Yahudi (1958) Script

I'm sorry.

What's wrong with your arm? The cruel Romans...!

The Romans? For how long will our Lord remain a mute witness?

Our Lord must have become old.

Yes. Sometimes, even I doubt the same.


Where will you escape?!

Let me go! I won't!

Yes, I am an ape!

I won't let go!

You are an ape! Sure, I am!

No! You're an ape! Yes, I am!

Let go of me!

Leave me!

Master, it was tough.

You made me run!

Son, does Emmanuel say the truth?

Yes, father.

That's bad.

You're a big boy now. Big boys don't play on the roads Even you never did? Never.

When I was your age, I never played on the roads.

All right, father. Then, even I shall not play.

Bravo! My son is such a good boy! Isn't that so, Emmanuel?

Yes, Master. Father, don't talk to Emmanuel.


I will never, son. Never.

Look, I'll be going to meet an Egyptian merchant.

I'll be back soon, son.

Father, get a toy for me. You will, won't you?

I certainly will, son.

I won't drink that!

O Lord! What kind of a bad omen is this!

Everybody, beware!

The great Brutus, is on his way!

Make way!

Here's a fool! Scoot from here!

Hey, this fellow is mad.

The Lord knows better who is mad!

He is wounded! Who threw the stone?!

Where did it come from?

From there! That boy over there! Get him!

That boy threw the stone! Arrest the little one of a snake!

What are you waiting for? Surround the house! Immediately!

Open the door or we'll break open it!

Open the door!

Let go of the child!

Where are you taking the child?! Let go of my child!


Where are you taking the child?! Move away!

He's innocent!

Father! Father!

The criminal is here, My Lord.

The little one of the snake?! Bites even before teething?!

This child is innocent! He is not guilty!

I know who is guilty! Mercy, My Lord!

It was me who had flung the stone. So hack me to pieces!

But please have mercy on this innocent child!

Punishing one for the crime of another is against Roman justice!

Throw him to the lions!

No! Mercy, My Lord! Mercy!

My Lord! Have mercy on my child!

Mercy, My Lord, mercy!

You can't take him!

What's the matter? Why are all of you so anxious?

Emmanuel, why are you crying?

Tell me. For God's sake, answer me!

Has anything happened to Elijah?

Master, save Elijah! What happened to my Elijah?

The cruel Brutus has ordered Elijah to be thrown to the lions!

Save him, Master!

No! This can never be!


Come to me, my darling!

Father, where were you for so long? I'm very angry with you!

Angry? Don't be, my dear.

You are the light of my eyes.

If you get angry with me, then how am I going to live?

So, my darling is angry with me? Go on, hit me.

Come on, hit me this way.


Have mercy!

Mercy, My Lord!

Move away, you dog!

Do not be afraid. I have broken his fangs. He cannot bite now.

Have mercy, My Lord!

Do not let the blood of a lowly Jew taint your hands.

Your virtues will be tarnished.

Unyielding as time, and firm as steel, stands the law of Romans!

Go away!

Murderous beast!

Forget not that there exists a law taller than that of Romans!

Of The Lord above!

Let not the hands of nature's justice...

...reach out to your daughter to avenge your heinous crime!

Silence, you lowly Jew! Take him away!

No! Have mercy, my Lord! Have mercy!

May The Lord protect your daughter until eternity!

May The Lord never make you grieve for your child!

May the light of your eyes never be extinguished!

My Innocent One, have a slave's son pardoned!

I implore at your tiny feet!

With your dainty hands, set free an innocent dove!

And all his life, he will pray for you.

Have him pardoned! My angel, have him pardoned!

Father, why is he crying? Pardon him.

No, Lydia. He is a Jew.

So what? Pardon him.

Else, I'll be angry with you!

No, you must never do that, my dear.

Go away, you shrewd Jew! I forgive you.

Glory be to you, the Angel of Mercy!

Elijah! You are free!

Leave my son! He has been pardoned.


Yes. The merciful Brutus has taken back his judgment.

But what's the proof? The proof...?

Ask him!

Foolish Jew! Roman justice is irrevocable!

No! Father!

Master! It's all my fault!

My hands are tainted with innocent Elijah's blood!

Kill me! Master, kill me!

Kill me.

Why do you not hear? Master, why do you not hear?!

Why do you not hear?


Revenge against the tyrant!


Where's Lydia? Governess!

Where is Lydia?

She was sleeping right here.

But her bed is empty!

Find Lydia! Hurry up! Go, find Lydia! Go!

Why do you not speak?!

Speak up!

Lord, we searched every nook and corner but couldn't find her.

Silence! Couldn't find her, indeed!

Search for her, you scoundrels!

Dogs! I know it in my heart!

This must be an evil Jew's work! Search the home of every Jew!

Set their houses ablaze! Do anything but get my Lydia back!

Go! Right now!

Master! I have brought here the apple of the enemy's eye!

Take this dagger and hack the little one of Brutus into pieces!

Rise! For sake of The Lord, rise!

Oh! Grief has turned him to stone!

I presume I shall have to avenge innocent Elijah's grisly killing!

Father! Who is it?

Father! Who is it?

Elijah! Elijah, my child!

She is not Elijah but the object of vengeance for Elijah's death!

The light of the tyrant Brutus' eyes!

Stab this dagger on her and douse the raging fires of hatred!

No, Emmanuel! What wrong has this innocent done?

Blood for blood, Master! Here, take this.

No, Emmanuel! No!

You dither! If your hands tremble, then I shall slay her!

I shall slay her!

Let go of her, you cruel man!


Just look at that! Even she calls me father just like Elijah!

Fear not, my dear. From this day, you will take Elijah's place.

Emmanuel, I have found my Elijah.

Open the door!


Master, Roman soldiers! You must take the child away.

No! I cannot keep her away from me now!


Master, there is nobody here. Escape from the back door.

In the name of The Emperor of Rome, open the door!

But, Emmanuel, you...? I must stay back.

Else they will find you! But, Emmanuel...!

Go! For God's sake, go!

In the name of The Emperor of Rome, open the door!

What's this noise about? Can't you see it's so late at night?!

Silence! Where is your Master?

He left the town this morning. We want to search this house!

Where's the girl? The girl?

The one whom you kidnapped from Governor Brutus' palace!

Me...? Yes, you!

This Roman man saw you!

Yes, he was the one! I swear by Jupiter, he was!

But this Roman didn't see...

...how I hacked the tiny child into small pieces...

...and fed them to the Roman dogs on the streets!

Go! Look for her there!

My Master! Your slave has fulfilled his responsibility.

O God!

