Xie (1980) Script

The wind kept its promise; The moon shining far away Your constant thoughts make me feel Oh so miserable

I go by the name of Mou Lin Sin Can't help but recall the grande amoureuse Mai Jiuan

In the eighteenth year of the Lunar Year At 13 Chung Gwai Sin st. in Guang Chow City is an old mansion

Surrounding this mansion... is a mysterious myth The Charms originated from Fu Jien Those who later ran the salt business... moved to live in Guang Chow Si Kwan Since generations, the Chans... had either been officials or merchants They were very wealthy until the generation of Sau Ying Her family was relatively small Sau Ying was the only daughter left To continue the lineage... her parents acquired for her a husband Thus Yeung Chun Yu moved into the Chan family As the business of Sau Ying's parents failed they subsequently died of consumption, and the family fell into poverty !

The marriages of the time... were influenced by the feudal system This meant that once married, the couple... could not part whatever the circumstances Yeung was unhappy As a result he resorted to drinking, gambling and prostitutes Mrs. Chan, your lungs are infected You should rest and not move around Try to keep an optimistic attitude on all things I'll prescribe some medicine for you... and you'll be up and about in a few days Boil this medicine down to about a bowl Take half in the morning and half at noon Take the medicine twice again at night After you've finished this dose... consume another dose in a few days If you 're still coughing so badly here are two pills Take one with some warm water You should hopefully feel better I suggest you rest more Thank you, doctor I'll send the money to you later Never mind, there's no rush Chun Yu, please see the doctor out It's okay Please Than ks

Thank you, Mr. Chan No, my name is Yeung Oh, I'm sorry


I'm sorry Are you blind?

You smashed the bowl of red bean soup on purpose No, I didn't mean to You're so obliging when madam orders you around yet you dislike working for me You, you are asking for it

I'll beat you up Please don't I'll beat you up You never gave me the respect I deserve Ah Sim Where are you hiding?

Chun Yu Stop beating her Do you want to kill her?

Ah Sim Where are you hiding?

Ah Sim

Ah Sim

Hand me my medicine

What's with you again?

Please give me my medicine Putting up a show again Help me UP You're not crippled Chun Yu Get up yourself Chun Yu

Madam, are you all right?

I'll help you UP

Madam, I'm sorry I can't serve you any more What ? You want to leave ?

I can't take it anymore from the Master

His temper is bad, I know I'll reason with him Come, give me some water for my medicine Don't leave me I can't It's not that I want to It's just that he uses me as his punch-bag How can I tolerate that?

I can't let him beat me to death Sorry, I must go What?

You dare to talk behind my back Get lost or I'll break your legs Ah Sim...

Chun Yu, don't be like this You've chased all the servants away who will serve you?

Who will attend to me ?

You, you'll do it When I entered the Chan family I was served by dozens of servants I was supposed to enjoy that, too Now there's only this bitch left who dares to talk back at me Our Chan family has treated you well but times have changed This is a time when we must help each other Please try to understand Understand ?

What good are you to me?

I got married in your family to enjoy However you're now finished Remember, that's your problem not mine

Let me make it clear If I wasn't concerned with gossips I would have dumped you long ago

Needles and thread, cologne, facial cream Ah Sim, where's madam?

I'll take a look

Madam, madam I'm Ah Choy I've brought the smokes Madam

Master, where is madam?

I brought the smokes Where is she?

You again?

Madam isn't feeling well, she's in there Go inside yourself

False teeth

Madam Lots of people are looking for this rare smokes I brought some and they're sold in no time When do you expect to return to Hsia Mun?

It's been smooth business this time so I'll leave tonight Madam, you don't want this?

I'll introduce some new products to you This powder is best for the face It will rejuvenate your skin This is quality powder The madam next door says it is good Ah Choy Please take this letter to Hsia Mun for me Sure How much for them?

Ten dollars and fifty cents Say ten even

Madam, this jade bracelet is beautiful It was inherited from my mother Here are ten dollars These are for you Thank you This jade bracelet costs over a hundred Careful OK, I'm going Grandpa, why can't I catch any fish?

How can you catch fish without patience?

Sir, pray tell me... where is 13 Chung Kwai Sin Street?

Turn right at the alley in front What do you want with Mrs. Chan?

Not many people look for her Where do you come from?

I'm from Fua Shan, thank you

What are you doing?

I want to go into the water to see if there're fish No, it is not as shallow as it appears A little fellow was almost drowned here Really?

