Yang jia jiang (2013) Script

Yang Yanzhao You broke Family Law and ignored your father's orders.

You entered the sparring match without permission, & you failed in your duty as an older brother, allowing Yang Yansi's reckless behavior.

Yang Yansi. You flouted military regulations.

You ignored your father's orders and fought in the sparring match.

You flaunted your prowess with complete disregard for any consequences Both your actions have harmed the Yang family name.

Thirty strikes each!


Rong, can you see those clouds? They look like a flock of sheep.

Yes! That big cloud looks like a mommy sheep, and those are all her little lambs following behind.

I want a flock of sheep one day.

What? You want to rear sheep?

I want them playing all around me, one in my arms two on my back, and another four on the ground besides me.

I'll need your help though.

You want me to help you rear sheep?

They'll need a sheep mommy, you know!

Listen to me, world!

Princes Chai of the Song imperial family agrees to be a sheep mommy of the Yang Family!

I want to be a Yang mommy!

Father, the emperor has announced a sparring match to win the hand of Princess Chai.

I'm certain I can win.

Yanzhao, you are forbidden to take part, and you must not see Princess Chai again But why?

Lord Pan's son, the Emperor's brother-in-law Pan Bao, is interested in her.

It was Lord Pan who suggested the match to the Emperor.

The Pan family are set on winning.

The Pan family have long been at odds with the Yangs If you fight Pan Bao, relations between our families will deteriorate.

But Rong and I love each other, Father!

The Khitan are threatening Song territory.

The Yang and Pan families need to stand together against this foe.

This is no time to be focusing on romance!



This is an order. You may leave.


Pathetic. Get off the sparring stage!

Pan Bao, do you really think you can win love with such dirty tricks?

I'll teach you a lesson on my brother's behalf!

Sixth Brother!



My Lady?

Take these to the General.

Yes, my Lady.

Your Majesty.

The murder of my brother by Yang Ye's son is a heinous crime.

I demand the death of the whole family as punishment!

Only then can my brother's soul rest in peace!

Pan Bao fell to his death. He was careless.

How can you blame us?


Your Majesty. Pan Bao & I grew up together.

We were inseparable.

He was my most beloved brother.

He was so young, so full of potential.

But now he's gone, murdered in cold blood by Yang Yansi.

Your Majesty, I beg you to right this wrong!

I beg you for justice!

Your Majesty. Pan Bao's death was an accident.

Please judge carefully, Majesty.

The princess wasn't even at the scene, and yet she seems so sure it was an accident.

Empty words. Are you sure you're not biased towards the Yangs?

It was a sparring match. Each man's life lay in the hands of fate.

What happens shows it wasn't Pan Bao's fate to be my husband.


Your Majesty. Our signal towards to the north are ablaze.

The Khitan are attacking.

The Khitan!

How dare they attack us again!

Get me down.

Your Majesty, from the look of these signals, this is a full-scale invasion.

The Khitan are a formidable foe.

Who's leading their army this time?

Your Majesty, our reports say it is Yelu Yuan.

I remember ten years ago there was a General Yelu.

Yang Ye, didn't he die under your sword?

So who is this Yelu Yuan?

Your Majesty, he is the son of General Yelu.

He's an accomplished warrior and considered a hero by his people.

Genera Yang, you go to war! Take 60,000 of our best men.

Stop the Khitan!

Your Majesty, surely the great Song Empire has other generals to lead men into war?

Your Majesty, I beg the honor of being the one to lead your army.

It would answer the lifelong wish of my son, who wanted only to serve his country.

Very well.

Lord Pan. I appoint you supreme commander of our army against Khitan.

Yes, your Majesty.

Yang Ye. You will lead the troops at the front line and assist Lord Pan in defeating this army.

Yes, your Majesty.

That's the wrong armor. I'm front line general this time, not supreme commander.

Let me change it.

You mustn't be too worried, my dear wife.

I'm not worried about your abilities, only the complexity of the situation.

The enemy you face has a personal feud against you.

And your so-called ally is a scheming rival.

You mustn't worry. I've fought the Khitan for years and never lost a battle.

As for Lord Pan, we are fighting for the same cause.

I will exert every effort to repel the Khitan.

Together, we will defend the great Song Empire.

What if this is too much for Father?

Don't worry, Fifth Brother.

Father has never been defeated by the Khitan.

This time will be no different.

Father should let me go.

I can lead the front line!

This is war, not a sparring match.

Have you seen real blood spill?

Have you heard the splintering of bones?

Do you know what it's like to see men dying all around you?

You know nothing about war!

