Xi you ji zhi: Sun Wukong san da Baigu Jing (2016) Script

Movie re-encoded by VYTO for P2PDL.com Check out our latest releases 1st at P2PDL.com It's been 500 years after the Monkey King's havoc in heaven The Mercy Goddess proclaims the Buddha's decree and appoints Xuanzang, a little monk from Chang'an to go to the West and fetch the Buddhist scriptures

Where is it over there?

I heard an old man say it's called Double Boundary Mountain It's used to be called Five Elements Mountain

Five Elements Mountain

Holy monk! Holy monk!

Get down now!

Hold on, hold on!

What shall we do with the white horse?

So what do you think?

You're well-built. Why don't you go save him?

What? You take care then. What a nerd!

We won't meet again!

Mr. Tiger

This horse has a touching story He was an imperial horse but he's now in this tough and long journey with me And he has family, just like you do So why not...

Hey there. I mean you!

Come closer! Closer!

Yeah, you see that?

Who are you?

Hey. Rip that rotten rag off!

Yeah. That's it!

But it's a charm Rip it off!

I can't mess with a charm!

If you don't wanna be the tiger's food just do it!

Golden Cudgel!

Naughty boy!

How have you been doing?

So you're that guy, huh?

Well, I guess not The Goddess asked me to go with a monk for fetching scriptures

I'm afraid you're mistaken, gentleman I'm from the Great Tang Dynasty in the East...

The Great Tang Dynasty in the East...

Yes! You're that guy Since the Goddess said so I'm the one to escort you to the West Escort me?

I don't need it, I think Speak louder!

No, thanks, gentleman!

You heard him, Goddess?

It's just he doesn't need me It's not me shirking Then I'm going off


What the heck is this?

Why can I not take it off?

The Goddess gave it to me I've no idea, either

Baldy. Don't fool around Take it off from me!

Stay still There are words on it

Stop fidgeting I can't see those words clear

Oh, it's Sanskrit Seems I can't just read So? I have to chant Come on sing it now! Thanks!


Could you tough it out?

Probably it'll loosen if you endure for a while

Stop chanting

Stay away!

I'll jump off if you keep pushing me Wanna die?

Won't be that easy What on earth do you want?

Take this gold hoop off me now!

Or else I'm gonna strangle you to...

I said many times I have no idea how to loosen this hoop

Wukong. The young monk here with you was once a boy named Golden Cicada, a Buddha's disciple Today, he has become your master You should protect him and respect him Only till the day you get the scriptures from the Thunder Monastery will your golden hoop be loosened There are no alternatives I'm bringing those stupid scriptures back The Goddess hasn't finished yet

Somersault Cloud!

In a heartbeat

Where is that monastery?


How could it be?

The Goddess asked me to tell you There's no way to fly there with one stroke like this Every suffering on the journey is predestined Every step is a spiritual practice No way! This is how wonderful life is What did you say? Every step for what?


Yeah, full of wonder I wonder Hey Goddess, where are you? Hello?

Gentleman The Goddess can hear you No need to be loud Shut up!

Go away!

How dare you!

Give my horse back!



Isn't it wonderful?

If it's always so wonderful all the way we could share the journey together

You've eaten our horse. I have to get even

So you acquiesce?

Bro Monkey Good boy What's with you? Just mount the horse Don't expect I'll carry you

Gentleman, you may not have to kill next time shall we discuss before you do that?

Not a chance Why don't you ride the horse?

Flying is so tiring, isn't it?

How come you're so wordy!

Can't you just shut up?

It's very late now. White Bone is coming out to snatch kids Dad, it's not scary at all It's true How much did we make today?

Let me check Alright. Forget it. Let's close Yes

Lady White... please don't! No! Lady White!

Don't get my daughter!

Please! Please don't!

Lady White! No!

Sweetie So late at night Still up?

How dare you!

After so much evil is done you can't just always pass the buck to me

Everyone has mistaken me Tell me. What am I supposed to do?

Madam, please spare me I swear I won't do it again

I swear as well, that you won't do it again We just can't go against our king's decree Oh really?

So you go against me

You fear?

Then why not just go home?

I must get the scriptures just because I have fear What's that stuff about?

