Xie bu ya zheng (2018) Script

Let's do it together.

I will start first I use a gun, you use a knife, I am faster than you.

My knife is the first knife in Japan.

The village used this knife to kill his master.

He is fighting for strength, I am for the world.

The world?

Correct I no longer follow his surname Li.

He is not my relative Hey?

What is your last name?

My surname is Zhu Hey?

Supreme pointing, I found the blood really?

I am not the original me.

One never missed Remember, a live can't stay.

Natural, I am here today.

Just give your sister to you to be a wife.

In the middle? in!


in On the 30th birthday Your sister gave birth to your sister.

At the age of thirty eight I m screaming at you in Beixin.

Now, I am 48 years old.

How old are you? thirteen Good arithmetic!

Today Yes, we all have birthdays, your sister, eighteen You thirteen Your sister is long, I am five years old.

Your sister, you are also five years old.

This is to pay attention to This shit is not called?

Master, you are here to give you a birthday.

Didn't ask you to come You don't call me, I have to come.

Don't lie down I am not your master.

One day is the teacher, the life is the father.

Master, this is my Japanese brother, Ichiro

Today, when I was three years old, you took me back.

You don't recognize me, I have to recognize you.

I give you a birthday every year.

This year's gift is bigger

I just burned my villa.

I also don t give Japanese poppies Master, our martial arts, but not the guns of others.

If you give big silver two million now Where do you want to go with the teacher?

I want to live how to live.

Go to Hokkaido and build another villa Where is Hokkaido?

Where is Japan? !

Teacher Niang is right This Japanese...do you not plant opium in Hokkaido?

People talk about civilization, not... Roll! it is good!

You... don't sign? roll!


Listen to you

Old beast!

To shut up!

Teacher, you shouldn t be here.

do not blame me

How to do it?

Give me the gun!

Well done!

If you don t kill this kid, it will be very troublesome. one two Three!

grandson! How do you drive? No long eyes!

Brother, let me go!

The sergeant wants to see you!

Bruce, your application, I approved it.

Can I go back to Beijing?

Beiping is Beiping Beiping

"Beijing" refers to the capital Nanjing is now the capital Beijing downgraded to Beiping China and Japan will start fighting sooner or later.

I saw the first shot in Beiping.

So I sent you back to my hometown.

Suddenly enough For more than ten years, I finally hoped for this day.

I like suddenly Not surprisingly You have to start right away.

Yes! Chief!

Beiping is more important than Nanjing Chiang Kai-shek is a businessperson His government is a merger and acquisition Shareholders have their own ghosts The central nervous system of the Chiang government is damaged.

And China s deadly enemy Japan Like a mouse, a traitor Has already got into the mind of the Chiang government To suck its brain This riddled country Waiting for you to go back I want to play for Chiang Kai-shek?

Do not You have to play for the enemy of Japan.

I am the enemy of Japan.

I know your enemy is Junichiro and Zhu Qianlong I can finally take revenge.

You must take revenge But don't forget Task first Yes! Chief!

What are you waiting for?

What are you doing?

This is the secret number What are you waiting for?

How to pick up the next sentence?

C'est la vie.

C'est la vie.

Align the code to act Yes! Chief!

Listen to it and make a big noise!

Yes! Chief!

dad! I'm here! it's me!

You're back?

I should not pick you up!

Don't be like this, Dad! you do not miss me? you do not want to see me?

This is a surprise!

This is not a surprise It s fucking scared!

How is Peiping so snowy?

Beiping does not have such a heavy snow Where is his mother so snowy?

I see that you are a heart!

The purely tubed mother-in-law called Daxie one by one without looking for words!

You said why did you send me a telegram when I arrived in Tianjin?

If I send you a telegram in advance You definitely won't let me back Zhu Qianlong is the director of the current Beiping police station.

Vice, right?

The deputy is also the director!

That Japanese, that Ichiro It s the head of the Japanese spy. There are hundreds of killers.

When you come back, you are dead!

I am not coming back to die. I am coming back to deliver the baby.

I am a maternity doctor.

Oh, yes, I was admitted to the Union Hospital.

The trick is now a colleague what?

I just got ready to move back to New York!

Then I have to take over.

You have changed, you haven t seen it for five years.

You become lie to me.

Changed from me, changed from a coward to a warrior.

Looking for you! dad! Shouldn't the car be made?

This is Beiping!

What's the matter, Dad?

You have changed!

How did foreigners get to Beiping?

TT You are learning civilization.

Then why are you still coming back to kill?

Dad, you see, how did this Imperial City Wall be demolished?

Some people buy, some sell, some sell, some are demolished.

Don't you fight, okay?

Say! Why do you have to come back to die? revenge When the Master family died in front of me I did not do anything I can't forgive myself.

You were just a child at the time.

I will save you, send you to the United States to study medicine.

Just want you to live well Dad, rest assured, I have a mission.

I won t do it until I finish the task.

Do you really be a spy?

I really treat myself as a doctor.

?V?V two

I dare to protect this young master.

He must be the son of Hunter My surname is blue, but I haven t met.

I ve been screaming for a long time.

Mr. Blue! Don t dare What the hell are you doing?

I am playing bottle of vinegar.

Playing vinegar?


Going back!

In the east, there are two stores in the second store of Nanxiao Street.

That's not the vinegar I ate.

Your vinegar is really good enough.

That's not!

Let me talk about it. 201 00:12:49,334 --> 00:12:52,667 Just for this vinegar, I only wrapped this dumpling.

Please ask you to eat dumplings the next day.

Jingle Dad Who is this man? Jingle bells Didn't you say that?

Babysitter? Live in our home?

We live in people's homes.

Landlord? what!

In this house, Beijing, he has twelve Hongwu 12 years Hundreds of painters for the statue of the grandfather In a rage, I smashed ninety-five Only leaving these five, this is one of them.

Why are you jealous? Isn't painting good enough?

Not bad, just they I only care about Junmei, not like a grandfather.

That! Good job!

If it s not the prince s wise, leave this true Lao Zhu, this blood is probably broken.

I can't break the old Zhu family.

Grandpa is on the flesh and blood, my grandson, Qianlong, I am worshipping you old.

Oh, it s too much like it! A look is a grandson!

Take the camera Before I became a successor, I was taking photos with my grandfather.

Lao Zhu, see me. dont see Where does the grandfather look, where do I look?

Look at me, look at me who are you?

I am your son.

What's your name?

Li Natural You are Dr. Bruce Hendler!

Ok, Dr. Bruce Hendler, I am not kidding.

Your mother is not a Beiping person.

She is an American Indian Ok Don't tell me what warrior you are. ridiculous You are better off being a coward I am not a coward I am a warrior. Do you want to assassinate those two people?

Your possibility is zero

T West sister You just got that green pepper fried egg is especially delicious.

Is it my own?

And that stinky tofu hot cake TT delicious Don't fight, no one is eavesdropping on your grandfather.

Dad, toast No ice, single malt, no ice How much is the wine? How much is ice?

Is this a matter of money? 59 degrees!

If you drink too much, you will wake up and still can't remember.

Let your dad drink two less Obey, Madam, I am not a Madam. I am a babysitter.

I am not assassinating I am putting them together, face to face.

I want them to know that sin deserves it.

Sin is deserved to rely on the law Ok, then I should go to the police.

Go to the Hutong Hutong Police Station Go to Zhu...Zhu s office report Secretary Zhu, you killed your master family.

You should shoot yourself! Right?

The police station is at No. 39, East Cotton Alley You can't even figure out the place.

Which director is giving you an office there every day?

Where is he? He is everywhere Come with me personally it is good Eat seven and cook seven more.

Blue Brother, Grandpa, where did you draw this?