Lord Pan knows nothing about commanding an army. He will put Father in danger.

Father will be setting out soon. You've done all your work, so why are you all still here?

I don't want to hear what I just heard ever again.

Yes, Eldest Brother.

Stand up.

Does it still hurt?

Don't worry about us, Father.

Fifth Brother's medicines work fast!

Still a good fit after all these years!

General Yang is still a great warrior, despite his age.

More Khitan!

It's an ambush.

Sound the retreat!

What of General Yang?

We must retreat and regroup our forces.


Lord Pan is retreating!

Sanfeng, go. Let the old man taste suffering.

My Lady, were you having another dream?

Paifeng. Come with me to see Master Guigu.

General, watch out!

Save General Yang!

General, get on!

The Khitan are retreating!

To Wolf Mountain.

To Wolf Mountain!

I really don't understand, General.

You could crush them. Why are you leaving survivors?

We need someone to report back, don't we?

Come no further, Madam.

Master, I beg leave to ask one question.

The Yang family protects its own as it defends the empire. This is natural.

But all living things are equal in the eyes of the gods.

Master, please tell me if Yang Ye meets fortune or misfortune in this war.

War is the root of all misfortune.

So how could the Yangs meet with fortune?

Madam please leave now.

But Master, is there a way to ensure good fortune?

My Lady, let's go back and find out what's happened.

The master doesn't want to reveal the truth.

We can't force him.

Madam, please wait.

This is from my master.

What does it say, my Lady?

Go and wait for me at the bottom.

Yes, Ma'am.

Hang in there.

Your Ladyship.





I wish to talk with you.

Mother, I know it's going to be dangerous.

But you must trust me.

I will bring Father back, and keep my brothers safe.

If Master Guigu speaks the truth, and one of us must die, then let it be me!

Your mother believes in you.

We are ready to march, Mother. Just give the order.

I cannot risk upsetting the emperor.

I must go to the palace and seek his approval.

Good boy, Thunder. We're going to need your help saving Father.

Sixth Brother and Seventh Brother will be going to war for the first time.

So tell your brothers to look after them, OK?


Come back to me.

Don't wait for me.

What can I do but wait for you?

What did the emperor say, Mother?

Go and save your father.

Don't worry about us, Mother.

Not too much betel nut.



You must obey Eldest Brother, OK?

Get up.


Follow me.

General Yelu, I do believe you spared Yang Ye to lure his sons here.

But now look, all seven of them have escaped.

I don't think Empress Xiao would be pleased to hear this.

We may have sacrificed 200 men but now I know their strength. It was worth it.

General, I must protest.

Our army of 50,000 are now at Huanzhou confronting the forces of the Song.

We should be concentrating on that central campaign, now wasting our time running after the Yang Clan.

Destroying the Yang Clan will remove the Khitan Empire's biggest obstacle.

And then, the end of the Song will be only a matter of time.

These are the imperial orders:

General Yang Ye is trapped on Wolf Mountain.

The General's seven sons have been sent to rescue him.

You are ordered to dispatch 5,000 troops in support.

Follow these orders immediately.

I will honor my orders.

What's the situation outside the city walls?

My Lord, our 60,000 men are fighting the Khitan force of 50,000.

Fetch me ink and paper. I must write to the emperor.

Yes, my Lord.

Be quick about mending those weapons.

Yes, sir!

How is your wound?

It's OK.

Make sure it holds firm, brothers.


Please eat something.

Share it among the men.

They've had their share.

You've fought by my side for so many years.

I can say you're a fine warrior. But you're a terrible liar.

Don't you think I know we're running out of food and water?

General, I've fought with you all these years, and we've never been in such a bad situation.

Perhaps I really am getting old.

There were so many Khitan waiting in ambush.

How could I have not known?

And why hasn't Yelu Yuan attacked us yet?

The Yang Army is coming!


We took too long to get here. Father has suffered.

Wolf Mountain is surrounded by the Khitan.

How did you get in?

It was easy. We simply changed our battle formation, and we were able to break through their ranks.

General, General!


You've fallen into a trap!

Ten years ago, the Song defeated a Khitan army of 300,000 None of General Yelu's men were left alive.

Now, his son Yelu Yuan is taking revenge.

He left me alive so that you would all come to my rescue.

Father, I have to remove that arrow now.

Yanping, take your brothers and leave Wolf Mountain immediately!

Not without you, Father!

In all my years as a soldier, I've never felt fear.

I'm not going to start running away now!

Father, Lord Pan's relief force should be here at sunset.

We can hold this fort until they come.

