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British Prime Minister Tony Blair voiced his full support Downloaded from YTS.MX to United States President George Bush's comments defending the invasion of Iraq.

Official YIFY movies site: YTS.MX Prime Minister Tony Blair defended his country's decision to join the war in Iraq.

Blair stated that the world became a safer place after Saddam Hussein.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some breaking news.

The death penalty is now abolished.

Turkish Grand National Assembly made its final decision on the highly debated topic of capital punishment.

From now on, there will be no death penalty in Turkey.

The European Union especially had been pushing for the death penalty to be abolished.

The last death penalty in Turkey was executed in 1984.

Rustam Kasimdzhanov from Uzbekistan beat his British opponent  Micheal Adams and became the World Chess Champion.

Kasimdzhanov, in the...

MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 Ova Koyuncu.

APRIL 22, 1983

Well done, Ova.

-Lingo lingo! -Bottles!

-Lingo lingo! -Bottles!

Dad, look. I won a ribbon.

It's red, Ova!

Yes it is!

Look at the idiot! Retards.

Crazy! Crazy!

-Look, look. -Children.


Shame on you.

We're sorry, teacher.

Good. Go on.



Come on.

Ova, look at the birds.

-Dad, stop. You can't catch them. -Ova, but birds!


Say hello to my Ayşe for me, birds!

Birds! Tell them we are fine!

Kemal, keeping on trimming?

A Heidi backpack!

Heidi backpack!

What's up, Memo?

How's it going, girl? How's school?

-How much for this backpack? -400.

It's very expensive.

Give me what you have. We can take care of the rest later.

No, no.

-Take it, boy. -No, Grandma will be mad.

-My goodness! -Come on.

We can't buy it, right? It's too expensive.

I'm going to sell candy apple tomorrow at the parade.

Then we'll buy it, just like that!

Always the same.

This can't go on, Rıza!

You have to do what everyone else does.

I'll tell Grandma, I swear.

Look at Hasan.

Allow him, you aren't--

Come here.

Come here.


What's wrong with my dad?

What's wrong with him?

Is my dad crazy?

Mind your words!

Don't make me slap you.

But they say so.

Who says so?

The kids in school.

You tell them, ''If you call my dad crazy again, I'm going to tell Nana and she's going to cut your tongues.''

I'll tell Nellie over there, I swear.


But he's not like the other dads at all.

No, he's not.

He's not like anyone else at all.

Do you know why?

Because your father is the same age as you.

My father is the same age as me.

All right, go.

Enough already.

Enough, go on.

All right, enough. Go.

Walk, come on.

Come here.

Walk! Come with me.

"Heidi loves to go to the meadow with Peter and the goats. very much."



Heidi's mom and dad are dead. Did you know that?

Yes, they became angels.

That's why her aunt looked after Heidi.

Then her aunt got a job in the big city.


You won't die, right?

You won't go away like Mom.

Dad won't go, Ova.

I will always stay with you.

"They lived happily like this, until one day Heidi's aunt turned up."

It's too thin, Memo.

Add some more.

Garnet, garnet.

Garnet, add some.



We're out here!

We made candy out of apples!

Come on, then.

Go wash up, then eat your bread.

She's been going on about that Heidi backpack all night.

Neither of us had any sleep at all.

Give me five coins Give me five coins If you don't have it Give me ten coins

-Give me five coins -Daddy will, once he sells these.

This is an anthem, Dad. You don't know anything.

Give me five coins Give me five coins

-If you don't have it -Why did you say that?

Grandma always does too. She says, ''Memoş doesn't know.''

-Why did you say that? -Give me five--

-Why-- -Heidi backpack!

Heidi backpack!

Thank you!

-Thank you! -Thank you!

Thank you!

O, jewel of the skies, crimson and white My sister's wedding dress, The final cloak of my martyr Basking in light, Flows in waves, my flag I read your legend And I will write it down, too Those who would not see you as I do, I will dig their graves The bird who would fly without hailing you, I will break its nest There can be no fear or sorrow On the lands that you flow over Please, please take me in your shade So what if the sun never rises, the morning never comes The light of your crescent and star is enough for the homeland.

The day war took us to the snowy mountains We were warmed in your crimson

-Ova! -The day it lowered us to the dunes We took shelter in your shade

-What are you doing? -O, you the pure!

Flowing in the wind Dove of peace, eagle of war My flower, blossoming up high I was born under you And I will die under you

-Children's day! -My history, my honor, my poetry, my all Pick any place on earth Tell me where you want to be planted And there I will plant you

Heidi backpack is gone!

Heidi backpack is gone!

-Thank you. -Enjoy it.

But sir,  we were going to buy that backpack.

We brought the money.

I'll order another one, all right?

But we were going to buy that, here's 400.

What is this?

-Don't mind them, sir. -Move.

They were interested in it for some time.

Leave it, son.

Memo, stop. Come back here.


Here's the money, you take it.

-Step away. -But, this...

This is the one Ova likes. It's Ova's.



Who are you to touch my daughter?

Don't, sir. He's a half-wit.

It's all right. Go back to your posts.

Mount vehicle.

Come on, daughter.

Lunatic! It's nothing.

Sheep, come here.

Where's the backpack?

There isn't one. It's gone.

Gone where?

Seda's father bought it for her.

Oh, dear!

Whatever. Don't be so sad. It's just Heidi.

