Yama no oto (1954) Script



Based on the original novel by Yasunari Kawabata Screenplay by Yoko Mizuki


Setsuko Hara, So Yamamura Ken Uehara Yoko Sugi, Teruko Nagaoka Yatsuko Tanami Chieko Nakakita, Rieko Sumi

Directed by Mikio Naruse

See you later

Miss Tanizaki, has my father gone? Yes I told him not to bother waiting for you Did he say anything? Yes... "Off to the dancehall again?"

Are you coming along? I can't go every day Why not? Let's go

Sorry to keep you waiting. Please come again Good day. On your way home?


Welcome back What are you looking at? At that sunflower Fabulous, isn't it?

Bigger than a man's head, even

I don't know if it's my brains getting muddled recently...

...but whenever I see a sunflower, I think of a man's head!

I wonder if the inside of a man's head could be as beautiful as a flower Wouldn't it be great if you could send your brains off to be cleansed?

That's what I was thinking about on the train home!

You could remove your head...

...take it down the hospital and say, "Wash this for me," like at the laundry!

You're too funny!

The best part would be, as the hospital got on with cleansing the brain...

...you could just sleep for a week while you waited!

Oh, Father...!

The body could just rest, without getting up, without dreaming Father, you must be feeling tired Perhaps you haven't fully convalesced yet But that was a year ago Why don't you go for a check-up and another X-ray?

If you say so!

Here you are What is it? Green snails

Kikuko, would you get me some sweetened water?

"If you say so"!

Did you buy these? Yes Really? We almost bought the same things Lobsters, shrimps... and my green snails All from Enoshima's stall We've gone a bit over the top!

What a feast we have tonight!

Kikuko, wasn't there another green snail?

Oh! Grandad and Grandma, you'd find it hard on your teeth...

...so I thought you could share one What? And what's with the "Grandad"? There are no grandchildren around Forgive me!

It's fine. Kikuko's right, we'll do with one green snail between us You bought only three green snails?

But there are four of us Shuichi's always late

Why didn't you come home together?

There you go, Father

Kikuko, what was the name of that maid that left us recently?

You mean Kayo? Ah, that's it. Kayo A few days before she left us...

...I was putting on my geta and I thought she'd seen a sore on my foot

"You have a blister," she said to me She used the word "o-zure" for blister, adding the polite prefix...

...and that impressed me!

However, when I thought about it later, she didn't mean "blister"...

...she meant "ozure" meaning the thong on the geta

Kayo's accent was rather strange Kikuko, say the word "ozure" meaning blister for me O- zure

Now say "ozure" meaning thong Ozure While you're talking, dinner's getting cold!

Eh? O-zure Ozure

O- zure, ozure

Welcome home

Will you eat something? Not hungry The bath's ready for you Don't need one

Just wash your face with this

Kikuko Kikuko!

Yesterday Miss Tanizaki said one of her friends was looking for work as a maid I see. But wouldn't that be a rather difficult situation?

Why? You need a maid, don't you?

But won't this friend of Miss Tanizaki's repeat things about you to Kikuko?

Nonsense, she won't say a word!

Well, as long as she's suitable

Has Miss Tanizaki said anything to you about me?

Not a word Seems like you've made sure of that I resent that It would bring shame on you if I were to carry on with your secretary Of course it would But what if Kikuko were to find out?

So, Miss Tanizaki has been talking to you But she still goes out with you...

...when she knows you're seeing another woman?

Seems so... That's what she's like You never fail to amaze me I'm leaving her I intend to leave her I just don't understand what this woman has that Kikuko doesn't One's like a torrent, the other's like a lake You're telling me that you've never had an affair, Father?

I hate the deception But you do understand?

When it's over, I'll tell you everything We don't want Kikuko to find out Yeah She's probably twigged already, though

Do come in Long time no see. Satoko!

Come here!

Mother! Mother! Fusako is here!

Fusako's here?

Do sit down Thanks Hello!

Oh, look at the state of you!

The train was absolutely packed Don't cling to me I've not seen you for ages, Satoko Have you said hello?

You took your time getting here Did you walk from the station?

The bus was too crowded to get on You must be tired, Satoko You can all go to the well and freshen up I'll get towels I brought some

Welcome home. Fusako's here with her kids Fusako?

You came home by yourself again?

What's Fusako doing here?

