna learn Xanda?

Don't downgrade me.

I hope you can just give me a chance.

You really wanna learn? Can you suffer it?

I can.

I will follow your orders.

OK,you can't smoke and drink here.

I won't.

You can't go out in daytime. You must keep early hours.

I can do that.

You can't fight outside.


And the most impotant thing is, you can't fall in love with anyone else.

OK,No love.

Qiang, I know what you're thinking.

You thought that I dont wanna help Shrimp.

You practice Xanda.

Can you make money?

There's something important at the end of this month.

I've got to attend that match.

You wanna attend the King of Newpeople Xanda Match?

To be punched by others?

Don't waste your life on it.

I won't, it's better than owing money to someone else.

Singing is for free, but where's the salary for working at the Bar?

Why you only give me money for playing the drum?

That 10 thousand yuan you owe me..

Not including the interests...

If you treat me better.

I'll treat you better.

This is my room key, 2000 I think you'll understand.

Whatever you say.

Aren't you afraid if I told you to get outta here?

I still owe you money,will you let me go?

OK,put your right foot behind.

Keep your fist tight.

Stick your feet on the ground.

Qiang, don't be angry with your fist cover.

You wanna learn Xanda?Let me teach you.

Just use whatever you can on me.

Beat me, and you can go to that match.

Your movements are too obvious.

So there's too many signs, understand?

Xanda is evolved from matial arts.

The key is :fast,change and power.

Lower part is too light.

The spirit of Xanda is fight,not style.

Change from passive to initiative.

Knock out the opponent as fast as possible.

It's not showtime now, it's useless to be goodlooking.


Keep yourself agile.

Brother,where have you been?



I'm looking for you.

I'm coming!

Here you are.

This is published today.

It really can take us anywhere?

It really can take us anywhere?

What a shame,it can't go anywhere with me.

No,you take it.

It will take you to anywhere you want to go.

It didn't say that.

Let's go,I'll take you to the post office.

Let's go and see the world.



I don't know,I haven't been there either.

The anti-smash ability of the red is quite strong.

Now it's the third round.

It seems that the throw attack of the black haven't made any threat to the red.


To be a sportsman,you must attend a match.

To attend just 1 match is better than 3 months of practice.

I have only 1 opportunity for the match this time.

Who of you would like to go?

I will.

I've learned a lot here.

Now I feel like having a real fight.

So it should be me who attends the match.

After all, I am a student here.

You will give me a chance, won't you?

Who else wanna attend?

This fight is really wonderful.

It is really hard to say now that who will win.

A high kick,both side is on the ground.

Is that Miss Liu?

Is that Miss Liu?

I am Zhang Guoqiang.

Now I can give you back your money.

It's your turn!

Don't we have a deal? We should share the expense.

Really? I thought you won't give it back.

Now I'm going to a Xanda match.

This is a good way to earn money.

I'll have to go,it's my turn.

It's also my turn.

If I win the match,I can get more moneym.

Then, I'll give them all back to you.

Alright,let's see.

Welcome back to the Guang Dong's King of Newpeople Xanda Match In the next fight.. the "Ares of Light"

Zhang Guoqiang will show up.

You shouldn't let Qiang attend that match.

But it's OK,someone at his level fight in this kind of match.. he could learn much.

This is "the Ares of Light", Zhang Guoqiang.

There's an old saying: Heroes what they are when they are very young.

We hope that Qiang could make a great coup in this match.

Then let's see his opponent.

His opponent is obviously more mature than him.

"Knifekman on the Volcano",Four

Last time I lose just because this bad boy?

2 meals, a week Be good.

He is one of my two best men.

The meal for the week....

Please don't make us pay....

All sportsmem pay your attention please. During match time, The use of head,elbow and anti-joint attack is forbidden.

The hit on hindbrain,neck and crotch is also forbidden.

Alright,please wear your teeth cover, let's get ready for the fight.

The points Zhang Guoqiang loses in this round is very precious.

The situation is no good for him.

And he is in the disadvantageous position all the time.

You see.

