Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973) Script

Cut the cake for the children. Then we'll plan the rest.

No, mummy. First the song, then the eats.

That's right, son. Kamla, sing the song you always sing on this day.


Shankar, Ratan, Vijay..ready? Yes Mummy.

I too will get ready.

It's so terrible. A man killed Dharampal and cleared out his vault!

Who was he? Who knows?

I'd thought your only intention was to steal.

But murder...

Can't take a life...

Mr. Shakal, for the first time in my life, I've seen this..

You're wearing a number 8 shoe in one foot and number 9 in the other.

It's so from his childhood.

He always wears size 8 in one foot and 9 in the other.

What are you thinking of?

About the man whom I barged into while making a getaway.

He saw my face clearly.

And he was a painter.

Inspector, I'm an artist.

I clearly recall the face of the man I collided with.

I can paint his portrait by memory.

You are extremely talented.

One look and you painted such a true picture.


What happened?

Children..don't be scared.

Listen...escape that way.

Where are the kids? They went that way.



Do you recognise this man?

Yes, he was with the man who fired.

His name is Jack and we've arrested him.

We got the finger prints of the other man too.

But Jack refuses to name his partner.

Who probably is the real killer.

Any news of Shankar and Vijay?

No but we continue the search.

Keep this child with you. We'll inform you later.

Very well. Come on, son.

Who is he? No idea.

He was fighting. He's drunk. Quiet.

Keep him locked till he sobers down.

Come on. Let me go...

This is not my room. Where's the air conditioned room?

Shut up. Why must I shut up?

Shakal sent me.

If you tell the police about Shakal..

Your little daughter will be killed!

My child? Yes. Your little daughter.

Don't do this.

Stop..stop the tango.

Give me the pineapple.

It costs 2 bucks. Want it? Give it for 25 paise.

Get lost! Wants to eat pineapple!

Do you get them for 25 p? Wants to buy a pineapple!

Are you hungry?

I'll just arrange it.

My name is Usman Batliwala. I am Shankar.

Will do.

Come with me. When I wink, quickly pick two potato dumplings.

All right I'll pay 2 bucks. Get it down.

Robber! Just you wait!

Thief! Somebody catch him!


Trunk call for you from Mahabaleshwar

Father? Yes?

Congratulations. I read about your passing in the papers.

When are you coming here? On Sunday.

Where have you been? We've been waiting for long.

What's the matter? Caught a scape goat.

It's Lord Byron's birthday. He's treating us to dinner.

Where are we going? Hotel Blue Heaven..

Do you know who's singing there?

Sir, there's a call for you.

Must be Sharma. Have to return his motorcycle.

I'll just get back.

Before I play the next number, I'll play an incomplete one.

This song is 15 years old.

Only 2 persons in this world can complete it.

I am looking for them.

I play the next number for the two beautiful young hearts..

...that are in front of me.

The words go..

You know the words well.

The one in the red dress..

Me..? Yes.

Will you come up here?

What's your name? My name..Sunita.

Will you sing with me?

No...I'm scared...

Why must you be scared? I will sing with you.

Is it okay?

Sing with the words.

If they can sing with me, why can't all of you?

Mother Rosie, then..? I often went to the police station.

But found no news of Shankar or Vijay.

And Jack, whom the police had arrested?

He was sentenced for 1 5 years.

He's probably still in jail.

In jail..?

In jail.

I'm here to see Jack.

Jack is very unwell.

The doctor has asked him not to meet anyone.

When can I see him? After a few days.

This man always comes to see Jack.

I always have to make excuses. Who is he?

Who knows?


Why are you looking at me like this?

It's me. Usman Batliwala.

Why were you sitting in the dark?

The first sip always stinks.

I know about all that occurred in your life.

But will thinking about it all the time help you?

The murderer of my parents..

You know neither his face nor his name.

Someday I will find him.


You know the killer wasn't alone.

Yes I know. A man named Jack was with him.

He's in jail for the past 15 years.

Some day he will be released.

The day he gets out, it will be his neck and my hands.

He will have to tell me who the murderer is.

And then... You will kill the killer.

Do you know the outcome of that?

Yes. Death.

But who wants to live?

My life has but one aim. Revenge!

I have another prayer to the Lord.

I wish to meet my brothers before I die.

My dear Ratan...