And then we can fight our way out together!

If he'd wanted to rescue us, why didn't he do it during the battle?

If he'd sent his troops out then, we wouldn't be here now.

He retreated then. Why would he come and die with us here now?

Lord Pan is an old coward.

He'll take no risks unless he's forced to with a knife at his neck.

Father, our rescue mission was approved by the emperor.

His majesty is so concerned about me, and I am failing him in my duty to defend our land.

Yanping. You haven't much time.

Take your brothers away from here.



Captain Hu, is there another way off Wolf Mountain?

There is, but the terrain is hard.. it hardly counts as an escape route.

Go now!

Please believe us, Father. We can get you out here.

I'm not leaving.

Father, you can stay and fight Yelu Yuan to the death if you want.

But you can't just sit here waiting for that poisoned arrow to kill you

Captain Hu, please show us the route you mentioned.


Seventh Brother, Sixth Brother, you keep guard here.


Fifth Brother, tend our father's wounds.

Let's go.

Father. I'm going to pull out the arrow now.

Don't touch it. It's poisoned.

The poison has got into the marrow of his bones.

Father, I'm going to cut out the poison.

Father, this is all my fault.

I'm going to Huanzhou to make Lord Pan send reinforcements.


Sixth Brother, go after him!

Seventh Brother!





Your father knows we all have families back home.

He didn't want us to stay here waiting to die.

He tried to persuade us to escape via this route.

But no-one was willing to leave.

All his men have stayed to defend this fort with him, to the death.

Quick, back to Father.



Hold still. It will be better soon.






Where is Seventh Brother?

He has gone to Huanzhou to find Pan Renmei.

Eldest Brother!

Couldn't you stop him?


The Khitan have surrounded us.

Split up and break out. Meet up at the front gate.

Let's go.

Fifth Brother.. General Hu..

You escort Father!


This way.

Let's go, Father.

Quick. The gate is just up there.

We've got horses!

Quick, get the general out of here.

Third Brother!

The surprise attack didn't work, and neither has encirclement.

Looks like you really aren't up to the task of defeating the Yang Clan.

I suggest you return to the front line at Huanzhou and do your job.

Otherwise, I'll be having a word of two with Empress Xiao..


Report to the Empress Xiao that her inspector has sacrificed his life for the Khitan Empire.

Yes, sir.

Get me 100 of our best horsemen. We will pursue the Yang men to their deaths.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

Take our remaining troops to Huanzhou.

Wait for my arrival. We will attack the city when I get there.

Yes, sir.

Be fast.

Hold on, Father.

Eldest Brother. I'm sorry.

Do you think we'll make it back?

Of course we will.

I don't care what happens, I'm going to get you all home.

Eldest Brother!

Eldest Brother!

How is Father?

Eldest Brother. We have to rest. He can't go on like this.

There is a deserted Su Wu temple up ahead. We can rest there.


Slowly, Father. Slowly.


Father, I should have listened to you.

I shouldn't have taken part in that sparring match.

If I hadn't take part, I wouldn't have got Seventh Brother into trouble.

A man's temperament decides his fate.

Seventh Son is too impetuous.

It's all my fault!

I should have stopped him.

I shouldn't have let him go to the sparring stage.

And I should have stopped him on Wolf Mountain.

Sixth Son, when we get back, I want you to marry Princess Chai.

This is too hard on you, my sons.

You shouldn't have come to rescue this useless old man!

Father.. you mustn't vex yourself.

We still have a ways to travel tomorrow.

Rest now. We've be home soon.

Lie down, Father.

I'm not worried about your abilities, only the complexity of the situation.

The enemy you face has a personal feud against you.

And your so-called ally is a scheming rival.

Betel nut isn't good for you. You need to cut down.

I need its strength right now.

Third Brother..


Who goes there?

I am the seventh son of General Yang, Yang Yansi.

I have come to see Lord Pan. Open the gates.

Why didn't you send reinforcements to help my father?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're a Khitan!

Lord Pan! You know me.

I am Yang Yansi, the seventh son of the Yang Clan.

Lord Pan. I've come here not expecting to leave alive.

I killed your son.

You can take my life now.

But send troops to save my father!

You insolent Khitan! Our empires are at war, and you dare come here pretending to be a son of the Yang Clan.

Get out of here!



Throw him in the river.

Yes, sir!


Are you looking for me, Yang Ye?

Why do you seek me?

Master Su Wu, have you seen my son, Yang Yansi?

You mean your seventh son? He's gone already.

Where did he go? Can you take me to him?

Look at this, Yang Ye.

This old goat of mine!

