Xian nu xia fan (1972) Script

So our youngest sister is here.

We've been looking everywhere for her.

What are you looking at, seventh sister?

Look! Isn't it beautiful there?

What place is that?

That's the mortal world.

The mortal world?

It's breathtaking!

That place is called the 'Pearl of the Orient'

It's a beautiful city.

They've got everything they want.

They're free, it's great.

That street is Lovers' Lane.

Lovers' Lane?

They're all in loving pairs.

So lovely.

You aren't shy.

Wait up.


Please take us to the mortal world.

Don't be silly.

We would break the heavenly rules.

It isn't funny.

It's heaven mother's birthday in a few days.

Let's head back.

And start weaving for her presents.

Let's go.

Miss, come closer.

Wang, what do you see?

A Chinese opera singer.

Chinese opera singer?

Are you sure?

She's a fairy.


What? I must be drunk.

Five dollars for three.

You're about to get lucky in love.

Spare change, please I'm not lying, miss.

I haven't eaten for the whole day.

Please give me some spare change.

Spare change? What about me?

I haven't eaten supper yet.

Beat it.

Are you hungry?


Come with me.

Follow me.

One each.

All done.

Zeng, I've got a plan.

What is it?

Where did you find these?

From the studio.

We'll have enough money for supper.

Come with me, where do we change?

Over there.

Take some for your siblings.

My fruits are gone!

The police are here.


Stand still.

Where are you going?

Mr. Policeman.

My whole family depends on me.

Please, let me go.

You can't sell things here.

Please give me a chance.



Insulting a police officer?

Robbers! Go help them.

We're busy.

We've got work to do, bye.

Don't go, help them out.

Catch the robbers?

Sorry, we're busy.

That's right.

We've to issue parking tickets.

What are you doing?


Sorry... Mistake.


Impersonating a police officer?!

Take them away.

They are fake policemen?


Real policemen won't take bribes, go.

So are you a real policeman?


Come on, baby, let's go inside.


Let's go.

No, my mom won't allow.


Your mom should approve now.

No, she won't.

How about now?

She'd still have something to say.

And now?

I think she would let you have your way now.


Hand them over.

Robbers! Catch them.

Catch the robbers.


Let me.

Return to the owner.

Don't be mad, baby I'll buy you a new set tomorrow.

Come with me upstairs.


Your jewelry, sir.

Mind your own business.

Here you go.

These belong to you.

Fake ones.

What's the point for helping him?

I know him from somewhere.

He's a dirty old man.

He's my beloved Dong Yong.

Let's hurry to the auction house.

Or we won't be able to keep the orphanage.

Let's go.

This is it.

Nineteen thousand.

Twenty thousand.

You're late.


Regarding the orphanage.

Please help us out.

Mr. Wang was a good friend of ours.

Now that the orphanage is facing a crisis.

We'll try our best.

If someone owns that piece of land.

The orphans in our orphanage will be homeless.

Calm down, Bull.

We'll buy the lot.

If only we have the highest bid.

We can keep running the orphanage.

It's time for a painting.

Let's start.


Two thousand.

Two thousand and five.

Mr. Chairman.

Three thousand.

Three thousand and five.

Three thousand and eight.

Xu Caifa is here as well.

Four thousand.

What's he doing here?

Darling, the site where the orphanage is located.

You must bid for it.

That's simple.

But why are you interested in a broken house?

That land has excellent feng shui I desire to build a villa there.

Then you'll earn a lot more and be successful.


The fortune teller told me.

Land auction.

Let's start.

For the Zili Orphanage site.

Fifteen thousand sq. Feet, start at Eighty thousand.

Let's begin.

Eighty five thousand.

One thousand more.

Eighty six thousand.

Any one?

Ninety thousand.

Ninety thousand?

Ninety five thousand.

Ninety six thousand.

One hundred thousand.

A hundred and ten.

Any one?

A hundred and fifty thousand.


Hundred and fifty one thousand.

Hundred and seventy thousand.

A hundred and eighty.

