Xue fu rong (1978) Script

Qing Dynasty Emperor Yongzheng gained subjects' support by pretending to rule the nation humanely In fact he ruled the Hans with an iron hand With a secret group of assassins- Flying Guillotines killed the rebels. Literary inquisitions were common For anyone who wrote anything bad about Imperial... court, his whole family would be exterminated Even lives of proofreaders, bookstore owners were not spared Come on...

Take out all the books

Burn them Yes Kneel down

Execute them here Kill

Old man Jin Shengtan's works slandered the Imperial Court His entire family was decapitated You're the proofreader, today it's your turn Save the act Take down his head Yes

Synced and Fix Errors by chebinhdan.com You aren't that old proofreader?

He's gone I've been expecting you Who are you?

I don't have a name Nonsense... how could that be?

If you insist in knowing...

I'll tell you

Hibiscus flower That's my name, The Bloody Hibiscus What kind of name is that?

It's not that strange The hibiscus plant is irrigated with blood droplets And today I'll kill you

Please go back Bye...


Your Majesty Terrible murders took place often in the capital Victims are all government officials Terrible deaths, all by decapitation According to witnesses...

The murderers are very nimble Leaping over roofs and walking on walls The weapon is the Flying Guillotine It can cut off a man's head within 100 steps Deadly accurate and master controlled Obviously they've received strenuous training And rumors are that these assassins are actually What? Go on Sent from the Imperial Court Nonsense. I rule the country benevolently Why would I use such terroristic means?

I urge Your Majesty to investigate into this matter Capture the real culprit in order to stop the rumors Official Han Yes, Your Majesty

Capture the murderer as soon as possible We'll wrap up Yes, Your Majesty The Majesty leaves

Scholar Wan I'll pay you a visit tonight to discuss the matter Great. I'll be expecting you The Majesty arrives

Good day, Your Majesty Arise Thank you, Your Majesty Leave us Yes

I've sent out Flying Guillotines to kill the traitors Old Wan has found out about it I denied it earlier Looks like... that Wan will look into it Trịnh Cao Phong Yes, Your Majesty Tonight, send your best men... to take down Scholar Wan's head Make sure it's done Of course, Your Majesty

Tea, master Put it here


How dare you!

You dare to assassin a court official?

Arrest him

Who's behind this? Speak up Go on I'm afraid you can't perhaps handle the truth You've got some nerve You are forcing me to use more torture Fine, I'll tell you... who's behind this Who?

The Emperor Nonsense! How dare you say that?

Use more force Yes Han Tinh Du, if you won't let me go You'll be in a lot of trouble Trịnh Cao Phong, what have you done this time?

One of your men... got captured by Han Tinh Du I deserve death If the man talks... under tortures Then it would ruin everything I'll immediately kill that guard Your Majesty's secret is safe Not only the guard You must kill Han Tinh Du's whole family... to ensure the secrecy Yes, Your Majesty Trịnh Cao Phong, make sure it's done properly Or you'll be dead Yes Your Majesty

Tinh Du, still awake?

Are you worrying the prisoner won't confess?

That's not it Then the rumor is true?

These few days I've been apprehensive with fear I think it's a bad omen Lý Liên If anything happens to me Take my mom to Quan Lạn Go find my uncle Tống Biệt Hải He'll take care of you Got it You are two months pregnant No matter what You must guard our child Promise me

You're an honest official You'll be blessed Let's hope so

Tomorrow is Double 9th Festival. Something I must do Sure, I'll send the maid over to accompany you

Stop here

We're here, madam

Go on

Lý Liên Hoàng Phi, I didn't expect to see you here I've been a wanderer for the past few years I just got here yesterday Today is the Tiết Cửu Trùng I'm here to pay respects to our late master Time flies Our master has been dead for three years

So much has happened in these years One can only sigh

Looks like you're still the same Doing quite well But you've changed a lot During my travels...

I heard that you got married in a Han family I was shocked and fell seriously ill I thought that's the end of my life But the heavens made fun of me and I've been living miserably Madam, it's ready You can begin

Let's go pay our respects

Pack up Take cover at the pavilion

When will the rain stop!

Old lady, it's your time

Are you raising a rebellion?

Trịnh Cao Phong, why are you doing this?