The truth The truth about the world Monk There's only one way to know about the truth

That's my Fiery Eyes

Aren't they scary?

Pervert! Pervert!


Naughty boy!

My friend I have to say your monkey is a really good breed But he just looks... too ugly

You are not a monkey master You are the scripture fetcher

Yes, I am Here you are, finally

Bro Sha!


How come I'm so handsome?

How dare you, pig demon!

Don't hold up my business!

Hey. again?

Hey no! Cut it out!

Stop! No!

Won't you stop?


Do you envy me... looking better than you?

You ran into me!

Are you blind?

Oh my gosh

Wanna go?

Cut it out! Cut it out!

I'm quitting, really

I'm so cute. Am I wrong?

One by one, You first Pig!

We are both waiting for the scripture fetcher under the guidance of the Mercy Goddess We need to protect him as his disciples all the way My name is Zhu Ganglie I've sworn to the Goddess that I'll abstain from eating meat Bro Monkey, you can also call me Bajie My name is Sha Wujing Do you know who I am?

The Handsome Monkey King from the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit

Then why are you still lying?

Within 3 sentences if you cannot justify what you've said I slaughter you!

No! Every word we've said is true Yeah! It's the first one Does it count?

This one counts, too Mr. Scripture Fetcher!


Wukong. Stop!

They are monsters

Are you not?

Out of my way If you insist just push me off here Master...

Amitabha I killed people

Someone is spying on us

Madam, that monk is almost here Shall we celebrate?

What's it to you?

This monk is Madam's food

How many times have I told you?

I need the flower alive

You are really a clumsy flatterer Madam is a thousand years old, filled with severe grudge Any living thing in her hands Suffers as if in hell

Have you lived long enough?

Madam, I'm wrong

What do you mean by "as if in hell"?

I am the hell

In three days' time, it'll be your reincarnation, Madam If you can eat that monk by then you don't need the cycle anymore So you'll be a demon forever, Madam There are 3 days to go...

I'll snatch him back here No hurry

Let me have some fun first

Wujing, it's quite late Let's find us a place to settle down But it's noon now

It's foggy now

Master, where's the path?

Wujing, a scripture says that being deluded, a Buddha is everyone while being awakened, everyone is a Buddha Even your eyes are wide open, it's no use You still can't see the path You have to make a path step by step You understand?

Look This is how wonderful life is

Where's Bajie?

Monk. It's so demonic here You stay here I'll check it out

I got it at last!

Anybody in?


Human? Monster! Monster!

Don't panic Don't come over Come on. Come on Master Bro Bajie is yelling Stop!

I'm different from those kept as food I'm a pet!

Please. We didn't do anything evil Don't hurt us Please stand up

Stand up Amitabha I'm afraid you're mistaken Though this disciple looks a bit un... unreasonable But he's quite honest The four of us are just passers-by We only want to beg for some food Thank you The four of you...

And me, Sun Wukong

It's really demonic here Why do you live here?

I'm used to it

It's getting windy

Are you hungry?

Let's get in It's so windy. Let's get inside Come on in...

Come on Yes, Master

Put down your knives...

Cook some vegetarian food

Sit down, please

Bro Sha, water Big brother, water

I need it cool Cool water?

Blow to cool it Yeah. That's right Blow it

Are those girls your daughters?

Your homestead just needs a live-in son-in-law Bajie Master. I'm doing promotion Be quiet Reverend sir, please leave us alone Don't worry I can give you a warranty of lifelong happiness Your pig face will frighten them No problem now?

Young boy

No problem I'll be extremely filial to you

Sweeties. I'm coming

Wujing keep a close watch on him, eyes wide open Eyes wide open?

Like this?

Yes, yes, go ahead

I notice you've been rubbing your eyes There's a creek over there Go wash them there Yeah, Wukong if your eyes aren't feeling well wash them and you'll feel comfy Just go wash them

Sit down

You can't step out of this circle until I'm back Wukong, this circle is too small Large enough Wukong. Not enough, indeed

Two sweeties

Come on out Sweeties

Honey No one else is here. Don't be afraid Come on out Bro Bajie

Bro Bajie

I can tell the worry in your face, Madam Since the karma of weal and woe is predestined why worry yourself sick, Madam?