Come let's fish


Who are you looking for?

I'm Leung Yi Wah, daughter of madam Fook... who used to serve Mrs. Chan Madam Fook?

Yes, I remember. Come in please

Inside please

Come in

Please sit Thank you madam How has Mrs. Fook been?

Been quite some time since she passed away

Mrs. Fook worked here for a long while When she left I was still very young... but I remember vividly She was a good person Madam My mom told me when she died I must thank you if I pass by here She said she was very indebted to the Chan family She was grateful for the rest of her life Please don't say this

Madam, are you all right?

It's not too serious The doctor said it's lung infection Please sit

Madam... since I have nothing else to do Let me stay and take care of you That's not necessary Times have changed We can't afford servants Don't worry about that Consider this as our repayment for your kindness I'll go after you've recovered I'll be much beholden to you Don't mention it It's the least we can do You can stay for a while But I must make it clear Master has a bad temper... and is difficult to get along Don't worry I'll take good care of him

...Oh...what a clever Grandpa Someone's fallen into the water Where?

There Really?

Help him up Master, been drinking again?

You'll drown Madam...

Come quickly

Ask him not to drink so much He was almost drowned Thank you Shall I help him in?

No, it's OK Thank you Madam Give him some tea, we're going

Look at you, drunk like this!

Bring me wine I want more wine, bring it now Don't drink any more I'll prepare some hot tea for you Let me, I'll get it Bring me wine I want more wine, bring it now Please don't be like this You shouldn't drink any more What are you doing?

Master, have some tea No tea for me Chun Yu Who is she?

She is the daughter of our ex-servant Mrs. Fook Another cup of hot tea She is hereto serve you Get lost How can you speak like that?

Madam Thank you Come, have some tea

You want to scald me?

Damn. You want to kill me and re-marry?

Do you think I don't know ?

You think I'm a burden, right?

Yeah sure, who asked me to marry into Chan family

I asked for it

I deserve to suffer Madam So he married into your family?

Yes Even so... he shouldn't treat you like this

Sau Ying, come here Light up a smoke for me

Master needs me Let's do this later

Madam You're sick and should rest more Don't push yourself that hard Let me serve him Thank you

Master What are you doing here?

I didn't ask for you I asked for that sick bitch Get lost Master Madam is unwell and should rest more Let me help you What? Unwell again?

Pretending again?

Right, you do it for me I don't know how to If don't know... how can you serve me?

Master, I haven't done this before In that case... what on earth are you doing here?

Ask madam to come Master, as I said madam is really sick...

Her illness requires lots of rest Why doesn't she care about me?

Master, madam is really unwell Scram I want to ask her... why she wouldn't serve me herself

You're getting impossible I send for you, and you send her instead What do you mean by this?

Don't be like this I'm really sick In front of Yi Wah... please give me some face What ? So I don't deserve any respect ?

Then I won't give you any respect Get up Master, please, don't Get up Master, please Get up Master, madam is sick Master, please, don't be like this Master, don't misunderstand It was my own wish to serve you It is not madam's fault Please forgive my rudeness Please forgive me

You'll be punished next time

He's a beast... and you're too tolerant How can you let him beat you?

I am really sorry for you What can I do?

My fate is misery and I'm sick I can only hope he'll change one day I don't think he will His kind of temper... will not change for the rest of his life How are you, madam?

Are you alright ?

Madam, don't cry You'll damage your health Please don't cry I'll help you to bed

Good morning, master

Where's the note I wrote ?

I threw it away What? Who asked you to do that?

How can you throw away my things at will?

I saw that the paper was dirty... and thought you didn't want it anymore So I threw it away What? You thought my writing was trash?

You damned servant You get out of here right now How can you throw away my calligraphy?

Master, please don't I'll kill you Please don't I'll teach you a lesson Master, please don't See if you dare to throw away my calligraphy Stop, Chun Yu Scram I'll kill you

You hit me like a servant I'll hit you back

You dare hit me?

Damn, I'll kick you Please let go Please stop this Please don't be like this

My bracelet Give it back

I'm going for a drink now If I see you when I return...

I'll kill you Give it back You bully women. You're not a man

Say that one more time I say you hit women like this You're not a man What ?

You're not a man

I'll show you if I'm a man What are you doing ?

Chun Yu...