With this fall, the Red will win by 3 points.


A Si is now using his knees in the attack.

This kind of attack won¡¯t help him to win points according to the rule of the match.

But it¡¯s really effective in weakening the opponent¡¯s defensive power.

The Black¡¯s counterattack doesn¡¯t work at all.

As you can see£¬he has lose his CG(central of gravity).

I¡¯ve heard about Zhang Guoqiang--that Champion of Striking Skills.

He¡¯s just so so in my eyes.

But it is said that this Lightening Fighting Lord has once been a Champion of Striking Skills.


I feel that this honor may be an obstacle for him to conquer mentally.

But under the circumstance of actual combat, this kind of striking skill is just¡­ If he gives up now, he can only win half of the points.


But you must promise me.

When I pay the money back, you can¡¯t deny to accept it.

When I pay the money back, you can¡¯t deny to accept it.

Four Five

4¡ª£¯£Ü Now, the circumstance of the inside is that The referee is asking Zhang Guoqiang to have medical check immediately.

If he hurts badly£¬the match should be stopped.

It means that Zhang Guoqiang will lose the match.

Zhang Guoqiang didn¡¯t play well in this match.

What do you think of his future career?

I¡¯m now getting more interested in his opponent--

A Si¡¯s potential.

Lost 3 points again!


Give up now! I can¡¯t bear watching it any more.

Shame on you! Come back several years later when you have mastered good striking skills.

Look£¬A Si¡ªthe Red is now starting his combined attack.

Seems that Zhang Guoqiang can¡¯t do any counterattack.

Zhang Guoqiang fouls.


He has used his elbow.

The referee is warning Zhang Guoqiang.

No, he just wants to deduct Zhang Guoqiang by 1 point.

It seems that his name should be added to the list which shows the ones who have lost the most points in the free combat.


He fouls again!

He hit on his opponent¡¯s afterbrain. He should lose1 point.

If Zhang Guoqiang continue doing so, he may become the most points loss athletes in this match.

I can¡¯t agree with you any more.

Why do you come here, auntie?

I don¡¯t mean that.

You won¡¯t let me to find him again, right?

I beg you, auntie. You¡¯d better learn from me.

Be cooler.

Please don¡¯t talk, be a litter cooler.

That¡¯s my fee of this match.

I¡¯ll try to pay the left back to you soon.

You forehead is still bleeding. Come in.

Let me help to heal the wounds.

You¡¯ve hurt your hand?

You¡¯d better leave the adhesive plaster for yourself.

Oh, wait, I don¡¯t mean that.

It is you who come here to help me voluntarily.

I don¡¯t know what I have done just now.

Don¡¯t ask me at first.

Leave me more time, all right?

Leave me more time, all right?

Here¡¯s the wound.

Do you want me to help you to rub some medicinal wine?

No, thanks.

In case that you will hit me when you¡¯re so close.

I can try not to close to you.

You, please.

You won¡¯t ring me, will you?

I¡¯m back to school now.

We have strict rules.

We can¡¯t make girl friends.

Do you know that you still owe me some money?

I¡¯ll certainly pay it back, don¡¯t worry.

As an athlete who majors in Wushu, We can¡¯t see Wushu as our only aim.

It is through learn Wushu, we learn a certain kind of spirit.

Matches shouldn¡¯t be used as a way of moneymaking.

Don¡¯t think that you¡¯ve already mastered in Wushu Within only a few days.

Wushu is a kind of self-cultivation.

When we encounter frustration, we should learn something from it.

According to your training level, you can¡¯t hit the punch bag.

Do some cleaning outside.

Hey, coach, what on earth makes you always treat me like your enemy?

This is my training style.

If you can¡¯t bear it, you can leave this school.

Leave school? Leave which school?

Have you taught me? Am I your student?

Since I have been enrolled by this school, What on earth have you taught me?

You say you¡¯re a coach. Have you done what a coach should do?

OK, I haven¡¯t taught you any more.

And I haven¡¯t fulfilled my duty as a coach.