That's not why I'm sad.

Seda's father hit Dad.


You're okay, right?


You're fine, right?


Will Ova smile?

She will. She will.

Don't you feel small.

You're no different than any of them.

You have more, not less.

You have a beautiful heart, son.

Come on, get up.

Get up and herd the sheep.

Come on.

-It was a great idea to come here, right? -Yes, sir.

-Are you hungry? -Yes sir, real hungry.

Thank you for the invitation, sir.

Of course, Staff Sergeant.

-Fresh air is nice. -Yes, sir.

Don't fan that much, you're going to burn the meat. Slow down.

Yes, sir.

These young privates are like children.

They don't know anything.

Don't call grown men children, sir.

Those anarchists we called children almost burned the country down.

-Seda! -Brother!


Stay with your mother, Rıza.


There's blue on the crazy guy! Go!

Blue! Blue!

Crazy, crazy! You're really crazy!

Crazy, crazy! You're really crazy!

Brother! Enough, he's Ova's dad.

Heidi backpack!

-Kids, the meat is ready. Come here! -Come on, Seda.

Do you like this backpack that much?

It's the Heidi backpack.

Seda's dad bought it for her.

Enough with the backgammon. Dinner is served.

Come on, come on.

You can't catch me!

Look at my backpack!

Red backpack!

Come on. Run.

Heidi backpack!

You can't catch me.


Come on. Come here.

Look at my backpack.


Come on.

Come on, come here.

Rotten apple, rotten apple Don't go. Stop. Grandma will be mad.

Grandma will be mad. Don't go there. It's too high.

Grandma. Grandma will be mad!

Don't, don't.

All right, it's dinner time.

There you go.

Have some, daughter.

Son, where's your sister?

She's playing with the crazy guy. I called her but she didn't come.


Can you check on her?

He said she's playing with the crazy guy. Go check on her.

He got her. Memo got her. Memo got her.

Her heart?

Her heart?

Shh, shh, Ova.


Grandma, is she asleep?

Is she asleep or an angel, Grandma?


Her heart.

Her heart!

-Seda! -Daughter!


Seda! Seda!

Daughter! Daughter!

She's asleep. She's asleep.

What have you done to her?

What have you done to her?

-What have you done to her? -Memo didn't.

-Sir! Sir! -Let me go!

-Don't do it, sir. Stop! -Let me go!

What have you done to her?


My daughter!

Don't do it, sir. Don't do it!


No, stop!


I have to go home. Grandma will be mad.

It's nighttime, I should go home.

I should go home.

Where are you going?


Mehmet Koyuncu.

Is Mehmet Koyuncu here?

Sign it!

Back, back.

The one-eyed giant saw it, then--

Press your thumb.

Press it.

-I didn't do it. -Hey!

She-- She lost her grip.

She fell. Jumped, plop!

Shut up!

We got the confession, sir.




Yes, sir!

-The prisoner is being released. Eyes up! -Yes, sir!


Commander. Son.

-Yes, ma'am? -Mehmet.

I want to see Mehmet Koyuncu.

-What's your relation? -He's my grandson.

You can't see him.

-You shouldn't see him. -Why? Why shouldn't I see him?

He drowned a little girl in the lake.


-Mehmet wouldn't do such a thing. -He did.

-There are witnesses. -He wouldn't, son.

He has a daughter that he dotes upon.

He confessed, ma'am.

-No, he wouldn't. -Go away.

-I'm busy. Go. -Just let me speak with him.

He's like a child.

Only I can understand him.

Son, just let me speak to him.

Please, for the love of God.







-Dad! -Ova!

-Dad! -Ova!

-Move aside, girl. -Open the gate.

-Dad! Dad! -Ova, stop!

-Dad! -Ova?

I want my dad!

-Ova! -Dad!


She's Memo's child.



I want to go to Daddy!

-Let me go! Let me go! -Can I see my child?

You can't.

She shouldn't see you like this.

-Dad, don't go! -Stop, dear.


-Ova! -Dad!

-Stop, Ova. Stop! -Let my dad go!


Stop. Don't go.

One-eyed giant.

-Let my dad go! -Ova!

The one-eyed giant saw it, Ova!

The one-eyed giant saw it, Ova!


What does this one look like?

A sheep.

And the one in the back?

Another sheep with smaller ears.

What about that rock?

Which one?

That one.

A one-eyed giant.

Yes, it's a one-eyed giant!

The one-eyed giant saw it.

What are you talking about?

The one-eyed giant saw it!


Dede Efendi, huh?

Never mind Dede Efendi, even God himself can't straighten this place out.

That's blasphemy, son.

You're talking like this now because you're in prison, what are you going to do when you're in Hell?

My God!

Didn't you say on my first day here, ''God makes people he loves suffer here, you will be all right in the next world''?

What happened to that?

That wasn't from the book.

Just something my late mom used to say.

I never saw my mom's kind of Islam in any book, to tell you the truth.

''Mother is the Truth, Have you learned this secret?'' says the song.

This is what I've read, Askorozlu. What you say is shirk.

And this is what Neşet said, Hafiz.

Whatever it may be.

It's all about concentration.

-I don't remember asking. -What happens when you concentrate?

Do these walls come down?

Concentrate on your own business. No one's talking to you.

Just give me an answer, what happens?

He's still concentrating on me.

What is he doing in the open?

