XX (2017) Script

It's not easy spending a day in the city with two kids around Christmastime...

...even if you have taken them to a matinee and outdoor skating.

I'd had to fight with them, with Danny in particular...

...to get them aboard the 3:55 back to the suburbs in time for dinner.

Presents were still in his mind.

What's in the box?


...leave the man alone.


Can I see? Danny.

Stop being so nosy.

It's okay. No problem.

Gotta go. My stop's next.

Brookfield next. Brookfield.

Come on, Danny. What'd he have?


The man, dummy, the one with the box.

What was in the box? The one on the subway.

Nothin'. Nothing?

You seriously mean it was empty?

There was nothing in there? Hey, guys. Chow's on.


What's the matter, squirt? Not hungry?

Not really. You, not hungry?

You're always hungry.

Did you get them something to eat when you were out?

Just hot chocolate. With marshmallows and licorice.


Can I go play?

Sure. But I want those teeth brushed.

Yeah, Dad. All right.


They're coming to get you, Barbara.

Want some, Danny? No? Wow.

More for us.

Stop it. You're acting like a child!

They're coming for you.

Oh, my God. Look. Oh, look.


No running.

No, thanks, Mom.

Daniel. Yeah, Mom?

Don't forget your lunch. Thanks.

What's going on? You're not hungry again?

Nope. It was pizza day at school.

No, I skipped it.

I find that hard to believe. Come on. Eat your ribs.

No, thank you. I'm not hungry.

He came home with his lunch untouched again, you know.


He was probably sneaking junk food in the cafeteria or something.

I think we should make an appointment with Dr. Weller.

Maybe he's coming down with something.

I'm sure it's just some stunt he's pulling to get out of going to school.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Well, I am starting to get worried.

Look, he doesn't have a fever.

And even if he has the flu, there's nothing Dr. Weller can do for him anyway.

I guess so.

Listen, buddy, you gotta eat something.

Danny, why didn't you eat the lunch I made you today?

I didn't feel like it.

Try some garlic bread. It's really good.

You love spaghetti.

No, thanks.

It's been three days, buddy.

Are you feeling okay?

Oh, my God. It better not be the chickenpox.

Amanda Dewsbury had the chickenpox...

...and she didn't show up for school for, like, an entire week.

She was covered in, like, these disgusting, oozing sores...

I feel fine...

...just not hungry.


Come on, Danny. We made your favorite, pizza.

Come on now.

Not hungry.

Smells good.

You're not getting up from this table until you eat that pizza. Do you understand me?

Do you understand me? Please, Danny, just take one bite.

No, thank you. This has gone on long enough.

Danny! God damn it, will you just eat?

I'm not hungry.


Then just go to bed.

Dr. Manson, circuit three.

Any, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea?

No, nothing.

Fever, listlessness? No. He seems fine.

And you say he hasn't eaten in five days? Absolutely nothing.

Can I have a moment with him, please?

Yeah, sure. Sure.



...is there anything you want to tell me?

You sure? I mean...

...I'm here to listen. I wanna help.

Everything's fine. I'm just not hungry, is all.

You gotta eat, Danny.



...there's people starving all over the world.

I mean, if you don't eat, eventually you'll die.

It's that simple.


Why didn't you bring him in sooner?

I don't know.

Well, he's lost five pounds since his last checkup.

Other than that, he seems fine physically.

We're gonna run some tests on him, and hopefully, it'll give us a clearer picture.

Has he had any problems at school? No.

Nothing that we're aware of.

Home? No. Why do you ask?

I think Danny might be having some emotional problems.

Now, there's a specialist that I can recommend for you.

A psychiatrist?

No, a therapist, and don't worry. He's not gonna push any pills on Danny.

He'll be there to help him. Well, how's he gonna help him, doctor?

Look, we're gonna get to the bottom of this.

Now, what I want you to do is to call me every day...

...and let me know how Danny's doing, if he's eating.

Okay. If he's not, don't push him.

No, of course not. All right?

Stay calm. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks, Dr. Weller. Thanks.

It doesn't make any sense.

Hey. What are you guys talking about?


Come on. What were you just talking about?

Just stuff.

Secret stuff? Just, you know, stuff.

Stuff that maybe has to do with why you're not eating?

That kind of stuff?

Fine. Let's get back to bed.

Jenny, what's the matter?

Oh, nothing.

Good night, Mom.

Jenny. Coming.

Hey, Mom. Hey.

Yeah, Mom? It's chocolate.

I'm okay. I'm not hungry. Thanks.

