Yamakasi (2001) Script


South, 24 stores. Until now nobody has tried it.

Which side? From the east. Hardest.

Can you do it with closed eyes?

Do you have questions? No.

See you at 6.00.

Kamel Kamel.

Come on.

Quickly down.

Do you have any idea what time it is? They rank "Les Bleuts".

Yeah, sure. Really. I saw them.

Come on! I'm coming.

I know it will be great.


Hello, police?


I just started drinking. I do not believe you.

You do not have to believe it. You were with that girl.

What girl?

The first league.


I do not do this every day.

Here's the police. Always come too late.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, hurry up.

Forward, men.

We got them. Come on! This time, he will not escape.

This time we have to catch them. Come on, run, run!

Faster, faster. Come on, we'll get them!

Guys, get out of here. This is a police operation.

You mean the opera? Flee or I will arrest you.

Are not we too big? Call upgrading.

Will you shoot guys? Let's go.

I just want some peace. Every day the same song.

People, they are here! Come on, hurry up!

Come on, guys!

Come on, faster, faster! We can do it!

We can do it! We can do it!

Good morning, Comrade. I'm sick of it!

I can smell, but do not treat me like a fool!

Everybody, report!

All right, let's recapitulate:


Seven kids from the neighborhood make us fools. That does not work any more.

I'll meet you with Ousman Dadjacano...

I'm Zicmu. Best for Beginnings.


What do you want now? Is that your son on the balcony?

Come in. We're sorry, ma'am.

Let's go, let's go...

Open the door, the police! We'll break three.

One two Three.


Do not do it. We are sorry. You just made too much noise.

Do not. This is a mistake.

It was not a mistake, it was a very stupid move.

Whoever scares you will get a punishment for the street patrolling week.


JeanMichel Lucas is called Tango. The other Fred Astaire.

It will see that thunder and it is always the same.

What is going on? Good morning, Miss Boutin.

What do you want? Gentlemen...

Miss! Back to work. We've already lost a lot of time.

When I get to him, he will not dance for long.

Note. This is Abdou n'Goto... called the Rocket. It's not lightning, it's a missile.


It'll be a better time to go.

You will see yours one day.

We'll catch him one day. And when we talk about catching,... this one every time we run away: Bruno Duris called Spider.


Cut it, you gonna grab my dress. Sorry.

Can I get you to work? We'll see.

Come on, come on...

And now the worst: Malik n'Diaye is called Lasica.

Hey, girls, look.

Salto... look.

And this...

Girls, look.

What do people do? Get that trampoline back.


Just laugh. But when you see the next stop will laugh you.


Right Name: Oliver Chen.

Not.! Stop the thief! Stop the thief!

Stop the thief! Help! Stop it!

How is that possible?

They're considered heroes. They're criminals.

Buildings are not for climbing. They do not steal anything.

That's their hobby. Oh, are we our hobbies?

And without them we have enough work. Let them play balls, like the others.

Boss... Silence Asmine.

We are here to implement the law. And the law says: Do not climb the buildings.

Do not pull people out of their beds and do not bother with the police.

Is that clear?

And finally, the last from the group: Ousmane Bana... called Taurus Seated.

Bitch Who Sit, Come on.

One nice day will fall. And I want to see it.

Japan has its 7 samurai, Snow White and 7 patriots,... and our 7 bitches.

You will arrest them. The city is not a ZOO. And by the end of the week,... otherwise I will call specialists on Monday and we will have... safari.

To work.

Hello brothers. Which good?

There is both good and bad. Are you fired?

Not yet. All right, now good news.

I'm not on duty. I came to talk like friends.

You got me dressed now.

In the office I have your fat file. My boss hates you.

That's a compliment. Listen to me.

Why do not you go to the mountains?

Nice hut, dumplings and drifting all day.

Why? We did nothing.

Some people are angry at you. Not to talk about parents.

For what?

The kids dive. They want to be like you.

The escape from the police is a hole. But you are well trained.

One day some kid will fall. How will you react to it?

I'm just a lower inspector. I do not have great authority.