Askorozlu punished him after his last suicide.

He has to look at other women until he's free of heartache.

The girl he snatched got married.

It doesn't fucking work!

It doesn't work!

It doesn't work!

I can't fucking concentrate!

How can she do this to me?

How can she? How?

Cut it out!

Stop it!

Don't make Askorozlu lose his temper.

Warden, the new inmates are here.

Move. Stand in line. Over there.

Good afternoon, Faruk.

It's Captain, Warden.

These aren't bird shit.

There's special instruction for one of the inmates.

Don't bother trying to take him to interrogation.

The Gendarmerie can't just take people anymore. Regulations have changed.

Read it.

Which one of you is Mehmet Koyuncu?

-Me, officer. -This one!

Don't, don't.


He is our responsibility now.


So be it.


If you make even one wrong move, I will kill you myself.

Got it?

Can I go home?

Take him in.

-All of them. Come on. -Come on!

-Come on. -Go.


Don't let others know what he did.

You're right. They would kill him.

Strip, boy!


I said strip!


What are you doing here?

Cooking mushrooms. You?

One of my friends fell down into the lake here.

I saw.

Did you, really?


Did you see my dad too?

The shepherd?

They thought he did it.

Can I bring my nana?

Will you tell her too?

Yes, I will.


Wait here, I'll be right back.

-Okay? -Okay.

Would you like some bread and cheese?


You come with me.

And you stay right here. Got it?

Don't you move an inch!

Why isn't he coming?

I'm going to give you your mattresses.

I can't deal with him right now. You take both of them.

What's up?

What are you doing?

What do you want, boy?

Are you mad?


Call Ali.

Is he staying here?

-Take your mattress. -Ali.

Get in.

Get in.

Ali is the ward representative.

He will tell you the rules and such.

-May God save you. -You go over there.

And you there.

-What did they do? -I said go!

The tall one is a prisoner of fate.

The other one's not to be told. Warden's orders.

Don't make me mad, now!

-Warden's orders, my ass. Tell me. -He...

They beat him up pretty good.

What did he do?

He killed a little girl.

Come on, Nana. Here.

Where is he?

Where is he, dear?

He isn't here. He's gone.

I'm scared!

-I'm scared. It's dark! -Move aside.

It's dark!

I'm scared.

I'm scared.

You're scared, huh? Fuck you!

You fuck!

No, Nana. Let's wait a little longer. Maybe he'll come back.

Come on, girl.

It's almost dark.

I'm not going.

I'm staying here!


My child.

Are you sure that it wasn't your imagination?

Yes, I'm sure it wasn't.

I really saw him.

He said that he would tell you.

Don't cry, sweetie.

Don't cry, my child.

Come on.

Come on.

How is he?

It's a miracle that he's still alive. There are a lot of broken bones.

Let's keep him in the infirmary for a while.

Okay, it'd be better.

Do we know who did it?

How can we, Warden?

They found out what he did.

They won't let him live.

Captain Faruk.

Lieutenant Colonel Aydın.

Yes, sir.

I sent special instructions to you regarding Mehmet Koyuncu.

We're following it to the letter, sir.

The Warden wrote a petition.

He asked him to be transferred for his safety.

Sir, the inmates in the ward--

Shut up!

Would I send him there if I wanted to kill him?

I will have him hanged, make an example out of him.

Everyone will read in the newspaper what happened to the man who did this to my daughter.

That dog will not silently disappear!

Understood, Captain?

Understood, sir.


Yes, sir!


This is Cengiz.

He has a request.

No need.

May God save you.

Thank you, sir.

I'm listening.

I was going to say...

Be quick!

Sir, I play the bağlama.

They took my bağlama.

The guards didn't let it in.

Got it, all right. I'll tell them to bring it here.

-Ali. -Thank you, sir.

-Get up! -Come on, get up!

-Get down from there! -On your feet!

-Over there! -Move!

-Get up! -Form a line!

-Move! -Get in line!

-Move over! -Get in line!

-What the hell is this? -Move!

-What is this? -What are these?

What are these?

Good evening, gentlemen.

What did you do?


Did you think that you were bringing the child killer to justice?

Her father is a Lieutenant Colonel!

Lieutenant Colonel!

He's God, as far as you're concerned.

You will not touch him!

You will not touch him!

He'll be on the end of a rope when the time comes.

We will punish him, not you!

Do you fucking get it?

Anyone touches a hair on him, and he will never see the light of day again.



Can I speak?

Don't mind me asking, but...

What are you staring at like that?


Here you are, Uncle Yusuf.

Here you go, Skipper.

So, Selim...

It's warmer now, why are you still here?

My hand slipped this time, Skipper.

I missed a little, so the judge missed a little too.

My release is postponed to the end of July.

But God willing, I'll be back here next winter.

He's like a seasonal worker.

It's a sin.

How can you stab someone just so that you aren't on the street in the winter?

You don't know how cold it is in our town.

Piss off, you heretic.


Are you feeling better?

I'm fine, Hafız. Thank you.

Why do you do this, son?

You're so young.

What happens to those who try killing themselves?

Do you know?

Nisa surah states that, ''Don't kill yourselves.

Those who take their own life will suffer greatly and severely in the afterlife.

And remain in Hell forever.''

God speaks the truth.

Yes, brother.

Skipper, what should we do with him?

Do whatever you want, just don't kill him.