Where's Jenny?

She says she's not hungry.


I don't know.

I wish I did.

Are you taking any of this seriously?

Of course I am. I'm their mother.

Well, I just don't understand it.

Understand what?

How you can eat while our children are starving.

Well, I have to eat, don't I?



What is going on with you and Jenny?

You know you can tell me.

Please, tell me.

What did he say?



Piece for you.

Piece for you.

There you go.

I remember laughter from that day...

...plenty of laughter.

Nobody's new clothes fit, but we tried them on anyway.

Believe it or not, we were happy.

We were more together than we had ever been.


...do you remember that day on the train...

...the man with the box?

Do you remember looking inside the box?


What was in it?


Really nothing?

You mean it was actually empty?

But I thought I...

I remember him saying it was a present.

Was he playing some kind of a joke?

I mean, is this some kind of a joke?

Danny died on January 17th.

Jenny went on February third...

...and my husband Robert lingered until the 27th.

And through all of this...

...through all these weeks now...

...going back and forth to the hospital each day...

...I look for him.

I need to find him...

...to know what my son knew and then passed on to the others.

It's the only way I can get close to them now.

I want to see.

I have to see.

I'm hungry.

Good morning, Carla.

Oh, thank you.

The guests will be getting here in less than an hour.

I let Lucy sleep in. She hasn't been sleeping well.

You want me to wake her?

Guess maybe wake her in 15 if she's not up yet.


Is that for David? Yeah.

No, I don't think Mr. Lampton will be joining us at his daughter's birthday.

His car was here when I got in this morning. Must have gotten in late.

No. No. He's not back from his trip yet.

Maybe he's out for a run. I really doubt it.

I think I would know if he had come in last night.

Yes, of course. I didn't... Okay. I... well, I'll just take his, too.

No use letting it go to waste.

Can you...

...get the table runner from the hall closet, and...

...just put it on the side table. I think we're gonna do gifts and cards over there.

Yes, ma'am.



God, between you and Carla, you're gonna give me a heart attack.

You know, I didn't even hear you come in. I don't know.

Anyway, I'm just so glad that you're back. I really, really want this to go well.

Lucy has been having such anxiety...

...and I'm just really hoping that this brings her out of her shell.

Do you know her therapist says that she gets her anxiety from watching me?

Me? Can you believe it?

I mean, the nerve. It's just... anyway, it doesn't matter.

She's gonna be so glad that you made it.



Mom! Mommy!

Where are you?

Hi. I'm right here, panda. Good morning. Happy birthday.

It's my birthday. I know. I know. It is your birthday.

I had an accident.

Oh, no. Oh, Luce, what happened?

It's gonna be okay. All right?

Everything's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.

All right.

Okay. We'll just... go find another costume.

There we go. Scary ghost.

It's not scary at all. I look stupid.

Sweetheart, you don't look stupid. You look great.

I think it's gonna really be scary.

There you go.

Got me, scary ghost.

Why don't you go find Carla and show her?

Now I am a dead girl.

Oh, David.

You idiot.

Did you find them?

Yes, dear. I told you I would.

I don't know why you keep hiding things in Daddy's office.

You know how he gets when we touch his things.

I know. Where's Mom at?

Probably straightening a painting somewhere.

Come on. Let's go outside and finish that drawing.

It's too nice outside to be in this stuffy house.




Are you in there? Carla told me you were futzing around back here.

Mare? I just need to speak with you for a moment, dear.

I know you're busy with the party prep and all.

Mare? Mary?

There you are.

Hi, Madeleine. Hi. Good morning.

What are you doing down there?

I was just... fixing the carpet.

What have you got back there? Something big for Lucy's birthday, no doubt.

You know Tilly Anderson from across the street?

They got her daughter Gwinnifer, that little chubby thing...

...they had a designer in Europe build her a princess coach bed...

...complete with flat-screen TV built in.

Like she needs to be laying in front of the TV any more than she already does.

Poor thing, bless her heart, she's gonna have a rough go of it come junior high.

You know, I told Tilly she needs to get her into that new pilates for preteens class...

...over on Fairmont. What can I do for you, Madeleine?

Well, it's just... I know that it's Lucy's birthday today...

...and I know that my stepdaughters are away at that new boarding school in Vermont...

...you know, in Sunny Hill. Very exclusive, very hard to get into.

But it's just the entire neighborhood, it seems to be talking about this party, so...

Would you like to come to the party, Madeleine?

Why, that'd be lovely, dear. Thanks so much for the invite.