I think she wants to stay a while. She's brought plenty of clothes

What do you think you're doing? Stop that!

Why? I'm not stealing anything That's worse than stealing!

What's so bad about checking on my daughter?

It seems she can't even afford to bring any food for her kids I just want to know how she's managing

This is the cloth I used to wrap her mirror when she got married It makes me angry just to see it Why is she using this...

...when she's got the suitcase we bought her for her honeymoon?

It'd be too heavy to carry with the baby. Anyway, she's not bothered about looks But what will Kikuko think?

This cloth is the one that I used when we got married It probably is No, it's even older than that My sister used it to wrap plants before she died. It has history

Is Father back yet? Yes Can I have some of this? Help yourself Your father's just scolded me for having a peek in your purse Forgive me if I was rude Yes, you were rude!

Go ahead, have a good look That's what my husband thought - if I had no money I wouldn't run off It's empty The situation's got to improve if your husband wants to keep his kids

Is Kikuko still not...?

Still not pregnant yet?

Satoko, come and play over here, would you?

You might get the washing dirty


The problem is what to do about the kids We can't split them up between me and my husband Kikuko?


What's happened?

Just be quiet! We're in the middle of an important conversation!

Crying will get you nothing! Is she pretending?

Of course. She's just crying to get attention!

When the parents can't get along, it affects the kids

Did you call me? Get me a handkerchief Right, let me find something for you Sorry. I tried, but I'm not very good at dealing with Satoko You don't know how to treat kids. You're like a kid yourself!

My brother goes out even on Sundays? Got people to see I didn't think you'd help me, anyway!

I said I'd talk to your husband any time you wanted That's why your father or Shuichi should go and talk to him...

...and find out what his intentions really are What do you think, Father?

Or are you just hiding behind your paper and not taking me seriously?

What can I say?

Other people's marriages are impossible to fathom Exactly. You shouldn't meddle in the affairs of others Right. That's why I'll deal with it by myself You can't put the blame entirely on him. Consider your own part in this I'm not pretty enough for my husband so he just does things his way Kikuko, would you get me a cigarette?

Of course. Excuse me

I bet Father was disappointed when I was born such an ugly child If only I'd been born as beautiful as Kikuko!

Kikuko has her troubles, too, you know

You're so kind to Kikuko, aren't you, Father?

My mother-in-law does nothing but moan at me all the time That's your own fault!

She always treats us so kindly...

...that we in turn treat Kikuko with kindness It's just her husband that's hard on her, eh?

See you later

Welcome home. It must be awful out there

You must get those wet clothes off Kikuko, the whole neighbourhood can hear your music I was playing it to take my mind off worrying about the two of you Kikuko, you haven't played that record of lullabies much recently The ones from around the world? Yes, the gift from your schoolfriend It was a lovely wedding gift It must be scratched to bits by now Did you both get soaked? Evening!

They got soaked to the skin Oh, dear, oh, dear...

Did the typhoon damage the annex?

It did indeed!

It's in a terrible state now

"Oh, dear, oh, dear!" Father...

The electricity's down. There's a blackout I can see that! Get the candles out

I wonder if they're alright at Fusako's They probably made up and went to bed early on a night like this She was determined to go home and sort the whole thing out No news is good news, I suppose. Perhaps they've made up after all They can't simply leave the house with two kids to carry Trying to escape from a storm like this...

...they'd have to carry his mother along as well She probably can't move with her neuralgia Apparently, she manages to walk But it must be hard for her on a stormy night like this It is hard for everyone everywhere

Things were so different before Fusako got married It depresses me to see her like this It's strange, though... Kikuko always cheers me up whenever I talk to her That's your fault, you know? You show affection only for Kikuko That's not true at all It is so You've always shunned Fusako and favoured Shuichi That's just how you are Even now, when it seems Shuichi's seeing another woman, you say nothing!

You show so much pity for Kikuko, but it's actually cruel, you know?

She doesn't show how jealous she feels so as not to upset you

I feel so sorry for Fusako I feel as though I forced her back home Well, tell her to come back, then I know, but she's almost thirty now...

...and she can't expect her parents to arrange a divorce for her, can she?

I just feel so sorry for her, she has such a burden to carry in life Did you tell her how you feel for her?

I always make it clear when I don't agree with something It's a terrible situation for both the parents and the kids And it's all your fault!

No, it's a lie. I was just about to stick my tongue out at you!

