Yan nu huan hun (1974) Script

Doctor, our Miss...

I'm very sorry, I've already tried my best As I see it, your Miss might not... even be able to last through the night Doctor, please try again Let her live for two more days Just two more days will be enough Please, you must help her Our Miss has been engaged since she was small Her fiance is Mr. Han, that was fourteen years ago I think Mr. Han is now twenty years old Where is he now?

Master Han used to be the governor of our town He was attacked by slander, lost everything The whole family left this place... and is now living in the capital I've sent Deqi to the capital two days ago

...to ask Mr. Han to return I'm very sorry I'm unable to do anything with this illness Deqi is back Deqi is already back

Where's Mr. Han?

Mr. Han is not here yet?

Didn't he come back with you?

That's strange! When I arrived at the Han House Mr. Han had already left for two days Carried with him a certain amount of money Is that true?


Miss, please wake up There's good news. Mr. Han is on his way He will be here soon Miss, you must wait for him You must wait for him...

Hurry upĀ»-


You've won and you want to leave You need money to gamble, where's your money?

Asshole, I have money. Don't you try to leave Wait for me and let's gamble again No problem, go get your money!

Make way...

If I don't see you when I return

...beware of your life

Get off! You're driving me nuts It's my bad luck to have married you That's enough, my good wife!

Look at you, gambling all day long

You only come back when you've lost everything What exactly are you thinking of?

Tell me, isn't it enough to have lost all money But you have to bring back a dead body also What exactly is on your mind?

What are you thinking of?

Who said it's a dead body, he's alive He said he will pay me well if I bring him to town Stop dreaming

He's been robbed What else can he give you?

If he dies in our house... we even have to buy him a coffin I said he didn't die Okay, even if he's alive... do we have to get him a doctor?

Who is going to pay for that? Tell me

Doctor Doctor, can he still live?

Too much blood has been lost. But it's lucky that... he's been found early enough, that saves his life That's good

Thank you, Doctor...

He's awake now, you can go in Yes, yes. Thanks, Doctor

Don't move, stay still...

Just take a good rest

Thank you so much for rescuing me Don't mention that But, you did scare me a lot This may cost me a few years of my life

Mister, you come here For what purpose?

Mister, can't you tell me that?

Would you be a local by any chance?

Yes, I was born here I'm here looking for someone, if you can help me No problem What's his name?

Zhangniu What? Zhangniu?

What's your name?

You? Are you the son of Lord Han?

How do you know?

You haven't changed much since you were a kid Mr. Han, I'm Zhangniu What?

So it's you Mister What...what has happened?

Not long after I left here, my mom passed away Before I could return, my father passed away too This...is so sad!

They have been so good to me

I can never forget that You should know that... we've a marriage agreement with the Song family Of course I know that Mr. Han and Miss Lianhua are engaged to each other And the two families are in-laws

I see. So Mr. Han is here to get married

Miss, you die so young Mr. Han will be here soon But you can't even wait a minute more Miss, Miss...

At his deathbed, father ordered me to repay the debt Is there a lot?

Not a small sum. When we left here... it was such a mess, we have borrowed... a thousand silver dollars from Master Song Father has been running around for years... to come up with the money, and finally got enough After he died it's my duty to come here and repay the debt But I was robbed on my way here Now...

Such misfortune!

But, Mr. Han Master Song has also passed away three months ago You can just leave the debt unsettled Even so, but a debt is still a debt You should know my father pretty well Yes...of course If I can't repay the debt Then I can't fulfill his last wish Then I'm an unworthy son Mr. Han, what's done is done. There's no use feeling sad You can leave this matter to me I will do my best for you Please take a good rest here

Thank you so much for your kindness After all these years, I'm quite well-known here You don't have to worry a bit

Honey Honey Come, come...

What's up? What is it?

Go in quickly

Come, hurry up What's up?

This is Mr. Han that I've always talked about Go and greet him This must be the lady, never mind the etiquette Mr. Han is so nice Go and greet everyone, hurry up

Awhile back I didn't know it's you Sorry if I've offended you Today I'm the uninvited guest What are you talking about?

As long as I'm here, you don't have to worry a bit Just take a good rest

Excuse me What does it say?

Can't you read that yourself?

I won't ask you if I can read The Song family is looking for Han Shilong Han Shilong? Why?

Don't you know? Miss Song is dead Miss Lianhua has passed away...

Master & Miss Song are both dead. Hence they are... looking for Mr. Han to take up the inheritance Inheritance?

It's what Master Song ordered at his deathbed Jeez, this Mr. Han sure is a lucky fellow!