These are what you¡¯ve cognized?

It seems that you cognition ability is so poor.

Not better than a pupil.

It really makes you uneasy to attend the match.

If you want to continue you training program, you¡¯d better do the cleaning.

Clean all the building.


Yes? I¡¯ll go there, coach.


Coach, coach..

A Qiang got hurt.

Can he have a two-days break?

He¡¯s just the person who should do the cleaning everyday until he changes his personality.

Stop training!

I won¡¯t teach him Xanda, either.


Enough, don¡¯t bother me any more.

I know that you don¡¯t like me, I will leave here.

A Qiang.

Will he feel satisfied if I don¡¯t train Xanda?

But I won¡¯t do the job free of charge. You owe me the fee.

Good things with evil purpose.

Dear audiences.

What about you feelings?

How time flies.

It¡¯s weekend again.

Maybe it will make you much more clearer.

To plan for the next week.

Don¡¯t miss, it¡¯s shinning outside.

What a cozy weekend!

Just have a try and go abroad.

Bask under the sun and breathe the fresh air.

You can conquer all the difficulties in this week.

To manage all the things.

And have a look at you who just woke up.

What else you haven¡¯t done in this world?

Is there a friend who is waiting for your calling?

If so, you should pick up the phone as soon as possible.

Dial the number.

And say hello.

How¡¯s your feeling recently?

Have you missed me?

Have you thought of doing something else?

Tell him that the Dawn Light Line hasn¡¯t lied.

I stay here waiting people to catch the Time Train together.

Run to the first day of future, week

Brother, why you treat me so good?

Are you afraid of losing friends?

Shit, I¡¯m not like your type.


You¡¯re afraid of losing the match.

You¡¯re afraid of losing the match, and nobody will call you champion.

They all leave you alone.

You¡¯re not so confident.

Won¡¯t you attend the match in the future?

It doesn¡¯t mean that you¡¯re the champion forever.

Have you heard that Afraid of defeat is also a defeat.

Do you agree with me?

Come back, A Qiang.

Come back, Zhang Guoqiang.

You lose.

Who has beaten you?

I beat you.

Why you chose losing the match?

Coz you have legs, but I have no choice.

If you continue saying so, I¡¯ll make you stay here forever.

Actually, I can climb over it.

Then, you will be defeated to a much more extent.

Clothes have been washed.

And I will leave these things here.

I don¡¯t care if you insist in returning them to me.

Wake up.

A Qiang? A Qiang.

You son of a bitch? Get out!

I think I can live happier in this way.

I don't think that I look like my auntie.

Thinking too much all her life.

If you wanna go back home£¬do what you like.

Wanna wander, the wander.

Dangerous upstairs! If you want to say something, go downstairs.

Let's talk about it clearly, I won't let you think too much.

And you can't let me think too much, too.

We both don't have to think too much.

If you wanna go, To be freely, all right?


But I won't change you.

Change me?

For what?

For the time, if you can spare me a bit more time.

Just a litlle is O.K. to me.

But according to the other circumstances, it is most likely that the Red will win by several points.

Please wait outside for the report.

You are pregnant according to the report.

Can you help me packing the parcel?



Are you the Champion of Xanda?


Any matches recently?

Tonight, and it will be broadcasted lively.

Where are you going?

To the gym.

Ladies and gentlemen, It is the lively show of Xanda Fighting of Guangdong Province.

Tonight will see that the Black is from Oriental Wushu School.

Whose name is Tie Dalong, and his nick name is Nanshan Meng Jiang.

And he has won 63 out of 69 matches.

And 5 draw matches, just loss one match.

He is especially good at striking skills and changeable fighting ways.

And he has a powerful straight right punch.

And his kicking skills of both legs are extrodinary excellent!

Now let's welcome the representative of the Red.

As we all know, he is Zhao Wei, the King of the Tower.

And he has won 78 out of 80 matches.

2 draw matches and never loss.

And he is especially good at shocking hitting power.

And he can master all the striking skills.

And his throwing skill is second to none.