He's lame as anything, but still he keeps going.

He looks as if he's been badly wounded.

I don't know how he's still alive.

Alive? Not for long.

This old goat will die today.

Look. Do you know what this is?

Li Ling was defeated by the Xiongnu, and then betrayed the Han Empire by defecting to the enemy.

Who would have erected a monument to this traitor?

This temple is in Su Wu's name. And this monument is for Li Ling.

Which do you want, Yang Ye? Survival or integrity?

I am not worthy of this armor.

Your emperor is good to you.

No other would have sent troops to rescue a defeated old man.

You must feel proud.

What will happen to my sons if I die?

If the old goat stays alive, the young goats cannot thrive.

It's time to put down your sword and armor.

My Lady!

My Lady. The Eighth Prince is here to see you!

Madam, Lord Pan has just reported to the emperor.

He says the situation in Huanzhou is too critical.

He has been unable to send troops to rescue your husband.

Any news of him and my sons?

At present, nothing.

I thank you for coming, Your Highness.

Then I shall leave you, Madam.

Paifeng. Please see his Highness out.

Fifth Brother, quick, save our father!

How could this happen?


I want to take Father home!

I want to take Father home!

Our mother is waiting for him.

Eldest Brother, the Khitan have caught up.

Should we stay and fight?

No. We must take Father back home.

They were just here.

How many?

Only five or six horses.

Eldest Brother!

Yelu Yuan has caught up with us. He's got at least 80 top riders.

So fast!

We took such a difficult route, I can't believe they've found us.

We fought through their ranks on Wolf Mountain.

We can do it again now.

I will stay here. You keep going.

Protect Sixth Brother and make sure Father gets home.

I'll make sure I slow them down.

We're all brothers.

How can we leave you here alone?

I don't want any of us to be sacrificed bringing Father home.

Listen to me.

Father is dead.

And many more comrades died on Wolf Mountain.

But Mother is waiting for us, along with many other people at home.

Don't worry. I'll get out of here.

We'll meet at Yanmen Pass.

Eldest Brother can't hold off 80 horsemen.

I will stay with him.

Third Brother, you take the others to Yanmen Pass.

I will stay with Eldest Brother. Go now, quickly!

Second Brother..

Mother gave this to me before we left. It's from Master Guigu.

I promised Mother I'd Bring my brothers safely back home.


Protect them. Take them home to Mother.

I understand now.

I'll see you at Yanmen Pass. Go!

My father died in battle. I was proud of him.

And I've never blamed your father.

But I can't let you live.

Can you understand, Yanping?

I can't forgive you for the tears of my Mother shed.

They couldn't even find my Father's body. She died of a broken heart.

I swore to kill your father and all you brothers, one by one.

I swore to make your mother

suffer a hundred times more than mine.



Brother, I couldn't let you go alone.


Third Brother!

You go on. I'll get fifth Brother. We need to get Father home.

Fifth Brother.


We are Yang Yanhui and Yang Yande of the Yang family. We need your help!

Give us your orders!

Didn't you say betel nut was bad for you?

I need its strength now!

Grandfather, look. The wind has changed direction.

Fifth Brother!

Fourth Brother, Fifth Brother, give us back our clothes, or we'll kill you!

Here you go!

He shot the horse, but not the rider. What's this marksman trying to do?

It's a poisoned arrow! Father was shot by an arrow like this.

I'm going to kill him!

Follow the signal towers and you'll get to Yanmen Pass.

Take Father home!

Third Brother!


We're nearly home.

Are you the sixth brother or the seventh?

Bring Father back!

You Yang boys are each worse than the last.

The first five died for me magnanimously.

Now it's your turn, and all you can do is run away.

You can't take the body with you.

I want your father to meet the same fate as mine.

That was my promise to my other.

The promise I am carrying is more weighty than yours!

I'm the sixth brother, Yang Yanzhao.

You remember that.


We have brought Father home.

Let us.. go home.

With the death of Yelu Yuan, the Khitan army was left without a leader.

Empress Xiao had no choice but to withdraw from Huanzhou and rework her war plans.

The Song Empire enjoyed a brief period of peace.

Although Lord Pan was not punished for his treachery, his name has gone down in infamy.

The bodies of the Yang Clan's eldest, second, third, and seventh sons were found and brought home for burial.

But the bodies of the fourth and fifth sons were never found.

The sixth son carried on the family's mission to protect the nation.

He married his childhood sweetheart, Princess Chai.

The story of the Yang Clan has become legendary, eulogized to this day.

They have come to represent the virtues of loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, and righteousness.

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