The Emperor's order... you must all die

Hurry, old Wang Yes, madam

Tinh Du Old lady Tinh Du

Trịnh Cao Phong

Who are you?

Wife of Han Tinh Du

Lý Liên, you're two months pregnant Promise me You must guard our child

Trịnh Cao Phong I sent you to execute Han Tinh Du's family Is it done?

Your Majesty I've killed everyone of the Han household Have you done a clean job?

Absolutely. No one left Great, well done I'll reward you for this Thank you, Your Majesty

I've checked around Rong Lý Liên, Han Tinh Du's wife is a disciple of Wudang Clan. She's learnt well and is a martial arts expert The only reason she lost... was because she's pregnant She had to be careful Otherwise she wouldn't retreat

Now that she's fled It's like living next to the wolves We'll have nothing but trouble And if the Emperor finds out... and punishes us We'll all be dead I don't think she's gone that far If you'll dispatch some troops... in all directions;

It'd be a piece of cake to capture her It's not that simple We must keep a low profile Can't send any troops And I must stay in the capital That's why I summoned you here So that you can help me out Let me go, I'll finish her off in one stab No one will know It'd be better if I go I'll go You are all my filial children Rong Lý Liên isn't easy to handle This time around... it's going to be a tough fight I've always been fair I'll pass my position as the chief... to one of you, whoever could kill Rong Lý Liên And he or she will inherit all my property The other two can't oppose We understand Ren Ting Yes, father You're my eldest You should go first Yes, I guarantee I'll bring her head back within ten days



I heard that Rong Lý Liên has moved to Hàng Châu Town Bưu Yes, father You must avenge for your brother, go Yes, father

Taian Inn -Help wanted

Leave them, don't touch these bowls I thought you told me to wash the dishes Not these Leave them

Have a seat, sir What would you like to have?

Some wine Yes, right away

Have a seat, sir Are you staying or just eating?

Just eating I want two dishes, make it quick I'm in a hurry Sure Bring me two side dishes Right away

We'll make a move at midnight

Action at midnight We will take Rong Lý Liên out Make it clean, don't leave any trace

Here you go Prepare a room for me I'm staying for the night Sure

She's gone. Chase her


Lý Liên

It's you? Hoàng Phi Quiet

What are you doing here?

I'll tell you later. Come with me

Don't bother We can't stay here for long Pack up and leave

We're far from Luodong town Let's have a rest Hoàng Phi, why did you show up?

It's fate I was heading to Jian County... to help a friend with some business I passed by Taian Inn And found out about their plot Then I decided to stay I didn't expect to see you here It's great. Maybe it's not my time to die after all What's going on?

Why are they after you?

Trịnh Cao Phong has killed my whole family I'm the only one who escaped Yet he won't give up He wants me dead Where are you going next?

Quan Lạn. I'll seek shelter with my uncle Tống Biệt Hải I didn't know that you have an uncle He's my husband's uncle But we've never met before

Brother Ma, come here. Let me introduce you

This is Hoàng Phi, this is Brother Ma Brother Ma, hello Have a seat

Right, Brother Ma Trịnh Cao Phong's after me Why did you help us?

And fled with us?

They're after me also Why?

Like you I'm just trying to hide in this inn You are Three years ago I worked in the Emperor's Flying Guillotine squad I was ordered to kill many innocent people I became an executioner, working for the Emperor

With the Flying Guillotine I've killed so many innocent and good officials I couldn't take it anymore That's why I fled from the palace For the past three years, Trịnh Cao Phong has been... trying to track me down, and I was in exile Brother Ma I'm sorry to have dragged you into this Don't say that The inn is no place to stay for long Sooner or later I'm bound to be tracked down So we have a common enemy I have to head to Jian County Could you escort Lý Liên to Quan Lạn?

Sure, I'm wandering around anyway Thank you I'm relieved We better move now

Lý Liên, it's late We're in the middle of our journey Maybe we should stay here tonight Let's go inside





Hoàng Phi

The 5 Poisonous Needles! Draw them out quickly and he's still got a chance

Hỗ Ninh, you're my last hope I depend on you now

Besides Rong Lý Liên... you have to tackle Ma Sen They are difficult to handle I swear I'll avenge for my brothers Rong Lý Liên is a seasoned expert You must remember You're no match for her She's a woman after all, try to outwit her Go on

Don't come back if you can't kill them

Are you alright, Hoàng Phi?