He has become a millionaire all of a sudden

What? Miss has passed away They said she died last night

What a pity!

If only I can come earlier

Mr. Han, even though you're not yet fully recovered But you have to get up quickly I'll bring you there Where to?

Of course the Song House

What else is there to think about?

The thousand dollar debt isn't repaid yet I'm still regretful about it I was told to bring the money back But instead, I got robbed Now I don't have anything to pay How can I go there?

Mr. Han, please don't think too much about that Even though she had died, yet I can't be there without the money;

Otherwise my father won't rest in peace But...but Zhangniu Don't talk about it anymore But...but...

Excuse me...

Is this the Song House?

May I ask who this is?

I'm Han Shilong from the capital So it's Mr. Han I heard Miss is dead. I couldn't see her... the last time, so I've come to pay my respects Please come with me, Mr. Han


Bring this gentleman in Please

How many are there?

He is the ninth one The ninth?

You've taken care of Miss for so long And you've never seen Mr. Han?

I've seen him when he was small But I don't know him anymore Suddenly we have nine posing as Mr. Han How can I tell who is who?

When the other family members get the news... they too will surely be here to claim the inheritance

We have to find the real Mr. Han as soon as possible Can you come up with any good idea?

Of course I have an idea This can surely tell who is real Mr. Han What is it?

Go to the living room And take them one by one to the mourning hall One who can stay with Miss... until the next morning He is the real Mr. Han All the impostors will be scared to death We'd have got our answer by then, right?


C'mon, just do as I said When Miss is alive...

She missed Mr. Han day and night;

Hoping he can soon return Now we have so many fake Mr. Han Let's hope our Miss in heaven helps us

...to find out the real Mr. Han Deqi, do it as I've planned But be very careful Yes

This way

This way please

This is the mourning hall

Is it?

Maybe you guys think I'm here for the inheritance That's why you have to test me; How very rude!

I'm sorry. If you could kindly stay with Miss

...until morning, then everything will be clear Please!


Please go in I'm the only real Mr. Han All of them are fake Kick them out Yes



I knew it, they are all stupid jerks Please go in I'm telling you, I'm the only real one I'm the real Mr. Han, let's go



Mr. Han, you may not realize this But a lot of greedy men are pretending to be you Hoping to get the inheritance of Miss Lianhua Even Miss Lianhua's cousin and her husband went to cause trouble in the Song House Even I can't stand it and want to kick them out How can you stay away from all these?

Then what do you want me to do?

That's easy. Come with me to the Song House... and tell them who you are They will believe me that... you are the real Mr. Han No Why?

I don't have one thousand silver dollars with me They will say I'm just there for the inheritance But...

Don't mention about this anymore

Such a nice lady has to die in regret The Heavens have played too big a joke on us If sacrificing my life... can make her wish come true I'm willing to die at once

It stinks even in here How much longer are they going to keep the corpse?

Why don't you ask the wet nurse

...to bury the body quickly She won't listen to me My good wife, the old hag must have known that all those sitting outside... are all Mr. Han's impostors But still, she won't give up The Song family has at least a few thousand silver dollars in cash Where did the old hag hide it? It's so strange

Let's do it this way!



A big man as you being afraid of an old hag?!

Dead...she's. . .dead

Come, open the door quickly

Who is it?

I'm just passing by. Can I stay the night here?

Shit, and I thought god knows who it is!

We don't have a vacant room, go ask somewhere else Hold it there Hey you, go inform your Master quickly How rude! Let me tell ya Even though I'm wandering from place to place Yet I'm no ordinary man. Open the door quick And what's so special about you?

Are you a spirit or what?

Damn, consider this as stronger than some spirit

The devil has entered your house Open the door quickly Otherwise you'll have big trouble Go tell your Master quickly We don't really have a Master here Then who is in-charge?

Even though our Mister is at home But for all matters, he listens to me He is now studying And he doesn't have time for you Servant, I said go tell him Cut the crap Shit, why do you have to add the word "servant"

...in whatever you speak Servant, open the door as I told you Old fart, if you keep on nagging...

I'll teach you a good lesson

Mr. Han, are you taking a rest?

This is strange! Where is he?

May I ask...why are you here?

Sorry if I've scared you

Please come with me and you'll know why

Who are you?

You don't have to ask I've been waiting here a long time for you Tell me, who are you?

Why are you waiting here for me?

Don't bother with who I am. Just come with me And you'll know the whole story Please don't worry, I won't hurt you

Wait Why are you walking into the deep mountain?

Are you a human, or a devil?

This is a long story Anyway, I'm no devil Please trust me

It's hard to walk in a dark forest Let me take your hand

Why is your hand so cold?

