Yeh Saali Aashiqui (2019) Script

Did the mouse come? No.

Ma'am, bill. Thank you.

Did the mouse come?

Not yet.

Excuse me.

Did the mouse come?

He will come. He's coming every day. He will surely come today.

Anwar, kill it when you see it. Don't miss it.

What do you feel? I will let it go.

If we lose him today then Mr. Chenu will deduct our salary.

If I find him I'll kill him today.

Uncle. Yes. - The mouse.

I will...

Let me handle it. Yes.

How are you'll?

Are you hungry? I got food for you'll.

Look some lentils and rice.

Take it.

How is it? Delicious.

What happened? It's spicy.

I'll get cold drink for you.

And don't move from here. Eat your food. I'll be back.

Do you steal?

Sahil! Call the police.

Sir, I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Please forgive me.

Why did you steal?

My siblings were hungry. So I had to steal.

If they were hungry you could ask food.

What will they learn from you?

I vow on them. I won't do it again.

That's enough. Let him go.

Go. Uncle, wait.

If we leave them now they may take a wrong step in life.

We need to take their responsibility.

We? You will go to the college leaving them to me.

Sir, please keep them here. Please!

These children need a mentor like you.

Where will I keep them? What will they do here?

We needed an extra helper right?

Uncle Anwar will teach him the job.

He won't need to steal then.

Look... Sir.! - Don't pressurize me. I refuse to hire him.

I... Sahil, look. I will...

Sir, please. Last time for my sake.

Anwar. Sir. - He won't listen.

Teach him the job. Take the boy with you.

Thank you Mr. Chenu.

Come son. Follow me children.

Thank you brother.

What is it now?

Thank you sir.

Stop thanking me. It's will be 12 PM.

Tomorrow is the first day of your final year right?

I will manage things. No worries.

Listen. This... keep it.

What are you doing? I am an intern.

Keep it. You deserve it.

Thank you sir. I'm leaving. Bye.


Stupid guy.

How are you? I'm good. What's up?

Sahil! Sahil, wait.


Where were you? I thought you didn't come.

I was sleeping in Aman's room.

Dude who comes so early in the morning?

Why did you wear the muffler? I will do it.

Just like that. I am feeling cold. Look.



He is troubling me since morning. Idiot. - Let's go.

Forget it.

Hey! What happened on your cheeks?

I got a cut while shaving. Forget it.

Is it a deep wound?


It must be Mr. Javed's lecture. Let's go. - Let's go.

Really? Mr. Javed.

Good morning sir. Good morning.

Settle down. Thank you sir. - Thank you sir!

So guys how was your vacation?

Amazing sir. Good. - Great.

This semester we will be starting...


Hello Sir! I am Mittee.

Oh yes. Mr. Das informed me about you.

You are late. Sorry sir!


So this semester we will start with a very interesting topic.

If all is done in the process...

Come on, sit there.

Yes sir.

Hi! Venugopal.

Hi! Hi!

Hi! Hi!

And that one.

Look at you it's not even 24 hours that you've seen her.

I found her sweet.

How come she's sweet without knowing her? Idiot.

Come on. What?

She is coming here. Let's join them. - Sure.

Where were you before this? Delhi.

Oh, I am also from Delhi. Noida.

Which sector? 16. - Nice! - Fool!

Hey! - Gyan, that's enough. What are you doing?

Look, the body guard is getting angry.

Sit down. Forget it. - Sit down. They keep troubling all the time.

Forget it. You know how he is.

These two often fight.

Hey! A tattoo?

You said it's a cut. Show it to me.


Anu is Venu. There's an apostrophe after Anu.

Who is Anu?

She's my wife.

Wife? Did you marry during the vacation? - Hush!

In my family everyone gets married at the age of 21.

They got me married too.

Do you know the meaning of Anus?

I know it. The place you leave faeces.

I realised after I made the tattoo that is looks anus and not Anu.

What will you do with it? - I will bandage it. - The whole year?

Yes. Jehan and Om shouldn't notice it.