Let me go

Let me go

Let me go

Yi Wah, I am very sorry It's all my fault If I hadn't asked you to stay This wouldn't have happened

I think you should leave tomorrow I don't dare to retain you anymore

Madam, how are you feeling?

Let me get you a doctor

Damned servant, you are still here You don't care what I have said You damned bitch Why are you still here? Get lost...

I won't...

Chun Yu, it is raining so heavily How can she leave now?

My bracelet...

Don't give him, run Yi Wah, go quickly Where are you going?

No, it belongs to madam

I won't leave


Yi Wah, don't Madam, please come and help Madam, quickly

Madam, calm down Madam...


What should we do now?

Let's drag him outside... and pretend that like last time He got drunk, fell into the pond... and drowned; wouldn't that work?

Come quickly Don't delay Hurry, help me

Madam, let's go

Come, let's go

Madam Sorry, I scared you

Madam, have some medicine It's no good if it gets cold No, I won't take it I want to go to the pond and see, I want to go Madam

Don't go Why are you so impatient?

You're very pale And if you're seen there'll be more problems I have to go Chun Yu's body might be afloat I must go and check... if it has been discovered OK, I'll go with you

Where is it?

Madam, what are you doing?

People will see you Let's return in a few days Madam, so early Haven't seen master for a while How is he?

Thank you He is unwell and resting at home So he is unwell No wonder I haven't seen him for so long I was worried he fell in the pond & drowned !

Thank you for your concern Madam, let's head back I won't I want to see if his body has risen to the surface What if people saw us?

Let's go quickly I got one Grandpa, I got one Pull it hard It must be a big one

It's real heavy

Must be a big one

Why is there a piece of cloth here

I thought it was a big fish It is just a blanket Madam

You've murdered your husband, I want your life



Don't strangle me...

Madam, how are you?

Don't strangle me Madam, no Chun Yu, don't strangle me No, please Madam It's me, Yi Wah Madam, it's me, Yi Wah Chun Yu has returned to seek vengeance There's no such thing Madam, really He wants to strangle me Chun Yu, I am sorry I know I was wrong to kill you Please have mercy on me

Don't be afraid, go and sleep I'll be here to keep you company Sleep now I'll be here to keep you company



Where are you?


Madam Madam

Where are you?

Madam, it's me Yi Wah, the corpse

It's all right See, it's only a dead dog I've been looking for you all morning... so you're here

Madam's illness has become serious so I've prescribed a stronger dosage You should go to get a few doses for her now And have her take a dose once morning and night Also Don't let her catch cold... or suffer any trauma Yes doctor, thanks

Lady, what's your connection with the Chans?

I'm a friend I knew madam was sick and came to visit her... and I have decided to stay and take care of her Why are there so many people?

Captain Why are you draining the pond dry?

Mr. Chau over there has complained... the pond stinks and may have harbored a corpse So we've drained it dry to have a look Yes, this is a strange pond I was fishing a few days ago... and couldn't fish anything But then I pulled up a blanket Isn't it strange?



We're in trouble this time Some workers are draining the pond Draining the pond?

Yes, I heard the captain say... the water stinks And there might be a corpse... so they must drain the water and have a look So have they found Chun Yu?

Not yet I must go and see Madam I must go and see No, don't go I must Madam Don't stand in my way Don't go, Madam The pond is dry but nothing has been found

There's nothing Sure There's nothing?

Yes, there're a few fishes

So many

Look There's a dead pig. Oh, no wonder Captain, there's nothing at the bottom... but a dead pig That's why it stinks No wonder ! Remove it quickly Remove it quickly Chun Yu where have you gone?

Chun Yu, where are you?

Chun Yu

Madam Chun Yu, I am sorry Madam, are you all right?

Madam, are you all right?

Chun Yu, I'm so sorry It's all right, I'll help her back Chun Yu

You have to pray in the hell Bless for your family

Master Yeung I know it's difficult for madam to recover Now that she's gone peacefully You mustn't grieve excessively and... ensure she is properly buried I cannot bury her yet Because she said... she wanted her body brought to Hsia Mun So it'll have to stay in the morgue When there's a boat...

I'll have it sent over to Hsia Mun All right then

Madam Chan Sau Ying passed away

Friends and relatives, please follow me

From close to distant relatives, please follow me Long life and good health Good luck and good fortune

Please return to your places

Prepare to cover the coffin Avoid colliding into the spirits Listen please those aged 28, 35... and 48 please listen Turn your heads away please Good luck and good fortune Cover the coffin

Lords of heaven and hell God of the earth Chan of the Yeung family has passed away

Look, my dead wife... has collected so much treasure

They have all been recovered by me Yi Wah, we don't have to worry from now on This jade bracelet is now yours

Do you like it?