"This world, Alas! This world of ours"

"Is a place where Satan treads Life here is cheap"

"In the shadow of the sword we live"

"On beds of fire we sleep"

"Before blind prophets we bow"

"And to walls we pray"

"To walls we pray"

"This world, Alas! This world of ours"

"Ruled by tyrants Oppressed by religion"

"Terror is our King Death, our Queen"

"Injustice reigns supreme at every step"

"Hunger is what people harvest all year long"

"Tears are what people drink"

"Tears are what people drink"

"This world, Alas! This world of ours"

"The skies rain fire Upon parched souls"

"The world will continue to change every single day"

"The earth will toss and turn"

"But the fate of the poor will remain unchanged"

"Destined never to smile and to weep forever"

"This world, Alas! This world of ours"

"The downtrodden are sneered at The helpless are oppressed"

"This is our world, Alas this is our world"

"Is a place where Satan treads Life here is cheap"

Is this where you live these days?


You've got a nice house.

Yes, Abraham.

After 15 years of Roman persecution, I've finally got it.

How long it will remain mine, only The Lord knows.

Don't say that, Ezra. Say, Rome knows!

For quite some time now our Lord has left...

...the lives and deaths of Jews at the mercy of the cruel Romans.

And He has made Brutus the Lord of Hell!

Hannah! Dear Hannah!


Am I a thief! I'll throw these out of the window!

Don't do that! It's worth ten thousand!

Shall I throw them out? Please don't, my dear!

Ruth, stop her. She may just throw them out!

Don't you dare touch me!

Here, keep your gems worth ten thousand!

Is my darling angry?

Don't be, my dear.

What would happen if the flame were to be cross with the lamp?

The lamp would be extinguished.

My dear, the best of these gems are worthless before you.

But these are what you love!

No, my dear.

You are the one who lights up the life of this unfortunate Jew.

Not these diamonds.

Indeed! No wonder you are crazy about them!

But I do it for you.

So that I can buy every comfort of the world for my dear girl.

And if you think I am in love with these stones...

...then take them and throw them into the fire.



There must be an announcement from the Emperor.

Listen to the Emperor's announcement.

All the citizens of Rome are informed that...

...today, on the occasion of the 20th birthday...

...of Princess Octavia, the niece of the Emperor of Rome...

...a grand celebration will be held before the royal palace.

Where gladiators will fight and sorcerers will weave magic.

And, primarily, the chariot races will be a sight worth watching.

Every citizen may join in the celebrations.

It is decreed that every citizen of Rome...

...will shut his business for 3 days from today.

And pray for the Princess' long life.

By order of the Emperor of Rome.

Signed under the seal of Governor Brutus.

By Mercury, the chariot races will be fun!

Shut shop for three days. So decrees Brutus! Disgusting!

Princess Octavia!

By The Gods, the moon pales before her bewitching youth!

But she is betrothed to Prince Marcus.

If she were, to you or me, it would be a different matter!

Well, The Gods have erred!

Princess, there appears an air of eager anticipation.

I am looking out for Prince Marcus.

Marcus won't ever change. Not even for today!

Why should he change? The Gods have made him so handsome a man!

Yasmine, I hope you do not see him through my eyes?

Certainly not! Would I dare do that!

All I pray is that he returns soon.

And that you be wedded to him at the earliest.

No... don't!

Prince Marcus is not to be seen?

Even I await him, My Lord.

I think waiting any longer would be futile.

Whatever you deem right.

Prince Marcus is still not here.

Do not be anxious.

We have news that he is coming. He must be on the way.

Do not touch him! He's a wretched Roman!

But he's wounded! Fetch some water quickly.

Where am I? On earth? Or in Heaven?

Please remain quiet. As it is, your mouth is smeared with muck.

I have brought water.

The Roman soldiers are on their way! Let's go!

But what about him? Wait longer and we are doomed!

Come on, get up. Let's go!

Are you all right? I'd told you the horses are no good on a hunt.

Let's go.

Why are you looking over there?

I said, let's go.

Please come in, Mr. Physician.

The patient's condition is very delicate.

He's wounded in one place but says he's hurt elsewhere!

You are very naughty, Antonio!

The wound is minor. I'll give you a balm.

Even the mark will be gone in a day.

Here, take this.

Permit me to leave now.

Give a potion for smiling too. He has forgotten how to smile!

You possess that potion, Antonio. Not me.

Bear one thing in mind, Prince.

Wash your hands properly after applying the balm.

The balm must never touch the eyes.

Else, you will be blinded instantly.


Antonio. Yes?

Well, yes... even I am leaving.

How are you, Marcus?

The wound is better.

Why then did you not attend the celebrations?

I was not feeling too well.

Marcus, without you, all colours turn pale.

All songs lose their melody, all pleasures appear so dismal.

Come, join the celebrations and sit besides me.

No, Octavia.

I seek to be excused today.

Do you want me to yearn for you even on the night of my birthday?

I'm feeling a bit uneasy, Octavia.

I apologize.

Stop laughing! Remember the promise? The one I catch is mine!

Yes, we do remember.

What if I catch all of you at one go?

Then all of us will be yours!

That is quite a good proposition.

Considering the fact that you may not find a man as handsome as I!

Now just come into my arms. Don't make me sweat for it.

Do not run.

I am as radiant as the sun.

And to all I shall bestow my rays.

Come on.

Where have the girls disappeared? Where are they?!

Caught you! My darling, I've caught you!

Good God!


You're enjoying yourself. But have you thought of the Prince?!

Nowadays, you are the one who thinks of him the most.

Stop joking!

Marcus is upset. Go and try to cheer him up.

As you wish.

Go and try to cheer him up!

My celestial beings, come with me.

So how is the lovesick one?

Oh! It appears as if the sickness has gone, and only love remains!

My mistake! Both are present. ... the sickness as well as love!

Antonio, I request you to leave me alone right now.

If youth seeks solitude then it is a malady, my friend!

So here comes a friend, Antonio...

...with the world's best known cure: Vibrant celestial beings!

Antonio, I have told you... Oh, come on!


Antonio, ask them to leave at once.

Do not abandon me like an orphan! Take me along too!

Halt, you Jew! Or I will kill you!


The Master... in Jewish robes?

Yes, Leo, it is a secret. Yes, Master.

And a secret, it must remain at any cost.

So it shall be.

Leo. Yes, Master?

You will always remember my command and your duty.

Yes, Master.

Listen to what a seasoned man says.

From the deserts of Arabia I have come.

Camels or dates I have brought none. I am here empty-handed.

But empty these hands are not. They hold a treasure of magic.

So, what would you wish for?

A lover!

Why don't you wait for your moustache to grow, young man?!

But do not lose heart. In this bag are two nymphs just for you.

Nonsense! Nymphs, and in such a tiny bag?!

Do you not believe me?

Look here. Stop fooling people!

Are these girls or playthings?!

Every lover is like a plaything.


O nymphs in heaven, set down to earth!

Create magic and turn the playthings into lovers!