You're always teasing me!

My sister was so beautiful, wasn't she?

I didn't feel any jealousy, but I always felt I was neglected But I got over it If she hadn't died, you'd probably have married her instead, right?

That's all in the past!

You were just unlucky

Shall we get some sleep?

Old couples don't often sleep well together Don't I know it!


Hello? Mrs Ogata?

Coming! Telegram for you Thank you very much

Kikuko, you said you liked these flowers, didn't you?

They've really grown

Oh, they're so lovely Looks like a telegram!

Eh? What do you mean, "looks like"?

Looks like it's from back home Someone's probably passed away or something

Put these in a vase for me

It says that Fusako and the kids have arrived there She ran out on him again?

No word from her husband at all? No He'd never dare to show his face around here, would he?

But you'd have thought Fusako would've come back here You should show a little more concern for her than you do

We should all try to consider the situation from Fusako's point of view

You can't guarantee that Kikuko won't run off if she finds out about Shuichi When do parents ever stop worrying about their children's marital woes?

You have absolutely no understanding of women Men don't experience sadness the way women do So, because you're a woman...

...that means you can understand the feelings of all other women?

Shuichi didn't come home again last night Why do you not come home together?

You come home and let Kikuko look after you instead. That's just not right

Can't you get Shuichi to help with Fusako's problem?

Maybe we can get Shuichi to go and bring Fusako back here I don't know about that. Shuichi's got no respect for Fusako

Anyway, it's embarrassing enough that our house there must be in ruins What's happened to Fusako?

She's gone up to Shinshu and installed herself in that empty house Oh, dear...

Miss Tanizaki, I'll be out of the office for two or three days A business trip? Kind of Where? Shinshu Please take care of yourself, it's cold up there So, you're off, then? Yes She's such a nuisance

You can talk!

I'd promised to take her dancing tonight Really?

Take my father instead. You'll enjoy it

I'm sorry about this evening

He's been so unreliable recently How about I take you instead?

You know this woman Shuichi's seeing?

Is she a dancer?

She's nothing to do with the dance hall Is she young?

Well... she's younger than his wife Is she beautiful?

Yes... she's very attractive

She has a husky voice. He seems to think it's erotic

A voice like she's got a nose cold?

Do you often see her at the dance hall?

No, not all Has Shuichi introduced her to you?

No, not formally

I just don't understand it at all Why does he drag you along every time he meets her? To make her jealous?

I'm not one to interfere I wish you would interfere!

She always turns up with somebody, too Oh? She brings along a man...?

No. She brings a female friend That's a relief! I've heard about these swapping parties!

They share a house together Two women together?

Yes Have you ever been to their place? Yes...

Where is it?

What do you intend to do?

Don't worry, I won't involve you Are you going to meet with her?

If you are, I'd recommend that you talk to her friend first She's a teacher, right?

Shall I arrange for her to come into the office?

Shuichi always gets drunk there... he raises hell He always asks her friend to sing for him I never realised he had such a drinking habit...

She sings beautifully, and Kinuko always ends up weeping Eh?

That is why, I think, Kinuko will listen to this friend

If Shuichi finds out about this, I'll never be able to face him again You must let me resign

It's just around that corner I don't want to show my face

I'm sorry for all the trouble...

...but let's not do this today Why not? You've come this far Wouldn't it be worth it if it brought you peace at home?

Knowing Fusako, I bet she won't have brought enough nappies for the kids Shall we make some up for her? Let's do that


What brings you here so early?

You remember Mizuta who died recently?

Mizuta? Yes. We all received some fine tea as a funeral gift I've got a taste for it now. High-quality stuff, wasn't it?

I tell you, I wouldn't mind going the way he did -...

...dying in the arms of a beautiful woman while bathing at a spa!

There's hope for you yet!

Yeah, but my blood pressure isn't so high

"Old as I am, I regret never climbing Mt Fuji"

What do you think?

"Old as I am, I regret never climbing Mt Fuji"

Is it a dirty joke?

Don't be so daft!

What? I suppose life's a lottery, isn't it?

If you end up stuck with a dreadful wife, wouldn't you want to top yourself?

I guess so What brings you here? Eh? Oh, yeah...

I was asked whether I wanted to buy this mask from Mizuta's estate Have a look. It's a Noh mask

It's supposed to be a child

Hey, put this over your face, would you?