Pu Yi there Have you got a lot of money?

Do not care about Blue brother, you helped me so much.

I have to give it a return Let me do something small for you.

Don't talk about this little thing, a little thing.

Can you kill me for me?

This is too simple for me. Kill a few? one by one? Tell me the name.


What are you doing to kill him?

I am using this person, you change one.

Brother, do you really expect the Japanese to help you?

Japanese have more experience in this area Didn't you get the funeral?

I have to remind you.

They used the funeral instrument, they want to use you now.

Here are the bureaus You can't let them kill you.

The Japanese are unreliable. Who am I relying on? Lao Jiang?

More unreliable, a person who writes a diary Who is serious about writing a diary?

Yes, are you writing a diary?

I don't write, do you write a diary?

Who can write the diary in her heart?

What can you say in your heart?


The Japanese can t stand it. Lao Jiang can t stand it.

Who can I rely on?

I we You are indeed powerful.

That place in Xinhai Wuchang that year They just fired a shot Man Qing is overthrown by you.

Our old brother has a few "cards"

Overthrowed A few brothers are still scattered all over the place.

Old West in Shanxi Xiao Zhuge in the South, I have a good job.

Just waiting for you, "card", lifting the flag Blue brother, chat with you, my heart is bright.

Do you know why it is bright? Clean heart I don t have my heart.

Only anti-clearing Big business

Dale I promise you this thing at all! it is good!

What conditions?

What are the conditions?

If you don t talk about the conditions, you can make it like fake.

Can you be practical in your heart? It makes sense to make sense Look at me, there is no big skill.

Can't help you a lot I am... help you to be careful I am sick?

This person, let you sleep hard, forget it.


Surname Li Natural, you have to remember No, I am Bruce Hendler, very good, Hendler.

You have to remember You are an American doctor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Union Hospital Li natural was burned to death fifteen years ago. He does not exist.

Li natural?

Confrontation Ouch!

This person is too bad! Bad?

Ten evils, death, and death, right?

I must get rid of this heart disease before I get it.

So you give me the root, I give him to you.

No... What does this have to do with killing?

Brother, why don't you understand?

You can't rely on the Japanese!

Not only can't rely on Japanese You have to fight against our brothers several days to resist the day!

Dad, Uncle Zhu s person is looking for him.

Say, what?

You can't delay me eating dumplings if you die a few times?

My blue brother s dumplings American&

Blue brother, let me take a step first, understand and understand.

Blue brother, this place, I have to come often.

You have to come often, I tell you.

Don't look at this small house.

Cao Xueqin wrote "Dream of Red Mansions" written here.

Where is the prostitute going to school? Fu Jen University Would you like to change it better? Where is it?

Peking University? Tsinghua? I will do it Furen is very good, can go home for dinner at noon.

A woman s incompetence is a virtue.

Mr. Blue! Who?

Hey, Dr. Heng!

Have you finished your dumplings?

I am a guest There is something to go... U I am Bruce.

Hey! Are you crazy? Bruce Hendler You just dissected the body How can I shake hands with people?

Give me the handle His father said that his son s hand has just dissected the body.

Fear of bacteria killing you Now I am going to see the body. American Pan Meila.

Just under the fox tower The heart was taken away. The liver was taken away.

The intestines have also been taken away.

So you guys don t go out at night. very dangerous The gate is here How do they go there?

This house has many doors.

It used to be the Six Princesses of the Emperor Daoguang.

Back door car, direct access to the company's Hutong You just heard it.

Very dangerous here Dad, you say it is more dangerous.

Who would believe that I am dissecting the body at home?

Am I talking about home?

I am talking about the hospital.

Li Natural, I want to see live.

I am going to die You should take a good sleep first.

Your room is Cao Xueqin.

Lived here while writing "Dream of Red Mansions"


How do you know?

Mr. Blue told me Mr. Lan knows a lot of people.

That person is really not Zhu Qianlong?

You want to be beautiful

What are you calling Li Natural?

I can leave it alone, I can leave it alone.

But how can you let him meet Zhu Qianlong?

Are you angry? I am angry!

Are you angry? I am very angry!

Please sit Nobody wants to let the two of them meet each other.

That was an accident

You have the right to call Li Natural back.

But I have the right to take him away Because I am his legal adoptive father What about you, just his invisible superior Dr. Heng, won't you give me such a big mess?

Walking Just gone?

You just said that raising soldiers for a thousand days Li natural, this soldier, you have raised it for fifteen years.

You have raised me for more than 20 years.

Is it that my mother is also your soldier?

Dr. Heng! what happened to you? we are brothers!

We are half-brothers!

My two sons, you call Dad.


Brother, I didn t catch up with your car today.

Sooner or later, I will tie you to the roots.

Look at my eyes, kill together

I respectfully swear With my ability and judgment Obey this agreement Anyone who teaches me is like a parent.

As a lifelong companion I am guilty Heaven and earth Dr. Hendler, your resume is excellent.

Thank you very much welcome Must go all out Thank you all Tell me a few words.

Okay I am very honored to work with you.

Just I don't understand Why do you swear to a kidney?

The owner of this kidney is a Beiping celebrity It is very healthy But was removed due to misdiagnosis The really sick kidney still stays in the body Just like that Until this gentleman passed away Who did that surgery?

Yes... yes... I Sorry, Dean. no problem, no problem Knowing shame is almost brave, Dr. Heng! Dr. Heng!

The police arrived, the body was ready.

You have to go right away Skull fracture Partial brain loss Left eyelid was hit Lost left eye Check the ribs The third, fourth, and fifth ribs on the left are folded outward.

Complete loss of heart Complete right kidney loss Eighty percent of the uterus is lost Bladder, cecum... bladder bladder?

To the bladder What happened to the bladder?

Director Zhu Why are you here?

You have to leave quickly Here is the infected area We are at work Very dangerous, go fast Didn't I have been there once last month?

Yes, but I have not seen a body like this.

This corpse is poisonous and very special.

You will die Corpse poison?

Everyone is gone! fast!

Hurry up! Leave now!

Dr. Hendler?

I'm No, you are not Hendler.

He is my father What can I do for you?

Your father is not You give me an injection Go to the upper left corner it is good forever Young? Not old?

You are not old!

It s just playing this needle. once a week Seventy years old, isn t it like?

It s not like at most sixty-nine.

Sixty-nine Sixty-nine Think about it, stimulate...

I don't like to trouble others. Clothes are hanging there. great

Good boy Thank you

I went to the East Bridge and shot a few opium traffickers.

Come to you later, don't ask me.

Just dissected the body and killed I won't wash it?

Can you help me disinfect it? no problem

Two Japanese three Koreans The rest are Chinese They are all waiting at the East Bridge s execution ground.

Is the reporter here? Arrived International enough?

Not too international Look for it! understand

You are heavier than your father I will be lighter next time.

Do not I like the weight of my hand.

Thank you business card Still a tip whatever


Really smart, goodbye.

You forgot to wear your underwear.


Japanese handed over to the consulate to let them handle it themselves Yes!

The Koreans brought me back to the police station.

Slamming a meal Yes!

How many?

Come to me

Secretary Zhu is good!

Secretary hero!

Old and young, still the same sentence Secretary hero!

Evil is not pressing! Evil is not pressing!

Is he still evil?

Is there more evil in the world than him?

I am just, everyone, don't you know?

Others know that he is a good policeman, he is a hero.

He is a good apprentice I killed him, it s called evil.

You killed the good police, you killed the hero.

When people are shooting you I do not believe Do not believe? Ok, I will show you a place.

I won't change my mind. For fifteen years.

I dream about them every day, shoot them, kill them.