"My heart has become restless, my eyes have a lost look"

"In my solitude, at dusk and dawn thoughts of you come to haunt me"

"The heart is beyond control now and eyes are all that remain now"

"A thousand unspoken words the eyes conveyed"

"A thousand unspoken words the eyes conveyed"

"Many a time in the lonely nights when on the moon I set my sight"

"Thoughts of you come to haunt me"

"The heart was so crazy look what I've done!"

"A malady struck me look what cure I've found!"

"A malady struck me look what cure I've found!"

"Somebody go and tell him"

"Thoughts of you come to haunt me"

"Under a false notion I was the story was all but finished"

"Everybody has gone away leaving behind a deserted look"

"Everybody has gone away leaving behind a deserted look"

"But sure I am a thousand times I'll say"

"Thoughts of you come to haunt me"


Why are you so late? It's been just a while.

Do not lie! You went to watch the performers!

Go and buy some fruits while I buy flowers.

Very well.

May I ask, for how long will you keep staring at that Jewish girl?

I am not staring.

Only drinking the Jewish nectar with my eyes.

But for how long?

Until she relents and agrees to come with me.

What if she screams?

Well, my arms are powerful. And she...

She is delicate.

Fortunate are these flowers, for you cast a glance at them.

Cast a glance at me as well.


When a Roman soldier flings a flower at a Jewish girl...

...it has only one intent. To hell with such intents!

No! To condemn love is a crime, my darling!

And crime is what the Roman law vehemently abhors!

Let go! Don't you dare touch me!

Is that so?!

Leave me!

Not even your God can save you!

Leave her, you brute! A human being like me is enough for you!

Get out of my way, bloody Jew!

Go and inform father.

O God! For long must we endure this atrocity?!

Hannah! You're back!

Father, you must embrace him first.

If not for him, wonder what would have happened to your Hannah.

Son, I do not have enough words to thank you.

You have bestowed this old man with a new life today.

How do I repay...? What are you saying?!

I've done no favor. It's the duty of a Jew to help another Jew.

Please come inside, son.

You have made us Jews proud today.

Hannah, my child, bring something to eat for our guest.

Why do you take the trouble?

Please be seated, son.

You must not disappoint your aged host.

Oh! I forgot to ask my benefactor's name!

Well, m... m... my name is... uh... Moshe.

Moshe? Yes.

That's a nice name.

But son, I don't remember seeing you here or at the synagogue.

Well... actually, I hail from Alexandria.

You must be here on business?

Exactly! What do you do, son?

My... uh... my business...

I deal in diamonds and gems.

That's fantastic!

Hannah dear, our guest is also in the same trade as I.

This is my good fortune.

I hope you will let me benefit from your experiences.

In fact, I would like to become your apprentice.

An apprentice? Never!

I would rather have you for a son.

Moshe, my son, from now on, consider old Ezra's house yours.

And as long as he wants...

Father, let him eat first.

Of course! Eat, my son.

Are you going out somewhere?


Then, will somebody be coming here?


Should I tell him you aren't at home?


So what should I do? The Master is not at home.

So what?

I am not going to permit you to be alone with a young man.

Keep an eye on us from afar. On the sly?

Hurry or he may go away.

He won't leave until dusk!

The Master is not at home. Pardon?

The Master is not at home!

I see. And she...?

She? She's here. But why? Do you have some work with her?

It's you I have some work with.

With me? Yes.

Well, what work do you have?

Please ask her to come and see me.

Indeed! Come on!

Working at a pretty girl's house can be such a problem.


Others become oblivious to me!

This way.

Chat with the cockatoo, while I go and fetch madam.

All right.

Did you ask me something?

Don't stretch your neck too much or it may get twisted.

Shut up!

Why get angry? I just said you could end up twisting your neck.

Shut up!


Pali is very hot-tempered. He got angry at me for no reason!

Ruth has spoilt him rotten.

Pali, he is a guest.

Wow! Wow!

Is he telling you or me?

He just keeps on chattering.

I'd like to be friends.

I'd like to be friends.

With whom?

With your wise cockatoo.

Are you very keen? Yes, I am.

Then go ahead.

I extend a hand of friendship to you.

Pali! You fool!

Never mind. I have no right to impose myself.

O God! You're bleeding! Come here.

You're bleeding so profusely!

It's your hair that's smelling so lovely, isn't it?

I'm terribly sorry. Stupid Ruth has spoilt him.

But I think your Pali is in love with me.

Is this the way to express love? Then how does one express love?


It's bad manners to turn your face away from a guest.

No, I was only thinking.

So was I.

About what?

How nice it would be if I were to get what my heart seeks now!

And what does it seek?

A doll as pretty as the moon.

With thick tresses and who smells as sweet as the roses!

Then buy her. Money can't buy her.

Why not?

Because she seeks my heart.

So give it to her.

I already have. Then?

I do not even know if she has liked it.

Then ask her.

I am indeed asking.

What's this!

Do not be angry. I am leaving.

Why... so soon?

There should be something left even for tomorrow. Right?

Yes. You must come tomorrow. Father would be delighted.

And what about you?

Bid Pali adieu before you leave. Certainly not.


Teach him the ways of love first.

Excuse me.




Uncivilized bird! You don't even know the ways of love!

Then teach him, Madam.

Tell me.

"My dear"

"Madly in love I already am"

"There's nothing I can do now"

"My dear"

"Madly in love I already am There's nothing I can do now"

"There's nothing I can do now There's nothing anybody can do"

"You've lost your heart There's nothing I can do now"

"Naive I was How was I to know"

"An effect so devastating his eyes would have"

"My own enemy I would not be nor my heart I would have lost"

"Nobody is to be blamed but me So complain I cannot"

"The man who shot Cupid's arrow and wounded me"

"From him alone I shall seek a cure"

"If a smile I had not flashed so close he would not have come"

"Punished I am being now so there's nothing I can do now"

"My dear"

"Madly in love I already am So there's nothing I can do now"

My Lord, the Princess is here!

Which princess? Indeed! There are two nowadays!

One is yours, the other, Rome's!

Which princess, Leo? The Roman Princess - Octavia!

At this hour? Yes, My Lord.

You are a fool, Leo! Certainly not, Master.

Tell her that I am not in the palace or the gardens... nowhere!


Then where are you? In hell!

Where is Marcus, Leo? You mean my Master?

Yes. He has gone out.

Where?! To hell!

What! I mean, I do not know.

Didn't you tag behind him today like a faithful dog?

He said he wouldn't go hunting today, so he wouldn't need a dog.

Hadn't I asked you to remind him about going out this evening?!

I did remind him but he had to leave on some secret mission.

Secret mission! What mission was it, of which I wasn't to be told?

Please stop playing.

Heartless man! Cruel one!

Who, Princess?

Who else but the one to whom I have given my heart!

Am I not beautiful? Does the mirror lie?

Would the mirror dare lie!

Then why does he not care for me?!