Hey! Vow on me. Don't tell anyone. It's our secret.

Okay Anus. Stupid.


What were you watching? Nothing.


If you are not watching then show it to me. Why are you hiding it?

Oh, the Delhi girl.

I will tell Mittee.

Sahil Mehra is feeling something.

She's cute. Your choice is not bad.

What did you do?

If you tell anyone I'll make your tattoo picture viral. I...

Delete it. Why?

Do you feel I'll tell anyone?

Don't think about it. You are serious.


It's her birthday tomorrow. Look. Birthday?

7th June. It's written here. Look!

Enjoy your drink. Yeah. Thank you.


It's fine. Mittee didn't invite us for her birthday. So what?

We are having our party. Take it. Come on.


Look, the girl with golden hair. She is staring at me.

Drink it. I'll be right back. Excuse me.

Venu, you are married.

I am going to dance. Let me dance.

If you do anything else. I will pull off this bandage.

I got it. What?

Thank you.

Come along.

Oh my god!

Mittee, come quickly.

Hey! Hi!

Happy birthday! Thank you.

Two large avelox on the rocks.

What should I get for you? Milk or sweet butter milk.

Mittee! Cheers!

Drink it.

Oh, this is my favourite song. Come let's dance.

Why not? Let's go.

Jehan! I'll join you in some time.

Why later? Come on. Please!

Okay. If you don't come for the next track I'll pull you on the floor.

Now let's work it boys!

Oh no! He is so irritating.

Take this drink. Have it.

Actually I don't smoke or drink.

Really? Yes.

Same here.

I don't understand why you need alcohol for enjoyment.

I agree. Whoa!

Sorry! I didn't invite you for my birthday.

It's okay.

I'm new here. So I called the people Kavita suggested. Really sorry.

It's not a problem.

Anyway we are celebrating.

The track has changed. Jehan will come. I'll step out.

Mittee! I'll come with you.

You sure? Sure. Come.

What are you thinking so seriously?

Actually I am thinking which topic should we talk on.

Your favourite film. What?

Quickly. It's rapid fire question.

Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'.

Hey, give a Bollywood name.

'Dil Chahta Hai'. And you?

'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.' Ranbir's fan for life.

Good choice.

Favourite City?


The Golden Temple and the World's best 'Chole Kulcha'.

Nice choice. Yours?

London. My dream is settle down there.

Ask me something.


Come on Sahil. Ask something funny.


Love marriage or arranged marriage? Arrange. Obviously.

I'm okay with my parents’ choice.


Love marriage.

Okay. This will be fun.

First kiss.

It's pending.

What? You never kissed?

You don't have a girl-friend? No.

Are you serious?

I thought I'm the only one who hasn't kissed until now.

You know all my friends make so much fun of me.

Just a second.

It means you haven't kissed yet?

No. Superb. It's coincidence.

What makes you happy?

No. I am not happy.

I was... just like that.

Why just like that?



This is the oldest Church of Shimla.

Venu and I often come here.

How sweet!

Do you have any best friend?

Dad! He's my best friend.

He's my strength and weakness too.


Venu is my best friend.

Okay. Mom or dad?

Can't choose. I was close to them equally.

What do you mean by I was?

They are no more. Oh! I'm so sorry.

Actually... It's okay.

It's 10 years now. It's fine.

When starting a new restaurant.

Making a menu is a main duty that you will undertake... as a restaurant owner. We all were at the club.

But you enjoyed the real party.

Which party?

Mittee Deora's party. Did you do anything or not?

Come on, tell me.

I told you.

Why are you hiding from me? It's okay if you did it.

Kavita, Sahil and I didn't kiss.

Hello! What are you doing?

Don't say you didn't even hold her hand.

I didn't.

Why not? Everything holds hand.

Bloody useless! - What did you both do for one hour?

Are you thinking of this since morning? - Yes.

We chilled. Spoke to each other. Played games.

Did you go to Karan Johar's show? Rapid fire?

The idea was hers.

When a girl calls you for a walk it means something else.