You know, last month, the Gibsons over on Chestnut...

...they had a deejay, an entire magic-themed fun house.

Are you doing anything special for Lucy?

It's just her friends and cake. So...

Well, let me know if you want me to get anything. It's really no trouble.

There's a designer cupcake place... All right, see you in a bit.

Okay. Just let me know. Thanks, dear.


Oh, Madeleine, for the love of God.

What the...

Yo I'm the rapping panda, and I'm here to say Come on, everybody, 'cause it's Lucy's birthday Don't be a bear, let's clap along Put your hands together for the birthday song Well, hey, I wasn't done yet. I got, like, three more verses to go.

I'll give you $200 for the suit. Well, nah, just hit play, and...

I'm not Lucy, okay? Lucy's my daughter, so you don't have to worry.

I think it's gotta be Lucy. You're not listening. 300. You want 300?

There's a down payment on the suit, and I got a thing this afternoon.


$1,000 and two ounces of medical marijuana from my knee surgery last year.

Mom! Mom, where are you?

They're here! They're here! They're here!

Come on! Come on! Where are you?

They're here! Party time!

Just a minute, darling. I'm coming.

Wait. How are we gonna know if it is or if it isn't the right way?

I have an internal compass that has failed me never.

Wait. So the white scorpion is the dangerous one?

Just look out for translucent scorpions.

I feel like all scorpions are probably dangerous.

Yeah, they all hurt, but the lighter the color the scorpion, the more dangerous it is.

I wouldn't even worry about the black ones. Just watch your step.

Paul, I feel like you do this to me all the time.

Like when we were kids and you told me that...

...the spider was gonna bite me in the face and then lay eggs...

...and then these baby spiders were gonna hatch out of my skin...

...in the middle of the night. 'Cause that shit happens.

No, it doesn't. I didn't sleep for a week. That's not even cute.

That happened to Jamie Preston's brother in the fifth grade. Hand to God.

Jamie Preston? That was the kid with the rash?

Oh, my God.

This is so fucking epic. Right?

This is why you guys should let me do the planning every year.

Paul, we'd end up in a strip club in Vegas.

Some booze cruise in Louisiana. Yes, how good was that, though? Seriously?

We're really high up here. Don't fall.

Stop! That's not funny!

Oh, babe, relax. I had you. Why would you do that?

Because I had her, it was a great joke. Are you okay?

Baby, are you seriously mad?

Right? Yeah.

Yeah. You want a picture?

Yep. Okay.

Okay. What are you doing?

I'm just... Just be normal.

It's just really hot, and you know I'm afraid of heights.

Since when?

What do you mean, "since when"? Since forever.

I'm sorry. I'm, like, tired...

...and I'm communing with nature. Okay. Okay.

I have, like, one mo... What are you looking at?

Oh, my God! Is it a scorpion? No!

Is it white?

I'm sorry. That time, I wasn't fucking with you.

You okay? She's fine.

Seriously something creepy on this wall. You okay? What happened?

Yeah, I'm fine. Look.

Oh, my gosh.


What does it mean? "Get off my lawn"?

No, they paint them into the walls to mark their territory.

Like ancient gang signs. Who's they?

Indians? Paul, it's "native American."

That's the... what you're supposed to say.

Older than that, predates native Americans for sure.

That looks like blood. Gross.

Well, all righty. Time to get moving if we're gonna get back by dark.

Wait. Wouldn't people native to America before the native Americans...

...be called native Americans? Not necessarily.

Could be early homo sap or homo novus...

...depending on what theory of history you subscribe to.

This is it, man. It's just us and the stars and the best hiking around all weekend.


It's nice.

That glamping place that I booked in the park that was also really nice.

That had showers. And it had screaming children.

And paths where you can walk and not get lost and...

Trail markers made of crushed Natural Ice cans from frat bros.

Exactly. Thank you.

This is the best campsite around, okay, and nobody even knows about it.

How'd you know about it? I just know shit, man, okay?

I commune with nature, and it shows me the way.

It shows him the way.

Or he bribed the gas station guy at the last stop.

And also that. That's true. What? Are you kidding me? Paul!

It could be illegal for us to be out here. This is a historical heritage site, clearly.

We could get arrested for that. Oh, come on.

What? You think they want people spray-painting dicks on those ancient murals?

Hieroglyphs. Petroglyphs.

Hieroglyphs are Egyptian. Oh, my God. I hate you so much sometimes.

I don't think anyone's been up here in a really long time.

Maybe it's cursed. It's not... you think it's cursed?