Two hundred thousand.

Two hundred and ten.

Two hundred twenty thousand.

Two hundred and thirty thousand.

Two hundred and fifty thousand

250,000... Two hundred fifty thousand, one...

Two hundred and sixty thousand


Three hundred thousand.

Please continue bidding I can't.

Any one?

Three hundred thousand... Three.



Are you alright, miss?

Please be careful when you cross the road.

Are we going or not?

The show at the night club is almost over.


Let's go.

That's the end of our orphanage.

This is the playground of the rich.

Too bad we're poor and owe others money.

Bull, you head back first I want to take a walk.

Do you have any cash?

Five dollars.

You return first.

This must be social etiquette.

Sit down.

Orange juice, whisky.

They are so affectionate.

No wonder there's peace & bliss in the mortal world.

Let's dance.

Come on.

Where are you taking me?

Where are we going, Xiaowang?

The Heavenly Palace.

What? The Heavenly Palace?

It's a nice place, wonderful settings.


No I just came from there I'm not going back there.

Come on.

No, I'm not going back.


Leave her alone.

What are you doing?

Mind your own business.

I'm not going back.


It's late, miss. You should head home.

Is there anything else?

I know you are troubled by something.


Forget it.

Let me know of your troubles.

You won't be able to help. Bye.

Are you stalking me?

You've helped me earlier.

And I want to help you in return.

Thanks, but you can't help.

I won't let you go if you don't tell me.

Alright, I run an orphanage.

And we owe lots of debts.

We've lost the orphanage in an auction.

The orphans will become homeless.

That's it I can leave now? Bye.

Where do you live? I can give you a lift.

It's a secret.

But I'll tell you.

It's our little secret.


Heavenly Palace.

You live in the Heavenly Palace?

You're Aphrodite.

Lower your voice.

It's embarrassing.

You can tell that I'm a goddess.

That's very smart of you.

It's easy to tell.

Doesn't take a genius to figure out.

It's easy to tell by one's appearance.

Don't be a hypocrite.

I'm destined to meet you.

I think it's fate.

There's no one here except you and me.

It's too bad for you that I'm poor.

There's no point to flirt with me.

Go find yourself a rich guy I'm in no mood for love.

Money doesn't mean everything.

I'm not a gold digger.

I don't believe that.

They're all the same.

The world of mortals is full of sentiments I guess you aren't a sentimental fellow.


Waterloo Road.



What are you looking at? Just drive.

This is it stop here.

What are you doing up?

We're hungry.

We're starving.

When you're asleep, you won't be hungry.

But we can't sleep.

We can't.

We're starving.

Go to bed.

So hungry!


What's that all about?

No, I...

Never mind.

You can sleep in my room.


What a lively morning on earth.

How colorful and charming I can feel the warm breeze.

The bright sun.

There's only laughter and no sadness.

Only happiness and no worries.

What a beautiful morning!

The breath of freedom I hear no heavenly rules I see no Jade Emperor.

No authoritative regime.

Absolute Peace everywhere.

Good friends are loyal.

New friendships are made.

Lovers stick with each other.

Staying together forever.

Everyone is enjoying the atmosphere.

All cheerful.

All have adequate clothing and food.

Everything goes by as one wishes.

Helping each other out.

The mortal world is lovely.

The world of mortals sure is lovely.



Let's play a game, shall we?


Go downstairs.


They are innocent kids.

You better stay away from them.

You should head back now.

We've run out of food.

I'll think of something.

Brother Bull.

Are you two the only adults here?

Yes I've been a cook here for over ten years.

What about Mr. Dong?

He is an orphan too.

Mr. Wang, our former chief passed down this orphanage to him.

He's a nice guy.

Just a bit weird.

You can't blame him.

Of late he hasn't been in a good mood.


The orphanage relies solely on donations.

We've been having financial difficulties.

We owe a lot of money.

And this orphanage was auctioned out yesterday.

Within three days...

Xu Caifa will come here to claim his property.

Then the orphanage will be closed.

No wonder he's worried.