You want me to put it on?

Like this?

Slowly turn your face upwards

And now, look down slowly

What do you think? Seems it has a life of its own

Welcome home You must be tired Thanks for having us again Satoko! Come inside


Is the bath ready? Yes

I feel it's my fault if you decide to resign from the company It was insensitive of me to make you take me to that woman's house It was awful But you're only doing what any father would do I feel slightly depraved...

...tagging along with him to that woman's house My behaviour has been unacceptable But hardly depraved, though If I do have to resign...

...then I'll go and talk to Kinuko as a farewell gesture There's no need for that I just don't understand him I would never feel jealous about him and his wife if they got along well But his fooling around with Kinuko really disgusts me Maybe he wants something more than his wife can give him Like what?

Whenever he talks about his wife, he says she's just like a child A child?

Yes. In so many ways He says that to you?

Yes He says it to me and to Kinuko

"She's a child, that's why my father's so fond of her"

But he hasn't said it recently He can't force his young wife to act like a prostitute What a fool!

He said it would work...

...if he fooled around with other women You've talked about this with him?

Welcome back home Out shopping? Yes Fusako's back I see Special dinner tonight!

Don't be long! I won't!

Kikuko? Kikuko!

Yes? Will you bring the persimmons through?


Read to me, Mummy You can read it yourself These are sweet Are they?

These two are just silently knocking it back Father hasn't drunk that much, has he?

I've been thinking...

...about Father's life Eh? What exactly about my life?

I'm only thinking in very broad terms...

...but if I were pushed to make a conclusion...

...has your life been a success or a failure?

And you think you know which?

Well, if a man manages to live his life without much strife, then it's a success You're right, there But success or failure as a parent is a different matter That's judged on the success or failure of their children's marriages And it seems I've failed

You really think so, Father?

Just stop that, you two. Fusako's here

Mummy, I'm tired Me, too

What's happened, Kikuko?

Nosebleed? Yes Kneel down

When it stops bleeding, go to rest. It's still early I'm sorry...

Are you feeling dizzy? Just a little Get some rest this morning I will A cool breeze was blowing when I went out for the papers and I feel better now A woman's nosebleed is nothing to worry about Well, it was serious You were up early this morning, Father I've no idea why I woke up before the temple bell rang You're up, too, Satoko?

" As a pilgrim I wander...

..." and offer thanks for the grace of my parents... "

You know that scar on Kikuko's forehead?

Of course It was made by the doctor's forceps during her difficult birth She probably never felt any suffering at birth...

...but the scar shows whenever she seems in pain She had a nosebleed this morning, right?

The scar shows when she looks pallid, that's all You knew about it? She told me this morning So what?

I've been wanting to talk to you about Kikuko Look, I'm dealing with the situation, so there's nothing for you to say I have been trying not to say anything

Off to see my father?


This is Miss Ikeda I'm Mr Ogata Pleased to meet you Shall we go somewhere else?

This place is fine with me Very well

Miss Ikeda has come especially I'm very grateful

Miss Ikeda also thinks that your son must leave Kinuko Really?

Some lunch? We've eaten Coffee, then?


As I live with Kinuko...

...I feel partly to blame for the situation Few women nowadays would give up a man simply because he's married

Kinuko always says to Shuichi whenever they get drunk...

..."Go tell your wife that!

"It's not like you've gone away to war

"She knows you'll be coming home

"Even if you have affairs, she should be glad that at least you come home!"

That's absurd talk Yes. But she's drunk whenever she says it But your son is just as bad Shuichi completely loses control of himself He's always forcing Kinuko to sing So I was told Kinuko hates singing...

...so I end up singing in her place to placate him If she doesn't, he goes crazy and the neighbours... Right?

After Shuichi has left to go home...

...Kinuko often says that the whole torrid affair will be the ruin of her All the more reason why they should split. She can support herself Kinuko is a dressmaker A dressmaker?

She's highly regarded at the shop She's never troubled Shuichi for any financial support I believe you Couldn't he and his wife live separately from you?

If just he and his wife lived together...

...I'm sure it'd be easier for him to leave Kinuko

If they don't move out and get their own place, then I shall It's better for you to stay here with us No way. I'll go elsewhere. That'd be better, right?

The situation has nothing to do with you Oh, yes, it has! It has a great deal to do with me My husband said my character was deeply flawed...