What was that? What was that?

No, Paul, don't do that. No, no. Paul, please don't do that. Fuck.

Gretch, don't... It's got me! Oh! Run!

Gretch, don't entertain him. You're just encouraging him.

I know. I fucking know he's... He's razzing me. I got it. I know.

Paul? Where the fuck did he go?

I don't know. Paul, come on, dude.

I'm not coming to get you.

He does this. You remember he did this in the Adirondacks?

He, like, wandered off, and then he, like, broke his fucking ankle.

I was just kidding. Don't, Paul. That's not fucking funny.

You love me. Come on. Okay, we're done fucking with her.

Seriously. I'm going to bed. What? No!

It's so early. I was just fucking around. I'm not feeling good.

How's your hand? I don't know. It stings.

You can put some Neosporin on that. It might get infected.

Your face is infected.

Infected? Okay. Where's the neosporin?

I have some. You want me to show you? No, I can get that.

Sleep well. Love you.

Oh, man. I got way too stoned, you guys.

Oh, no.

What the fuck?

Gretch? Gretchen, what are you doing?

Hey, are you okay? Jay. We shouldn't be here.

Hey. Gretchen, what is...

What's wrong with you?

Gretchen? You shouldn't be here.

What the fuck, man? Jay, what's happening?

What are you... what time is it?

Jay, what the fuck is happening? I don't know! I don't know! We have to go!

Where's Gretchen? Gretch? Jay, what are... what are you doing?

Jay, what the fuck is going on? Say something!

Stop, stop, stop!

Jay. Whoa, dude. No, no, no, no! She's hurt!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Get the fuck off me. That's my sister.

Oh, my God. Gretchen! Gretchen!

This is so fucked.

We have to leave now. You can't go out there.

Why can't I go out there? She's fucking hurt!

Listen. Trust me. Just trust me. I'm not leaving without Gretchen.



Open the door. Open the door.

Okay. Okay.

No. No.

Gretchen, it's me.

It's me.

So you believe me, doctor?

You actually believe me?

I believe people have agendas.

This crazy world, I swear.

I'll go somewhere they'll never, ever find me or little Andy or Jenny.

Godspeed to you, Mrs.... No.

She's gone.

Come on. Come on.

Dumb beast.

You want anything special for dinner tomorrow night?

Maybe I'll roast a chicken.


Doesn't make sense. Sure it does.

I was born. Now I'm grown up. Almost grown up.

Give me one more day to be your mom before you get to vote.

You're just sentimental.

We could see that new movie that Dad is in.

Of all the things you wanna do for your birthday, that's it?

Where has he ever been for you? How can he be there for me...

...when we're always hiding from him? Ambition can be an evil thing, honey.

He'd rather be a Hollywood playboy than a real father to you...

...and we're hiding for a reason. Not this again. I gotta go, Mom.

He doesn't deserve to have you in his life.

I'm meeting with your teacher today. Do whatever you want.

We need to talk about what happened at school.

Go ahead. See what they say.


What is it, boy?

Want your coupons? Might as well.

Can't beat two-for-one tuna fish.

So, is...

...Andy old enough to let you out of the house for a night on the town?

Well, that's... that's a nice suggestion, but I don't think...

I know. You're too busy.

Out of self-respect, I have to try at least once a year.

I just thought you could use a change of pace, is all.

I appreciate that, Chet.

It's kind of you to think of me.

Seems like you haven't had it easy, and you've always done good by your kid.

I'm late for my shift.

The incident was unfortunate, but nothing that we feel requires...

Unfortunate? Sir, are you on drugs?

Now, there's no call for that kind of hostile language, Mrs. Withers.

This is insane.

Your son tore my daughter's fingernails off.

Tore them clear off.

She had to go to the emergency room, her hands were bleeding so badly.

I just don't understand why he would do something...

"Because I felt like it."

That's what he told Stacy. He's just never been a violent or cruel...

I hear the stories. I hear about the things he makes the other kids do...

...all in the name of being in the cool clique.

Mrs. Withers, what about Andy's side of the story?

I mean, who's to say he wasn't provoked at some point?

Are you suggesting that this is Stacy's fault?

Conflicts like these between hotheaded teenagers...

Stacy is on her way to being valedictorian at this school.

I would hardly call her... ...are often very complicated situations.

It's just not as black-and-white as you're describing it.

I am at a loss.

He should be suspended from school or expelled.

What are you suggesting we do?

I think it would be helpful if Stacy...