Put him with Selim, he can help him.

-Selim! -Yes, brother?

For the love of God!

Fuck off! I'll rip your arms off!

It's okay, Skipper.

For the love of God!

Take him.

-He's with you now. -All right.


-What was I-- -Have some.

-Thank you. -My visitor brought them.

You have some too.

Time... heals all, Tevfik.

What's in this?

There's cognac in them, Hafız.

God damn you! Fuck off, heretic!


-Look at him.  -What's he doing?

Fuck off!


He's going to get himself killed. Maniac.

Come, come. Fly.

He's crazy.

Its heart is beating.

Can you do a flip?

Like flap, flap.

Do you have any children?

I have. Ova.

Memo's child, Ova.

I miss Ova very much.

Say hi to her.

Say hi to my Ayşe too.

Come on, fly, fly.

What are you doing?

Writing a letter, can't you see?

-Let me see. -Hey!


Peace be with you, Ova.

I miss you very much.

How are you, good?

How's Grandma?

Dad is fine.

This place is really nice.

Your dad made a lot of friends.

They all treat Dad very nice.

Askorozlu is my best friend here.

He said ''Keep Memo alive.''

There's Teacher Selim.

I cook.

I do laundry.

The day dawned We all woke up and rallied to the trenches The day dawned We all woke up and rallied to the trenches They sing songs here.

They get mad at me because I don't know them.

But I want to sing too.

How's Rıza? Is he still naughty?

I miss you very much.






Don't close it, Ova can't hear!


She's there, Teacher. Just like I told you.


Tell your teacher why you skipped school.


Why do you do this?

In case that man comes again.

I'm tired of this, Mine. I'm tired.

Nana doesn't believe me anymore.

No, she does.

Would she ask everybody with you if she didn't?

But you don't believe me anymore too, Teacher.


If you come to the school every single day, I'll take you to see your dad.

-They don't let us see him. -They will.

This time, they will. You know why?

Because we'll write a petition with a lawyer and get a permit.

The court has reached a decision.

According to witness testimony and the evidence gathered, it is decided that the defendant, Mehmet Koyuncu who is found guilty of murder of the first degree of Seda Altınkaya, is to be sentenced to death thereunder the Article 450, Paragraph 3 and 4 of the Turkish Criminal Law.


-Inmate's name? -Mehmet Koyuncu.

He can't have visitors.

Come here.

Come on.

You wait, Fatma.

We have a permit. Warden Nail was informed as well.

Captain has specific orders.

Call me someone in charge, please.

The military is in charge.

-If Captain's not here, you can't see him. -Call the Captain, then.

The Warden, your commander, whoever.

They are his family, they have a right to visit.

-Got it? -Hang on a second.

-What is this? -Who are you?

I'm Warden Nail. Yes?

I'm Teacher Mine, we spoke on the phone.

-About Mehmet Koyuncu's family. -Yes, I remember.

His grandma and daughter are here.

Memo has a daughter?



Ova is gone!

Dad! Dad!




Lingo lingo!

Lingo lingo!

Lingo lingo!

Lingo lingo!

Lingo lingo!


Lingo lingo!


Lingo lingo!

Lingo lingo!

Lingo lingo!


Ova! Ova!

Is Ova here? Ova!



Dad, where are you?

I'm here, Ova!

Dad, I've found you!

And I've found you, Ova!

And I've found you!

Dad, they're not letting us in!

Why, why?

Someone saw it, Dad!

The one-eyed giant saw it!

He saw it! The one-eyed giant saw it!

I found him, Dad. I found the one-eyed giant!


Ova! There are tumbler birds here!

-Dad! -Ova!

-There she is! Get her! -Dad!


-Dad! -Ova!

-Let me go! -Ova! Let her go!

Let her go! Let her go!

-Memo, all right. Calm down! -Let her go!

-Memo, get away from there! -Hey!

She's my daughter!

-What's going on here? -She's my daughter!

Stop, let him go!

He's not trying to escape!

Brother, brother!

Let him go, brother!

-Memo! -What's going on?

-Stop! -It's okay.

-Take him inside! -Help me!

Askorozlu, help me!

-Help me, help me! -Take him away!

-Let me go! -Let her go!

Get away, don't touch her! Let her go!

It's okay.

It's all right.

Come on, let's go.

Shame on you.

Shame on you!


Thank you, brother.

So, they made up their mind, huh? They're going to hang him.

The dead girl is the Commander's daughter.

Nobody can save him.

Never mind all that.

This man is crazy.

He shouldn't even be in here, let alone be executed.

I asked Şeref.

He said that the health board cleared him, but...

Cleared him?

He has a brain the size of a pea!

Maybe they made him the scapegoat for someone else's crime?

It's possible.

Damn it.

He should be able to see his child before he dies.

Where's my mom, Nana?

She's an angel now, I told you.

She went to Heaven.

When do you go to Heaven?

You go whenever the man upstairs calls you, my child.

Who's the man upstairs?

God, my dear.

Will you go to Heaven too?

I hope so.

Only God knows that.


If you go to Heaven, who's going to take care of me?

Don't worry, Ova. I'm going to be here until you grow up.

I won't leave you.

Go to sleep now.

How many days until Dad comes back, Nana?

Not many.

I don't know exactly, but not many.

Go to sleep already.

Come on.

I am going to... tell you two things, Ova.

The first one is about the truth.