I'm starving, Uncle Bull.

Please cook us some breakfast.

They are selling steamed buns.

Please buy some for us.


Fine just go play.

Breakfast will be ready soon.

But we've got nothing for breakfast I'm no fairy.

I'm starving.

They're selling steamed buns.

We have no money.

Move over.

Steamed buns, steamed buns.

Wash your hands first.

Let's go.

What happened to the steamed buns?

My whole family depends on me.

Who stole from a poor man like me?

What should I do?

The thief is heartless.

What do I sell today?

I won't be able to earn any money today.

Hey, these are the steamed buns, right?

They've come back?

Thank God!



Almost made a huge mistake.

To gain at others' expense; That's wrong.

Steamed buns.

Where are the buns?




Are you hungry?


You want to eat?


Follow me then.

We all have a pair of hands.

A pair of hands.

No worries when you're hungry.

No worries.

Let's work together.

There's no need to be sad.

You work on the beads, I'll do the embroidery I'll collect the flowers.

We're all busy I can't just stand here and do nothing.

We all have a pair of hands.

A pair of hands.

Get our spirits up.

No worries.

Wipe your tears and get to work.

Never give in to hardships.

We work on our own.

We don't just beg.

Our own hard-earned cash.

There's no need to beg.

We all have a pair of hands.

A pair of hands.

Let's speed up.

Speed UP.

Days and nights we work.

We aren't lazy bones.

Work hard, children.

You'll earn more when you work harder.

With our pair of hands.

There's no need to worry about food.

There's no need to worry about food.

Smells good.


Smells good.

Let's begin.

Seventh sister.

Time to eat.

Where's she gone?

She's gone.

Seventh sister.

Seventh sister.

She's really gone.

Bull, she's gone.

It's all my fault.

I looked down upon her.

She's just like us.

Her life's tough.

She's left just like this.

I don't know what she'd live on.

Don't be so sad.

Bull, you don't understand.

I'm in love with her.

Seventh sister.

What's this sweet thing?

The western way.

The western way?

The new owner is here to expel us.

The new owner, who?

Xu Caifa.

We can move for them.

Wan Shitong.

We can move for them.



What a pleasant surprise.

My car almost hit you yesterday.

You're alright, miss?

What are they doing?

What are they doing?

We're moving.

Tell them to leave it.

Leave it.

I didn't know that you work here.

For your sake I'll give you three extra days.

This is my address.

If only you'd discuss with me I'm sure we can work something out.


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.


Thanks everyone.

Excuse me.


Please dance.

All the guests are here.

Today's our day to make some money.

You can show your skill in cards I've got it covered.

Four Jack.

He's very lucky.

Please come in, miss.


Welcome. Hardly expected you to show up.

Come along.

Have a seat.



Since you're here I think we can work something out.

Let's have a drink.


Let me introduce.

Oh, that's not necessary.

She's from the orphanage.

Oh, I see.

All dressed up and poses as a socialite.

Wearing fake jewelry.

What a joke.

She's done a terrible job.


They're waiting for you to play cards.

Let's go.

Come on.


Can I have this dance?

Listen to the rhythmic music.

Look at the dancing.

The smell of wine and cigar smoke.

Ladies and gentlemen gather around.

Ladies in their low cut dresses.

Sparkling diamonds.

Curvaceous figures.

Why the sudden change?

Look at his stature.

Smoking a cigar proudly.

He looks like a rich man.

But actually he's broke.

Now the chairman.

Happy with his winnings.

Cash stacked up in front of him.

But look what he's got in his sleeves.

Listen to the rhythmic music.

Look at the dancing.

They are all hypocrites.

What a strange place it is.

Try it.



They're like bees going for the honey.

All up to no good.

If you're interested in her, sir.

You should act soon.

That's what I've been trying to do.

But she's a tricky one.

Come here, Chairman.


This is an Arabic aphrodisiac.

Just a drop and she'll become a fairy.

She would be so wild.

And go crazy.

Try it.

Get her upstairs.

And I'll put this into the wine.