When I was sixteen

I was forced to marry into the purple

A year later a famine took place right there. Many people died

There was a rumor that I brought on the disaster to their village

I was seen as a demon

The villagers abandoned me on a lone cliff to let the vultures share me as food

to honor the gods

But later I survived

So you can say passing time is not necessarily a good cure pain comes from stubbornness

In fact pain is just like this little circle It looks hard to overcome but, as long as you take a bold step forward your pain will vanish Since I can do it myself I'm sure you can do it as well

You can't bluff my eyes with your disguise Master Madam Madam You've freaked her out Wukong...!

Come on out

I'm sure I'll find you soon

Big brother killed her Madam Madam

Madam Are you awake?

Big brother He's flown away

She died It's the fault of my first disciple It was too wrong. He freaked you out I'll keep him under properly for sure

Master, help me

Master, the monkey killed two girls Big brother You two, shut up!

Help me! Master Stop!

Evil creature It's three lives. Your sin of killing is too much They are demons How dare you quibble?

You have the power to destroy the universe If I let you get away with it like this it'll be a disaster for the world It's none of your business

That damned monkey was too fierce Madam, that damned monkey is quite a trouble


I like trouble... most



Wukong, I was just left with no choice to do that Are you going to use this incantation to keep me under control?

As long as you don't kill the innocent I won't use it anymore Why do you refuse to believe they are monsters?

You and me are really alike We only believe what can be seen in our eyes

Now I understand why the Buddha made the two of us together on this journey

Wukong, look at these prayer beads Every bead is from different corners of the world

But they're strung together by a string Just like you, me, Baijie and Wujing What pulls us together is this journey of 36,000 miles for the scriptures You may not believe what I see But I hope you believe that every time I recite the incantation I feel the same pain you feel

That chubby white one must be Bajie

Can someone take pity on us?

Please help save my daughter My girl was snatched by the monsters Can someone save her?

White Bone Spirit got my girl!

Your Majesty, the Tang Priest and his men have entered our country They're in the city now

Welcome them with a banquet


Your Majesty, is that painting just about the monster rumored in the town?


Ages ago The Kingdom of Cloud was prosperous Ever since this White Bone Spirit moved in she's done all kinds of evil and has snatched countless kids

She feeds on these young kids With the nutrition from the nature, she has improved her stamina She hangs the children with cages in her Moon Waters Cave There are cries of the kids echoing all year round I can hear them whenever I close my eyes

Amitabha Don't worry, Your Majesty. There must be a way

Holy monk

Your Majesty!

Would you rid my people of the evil and exorcise this White Bone Spirit?

Your Majesty... I only hope I can live long enough to be able to save all these poor kids Please rise, Your Majesty

Amitabha. Please rise, everyone

Guard His Majesty!

I really like you telling stories Repeat it Go on with it

Are you going to help that old gossip exorcise me?

I'm just going to urge you to reform for good Fine. You can do me a favor by letting me eat you, since I'm hungry now Eat him now if you can But I'm a vegetarian today

I'm here for you Let's talk outside I have no time Are you afraid?

Of you?

Master Don't be afraid, Master I will protect you

What in hell do you want?

Don't hurry

Out With it We are both demons... of the same kind That's why we should help each other What can you help me with?

Your hoop looks nice on you You can keep it if you like Why not?

But can you take it off?

Only I can help you if you want freedom How to?

After I eat this monk no one will incant to bother you Do you believe I can do you up now?

Yes, I do Go ahead

Look at this monkey He has to do whatever is told by his master Punishment awaits him whenever he makes mistakes One cent, one somersault Ten cents, it'll kowtow to you

White Bone Spirit

You don't have the heart, do you?

Let me be the bad guy I love doing such things Ask him to meet me tonight in person, alone

I've taken 49 doses of this blood medicine but it can't dispel my curse at all If I can't eat the Tang Priest tonight and I remain uncured, I'll eat you instead

Please calm down Your Majesty It's gone a bit different now. Sun Wukong gets in the way He's a trouble for the Spirit too So, as long as she tackles that monkey we're sure to have a chance

Wukong, are you alright?

It's been a while How was your talk?

Nothing special No way It is impossible she comes to you without a reason Do you really want to enlighten this demon?