I can't move, you have been studying for ten years.

You should know that this is a traumatic stress disorder.

All animals, including lions, have this reaction.

This morning I dreamed that the two of them were holding my gun at my head.

I am like a stone, I can t move there.

The gun rang Pengka...


Get out! Bastard!

Calm, I am an American doctor.

Who is your chief?

What is the situation?

Where are your chiefs?

I am the sir!

Oh, it turned out to be sushi sir.

Sashimi Your t give way Otherwise I fired!

You broke into our military restricted zone Destroy our exercises Still dare to block my tank Block your tank?

This is the way to go Where can the tank go?

I like this road.

I also like this road.

My sister also likes I have to shoot!

I will shoot now! Zhina!

This is my passport Do you know who you are going to shoot?

Do you dare to threaten me with your passport?

I will threaten you with my passport.

Just shoot it! let's go!

You are this ass!

You honestly follow my embarrassment!

Does your donkey have no passport?

I killed your embarrassment!

The Imperial Army of the Great Japan Just dare to start?

Small Japanese small tank Our tank is going to enter Washington Ambitious!

Entering the White House is anxious!

I don't have time to take care of you.

But I will send you to go to the White House to wait for you.

There will be a period!

Bastard! Go well! go ahead!

Our passport is just a piece of paper But can block the army Because we have bigger tanks, stronger troops Japanese soldiers don t understand civilization Because they haven t been hurt When they got hurt, they got it.

This is the image of Zhu Qianlong s masterpiece.

Every time you avoid the day, you are full of people in the mountains. who?

Zhu Qianlong and his men Zhu Qianlong long looked down, crying miserable Even reporters and the people are crying Therefore, Zhu Qianlong is very popular.

He killed Master.

He also came to cry Master In the eyes of everyone, it s not Zhu Qianlong who killed Master.

Who is that?

It's you You are not only a sinner who kills Master.

You are also turned into a dog. He is here.

Master I am back I want to avenge you.

How do you break our pig's urine?

Very expensive, losing money Sorry, I m losing money, losing money.

The diaper is ringing Young Master, are you coming to a half pig?

Sorry, I don't buy meat.

Don't buy meat, what about your pig's urine?

I have already lost money to your family. Who?

High and thin, my family, my thinnest It s a smoker, chasing it!

Money is still me!

The money has already been paid to others.

Wallet for you Save lives and build a seven-level float Brother, I thank you, I paid off the money last month.

I also paid for next month.

This life, we have a chance to get together.

Come on, we are still friends.

Learn Japanese while taking an injection Study while taking an injection Great... great...

Return the money to me! Return the money to me!

Welcome, I don't have an injection.

Give me the money, that is my money.

I don't have an injection Money can't go back, let's take a shot every day.

You dare give me an injection.

Ok, I will pick you up sooner or later.

Such a decent young man It s a pity Such a decent big girl It s a pity

The owner's surname is Pan? wrong!

This is clearly a tutor of Puyi.

Johnston s car How can John Worth give the car to the loved one?

Well-ordered This place must be North China Chief Film Critic Pan Yueran's Mansion Wrong This is obviously a tailor's shop for Guan Auntie's skillful red Can you give bowls of water to drink?

Young master, please You are your own I will give you a pot of tea. what? Pu Yi's words!

Old friend old owner motorcycle!

Are you still doing the Beijing opera?

It s not for singing. It s used in Paris Fashion Week.

I said, it s not that there is no emperor.

Emperor confused, went to Manchuria with Japanese soldiers.

Poor Mr. Johnston is infatuated I still have my own dragon flag on the island.

The material and craftsmanship of this dress is really stressful.

Where am I?

I didn't come to the wrong place?

You got the right place, you got it wrong.

Miss Tang, this dress, you can take it today.

This robes have to be sent to your house in the next day.

Oh, thank you

This robes and this men's clothing are yours?

Yeah, I like to wear menswear.

When I last shot, I wore men s clothes.

It s too exciting... don t you remember?

Isn't it? 701 00:38:13,167 --> 00:38:14,667 Business card, put it here.

T Can you go downstairs? See you!

I took the clothes, your craft is very good.

You are welcome do you know it? Peking first tailor Guan Qiaohong Guan Aunt

The person I was looking for is your Qiaohong.

I am Guan Aunt.

Guan Aunt Disrespectful and disrespectful Have I seen you?

I haven t said that you should I am 8v No, you just need to recover.

So I am coming to you, I am a doctor.

Which doctor are you?

Gynecology Old pan Young master, you are moving a place.

I am really a doctor.

Dr. Hendler is my father.

The medicine is big enough.

Treat yourself as an American son I am not waiting for the smoker here.

I am really a doctor.

You move, you move a place, Grandpa, Grandpa.

Don t call my uncle Misunderstood I said that I don't go up easily!

Qiaohong Guan Aunt Guan Aunt Qiaohong Guan Aunt Here?

When are you going?

I have never been to Why didn't I just see you?

I have been here all the time. is it?

What are you doing?

My dad admire you very much.

He said that you are the first in Peking. a person who has surgery to enlarge his feet He said that you want to run But this method can not only run, but can t walk.

It s not as good as a little foot. It s beautiful to walk on the little feet.

Hey, hey, walk...

You come over for a cup of tea first.

Jump for a while, you are jealous.

T There are cups sorry Sorry Surgery is not difficult, it is difficult to recover You give me your feet, you can rest assured

How can you lose money in the sky?

My medicine is big enough.

You look like my sister.

Today, do you see anyone who feels like your sister?

Remember that there is no money in the sky.

This is tea money and clothes money That person?

Fly This checkout method is interesting Peking first tailor Can you help me with my clothes?

Ok, what kind of?

It s very simple, I don t see me after I wear it.

Look at the dress, do you want it?


Yes, it is You have already prepared for me.

Beiping does not want people to see people, not just one of you.

But what I did was not a bad thing.

If you are such a decent person, it would be nice if you don t touch the big smoke.

I didn't smoke a lot of smoke.

I am not a smoker You don't know how much I hate opium.

Many people who hate opium Especially the Japanese who grow opium One day sooner or later I will clean them all.

Xiao Heng Men don t want to talk big I am talking about my heart.

Lumi warehouse under the wall There are Japanese opium warehouses there.

Have the ability, you burned Ok, I will go there.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Waiting for you to burn opium.

You are not like a tailor You are not like a doctor.

Not near Far from the blame Confucius said Only women and villains are difficult to raise.

Not near Far from the blame Who is the woman? Who is the villain?

The woman that Confucius said was his little wife.

The villain is his servant He is difficult to raise, that is his problem.

I don't think it's hard to raise Because I don t even have a wife.

No birth One life two two three Three things I have 10,000 wives

I have not seen Good as good as good I have not seen Good as good as good Forty years And see evil It s finally I have not seen...

Dad, I am back.

Dad, I am coming back.

Men should have several sets of decent clothes Miss Tang?

I don t have enough material, I will send it to you again.

I don't have to use it, the little tailor doesn't make clothes for me.

There is no good tailor in Beiping.

Thank you, don't be polite with me.

I still ask for you.

Your dad is going to party I will find you an injection from now on.

What party?

Xiangshan Celestial Camp Disgusting?

Haven't you been there?

No no& it's too cold Why do Western men always like to fool?

And Chinese men want to be big things?

Not because the women around him want to be big things?

Do you think I can do something?

You have to ask your man to be right.

I don't care what it is.

The problem is that my man wants to recover According to the rules of his family He is going to die, only the main house is not buried.

That is the big wife God!

You must let him marry you as a big wife.

Look at you I saw you for the first time.

I feel that you are a confidant You will help me Not as good as this I can help you test it in a scientific way.