And I'll send it up I guarantee you'll score.


Don't you worry, we've got it covered.

Are you alright?

Lady, do you know what?

I'm all confused.


I don't know how to say it.

My heart's pounding.

Since I've met you I've lost my soul.

Oh, no.


You must be sick I'm fine.

Your eyes are wide-opened.

You're sweating.

Go to a doctor and see what's wrong.

Lie down.

Where are you going, baby?

Looking for a doctor.

There's no need to.

Why not?

You're the only one who can cure me.


You can bring the dying back to life.

Your lips are the best remedy.

With just one kiss.

I can't take it.

Look at you, you're funny.

Like a silly boy.

You were a tiger, and now a kitty.


What's happened to your poise?

My sweet heart.

Don't you get it?

I miss you, I want you.


I've got diamonds and I've got cash.

If you want I can give you cars and villas.

For me?

Thanks for your offer.

Don't mention it.

You're kind and decent.


Material things such as.

Cash, diamonds, cars and villas I don't need.

I only ask one thing of you.

Just name it.

Don't kick the orphans out.

Not enough, more.

Put the whole thing in.

It works miracles.

Send it upstairs.




Have pity.

What are you doing?

Have pity on me.

I found it, this is yours.


What are you doing here?

Mr. Wan told me to bring this up.


Leave us.

What are you doing?

Mr. Chairman.


Drink up.

Drink this up and we can discuss.


You two are getting comfortable in here?

The Chairman is romantic.

How lucky.

Pretty lady and good wine.

The chairman lives his life to the full.

Laura, isn't this the wine... you brought from France last year?

I wanted to save it for special occasions.

And now you're treating her?

Come on, let's drink.


You can't drink this.

If you can treat your friend I can treat my friends.


Some more.

Not bad.

Excellent wine, come on.

Bottoms up.

Where are you going, baby?

Darling, where are you going?


Come on, baby.

Kiss me.

Have a drink.

I don't want to I insist.

My room, come on.

What's going on here?

Keep on dancing.

Music, music.


Don't run, come here.

Come on I'm scared.


What's going on?

What's going on?

Seventh sister, you better leave.

You are what you are.

So you can't forget about your past.

The decadent lifestyle you once lived.

You went behind my back to Xu Caifa's ridiculous party?

I wanted to talk to him about the orphanage.

You don't need to worry about that.

If you like to hang around Xu Caifa I've got nothing to say.

From now on we go our separate ways.


The orphanage is about to close down.

If you can't live a simple life like ours.

You can go to Xu Caifa anytime. So long.



She's gone!

Tell uncle Dong to go after her.

Uncle Dong, auntie's gone.


Chase her I saw her take a turn.

She's gone in a blink.

That's right.


Auntie's gone.

Don't cry, I'll find her tomorrow.

The birds are humming.

He's on my mind.

Because I can't see him I miss him all the more I'm confused.

Flowers are blooming I miss him so much.

But I've only just left him I'm already missing him.

He has my soul.

I want to forget him.

But I can't.

I've decided to leave him.

But I can't get him out of my mind.

Could this be love?

Or me being silly?

Birds are humming.

Flowers are blooming I can't go on without seeing him.

How could I have left him?

He's the only one on my mind.

The only one on my mind.

Look over there.

Where should we go next?

Head back.

Go to the bars, clubs, we will find her.


We're looking for someone.


Seventh sister.

Sorry, I've got the wrong person.

What's your problem?


Excuse me.

Seventh sister.

Come here.

Seventh sister.

I can't believe we've bumped into you.

You're here because.

We're looking for.

We're here for the magic show.

The magic is not bad.

Can we sit here? Thanks.

Come over.


I'm fine, thanks.


That Will do.



Bull, you know magic?

It's not magic.

But Zili is a good magician.


He'll show you later.

No, I don't know magic.

Don't be so modest.

That's no big deal.

If he'll go on stage I'm sure he'd be better than him.

Ladies and gentlemen I've been everywhere on stage.

It's created a hype wherever I go.