...because father never showed me any love I had to choke back the tears when he said that to me Just calm yourself down Nothing definite has been decided yet I can't calm down!

The moon looks so beautiful tonight, Mother Kikuko, here's father's hot-water bottle Right


Are you in pain?

Good morning. Forgive me, I overslept That's alright, take your time You drive everyone mad getting up so early, my dear I had to listen to Shuichi groaning all night. It was awful So sorry Why are you dressed like that?

I guess my husband's slovenliness has rubbed off on me You should've checked him out more closely before you made me marry him!

Good morning Morning

Do you fancy going to see a movie today?


I'd love to go, but...

We have to discuss the new maid, dear Who knows what your father intends to do, sweetheart?

It's been a fortnight since Fusako walked out on him You call Fusako slovenly, yet you can't be bothered to do anything to help her!

You're all talk and no action when it comes down to solving her problems She's had to move back here to escape her husband She's not even divorced yet, no wonder she's upset Don't just stand around like that! Get yourself dressed!

Sorry to keep you waiting Father, I have to go ahead and drop by the Iwasaki Corporation No breakfast? No, thanks

Thank you for waiting

What's ailing your friend?

She's feeling weak after childbirth Oh, I see It's so beautiful! All the leaves have turned red You've always got so much on your mind that you never notice things Oh... I should try to take more notice

Why did you have no breakfast this morning?

I had to rush because I wanted to leave with you You go out so rarely, of course I'd have waited

I've been thinking...

...maybe the two of you should get your own place The wife and I talked it over last night Why?

Is it because Fusako has come back?

No, it has nothing to do with Fusako. I'm just thinking of you two Do you not think it'd be better for you two?

If it was up to me to choose... I'd prefer to stay You're always so kind to me I've been a pretty useless father-in-law to you I never discuss important matters with you...

Not at all You don't have to say anything to me, Father...

...because I always know that you appreciate me

If I had to live away from you, Father...

...I'd feel utterly helpless

Maybe that's because you were spoiled by your parents Anyway, I believe it's the best solution to your marital problems Just thinking about it fills me with dread All alone at home, waiting for him to return

Bye for now, Father

Just arrived?

I've just dropped Kikuko off at the hospital The hospital?

Is Kikuko ill or something?

No, not that I know of

I wonder if old people's lives really are so meaningless

It gives me the creeps, that. The face is so lifelike

It's beautiful Is it supposed to be the face of a child?

Oh, you're up? Has your headache gone?

You're not feeling nauseous, are you? No I see. Maybe it's just exhaustion, then We'll have a new maid soon, won't we? Hm...

Sorry you have to do the maid's work Not at all. It's fine Father's still playing with that thing he got from his friend that died His family asked me to buy it. I'm thinking about it Kikuko, there's a story in here about an old couple who killed themselves

69 and 68 years old They wrote a final letter to their daughter and grandchildren

"We think it's better to end our lives while we are still loved by our family

"If we were to linger on for years and become a burden to our family...

..."it would spoil all that we've lived for

"We feel that we are far too old and weak now...

..."to advance and lead anyone along life's righteous path

"So, while we are still surrounded by a loving family...

..." and many affectionate friends and colleagues...

..." we choose to depart this life not knowing where destiny will take us

"We merely seek an endless sleep"

Your father and I have discussed what we'd write in our final letter...

...if we were to commit suicide She's so lazy, she'd leave it to me to write!

Well, I'd have nothing more to add if you wrote it What about you, Kikuko?

If you were to commit suicide with Shuichi, what would you write?

I have no idea


...I would like to write something to you, Father

What strange behaviour!

What's she crying about now?

Maybe it's hysteria? Yes, it must be an attack of hysteria



The machine keeps snapping the thread. Would you take a look at it for me?

Maybe it's showing its age. I've had it since I was a girl Don't crowd us Sorry to trouble you, but I was afraid it might put a stitch in my hand.

It might respond to your subtle touch You must be tired You must be, too The only ones in this house who never seem to tire are the grandparents!

Then there is one we can't fathom out at all I'm seeing the people from the bank. Any messages?

I'll see them at tomorrow's meeting I see What was wrong with Kikuko? It was nothing What was it? It was just a headache, that's all That's it?

Your mother said she went straight to bed after coming back from Tokyo She'll be fine in two or three days. It's nothing Really? It's seems more than just a headache She was crying all last night Why is everybody so interested in what happens to Kikuko?