I believe in science More respect for science But can the emotional thing be tested with science? of course Science can lie, right?

Yes That science can also measure emotions, right? Make sense So I was thinking about this needle, I am going to fight.

I can add some ingredients in it.

After the needle is finished, your body will secrete Large amounts of dopamine and serotonin Then there will be a lot of oxytocin When your body has a lot of oxytocin You will inspire your spouse Superconstant male oxytocin Oxytocin!

Yes, I learned in Cambridge.

Sounds true science Come and do it.


How do I fall asleep?

Side effects How long have I slept?

How are you at dusk?

When you come, it is dusk.

You insult me No no West sister just left, she has been taking care of you.

I fell asleep in your bed, you didn't touch me.

This is the biggest insult to me.

I am sorry remember No bathing within a week

Who is this who gave you the cupping?

Such unevenness Still square Fundamental... Relics?

Whom do you want to cover?

You yell at me, I will tell you.

You call me first Go out! You give me out!

Miss Tang Go out!

Going out? Is that me?

Not telling you Miss Tang Your old needle is still here.

I want to go back to the US.

Can you come... Hunter Yo Director Zhu?

Going away?

Temporary temporary Does the son also go to the United States?

He doesn't leave, he doesn't leave, he doesn't go...

Oh, I have to ask you for a meal.

Don't waste money, don't be polite Tomorrow evening, Six Nations Hotel Old blue Let's see you


what happened?

My instinct is that you are now exposed.

They invited me to dinner tomorrow night, and they shot you.

If they want to shoot me I can shoot them first.

You will disappear when you are five hundred meters away.

I can be close at hand, but they can't find me.

Talk about business One of my patients, what is it?

His company is testing the flight from the US to China.

There is a class tomorrow, you give me back to New York.

Moses Moses Don't you Moses Moses You put your seal on my wife's ass What do you mean? My seal was stolen Who stole?

Swallow Li San

Swallow Li San has long been stunned by his mother!

My knife is also lost.

Your knife is lost.

Your seal is on my wife's ass This is what his mother meant to me.

Is it fundamental?

Mr. Blue?


are you alone?

Yes What about you? me too Someone stole my knife, my seal Print my name on the woman's buttocks He and his son blocked the tank of the Imperial Army.

Destroyed our exercise Can such people still be alive? He is your tenant Mr.

It s dangerous to kill an American now.

Let's open a condition.

I can tell you Our strategic intentions, which city do we want to play?

I didn t use Lao Jiang to beat you.

I will give you a top secret list.

Surrender to important figures in Japan Ok, this is good.

Give it to me now You kill the Americans first.

T Tell your brothers Staring at every Japanese in the car Otherwise You said a few words, I gave them all.

Killing is not your business Stalking is your business.

Look! what is this? bicycle wrong!

This is the rehabilitation machine I invented for you.

Are you not a maternity doctor?

That's right So I know that your little feet have to be lengthened to enlarge More painful than having a baby You see that there is no such a French raft.

You put your foot in Your feet are completely stretched inside l Start l l l Then your bones will be properly reset.

Hold your teeth for an hour, three times a day Make sure you walk like a fly Guarantee that you will not be jealous Are you so afraid of me?

Afraid why?

Because when I first saw you Said that you are unfortunate...

Dr. Hendler never mentioned it to me.

Have you such a son He?

He can't wait for no one to know that there is me.

He didn't want me to go back to Beiping.

He also let me go back to New York right away.

Do you think I should go back?

I think&

You should listen to your dad Oh Then I will leave.

There are three more babies waiting for me to deliver.

I have to rush to Concord right away.

T wait Your hat The hat is left for you Wear when you get out of the car Raise your hand Flatten Turn over Send you a big slap Have time to take Can't you want your bike?

When you give us a home phoenix Is it a left hip or a right hip?

Miss Tang came to the hospital for an injection once a week Last week is the left, this week should be the right Which side was the most recent one?

I really forgot.

Is it your needle?

Too paying attention to the details?

maybe& left? up to you Maybe it s the middle

Mr. Lan I can t live, I can t live.

I always thought that you are a decent person.

Needle can be hit Then why do you put the print of the fundamental gentleman?

Covered on the hips of our Fengyi? what?

Feng Yi, Dr. Heng has forgotten You took off your pants and gave you a look at Dr. Heng.

Hook the beginning of his memories Are you crazy, are you finished?

Say something serious

TT Don t take off your pants, we don t dare to watch I don't understand a bit.

Butt... what happened?

How is the name of who?

Someone stole my knife and printed Put the stamp on Miss As s ass This is very simple.

Miss Tang herself should know I do it by myself look I am here to tell you clearly.

The fundamental chapter is my engraved The print on my butt is covered by me.

Oh! Thank God!

Yesterday I told you why the cover Are you sure that Dr. Heng is playing?

Not a small tycoon?

Does Master Chen have a son?

Why haven't I seen it? I have seen I held a hand in the last time and I didn t have the chance to gather again.

That s got together, he s working late today.

He doesn't leave, I am leaving.

Mr. Lan I am pleased with you...

No problem, rest assured.

What do I say? I am so hurt.

Heng Dafu You printed the "root treasure" on our body.

Do you think you can go?

Why don't I know what you are talking about!

I mean, you can't go.

Can't go If I am gone?

What do you want?

Heng Dafu If you leave, no one will give me a doctor.

I have been watching you for a long time.

After I am done, I am going to let you be my Taiguo doctor.

I said you can't go?

The wine is good

I told some of my life and death brothers something important.

You inserted your mouth four times Please go out French?

We don t welcome people who beat women here.

And the boss is Belgian I beat my own woman What does it have to do with him?

He beat his own woman What does it have to do with you?

If you don t go out, call the police.

Oh, I am the police.

He said that he is the police Here is the concession!

That is what the Qing government rented to you.

I don't know this thing.

What did you say yesterday? Not yelling at me?

Also said here, I said my hips.

Is this fair now?

You are all crazy! Wait, then!

You wake me up a few times.

Where did I say that?

Hip No, no, the first two sentences Marry me No, go ahead, wine This sentence Champagne Drinking!


I am more and more able to understand my grandfather now.

When is it difficult?

I will see my grandfather...

You guys in a tuxedo!

This hotel is mine!

Go out! Get out!

Want to see the eggs?

Let you open your eyes!

Tell you...

Go down!

To shut up!

The Six Nations Hotel belongs to the Americans

Don't make a noise, don't make a noise... don't quarrel Listen to me, V It s all my fault.

My friend, he is drunk.

He will leave here tomorrow.

But he is very painful

We finished this, let s go Roll in two minutes One minute, one minute is enough.

Goodbye! Goodbye!

Champagne! Champagne!

You called Li Natural back and stared at me.

I know you You are going to use his vengeance to kill you here.

Why don't you kill yourself?

Raising soldiers for a thousand days Who is your soldier?

Your soldier is going to follow me.

He won't go with you I have prepared a photo of the manuscript.

Sent to the newspaper, a phone call All Peking will know tomorrow Little Hendler Li Natural, who is coming back for revenge He doesn't have to go, he has to go with me.

Heng Dafu You are going to kill him, you won t US Marine Corps Will send us directly from the consulate Let's go back to the US I was looking for you so much for Li Natural.

I want to give him the name of Hendler.

I have raised you for fifteen years.

I bought you, you are mine.

?V Chinese lO Do you think that I can buy me and Li Natural with money? in my eyes Japanese and you Is a group of monkeys dressed I tell you, Dr. Heng Li natural is what I found.

I won't give up, I will help him.

Help him?

Remember your two sons?

I was killed by you.