She won't give you a second chance. Your game is over, bro.

Alright. My game is over.

Are you happy? Now go to sleep.

Good night.


"You came like a breath of fresh air!"

"You can be any language I'll blend you in my own!"

"Your smile is the remedy for my sorrow!"

"When I hear your footsteps I feel a thousand lights are lit up!"

"When I meet you the surrounding gets excited!"

"My eyes spark when I meet you!"

"You came like a breath of fresh air!"

"You can be any language I'll blend you in my own!"

"I feel relaxed when I see your frizzy hair!"

"If you notice me I don't feel lonely!"

"I live for you. My heart stops beating when you touch me!"

"You are the word that my heart has!"

"I am possessive about you!"

"You came like a breath of fresh air!"

"You can be any language I'll blend you in my own!"

I really like you a lot.

I love you Mittee!

I love you!

I love you too.


I'm sorry.

But... I am not ready for this.

I know I am behaving stupid and old fashion. But...

I'm sorry Sahil.

Actually I'm sorry.

Maybe I was too... I mean.

I'm sorry.

Wow! Perfect.

I don't have a shirt in red.

Red is my favourite colour so I thought...

I noticed it.

You mostly wear red clothes. Right?

Shall we go to Sky Land for dinner?

Yes. We can go.

It's our first dinner date.

But why a five star hotel?

We will go to Momo's.

No. Let's do something grand.

There are so many under privilege people who don't get a meal.

We'll spend so much money for one date.

I agree but...

I wanted to do something special for us. That's it.

If you want to do anything special.

Then there are other means to do it.

Any example? For example...

My parents celebrate my birthday in an orphanage at Nodia.

That is so sweet Mittee.

If you want then...

We can donate a small amount at that same orphanage.

Instead of this dinner. Superb idea!

Muskan foundation. Rs.10,000 only.

10,000? Yes.

Don't be stupid. 5,000 is sufficient.

Dad has left so much for me.

Anyway I don't have much expenses. Still Sahil.

Instead of lying in the bank it's better it helps the orphans.

It's really okay.

And transfer. You are very stubborn.

True. Guys! - Hi!

Guest lecture at 6 PM. You both have to be there.

Okay. See you. Thank you!

Mr. Kaif of Lion's group is visiting us.

But we had a date today? Yes.

What to do?

Hospitality exist... when we believe that the other person is on our side.

My dear friends I want all of you to believe... that you are not merely management students but you are in fact...

Where are you?

I am having severe headache. I am sleeping.

Headache? I'm coming over.

No Sahil! Attend the lecture.

Please! It's important.

Alright. Take medicine and go to sleep. You will feel better.

Good night.

You forced me to come here though I had diarrhoea.

You got worried as Mittee has a mere headache.

If she didn't have any headache she would obviously attend the lecture.

Idiot! Is headache bad or diarrhoea?

Any problems? What is wrong with you? - Venu.

Sorry sir!

What are you doing? I'm having diarrhoea.

People bunk lectures to go on a date.

You bunked date and attended the lecture.

You are stupid. Brother!

Yes. - The guy from 210 took pizza. But he's not paying. Help me.

Who's order is it? Jehan.


He won't change. Let's go.

You take care of Jehan's bill. I'll take care of my problem.

Let's go.

Go in. The door is open.

I'm knocking since some time. He's not opening the door. Please check.




Jehan, the pizza guy is waiting outside.



Love birds!

Sahil! Sahil, listen to me. Please!


You shouldn't have lied, Mittee. You shouldn't have.

It's not about smoking or drinking.

You said you have headache and were going to sleep.

Whereas you were chilling in Jehan's room.

The same Jehan who you feel is cheap and irritating. Really?

Sahil! You didn't try to find out why I didn't attend the lecture.

Why I had a headache?


My grandmother had an attack last evening.

She is hospitalized.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was disturbed since yesterday. I didn't share anything with anyone.

I wanted to tell you.

How is your grandmother now?

She is fine now.

She will get a discharge tomorrow.

