Xi you ji zhi da sheng gui lai (2015) Script

It was told long time ago, there was the Monkey King named Sun WuKong...

He was so resourceful and has great power...

Once he alone caused great disturbance in the TianGong(Heavenly Palace) and angered the YuHuangDaDi(Superene god)

You tupid monkey! You dare break the Holy Law! You'd better turn yourself in and face the justice!

hm hm! Go eat shit!

Cat..Cat..Catch him!!

Nezha is here!


Go to hell

Monkey King torn apart the heavenly army, had a great victory but RuLai(Supreme Buddha) was not gonna tolerate his arrogance and ignorance.

Since then Sun WuKong was pined under the great weight of Wu Xing Moutain.

500 years has passed...

Don't worry, Monkey King never die, he just... fell asleep

It's falling dark, we need to hurry I hear ya...

Fine You guys in the back, follow closedly Be careful

It's OK.

Be careful.

The monsters are coming!


Hurry down the hill!

What is the sound?

A baby!

What a pitful child.

Where do you come from?

How unfortunate...



The great Sun

Figth against the heavenly lords Bravo!

Sun WuKong never die Jiang Liuer You again!!!

Fa Min(Liuer's master), take care of your disciple!

I don't want to see you again!

Heiheiheihei Sun WuKong is here

Liuer mimic Wukong: You useless god, state your name YuDi(i.e. YuHuangDaDi) old man, eat my stick!


Liuer, what are you doing here!

I'm... HuaYuan(begging for food or money)!


Liuer Don't be so playful and get on your feet.

Master can't take care of you forever Master Is filling our stomach the only thing we Monks do?

If so how are we different from the town folks?

Of cause we are different HuaYuan is just a starting point to a great monk meditation, recite scripture, deep thinking...

no arrogance no hesitation, be prepared and relax...

Look at me, your master is having a wonderful time, isn't he?

Monster is everywhere Reciting scripture is not gonna scare them away Then what do you wanna do?

I want Practice Kong Fu and fight the monsters!

Shut up!

Jiang Liuer, listen carefully We monks should show people the right way...

Focus on the unnoticed meditation, deep thinking, Huayuan one flower one world, one leave one enlightenment then we can understand, we can see, we can trust and comprehend All that you see is illusion Only you can live your life, your appearance reflect your mind Superficial thinking drives wisdom away Don't be fascinated with fighting and killing!

Now you should ...

Get it, recite scripture, deep thinking...


It's Huayuan!

Yes, master.

Monster is coming! arrows!

Let's go!


Liuer, Liuer, Jiang Liuer! one...two...four... it's 48 in total!

This is too old! We cann't have it!

But boss, we are still short for one baby girl...

Baby girl is coming!

Baby girl is here!

Liuer, what are you doing?

It's none of your kid's busi-....

What is happening?

-Faster, master! -Liuer!

You truely screwed us!

Master, this way!


Liuer, run!


Where is the baby?

Here she is!

Ah?You stupid!

Liuer, where are you?




LLK What are you waiting! fight him!

Big horse

Ru Lai you old dumbass!

I was trapped here by you for 500 years Isn't that enough?!

Don't forget I'm QiTianDaSheng (The Great Sage Equalling Hearen)!


Who is there?

Step out!


You again?!

Are you the real QiTianDaSheng?

Yes and why?

He He is the one!

Don't follow me!

You dumb kid!


That way

Thank you TuDiGongGong(God of land)


Wait for me

DaSheng, what are you doing here?

Nothing, nothing special...

DaSheng, i just saw you talking to the Buddha statue You must have seen...

Come up, you dumb kid


You must have seen the Supreme Buddha

Do you think he can hear me when i'm reciting the scripture?

Yes, he must can.

The old man just love to poke his nose to others' business

DaSheng, you must know a lot of magic tricks!

I know

QiTianDaSheng, Sun Wukong The body is as hard as steel and the eye is as bright as fire and shiny gold He is immortal and has 72 different appearences.

Just take one JinDouYun(flying cloud, Wukong's vehicle), he can travel 54,000km.

Take one hair, blow it

Nothing happens??

And... DaSheng You have one RuYiJingGuBang(a metal stick whose size is controlled by Wukong's will)

It is said the JinGuBang is weighted 6,800kg DaSheng, where is your JinGuBang?

In the opera, they told us it was hide inside your ear.

Show me!

You little dumb kid!

Just keep talking and talking!

My brain is gonna explode by your nonsense!

Why can't you just keep quiet for a while?! Ha?!


No more words about JinGuBang!

DaSheng, ErLangSheng has three eyes for real?

So cool!

DaSheng, JuLingShen has great strength doesn't he?

Yes Are SiDaTianWang brothers?

They are sisters!

Is NeZha a boy?

Girl Does TuoTaTianWang have a tower?

Aiya, he doesn't have!

You are truly brave, Sun Wukong!