Isn't this the dead madam?

Now aren't you the madam of the house?

Yi Wah, we don't have to live in the dark again We're now officially husband and wife We still have lots of jewelry... which can last us a life time Your plan was good To scare her to death

All because of this pipe... so I could breathe under water

You were good at impersonating madam Fook's daughter You're not bad yourself, as a corpse under water You looked real I should kiss you

It's dawn, come back We're closing

Old man, I seem to hear noises The altar of Madam Chan... has fallen on the ground

It's OK, I'll put it up

Old man, I thought of something Today is the seventh day since her death ls her spirit so active?

Nonsense It's true As the saying goes...

If the altar falls on the seventh day, the spirit lingers Wasn't the altar on the ground?

What's with you?

That was the wind I've been in this business for 20 odd years I've seen everything, there're no ghosts

The red bean soup is cold Let me get you another hot bowl from the kitchen

Yi Wah Yes?

Now we have money... and such a large mansion Shall we hire a few servants... to wait on us?

Isn't it better having me serve you?

Chun Yu, come quickly Chun Yu What is it?

Come quickly

What is it?

Chun Yu, I just heard some strange noise in madam's room As if there were someone How can that be?

Don't let your imagination get the better of you I really heard something

Don't be scared It's just rats

Does the furniture bother you?

I'll get some men... and burn it all up tomorrow That should make you more comfortable

Master, the furniture is so beautiful Are you sure you want to burn it?

Burn it all Why?

These items belonged to madam... who just died She died from lung disease Burning them would be more hygienic So they belonged to her What a shame to burn !

It'd be good for me if I can have some Don't even think about it

Hey, the spittoon !

Pick it up Come here

I'm going out, watch them I'm going, too That's not necessary I'm not comfortable leaving them to burn the furniture Okay

Who told you to move my furniture?

Master He said as the madam had died...

The furniture should be burned for hygienic reasons Stop moving the furniture What?


Who are you?

I am the madam here Who are you impersonating?

Master said the madam has died And you say you are madam?

I said stop and I mean it If you don't believe me, get that master in here Right, I'll do precisely that I'll see if you dare to pretend to be a ghost

What are you doing out here?

Go in and move the furniture I'm looking for master Master In that room where we were moving the stuff... a woman said she is the madam of the house She just wouldn't allow... so what's to be done ?

What did you say?

I said in that room where we were moving the stuff A woman said she is the madam of the house... and wouldn't allow me to move the stuff So what's to be done?

What did she look like?

Pear-shaped face and had her hair tied up Her face was white as a ghost Chun Yu, how can there be such a thing ?

I'll close the door, see where you can go

Master, she's standing over there

It's odd

She's gone Where has she gone?

Strange Where is she?

Something's wrong She was standing right here just now

Could it have been madam's ghost?

Why are you pissing in your pants?

I can't move I haven't done anything wrong, don't hurt me

Help me Help... ghost Come back and move the stuff Fool Master There is no such thing as ghosts He is mad Go and move the stuff quickly I'll give the wages to you, OK?

Yes, don't worry Our boss is burning furniture outside Just give it to me Than ks

Yi Wah, come here What's the matter?

It's terrible Who killed my bird?

Could it be the workers?

No I watched them move the furniture

Could it be the dead madam?

No way

What are you doing?

Master, you know The furniture is heavy... and it is a demanding job for our people How much do you want? Say it

2 dollars

Take it Thank you Wait Why did you kill the bird?

We didn't When did we kill your bird ?

Chun Yu, forget it Even if they did they wouldn't admit it All right, just leave We really didn't Forget it Go


What is it?

You rich people are so troublesome Speak up We're busy Didn't I tell you people not to move my stuff?

Why have you brought so many people... to move my things ?

Stop fooling around My people may fear ghosts... but ghosts have to fear me

Why does the mirror show only me... and not you?

You can't see?

Open your eyes and see

Why can I see only me and not her?

Stop screaming, it's me Ghost What is it?

Ghost Madam is at the door What? Where is madam?

Speak up Yes Where? There

There's no one Yes, I saw her Her head was hanging there There There is blood in the spitting-bowl

"'8 gone?

Why is my filter here?