Really I can't leave a single life unenlightened on this journey I can never make myself assured even though I can make it through to the scripture I can never feel assured

Alright This is your own choice

You really let him go alone?

I'm not sure I'm gonna sleep if you're still not sure

It's a style

Do you know what you're supposed to do here tonight?

I'm here Expecting you to reform for good Again?

Wukong, why are you here?

Wukong, enlightenment is a solemn thing Don't fool around here You're the one that is fooling around You're ridiculous Am I ridiculous?

You are ridiculous Lady White, leave him alone. Let's continue A bunch of idiots

You really think I'm taken in?

Bro Sha, is her face so pale with fright now?

Yeah Bro Bajie, I admire you so much

Lady White if you have guts have a good fight with me If you defeat me I'll marry you If I lose you'll marry me Fair enough?

If it's unfair to you of course... we can talk or think about something else Pig face. Stay away from me, okay?

Are you scared?

OK. You left me no choice No one is allowed to interfere Leave it to me!

Wukong. Can you let me finish?

Step back

As long as you nod I'll take this demon to nirvana I hate being called evil demon the most Evil demon If not, what else should I call you?

Whatever Listen, I can give up everything

I'm even able to kill that monk But! This isn't over We'll see

Nobody move. Leave her to me

Bro Bajie!

Bajie Bro Sha, stay close with Master

Someone help! I'm stuck


Forget it

Where is he?

Do you know what blood tastes like?

For years, in order to dispel this curse I've drunk a great amount of blood of the kids Now it's your turn After I eat you, my disease can be cured

This is your karmic reward

You drain others' blood to maintain your life I don't see a difference between you and the monsters

I'll never be as venomous as that White Bone Spirit

Monk, the human world is like hell since long ago

Even the Buddha cannot extinguish human's evil within Can you?


This sort of person is more vicious than demons Can't I kill, either?

No, you can't

If you keep doing evil I'll finish you with this cudgel

Kids. Go home now

Now. Come with me

Is the Buddha blind?

Entrusting a wimp like you?

If it weren't for him, killing all the way with his cudgel you could go nowhere!

What merits and retribution are you looking to?

Every word you say is nonsense and every step you take could kill By what right do you act like a sage?

By what right? Tell me!

Thanks, holy monk Mom The holy monk saved them all

Let's hurry on

Holy monk, please wait The folks of our kingdom will be grateful for your kindness forever Please accept our gifts You saved my daughter's life. You're really our savior Thanks for saving my life Feel free to accept it

I've said I'm even able to kill that monk

He attacked Wukong Why did you do this?

She's a demon So is everyone in your eyes a demon?

Bad guy Mom Are you okay, sweetheart Are you alright?

Please quiet down! Easy!

Calm down. Be quiet What's wrong with you?

You hurt my daughter. I won't forgive you

Bro Bajie


Holy monk, help

Holy monk, help me

Master, stop chanting Master, he knows he's in the wrong Yeah

Help me...

Holy monk, help


Just leave Master, this girl doesn't look ordinary You can't let him leave Yes, Master. He suddenly did that There must be a reason Monk they have turned from monsters It's just that you can't see them through My duty is to escort you to the West Escorting me is not the reason that you can kill willfully In order to escort me you don't even spare a little girl Do you fear I would die or I would not make it to the West to remove this hoop for you?

The problem is not with the hoop on your head but the hoop in your heart

You can only rely on yourself There's nothing I could do Thought it over?

Just leave Master

Our karma ends here. Don't kneel to me




Bro Sha Big brother

The road ahead is dangerous Do your best to protect him

I'm leaving Big brother Big brother Big brother!

Master! Master!

Bro Bajie Master is kidnapped!

Thank you If you don't tell me I really have no idea he's been kidnapped Now what shall we do?

Bro Sha Now things go really bad There are only three options for us Option One Go to big brother's home mountain and bring him back Oh yeah!

Option Two Go to Moon Waters Cave and harass them to buy time for us Excellent!

Option Three is relatively complex. Just try to figure it out That is, you go to the Cave to buy time for yourself And it's still you to go to big brother's place

Are you going too?

Don't ask anything nonsense We still have the last resort The burdens are yours. The dragon horse is mine Let's disband

Yeah Why didn't it come to my mind?