I want nothing else.

Nothing at all... Hello. May I come in?

Come in and sit down.

What's the news? Good enough to make you happy.

Look at this...

There's a grand reception for her daughter tomorrow night.

Use your brains. Take a look at the Queen's necklace.

Shankar! Take a look..

Well done, son.

I'm proud of you.

I've inquired from Robert. This necklace costs 500000 outside lndia.

When is Robert coming?

You know how smart the police have become.

Robert comes from outside lndia.

Risking his life, he lands his little plane in anywhere.

Unless we have goods worth 50 to 60 lakhs to give him..

He's not ready to come.

What's our stock position?

The 600 year old ancient idols we got...

They alone are worth 30 lakhs.

There's other stuff too.

This necklace too will be ours.

Briefed them? Absolutely.

The wedding reception is at Bright Hotel.

This is the map of the hall.


Excuse me. I slipped..

Hope you're not hurt. No.

My necklace!

Who could have taken it?

They will break down the door.

A man committed theft and escaped. We think he came here.

Nobody came here.

We'll meet again.

Not this way.. Take the back door.

Take some constables and go to Bright Hotel.

Somebody stole the Queen of Behrampur's necklace.

Make complete inquiries. Do you understand?

Manager, you're a lazy man!

I'd told you at 4 that my friends are coming from Bombay.

The guests have arrived but your not ready for them.

Everything is arranged. Food and cold drinks.

I mean hot drinks!

Some of my friends drink whisky and beer.

I'll get them right away. Please hurry.


How are you? First class. Fine.

What a racket! What do you know?

Our master sold this house to a Devidayal from Bombay.

His daughter, Sunita landed up out of the blue.

Not alone. Some other boys and girls too have come.

They're having a house-warming party.

You sit in my room. I've got to go to the market.

Dad, you won't return to the room before midnight.

You have lots of work. I'll meet Saleem by then.

Yes. He misses you.

He's got a Rs. 300 job as Secretary to Kunwar Vijay Kumar.

He's got a place to stay in at the same bungalow.

Good day..

My pal! Where were you? Hello, sister-in-law.

Believe me, we were talking about you.

This is my wife's elder brother.

He's here for the vacation.

If it wasn't' for Vijay, I wouldn't have married Najma.

I know everything. Isn't it?

See you later.

Take a seat. I'll make you some tea.

Sit down. Why are you standing?

So, how are things with you?

I'm in a fix.

Must concern a girl. Listen to me.

I met a girl in Bombay.

As usual, we played pranks.

I come here to see her as my mistress.

The way she was ordering Dad, I had to swallow my anger.

Your mistress is throwing a house-warming party.

She'd invited my master and he was to attend.

But he had to leave for Madras.

Does she know him? She's heard not seen him.

He's the richest man here. Fond of poetry. So she's called him.

What size is he? About your size.

What clothes does he wear? The best of suits.

The key of his wardrobe..

Now I get it...

You're planning to get me sacked.

When is that Kunwar coming?

I don't even know him. Daddy said invite him if you're throwing a party.

He's such a good poet that it adds colour to the party.

We came for you all the way from Bombay. Doesn't that mean anything?

Good God! What a shortage of good boys in this world.

Silly jokes all the time.

They romance as if they are chucking stones.

Do you have an answer to this?

I'd like to ask you if you found somebody of your standard.

He's feeling bad. I'll burn him some more.

You talk of meeting somebody. Yes, I did meet a boy.

In Bombay. He was riding his motorcycle.

I was driving my car.

Our eyes met...

He had these wonderful eyes..!

I fell for him right there!

What did he look like?

His face, features...Wow!

He walked as if spring came.

If I shut my eyes, even now I can see him.


Broad chest.. Smiling eyes..

Mischief on his lips as if he were saying...

Did you think of me?


Are you Kunwar?

Kunwar for others. Just Vijay for you.

Friends, this is Kunwar Vijay and these are my college friends.

Take a seat. I'll join you.

I'm in a fix! The boy I mentioned to burn Chintu..

This Kunwar is the same guy!

So what? Silly woman!

He must think I was really praising him!

See, how he's looking at me!

As if I'm in love with him!

Donkey! Doesn't look like one.

Shall I make him one? He's not easy to fool.

He's very smart. Is that so?

Watch me. Give me whisky.