You're scaring yourself No, it was here No, it is all right Go, go to sleep

Chun Yu Chun Yu

Chun Yu

Are you all right?

I was going downstairs... and it seemed someone kicked me Really?

Chun Yu I saw madam... enter her room with the medicine bowl

What's the matter?

I twisted my leg

I don't dare to go

Wait for me

There's no one Don't scare yourself There are no ghosts

She hasn't died

Strange Why is the coffin on the floor?

We should not look anymore We better go back

Madam Don't scare me

Madam, I know I was wrong It's my fault I should not have conspired with him to kill you I know I'm wrong Please forgive me Spirits of heaven and earth please show your powers Spirits of heaven and earth please show your powers

Please show your powers

Madam, the ritual is completed The ghost won't return anymore Don't worry Thank you, priest

It won't happen

It was in the coffin How come it has come back?

Help No...


It's gone

Where is it?

Have you seen anyone... remove madam's body ?

No, we live at the back... and didn't hear anything No wonder they say the ghost is powerful Yes, when we lighted the lamps... we saw the coffin on the floor The ghost is really powerful We'd better leave

She hasn't died

You scared me! See who is more powerful



Madam, it's me- Ah Choy I brought you a letter

Why do you look so terrible ?

You scared me Where's madam?

Madam's dead She's become a ghost Really?

That quickly She was well just a few days ago I brought her some merchandise Don't scare me

Didn't you say madam was dead?

Why is she standing here?

She is madam's ghost She's come to scare me To scare you?

Where has she disappeared to?

I'm scared I'd better leave now No, don't go This is madam's jade bracelet How come you've got it?

It's not my fault I had not intended to harm her So you killed her I'll report you to the law

Chun Yu, don't...

You bastard


Name Arrfltabha...

Amitabha Buddha...

Just like a finger tip

Like a row of teeth

False teeth

Terrible. It's a hand

Oh, it's a Buddha palm Brother, what's with the knife?

Testing it Stop joking

Be careful, it's quick

Have a drink to calm your nerves

Name Arrfltabha...

Devious monk

Get lost

Let go of me...

I chop...

Priest, get up Have you been dreaming?

She wanted to strangle me You haven't performed the ritual Forget it I can't take it

No wonder This mansion is so dark and gloomy The ghost follows you all day I'll pay you anything you want I just want you to get rid of the ghost She has killed my husband I'm really frightened Had you come to me sooner... this would not have happened Let me summon the god of hell... and cast her into its nadir She'll suffer there forever Such that she'll never bother you again Tell me the dates of her birth and death Name Arrfltabha, goddess of mercy God of eternal goodness Buddha of endless goodness Tai Sheung god, hear my summons First bow with incense Second bow with incense Third bow with incense All saints in heaven, hear my prayer Tai Sheung god, hear my summons...

May the Yama bring up the ghost of Chan Sau Ying

Who are you? Report your name I'm Chan Sau Ying What do you want with me?

You died a natural death So why have you come to bother the living?

I want revenge I'm here, you must behave well

I'll kill you

I'll kill you

I surrender...

Get up then

I'll spit the black dog's blood on you... and cast you to hell's abyss So your soul will stay there for eternity

I command you to crush these yuan bao

Name Arrfltabha Madam I'll write the spells on you So that ghost... will never bother you again If she comes again tonight... then recite the prayer of salvation Don't stop in any case... even if any thing were to happen When morning comes... she'll never bother you again Name Arrfltabha


Name Arrfltabha God of eternal goodness Buddha of endless goodness Name Arrfltabha Tai Sheung god, hear my summons Name Arrfltabha God of eternal goodness Buddha of endless goodness Tai Sheung god, hear my summons Name Arrfltabha...

Name Arrfltabha...

I know my sister asked someone gave me the letter, specially I felt very sad to know your situation We are twin sisters, we should stick together all the time So I back immediately, people said that twins are bad signs I didn't believe that until unexpected things happened indeed


When I saw you, you already scared to death by my brother-in-law

So I went to the morgue Your corpse had been taken back in order to scared my brother-in-law

You died already, your body still out horribly and mangled with blood and flesh, I am sorry.

I am sorry, in order to revenge for you, I have no choice Sister, I am very sorry for my late Anyway, avenged for you finally You should able to rest in peace!

Since then, Chan's Mansion has been uninhabited No. 13 Chung Gwai Sin Street Ghost legends circulate around the whole Guangzhou A few years later, Qi Hua also disappeared !