Because of the dew on my hand Please don't get suspicious

Let's go

Be careful


You must be tired, please have a seat Miss, whose family are you from?

I'll tell you, please have a seat first


I'm sorry to have invited you here so late

You're so gracious in your manner You must have come from a respectable family Why do you bring me here at this late hour?

We've been through a difficult time, so I stay away

...from the earthly concerns with my wet nurse

Maybe you have forgotten me But, I'm always looking forward to see you You are...

I'm Song Lianhua Miss Lianhua has passed away a few days ago Mr. Han...

Mr. Han Please let me explain this to you

Please don't trust the rumor outside Miss has not died yet

Mr. Han, you know that I've taken care of Miss

...ever since she was small Upon the order of the late Master and the Lady She has been engaged to you Although she hasn't met with you before But she has always missed you Since the Master and the Lady have passed away Miss has taken ill due to deep grief And her cousin, the Lian couple They have evil desire on her inheritance So they wish her death

Miss Lianhua's sickness has become serious Even though she has seen a lot of good doctors But still no one can do anything For the others, they may have already died But since Miss has loved you for so many years And she wishes to see you when she's still alive That love has sustained her life until now

But, that evil Lian couple They feared that if Miss is still alive And that when she's married to you They won't get the inheritance So they've set an evil plan To have Miss buried alive What? Buried alive?

Yes A pair of heartless beasts are they That night when I passed by their room I unexpectedly overheard their plan They planned to take out the seriously ill Miss

...to bury alive When there's nobody around So I've tried all means

...to bring Miss over here Thanks to the heaven We found glossy ganoderma in the deep mountain which keeps her alive, so as to see you

Mr. Han, what I've told you is true Please do believe me Please, for the sake of her love for you And all the suffering that she has gone through Please fulfill my wish What is your wish?

I wish that you and our Miss

...can get married tonight Get married?

Yes, get married at once You two have since long been engaged anyway You two are separated because of other circumstances Now Miss is so lonely by herself She has got no family but you You two have every reason to get married

...to continue the family line if this wish can be fulfilled, I've no more regret

This is strange It seems that Mr. Han has come this way

Mr. Han?

Miss, you can fulfill your wish now


Wet nurse, what has happened?

What a pity!

Even though you two have already got married But someone here has ruined the day You can't stay with him tonight

Miss, we have to leave quickly There's no more chance tonight We have to go... before daybreak



Open the door...


Open the door

Tell me honestly Which girl has kept you for the night?

You are so late at home Tell me the truth Otherwise I'll beat you to death Come, strip, let me see... who are you staying with?

Ghost Ghost

Ghost, ghost...

Mr. Han, it's good you're here Come take a look!

My husband I don't know what he has seen last night He kept saying there is ghost Give me a hand He has frightened me I got him a doctor... to try to cure him Zhangniu, don't yell Zhangniu, do you recognize me?

Zhangniu, Zhangniu Ghost...

Husband Zhangniu

So, Mr. Han Please don't leave the room tonight Yes You are the one that got superstitious Well...well...

Mr. Han, this is for your own goodness Please listen to us Don't go out tonight I beg you, please. Don't go out Please, Mr. Han Don't you go out Okay okay, you can leave now!

My beloved I think that's not enough Maybe we should go get a priest here To drive out the evil

Wait for me

Mr. Han, you can't go out Again You don't look good lately And there's the disturbance of the evil spirit Did you hear the drumbeat over there?

They are the priests I got for you They are very famous here, they can... drive out the evil spirit that surrounds you Please listen to me, and don't leave your room I beg you I won't listen to you no matter what Get off my way Mr. Han, you can't leave Are you taking your hands off?

If you don't listen to me...

Then kill me first I can't let you go to your death You...better kill me first You're so annoying Please don't get annoyed It's my goodwill

Mr. Han If something happens to you...

How can I face up to the Master and the Lady?

I beg you, please go back to your room

If you don't listen to me...

Then I'll die here

Okay, since you're so sincere Then I won't go out tonight

Thank you, thank you

Mr. Han

Miss Lianhua When did you come here?

After waiting for long, I can only come The rumor against you is very bad You have to be very careful

I knew that already No matter how bad the rumor is We have already got married As long as you haven't changed There's nothing to be feared

Mr. Han, even though... you've married Miss Lianhua But you two haven't spent the first night together That's why I accompanied Miss here

...so as not to miss the best moment Okay, then I'll follow you Thank you so much

What is that sound?

They said that I've been surrounded by evil spirit So they brought in the priests So we are the evil spirit

Don't get mad, it's only their ignorance Please don't get suspicious I just need to go tell them to stop spreading the rumor So as not to affect the love between you two

Mr. Han is looking for you Mr. Han is looking for me?