Your whisky.

What are you drinking?

I don't drink liquor. No?

If it was duty, you could have given me anything to drink.

If you ran out of wine, you could've added water.

Life is not but a high.

Can I help it if you can't drink?

Very well said!

I too don't drink liquor. Why?

My dear grandfather used to say..

Those who drink from thine eyes, water is liquor for them.

You're great!You said everything in these words.

But one must understand.

Answer him. He's thrown you a challenge.

I wish I could strangle him!

Hear this..if all the fights are because I live...

Then strangle me for I too am desperate.

I can't take my own life.

If death doesn't come, what can I do?

Should I answer? Sure.

Will you wait for 2 minutes?

Please hurry back.

Mister, finally you ruined the party. She's gone to bed.

Any party I go to, people awake not fall asleep.

What's the matter?


Did something I say, offend you?

What are you saying? You...you..


How do I say it?

My dear grandpa would say, when you want to say a lot..

And your words aren't with you. It's the first sign of love.

Your dear grandpa was right. Absolutely.

But...my dear grandma used to say..

-...one can't trust men. Absolutely wrong.

Had your grandma met my grandpa she'd never harbour such thoughts.

Really? - Yes. My family is renowned for love and romance.

My dear grandpa romanced day and night.

Is that so. - Yes and my family says I take after him.

Really? Yes. Believe me for you l..

For you I can.. Please continue.

I must take leave. Why?

The fact is..how can l talk to you in front of all?

I'll take leave and come to see you at midnight.

Tonight? Tonight.

Then what happened?

Then I brought you home.

After my family passed away, I lived only because of you.

I met you....

But I wonder what my brothers.. Go to sleep.

I'm going to Nandi village for work for 2-3 days.

You stay here and do anything Sunita asks.

You don't worry. I'll take good care of her.

Yes? Really? I'll be there.

Who was it? My friend, Saleem.

He's invited me for tea.

At 4 o'clock.

At 4 o'clock?

She's fallen in the trap!

Sir, you are very cruel.

I waited for you all night and you went to sleep at home.

What can I say? I was lost in thoughts of you.

I dozed off. In the morning when I heard you had called..

My stupid secretary didn't wake me up. I kicked him so much...

My foot still hurts.

What's the matter?

My heart is eager to meet you.

So where do we meet?

There's a mountain close to your house.

I can climb the Himalayas for you.

Fine. I'll be there in half an hour.

The lady wants to turn me into Tensing.

She's making a fool out of you. No need to go there.

I will go! Why?

Just come with me. Making me climb mountains...

Hide the bus. Hurry! He must be on his way.


This is terrible. What can be done?

Let's go back and call him.

So, do I look like a nurse?

If Kunwar returns now and sees the drama in his bedroom...

I will lose my job.

And you'll be in jail!

I want to talk to Kunwar. I was about to call you.

He went to the mountain side to meet you but hasn't returned.

He hasn't reached home. Call me soon as he comes.

Don't worry. Everything will turn out fine.

Now we must move.

We had real fun.

Is this okay? First class.

No! What are you doing? Don't take the call.

Let the bell of love ring. Now begins the real drama.

Is everyone dead?

What's the point? Her anxiety is increasing.

So..? - She's wondering why nobody is attending to the call.

What is wrong? Hope there's been no accident.

Her worry increases. She comes here to check.

And she disconnects the phone.

Miracle! You're a magician!

Then what happens? Then she runs to the car.

The car screeches to the road.

The speed increases. The car zips here and there.

It comes in by the dirt road and brakes hard at our gate.

What happened to Kunwar?

I don't have time now Please sit there.

Now you may go out.

But suppose I say you have a fever and she comes inside..

And touches your forehead. It is absolutely cold.

Good God!

Why did you let him go up the mountain in this terrible weather?

I tried to stop him but.. And barefoot!

Doctor, whenever l stop him from anything...

He says, Saleem when death is approaching..

Let me live my last days well.

I will go out, sing and dance.

And I will fall in love before I die.

And this is what he's doing.

What? That's right.

He has fallen in love with a girl called Sunita.

He told me, he wants to see love in her eyes before he dies.

And this girl..? She's playing with his life!

My name is Sunita.

So you are her! Doctor, this is the girl!

Trust me. I had no idea that Kunwar has cancer.