Me, the mountain god, follow the Supreme Buddha's order to keep you here You dare to leave without my permission!

Who do you think you are? You little useless god Since you know who i am Why just go and get lost!

Sun Wukong, the seal on you still works You are just a pathetic monkey!

What left can you brag about?

Just a single punch will take you directly to...

Stop! you monstrous monkey!

The seal!

Where are you running!

Don't move

Look, DaSheng!

It seems that the thing inside WuXing Mountain taught you a good lesson Can it be the Monkey King?

My lord You are saying that hairy-faced monkey is Sun Wukong?

Let me see How many tricks left can he play with me.

DaSheng What a coincidence I thought i may never find you again.

Put you on the hill I remember I felt off the cliff Then a big strange fish wanted to eat us Oh! I know!

LLK It's DaSheng who saved us!It's DaSheng who saved us!


Thank you for saving us

No no no! Master said we monks can't eat meat!


My name is Jiang Liuer, i'm a travelling monk.

My master's name is Famin. We live in Chang'an city.


What are you doing here around WuXing Mountian?

It was the monsters, they catch kids everywhere. i met her unexpectidly, Then, then the monsters kept chasing us That's why we were here.

Damn monsters!

But everything is fine now We have you!

We are afraid of nothing

Did i say i will protect you?

When we leave the mountain You will be someone else's trouble!

But DaSheng

Be careful, it's too hot!


Nothing...it's nothing

Ai, what a dumb girl...

DaSheng, there is a temple.

DaSheng, the Supreme Buddha is here!

Supreme Buddha?




Monster! let the girl down!

This is QiTianDaSheng SunWuKong!


Look at his messy hair, how can he be QiTianDaSheng?!

If he is him, I will be TianPeng General!

He truely think he is Sun Wukong Kid, come hold this for my majesty.

I will let you see how i will beat the shit out of this QiTianDaSheng.

Monkey Sun, eat this!

He is the one

Smelly monkey You beat me off the heaven I was starving every single day for the last 500 years Look how thin i am now!

Today only one of us can live!

Fine, want revenge? Come get it

Smelly monkey, stop!

Don't you dare run way!

He is gone.

My majesty forgive you today, don't let me see you again!

You don't dare to follow him, do you?

Bullshit! How can i find him in the deep forest, he is too fast

TianPeng General isn't even as good as the land god.

What? Land god?

I once lead 10,000 heavenly soldiers I can change into 36 appearences That smelly monkey hasn't take a bath in 500 years I can find him just by his smell!

Kids look carefully, don't blink Let me transform into the Supreme Dog and arrest him!

You call this...

It is really the Supreme Dog!

Let's go and arrest DaSheng!

You are not serious, are you?

DaSheng is going that way!

DaSheng, Dasheng is there!

DaSheng DaSheng wait for me DaSheng TianPeng General want to challenge you for a fight.

Strange, he was here just now...

DaSheng, you knew each other?

He is the real TianPeng General?

I thought he is like a...

A pig

He is better looking now than before.

But his 36 transformation is very powerful.

It's simple

He will turn back anytime

Uncle pig, you are here!

I thought you don't dare to come If you are not let it go, then let's fight!

Interesting, you look the same as me

Your belly is bigger than me

So funny, do it again!

DaSheng, look!

Get out of the way!


Don't move!

DaSheng, you scared that thing away.

You were almost eaten by that white Dragon, do you know?!

What do you do anything at all with that white dragon?!

It was you!

You trouble-making pig!

I should feed the dragon with you.

Do what ever you want to do! I don't give a shit to that dragon...

DaSheng, please let him go It was my fault Fine Please don't please...

Why are you speaking for him?

His ear is turning red...

DaSheng, the dragon is gone!

Monkey, let me go or i won't make it easy for you.

I'm really angry now

Dragon really can fly Freedom is good

-I will be so nice if i can fly. -I can fly.

Then i can fly over that mountain and find my master.

Take the dumb girl home.

If one day you are strong enough brave enough then you can take control of all these

DaSheng, did you say that for real?

DaSheng, DaSheng You has been to the Dragon's Palace Was the Dragon huge?

He was huge, but not that generous.

Dasheng DaSheng

There are lots of dragons in this world, right?

Of couse, you will find them near all waters.

There is a house ahead Finally got something to eat!

Little master wait for me

DaSheng, hurry up!

DaSheng, hurry up!

Wait, don't move!


Sorry for the interruption, anyone home?

Anyone home?

Strange...no one is here

I'm her..

Anyone here?

Mister, we are travelllers Can we stay here for the night?

Sta...Stay what?


Don't mind him.

Something wrong with his head

Young master, where are you travelling to?

We are heading Chang'an City.

What a cutie!

Make some tea for us, what's the waiting?!

Young master, i suggest you not go to Chang'an city.

I heard it is under attack by those monsters




Ma'am, they are good people, don't freak out


They just look weired...