I'm the best magician so far.

If any of you here... wishes to challenge me.

I'm willing to pay a large sum.

HK$20,000 HK$20,000

Thank you.

It's all your fault.

Zili, now it's your chance.

Excuse me, I want to go to the washroom.

There's a man here who wants to challenge you.

Come here.

Ladies and gentleman.

Brother Bull, come help.



You're all liars.

They're monsters.


Zili, go claim your money.

Right, 90.

You promised.

HK$20,000 Fine.



Tell them to close the windows.

Don't let Seventh sister in.

Why not?

You don't get it, she's not human.

Not human?

Then what is she?

A ghost.

A ghost?

You must be tired I'll help you upstairs.

Close the doors and windows.

I'm right here.

But I got in anyway.


I was trying to help you.

And look what trouble I got myself into.

You're a monster.

Say whatever you please.

You'll understand later.

Bull, there's a ghost.

We're from different worlds.

Please I beg you, leave me alone.



What is it?

She's here.

Who's here?

Seventh sister.


Inside the cup.

Inside the cup?


Are you alright?

I saw her there.


Lie down, I'll get some medicine.

Hurry back.


Close the door.

Seventh sister, I was nice to you.

Please leave me alone.

I can't believe you.

Yesterday you said you love me.

And now you're avoiding me.

Don't be sad, I haven't changed.

It's me.

So you still love me?


Seventh sister.

Hello, is this the mental asylum?

Someone here has gone crazy.

Please get here soon.


I'm not crazy.

Hey, I'm not crazy!

I'm perfectly normal.

You're crazy.

I'm not crazy.

Bull, go ask Seventh sister.

She's a monster.

How's he doing, doctor?

Pretty serious.

Go home now, we'll take care of him.

Bull, get me out of here.

Get me out.

Don't go any closer.

Otherwise he'll go berserk.

Zili I'll come here to see you tomorrow.


It's all Seventh sister's fault.

Zili, I've been looking for you everywhere.

You are here again?

What are you doing here?

I'm here to help you I don't need your help, just leave.

I'm not leaving.

Then I'll call the guards.


Come here.

What's wrong?

Kick her out, I don't want a monster in here.

Who? What monster?

On the window.


It's almost dawn.

All monsters will disappear.

Get back to sleep I don't need to sleep I don't want to be with a monster.

I'm here to get you out.


I don't need your help.

Come with me.

I don't want to go with you.

Come on I don't want to go with you.

Let go of me.

Please let go of me I don't want to go with you.

Let go of me.

Let's go back.

Come on.

I don't want to go with you.

I'm not leaving with you.

What is it?

They've escaped.

Go after them.


Come on.


Go after them.



What now?

The sea.



Lady, are you a ghost?

I'm a goddess from the heaven.

A goddess?

Are you for real?

Do you think I'll lie to you?

If I'm not.

Then how can I do this?

Then you.

Second sister.

Third sister.

Where are the fourth and fifth sisters?

Eldest sister.

So? Found the seventh sister?

No, we've looked everywhere.

No sight of her.

Tomorrow is the heaven mother's birthday.

If she finds out that...

Seventh sister took a trip to the mortal world.

She will be furious.

Where could she be anyway?

Can't believe her.


Let's go after them.

Seventh sister.

Come sisters.

Help me to carry him inside, hurry.

Let's go.


Come here.

Over there.

Thanks everyone.

Please rest upstairs.



I'll join you in a minute.

Who're you talking to?

My sisters.


How is he?

He's fine, just passed out.

He'll wake up in a minute.

What's going on?

Don't pretend you can't hear us.

Tell us.

Come on.

What's this?

You're all up against me.

Tell us the truth.

Are you in love with Mr. Dong?

Are you?

Tell us.

The truth.

Come on.

Yes, I like him a lot.

But he's a fool.

A fool?

Your beloved Dong Yong was also a fool.

Why are you always attracted to silly guys?

Fine, that's enough.

Alright, no more on this topic.

Seventh sister.