Almost nothing.

And since I am Arab blood, they are smaller than usual.

If you do not want to cooperate, I can not help you.

Mom's doing a party.

It will be all. Will you come?

When your mother is a party,...

Yamakasi! Let's play Yamakasi. Come on.

Come on, Djamel! I can not because of my heart.

This is not true, you do not want to climb. Are you a girl?

I'm not allowed. And can you piss?

Will you always hide it?

Come on, let's see you Yamakasi.

Come on, they all watch you. You can do it.

Show that you are Yamakasi. It's a little wood.

And we laugh for you. Djamel, Djamel!

Come on, Djamel. Let's see your Yamakasi.

Come on, Djamel. Think about it.

You almost got up.

Do not do anything stupid, you almost went up.

Come on.


Djamel! Not!!!

Miss El Hadj? This is Miss Guerin from school. I would like to talk about Djamel.

Ala, come quickly. There is something about Djamela.

Good afternoon.

It's OK.

It's okay, it's okay.

This time is up. Without physical activity.

He had to go to school?

And now... What will it be now?

It must have transplantation within 24 hours and...


He's on the list, right? If so.

Of course, but this is a little more complicated Ala.

He has priority, but we need to find a donor... at the right time. The list changes every hour.

What are we going to do now? Can we do anything?

Come on.

Just as I thought, there was nothing in France.

What do we do? Nothing, we'll wait.

Sometimes we get a donor in the last minute. We have to hope.

And outside France?

That's something else. It goes through the company.

I'll look at you.

Here, one.

In Switzerland. He died just a few hours ago.

And nobody has any rights to it. What does that mean?

Yes it is not reserved. It's available.

A few more hours.

And how can we get the right to it?

Officially, I can not do anything,... but since it is an emergency, I can try.

Try it, we'll support you.

Do you know how much it costs? Not.

A minimum of 400,000 francs.

We do not have that much.

Try your neighbors and friends. Every help is welcome.

And insurance?

Transplantation is covered but not extra costs.

I want to help you try it.

Here, now you have the right to him. Reserved Little Djamel will get a new heart. You have time till tomorrow afternoon.

Now everything is up to you.

You want to kill us? He does not die of music.

Please lower this noise a little. The head will crack.

Take the pill. I already did.

I'm crying for you, Lasika. She really pays me.

And my team, are not they great?

Watch out! Sorry, I dropped my spoon.

How are you doing this?

Are They Pills For Weight Loss?

No, against asthma. I have to take them in half the meal.

Your half a meal?

I bought two pounds of lemon.

They could not have disappeared. Who took my...

Rocket, I just practiced.

Practice with bananas, you have a full fridge.

You're running fast, but you're not faster than light.

Are not you going to come in? I will.

What happened? The boy fell to school.

Djamel from the neighborhood. You know him.

Yes, Alin brother. Now it's intense.

There is a chance one by one to thousands.

Do you know what it was? Not.

They climbed by the tree, the next older.

Vincent, it's nice to see you at us.

Why do not you come to the uniform? I work in Mrs. Ban's office.

And you do not have to look cuddly in the office?

One part is not enough.

We're not so small.

Is that right?

We climbed to Les Bleuts for less than ten minutes.

And as usual, I was the fastest.

Yeah, Rocket. Rasta missiles.

Certainly the fastest.

It's tasty, but I can not do it anymore. Do you feed them well in the police?

How are you gonna catch criminals, when you're not afraid of them?

Fatima, do not.

I do not want to lose a son.

Fatima, do not do it. Come back.

It's not important...

You down the stairs.




What? I do not want anything. Your mom needs help.

Fatima, come on, sit down please.

We'll find a way to help your son.

Carefully. Look at me.

There is always a way for Fatima, believe me.


we will take care of Djamel.


Are you proud of that? Stupid!

So do you thank us for saving our mother?

And my little brother? Who will save him?

You with your piquets?

Djamel will die,... and that's your fault. Leave me alone.

We did not want this to happen.

We do not do anything wrong. We just help.