Who can believe that of him? Such a young man and so lively.

I know that. It's not written on your face that you have cancer!

Yet what you've done... I apologise for it.

I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear about his ailment.

To atone for what I've done, I'll do anything that gives him joy.

I don't understand. I'm not in love with him.

But till his last breath, I won't let him feel he wasn't loved.

After all how long does he have.

Very few days.

May I see him?

He's running fever. Only for 2 minutes.

How much is the fever? 105.

His forehead is raging.

I am Sunita.

Don't leave me! I'm abandoned in the shadows!

I need the support. Of your eyes, your arms...

Don't call me Kunwar. I am Vijay.

Don't worry about me.

I don't belong to anyone. You are the man in my life.

Will that suffice?

The nurse is standing here.

What's going on? What else? Holding each other.

I'm wondering what the outcome will be.

Brother of my wife, good beginning, happy ending.

Sir.. What are you doing?

You should be in bed. Why?

You have fever. Fever..?

Lady, please check.

It's cold. No fever.

My grandpa would say a patient needs a friend, not a doctor.

Yes sir? - Tomorrow morning I'll go out with Miss Sunita.

Look in front.

Fatso! Is this the place to park your car?

Whom are you calling fat? The fat man.

Do you know who I am?

So what?

The owner of Subodh and Subodh and Subodh Company.

And I'm Prabodh Mukherjee of Prabodh & Prabodh Company.

Whoever you are, you're both extremely fat. lmmediately remove the car. We won't. Do what you please.

I'm stuck! Push me out.

He's done something.

He's removed the air!

You wait!!!

I'll beat you.

Look there.. That rogue!

Take a look... Now I'll see where you run.

I'll teach you a lesson you will never ever forget!

Leave my hand. I'll sort him out!

Don't you dare!

Don't you dare. I forgive you.

Don't repeat the mistake.

Let's eat. Yes, I'm famished.

What's wrong? The secretary forgot to pack lunch.

Now what? I'm famished.

Let's eat. Sure.

I bet you can't get their lunch.

Let's eat in a hotel. Okay.

The greedy hogs have gone!

You wait here.

Why don't we have a bath before lunch.

But I didn't get my trunks.

Neither have l. Let's strip and dash into the water.

Who will see us here? Okay.

Start eating.

But they...? They won't come out.

Why? They are naked.

You mean...?

Sit down, Sunita. The servants laid the table for us.

Don't you dare touch the food!

Please come here sir.

I'll print such good pictures in the paper that you'll be thrilled.

Eat fast or the fat guys might really come out.

Fatso, the chicken is good. Who cooked it? Your fat wife?


Madam the hose pipe burst. The car won't move ahead.

Then..? Then what?

There's a village a furlong away.

There's a mechanic there. He'll fix the car.

How will we go there? Walking.

Don't worry sweets. I'll carry you.

What are you doing? I'm not so light.


A little.

Soon the car will be repaired. We'll be home in 2 or 3 hours.

Then go to sleep.

Are you in a rush to go home?

You're not?

For me, my home is where you are.

The car is ready. Very good.

We too are ready to leave. Right, Sunita?

Absolutely ready. Let's go.

How much? Pay me whatever you wish.

What's the matter?

What's wrong? Open your eyes.

He's unconscious. Quickly call a doctor.

There's no doctor here. What is he suffering from?

He's got cancer. Cancer? - Yes.

Doctors say he won't live long.

Then he mustn't travel. Don't travel in the night.

But...- No buts. I'll get beds Both of you can sleep here.

Here's a blanket for you.

Lord! Such injustice. Such a handsome young man.

These are his youthful days and you want him near you.

What's that sound?

There's an old temple on the mountain across.

It is believed anyone praying there gets his wishes answered.

The only condition is that you must climb up in one go at noon.

With no shoes on.

Now I'll take leave. All right.

There's an old temple on the mountain across.

Anyone praying there gets his wishes answered.

The only condition is you must climb the mountain in one go.

With no shoes on.

Look here...God.. I don't know how to pray.

I've come to a temple for the first time in my life.

We don't follow the system of going to temples.

It's my fault as well as Daddy's.

Because..man comes to God when there's no other way.

For the first time I'm asking you for something.

Vijay's life.

I still have to climb down and with no shoes.