Get your bağlama, Cengiz.

All right, brother.

Take these, give them to Askorozlu.


Here you go.


-Skipper, let me have just one. -No.

-Here you go, brother. -Thanks, brother.

Here you go.

-Come, sit down. -Enjoy.

Come on.

Put it down, boy.

Passenger, born of a mother Passenger, born of a mother Did you love this world when you laid eyes on it?

Did you love this world when you laid eyes on it?

Some are big, some are bugs, some are slaves Some are big, some are bugs, some are slaves Have you ever wondered and asked why?

Have you ever wondered why is it so?

So? Doesn't she have anyone else?

-There's Grandma. -It's better than nothing.

Her mother?

My Ayşe became an angel.

When Ova was a baby.

God rest her soul.

Ova doesn't remember it, but I do.

Look at him laugh.

Was it love at first sight?

I don't get it.

Skipper asked how it happened.

Did you see her at the bazaar or at the market?

Or did she see you first and liked you?

You're quite the catch!

-I got it. -You didn't get shit!

Where did she see you, how did it happen? Tell us.

I saw her at home.

Grandma. Grandma took me.

Said, ''You are getting married.''

Ayşe looked at me, and smiled.

Then I smiled at her.

Imam came and married us.

After that, we went home.

We got in the room...

Good God!

-This guy! -My goodness!


What about the wedding?

-There wasn't one. -Why?

I don't know.

What do you know, Memo?

I don't know.

I'm not very smart.

-Grandma says so too. -What does she say?

''Memoş doesn't know.''

Why does she say that?

So that they don't get mad!

We're all passengers, we come and we go We're all passengers, we come and we go Is the world your country, your homeland?

Is the world your country, your homeland?

-What a talent! -Congratulations.

Thank you.


-Get over there. -What are you doing?

-Get over there. -Who the hell are you?

You don't know me, Askorozlu.

And I don't know you.

Hüseyin Ağa sent me. He sends his regards.

Hüseyin Ağa?


Memo, stop!

-Stop! Memo! -Stop!

Stop! Memo!



Get over here!

Get over here!

You got stabbed!

It hurts! It hurts!

It hurts, Askorozlu!

I'm going to fuck you up!

-No, it's a sin! It hurts! -I'm going to fuck him up! Let me go!


-What's going on? -What happened?

It's okay. This asshole attacked me!

-Get up! -Stand up!

It burns! It burns!


It's okay.

It's okay, Memo.

-It's a sin, don't do it! -Are you okay?

You're unbelievable.

It's all right.

How did he get the knife inside?

He didn't.

We did.

He snuck it in the bağlama, the dog.

Thank God Memo came in time.

So, what do you say?

Are we doing this?

-Skipper, we'll dig our own graves. -This is nonsense.

How can--

Which one of us is as good of a father as him?

Who in this ward is that aware of their fatherhood?

Tell me.

This is going to happen.

This is a debt of life now.

If they find out, we're done.

We'll never get out of here.

-That's what I'm saying, if they-- -God hears who praises Him.

Can you do this?

I'll be damned if I can't.


Thank you, Skipper.

I'm going to ask you something important this time.

I'm listening.

You will sneak a child in here.

-Sorry? -Psst!

A child.

So, what is it?

Askorozlu wanted a gun, we got it.

He wanted a rifle, we got it. He wanted rakı, we got it.

Now a child?

He wanted a child?

For what?

She's going to see her dad.

Who's her dad?

He didn't say. He got pissed.

Think about it. Who can he be?

Come in.


Order of execution.

Mehmet Koyuncu.


-Here she comes. -Okay.

Lingo lingo!


How do you know that?

Come here.

Your dad sent us.

We're going to take you to him. But you can't tell anyone.

She knows him. I swear.

She got it from just a word.

She knows him, right?

She got it right away.

She has his eyes.

No, I don't think so.

Don't make Hatice go crazy!

Are you mad at me?

No, my dear.

Why would I be mad at you? You're innocent.

But my dad is innocent too.

Of course, he's so innocent.


There, dear.

Your father is over there.

But, you go by that door for now.

-Where's my dad? -Over there. He's coming.

You can't see him here, it has to be in there. Go.

Be quiet, okay? Go.

Welcome, Hatice.

I brought your child.

Don't worry.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What gives?

Something's wrong.

What is it?

I have something to say to you.

Then I will get out of here.

What happened?

I was 17 years old.

What did you tell me?


That we'd run away.

What did I do?

My parents didn't approve.

What did I do?

I ran away, didn't I?

What did you do?

You stabbed someone.

Where were you when I gave birth to the first boy?

You trashed Pepe's store and smashed his head.

Hands off!


What did you do when the second boy was born?

You cut someone again.

What did you do when your daughter was born?

You shot someone.

You told me not to bring your daughter here so she wouldn't see you here.

My daughter...

Our daughter... Look at me!

Look. Off!

What did I say to all of this?

I said okay, didn't I?

What am I going to say now?

I'm going to say no!

I'm going to say no!

-What are you-- -Let me go!

Sit the hell down!

What the hell are you talking about?

You're going to say no to what?

She's so cute, praise be!

She has your eyes.

Shame on you.

Shame on you.


The girl?

That girl is not mine. What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Don't make me yell.


Tea is on the house.





-I missed you so much! -Ova! Ova!


I'm here, my dear Daddy!