Thanks for saving my life, how can I ever repay you?

Don't mention it Rest for 2 days, and you'll recover

After I'm done in Jian County...

I'll meet you in Quan Lạn Sure I'll see you in Quan Lạn Brother Ma Please take good care of Lý Liên on the way I will, don't worry See you

Come on This wine is not bad

Hey young lady, why are you alone?

Such a pretty girl Exactly


Brother Ma, she's alive

Let's go

Why am I here?

You were hurt, we brought you here

Where am I?

In a cave There are no villages around We had to take you here What happened back there at the teahouse?

My whole family got robbed and killed by robbers You were there alone?

My old servant escorted me but he got killed too

Don't be sad Where do you live?

The Chen family, 80 miles away You're not seriously hurt Brother Ma and I will take you home tomorrow morning Brother Ma?

He's good friend of mine He's gone to find something for us to eat

He'll be back soon Just rest

Rong Lý Liên is a seasoned expert You're no match for her, you must outwit her

How much sorrow do you have?

Like the Spring river flowing eastwards

We'll be in Quan Lạn in three days When you're at your uncle's place... you won't feel like a wanderer

What about you?

The usual... I live all around the places

No, don't

What's going on?

Sorry, I can't For my late husband's sake and his child I'm carrying I can't do this to him


Put on your clothes I want you Nonsense

Why are you interested in her but not me?

My figure and my looks are as good as hers To hell with you!

You can't fool me You're Jin Hỗ Ninh, the daughter of Trịnh Cao Phong

How did you know?

I suspected her at the teahouse She said her whole family got robbed and killed Then why was she only mildly injured?

That's the clue

My sons are dead And so is my daughter

Rong Lý Liên, Ma Sen If I don't take you out, I won't live myself


What are you doing here?

I know that Rong Lý Liên and Ma Sen... are now heading to Tống Biệt Hải's house in Quan Lạn I have a plan to kill them I'm listening Amitabha Buddha Travel around the places to make new friends Good rewards from good deeds Amitabha Buddha Hold on, please Amitabha Buddha Here for soliciting alms?

Amitabha Buddha Fushou Yes Prepare some rice and noodles Yes, master May I know your name?

Tống Biệt Hải Mr. Tong, Amitabha Buddha


Amitabha Buddha

Brother Ma, turn your head please Why?

Just do it, I need to

Mã Đại Car Ma

Brother Ma

Hoàng Phi, what are you doing here?

I spotted you from afar. Where's Lý Liên?

Over there Lý Liên

Sorry. I didn't know that you are It's Brother Ma's fault. He told me to come here I told you Lý Liên's here But I didn't tell you to walk up Lý Liên Sorry, please don't be mad It's not your fault, don't worry Why are you here?

I've finished my business at Jian County And bought this horse, I traveled nonstop and now I've caught up with you Now we can go to Quan Lạn I've got Brother Ma as my escort There's no need for you to rush Absence makes the heart grow fonder Since I left you That's what I've been thinking about

You must be tired... get on the horse

I've been thinking about you a lot

Wear this red flower You look much prettier

Don't be silly, I'm in mourning I can't wear red You're still young, and you're so pretty Why don't you dress up a bit?

Do you plan to mourn... for the rest of your life?

Look, we're entering Quan Lạn All good things come to an end It's time to say goodbye

Tinh Du was an honest and upright man Such misfortune What a shame!

This is destiny, Lý Liên Don't be too sad I'm Tinh Du's uncle I've always treated him like my own son You may settle down here Make yourself at home

Lý Liên, don't be sad Trịnh Cao Phong is ruthless I'm sure he'll be get his due retribution Thank you for... escorting Lý Liên here I appreciate it Guards Yes, master Prepare a feast, I want to drink with the guests Yes, master Please don't bother, I've to go There's something I must attend to If Brother Ma is leaving, I'll leave too Mr. Tong, goodbye Sure, I won't be in your way Lý Liên, please see the two warriors off Yes

Good bye

Lý Liên, I'm off. Take care of yourself You too

Brother Ma, I'll see you around Bye

Brother Ma, you plan to I'll go where fate takes me Would we see each other again?