...takes a break from school, vacation, if you will, until the dust settles.

You can expect a call from our lawyer later this afternoon.

You've always been decent to our family, Cora...

...but your son needs real help.

And if you can't see that...

...apparently so do you.

I apologize that you had to witness that outburst.


...not going to punish him?

You have to do something...

...or he's never going to get the message.

No, we don't.

You see, Andy has sent a message to us.

Over the course of these past four years at this school...

...Andy has revealed himself to be a truly remarkable human being.

A prodigy, really. You see...

...every now and then, someone crosses our path...

...who will change the world as we know it.

Andy is one of those people.

I hope you will support all of our efforts to protect what makes him so very special.

We're so pleased that you could visit.

You all right, hon? You don't look so good.

I think my water broke.

Push, honey. Push!

That's it.

It's a boy.

He's a little angel.



Andy? Who's in there with you?

My God, what happened?

You know what I want for my birthday, Mom? Privacy.

I want some fucking privacy!

Andy, you told me that you'd be out for the night. I was scared.

I didn't know who... I didn't know who...

Happy birthday, honey.

Don't wait up for me tonight, Mom.

No rest for the weary. Am I right?

Chet. I am... a little weary.

Hey, hey, hey. Why so glum, Cora? Today's a beautiful day.

Something's happening to Andy.

Something just terrible.

Now, he's just growing up, is all, becoming a man.

No! He's not my Andy anymore.

But he never really was, was he? What? What do you mean?

I think it'll just get messy the harder you fight him.

But that's just it. I don't wanna fight with him. He's my son.

No. Stop fighting him.

Andy's real father is coming to claim him soon.

Andy's father has no interest in him.

He lives on movie sets with a girlfriend in every port.

I can't imagine your ex really understood the agreement he made back when he made it.

The agreement?

He offered you.

Who do you think he offered you to?

Is it all coming back to you...


Of course...

...I wasn't there.

I only heard the story a thousand times...

...and I suppose the story gets distorted over time, but it happened.

And I have made my contribution.

I'd like to believe that I've made a difference in all this.

I have been blessed to watch over you all these years.

No. No! And to watch over Andy...

...to prepare the world for this glorious day!

There's nothing to be afraid of, Cora!

It's his time, is all!


...praise his darkness. Praise his darkness.

Andy, look at me.

Some lady came up to me today...

...called me by my name.

Never seen her before in my life. Andy, look at me.

She said she knows my father.

Said he's been waiting for me for a long time.

Andy, I am your mother, and I demand that you look at me.

She said I was his only living son.

Whose son, Mom?

You told me Dad was remarried and living in Hollywood with kids of his own.

He is. He's had three wives since I left him.

What does she mean, Mom? I don't know. She's crazy.

What does she mean, Mom? What she said means nothing.

You are my son. Do you hear me?

We have not lived in town after town, running from people like this for no reason.

They're evil. They have an agenda. Don't listen to those words.

You're special. You are. You always...

I'm more than that, Mom!

Sometimes, I just wanna hurt you.

Rip you to pieces. Don't say things like that.

I have dreams of an empire of misery.

Oh, honey, please stop saying things like that.

I want you to kneel.

What? I said kneel.

Kneel before me.

That's it.

Now crawl to me.


I wanna go live with Dad now.

You're my boy.

You'll always be my boy.

I've got you, honey.

Don't look at him. Just close your eyes.

Listen to the story.

At first, you made me so unwell.

God, I had never felt so awful as those first three months.

I ate raw liver and saltines, and other than that, I couldn't keep a thing down.

You just took the life out of me, and you took and took...

...until one day, I said, "I've had enough."

And I swear, honey...

...deep in my belly, you heard me cry.

You heard how much pain I was in...

...because you and I are bonded...

...no matter who your father is.

The perversion. It's something unholy they did to me.

And when I found out those sick people wanted you for their own...

...I went to the doctor I should've seen in the first place, and I told him our crazy story...

...and Andy, Andy, he believed me.

And he gave us enough money to leave the city, and we've been running ever since.

That doctor's kindness, that's proof of God, Andy.

I had never learned to take care of myself until that day...

...that day I found out they wanted you for their own.

I had to choose my old life or you, and I chose you, Andy.

I'm choosing you again now.

Please... it's too late, Mom.

He's too big. Through the new schools...

...and the chickenpox and the loneliness, where was he?

He never made an appearance, only now, now that I've done all the heavy lifting.

Well, I'm not finished.

He doesn't get to make the choice.

You make it.

You make it.

Love you, Mom.