He said it's urgent, go quickly


What's the matter?

Mr. Han is looking for me Mr. Han is looking for you?

Just now an old woman came and said Mr. Han has something urgent to see me An old woman? How come I didn't see her What? You didn't know that What does that mean?

I've always been here I haven't seen any old woman This is strange How come there's an old woman telling me that Mr. Han is looking for me


What are you waiting for, keep knocking

Knock, keep knocking


Do you know what is he doing in there?


Should I go take a look?

He's not there

He's there

Mr. Han, where are you going?

Mr. Han, come back Come back Mr. Han Let's go back!

Mr. Han, where are you going?

Let's go back, go, go...

Let's go Don't pull me Let's go back Miss...

Mr. Han What are you doing?

Let's go back Lianhua Mr. Han, let's go What are you looking at?

Lianhua Don't look, just go...


Good, good...

It's nothing

It's nothing There's no ghost. If there really is a ghost I'll give it a punch Thank you so much, everybody Please have a drink inside Come inside

Come on The food is here A toast Take as much as you want Get me another drink Yes, please wait Come, drink it...

How come you've blood in your mouth?

Blood? You look pale Blood

This is not wine, but blood

How come you're all so scared?

I'm afraid that there is not enough wine So I bring some more

There's no more blood That's true

It's wine

What happened?

Nothing, nothing Please give me the wine Okay Smells good. Don't go Drink with us No Why do you despise us?

No, I...

How can I sit here?

Don't go Stay for a moment, just a moment Don't do that, they can see us

Miss, I'm still single Go to some place where no one is around Let's have a good time


Come on This is strange, where is he?

Let go What does it matter, no one is here!


How soft is your hand!

No Come on Come on...

Where is she?


It's my fault I should have known better; it's my fault

Please forgive me for what I did to you Please save our Mister, I beg you

To be honest with you I saw an evil wind in your house What? An evil wind?

What should we do? I beg you Please save our Mister, I beg you Okay!

Since he's so young and such a nice man I don't want him to die I'll help you this time Thank you so much

See Now you can believe me

Is that true?

The Miss Lianhua... that you are seeing every night... as actually a spirit This is the grave of her wet nurse, Yuegui From now on, you can't get close to the spirit Otherwise, you will die, because... the spirit will take away all your energy So that it can wait long enough to enter the Heaven No, no If you are still unconvinced Let's open the coffin for him to see Come Yes No, this is too cruel You can't do such a thing Take him home, and remember my words Tonight is the critical moment

Mister Don't listen to all those rumors anymore They are harming our love Please touch my heart Then you'll know that I'm true to you


Why are you avoiding me?

If you suspect me...

Please touch my heart

Please believe me


What happened?

Zhangniu, Zhangniu Lianhua, what's up?

Are you sick?

Miss, what happened?

Go...go quickly


Lianhua What happened?

What happened?


Are you sick?

What are you doing?

I've put the incantation as a decorative chain It will be hard for the ghost to break in You don't have to worry about me I'm feeling a lot better now That's good We've been worrying about you As long as you can stand firm, then no matter what kind of ghost they are They won't dare to come Please don't worry about it anymore

Darling Look, I've put the incantation on my face It will scare the evil spirit

Let's go It has all been covered with incantation


What should we do?

Mr. Han Miss Lianhua is here

Mister, Miss Lianhua is here Mister, Miss Lianhua is here Mister, please tell me what has happened If it's my fault, I'm willing to be punished All I want is to see you Mister, what has happened?

Please tell me Mister, this is too much You don't want her now after getting married You two have to spend the night together Please open the door quickly Please open the door Leave me, just leave me Mister, please open the door!

Don't you try to hurt me anymore This is not true I don't understand what you said Please don't believe in all those rumors You've got me wrong Please leave me alone

What do you mean?

Do you want to deny the marriage

...with our Miss?

I've never imagined that you're such a ruthless man This is too much Can't you hear that Miss is crying?


Mister, please open the door!

Can you be that cruel?

Please, fulfill the wish of our Miss

Mister If you really want to break up this marriage I won't force it upon you After I go back this once, I will never come again Mister Please just let me see you for the last time Then I'll have no regret

Mister Please open the door Mister Mister, please listen to that Don't you think our Miss is pitiful?

Mister...please open the door Mister

The front door, the back door...very good

I think Mr. Han will be okay this time This incantation is very powerful

She's here Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you Please, please...

Please, spare our lives Okay, but only upon one condition Tell us!

What condition?