Seeing you having drugs yesterday...

I don't take drugs.

I was feeling so low. I don't know why I took the drag.

Now I feel so stupid about it.

I swear on my grandmother, Sahil.


Forget what happened. I mean...

It's useless to think about this.

Sorry! Sorry! Just a second.

Good morning baby!

Good morning! What message have you sent?

Last night Mr. Chenu called at 1 AM.

I am going to Manali as the CA has problem with accounts.

Oh! But we had a date today.

I know. I'm sorry. I couldn't refuse Mr. Chenu.

We will go tomorrow after I return.

Alright. As you say.

Baby, it's 8.45 AM. Don't you want to dress up. Wake up.

Yes. Love you. Bye!

Bye! Love you.

You know there is little...

Yes Venu. I've returned. The CA's account problem got solved.

Listen. I'm very hungry. I'll eat something.

Yes. Alright. I'll get for you too. Bye.

Give me my phone. Mittee, what are you doing?

Wait. I'll show you. Ah!

Jehan! Jehan! Oh!


Hi Sahil!

You returned today itself?

What is happening here?

Wh... What?

We were just...

Just like that? - Dude! Chill out. Why are you scaring the girl?

Don't interfere.

Mittee, go away from here.

I am talking to her.

I am talking to you, loser.


"Love is foolishness. Loving is foolishness!"

"It's a sweet way of cheating. Believing is foolishness!"

"The heart is like a piece of paper. You will repent if you light it!"

"All your desires are shed in tears!"

"Love is foolishness. Loving is foolishness!"

"It's a sweet way of cheating. Believing is foolishness!"

"Why are the promises false? Why are nights painful?"

"Why are you crying? Why this sleepless night?"

"Why did my heart break? Why are morning's dark?"

"Why does my soul feel unwanted?"

"Love is foolishness. Loving is foolishness!"

"It's a sweet way of cheating. Believing is foolishness!"

Last 30 minutes to go!

Ma'am, supplement.


Come with me.

The answers are on her thighs.

I was gesturing to you to show what she is doing.

But you complained about her.

So? We are working hard and she'll copy to pass.

Don't you think she deserved it?

She deserved it. But I don't know.

Mittee has to repeat this year. That's final.

Sir, we broke our F.D's to get Mittee this admission.

How will I get more money?

Mittee should have thought about it before she copied her answers.

Sir! Sir! Sir, please!

Sir, I beg of you.

Sir! Don't do this.

Mr. Deora, what are you doing? Get up. - Please!

Give one chance to my daughter.

Dad, what are you doing?

Please! Sit down. Come.

Dad is a heart patient. He may get an attack.

Sir, please. Give me one chance.


I am giving you one last chance.


But there is a condition.

Mittee can score any percentage in her exam.

But in the final mark sheet the college will give her only 35%.

I can't do anything more than this.


Listen guys. I am worried. One of you must come with me.

I think we have to break Mittee's door.

What happened? I don't know.

Kavita is knocking the door. She's not opening it.

Sara! Sara! Relax! I hope she hasn't harmed herself.

Let's go and see what happened. Come on.

What happened? Open the door.

Open the door. Someone break the door.

Quick. Mittee. Sara, just relax!

Mittee, please wake up. Mittee! Mittee!

Kavita, don't panic. Take care.

Mittee, please. - She will be fine. - Mitte, speak to me.

Mittee! Mittee! Don't worry.

I don't know what happened to her. Come along.

How is she now?

'Reports are normal. But there's a bad news.'


'Her grandmother died this afternoon.'

What are you saying?

'Listen, the doctor is here. I'll call you later.'

I was close to grandmother after dad.

The worst part is I couldn't go to Delhi because of my health.

I'm really sorry Mittee.

I heard about your 35% marks.

I didn't expect that... the authorities will take such strict action.

Why are you saying sorry?

I deserve it.

I'm sorry for everything.

I won't force you.

But if possible please give me a chance.


Sahil! Sahil! Are you alright?

What happened?