Why do my charms not work?! Why does he spurn me?!


I had told him that we would go out this evening.

But he has gone somewhere and left me desperate!

He surely must have been compelled to be secretive...

Secretive? From me?

Yasmine, there are no secrets between two people in love!

Pali, listen to me very carefully.

You behaved very badly with him yesterday!

If he does not turn up today, then I will not spare you!

Shut up! You shut up.

Who is it? Nobody!

What are you talking to Pali about?


I've been waiting for someone.

Oh, I see! Then I have come at the wrong time.

I'll leave.

Don't! Why not?

How is your hand?

The wound has healed but the scar still remains.

The mark of love does not go away that easily, does it?

Why is your hand still bandaged?

For your sake.

I hope it didn't hurt? What? My hand?

I've been hurt elsewhere.

So that's where it hurts? Yes.

For how long will it remain?


Are you happy?

Why would I not be? I have found something to live for.

What's this?

Your necklace. The one you'd lost at the marketplace the other day.

But this is not mine.

Everything is yours.

This dawn, its sunlight...

...those hills, the valleys spread across wide... and me.

As well as everything else I have.

You want to ruin me.

That's because you don't want a thing. Tell me the truth.


What I had wanted, I have got.

The necklace looks so lovely on you.

Indeed! Like fetters binding a prisoner!

Tell me something. When will you be going home?


When death beckons me.

Did you ask for me, Princess?

You look disturbed.

Yes, Antonio, I am very disturbed.

I fail to understand one thing.

Ever since the chariot mishap, Marcus seems to be a changed man.

The chariot mishap?

Yes, Antonio.

Can you find out for me, in which world he remains lost?

Do not worry. I shall find out.

I place complete faith in you. Thank you.

Yes, I remember!

When my friend was lying wounded, there were two lovely girls too!

What are you staring at?

Why should I not? You are pretty, and blind I certainly am not.

I am pretty? Undoubtedly.

O diamond languishing in muck, you are pretty!

Some day, bathe yourself in perfumed waters.

Then look in the mirror. And see your beauty shatter the glass!

You are a nymph from Heaven!

Me? A nymph? ... But I have no wings!

Girls have no wings. It's we lovers who plant wings on them!

Look, there's an admirer of mine here!

Oh no! Three would be a crowd!

Love blossoms best in solitude!

Get out of the way!

Look, big brother... why are you doing this?

You are getting angry.

It is unbecoming for a man like you to fight this way.

Big brother!

Are you blind? You nearly broke my back!

Is it a back or a big sack?!

What would you like? Apples, pomegranates, grapes?

I'll pack whatever you ask for. Don't worry, you may pay later.

This seems to be a new shop? No.

I give special treatment for special customers!

And who are you?! Why not use a smaller fruit?

He is my uncle. And he's a bit crazy.

Crazy? My foot! Crazy? Am I crazy?

Why should you be? But why do you not realize that you're my uncle?

Indeed! I am his father.

What! You're my uncle! Oh yes! His uncle.

And these are real fresh. Plucked from the orchards just now.

And this one is from me. That's enough, please.

Some more.

How much is it? To hell with the money!

We don't care for money, do we?

We don't need to. It grows on trees!

Oh, this must be very heavy for your delicate hands.

Allow me to carry it till your house.

In spite of being a Roman, you are such a gentleman.

Who told you that? What!

Of course, I am a gentleman.

Do you go to reach every customer in this fashion?

Well, that's a family trade. Let's go?

You must be tired. Not at all.

I could even carry a customer if need be.

Really? Yes!

Give it. This is my house.

Is this your house?! Yes.

Oh? This is a magnificent house!

But why do you go to the market?

I mean, you could employ a maid.

And who do you think I am?! Are you the maid?!


This house belongs to my Master, Ezra, the jeweler.

I have heard about him.

Implying, you live alone here with...?

No. He has a daughter: Hannah.

The three of us live here.

Three? Lies! There must be a fourth person who visits here.

Shut up! No one else comes here!

Does that mean...?

Will you leave, or should I call the others?!

Sure! Provided they are also pretty!


These are names of men!

"Walking hither and thither came along someone"

"Walking hither and thither came along someone"

"O heart of mine hide not from me and answer"

"From now on, should I call you by a name your own or my beloved"

"To you I listen and will continue to"

"The torment I feel I will conceal"

"Yet for how long can I endure?"

"How much more must I control myself?"

"O eyes so intoxicating what have you done!"

"For what do you seek vengeance?"

"An effect so devastating these eyes had on me"

"That my heart was beyond my control"

"My thoughts are all about you I grieve too only for you"

"Yours is the only name that's present on my lips"

"To even my slumber I say"

"Let him be present even in my dreams"

"Walking hither and thither came along someone"

"O heart of mine hide not from me and answer"

"From now on, should I call you by a name your own or my beloved"

Welcome, O Emperor! Welcome!

By the grace of God, may you live long!

How have you been, Octavia? Fine, thank you, Your Majesty.

Where is Marcus? He has not come to meet me.

I do not know either. He may have gone to hunt.

What else will he do?!

He remains unfettered by responsibilities.

The zeal of youth is like a gust of strong wind!

I too have lived through such years, Octavia.

But, my dear, your marriage must not be delayed any further.

There's a difference between coyness and refusal.

Are you not happy with this match?

I am happy, My Lord. I am very happy.

Take a look at this diamond, Moshe. It's so extraordinary.

It's indeed very extraordinary.

Truly exquisite and flawless!

But one needs to be very lucky to get something as exquisite.

And how does one get so fortunate?

With hard work and sacrifice.

How do you like her reply? None can defeat my daughter!

Who could it be at this hour?

Ruth. Yes?

Go and see who's at the door.

Is this the jeweler Ezra's house?

Yes, it is. Please come in.

Please come.

Princess Octavia.

Blessed am I!

Thank you for coming here. What can this slave do for you?

Are you Ezra, the jeweler?

Yes. Please be seated.

Moshe! What are you doing?

Look at that apple there. Forget the apple!

I must get it. Forget it!

The axle of my chariot is broken. Please have it repaired.

I must return early. Or the Emperor will be anxious.

Do not worry, Princess.

Till the axle gets repaired, you may please rest here.

Hannah dear, go and get some fruits and sherbet.

Very well, father.

If you wish, you may look at these jewels.

Where are you going, Moshe?

To... uh... to fix the axle.

No. You must stay here. Look after the royal guests.

Such a guest could craft a man's destiny!

I'll attend to the chariot.

Yasmine, this is lovely.

Princess, just take a look at that man.

He bears a striking resemblance with Prince Marcus.

Ask him his name.

Excuse me. Yes?

Who are you?

A creation of The Lord who created this wonderful world!

But why are you hiding your face?

The cruel woman will beat me.

Who will beat you?

The one who is preparing sherbet for you.