Last time we helped one woman with a bag.

That's right, and he did not even thank us.

We love challenges, but we are not criminals.

Just a moment What? We are not nothing to lead. We never said we wanted followers.

We get up at 6:00 in the morning, because we do not want anyone to see us in action.

Do you think all are blind?

Children always see bad things and want to work.

They see us and want to be like us. Alright. And what now?

Stop that. With what?

With climbing. That's bullshit. And what if we do?

We plunder banks, destroy cars? Do not be crazy.

Am I crazy now? Will you stop us?

Watch what you're talking about.

Shut up.

Was not that bad enough tonight?

You still want to fight?

What do we do? Only you can:

Take some responsibility.

Who let you in there?

We do not want to upset anyone. We came for Djamel.

Visits are over. Come on tomorrow.

This is important. You can not.

If your boss saw you, he will punish you.


We will not be long.

Can we come in?

Great! Did you come to visit me?

Did you really get to Les Bleuts from the east?

News is spreading rapidly.

The police will be angry. They see green and blue.

Green-blue police, super.

When I grow up, can I be a Yamakasi?

It does not become Yamakasi just like that.

But when you get out of here and if you really want to... we will teach you.

I promise.

Where did you go in? I'll talk to you later.

We are not contracted but urgent. Mali Djamel.


What can I tell you? Truth.

Will he let you die?

I was risking to come to a reservation.

I do not know what I can do anymore.

Problem is in cash? That.

The hospital can not and should not pay for transportation.

I hope that's clear to you.

And who are you that I can? The company that does this.


And if you would give us credit, to repay the installments?

Impossible. And I had to ask seven directors first.

Seven calls.

I can not just call them that. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Try it, not hard.

No, not this time. I can not call because...

Because the child dies?

I did not say that. Your children?

Give me that. They look healthy.

Leave that.

It was enough.

Within 10 seconds you will leave this room, and for a minute this hospital.

You will get the money. Tomorrow at 12:00 o'clock will be on your desk.

Are they letting a child die for money and call us a junk?

They need a knife between their ribs.

That's not smart. Do you have a better idea?

Everything is better than that. We will not allow the child to die.

Maybe this is not written in law, but it... is the most difficult.

This town is a true jungle. Who has no hunting can crinkut.

Do not be furious, we'll find some sort of solution with the banks Do not you see what we are?

We can not count on the banks to support us.

Except as we do not enter the pistols. You got a gun, give it to me.

Give me 2 hours and my colleagues and I will find a solution.

But it must be legal.

You listen to the law and our hearts.

The one who first rescues Djamel is victorious. No stupid moves.

I will do what is in my power. I promise.

Where did you get that? I stole a doctor.

There are seven phone numbers inside.

We're gonna send them off... We're not gonna solve anything with violence.

All right, but we have to get to them.

No, it's better to im... we apologize for the story.

About taking riches from the rich and giving the poor.

Yeah, like a cartoon about Robin Hood.

It's great. Rachid's sister has a recording.

Theft is a thief. This is not a thief.

We'll get their money back.


That's what I like. I like it very much.

Great idea. Great plan. Nice.

Yes, we'll end up in either a prison or a hospital.

Do not think so. Do we all agree with this ?.

We agree. What's My Way to Do?

And I want to help the little Djamel.

Michelin, you just be ready. If things go wrong, we'll call you.

Alright? Good.

We are at 5.00.

Can not sleep, Inspector?

Do you know how many hours it is? Yes, come on.

Daddy will kill you.

Something very important is happening.

When we see little... well, we'll see, but...

Ah. curse.

I do not really love any kind of discussion.

You will be proud of me.

We have a plan for Djamel.

But it will take time.

And it will not be me today. I can not steal today.

What if there is no love there?

Jewelry, credit cards. Without big and bad stuff, OK?

We must finish at 10.00 at the latest.

Everyone has two hours. That should be enough, do not rush.

Osmosis, and disappeared.

Michelin, you're gonna be mobile. I have two new batteries.

Half past five.

Fourth floor.

Stop it, it's a kitchen.