And on the other side, Zhao Wei is especially good at defence.

He can never be beaten.

Through recent matches in 2 years, he has become the idol of all the audiences.

Let's welcome Zhao Wei, King of the Tower.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's start the match.

It's a challenge match.

Whether Tie Dalong will win or not, Let's just wait and see.

The bell rings.

Tie Dalong strikes fast.

It's his first round strategy.

Just like the old saying: Best defense is offence.

I think that Tie will win more points than Zhao.


Actually, Tie also hits very fast.

It seems that Zhao has realy meet a level opponent.

But Zhao has never lost a match.

Will this match change his undefeated history.

Will the Legend of undefeated Zhao finished?

Tie really plays excellent.


Defence, Tie.

It seems that Tie didn't play well than before.

Clearly lose something.

What's the matter?

Maybe something happened to him.

Hold on, Tie!

The referee didn't know, either.

So he didn't stop the match.

Tie, up you hands.

Stand up, from now on, you fight with me.

If you can't beat me, you won't have the chance to attend the match.

We should have stopped the match.

But it's too late.

Tie has lost the match.

Zhao can continue his undefeated legend.

You lose!

You lose, nobody will call you the Champion.

Have you ever heard that afraid of defeat is a defeat?

Actually I can climb over it.

If so, you will lose badly.

Tie I, you daddy, haven't taught you well.

No, every match has the winner and loser.

It is a challenge to attend matches.

I've tried my best.

I know, one will certainly be defeated if he continues fighting.

And I'm a man, I can accept the result.

And I, your daddy, won't let feel frustrated.

Never give up, I think you'll win one day.

I won't, silly boy.

Coach I apologize for my misunderstanding you.

Please train me again.

You want to revenge for Tie?

Traing shouldn't be aimed at certain people.

I know, coach.

If you think it through, get up at six next morning and go to jog.

Don't mention it.

You should mind your own business.

I just want to prove that I'm not escaping the reality.

Yes, you are not escaping the reality.

But if so, what are you doing?

I just want to tell myself I'm not a man who is afraid of defeat.

Let me stand on the arena to face the real me.

Give me another chance.

O.K., tell me, how about me?

What am I doing?

I've told you that we shouldn't have thought too much.

We don't owe each other. Remember?

And you promised me that you would spare me much more time.

You said it.

I remember...

Continue you dream of the champion, I do hope you'll succeed.

I don't want to be a champion.

I just want to change myself. You'd better do so, too.

Do you remember Zhao Wei?

I have once wanted to change him, but now...

Feel freely...

You are not like the type of your auntie.

And you are not Zhao Wei, too. Do you know?

Yes, I do.

Tie, don't fight with me with only one hand.

Heal the wounds, I'm waiting to train you.

Just play it.



Why do you come here again?

I come here to prepay you salaries.

I'll pay back all the money I owe you in this month.

What do you mean?

I will leave Shenzhen.

What's the matter?

Quarrel with your boyfriend?

If you don't have a boyfriend, I don't care be your boyfriend.

I'd invite you to dinner with me.

Do two jobs at the same time?

Do you really need so much money?

How much can you earn from that job?

Mind your own business, what I do is none of you business.

I'll pay back what I owe you.

Do you want to leave this place which made you feel sad?


None of them.

This matches last for 4 rounds.

Zhao Wei still continues his undefeated legend.

From this match, we can find that Zhang Guoqiang's striking skills are not so bad.

I should tell that your wife has been pregnant for 2 months.

You should be careful recently and come here to have checked oftenly.

Ladies and gentlemen, It's the last match of the Xanda Arena Fighting Match.

Who will be the champion of this match.

I do think that all the audiences here and people sit before the TV are waiting for the answer

Who will win?

Which one?

What's the matter recently?

I've to have the match.



Wish you succeed.

Are you all right?


Has anything happened recently?

Has anything happened recently?

Don't you have something special to tell me?

Nothing, just want to leave Shenzhen for a while.

Do you want to go to the Northeast of China?

Don't worry, I'll write to you.

When will you leave here?