She gets ill sometimes, okay?

So what's the illness?


Going for a walk?

You're hiding something!

She had an abortion What? She saw a doctor?

That's right

Yesterday? Yes You made her do it? It was her decision Liar!

It's the truth Why? What made her do such a thing?

You could have stopped her if you'd tried There's nothing I can do for now. She's so determined What do you mean, "for now"?

She said she refuses to have my child if I carry on the way I have been With that other woman? I guess so You guess so?

Can you not see that this whole affair is killing Kikuko!

It's more than just a protest against you. It's like a semi-suicide!

Kikuko's just being stubborn

She's a woman! She's your wife!

If you'd shown her more consideration, she'd have willingly had your child Your affair is irrelevant I'm not so sure Kikuko knows we're all expecting her to give us a grandchild Just think how ashamed she must be feeling You're breaking her heart and destroying her hopes of ever having a baby That's not true Kikuko lives by her own rules. That's why she refused to have the child I don't believe that's her real motive at all Surely you're not fool enough to judge a woman's moods at face value?

What will your mother say when she hears she's lost a grandchild?

Well, at least we know Kikuko can have children now Mother will be relieved How can you guarantee she'll be able to have another?

I guarantee it This just proves how heartless you are! You have no love for others!

You're over-complicating things. It's simple It's not that I don't want to have children We're both going through a bad patch It's not the right time for us to have kids yet The reason you're going through a bad patch is down to your behaviour!

You've done nothing to make her believe in you That's why she lost the baby Maybe she lost more than just the baby...

Welcome back Yasuko!


Take the baby and let Kikuko rest But Father...

But Fusako went out and left the baby with us Where's she gone? The post office Why don't you nurse the baby? Alright!

I was just fixing my hair

Go and lie down, Kikuko Very well

Right, I'll take Kuniko Okay. Thank you

I'll go and fetch Fusako

How do you feel? Fine Let me get you some tea... No. Stay where you are

Did you see that 2000-year-old lotus seed that produced a flower?

Yes You saw it?


Things wouldn't seem so bad if only you'd confide in us

It must have been painful for you coming home that same day You must have known for a long time No...

You always said that you wished for nothing more than to have a baby

Do you have to see the doctor again?

Tomorrow, briefly

Hello? Coming!


Thank you for seeing me the other day Not at all Actually, I've come because I wanted to see Kinuko I see She's not back yet Do you want to wait?

I see. Well, if I'm not imposing...

Please excuse the mess Take a seat

Is that your child? Yes. He lives with his father

Is this where you do private tutoring? Yes I don't work as hard as Kinuko I also visit six or seven children at their homes to tutor them And this is where Shuichi...?

He's stopped coming round lately Has he really?

Why is that?

I think it's better that you ask Kinuko herself Have you talked to Kinuko?

Yes But Kinuko's strong...

We have very different personalities, you see I feel reassured having her around

Welcome home Hello Mr Ogata's father is here

To see me?

Please come with me

I'm Mr Ogata

I realise it must be strange meeting me like this...

...but the reason I'm here is that I wanted to talk to you about Shuichi I have nothing to say to you about Shuichi Do you expect me to apologise?

On the contrary, I think I owe you an apology I won't be seeing Shuichi again And I won't be a threat to your family any more

That's all I have to say, isn't it?

But what about the child?

What child?

I'm free to make my own decision No one's going to tell me whether I can or can't have the baby!

Are you expecting a baby?

What's wrong with a single woman wanting to have a baby?

I'm just a war widow who decided to have a child I'm not asking for anything from anybody I just want to be allowed to have the baby I'm carrying the baby... The baby is mine!

But... such an unnatural child...

What do you mean, " unnatural"?


I don't know if I'll ever get married again...

...or whether I'll be able to have another baby And I have no children from before But what does Shuichi think about the baby?

Did Shuichi send you here to see me?

Shuichi told me not to have the baby He punched me and kicked me...

.. and he dragged me down the stairs I've fulfilled my duty to his wife now That wife of his has no idea what I'm going through!

And you have no idea what Kikuko's going through, either

When I told him I was pregnant, he just kicked me So I told him straight...

...that he wasn't the father of the child...

...that the child wasn't his And that was the end of our affair Which means?