You should not eat now. Let's go look over there.

Will we? No no...

We have four more hours to save Djamel.

You go left, I'll go right.

Call the police.

OK thanks. Good morning.

I would like to talk to the Minister. He will not come today.

And his boss's cabinet?

I heard he was always in the office.

That's right. Are you scheduled?

It's about a nine-year-old. Are you scheduled?

No, but it's very urgent.

You must first announce it. Here, fill out this form.

I really have to... I'm sorry.

We have to strictly adhere to the protocol...

It's the life of the child, and you're talking about the protocol.

Calm down.

And you will call the boss, is it clear?

What is going on? Sir,...

Inspector Asmine, sir... Chief of Cabinet.

I'm sorry, but one child will die...

Only you can help.

I did not know I had so much power.

Go to my office, please.

All right, after you.

Sit down.

Wow! That guy can paint.

It's too complicated.

Without big and difficult things. We have to find something else.


Prepare to freeze music.

Five minutes and we're gonna clear.

How did you know that? From "Impossible Mission".

Somewhere should be the key.

I know where and where.

Wait a second. We'll learn it culture.

"Listen to this, Snail. This music is listening to all the normal world"

An unusual story. I would say great.

That's why I insisted so much. I apologize once more.

Do not, you did the right thing.

We need to be in the service of our people. Besides, we are not here.

Your words are worth admiring. Thank you.

Can you do something about that.

I'll see the doctors.

Or I'll call the air force.

They should have a proper plane. Thank you for Djamel's name.

There is nothing to it.

Is not life beautiful? Aunt house only for us.

Do not spare us.

You're upset.

There are alarms everywhere. I'll handle them all.

Just so light. Prelate, if you ask me.

Too hard. Too fragile.

Too nice.

Oh, no. Shit.


They come from both sides. What are we going to do now?

Let's go,... closer.

Closer. Now!

I'll never poke my dog ‚Äč‚Äčagain.

I said we were on the standby. Miraculous people, aha.

Let's hope it will be better.

Better than better. I'm surrendering.

Ala, Vincent is. That?

Good news. I talked to the chief of the cabinet.

He spoke the story extremely... about Djamel.

She'll take care of him today.

It will be called there every moment. Great, is not it?

Yes, but what exactly will he do?

We will get people and a military plane.

Ala? Just a moment...

Will everything do for Djamel?

Yes, he looked very clever. Really.

Do you doubt me? I do not doubt you, but in the rest.

Just a little longer, Ala, Djamel will be saved for a few hours.

We will hope, believe me.

Asmine, what are you doing? I'll talk to you later.

You're a cop, not a social worker.

They should protect people and not meet them.

I just talked to the boss. It's bullshit.

Why are you insulting him?

I did not insult him.

No way. You went there... and apologized to the crowd of shit.

That's not true. I just asked them. I do not care.

We do not care about the truth. Our job is to clean the shit.

I do not understand.

Asmine, do not act like that. It's the life of a child.

And then? We're the police.

We are neither god nor pope, or "doctors without borders". We carry out our duties.

Child dying? Awful, but not in our jurisdiction.

We do not ask you to think.

We're like concrete. The concrete does not think.

If everybody does their job, everything is fine. So do your job.

Here, start with this case.

Will you operate it? No, just routine transfer.

Djamel can not stay in this room. Why?

We have nine patients. He will be here for now.

In the hallway? Just for a short while.

We'll look at him as if in the room. You behave like he's dead already The sick are down, and here are the other patients.

We have only five people in the entire shift.

There are two seriously injured and we do not have enough space.

My brother is not sick enough?

At this point we can not do anything for him.

We help those we can help right now.

Soon his order will be.

The best thing you can do is stay calm and stay with him.

All right, boys.

Hello, sir. Police! Come on in, come in.

You came for the breakup?

They did not take too much. My dogs did not allow them.

They went in here, shut off the alarm... and walked straight into the living room.

How did you know it was not just one person?

Because of this.

I have eight cameras that cover the whole house.