But why would she beat you?

In a moment of weakness in love...

...I promised her never to show my face to another woman.

But we can be quite adamant.

I will have to pay a very heavy price for your persistence!

Are you a man or a rabbit?

A r... r... rabbit I am not.

Who is he?


He has a gift of the gab. But why doesn't he show his face?

He's shy.

Shy? Or is he sold out?

Princess, your chariot is ready.

Thank you very much for your hospitality.

I have selected some jewelry. Please have it sent over.

With pleasure! Blessed are my stars!

Have they left?

Yes. But why were you hiding from them?

Me? Of course not! When did I hide?

I was only... uh... uh...


That woman... The Princess?

No. Her slave. She was staring at me.


I'll leave now.

Strange are Your ways, O Lord!

Strange are the ways which destiny leads one to!

The Princess of Rome knocks at the door of a petty Jew!

Excuse me. Permit to leave. So soon? No way!

You cannot leave until night, today.

Why? Anything special?

Despite being a Jew, you forget! It's an auspicious day today.

The bread will be blessed tonight.

Oh yes! Uh... uh... I will be surely coming tonight.

Do come.

I'm at your service, My Lord.

I was eager to see you, Marcus.

I have made a decision.

Very well, My Lord.

I wish to bind your wayward feet with fetters of responsibility.

With the passing of this phase of the moon...

...I want you to get married.

Do you comply with my wishes?

Why are you silent?

I oppose your decision, My Lord.

Marcus! I shall overlook your audaciousness!

Go! You are given time to think!

I would also seek the freedom to decide for myself.

Your first duty is to obey me. You may leave!


My fellow-brothers, eating this holy bread implies...

...affirming our allegiance to the true God...

...and to the doctrine of the religion of the Jews.

The one who eats this bread is a true Jew.

Where are you going, Moshe?

I'm not feeling too well, so I'm going out.

Okay, go out.

You lied to father. Why did you throw away the holy bread?

Who said so?

What's this?

I saw you drop the bread with my own eyes.

No Jew would ever do that!

Do not touch me! I did not know that you could lie even to me!

Do not cast suspicions inside a heart filled with love.

If you love me, then you must trust me.

Then why do you not clearly say what the matter is?!

I am unable to express what's on my mind.

I will tell my Hannah everything... everything.

Hannah dear.

You have guests at home. So go inside now, Hannah.

I shall wait for you tonight near the ruins.

I cannot come there!

Do not be adamant, Hannah. You have to come.

No! Say what you must, here and now!

My dear, the guests are leaving!

If in my heart, lies love for you...

...and if my love for you is true, then you will come there.

You surely will!

"Madly in love with you I am"

"Of my love, very proud I am"

"You may believe it or not"

"But people surely will"

"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"If this you fail to fathom"

"Then only you're to be blamed"

"The heart yearns only for you"

"In love I am, only with you"

"The heart yearns only for you"

"In love I am, only with you"

"You may or may not come here"

"But wait I will for you"

"In such solitude and wilderness"

"Stifled to death I will be"

"In such solitude and wilderness"

"Stifled to death I will be"

"Beckon me a million times then"

"But return I will never"

"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"If this you fail to fathom"

"Then only you're to be blamed"

I was sure you would come.

Come close to me, Hannah.

Look, how my heart implores before you!

For peace. For love.

Convince me, Moshe.

Compel me to understand whatever you say.

Look up, Hannah.

Look into my eyes.

Moshe, your body burns with high fever.

My soul burns in the fires of love, Hannah! Douse it!

Oh! What am I to do!

Have faith in me. Do not doubt my love, Hannah.

Moshe, words are not enough.

Tell me the truth. Are you not a Jew?

Why are you silent?

One word from me, and a storm of sorrows may break free.

And our love may get poisoned with hatred.

Hannah, is it possible that I could lose you forever?

Moshe! Tell me that you are not a Roman!

I am human. Captivated by your love and helpless.

Moshe, tell me that you are not a Roman! Say it!

If men are known by such names...

...then yes, I am a Roman.

But there's no injustice greater than this.

No punishment harsher than this.

Don't touch me! You have cheated me! What harm had I done to you?!

You have given me life.

With your love, you have brought light into my dark life.


O cruel man, wipe off the false twinkle of love from your eyes!

Do not look at me that way! Go away, Moshe!

I wish to hear no more.

Only because I am a Roman?

Hannah, look not at my religion. Look at my heart, my love!

I've seen steel, and I've seen stone! Go away Moshe! Go!

Hannah, my dear, your love has pervaded every fiber of my being.

At your feet, I shall end my life.

In these lonely valleys, I shall die a slow, agonizing death.

Till my last breath, only your name will be present on my lips.

But this much, I do promise. You will never hear my voice again.

Enough, Moshe!

Take me away somewhere.

I can live with the indignity, dishonor and seclusion.

But I cannot bear to be away from you and lead a stifled life!

Then, let us go to a place where men do not fight over Gods.

Where even the shadow of this traitorous world won't be cast.

Come on.


Where are you running?

This escape will be very difficult!

You will be ruined by my curse that will come from deep within!


Ungrateful Roman!

Is this why you entered my house as a guest?

To lead my daughter into sin?!

I will not spare you alive today!

Father! He is innocent! Step aside, Hannah.

Let those who will be unfair to love, feel free to do so.

Coward Roman! Have your arms no strength anymore?!

That you stoop to treachery and deception now? Answer me!

Do you have you a heart? Do you have a soul of a human being...

...to be able to understand what I have to say?

Sly Roman! I am well aware of your wicked Roman ways!

You know nothing! Your eyes are shrouded with misconceptions!

In the name of religion, you want to strangle true love!

I want to rip the weed off by its roots!

I shall hang your body at the crossroads of Rome!

As a lesson to be learnt for treacherous Romans like you!

No, father! Don't! He is at no fault, I am.

I am in love with him. I am the one who's caused you pain.

Silence, you naive girl! You do not know what you are saying!

The truth, father.

Give me my dreams, my love, my desire as alms!

Never! Get out of my way! Or even you will be...

With pleasure, father! I will give up my life at your feet!


The daughter of a self-respecting Jew has fallen for a Roman's lie!

With great care, I'd nurtured my little girl.

Little did I know that she'd let me down someday!


Young man, this girl is the light of my life.

Even a moment's separation from her, would mean death for me.

If you love her, you will have to marry her.

I'd be most fortunate.


But before the wedding, all the rituals will have to be observed.

Fall on your knees.

On your knees! You must embrace the religion of the Jews.

Hannah will not marry an unholy Roman.

I shall not let my love be insulted in this manner.

Did you hear that, Hannah?

The infidel whom you were dying for, refuses the sacrament.

I refuse to abide by these irreverent practices!

That imprecise tests of love with religion!

Get out of my sight, deceitful Roman!

If you value your life, don't dare step into my house again!