One was killed by a warlord in Guangzhou One died in Shanghai with the Japanese I still remember say something

Heng Dafu My son has sacrificed for the country.

I warn you, never humiliate them.

I don t humiliate them, I respect them.

I am humiliating you.

You have killed two sons You are now killing Li Natural.

Why are you asking him to come back to kill?

I am not letting him come back to kill. Someone kills him.

I will let Zhu Qianlong kill him for him.

Then he killed Zhu Qianlong?

Do not I will hand him over to Zhu Qianlong. what?

Because Zhu Qianlong is more useful to us. what?

You are even worse than I imagined!

I will tell Li Natural I told him I agreed to kill him.

Because the first thing he wants to kill is you!

Friend, say it again.

The first thing he wants to kill is you!

I am sorry

I am sorry

sorry Sorry sorry Sorry Dear friends, and Director Zhu.

That is me I confess my crimes I killed Panmela.

He said that he killed Pan Meila I opened her belly Liver, kidney, lung and uterus, heart, I ate and ate In order to transfer Zhu s sight I am in the name of an injection.

Printed the original Ichiro Covered by Miss Tang s ass I am too ugly. forget me, please I am dead.

Wallace Hendler The same day

He did not steal anything He did not put the seal Covered on the butt of another woman

He also did not kill Panmela

He is trying to save you, he bears all the crimes.

Sorry, I am wrong.

It's my fault I killed him. it's me I killed him.

It's me! It's me It's me! It's me I killed him.

I killed him personally.

Dear Bruce How I wish You will never hear the following recording But your actions and the current situation Forcing me to confide in the truth Mr. Lan is your real superior.

Also your adoptive father starting from now You have to obey his orders unconditionally Fifteen years ago On the night of your thirteenth birthday Mr. Hendler is drunk.

It s Mr. Blue who rescued you from the sea of fire.

Mr. Blue personally sent you to the hospital.

It s Mr. Blue that made Hendler adopt you.

I sent you to the United States Also he paid Let you receive the best education Now go to Mr. Blue Looked at his eyes and called him "Dad"

Dad, tell me.

What should I do now?

Why do you put the basic print?

Covered by Zhu Qianlong's woman?

I lost my mind I steal the knife, I steal the chapter.

I put the chapter on my ass All are my work You lose a sense Will lose a father If you lose again The next one to sacrifice for you is me.

Yes! I will always hear from you! father!

Ok, close your eyes.

Blue orchid

How am I here?

You have to be here.

This place is 1 08 meters above sea level My feet are 3 8 meters above the ground Good arithmetic Starting today, you ring the clock here every day.

Let me know that you are still alive But remember I can only come to you, you can't go to me.

Repeat it again I can only come to you, I can't find you.


This is my flying slave Come open it Tight eighteen slow eighteen Not too slow or eighteen Clock spectrum Two hours knocking a group do you understand? understood then Someone sent my grandfather a bottle of wine.

My grandfather drank a quarter and passed it to my dad.

My father drank another quarter and passed it to me.

I drank another quarter.

I wanted to pass to my two sons.

Dad, I am your relative son.


They said that this wine has been for a hundred years.

The remaining quarter You drink such a small cup every day.

Just drinking for two months I will pick you up after two months.

If I don't pick you up That means the war broke out. that time You can kill How many kills at all?

I always thought that as long as I killed the root Can stop the war You have to kill it now.

The war will soon erupt And the error is all on our side.

Old blue

Uncle Zhu is good!

Learn to drive with my father?

Fast forward to sleep

Scattered Yes!

Old blue You are damn big enough The letter is what you wrote Have your fingerprint on it You are the second murder suspect First murder suspect, his son It s like this now.

Hendler is dead, you saw it too.

I am waiting for this head.

Who should block this?

Regardless of who he is, resolutely eradicate Are you threatening me?

You are threatening me.

Give me Li natural Give me the basic head

Talk while eating? eat Hey? Is the man's eyes better?

I can see you clearly.

You kill the root first I will give you Li Natural again.

Sure enough, he

Zhu Xiong

I want to remind you of a sentence.

If you run into him again, let him play it again.

Can not necessarily play with your eyes

Animals here Hurry and hand in I especially want him to come.

But you don't want him to come Why don't I want him to come?

Look, normal.

I told him to come here, it s on call.

Not working now why? The tool is gone What tools?

Letter pigeon What about homing pigeons? here

Old blue!

My father is not suicidal.

He can't kill Panmela He must have been killed

If you don't take revenge for him You will give me a roll I don't want to see one a coward with tears I am not a coward!

What are you?

Do you dare to take revenge?

You should kill yourself immediately, thank you to him.

who the hell are you?

How so cruel?

How can you not take revenge?

Don't you dare?

I am reporting for him.

Just because he helped you cure your feet?

Just because he cured my foot He made me believe in myself again.

He let me run I only have to run To revenge quickly and cruelly

Who printed the hips on the bottom?

My own That can only be done publicly. a few brothers Give her a place! understand!

I am recruiting me Is Dr. Hendler His idea, the chapter he gave me personally He said that this is a scientific approach.

Can try your heart for me.

I am so scared, I am afraid that you will not want me.

This is not the way you go home.

I don't go home Don't you dare to go home?

I can't go home Does anyone want you to go home?

Don t follow me Have you ever thought about the one who won't let you go home?

What are you doing now?

You can't go to the archway Why doesn't he let you go home?

You are not going to flee and sin?

Let's go back!

Pan Gonggong I don't watch this movie.

Can't I say that it is not good?

I have to look at it to say that it is not good? screwdriver I don t want to see it, it s not good.

I don't even watch this movie, okay?

Do you say that person, he loved it with his heart?

I loved it, I hurt, I gave up.

Is there a screwdriver in China?

Is there a screwdriver in China?

What is missing in China is the movie.

This is the woman You give her a sperm She also gives you a child You give her a house She also gives you a home You give her a smile She also gives you a heart You give me a "basic treasure"

I will give you a thousand "Fengyi Treasures"

Have you tried your man yet?

Tried Zhu Qianlong is a jerk I gave up on him, I want to save you.

I bought two islands at the southernmost tip of the Maldives.

Cambridge classmates said The new ice age is coming Sea level keeps falling The two islands will grow bigger and bigger Able to connect in Australia that time The southern hemisphere belongs to both of us.

Let's basking in the sun every day.

Born every day Live a country to come Hendry Empire Sorry, I really can't go.

For that little tailor?

For my enemies, kill the enemy of my family.

I will help you revenge Can't you help me?

What else can I help?

Said to the sister He killed my master, the master, the sister.

He is my master His name is Zhu Qianlong.

What does money have to do with me?

If you think that money has something to do with me That proves that you have nothing to do with me.

Don't take money to bother me.

My teacher, Johnston, said to me.

There are three things you can't smudge The first is the movie The second is the movie What about people? Who is it?

The third is the movie. Do you understand? What about people?

People urged the manuscript to hang up!

What are you doing? You, I have heard it.

Who will find me to write a film review in the future? How do I mix?

I am your father's friend.

I am here for a big event.

I can't make trouble again But you are looking for a gynaecologist Is the foot so strict?

What can I not hear? I am sorry for you.

I am sorry for your dad, I feel sad for myself.

To be like this, what are you still busy with? come Stand here Can you not mess around?

Do I not write a film review?

Who is it for me?

Are you watching a movie? Do you know a few words?

Pretending to be a film critic I have five words for each film review.

What can I delay?

Can you write the sixth word?

Beat people This big iron rod is thrown at the door This clothes are thrown here, your motorcycle is also turned over. come back Has Dr. Hendler been here?

Have you been here?

Going out, what did he go out for?

I went to the screwdriver.

It s over.