You are very well secured. After 5 bursts I had to do something.

What do you do in life? I'm a surgeon. That's why I'm not often at home.

Hmm, skilled guys. Real burglars. They might work in a circus.

Can I?

Check if there are any similar cases this morning.

Coffee? Yes please.

And me one.

Can I switch somewhere? Yes, there.

Thank you.

You have a brilliant instinct.

Hmm... four acrobatic breaks. From 6.00am.

So far.

Check if there is any connection between the victims.

Sports club, car brand, or anything else.

It's simple. All the doctors. That's what I thought.

Are there any newspapers?

Yeah, a little bit.

Do you know Henri Picard? That's my colleague.

Pierre Gautier, Jacques Bernier... We are all members of the same council.

Seven people. All in the same firm.

We never see seventh. He is the head of the board.

Do you have a printer? Three.

Warn others that they will have a visit.

I'm going to the chief of the board.

See you.

The minister is not under our jurisdiction. Do not worry.

It makes sense, you see the circumstances?

After your morning conversation,...

You're not there to think, but you're listening.

Yes, who is it? Police, ma'am.

Madam, we catch the burglars. We think we could come to you.

What? Dear God. Do not panic.

As we are close to you, you have no reason to be scared. Can we?

Yes, just do it.

Oh, she's beautiful. Yeah, that's Klimt.

Can we just take a look at the apartment? Yes of course. Just get outta here.

There is nobody. They were not there yet.

No, but better off than treat it.

When we do,...

then we work thoroughly.

There seems to be no one.

It seems that's all right. I say, do it.

We have to be careful. They're fast.

And if we take into account their rhythm...

They're not dangerous, are not they? You never know.

All Viewed? You can sleep peacefully.

Gentlemen. What if they appear?

The building is besieged. I can not cross more than 10 meters.

Even a mouse can not pass.

Thank you. Now it's easier for me.

We just do our job, ma'am.

Another 10 minutes and the whole apartment would be her...

My Klimt. They took my Climate!

What, what of Klimt? Where?

My Klimt. Look behind you.

Andre, did you see them? No, everything is clean.

My Klimt! Slowly.

They were here, and now they do not.

She'll be back. Slowly, calm down!

What is that?

They're on the roof. I demand reinforcement.

Get them.

Do not be an idiot. There! There!


This does not look good.

What the hell are you doing?

There they are there!

On the staircase...

Quickly, into the building.


They are here. Get them.

These do not give up. Let's go...

There they are there.

Stop! Police.! Do not worry.

Come here... Here, do you hear me?

Slowly. All right, JP. Come on.

You seem to have no plan for an emergency, huh?

Hands on your head! On the head!

I was just hiding. Hands on your head!

I have a.


One... I'm gonna shoot!

Two... Do not be crazy!

Three... Stop!

Do not do it...

Damn them.

I will not do it.

Crazy, what are you doing?

All right, I know. Only to finish my job and clean up. I promise.

Let's go the other way!

That. Alright. Let's go.

Curses, Curses,...

It's nice that you came. He loves him.

They're here. I saw them.

Who, Djamel? Who's here?

Ghosts, they keep me.

Nobody was hurt? Not for now.

And are you almost here? Slowly.

Another hour and a half. Do something. Have not you done enough stupidity yet?

And you? You talked to the minister? Yes I am. AND?

Things are going on.

Let's go. I can not let you go.

I'm a cop.

Change the job. That means something to me.

I'm fighting for justice. And we fight for Djamela, Vincente.

Please let us go. If you go out now, it will not end well.

They will open the fire and will shut you down.

You're not Clint Eastwood.

Shut up the Rastaraketo or I'll fire you.

What did you say?!

You do not get anything, huh?

There is friendship, but there is a law.

If I pass my principles, nothing else remains to me.

Our principles keep us alive.

They give us self-esteem. Do you understand that?

The same thing is with us.

Several wealthy doctors can not decide on the child's future.

We will fight for our ideals. Without them, no one and nothing.

We'll complain about them all their lives. There are other possibilities except theft.

Shut up and watch the clock.