I'm here, Daddy, I'm here!

Memo's child!

Ova went to the one-eyed giant.

There was someone there, she found him.

He said that the girl fell.

He said that Ova's dad is a good man.

That he'd tell what he saw.

He said he'd tell.

I, Ova... went, la, la, la.

I went, one eyed-giant there, She went ahead, stop, stop. She--

What happened?


But, here too.

And here, and here.


Is your name Ova?

What a beautiful name.


Would you like this?

You can have it.

A present, Ova!

Teacher, present, teacher.

Ova, come back. No, no.


I can't make those, Ova.

I wrote you a letter, Ova. Why didn't you reply?

Are you looking at the tree?



God save us!

Where would she go?


My child.



Is she here?

He's not my dad. You are.

Memo's child.

Whose child is she? I don't get it.

I fried my brain laughing.

Dad, is everyone here a bad man?


Is that so?

No, no.

Everyone here is my friend, Ova.

My friend.


I got you.

Memo got Ova.

You rascals!

I can't find him.

He doesn't come when I'm there.

This witness can really save Memo.

Well done, girl.

You're so smart.

Smart Ova!

It's time. We're going.




Your dad is sick.

Once he gets better, I'll send him to you.

I'm staying with dad.

And I'm staying with Ova.

But this is a hospital, my dear.

These guys are all sick.

But you all look well.

No, no.

We're all sick.

What is your illness?


My illness...

He got sick because of a girl, but he's getting better.


I saw a very pretty girl and snatched her--


-Whoa, nellie! -You fucking--

-Good God! -God forgive me.

I wanted to marry her without her consent.

When she didn't want me...

I wanted to kill myself.

That was my illness.

To kill yourself?

It was stupid.

As it turns out, love... is not to kill yourself for someone, but is to live no matter what.


Ms. Mine, how are you?

I'm sorry?

What's your illness?

My illness?


I used to fool people unintentionally.

I used to take their money.

I've never heard of such an illness.

Don't you get it?

I fooled them and ran away with it.

There was a Beril in our class.

She fooled me and ran away with my bread.

Just like Halil.

Halil, it's a sin. It's a sin.

Did you need money?

A lot.

Here. I'm not going to buy anything.

Nana gave it to me.

I can't take it.

Take it.

Take that too. Don't be shy.

I got the news yesterday.

My brother won the lottery.

We don't need money anymore.

Did you hear that, Ova?

He won the lottery!

Don't count me in.

I just work here.

He's a seasonal worker, Ova.

He comes in the winter, goes in the summer.

And you?


You're a very lucky girl, you know that?


I... had a son.

And his mother, of course.

When my son was a baby, I couldn't protect him and his mother like your father protects you.

What happened to them?

They became angels.

Because of me.

Did you get better?

For me... it will take some time, Ova.

Come on, Ova.

We're late, let's go.

You didn't tell, what's your illness?

I made a lot of people angels.

Did you make my mom too?

No. That wasn't me.

I quit. I don't make angels anymore.


Because I may have made some a little too early.

Come on, we're late. Let's go.

-My dad? -Me, me!

I will bring him to you when he's better.

-Promise? -Yes, I promise.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.


Maybe it's better if you didn't ask him.

What's your illness?


believed those who lied to me.

My daughter of wedding age...

Come on, Ova.

Come on, dear. We're leaving.

-We're late. Come-- -We're fucked!

-Quickly! -Don't curse, there's a child!

The guards, they're all here!

-Shit! -What's happening?


Over here! Ali, over here!

Lying is the worst.

Both in this world and beyond, when you are--

Welcome, Warden.

What is this? What are you doing?

We're having our usual conversation.

Is your daughter here?


Ova, you're it! Run!

What do you think you're doing?


Hafız, for God's sake!

Any of you.

Give me a sensible answer.

Askorozlu, what is this?

Ward confinement, two days. No courtyard.

Don't you see?

You asked where she is, and he showed you.

He has a brain the size of a pea!

I have a report from the board that says this man is sane!

A martial law commander put him in here!

Of course it says that!


We believe that Memo is innocent.

The whole ward, we all believe it.

The dead girl is the Commander's daughter.

This man was found next to her, covered in blood.

What can anyone do now?

The girl mentioned a witness.

Talk to her.

If you find that witness, you'll save Memo from the noose.

Just talk to her.

-The girl's just-- -Nail!

You're a good man.

What do you have to lose?

What if she's telling the truth?

Act as if you don't know me, okay?

You don't know me, okay?

Never saw me before.


Good girl.

Ahmet, take him to the ward.

Yes, sir. Come on, Memo. Get up.

Ova, eat your food, okay? I eat here, you eat too.

Askorozlu will send me when I get better.

-Come on. -You promised.

-Get up, come on. -Yes, I did.

-Come on, move. -Can I stay a little longer?

Let him go, my dear.

-Come on, get up. -Ova.

All right, walk. Come on.

Walk, Memo. Come on.

Come on.

I'll take you home.


Maybe you can tell me about that witness on the way.

Come on.

Teacher! Teacher!

They believed me! They believed me!

Of course they did.

Everyone believes truth tellers.

Why is everybody in our house?



Where's Nana?


Your nana, Fatma...

became an angel.

Did she go to Heaven?

She went to Heaven.

But she told me she wouldn't.

She said that she wouldn't leave until I grow up.