When did you come? I followed you.

You're so careless! You should be resting.

You... -...are fine.

You don't know that I know.. That I have cancer.

Everything started as a joke and you thought it was real.

Believe me, I'm not sick.

Swear by me.


God! You heard my prayers!

If you are fine, why did the doctor and secretary say you have cancer?

That's what I'm saying. We bluffed you.


I mean you too had fooled me.

You called me alone to the mountainside and brought your pals.

So this is how you took revenge.

You feigned love to get my sympathies.

I did feign illness but my love is true.

Romantic fool! What..? Everyone is romantic.

What are you doing? Okay. Hit me.

Take this!

Good God! What times!

Feeling shy?

What? My Dad.

Wait here, I'll talk to him and call you in. ln...? Yes. To meet Daddy.

I was free for 2 days. Thought I'd see the house and you.

And if you've had enough, I'll take you back to Bombay.

I haven't had enough. Do you know why? - Why?

First sit down.

Yes? You're worried about my marriage.

Who is he? - You ask as if I would find some nincompoop.

You mean... - Whatever decision your daughter has taken...

...it's with your position in mind.

You'd always say, when your groom gives you a ring..

The engagement ring alone would cost 10 lakhs!

In fact he's so wealthy...

...that he can give me ornaments worth 50 lakhs for the engagement.

I'm glad you considered my position.

But you haven't understood your Dad.

I am a wealthy father but not one who...

...who negotiates his child's peace and joy in the scale of gold.

I'll introduce you to him.

What you are doing... is not one bit right.

In the flush of youth, don't forget..

What is she and what are you.

Before wealth slaps poverty turn around this path.

Promise me.. I promise, father.

I will never meet Sunita again.

Tears..I hurt you.

No, I won't interfere. Do as you please.

Do as you please. I'll do what you want me to.

Tomorrow I'll return to Bombay. What will you do there?

Any job, anything.

Run! Hurry!

Where's my bottle and glass. And who are you?

Beating me!!

Get me liquor. - Okay.


Who are these new fools?

What are you staring at? Dumbo, tell me your name.

Are you dumb? Don't ruin my business.

This country liquor! That's what I have.

What's that yellow drink those fools are drinking?

That's whisky. We've run out. Run out of whisky!

There's no whisky?

Give me soda. Okay.

One loaf and a packet of butter.

Give me the key to the room upstairs. - Key? - Yes, hurry.

Come upstairs. I need to talk to you.

Leave me alone. Leave my hand.

Leave the girl alone.

Jerk, drink your liquor.

No, we haven't come to fight.

We've come to talk to you.

The stuff is good. Want to sell?

You stole this necklace in one clean swoop.

But you got only 10000 for it.

Had you dealt with us, we'd have paid 12 or maybe 15.

I've come to say, come with me if you wish.

I'll introduce you to a man from whom you can earn lakhs.

Who is he? We work under him.

But we never ask his name. No, we don't want to go.

Wait. I'll come.

He'll go not me.

I'd applied for a steward's job I've come for the interview.

Here's my card.

You'll have to wait a little.

I know you are very good at your work.

That is why I've called you here.

My address..?

Popatlal gave it.

Shall we discuss business?

That's why I'm here.

You must have heard of the Cultural Museum.

There's a... ldol of Natraj?

Yes, you have to bring it.

The difficulty is not only is the security in and out of the building..

There are warning bells on every way in. - I know.

The cost of the idol?

You tell me.


50000? Yes.

25000 advance and the rest when I bring the statue.

You worm!

Always remember we behead those who try to negotiate deals.

The head on these shoulders is one that will be cut not bent.

Son, in our business talent is appreciated.

Like a jeweler not a blacksmith.

I accept your offer.

Here is 25000.

The job should be done in a month.

And here is a foolproof plan to steal the idol.

Those who risk their lives reach their destination.

I make my own plans.

Sir, Jack says he doesn't want to see anyone.

Heard that?

Listen, for years you've been coming regularly to see Jack.

But he doesn't see you. What do you want from him?

Jack was with the man who killed my parents.

I want to ask Jack the name and address of the killer.

Will he tell you when he didn't tell the police?

You tell me when Jack will be released.

This is his last year.

He will be free on 15 Dec.

15th Dec.

You've come again today? Something important.

He had come today.