You cannot stop true love, my ignorant elder!

Love will break through the shallow barrier of religion!

Come, Hannah, let us not destroy our love this way.

Hannah, this is deception!

Come with me.

My child, the venomous snake is trying to mesmerize its prey!

My child! Father!

It's nothing. You may leave.

Sorrow cannot be drowned in wine, Marcus.

Do you plan to drown yourself too?

Can wine give you what you have been pining for, since so long?

For whom, you have put yourself in this condition?

You are right, Octavia.

I love her, and I want to win her over too. But...

I know very well that the one you love is not Octavia.

But someone else.

Then why are you here? Who is holding you back?

Rome is.

And you are, Octavia.

You may gain freedom from me.

But Rome... Rome will never let go of you.

Rome's prestige, power and future are in your hands!

You are Rome's future Emperor.

And this is what stands in my way!

Yet, you will have to become the Emperor.

You will have to sacrifice your desires for your duty!

Marcus, you cannot betray Rome or Romans.

Rome needs the future Emperor.

And that is you.

Rome needs a new Empress too. And that is you.


It's the desire of my nation, and I cannot shatter Rome's desire!

How I wish there was a way out!

If not for Rome, there would not be these grand palaces!

Nor the vicious grasp of the empire which is stifling me!

Oh, to be away from these confines and hollow fetters!

In some valley, in the hills, in a hut beside a lake...

...where I... And she.

She, the one who has snatched you away from me.

Marcus, do not weave a world of dreams and get shattered!

Like a mountain, reality towers before you!

You must make me your queen. Only your queen! Not your love.

I know very well that you can never be mine.

I have lost you forever.

Yet, we must bring false smiles to our lips.

We will have to prove that we love each other!

Not for ourselves but for our nation. For our duty!

My lips may be silenced, Octavia. But my emotions I cannot conceal!

The raging fire may be doused but its smoke cannot be concealed!

Marcus, you are the Crown Prince!

You can never break the chains that bind you to your duty!

A prisoner you are. And you will have to complete your sentence!

Either with a smile, or with tears in your eyes!




Do not forget your duty!

Marcus! Beauty fades away but a noble deed is eternal!

Marcus, do not tarnish our legacy!

A Jewish girl is a very heavy price to pay for our honor!

Marcus! Cupid's arrow was shot at me too.

But I poisoned that beauty who wanted me to forget my duties.

Marcus! Do not forget your duty!

Do not tarnish Rome's unblemished prestige!

Do not malign our lineage! Do not disgrace your legacy!

Do not put our souls to shame!

The vast Roman Empire eagerly awaits your reply.

But, My Lord... I am not here to hear refusals!

The wishes of millions of Romans cannot be sacrificed...

...for your childish folly! I will announce...

...that the wedding of Prince Marcus with Princess Octavia...

...will be held at the Senate tomorrow with great splendor!

"A gush of tears gets unleashed as I think of you"

"My heart is set afire as I think of you"

"Grudges I hold galore as I think of you"

"What kind of a separation is this"

"The presence of grief and pain is all pervading"

"The heart now yearns to see you"

"The heart now yearns to see you"

"The whole world I'd sacrifice just for your love"

"A bond of love, so delicate, how can I sever it?"

"A bond of love, so delicate, how can I sever it?"

"A gush of tears gets unleashed as I think of you"

"My heart is set afire as I think of you"

"Grudges I hold galore as I think of you"

"What kind of a separation is this"

Hannah dear. You are crying?

Do not cry, my child.

This old man still possesses the courage to challenge injustice.

But I will not be able to bear seeing you shed tears.

Father! My child!

Tears have paled the vibrant colors of my little darling.

Cry no more, my child.

I tried hard to hold back my tears, father.

I am the one who deserves to be punished for this offense.

I have inflicted injustice on you.

A whiff of cool breeze had turned into a gusty storm.

How could the gardener entrust a delicate blossom at its mercy?

Even shedding tears of blood does not melt stones.

Then why do you weep for that treacherous Roman?

Wipe your tears, child.

Let them flow, father. It may lighten the burden in my heart.

But have you ever thought, how your tears would burden my heart?

My dear, my days are numbered now.

If you wish to see your aged father live for some more days...

...then cast away this shroud of sorrow.

You should face problems with courage, not tears.

From where do I seek courage? The tears flow at will.

Even I can weep, my dear.

But with a smile, I say...

Dear God, keep me as Thou will, and I shall be happy.

In Thy happiness, I rejoice. And I serve thee.

Thy slave, I am. My master, Thou art.

Oh, I remembered! I have come back from the palace just now.

The wedding of Octavia with Marcus will be a grand one.

Even we have been invited. You will also come, won't you?

No, father.

The unfortunate are not taken for joyous occasions. It's ominous.

You must never say that, my dear! Come on, let's go inside.

"Storm of love rages in the heart but a naive man can't fathom so"

"The cruel one only stares from a distance afar"

"The one for whom I laid awake all night"

"Could care no less about my plight"

"The one for whom I laid awake all night"

"Could care no less about my plight"

"The season of love is in the air And my heart is set afire"

"Spurn me not now"

"This is the reward I've got for loving you"

"Spurn me not now"

"This is the reward I've got for loving you"

"A promise was so easy to make but abide by it you could not"

"Storm of love rages in the heart but a naive man can't fathom so"

"The cruel one only stares from a distance afar"

Let the sacred wedding rituals begin.

Come close, children.

Till eternity, may you live happily ever after!


I have been wronged! I seek justice, Your Majesty!

Who is this mad woman? Throw her out!

No, My Lord!

If Roman justice perceives the rich and poor as equal...

...then my plea will be heard.

The court of Rome has never denied the aggrieved.

But with what intention...

...do you interrupt such a joyous occasion and seek justice?

Once this auspicious moment elapses...

...there will be no room then to seek justice nor a need.


Fool! You stand at the doorway of injustice, and seek justice?

A venomous snake spews nothing but venom!

Let's go home. We have been given justice. Enough of Roman law!

Silence, you impertinent Jew!

Do not provoke my anger on a day as auspicious as this!

If you have come to seek justice from the Emperor, be courteous!

Jewess, your plea has been lodged at the wrong time and place.

Yet, I shall hear. You will get justice. Right here and now.

But, Your Majesty... This is my command!

What is your plea?

May I ask, what sentence the law of Rome gives...

...to a man who traps a woman in his love and then deceives her?

May I ask, the stand that the Roman law takes of a man...

...who promises to marry a woman but jilts her and leaves her to...

...lead a life of infamy and shame. And then marries another?

In the eyes of Roman law, such a man is undoubtedly a criminal.

And in the eyes of justice, deserving of punishment.

I wish to know, who is this cheat who has been so unfair to you?

My Lord, he is the one whom the world knows as Prince Marcus!