It's done. Where?

Really? Let's ask Sahil.

Tell me who it belongs to.

I think it belongs to Ria ma'am.

It must be of Mr. Das. It matches his shirt.

Right. My God!

She is so small. It can't belong to Kavita at all.

Kavita! Just shut up.

Sahil! It's mine. Please stop him.

Hey! This belongs to Mittee.

Venu! Don't create a scene. Give it here.


Sahil! Sahil! - Sahil, no.

Sahil! What are you doing? Sahil, leave him.

Sahil, let him go.

Are you fine? Are you mad? Why did you hit me?

Mittee, let's go. Venu. - He broke my hand.

Come. He is mad.

I shouldn't have told you.

The matter has escalated that even Mr. Javed has found out.

Hey! Slowly.

Sorry Venu. It's my mistake.

It's the mistake of his overreaction.

Did I find it? How will I know who's it is?

Why didn't you stop when you found out?

I was having fun. It's just her undergarment. Why get angry?

If someone makes fun of your mom's undergarment won't you get angry.

Why are you talking about my mom? Why?

Such examples are given to fools like you.

Your mom is no more. So you won't understand the emotion.

Stop it guys. Stop it!

It shows that it was at 100% boiling fall.

Which is ideal for the service industry.

The first part of the distillate is the head. Followed by the...

Look here?

What is going on class?

What is this? What is happening?

Did you read it? What is happening here?

Anus! Anus!

What's wrong with all of you?

Anus Venu. - What? Jehan, what are you doing?

Sorry sir. Sorry. Venu?

Everyone has seen it.

What is Anus Venu?

Venu? Go back to your seat.

Oh no!

Where did you get the picture from?

Sources, bro.

Tell me clearly where did you get it from?

I won't tell you. What will you do? Hit me? Then hit me.

Hit me. Get that anger out.


Let's go.

(Other language)

Sahil, what are you doing? Boys, hold him.

Sahil! Sahil!

Sahil! Mittee, are you okay?

Guys, stop it. Why are you hitting him?

Sahil has gone mad. - Guys! Guys! - Ask him what he has done.

He was destroying everything in my room.

What proof do you have that he has done it?

If you don't believe it then come to my room.

Guys, stop it. Leave it. Let him go!

Look at my laptop. Notes. My parent's photo frame.

And look he has scribbled so badly on Mittee's photograph.

What proof do you have that Venu has done it? - Here...


Sir, it was written on this room.

Yes. But where is it now?

I swear it was here.

Venu is right. He is actually mad.

How could you hit him?

Venu is nothing. He hit Mittee too.

Kavita, when did I hit Mittee?

Everyone knows what happened. Mittee, let's go.

Sir! - Sir, I am telling you you should take some action against it.

Tomorrow at 9 AM at Mr. Das cabin. Be there.

Sir, listen to me. Let's go.


'Sahil got you caught.'

'He gestured to Venu. And he complained to Miss D'souza.'

'Mittee has to repeat this year. That's final.'

'How can I get more money?'

'Sir, I beg of you. Don't do this.'

'Give once chance to my daughter.'

Sahil Mehra, you bashed a wrong girl. It will be fun now.

Mittee! Are you okay?

Yes. I am coming.

Are you alright?

I'm depressed Mittee.

Whatever is happening is due to Venu.

He destroyed my room. Broke my laptop.

Did you see how he scribbled at your...

It was clearly written on the wall your father is...

Who else besides Venu will do it?

If something was written on the wall how did it disappear.

That's what I don't understand.

Mittee, I vow on you. I am not lying.

At least you must trust me.

Of course I trust you. I really do.

Mittee. Yes.

Mittee, will you leave me?

I will never leave you. Never!

You look exhausted. You must sleep now.

I am going crazy thinking of the incident.

I love you!

I love you too.

Yes Mittee.

Mittee, what happened?

What is the room number of Mittee Deora? Quick.

Quick. Yes.



Mittee! Open the door.

Please open the door, Mittee.

Oh my God!

Who did this?