As long as that can save our lives Take away all the incantation... on Mr. Han's room

No, we can't do that No way Do you agree to that or not?

No, just this one is a "no"

If you don't listen to me I'll kill you Yes or no?

This...we can't agree to that

Mr. Han is our saviour Yes If you're going to harm him... we won't agree to that even if you've to kill us That's right, we won't agree to that We'll never harm Mr. Han, no way It's very good that... you're so loyal Then I'll just kill one... among you both Say, who is willing to die

Me. But after I die, you'll become a widow How are you going to live?

You don't have to worry about me After you die, I'll keep my chastity And I'll pay you respects everyday

No, this can't be it After I die You have to remarry Marry Little Black...no, maybe Iron Rod Iron Rod is more honest than Little Black Honey, you've to take my word As long as you can do it I'll have peace in mind in the heaven You're so good to me. You have such a good heart

...and you're so generous You're so considerate Madam Ghost, did you hear that... my hubby is such a good man It'll give you bad luck to kill such a good man Then you die for him No No way, if you kill her...

I'll be left all alone in this world Without her What's the meaning of my life?

Who will want to marry me?

If you kill my wife, then kill us both Yes, if you want to kill Then kill us both Since you two are a loving couple Maybe...if you will do as I say I'll give you a thousand silver dollars One...one thousand silver dollars?

Yes, one thousand silver dollars The money can redeem... not only the lives of you two But you can also... buy land and property You can then lead a very comfortable life Yes, with the one thousand silver dollars We can send Mr. Han to Hanyang With the one thousand silver dollars We can enjoy ourselves for the rest of our lives Okay...

We'll agree to that...

Then come with me to get the money


Money...this is true Okay, then come with me

...to where Mr. Han stays

Take away all these nasty things Otherwise you still won't get the money Mr. Han will need this money But what if something happens to him!

That shouldn't be a big deal As long as he stands firm It will move even the ghost to become a Buddha

Now I can see it, you're really ghostly

Please trust me, I just want to come in to have a few words with you Get out quickly, you evil spirit

Mister, please listen to me Since we are each other's fiance Why do you want to harm me?

No, I did not harm you

Even though I'm lifeless now But during the very last moment of my life

...I still love you It's a pity that I can't see you Although we can't get married when I'm alive I still want to settle my love for you after death Please understand me

Mr. Han, according to our custom here...

A virgin dying unmarried is most unfortunate Her heart will be so full of regret... that she can't enter heaven She will forever become a wandering ghost Please have pity on her Please marry her And make her truly your wife

Mr. Han, I knew Miss so well In her whole life She loves only you Tonight Please marry with our Miss and spend the night with her!

Lianhua, what she said is true or not?

Love between a married couple should never end Since we have performed the wedding ritual and become husband and wife

How can I let you become a ghost... wandering forever!

Mister Lianhua

Beloved, O' beloved

Where are you going?


Home, of course Home? Are you nuts? Is our home over there?

What, you've lost your sense of direction?

Don't you even know where our home is?

How can you take that haunted house as our home Put the thing down Let's talk about this

Now we have this sum of money We can lead a good life We can buy land and houses We can also have a lot of servants By that time we'll have three or four people

...at our service Hey you, come here Yes, Lady, what can I do for you?

Hubby, by then, you are the Master and I'm the Lady I'm the Master

You want to flee?

What else should we do?

For whatever reason We can't do that, even if we have to leave We have to say goodbye to Mister

We don't need to He's so occupied by the ghost And he will die when morning comes What are we waiting for?

Let's go, hurry up Let's go...

Honey, wait

We need money to flee You just can't go like that Why are you so stupid?

We have the thousand dollars here And you said we don't have money Just take it with us and go!

Let's go before daybreak One thousand silver dollars We're rich That's right We can do whatever we want Yes We have let him down But no matter what, my wife is always right Okay, let's go

Hold on Is this really a thousand dollars?

Of course I know it's a thousand dollars in there

But still it looks like a dream Dream, what dream?

It hurts! So I'm not dreaming Go! Let me take a look What's there to see?

Just now you saw it, the money is in the box Just let me look at it again It won't disappear by just one glance

Close the box and bring it home If you give it to Mr. Han, it will turn to money If you're greedy, it will become frogs again Do you hear me?

Yes...we won't dare again This is for Mr. Han

Mr. Han

Come greet Mr. Han The money for the trip to Hanyang is ready What happened?

Mister, you take a look

The one thousand silver dollars here is the same that you've lost to the robbers

Mister Miss Lianhua has got the money back for you

...to express her gratitude Mister

Thank you for fulfilling my wish

I've to go Please take care