Quanbeiping knows The murder is the 13-year-old younger brother.

His younger brother is Li Natural.

Still kneeling under his master s bronze statue And you are called Bruce Hendler.

The younger brother is me, my surname is Li.

Then you should call Bruce Lee.

Maybe Since you can't help me revenge Can you give a piece of clothing? and many more What medicine did you just give me?

I am calling you to call me.

What about people?


Bruce Lee...

What about a screwdriver?

Where did you find a screwdriver?

I was kidnapped.

Is it a woman? how do you know?

The whole body is smelly This is perfume What a smelly talent sprays so many perfumes?

I have something to say to you.

Put on the old pan shorts Old Pan?

Are you naked?

Oh, sorry.

I am waiting for me at the East Fourth Archway.

I'll go find you

I waited for you for an hour.

You are not saying that you have to ride an hour every time? what? You just...

Ok, then I will take you to the past.

You don t have to go first Come on, let me bring you.

No need to Row

Come and jump to me Don't move I have a boy child Three years old began to wrap up the little feet The foot is so small, you can drive the motorcycle.

Now your dad has opened my feet so big.

How many times is it stable?

What kind of archway can I not go?

Are you here? Is this clock you knocked? correct Tight eighteen slow eighteen Not too slow or eighteen Did you hear it?

Who can count so clearly?

Me, I have nothing less.

When are you going to knock?

I am knocking for more than a month.

If my dad didn't pick me up On behalf of the war broke out I can kill the ring. do you drink? I have a bottle Grandpa left it to me... What do you eat? Where do you live?

I only drink a quarter of a day. What do you eat? Where do you live? what? what?

Come in here?

Correct Go in

Give me your foot, step on it here.

Hold your hands

See the night of Beiping.

Oil chamber slip Is this all learned in the United States?

Such a big clock still doesn t kill people.

For more than 20 years, I have to be shocked several times a month.

Why are you living here?

This is where my blue dad is taking a summer break.

In the past, Cao Xueqin wrote "Dream of Red Mansions" here.

Your Hendler father is just dead.

You are so happy Forgot him all?

I have not forgotten

Your surname is Li Call Li Natural, right?

I'm The dog at the foot of the Great Wall Is that you?

You really are not just a tailor You are not just a doctor.

Still a murderer do not move I am not...

Blue House has become a police station Blue Qingfeng has been imprisoned by Qianlong Zhu Qianlong is asking you all the time.

It s you, you killed Hendler.

He is a murderer!

He killed my master, my sister, my sister.

Hendler may also be killing him.

You said that he killed him.

He said that you killed What evidence do you have?

Look, the injury on my back is that he burned.

The gun eye is also his hit You are wearing a woman's clothes, and you are also a treasure of Fengyi.

Why do I believe in you?

If you don't believe, you can shoot me right away.

I have a hundred reasons to kill you.

I also have a reason not to kill you.

I didn t dare to start my master s family.

I am a coward who can't change from small to big!

What are you waiting for?

Let's do it!

Shoot me and kill me!

Kill me this coward!

I am dead.

If you are dying I would rather die in your hands.

Shoot it!

How did you come here?

I will save you.

You are just playing around.

Is that little tailor letting you come?

I can't see death.

You can't save me.

I am a normal person I won't fly around.

Come on, Mr. Lao Lan, have dinner.

This dish is good today.

Brother, I am asking you a question.

You say Why are you shutting me?

Because you have Li natural in your hand.

What does Li Nature look like?

I have never seen Li Natural.

But there are photos of him on the order.

Look at who this is?

T Li natural!

Drag him here, fast

Hold fast, hold, hold, hold

Dad, what do I do now?

The dishes are good, don't waste, take away

Remember that the more you move outside, the bigger the movement The safer I am go!

Old blue, don t come, don t come.

Look at this Let the spy wash it out

Thank you for giving me a message.

I went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Street.

Otherwise, it will delay the big event.

This is your gun, return it to you.

This is the fundamental knife Help me collect it I let you burn the opium that day. You stole the knife and came back.

I will do everything I said.

I saw the knife.

First, give money back Then it s a knife to fight, because you shouldn t fight.

Now all Chinese people follow Then, let s go, when the new hatred is old, hate it together.

You tell me everything Not afraid of me telling you?

There are 90%, you will not betray me.

Bad things are often bad on that one.

Close your eyes Both have closed What about people?

He is in this courtyard Always aiming at you

I know that you are 100%

You are not going to sell me 100%.

Why is Zhu Qianlong killing your master?

Zhu Qianlong is my master brother.

He wants to grow opium at the root of the Taihang Mountain Villa.

My master does not give What were you doing at the time?

w Really fragrant!

Are you hungry?

Specially prepared for you Specifically prepared for me?

Right, grab it?

Yes What about your grandfather's wine?

I know you are coming This wine has been for more than 100 years.

Every time I can only drink a little bit.

Wine, you help me warm, there is a stove there. wait me back Brandy is warm to drink?

Good wine with big dish

who are you? what are you doing?

Hey you a bastard! one two three four

Oh shit opium Also pretending to be chocolate

Is this moving enough? getting bigger Thank you Thanks me for what?

Without you, there is no such fire.

If you didn't go to Mr. Blue's house I don t know if he was I am going to save him, he can t go.

Let me make trouble More static The safer he is, you think Is this movement big enough?

Big enough to keep him safe for a few days I call it a fire and two burns.

For Mr. Blue, also for myself.

They burned my master's house to grow opium I burned their opium warehouse You should kill them and take revenge.

Waiting for the Japanese to enter the city You have no chance.

I am waiting for the opportunity Man can t just say no To act I want you to help me warm wine?

Warm What about wine?

Drinked I wanted to pass it to my son.

Then you should first find a mother for your son.

Do you need a husband?

I have a son

You still didn't tell me What is the reason for not killing me?

My feet have not been cured yet.

I will help you now.

No need to cure No need to Governing Governance No need to

The bastard stands up!

At the moment, the Imperial Army is attacking Need a lot of military expenses Do you know how much it costs?

Commander It s not necessarily a bad thing to burn the opium.


Commander The fragrance of opium spreads throughout Peking Wherever I go, everyone loves to see it.

Within two months, smokers will increase dramatically Opium sales will double Four times Yes! Four times!


Loading bombs! aim! emission!

More important things can also be talked about here.

What can't you say?

I want to take him out to talk.

Why are you going out?

So messy outside I want to take you out Can't you talk here?

Mr. Lan Important matter Going out here?

Go out You kill the Americans I will give you a list It is here French restaurant



Is this also called a list?

Correct Only one person name?


Zhu Qianlong is not a traitor Do you tell me with you?

Legend is legend This is the official certification of the Imperial Army.

We Japanese say that we do it

You Japanese are amazing good job Two Fundamental teacher I have heard the Analects lesson you have spoken.

Oh, that is, Kong Qiu is alive... Roll!

You can use it slowly, you can use it slowly.

The person on the list, if necessary We can help you kill You keep it Don't you want to be a traitor?

He is useless The Imperial Army immediately entered the city You want to replace him We can help you Don't help me, I am a useless person.

But General Zhang is useful.

He wants to resist the Japanese You can give me General Zhang.

I don t know the surname Zhang.

Intelligence General Zhang is in your hand My hand?

You look at me, I don t have any Besides, even if there is I can't give it to you either. why?

I can't be a traitor I heard that the car of Beiping is your spy. right?

I can't understand what you said in Chinese.

Q Immediate execution Rickshaw


Basic lord, the task has been executed What other instructions? Well done, take a break Thank you, let's go. fast!