Mittee, tell me who did it?


What did he do?

He molested me. What?

It's paining.

Mittee! Mittee!

I informed Mr. Das. Nothing will happen.

Mittee! Mittee!

You bastard.



You touched Mittee.

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Sahil! Grab him. - Sir, are you okay?

Hey what's wrong with Sahil? Stop it.

You touched Mittee. Sahil!

Stop it Sahil! - You touched Mittee. Stop him. What is he doing?

Are you mad?

How dare you? Sahil! - Grab him.

Sahil, hold him. - You will be trapped. What are you doing?

Sahil! Sahil!

Sir! You?

Get up! Mr. Javed.

Is this a rape case?

I feel it is.

Tell me in one sentence what happened?

Javed Siddhique molested Mittee Deora.

And I bashed that guy.

You are arresting a wrong person. Listen to me.

I was saving Mittee from that man.

Mr. Das, believe me. You have a misunderstanding.

Sir, ask Mittee. She will tell you the truth.

Venu! Venu, talk to them. Do you think I can do something like this?

Friends, trust me.

Where are you going? Sir, I am from the college.

Harman was calling up. - What happened? - They arrested Sahil.

And Mr. Javed?

He's in the ICU. I'll go and check him.

Mittee! Mittee, are you fine? I'll call the doctor.

Sir, I had gone to speak to Mittee.

To talk to her or for something else?

Sir! I am not that kind of a boy.

Actually her dad is a heart patient. He can't bear this news.

Alright. The secrecy of this case will be maintained.

I'll treat you like a hero.

He had started dominating Mittee too.

Sir, he behaved very unusual. Either he was hyper or very quiet.

He looked calm.

No one understood what was going on in his mind.

Whenever he lost his mind he’s like an animal.

Absolutely out of control.

You have lot of anger. Show it to me. Show it.

Sir, he was mad since a few weeks. We were scared of him.

He called Venu his brother. But he treated him badly.

To beat up a man like Mr. Javed so much. Disgusting!

I had gone there as Mittee asked me for help.

She was crying bitterly.

Did Mittee called you on the intercom?

There is no record of the intercom. So you will tell this.

Sir, take Mittee's statement once.

You will know the truth.


Miss Deora, what happened on the night of 4th November?

Sahil came to my room at around 10 PM.

We spoke to each other.

Then as usual.

He removed my top. And tried to be physical with me.


When I stopped him. He hit me.

He started abusing me.

Mittee! What are you saying?

Sahil called you... to his room at night on 31st July 2015 to study.

He kissed and raped you again with your consensus.

Yes or no?

Mittee, that kiss was mutual.

She is lying. I didn't rape her.

Mr. Mehra, stay calm.

You will get a chance to speak.

Miss Deora, yes or no?


Mittee, why are you doing this to me?

Why are you lying?

Something similar happened on 4th November too.

Mittee stopped Sahil from getting physical.

Sahil's male ego couldn't tolerate it.

In that anger Sahil beat up...

Mittee, Javed Siddhiqui and the 11 students.

All of them are lying.

They are cooking up story to trap me.

Mr. Mehra, this is the last warning.

If you speak out of your turn again.

Or disturb the court's decorum.

I will charge you with contempt of court.

Thank you sir.

Your honour. I will tell you such a truth.

Hearing it everyone present here will be shocked.

On 13th September 2007.

Sahil's mom, Anita Mehra.

Went into coma after she slipped from the stairs.

After that Sahil Mehra was severely disturbed.

Exactly 6 months later 15 year old Sahil... under mysterious circumstances... murdered his father mercilessly, Anish Mehra.

He was imprisoned for it for 3 years.

In 2008, 2009, 2010.

Sahil Mehra, is this story false?

Am I lying?

Mr. Mehra, please answer.

Your honour, the person who can kill his father can go to any extend.

Sahil Mehra is a dangerous criminal.

He is mentally sick.

Such a insane person living a free life... can be dangerous to society.

I request the honourable court.

To have a detail mental examination of Sahil.