The jailer just told me who he is.

Who..? The son of artist Gulzar.

Don't worry. The day you are free, we'll leave this city.

Sure but before that I must settle scores with Shakal.

I've spent 15 years in prison.

I will avenge this.

So far the police only knows that Shakal is a big smuggler.

Once Jack is released they will also know you killed Gulzar and wife.

But don't forget Jack and the cops don't know..

..who Shakal is and where he lives.

In Bombay or out.

That's today or tomorrow.

The police commissioner has put a reward of 5000000 on your head.

I would have left lndia before the police get to me.

And the money..? - Every penny deposited in foreign banks.

This hotel..?

We'll give it to our partners.

The price of their loyalty.

Thank you very much.

It's not easy getting out. There's strict police vigilance.

It will peter off. And we'll easily leave.

Silver hair and beard.

He's an old hand of our group.

But what do I have to do?

You want to meet your family in London, don't you?

Yes. That's what we're arranging.

We'll pay you for going to London.

But you have to do one little thing for us before leaving.

You will have to stay in Hotel Maryland in Shakal's name.

And we've booked you a seat to London in the same name.

You'll reach London and the cops will think Shakal is in London.

When do I leave?


Yes, Shakal is leaving lndia for good tonight.

How do you know? Call up Air lndia.

A seat has been booked for him by the midnight flight.

Where does he live? Call up Hotel Maryland.

His room number is 303.

If you show me the corpse, I can tell if it is him.

You won't recognise him as his face is riddled with bullets.

The police can be deceived not me.

I had told you his face is disfigured.

Where is everything Shakal had on his body when he died?

In this cupboard. Take a look.

8 & 8 but Shakal wears 8 & 9.

You are alive. You can't deceive me.

Sir..these shoes.. They are Shakal's.

Shakal is dead.

You were very clever. I'm pleased with you.

Reward Mohan with 5000 bucks.

Tell your boss I'll bring the Natraj idol tonight.

Let him arrange for 25000.


Shakal sir raised me from childhood.

I regard him as a father figure and you as my brother.

I assure you all my life...

Shocking. The guards fired shots yet he escaped.

I don't think he's an ordinary thief.

I can only doubt Shakal and his party.

Who is he and where does he live? We have our eye on some of his men.

We are scrutinizing them.

It's your job to find Shakal and his gang in this month.

Scoundrel! We sent you there to keep an eye on Shankar.

What were you doing there?

When I came out of the museum the guards were firing.

How could I save him? How could I save him?

Either Shankar has been killed or caught with the idol.

Robert was to pay me 40000 pounds for it.

When is Robert's plane due?

At 5 AM tomorrow. I've dispatched the other stuff.

I don't want that! I only want the idol!

Where are you?

We'll be there.

Follow that car.

I've got all your stuff.

Here's the idol you wanted for a whole year.

All the payments.. In foreign banks.

What about the lrani jewelry?

It got sold in the auction. We were a little late.

A wealthy man from Bombay, Devidayal bought it for 30 lakhs!

I'm sending Roopesh to Devidayal tomorrow.

Actually sir, I came here with the intention of buying these.

I won't sell these for any price you can offer.

Your wish. I'll take leave.

Good day.

Hello Sunita. How are you?

He came as a lover of art. Then turned into a buyer.

Sir, you mustn't show such precious jewels to strangers.

Have my tickets to Delhi been booked?

Yes, it's the evening flight.

Sunita, listen...

What is wrong with you? You always seem lost.

No, I was thinking of taking you to the airport.

I'll see Daddy off to the airport today.

Listen.. Yes, manager uncle?

Your father told me about how you were cheated.

But you can't give up living.

How long will this go on?

You are right. I'll try to change myself.

From when? Today.

Do you have some work here?

We'll eat dinner here. Call up and tell the servants. Then join me.

The lady at table 12...

Don't accept payment for her order. Tell her it's on me.

Since when have you become a hotel steward?

Did you gamble away your inheritance?

Or to some singer in a brothel?

Which innocent girl are you going to deceive in this rig?

With whose life are you playing now?

Will you order or shall I leave?

I'm sorry...

Leave me, you dogs!

Go. Don't get involved with dogs.

Whom did you call a dog?

Tomorrow morning when your boss sits for breakfast...

Butter his toast with this knife.