Next autumn perhaps... when I pass through here, we might see each other Take care of the baby. Bye bye Bye


Are you alright, Lý Liên?

Walking around at this hour?

Not used to staying here?

No, during the past month I've been on the run Now that I'm settled down I feel sort of homesick I miss Tinh Du Yes, it's only natural Come sit down, let's have a chat

Prepare the tea Yes, master

You brought Tinh Du up since he was little He talked about you a lot We both owe it to you Don't mention it Tinh Du also mentioned that... you have a son named Tái Sinh They grew up together How's your son doing now?

He's doing quite well Great. Maybe I can see him sometime Certainly ...of course

Please have your tea

What are you doing?

Why are you impersonating Tống Biệt Hải?

Why is the tea poisoned? Tell me

What do you mean, Lý Liên?

My late husband... wasn't brought up by Tống Biệt Hải And Tống Biệt Hải doesn't have a son... named Tái Sinh You aren't Tống Biệt Hải Rong Lý Liên, I'm impressed. Charge!



Come on

You aren't going anywhere Kill her Yes

Let me go

Lý Liên



You go ahead, I'll stay behind Go Hurry


So, can you walk?

Hoàng Phi You can't go

Lý Liên

Are you alright, Lý Liên?

I'm fine, don't worry Let's hurry


You go ahead, don't mind me No, we can't leave you here We'll die together if we have to Don't worry, we've come off a long way They won't catch up for sometime Lý Liên, lie down I'll be on guard. No one can hurt you

You must be tired, have a break I'm fine, don't worry

Hoàng Phi, you weren't involved in this Why did you get yourself involved?

I'll be honest When we were learning martial arts together I was in love with Lý Liên at that time That's why I want to be on her side I'll try my best to protect her

You'll sacrifice for her because of your love'?

Yes, if we could be together I don't mind to sacrifice

Good... you and Lý Liên will be very happy

But Trịnh Cao Phong is alive We won't be happy He deserves to be killed Don't worry I'll take him out myself You and Lý Liên will have good days ahead

Thanks, Brother Ma You are our good friend

Brother Ma What is it?

Brother Ma's gone Brother Ma He wrote something here

Men have sorrow and joy Just like the different phases of moon It's just the way it is- let's wish for long lives Though miles apart, we'll share the moon's beauty

Brother Ma's gone No wonder last night he remarked... that he wishes you and I could be together What else did he say?

He said he shall kill Trịnh Cao Phong And we'd have a bright future ahead Brother Ma will face off with Trịnh Cao Phong

Oh no! He's no match for the old monster Brother Ma

Brother Ma Brother Ma

Brother Ma

Brother Ma

Hoàng Phi, I think this could be a miscarriage Please help me

What are you doing?

Rong Lý Liên, it's your time to die What did you say?

I've been waiting for this chance Ma Sen's gone, and you're about to have a miscarriage

You can't beat me now

What do you want?

I want your life Are you mad? We learnt from the same master

But I'm also the son of Trịnh Cao Phong

He only has two sons and a daughter They are all dead But you don't know that he has a mistress And she's my mom He abandoned me when I was a child But he has announced that any of his sons... who kills you... can inherit his property So you're doing it for the money

Wait, if you won't explain everything I won't rest in peace What's to explain?

After your wounds were healed in the temple Why did you leave us?

I had to go to the Tong family to take care of things so that you would fall into the trap

Hoàng Phi, you're very clever But there's one thing you mightn't have expected What's that?

You have no idea... that I'm faking a miscarriage now

I knew you're up to no good That's why I wanted to blow your cover How long have you been suspecting?

Since you left the Tongs How?

Simple; there are only two people... who know that I'm staying at the Tongs Brother Ma was with me the whole time He's also Trịnh Cao Phong's enemy He won't be the mole And that just leaves you I guessed right... come on Kill me now and you'll be prosperous Come on

Please don't kill me Walk away

My husband's dead, so is my baby I have nothing to worry There's no point for me to run anymore I should head back Trịnh Cao Phong, even if I've to risk my life I must take my revenge today

Ma Sen, what a hero!

You've got a lot of courage to show up here!

Trịnh Cao Phong I don't plan to walk out alive No matter what, I must end this today


This isn't him either

Rong Lý Liên, Ma Sen I'm on the bridge at the back, come get me

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He's the real one, kill him