I'll take the 10-o'clock-train.


No, now.

A Qiang, it's your turn.

Do some warming up exercises.

Be careful.

The match will soon begin.

The first one is the Red.

He's the one you all know Undefeated Zhao Wei, King of the Tower.

And the Black is a greenhand athlete.

His name is Zhang Guoqiang, Lightening Fighting Lord

A Qiang, A Qiang.

What's the matter with you?


No matter what happened, you'd better set them aside, and focuses on the match, O.K.?

You can do it.


Set what things aside?

I don't know.

I'm not wrong.


A Qiang, what have you done?

I have no time.

I'm sorry, coach.

Athlete Start?

This reporter has just asked Zhao Wei.

It seems that he's so confident.

He want to beat Zhang Guoqiang within 2 rounds.

Only those who are really confident can say so.

But as we can see from the history of Zhao Wei, it will happen absolutely.

And we can also find that Zhao Wei never mind the points.

His only goal is to knock the opponents off.

It seems that Zhao will do the same to Zhang, too.

What we interested is that whether Zhang can continue fighting.

Stand up!

The first round finished.

And Zhang Guoqiang didn't play well.

The second round will start soon.

What we all waiting is that when Zhang Guoqiang will be knock off.

But the performance of Zhang didn't so good as before.

He didn't look confident.

All audiences have seen that he is always watch the clock on the arena.

What makes me feel that he is eager to wait for the end of the match.

He hasn't have the confidence to win the match.


Don't worry, A Qiang.

I can feel that you don't focus on this match.


I want to give up the match.

No, Coach.

No, Coach.

A Qiang, you should face the real you!

Be careful.

Athlete, Ready, Start.

The hit of Zhang really works.

He put down the shoulder of Zhao Zhao failed to throw Zhang.

As we all see.

Zhang's fall to the ground.

It's a kind of Wushu Skill, called Wu Long Rao Zhu.

Zhang Guoqiang is starting to show his striking skills.

In my opinion, Zhao Wei is always using MuayThai's striking skills.

Zhang's paces are special.

You see this is Kong Fu.


It seems that Zhang is a bit tired.

And he's still watching the clock.

Zhao Wei hasn't successfully kncok Zhang Guoqiang off in 2 rounds.

He maybe not so satisfied with the result.

It seems that the next round will be much more exciting.

Don't worry, I'll insist.

A Qiang, show what Tie and I have researched.

You see this one Oh? This is what he defeated Tie Dalong.

A Qiang.

Flying Whirling Kick.


Zhang has won many points from these two kicks.

The bell rings.

Zhang stopped immediately.

In the rules of the match.

His polite behavior will help him win 1 point.

Zhang is now a bit ahead of the match.

But this still can hinder his tiredness.

Look, he's tired!

With this spirits he maybe defeated.

Very likely.

On the other side, Zhao Wei is getting more and more feocious.

Actually, Zhao's defence ability is far more better than Zhang's Round 4 begins.

It is certainly that they both have lost much energy.

Zhang is still stand on the arena.

But Zhao has also hit by many straight punches.

But Zhao has also hit by many straight punches.

Stand up, A Qiang Stand up soon, A Qiang!


Stand up, A Qiang.

Too much energy loss.

As you can see, Zhao can still show his skills.

Zhang is in an inferior position.

It seems that Zhang will be defeated.

Xiao Nue?


Hello? It's you?

How are you?

I am at home, my hometown.

Does your father still have you speciall training every night?

The signal just now...

The signal just now...

I know.

Where are you now?

I'm searching a friend.

She's a girl.

I've heard that it was her who has changed you.

Do you know where she is?

When I was washing, I found a note in the pocket.

Her name was on it.

I come here to find her You konw her.

I've seen her.

Finally, I know why you chose not to escape the reality.

Finally, I know why you chose not to escape the reality.

You've told me that people who are students of this school will be the champion, and he has been the champion?

If he joined us, he can.

Son, you're so young.

To compare with you whole life, youth and time are far longer.

Why I haven't eggs?