You can interpret it any way you like

It's not much, but please accept this and use it as you see fit

Anyway, I have spoken my mind. Please consider what I said Is this consolation money?

So this means that we've come to some arrangement, does it?

Shall I write you a receipt for it?

What on earth have you been up to?

Had a few drinks with the guys from the bank Is everyone in bed? Well, Shuichi's still not back yet

Where's Kikuko? Gone back to her parents'

Her mother phoned this afternoon and said that Kikuko was in bed sick She told Fusako that Kikuko had arrived home feeling unwell

They'll look after her until she's well enough to come back Welcome home

I think she wanted to go home for a rest It's not that Then what is it?

She had an abortion How dreadful! What is this world coming to?

She probably didn't want to end up like me But Shuichi would change his ways if they had a baby She should have persevered Stop blaming Kikuko!

It's despicable of a man or a woman to use a baby to trap someone If only she'd talked to us about it I never thought Kikuko was that strong-willed

Good night

Go and play outside Father's a strange one, isn't he?

He treats her better than he does his own daughter If you don't like the way I cook spinach then just say so It didn't taste that bad. It still looked like spinach!

I never claimed to be a wonderful cook

Spinach tastes the same whether Kikuko's here or not!

You drive me mad!

Food doesn't taste the same now that the beautiful couple have left Give your tongue a rest, will you?

I will not! I'll say what I want when I want from now on I can't stop you I'm not a child any more. You can't stop me saying what I want

Fusako, it's in situations like this that you should speak your mind You don't have to bottle it up, now that Kikuko's not here I'm not saying anything offensive to you I know I can't cook like Kikuko, but you could show some appreciation Father eats in complete silence as if it was disgusting. It gets me down!

Fusako... I expect there's plenty more that you want to get off your chest Did you go to the post office yesterday to send a letter to your husband?

No, I didn't Did you send him money?

You're sending him the money we give you?

Your husband's not a bad man...

...he's just easily led I heard he's involved in smuggling Meet him and find out what he wants to do Otherwise the situation's just going to get worse Do you want to go back to him?

Look, I'm not asking you to do anything for me You're right. Your father has no understanding of women Is that so?

You should settle this once and for all. All this toing and froing is no good

Let's give it time, shall we? Sure

But you're her brother, you talk to her I can never understand women Me neither Well, thanks a lot I'll talk to my father about the money Okay Let's have a drink sometime. I'll take you to this place I know


He's not here yet Yes...


Yes, I understand

Good morning, sir


Good morning Mr Hayashi from Futaba Industries just rang. He'll ring back later

Did you see Fusako's husband?

He said he'd been out with you Yeah. We were out all night Seems he's working hard these days Fusako should be more appreciative Enough about him I've something to discuss with you this evening, so come home early


Oh... Kikuko

How are you?


Of course...

You got here quick

I arrived an hour ago Really?

Thank you so much for coming Are you better now?

Yes Let's take a walk

I was so happy to hear your voice on the phone, Kikuko That was your real voice, wasn't it?

Your true voice

It's vast, isn't it?

You must be relieved, too, Father It's incredible to have such a vast park right in the centre of Tokyo

Kikuko, come and sit down Okay


What is it?

Kikuko, if you have something to say to me, then go ahead and say it

You're free now, Kikuko You shouldn't feel you're restricted by anyone

I know

When you phoned me today...

...you'd already made up your mind to leave Shuichi, hadn't you?


I thought as much

I know it's a silly question...

...but if Shuichi were to beg you for forgiveness, what would you do?

I would have to think it over

Shuichi said that he still loves you That's why he's suffering now He's ruining his life

His other woman is pregnant

You were so good to all of us

As your father-in-law...

...I did nothing to help you, Kikuko

That's not true, Father Instead of showing support...

...I probably made the situation worse for you Please forgive me Father...

All I can do for you now, Kikuko...

...is to set you free

I want you to be happy again

Soon the wife and I are going up to Shinshu to see the house If things work out...

...we may settle down there

So... shall we go?

It's getting cold

If we do move to Shinshu...

...please write to us from time to time and let us know how you're getting on I shall

And Father... please take good care of yourself

I will

Dry your tears You can't walk around with tears streaming down your face Yes...

It's so relaxing here, isn't it?

"If one takes great pains to create a vista, one can see hidden depths"

How do you mean?

One gets an unobstructed view of everything...