Wait for awhile. I'll call him.

How can I tell you what I felt today?

Are you all right?

Are you hurt? No, just a little.

I've made up my mind. The moment my boss returns..

I will quit this job.

Now I can't stay here. There's no need for this.

I've got punished for what I did.

I had forgotten my position.

I played a joke pretending to be Kunwar.

And in no time the prank turned to love.

When Sunita spoke to her father about the wealth I don't possess..

I realised every relation is a business deal for the wealthy.

I came to tell you I'm going to Delhi tomorrow.

My friend, Sharma has promised me a good job.

That's what I wanted. You and Sunita don't meet.

That's what will happen. Now I must leave.

Now what are you thinking of?

I don't believe it. I want to ask you once again..

Whether my Daddy would agree?

How many times do I say consider it fixed.

Who will convince my Dad? I will.

I've come to this jail for 10 years only to meet Jack.

You had said he would be released on 15 Dec.

I stayed awake all night. Stood on guard outside the jail.

I came in as soon as the door opened and you say, Jack has left!

Jack knew his enemies would kill him the moment he stepped out.

He had requested me to divulge his date of release 2 days late.

That's what I did. You've done me a grave injustice.

Can you tell me who other than me came to see him?

Many came but he met none.

Yes a girl.. Girl?

A girl would come here dressed in black.

He would always see her.

In black...

What have you brought? Your lunch.

Where is Jack?

Who is he?

Shankar, stop!

I know your name and all about you.

My father was present when your parents were killed.

Shakal killed them not he.

Yes and his partner, Ranjit.

Saying this doesn't absolve your father of his crime.

He was with them.

And he should be punished for his crime.

How will you punish him? He's spent 15 years in jail.

His only crime was that he was with Shakal.

Not knowing that Shakal was going to kill somebody.

If the punishment for this is death, strangle my poor father!

No Jack. I don't want to take revenge from you.

I remember your favor.

I am looking for Shakal and Ranjit!

I'm doing this for 2 days.

It won't be easy to find where he is, after 15 years.

Even the cops don't know as much about him as I do.

Do you know what's special about him?

He always wears new shoes.

He wears number 8 shoe on his left foot and 9 on his right.

But how will this tell us where he is?

Give me some time. The moment I find out I'll inform you.

This is my address. I can be traced at Park Hotel too.

I go there everyday.

Remember I'm with you.

I want to ask you something. Yes?

Do you ever get customers who wear different sizes of shoes?

Number 8 and 9? No.

I want to talk to Shakal.

There's nobody here of that name. Tell the rascal it's Jack here!

That's check and mate.

Where are you, dear pal? These words carry no meaning now.

The police found your fingerprints when Gulzar and his wife were killed.

I just have to open my mouth and the noose will be round your neck.

I will repay you for the obligation.

What do you want? A lakh or two? - 15 lakhs.

15 lakhs?

When will you come for the money?

I won't come. You will have to send it!

Where should I send it?

I'll tell you tomorrow. Wait for my call at 6 AM.

I'll wait for it.

15 lakhs?

If we find out where he is, tonight itself.. - Not tonight.

At 6 AM tomorrow, when he calls me again.

Put all our men on the job to find out..

... how many telephone booths in Bombay are near railway lines.

For what?

The booth Jack called from was next to a railway line.

I'm keeping the word I gave you.

Your father's killer, Shakal whom you are searching for...

..Iives in Park Hotel.

Do meet me once before avenging the death of your parents.

Your friend, Jack.

Is my money ready?

Pray to your God one last time.

The angel of death is at your door.


Do meet me once before avenging the death of your parents.

Your friend, Jack.

Find Shankar and bring him to me.

The boss has called you to the hotel.

Tell him I've given up stealing.

It's something else.

A letter addressed to you has come to the hotel.

Letter for me?

Wait right here.

A letter came for me at the hotel. Must be from Jack.

You stay with Marie. I'll return soon.

I've come for my letter.

You're in quite a hurry.

And why not? The killer you searched for, for 15 years..

This letter will immediately tell you who he is and where.

This letter is very important to you.

And every important thing comes at a price.

Deal. The cost?

One small job. You must have heard of Devidayal.

This is a picture of his daughter, Sunita.

Sunita comes to this hotel to meet an admirer.

Their table is booked even today.