Because you're an idiot

Why didn't it come to my mind?

You are... an unsympathetic, unfaithful jerk!

I've long been putting up with you You!

It hurts?


Bro Sha, hit his face! His face!

The horse is yours

Dragon Horse, let's go to save Master

What exactly are you doing this for?

Are you curious?

Because if I eat you, I can become an immortal demon I want no reincarnation. I hate being a human In this case what happened in your previous life?

Speaking of it...

the villagers said I brought on the disaster to their village I was seen as a demon

That's just a story about my previous life It's a true story Don't think you're different from those who had left me on the lone cliff You immortals are just merciless I hate you all Hatred can only give birth to hatred

Why must you be so hard on yourself?

Stop enlightening me

Listen your enlightenment is of no use at all

Goddess. Why are you in my way back to my mountain?

Wukong. Even if you get back to your place today that is not your final destination Then can you tell me where else I can go?

Big brother, do you know that Master was snatched by the monster Big brother Don't be afraid, everyone I'm here for your lord Only you can save Master, Big brother

You don't know any better Can't you just put up a bit with him?

Look how young he is and how old you are, huh?

Look, Big brother

A branch can be... easily snapped...

snapped without effort while ten branches are unbreakable together If the four of us are united and bound we will reach the West and fetch the scripture for sure He's not here Why didn't you tell earlier?

What shall I do?

You tell me!

Big brother!

Hey. look!


I need Big brother's suit of armor to give me courage

Wukong Golden Cicada has waited for nine lifetimes before you're available to be his disciple in this life and you'll be rectified and led to Buddhism But the monk of this life has abandoned me Am I at fault?

Wukong, in fact, you abandoned your master

500 years ago, you trusted yourself, so you wreaked havoc in heaven But now, you haven't changed in any way Why don't you trust others rather than yourself?

You have always been judging others with your own standard of right or wrong What your Fiery Eyes see is truth but what your master sees is heart

Wukong, your master's life is at risk This is when he needs you most

Time is up How about you enlighten me in your next lifetime?

I'll still be waiting here, okay?

I hope my death can take away your stubbornness

Who is it?

What happened? Can anyone tell me?

Evil monkey!

Master I'm back Wukong


Bro Sha, you go!

Let me get even...



Since the Buddha entrusts you with the scriptures I won't let you die Hold on


White Bone Spirit this is your doom of the millennium Now your spirit will vanish forever and ever

Buddha I'm willing to help her overcome her doom Please give her a chance Xuanzang, if you want to save her the only way is to lead her to her reincarnation into human But, as you're a mortal you have to give up your life to do that Do you really want to?

Yes, I do

Do you think you're saving me?

As long as there is a gleam of hope I won't give up by any means Whatever the result is, I'm willing to go on this trip with you

It's been a thousand years

I'm used to being a demon

When I was 16

they said I'm an evil demon

No! Don't!

You're not gonna make it

Wukong Lady White wants to meet her end within my body If I don't lead her to her reincarnation she'll vanish completely

Will you trust me?

I only trust you alone from now on

Kill me

No No way!

Wukong At first I thought To enlighten people is just to educate them by words Only now do I see

if I don't get in hell even if I could reach the Thunder Monastery I would not get the scriptures

Now I've decided

If she can't change her doom I'll help her throughout this life If not so after ten lifetimes I'll be helping as well, without fail


On the way of 36,000 miles I'm waiting for your return If you can't come back for a lifetime I'll wait throughout this life

If not so after ten lifetimes I'll be waiting as well, without fail


Come on

Big brother You mustn't do this!

No, big brother. Don't do this!

If I have this good fortune next lifetime

I still want to be your master Master

This is where I have to say goodbye



Big brother. It's been seven days Why hasn't Master's soul returned yet?

At this rate, let's disband

No more "disband". Got it?

Are we still going or not, Big brother?

As long as Master's golden body is intact I'll carry his body to the Thunder Monastery to see the Buddha in person

Master, let's go!

Oh, my brother. I'm hungry. What to do?

I can't stay hungry!

You only know eating Yeah, yeah...

Let's eat hot pot!

Movie re-encoded by VYTO for P2PDL.com