Immoral girl! Would you ever have anything to do with royalty!

My Lord... her face and her words reek of lies!

Indeed! And you, O Holy One, speak of justice and fairness!

Being a cardinal does not give you the right...

...to twist royal justice against the person who lodges a plea!

What a shame! Even the Emperor's justice today...

...instead of favoring the poor, favors the oppressor!

Jew! My law and justice do not favor any evil!

It will not change to the tune of the winds of fortune!

Do not be cynical. I know my responsibilities very well!

Marcus, are the allegations cast by the Jewess true?


Every single word.

Why this sudden silence?

Has the storm of justice calmed down?!

Have the doors of the Roman Court been shut?!

Beloved Emperor...

...is your love for your son being pitted against your duty?!

Your Majesty, the accusations of a mere Jewess...

...cannot be weighed with the honor of the royal family!

The law is meant for the common man, not for kings and princes!

Then cursed be your justice and damned be your law!

A law that threatens the weak and arms the mighty!

Which is opportune for you but spells death for us!


Were all the pleasures of this world made only for you?!

Do the moon and stars sparkle only because of your radiance?!

Your sorrows are painful? But that of others are mere tales?!

Your blood is blood? And ours? Water?!

Justice demands that this wedding be stopped!

That, Prince Marcus be taken into custody.

And that the Jews be presented in court.

I shall personally give the verdict of this case.

But according to Roman law, cases involving the royalty...

...have been decided by religious decree.

Therefore, this suit must be presented in a clerical court!

So it shall be. I do not wish to denounce law.

But bear in mind...

...that in the eyes of law, the weak and mighty are equal.

Let him not enjoy any privileges just because he is Crown Prince!

'How nice it would be if I were to get what my heart seeks now! '

'And what does the heart seek?'

'A doll as pretty as the moon'

'Your love has pervaded every fiber of my being'

'At your feet, I shall end my life'

'Till my last breath, only your name will be present on my lips'

Princess! You?


I am here to implore for mercy.

Why must you mock at my helplessness?

What can a poor Jewess give to a Princess of Rome?

Everything is in your hands today, Hannah.

Marcus' future lies at your discretion.

To make your love a success, you seek the aid of a helpless girl?

Do not consider me your enemy.

Even I am a woman.

I can understand the pain you feel.

But why have you shelved your honor and come to console me?

Only love can recognize the anguish of love, Hannah.

Even I have been rejected in love.

The difference being, you are triumphant and I have failed.

Sweet words do not soothe the heart, Princess.

If you had a woman's heart, then the love of a helpless girl...

...would not have been ridiculed!

You have made a mockery of love and robbed me of my love! Leave!

I say, go away! And leave me alone!

I will leave.

But hear me out.

Thanks to you, the man you love will be sentenced to death!

Sentenced to death?

Prince Marcus!

I occupy the seat of justice now.

It's my duty to remind you once again that what you say...

...will affect not only you, but the Roman Empire and her future!

In this court of justice, I give you one more opportunity.

I ask you once more.

Are the charges made by the Jew and his daughter true or not?

I do not wish waste the court's time by repeating my statements!

The allegations levied by the Jew and his daughter are true.

No, My Lord! I wish to say something.

Vicious snake! Have you some more poison to spew?!

My Lord, the prince is innocent.

I retract the charges cast on the Prince.

I made a mistake in identifying the accused.

The same face, the same clothes. Everything seemed identical.

But he... he was not the one.

The Prince has not humiliated me.

My Lord, she is lying.

She wishes to burden Rome's throne with her kindness.

Silence, Marcus!

So, the actual criminal resembled Prince Marcus?

Yes, My Lord.

Is that why you crossed your limits...

...and accused the Roman Empire?

Yes, My Lord.

And the Jew who screamed at the top of his voice yesterday?

Why are you silent today?

Do not provoke me any further! Put an end to this story!

If I speak the truth, your heart will burn! And that's my word!

I swear by my helplessness that the flames raging in my heart...

...are enough to burn all of Rome to ashes!

But no! I cannot break her heart.

Today, the one I love has compelled me to remain silent.

I accept the verdict which I am destined for.

So much so, that I'm ready to obey your untrue verdict too!

If my verdict is not heeded, the person will not be spared, Ezra!

Prince Marcus is declared not guilty.

Hannah, you wrongly testified against Rome's Crown Prince!

You humiliated him in public!

And your father, Ezra, was an accomplice to your crime.

For maligning the royal family, you are declared its enemies!

And sentenced to die in containers of boiling oil!

My Lord!

What have you done, My Lord? She is innocent.

She misled the court because of her blind love for me!

It's evidence that matters in court, not emotions!

But it's no justice to sentence an innocent to death!

I implore you, My Lord.

Do not let the blood of an innocent smear Roman justice!

Listen to your conscience, My Lord.

The final verdict given by the court does not heed any pleas!

This is my final decision, Prince.

The Jews ought to be punished for their crimes.

Is justice blinded by your faith?

Is your justice based on hatred and prejudice?

Marcus! Your words reek of rebellion!

Perhaps you forget whom you are talking to!

In your zeal, you have become devoid of your senses!

To speak against injustice, is the duty of every human being!

You cannot stifle the protest of an innocent!

It will rise like gusty storms from every corner of the world!

And they will vanquish your empires of injustice and slavery!

Silence, Marcus! Your wayward tongue challenges my authority!

I am proclaiming about a revolution...

...which burns in my heart too, like those of many others!

Beware of the revolution, Brutus!

Or it will consume you in its own flames!

Soldiers! Arrest the rebel!

You will be given a very light punishment for rebelling.

You will personally see your beloved tomorrow...

...being cast in a container of boiling oil.

So that your audaciousness is put to an end!

And a revolution takes place in your world too!

Forgive him? So that he gets to challenge the justice of Rome?

This is not an insult of Governor Brutus but of the Roman Empire!

Whatever Marcus has done is because of his naivete.

Overwhelmed with emotions for a while, he became crazy.

And he will have to pay for it, so that he never repeats it.

Yet, My Lord, Marcus is Rome's Crown Prince.

Can't the law grant him pardon?

This is the Roman Empire, and the Roman law shall prevail!

Governor Brutus is the judge of Roman justice.

And I would not like to challenge his verdict.

My Lord... I am helpless, Octavia!

Patience, Prince.

My love and my life are dying because of Rome!

And I'm supposed to be patient?!

No, Antonio, I cannot do that! You do not know...

I know, Marcus. I know everything.

But as of now, you must bow before Rome's law and justice.

You term atrocity and cruelty as justice?!

You term fetters bound around the weak and innocent as law?!

I deem it my duty to rebel against such a law.

I shall have all of Rome oppose Brutus' cruelty!

I shall unmask his facade!

So that the world can see his dangerous and true self!

Yes, Marcus! You can surely do that!

But do not forget that you are surrounded by Roman soldiers!