We see Alu and her mother each day.

Should we poke their heads when we see them the next time?

I'm coming,... I'm coming.

What do you want? Get in.

Wow, what a house...

Half my building can fit into it.

It will take us all day to open all doors.

We're spreading out of the house. We'll be out there for five minutes.

What, burglars in my house? I am coming now.

Inspector Asmin. I called you.

Orsins, are they still here? I think so.

How many are there? What are they? Africans? North Africans?

Can not I be anything else? Answer me.

There are several of them. They are not special.

Very nice. That will help us.

Let's go people. Michel and Philippe, this way.

Three teams with "motorola".

Beware! In shelter.

Harry up! Search for enhancement.

In the closet.

Shit, police are everywhere.

Damn. This is not gonna be okay.

They're everywhere. They also brought dogs.

We have an emergency plan, right? We are looking for him further.

Hard Arms, Is not It Special?

We will not use it unless we shoot.

Even better.

Go back to the station and let us do our job.

Let's go.

What is going on?

What are you doing here? My job.

Did not I tell you that the burglars were in the house?

Are you still here? I asked you to leave.

How, when everything is blocked?

Comesar Orsini. I'm running this operation.

Inspector Asmine noticed the burglars and reported to you and us.

We got married. So, are they still in the house?

Yes sir. Should they be let go all the way, then catch them?

No, of course. But, one operation like this preparation request.

Do you have any staff at home?

No, just my stuff. I want you to attack.

I'd rather not make a big attack.

You have five minutes to expel that scum from my house...

... or I'll call your supervisor. All right, if you so wish sir.

Smoke bombs. Nothing is seen.

All on the floor.

What are you waiting for the commissioners?

They became obscure. Attack.


Guys, think of something.

This will not be fine. I got an idea... Maybe.

Hello, Michelin,... we need you now.

OK. I'm coming.

Faster, faster,...

The front doors are broken.

Hurry up, watch out.

Let's go, floor by floor. Slowly and on schedule.

What... What are they doing? Great cleaning.

Let's go, let's go... Forward!

We have two unarmed civilians.

Call an emergency.

Sir, you said there was nobody in the house.

That's right. Just the cleansing and... What do I know what the staff is doing.

Careful, maybe there are more civilians in the house.

You are a person in position,... but your irresponsible behavior will not be dropped in my report.

Asmine, come on.

Look for the roof.

Nothing. The path is clear.

Guys, we have a problem. In fact, two.

What's your name?

Carlos. JeanPierre.

Do you live here?

No, I'm playing here while my mom is clean.

I'm Carlos's friend. What grade do you go to?


The road is blocked again. Set.

We have two kids here. Leave the house and we'll let them go.

These two children are from your staff or are your children?

Or have you forgotten them too? I do not have kids.

Okay, I have a son of ten, but he lives with his mother.

Does the cleaner live with you? No, she comes every afternoon.

Today is Wednesday. She also brought her children with her.

You'd better get outta here. You just juggle us with bad information.

I know what my duty is!

Leave the zone or I will arrest you !!! Is it clear ?!

Come on, guys. They will take you home.

He did not have to play video games so much. Go get some sport.

My arm. Help! Let me go.

I got one. Let me go.

We have to climb the roof. Let's go!

Forward. Faster, faster...

Orsini here. I told you not to do the action until he went out.

Let's go.

What is it today with everyone? Is it a full moon or what?


Here are the guys. Super.

That? Where the hell are you?

100 meters from you.

The road is blocked. I'll try to break it.

Good afternoon. Excuse me, I live there. You want to go home.

It does not matter. You have to get out of here. And without a car in the car.

These are worse than at our end.

Park and walk.

Come on the north side. OK, I'll talk.

We'll put everything in our bags.

Along with the wall please sir.

What is going on? The situation with hostages. You can not pass.

But I live there. I'm sorry, but it's dangerous.

Get back in two hours. In two hours? Impossible.

If I do not take the pill, I'll die.

I will die before your feet and you will not get any improvement.

Commissar, I saw two shades on the second floor.