Three shameful traitors, let s shoot the gang Two professors, trouble to remember the name Zheng Shilong Dragon Tiger Dragon Duan Yuchen The star of the stars is fast!

Lu Cheng, honest and sincere Tomorrow, Nanjing newspaper Lord, I shot three traitors. hard!

I can make you a hero.

Can also make you a traitor

The hands-on I have long wanted to start.

But Blue Dad told me not to act rashly.

Otherwise, the war will break out in advance, and the war has broken out.

The Japanese have all hit the Guanganmen.

I want to kill the ring.

The time has come. What are you waiting for?

You ask yourself Do you really know what you should do?

I must get them together.

How did they kill my master family?

How did I kill them?

You can kill one first Kill another one That kind of revenge is only half reported, not enough.

Half is better than waiting

I am a soldier.

He was captured by the enemy They cut his head down Hanging on the wall, hanging for three days I am for these three days.

Prepared for ten years What have you done?

My enemy is a warlord There are many soldiers under his hand.

I don't think I can do it alone.

Need someone to help me

So I met my first husband. and then?

He said to wait for the opportunity Later, I have two children.

He says You don't want revenge.

Your enemy does not need you to kill God will punish them.

He makes sense Yes what do you say?

I say go away Did he roll?

Rolled up from then on I understand Revenge can only rely on myself One person, one gun, enough and so Have you opened a tailor shop yourself?

Quanbeiping identity person I went to my shop to make clothes.

I believe that one day he will appear in this store.

Has he appeared?

not yet

So you know where your enemy is.

You can't find any excuses You should do it right away.

The Imperial Army entered the city on the 8th You have five days to hand over the person.

After five days, you are useless.

Five days, five days Old blue, you can regret it.

I regret that I will remove the wall.

Regret, regret it No regrets, it s too late, old blue.

Regret, I regret it.

It s too late Goodbye, old blue Goodbye So black Where do I know which day is it?

Where were you that day?


The day when your master s family was You asked me I said to you with an elbow, "?V w !"

You always ask...

Will it lose money here?

Guan Aunt Where am I, where is the money?

Tomato cucumber cooked Thank you Who is it?

That is the tea money they paid.

Guan Aunt Super son, pick cucumbers.

Do you know these people?

Know Can you name it?

What the hell did you do that day?

I saw Zhu Qianlong and the root murder.

Then why didn't they kill you?

Zhu Qianlong took a gun to my head.

He flashed me as soon as he fired.

Can you avoid the bullets?

Correct Compared with your words Zhu Qianlong s words are more credible What did he say?

He said that you are carrying your master.

Spoil your sister Your master is angry.

You killed your master's family.

He is really a good apprentice.

He killed my master Give me a portrait of Master Let me kneel at the feet of my master Turned me into a dog Even if you can really avoid the bullets and then?

Then I ran I just ran, they chased me.

Shooting at my back, I fell down They dragged all the way Drag me back and pour gasoline on us.

Burn us to death Didn't you see the scars and gunshots on my back?

The gun is facing you, you can hide You can't escape when you run up?

That's it! How can I make others believe?

Revenge, don't need to convince others You have been setting various obstacles for yourself.

Because you are afraid

I am right, I am afraid.

I am a coward.

I am damned I was killed by Zhu Qianlong s gun 15 years ago!

So you are satisfied?

What does this have to do with me?

You asked me!

This is what you and your brother are doing. none of my business It doesn't matter to you.

I am leaving I am leaving I am leaving I am leaving I am leaving I will go forever!

I will not come back when I am gone!

map map Map map

Map map Just talking about Li s natural things.

Say something else, kill you.


Map What? map Three major elements of combat Time, place, person Time and place Indispensable Then I have to ask who is the person?

Li Natural Right, then who is Li Nature?

Li natural is a murderer Can't storm Moreover, Li Natural is not alone. how many people? a team There is only one way I pretended to help him revenge, let him come out Say you both eat in one place Such an enemy You can shoot it with one shot exactly So this place is especially important.

Li natural will fly away I think about it again and again Choose the meeting place in Qiongdao, Beihai This place is surrounded by water.

He can't escape Thoughtful The question now is what Li natural hates.

Suspicion is very serious, never let him be suspicious Dongdan Dongsi Xidan Xisi There must be no one in this area. understand Both people and geography have Only bad time I don t want to wait for the night.

At noon today, Qiongdao is handed over.

Old blue, good plan.

Let's go, time, wait for people. go& look at me go

Mr. Lan holds just in case Where did you come from?

Over the years, I ve cleaned up the house.

That person I found Bring it back for a while Who?

That's the one

Harassing your ass

See you at 12:30

Miss Tang Come in and sit down Li natural is dying You have to save him.

Good people?

Today at noon They met in Qiongdao, Beihai.

Isn't this a trap?

Trap They want to catch Li Nai or shoot him.

I am talking about you Why should I set a trap?

I didn t see anyone I did not kidnap him.

How can I save him?

ww Jealous should be me He is for you Only refused to run away with me.

If I am not keeping you secret Director Zhu grabbed you early.

Ok, I have to go.

Dad, how did you escape?

Zhu Qianlong let me out How can he let you out?

Because I promised him to send you to Qihai Island in Beihai.

Why go there?

Because he and he are waiting for you there.

Is this my chance to avenge?

It may also be their chance to kill you. how to say?

Because between you and Zhu Qianlong There are still many people who want to kill you. who? Zhu Qianlong's people how many people? Not a lot, not very few The twenty-nine army has already gone out, the Japanese have not come in yet.

Zhu Qianlong s people still have to guard the four cities.

The rest of the people are the ones who deal with you.

Now how to do?

From here to Qiongdao, five and a half Driving for ten minutes The end of the road, the end of the road Give you this, I have Holding If you think your father is damned You can kill me at any time.

Dad, do you know what you want to do?

Son, do you know what you are going to do?

I know very well what I am going to do. do you know? know Do you really know? I really know

Especially good Especially good Dad has played a big game in 20 years.

Suddenly the end of the road Big fish, dead net, broken, what?

Fish dead network broken? That is not my arrangement How did you arrange it?

My arrangement is to let their dogs bite the dog.

Let Zhu Qianlong kill the roots and take you as a bait. in other words When did he give me the basic head?

When will I give you Zhu Zhulong?

So you prevented me from revenge, right? son How many times have we seen this life?

Five times in total How do I feel that it is six times?

Counting the first time I saved you back. do you know? For you and me Let's meet too much.

Too many meetings Know why I want to kill Zhu Qianlong?

Because I hate betrayal the most He actually for his own benefit Kill the master who raised him Do you have to betray me?

I betrayed you in the first second.

I saw you at first sight I know that you are the person I am looking for.

Your god-given hate is a good seedling.

It is the person who can use it for me.

These fifteen years I have been killing the roots and Zhu Qianlong.

How did it become you? Dad?

This is life, I don t accept it.

I must achieve my goal I don t know how to confess.

So I use the method of selling you to see you.

See if you can take the end of the road Become alive

Don't cry anymore, cry again.

I am pressing the speed?

You have not betrayed me.

You betrayed yourself Since this big game, you can't get it.

Let me help you.

Okay I forgot to tell you You can kill Anyway, the Japanese have already fired.

The South Gate of Beihai has passed Where are you going?

I see a car that has been following us.

It looks like a car like Zhu Qianlong.

Where! did you see it?

Here here did you see it?

Dad, you really will arrange Although not the best arrangement But not the worst arrangement Look, she is back, and is back.

I seem to recognize this car?

Recognize walking, son, follow Then what do you do?

There is a way to live apart Go!

Old blue You came?

What are you crying for? Didn t cry Li natural in the car? Not in What about people? Let go

You are boring, old blue I find it interesting I want to give you both.