Who's going to take care of me now?

-Peace be with you. -And with you.

There's supposed to be some ruins around here.

-Do you know where? -Yes.

Can you show me?

The kid was trying to tell us all this time.

It's obvious why the witness is missing, he's a deserter!

Nail, he's a martial law commander!

His daughter is dead!

Does someone being there make what she says true?

Okay, you're right.

Shouldn't we investigate?

It's a possibility, even if it's a small one.

What if she's right?

This man doesn't feel like a killer.

Do you think that it's that easy?

We would all be fucked!


We have to find the deserter and listen to him.

Patience, patience.

There's more if you like, Memo.

Let me eat this one first.


Eat, Memo. Enjoy.

Slow down. Don't eat the spoon.

Slowly, eat slowly.




We always thought that it's just a stain on the wall.

It really looks like a tree.

That stain, Hafız...

is the tree I buried my daughter under.

My innocent daughter.

Now tell me, Hafız. Where do I go in the afterlife?

What about my daughter?

Where does she go?


Would the man upstairs allow me into His Heaven?

He works in mysterious ways.

God is forgiving.

You will get out of here in 1.5 years.

I will not.

Hafız. I can't.

I can't live anymore, not in here, not out there.

-I don't deserve the sun. -No.

Don't talk like that. How can you say that?

Nisa surah states that--

Don't start with that now.

I'm not that callow boy.

I can't be with my daughter, not even in the great beyond.

Only God knows that.

Jesus said, ''Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.''

Are you the only sinner here?

Just look around.

Everybody carries something that keeps them up at night.

You can't find happiness by staring at a stain or a tree.

You have to stand up and ask for forgiveness.

You have to get out of here.

If you hurt your own daughter, you have to save other children.


I have great news.

The Warden found something on that hill.

You were right.

There was really someone there.

They're doing all they can to find him.

They'll find him eventually.

I'm sure of it.

I, too, love my dad very much, you know that?


My dad is a little strict.

He's not like your dad.

He looks that way.

So they don't think that he's weak.

He's not really like that.

I always wanted to...

hug him like you do, just once.

I couldn't.

He always took great care of me and my sister.

But he didn't hug us once.

Like your dad.

Would you like me to take you to your dad?

Gendarmerie Captain Faruk Önder.

Patch me to Lieutenant Turan.



Anything new on the thing I mentioned last night?

The girl was right.

A deserter was there when it happened. Şeref told me.


-The Warden's trying to find the deserter. -What if he can't in time?

He will! Don't be negative!

Don't speak ill.


-Hatice. -Aziz.

My daughter.



My dear girl.

Let me look at my boy.

My boy.

How are you?

Come here.

My dear boy.

Take a seat.

Come on.

Come here.

How are you, Hatice?

God be praised.

-How are you, Aziz? -I'm fine.

I'm fine.

I'm better now that you're here.

They've grown so much. Look at them!

Come over here.

Sit next to me.

How are you, Dad?

I'm fine, my dear boy.

This time it was my turn, but we all came.

I'm going to come next time too.

Come, boy.

Come, my boy.

Come all together from now on.

No more turns.

Did you hear that?

You can stop nagging me.

How are your parents?

They're well.

Praise be. They said hello.


I've been thinking...

When I get out, I...

I'm going to take my boat from my brother.

Work on my own.

And from now on...

These guys will help me, right?

-Okay, Dad. -We will, Dad.

My boy.

Thank you, Mr. Nail.

-If you didn't... -Don't mention it.

I wish I could do more.

What are they doing?

They're setting up the gallows.

This fast?

They're in a hurry.

They want to get it done before the elections.

Objections, petitions...

Nobody cares.

An appeal for show.

That's all.

They're going to execute Memo.

-Hasan? -He's fine too.

And Zeynep?

She's fine too. They're all fine.

Naughty Rıza?


But you said you didn't have anyone.

I don't. I have Grandma and Ova.

But you mentioned 50 people.

Not 50, eight.

Who are those?

The sheep.

You gave people names to the sheep?

This asshole--

Not all of them.

What, then?

There's Milky, there's Coffee.

Why are those different?

Because one is the color of milk.

And the other one has stains like coffee.

Good God!

Ova, how's Grandma?

Nana became an angel, Dad.

I'm sorry, son.





At ease.

Did you desert from the Gölbaşı Gendermarie Command on April 23rd?

Yes, sir.

Were you around Kapıkırı at 1600 hours on the same day?

Yes, sir.

Did you witness the incident on the rocks?

I did, sir.


We found him, Nail.

He verified everything the little girl said.

Memo is innocent.

Let's go.

Come in.

-Sir. -Come in, Cevdet.

-Remove the cuffs. -Sir, yes sir!

You can leave.

Sir, yes sir.

Why did you desert your outfit?

I couldn't take it anymore, sir.

It's hard, huh?

-No, sir. It's not that-- -Shut up!

He couldn't take it.

You witnessed the incident.

Yes, sir.


What you know can save the crazy man.

Yes, sir.

Tell me.

The kids were playing by the lake, sir.

Then that shepherd came.

Other kids went away, the girl stayed.

The girl was showing her backpack to the shepherd, sir.

She was playing with him.

-He tried to escape. -Sir, yes sir!

Turan. What's going on? What's with the face?

Lieutenant learned everything from the boy.

The witness said that Memo is innocent.