You have to bring the girl to me.

Why? - I want a set of lrani jewelry from him.

By threatening to kill the girl?

Only a threat. We'll make a call to her father.

And he'll come running with the jewelry.

I'm not ready to do this despicable deed!

The door is open. You may leave.

But then you will never find the secret of your parent's killer.

Why did you let him leave? So he can bring Sunita.

After that..?

After that...

Tell all your men to keep an eye on Shankar.

This will be the last night of his life!

But then you'll never find the secret of your parent's killer.

Welcome. Take a seat.

Where is he? Who?

He said he works for the hotel.

And the one I'm supposed to meet has called me upstairs.

He will soon be here.

I don't want to sit here.

I've been cheated and brought here.


What do you want from me?

If you don't want us to use force, sit down.

Who is this? Manager? I want to talk to Devidayal.

Okay, doesn't matter. I'll call later.

He's gone to Delhi and will return by the 10 PM flight.

Madam, you are our guest till your father returns.

Let go! Bring her here.

Lock her in the room. Fast!

Your job has been done.

Give me the letter.

The job is not done.

You have to bring the jewelry from Devidayal.

And take his daughter back.

Only then...

Then your dream will be fulfilled.

I don't know your name but I do know this much..

There is honesty among thieves.

Honour among thieves.

You never mentioned bringing the jewelry for the letter.

My job was to bring Sunita to you..

What's wrong with you?

What is it?

I sometimes get fits.

There's still time for Devidayal to return.

Sit in the dining hall.

We'll call you when you are needed.

Do you think he had a fit?

He was acting so he wouldn't have to go to bring the jewelry.

He was neither acting nor did he suffer a fit.

I suspect something else.

The guards are warned not to let Shankar out of the hotel.

No, Sunita hasn't come as yet.

Please be seated in the hall. I'll tell her that you've come.


One prey and lots of hunters.

From up to downstairs. From here to the roads.

About 40 revolvers.

And the target is just one head.

And the reward..25000.

Before I begin today's program, I'll sing you a 15 year old song.

With the prayer that it reaches the ears that once sang it with me.

My own brothers.

Dear Vijay and Ratan, I'll wait for you at midnight at LlC building Your elder brother, Shankar.

The boy who sings in this hotel..

His real name is Ratan. Give him this letter.

Finally the day I was waiting for has dawned!

I will leave lndia forever.

Should I call Devidayal?

Not yet. In a while.

Open the door. What are you doing?


Hurry...- You? Believe me I'm here to free you.

Hurry. Please.

I know you have found out who I am.

That is why you freed Sunita.

But my friend when Shakal plays cards..

He has cards in his hand and some up his sleeve.

You letter to your brothers...

In return for Sunita, the lives of your brothers is in my hands.

The price of their lives is the lrani jewelry Devidayal has.

You know very well that I can't bring the jewelry.

Sunita might agree but her Dad.. Your job is to convince him.

I'm leaving lndia for good.. From the secret airport?

So you know that too?

You have to bring the jewelry to my secret airport.

Useless involving the police because if it comes to bloodshed..

You will get my dead body but..

The bodies of your young brothers too will be suffering in the sand!

Ready to leave? Absolutely.

You wanted the lrani jewelry.

Here are your ornaments.

Ask where Shankar is.

Where is Shankar?

He's with Daddy. If his brothers don't return he'll kill Daddy.

Release Vijay and Ratan.

Along with them, your man can come and take the jewelry.

There's no reason to be scared. I've come alone.

Before we give in to you, I want to see the bag.

If you want your son's life, leave my brothers.

Your son will walk from here as my brothers start from there.

Bring them here.

Uncuff them. Let them go.

Once my son is safe, I'll kill all of you!

Once my brothers are safe..

Either Shakal will live or me.

Destiny will decide life and death.

Brother! I will take care here. Help me God!

Why did you stop? Lift the dagger and stab me in the chest!

No. I won't dirty my hands with your impure blood!

Your death is approaching. Take a look! You dog!

The law will punish me for the crimes I did to reach you.

But I'm glad that God is with me in taking revenge from you.

No, I won't simplify your problem so soon.

Recall the night when the revolver was in your hand...

And my helpless father stood before you.

The scene of a fathers' death that these eyes witnessed..

Today your son will witness the same scene!