They're on the south's lap.

Next to the window, the second floor. Alright.

I succeed. I'm here for ten seconds.

I see you.

Now, let me see a nice run. You know how to do it?

No problem. You're off to Baseball right now.

What are you doing? Stop.

They're on the roof.

Yankee 0, guests 1.

Now I'm going to say something you need to remember:

Hands in vis.

The situation is under control. There are no victims.

Finally, I was already nervous.

Thank you, Asmine. Come with us to make a report.

One should make one against the head of the cabinet.

Let's go!

Are you going?

I got my car.


I have good news. The Swiss donor has died.

We have to respond within one hour, otherwise the heart will be ineffective.

How many love have you been collecting so far?

The horse is on its way. It will be right here at noon.


This does not smell good.

Indian, this is your plan? How do we get out of this?

It was either a prison or a hospital. I picked the hospital.

And then the hospital is again constipated.

I hope it has not been in vain and Djamel will succeed.

Do not get tired. Why?

This fat guy will lose his hunting trip to the hospital.

How much do you want?

227,500 francs. For everything?

Even less francs.

That's a lot of love, but it's a good deed.

If it's a good deal, we've come to an agreement.


Come with me. The boss wants to talk to you.

Say, we're listening.

I wanted to go to Paris with a friend, just to change something.

The air in the suburbs is not exactly the cleanest.

We walked by the rich end. We wanted to get there.

It's like a museum. And it's free.

We passed this beautiful villa. CLEAN GREAT.

Cinderella Castle. And then...

We heard screams. Shouts.

It was as if somebody was trying to rip the Cinderella. We did not hesitate.

We went into action. And we wanted to call the police.

But we are not like that. We apologize.

The policemen are afraid of our pit-bulova.

We skipped the fence...... to save that woman.

The window was open. There were two burglars inside.

Three burglars. At least five.

... kind of guys. Maybe even six.

They hit that poor woman... they put her in the closet.

We attacked them... ... and beat them.

It was fierce. Everyone would do the same, Commissioners.

Then we heard sirens. Police everywhere.

Two burglars have fled.

We realized that no one believed us.

And your colleagues started to shoot.

We did not have the opportunity to say anything. We were off.

You're kidding, right? It's true. I swear.

I swear. My brother.

Both my brother. All of me.

... except his father, he's dead. All my family.

It would have fired to confirm that I know you will not be angry.

In jail.

Have you ever seen so much nonsense?

Unfortunately, that is true. I can testify.

It will simplify it. I hope it is well secured.

Let's hope so.

Hey, 7 dwarfs. Out!

I said outside. You can go.

Inspector supported your story.

Hurry, before you change.

Ala, I got them!

Ala, I got them!

I got them, Ala.

Here, count it.

I believe you. 400,000 francs in cash. Before noon.

You can call. We have no time, hurry up.

Yes, but now it's 12 hours and 10 minutes.

I'm sorry to be late for 10 minutes. Take the phone and call them.

They got a 500,000 francs bid.

It is prolonged until 12 and 5. But not a minute longer.

I'm sorry.

Are you sure?

Did you all try? Because we lose patience.

Back off!

I'll shoot if I have to. You're losing or calling the police.

The police are already here.

I'll talk closer so you can read it.

Am I close enough? Can you read it?

Do you see what it says? "Federal Police".

Drop your gun.

Targeting a weapon without such accreditation is punishable by a year of imprisonment.

But let's forget I'm a cop and talk like people.

How much do you value for one life? 20,000 francs?

Let's be more generous. 100,000 francs.

And 400,000, that's 500,000 francs.

That's the amount.

If Djamel does not get a new heart for two hours,... yours will stop knocking. Do you understand?

Turn it off. Nothing we hear.

I'm proud of you. I know.

Carefully with your jacket. Blento.

I have some good news. They raped you?

Even better. I gave up.

I recorded a tape for Djamel. You want to tell him something?

Do you see us? Is everything OK?

And do not touch these sisters.

Get back to us quickly because it's waiting for you for the training.