You are a prisoner, Prince!

Yes, you are right, Antonio.

I am surrounded by the protectors of Roman justice.

I am cornered.

So that my innocent Hannah gets destroyed, and I remain helpless!

That her screams die near the executioners and I stay helpless!

I never knew, Antonio, falling in love was so grave a crime.

And that its punishment was so harsh.

There's still time for dawn. I need your help.

Antonio can sacrifice his life for you, Marcus!

But to think of a Roman Prince pining for a mere Jewess...

Hold your tongue, Antonio!

I will not tolerate you insulting my love!

You are alien to my feelings of love!

You can neither hear or fathom the cries of my broken heart!

Antonio, I am going out of my mind!

I cannot bear to see Hannah dying! Never!

What can I do for you? Command me.

I am no more capable of giving commands, Antonio.

But I have a request to make to you, my friend.

Fetch me some poison.


Yes, Antonio, it's my last wish.

I am your friend, not your enemy!

Ask me my life! But do not ask me for something that I cannot give.

Unfaithful friend! Go away! I do not even need you anymore!

I shall douse this raging fire without seeking your help!

Remember! One bent on taking his life can do so in many ways!

Marcus, open the door!

Open the door, Prince!

I say, open the door, Marcus!

In the name of our friendship, open up!

Prince, open the door!

Open the door, Marcus!

Open up! Or I will break open the door!

Marcus! Open the door!

In the name of our friendship, open the door!

In the name of your love, open up! For Hannah's sake, open up!

Marcus, open up! Or I'll break open this door!

Marcus! Your eyes...!

I have hidden Hannah forever in the safe custody of my eyes.

Now, nobody can snatch her away from me.

These stone-hearted people born as humans!

Now, nobody can coerce me to witness their atrocities.

These blind people will call me blind, won't they?

Let them.

No, Marcus! I cannot bear this any more!

Antonio! Do not leave me alone.

Antonio, just once...

Just once, take me to Hannah.

Just once, I wish to hear her voice.

It'd be enough for me to carry on with this miserable life.

Jews! The oils in those containers eagerly await you!

Beckon your God now to save you from burning in the oils!

Brutus, I do not fear death.

In any case, my days are already numbered.

But look at this innocent girl who has not even seen life!

I can spare you on one condition. Embrace the Roman creed.

My life I will sacrifice but intact will remain my integrity!

Brutus, our bones can melt away in those burning oils!

But nothing can waver our firm integrity!

Soldiers! Stop staring! Throw them in the furnaces!

Lord, the fault is mine! Kill me if you must but spare my father!

I cannot bear to see my father die with me!

Hannah... come on.


I wish to be kind to the girl.

Burn the girl first! So that she cannot see him burn to death!

No, Brutus! I cannot bear to see my daughter dying in agony!

Spare me this horrible sight and kill me! But have mercy on her!

Take him away!

No, Brutus! Have mercy! For God's sake!


Which man will not melt hearing this word?

Cruel Roman! Fear at least the justice of God!

Do you not remember the anguish of losing a child?

Have you forgotten that even you once had a daughter...

...whom somebody had abducted?

How do you know? How do I know!

I also know that Lydia is not dead. She is still alive!

Lydia! My daughter is alive?

No! You seek revenge! You lie!

Assume it's a lie... Come on, Hannah.

Wait, Ezra! Do you know where my daughter is?

C ertainly. But I will not say.

You won't? I will punish you so badly...

...that the skies and the earth will shudder!

Go ahead! Why delay?

No, Ezra! For God's sake, tell me!

I won't!

You won't? No! I won't!

Ezra, this head has never bowed even before the Emperor of Rome.

I bow before you today.

Have mercy!


For the first time ever, that word has escaped your lips!

Perhaps you know now that it's not only the enslaved Jews...

...who need mercy. Even the tyrannical Romans need it!

But how can a poor Jew show you mercy?

Go! Ask your heartless law!

Seek your tyrannical race!

You have never taught us anything good!

Why should I show mercy to the one who has never been merciful?

Ezra, have pity on me! For God's sake, tell me where my Lydia is?

I pity your helplessness.

I can tell you. But on one condition.

I accept! Anything!

First hear my condition! After I reveal everything...

...you will instantly cast Hannah into the furnace.

Accepted! Soldiers! Take her away!

And wait for his signal. Take her away! Tell me now.

Very well. Then, listen.

Fifteen years ago, you'd sent my innocent son Elijah to the lions.

My servant, Emmanuel, swore revenge.

In order to douse those flames of vengeance, he kidnapped Lydia.

But my conscience and my religion did not permit me...

...to punish an innocent daughter for the crimes of her father.

I chose to forget the past, and raised your daughter as my own.

You did?

Yes! A Jew did so! A Jew, who in your eyes, is born a criminal!

But where is she?

Look there!

Lydia! My child! Beware! Where are you going?!

Soldiers, kill her! Don't! Stop!

No! This cannot be! Why can it not be?

Just because she is your daughter now, and not mine?!

As long as she was mine, you were bent on burning her alive!

Now that you know she is yours, you are eager to embrace her?!

This cannot be! You must fulfill your promise!

Executioners, kill her! No!


Do not leave me, father! I have no one else but you!

Do not weep, my child.

My dear, I cannot bear to see you cry.

Come, my dear, embrace your father just once!

Your voice spews poison!

Your breath reek s of dead bodies!

My child, I am undoubtedly a criminal.

But even I possess the heart of a father.

Just once call me your father with these innocent lips, Lydia!

Lydia is dead. I am Hannah!

Lydia, return! Please!

Your crimes will return to haunt you, and you will be punished!

But I am leaving this world of hatred forever!

My child! Lydia!

"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"If this you fail to fathom"

"Then only you're to be blamed"

I have nothing left now.

Have mercy on a lifeless soul, and leave me alone.

So that she can find a grave for herself in some corner.

No, Hannah.

Look, I am begging of you with folded hands. I have lost.

I accept that your tyranny is more powerful.

I accept that my desires have perished!

My dreams have been burnt to ashes!

But do not impose yourself upon a helpless woman. Go away, Prince!

Certain constraints killed my love.

With my own merciless hands, I've taken out the light of my heart.

Hannah, there's present this frightful darkness.

And this life seems like one long, never ending journey.

This path is so...

Your eyes...? What have you done?

I have been punished for my crime.

I have paid for the innocent tears that you had shed.

I have found immense peace now!

Moshe, I seek your forgiveness!

Overwhelm me with your love once again. Take me in your arms.

There in the wilderness, I see a ray of light.

In the far distance, I can see the first ray of a new dawn!

Come, Moshe, let us touch this new light.

Let this new dawn be witness to our love.


"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"Call it a streak of insanity"

"Or the intoxicating effect of love"

"If this you fail to fathom"

"Then only you're to be blamed"