We both have to die I let go of one and still live.

My fucking kills you now!

Come hit

Do not hide first Not hiding

Don't throw it!

Why are you coming to save me?

Why are you coming to save me?

How do you know where I am?

Where are you going to take me?

You dare to treat Mr. Lan like this. do you know who he is?

Do you know who I am?

She doesn't know if I will work hard?

Is she so brave in peacetime?

Walk around!

I answer your first question.

I said I can find you.

The second question, this is the root of the family.

I will take you to find revenge on him.

You are waiting for me here.

Is Ichiro at home?

When does he come back?

Can aunt borrow your needle?

Do you know a few Chinese characters?

You know everything you write Amazing

Aunt You see Knife Give me the knife I don t have it.

Understand? I m asking you to tell me, let him take the knife. it is good!

Nine o'clock Ritan If you don t kill them, they will kill you.

They not only kill you Still killing a lot of people Will kill me too I won't let them kill you.

I have not forgotten revenge every day for fifteen years.

I am studying, training, learning a variety of skills But when I really went back to Beiping I really saw them with my own eyes.

I started to be afraid Are you afraid of death?

I am not afraid of death.

I am afraid that I am like fifteen years ago.

Stay still

Do you want to kill me? !

It seems that it is not an illusion.

You can really avoid the bullets.

Old pan Where is the Japanese knife?

Japanese knife speak

Pan Gonggong Pan Gonggong

Who said he would work hard?

Pull up

Police car at the door Go to the altar Kill the root!

What about you?


Will you fight?

Hit him and say it!

Japanese people really pay attention to say one-on-one Sure enough, no one came Not a female man?

You do not deserve The person who kills you now is me.

Li Natural is a thief.

I m stealing the knife.

In order to be fair, I will let you cut three knives.

What about your weapon?

I am a weapon myself.

You insult me!

You are not worthy of my insult You only dare to kill a woman, a killer, an unarmed woman.

Come Kill me

You are not afraid Then let you die.

First knife

First knife

Second knife

What am I doing? !

Third knife Third knife Last chance, come on.

Tips! Come and save me!

Come and support me!

You play yin I am more yin than you


Go fast Where can I go to find you?

I can find you.

Clean up things rest assured

I am a doctor at Union Hospital.

Mr. King was hit by a car.

Can you take me in?

Old blue, why are you still not dead?

I can't die.

Give me Li Naturals.

I don't know where he is.

Less damn nonsense!

You fucking is a living beast! brute?

I don t do any animal life today, I m sorry for you.

Pulled his teeth out!

Thirty-two, one is not allowed I have been unplugged.

Pulled him to hand over Li Natural!


Moses Moses I am Zhu Qianlong. Can you hear?

Moses Moses It s me, I m Zhu Qianlong.

Moses Moses Please don't say Moses Moses again.

Moses Moses Please don't want Moses Moses anymore.

You give me another pull I am going to find the root

fundamental! Why don't you pick up my phone?

The Imperial Army has already entered...


What about my support force?

Moses Moses

Moses Moses It's you!

It s too cheap to kill you with a shot.

What is the word you wrote?

Changed the name?

The following four points?

It s all on your face.

There are only three faces on my face.

Is there another point?

Kill you, fill it up again Teacher and brother Can we resort to the law?

Now I am your law I have been waiting for fifteen years, just for this day.

Originally the imperial army s entry ceremony Still waiting for me to prepare In this case& really With a gun Your gun is not open, I am driving this one.

Don't you, we can't use a gun.

Let's use the skill of Master.

The younger brother threw the gun away.

Okay One two three

Brother You are human, I know you too much.

It s my brother.

Zhixiu Mo Rudi This time we don t play virtual Really thrown Okay One two three

Younger brother Is this interesting? interesting I have three more opportunities now.

Can shoot you to death But I don't want to kill you right away.

I want to put these fifteen years of fear All returned to you Younger brother Throw the gun away. it is good One

two three



Tips! fundamental!

You are here?

This is the younger brother.

Are taught by a master Can't break it Let's use a trick other than Master.

That line

Didn't kill you!

Should it hurt?

You can't live!

You can't live! You can't live!

You can't live!

Give me bleeding! it is good! Playing well!

Why are you killing Master?

You killed Master!

I take revenge for Master!

I beat you to death!

You killed Master!

It's you!

I saw it with my own eyes.

I saw with my own eyes that you killed Master.

You are killing with the roots.

I don't recognize You killed the master.

I don't recognize You killed the master, you killed

I don't admit it!

What are you doing in the house?

I went to the house to find a gun!

There are five on the ground, don't you take it?

I forgot!

Know why I went to the house? Younger brother Dead button, no one can solve it.

You said that you are doing well in the United States.

What are you doing back?

Regret, right?

After eight seconds, you can't live.

Eight seven Fives

three two

I told you to drop your head! why? I have to think about it.

Come on, come on.

what happened?

Oh! The knife is reversed!


Zhu Qianlong Bastard!

Younger brother, calm, calm I have the truth to tell you

Rest assured, how do you kill the master?

How can I kill you?

Brother, try this today. Can you avoid my bullets?

Are you scared?

Fear, right?

You are too stupid You are being used by Lan Qingfeng.

You are his chess piece.

I do not care Hendler is also killing him.

You also said that Master is killing me.

You fucking Turned me into a shit for fifteen years Can I trust you!

Even if you kill me Can Master survive?

Live not to come Yes, is this useful?

Useless but I have to send you by myself to apologize to them.

Not right?

Master is killing you. Do I apologize?

Brother, I ask you If Master promises to give you the land to grow opium Will you kill him?

Then of course I will not kill him.

Old blue is finished soon.

father father You killed my Hendler daddy.

Zhu Qianlong tells you?

Correct Zhu Qianlong killed your master Also said that you killed, how can you believe him?

Then who should I believe?

Believe in your father, me.

Still quite accurate How do I believe in you, Dad?

You can only believe me. why? because because

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

C'est la vie.

Emperor Blackbird class at

Dr. Morris! Dr. Morris!

Dr. Paul Morris!

He is going to die!

Dr. Morris!


He is here fast!

You can't go in!

Dr. Morris You can leave, save him.

I have left this one.

I am afraid the situation is not very good. not too good Please, Paul, you must save him.

He is my father father I saved your life.

You saved my life I am not your father.

Who is my father?

You should find your own son.

Save him, Dr. Morris

Give me a photo!

Qiaohong Look, I found you.

Your home is on fire I sent away the old Pan Pan Gonggong fast I took the Japanese scorpion and replaced it with the new scorpion.

I ve done it early, I ve been free to give you Thank you for helping me revenge.

I should thank you.

Actually, I took an experiment with you.

I have the same nightmare as you, the same fear.

Putting a foot, practicing a gun, opening a tailor shop All in order to avoid the things I should do the most.

The experiment is successful now.

You can do it, I will do it.

Really individual boy

You are the doctor I am your little mouse.

Thank you for helping me cure my heart disease.

I can help you find your enemy.

My enemy does not need you to find in fact

He has already appeared in my store.

But I am there. same as you I can't move Like a stone He is very old, very kind.

Full of white hair I still have a little girl in my hand.

This, you didn t tell me.

Sorry, last time Didn't tell you the truth I can forgive you. follow me I do not need to forgive I won't go with anyone. look at me a decent young man Don't you want to go with me?

Are you watching too many love movies?

Then I can go with you.

I can help you.

You can, but you should kill more devils.

My business is still broken. and many more Where can I go to find you?

I said I can find you.

and many more You shot at me Not afraid to kill me?

Not afraid You do not love me fool That bullet is fake

Qiaohong Qiaohong Qiaohong