Young master said you look weired There is nothing to worry about, ma'am, we stay here for the night and we leave tomorrow morning.

-For real? -For real.

O...OK...Then follow me Thank you

It's OK, it's OK.

Hairy monkey, can you just be nice to people?

Your honorable arrival truly make our day!


Please take a good rest gentleman, call us when you need anything

What are you waiting here for, go get something to do!

Can the baby stop crying for a while?

Dumb girl, don't cry, it's bed time already.

Look, i have this little QiTianDaSheng here.

You want it?

When he is around There is nothing to be afraid of

Time to sleep

What a douchebag

It's so quiet here Without the sound of the forest I can hardly fall asleep Seriously, you? How long have you been there?

I'm the sleepless one here Yeah, sorry If i find my master and the dumb girl find her family What about you?

HuaGuoShan(Hill of Flowers and Fruits)

HuaGuoShan I remember, it was in the opera In the opera, HuaGuoShan is a holy and secret place covered by fruit trees, flowers and grass surrounded by hills and waters, the springtime never ends. and, it said the peaches there are as big as rice bowls!

You did buy those opera stuff, huh?

Actually, they...are as big as a tub...

As big as...tub?

How far is HuaGuoShan from here?

Very far I will spend my lifetime getting there But its nothing for DaSheng.

Of course, if i want, i will be there in no...

DaSheng When we get home, i will be a good monk Because you said the Supreme Buddha will hear me.

Then maybe i can ask him to restore your power.

You little dumb kid.

Talking all day long Ru Lai heard too much of your gibberish How about you piss him off and make him punish me more?

What are you doing here?

Why so nervous?

Steeling food again?

Any update on those travellers?

By the way

What are you standing there for?

Come with me

It's strange How can a monkey be such a pain? to make us go this far?

Isn't the lord being too careful?

I'm talking to you!

I say Why don't we just finish him up by ourselves!

Where are you going??

Wait I'm just kidding...

What the... you dumbass

You know what the Lord will do if you ruined his plan Wait

You stupid pig, you dare to play trick on me!


You really think you can trick you Grandpa Sun?


Young master, where are you going?

Save the kid!

What the hell?Biting my ass?



What is the monkey?

DaSheng, this way!

Get on the boat


Hold her for me


DaSheng, look

Please, please leave her alone


Just a useless monkey

Yound master, you are being naughty

Sun Wukong, you never see this coming, do you?


DaSheng Nothing i can help DaSheng, DaSheng I said it, nothing i can help!

I can't take care of that kid Easy, monkey

Don't call me monkey!

Shut your mouth, you stupid pig!

But, but now only you can save her

I go save her Young master, young master Monkey, young master is gone Monkey

The fucking monkey

Aiyou! So painful!

Faster, or we are gonna miss the Lord's sacrifice ceremony!

DaSheng, let's go save the dumb girl DaSheng I I can not help cannot help, cannot help DaSheng, DaSheng

Look, i have this little QiTianDaSheng here You want it?

When he is around,there is nothing to be afraid of Monkey Monkey Are you still alive?

Say something

I know you don't want this But you

don't forget You are QiTianDaSheng

QiTianDaSheng SunWukong The body is as hard as steel and the eye is as bright as fire and shiny gold He is immortal and has 72 different appearences.

Just take one JinDouYun, he can travel 54,000km.

Pig Follow me

There are temples on WuXingShan


Absorbing the essense of young boy and girl

on the adventure of making holy medicine



Young master, what a coincidence!

What a naughty boy This side, hit it harder

Liuer, you are OK?

Master, how did you come here?

Finding you is not a easy job I'm taking you out, don't be lost again Sure, i will do whatever you say

Don't lie to the Supreme Buddha, he will punish you for that

This is our punishment

Master, look So many children

why are you standing there? Do something!


Dumb girl

My Lord, we are not going to make it

Sun Wukong, you just cannot leave me alone, do you?


Where is that cowardish Sun Wukong?

He is not a coward!

Tell me Where is he!

DaSheng, he is coming!

It's QiTianDaSheng for real

Stupid monkey

Monster I'm here, you quickly...

TianPeng General is here Monster, you are making yourself some enemy now!

Pig, careful

Can't stand a fight

Don't mess up with them!


Sun Wukong What do you like, this or your holy peach?

I said, leave them alone


Let me go


I'm fine let me take a rest, we leave later Take it, don't lose it again



Master, i'm going to help DaSheng Liuer

Be careful

DaSheng, what can i do to help you Why are you coming back?What are you doing here?

Go away, run But you said we are leaving together

Dumb kid, you remember, i am QiTianDaSheng, i won't die DaSheng

Jiang Liuer, what are you doing?

-Jiang Liuer -Monster, eat my stick!


You big fatty bug!

I'm here! Come and catch me!

Jiang Liuer!

Jiang Liuer

You fool! Fool!

Jiang Liuer


Jiang Liuer Jiang Liuer