But then the Commander wanted to speak to the boy.

When they were speaking, he tried to escape.

And the Commander shot him.

Is he dead?

He died right there.

He's really bent on Memo.

What the hell is this?

A deserter died, who's going to investigate?

God forgive.

Fuck this shit!

Can't we do anything?


Come with me.

Get up, boy.

Ova's here.

Teacher, why are we waiting here?

We're going to see your dad.

Why don't we see him downstairs?

He's coming upstairs.

But I have friends in the ward too.


Did you hear that?

Ova has friends downstairs.

Of course, lots of them.

You can see them anytime you like.

Come in.

-Ova! -Dad!

They said that we're meeting here today.

Ova doesn't eat.

She's thin like Milky.

Heidi has an aunt, Ova doesn't.

Grandma is gone too.

So... who's going to take care of Ova?

No, Memo. I take very good care of Ova.

Don't you worry.

I'm staying at my teacher's for now. We'll go home when you get back.

Our home.

Yes, we will. Memo will come, and we will go home.

Yes, Dad.

Can I go with Ova?

Be patient, Memo. In a couple of days.

Look, Dad.

We go to sleep, wake up, go to sleep, wake up and then you'll be home.

I'm going to come get Ova, right?

Yes, Memo.

Teacher's going to take care of Ova until then.

Of course I am.

Why are you doing this, Dad?

I'm going to take care.

Lingo lingo!


We're almost there, Dad. All right?

Ova, we should go now.


-Dad, don't. -Come on.

Ova, Ova! Memo's child Ova!

Dad, don't. Why are you sad?

You don't separate children.

-Why are you doing this, Dad? -Come on, Ova.

We'll come again.

-Come on, Ova. -Let Ova stay.

Okay, Memo. She can come back anytime. I'll sneak her in.

I want to go too.

-Memo, don't make this harder. -I want to go too.

Dad, don't be sad. Don't do that.

-Ova, come on. -I don't want to!

-Don't, Dad. -I don't want to!

I don't want to be an angel!

-Dad! -Who's going to take care of Ova?

I don't want to.

Ova, come on. We'll come again.

Me execution.

Me execution.


Memo execution?

Dad execution?


No, Dad said it wrong. Not execution.

Not execution.

Dad is good man.

Dad is good man.

Come on, Memo.

Come on.

-Come on, son. -Get up.

-Come on, Memo. -Come on.

Come on. Good boy.


Get up, son.

Come on.

Come on.

I'm going to tell you two things, Ova.

The first one is about truth.

You know the birds that your father runs after?

They aren't flying to Heaven.

They come in the summer, and leave in the winter.

The second one... is about your father, Ova.

Whatever they say, whatever they order, whatever punishment they give, your father is a good man.

Remember that.

Your father is a good man.

Give me your blessing, son.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.

Come, son. Come with me.

Come on, this way.

-I forgot to kiss your hand. -All right.

Okay. Come on.

Come here, asshole.

Maybe I should stay here.

-Come on. -I should stay.

-Here, huh? -Come on, Memo.

I should chop onions.


Are you up? Come.

Come here.

You're going to be cold.

Come with me.


Good morning, Ova.

The man who sent you this...


You've really gone crazy staring at that stain on the wall!

Keep it down!

Listen to him!

He's right.

Is this the solution?

Yes it is!

What's he saying, Hafız?

Be quiet, Askorozlu. God give me patience!

For the first time...

I saw my daughter in my dream.

For the first time.

That... was my final word.

Come in.


Askorozlu wants to talk to you.

About what?

It's urgent, Warden.

Yusuf Ağa sent me.

I'm his messenger.

Faruk, say something, for God's sake.

This is the most ridiculous plan I've ever heard.


Me too.

Don't go crazy.

It's a sensitive issue.

-It's been sensitive for years, sir. -Pray that there's a soldier here.


I need both of your help.

What's going on?

The left and right wingers, sir.

It's big this time.

Send everybody there.

Everybody. You too. Quickly!

Guards, you too. Come on!

Quickly! You too!

Thank you, Askorozlu.

Thank you.

My Ağa.


You are uniting a father and daughter who don't have anyone else.

The place of a man who does this... is Heaven, whatever his sin may be.

Thank you, brother.

Thank you.

Give this... to Ova.

I have nothing else of value.

Thank you, Warden.

Thank you.

Give me your blessing.

It's yours.

No, don't tie his hands.

Let's go, Prosecutor.

We can't wait any longer.

But the Prosecutor and the Colonel aren't here yet.

It's almost prayer time.

He escaped during last night's chaos.

Start a search, immediately.

He can't be far.

Go on.

Come on, come on!

Alert all near stations, at once!

Where is he?

I hid him in the back of my vehicle.

We should hurry.

The man who sent you this...

also sent you your dad.

Lingo lingo!




Jump, jump!

Jump on Dad!

Dad is a horse!

We're here!

We're here!

Go fast!

Come on, very fast!

Memo's child!

-Where did you come from? -Turkey.

-Why? -To escape police violence.

-Who's that? -My dad.

He looks funny, what's wrong with him?

The soldiers did it.

Good girl.


She... shouldn't say soldiers.

She should say there was a clash between rival groups or something.

Faruk, is that what you're worried about right now?


Come on, someone will see us.

All right, come on.

Say hi to my friends!


Where are we going, Ova?

You don't know anything, Dad.

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