Tomorrow is our mother's birthday.

You better come back with us.

Come home with us.

If she finds out, you'll be in trouble.


No, I still have one wish.

You can't leave Mr. Dong?

Here you go again.

Then, what is your wish?

Tell us.

I pity the orphans here.

I hope to find a way to house them.

We came from afar.

What can we do to help?

We're all good dancers and singers.

How about a charity show?

Good idea.

Good plan.


But there's only one thing.


Zili's very stubborn.

He won't accept our help.

I've a plan.

What is it?

No way I can't accept your help I've told you several times that our... orphanage is self-reliant.

Fine, let me ask you one question.

If there are a bunch of orphans.

Will you take them in?

Of course.



Great, then the seven of us are all orphans.

Please take us in.

No problem.


The admission procedures.

Right away.


We're now part of this family.

We can be self-reliant.

Let's work on what we should do in the charity show.


It's windy and snowy.

Winter is here on the fields.

The poor rabbit has no place to hide.

Starving and shivering.

A sudden beam from the sky.

The sun's glowing.

Look! Spring's here.

Listen! Spring's alive.

Here comes a young lady.

She's looking everywhere.

She must be lost.

Where do you come from?

Thanks for asking I'm not lost I admire the mortal world I came from heaven.

It's a paradise there.

There's no rich or poor.

There are no worries.

It can't be compared to earth.

You're sad.

You're thin.

You have no clothes to wear.

You're worried about your life.

No one loves us.

We have no parents.

We have no home.

We are Wanderers.

So it's different from heaven.

Riches can't be shared.

The God of Happiness has arrived.

Happiness is here.

Fruits on the trees.

Flowers are blossoming.

A stable home to give you shelter.

Living happily there.

La... la...

That's the dream of the poor.

But that's only a dream.

There are lots of needy people.

Please kindly donate whatever you can.

We appreciate your kindness.

Your donation means a lotto us.

Here's HK$300,000.

You want to buy back the lot?

I think you should agree to this.

Fine, but not at this price.


How much do you want?

HK$600,000 HK$600,000?

That's extortion!

I mean, with the inflation I'm sure the price has gone up now I've just heard that the... neighborhood's land price has raised.

Then I want HK$800,000.

You might as well rob.

It's time for the horse race.

Let's go.

Today is my new horse's first race.

I'm sure we'll win.

You're very confident.

Of course.

Our chairman can do anything.

I doubt it.


I'm sure your horse won't win.


Our chairman has got everything covered.

Since the chairman is confident.

Why don't we have a bet?

Sure, how?

If you lose.

You must give us the land back unconditionally.

Deal lf you lose.

Then you must promise me.

What? You.

Promise me that you'll leave the HK$300,000 behind.


A promise is a promise.

Tong Tianxiao.

Yes sir.

Get a lawyer to witness.

Yes sir.

Seventh sister, why did you agree to the race track.

No.12 is mine.

It's well built I think we'll lose for sure.

Mr. Dong, this is Mr. Wang, the lawyer.

He has got all the documents.

I'll keep your HK$300,000.

I'm sure I'll win.



Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman.

I've a piece of great news.

From now on.

This orphanage is ours.

Let's celebrate.

What a party.

What are you doing here?

The house is my property.

I want it back.

The lawyer has transferred the ownership.

We've got the documents here.


I can get the documents back.

Go, grab it.

You want to snatch?


Over there.

Beat them up.


Hurry, Seventh sister.

Let's go.

Let's go.

You go ahead first I'll catch up.

We'll wait for you at the front.


Let's go.

After you've returned to heaven.

What would you do?

I'll miss you and the kids everyday.


And that western way.

This jade is for your keepsake.

The time we spent together.

Was magical.

We don't want to part.

Unwilling to say goodbye.

The days were sweet.

All we have are memories.

Memories which we'll never forget.

Memories inside our heart.

Your love, your friendship.

Thanks for everything.

Your hard work, your support.

Lifted our spirits.

The time we spent together that was Oh, so magical!

If only you could return.

We will never again part