Only after that it reaches to a conclusion.

That's all your honour.

After the examining the medical reports... the court has concluded...

Sahil Mehra is a patient of Intermittent mental disorder.

Mischief. Obscene act. Assault.

And attempt to rape.

Under section 427.

294. 354.

And 511.

Would punishes some other criminal with two and half year.

On the basis of Sahil Mehra's mental disorder.

The court orders him to admit him to Shimla Mental asylum.

Why did you do it?

'Listen guys, we have to break Mittee's door.'

'-I just hope she hasn't harmed herself. - Let's go.'

'Mittee! Mittee, please wake up. Mittee!'

'If possible please give me a chance.'

'Alright. Tell me. Who's is it?'

'Sahil, it's mine. Please stop them.'

'Stop it guys.'

Hold him tight. Stand stiff.

'Where did you get the picture from?'

'I won't tell you. What will you do?'

'Anus Venu.'

'What is Anus Venu?'

Come on.

'He entered my room and destroyed everything.

What proof do you have that he's done it?'

'Is this a rape case? I think so.'

'Sahil, Mr. Javed touched me.'

'Sir, please save me.'

'Ask Mittee she will tell you the truth.'

'Looking gorgeous honey!'

It's all for you.

Today is your first meeting with the company's director.

Are you nervous?

No. I am very excited.

I like the attitude.

As we all know the last chorus for Stellar sweets...

In fact it was very difficult for all the hospitality industry.

In the current market condition 9.5% growth year on... is not easy. But it's definitely possible.

To achieve this we have to focus on three factors.

The power of the internet. Revenue management and...

effective delegation.

This is the way to sustain in such a complex and competitive market.

Sure. - Sure. - Correct! With this we can break for lunch?

Yes. - Yes. - Thank you all. See you at 2 PM.

It got ruined towards the end.

It's okay. The rest was amazing.

Well done. Well done. Apply the soap. - Birju!

What are you doing? Do it properly.

Birju, don't fool again.

Get up. - Do it. The soap will go in the eyes.

What are you doing? Be quick.

Patel, eat food. Read the newspaper.

Nanu, give me some bread.

Ganju, how much will you eat?

You had 12 already. Not anymore.

Ganju, why are you laughing?

I am not laughing but crying. I am hungry.

Why are you crying?

I am not crying. I am laughing. Look.

Hey! Mr. Hussain is leaving. Say bye to him.

Bye. Bye. Bye-bye Hussain.

Bye! Bye!

Hussain, don't drink hot tea.

Your tongue gets burnt. Careful.

Hey! What happened? What happened?

What happened?

Nothing. There is a patient who gets violent on seeing red colour.

We need to be careful. Sorry!

Okay. - Come dad. Yes dear.

Dad, let's go.

Toothpaste. Don't send it today. Got it?


Haven't you slept?

Seeing the red colour...

I could control myself.

Is it?

I got angry even today. But it has reduced.

This is good news.

You should talk to Dr. Irani.

Will he allow me to leave this place?

You can try. Why won't he let you go?

I feel Rinku is sleeping. Go to sleep.

Good night.

Good night Nanu.

Honey! What day is today?

What? Is it our anniversary?

No. We informed our families about us exactly six months ago.

Oh yes. Right. 11th.

We must celebrate tonight. Call our friends home.

We will do it. Shall we do something noble with it?

Cool! Shall we donate something in your NGO Muskan?

One lakh is good.

Isn't it more?

Do it sweetheart. I will be back in a moment.

Excuse me. Sure.

Mr. Govind, it's such an honour to have you.

Excuse me?


What are you doing here? - Mittee, you have played a big game.

From a trainee to a director. Great!

I don't want to talk to you. Go away from here.

Okay. When you find a rich man you don't remember poor people.

Dear, I am your ex-lover.

Anuj is coming here. Don't talk nonsense.

Good evening sir. I am Priyank Sharma.

New Finnish Coffee Shop manager.

Hi! Shall we go? - Yes.

Sir! I wanted to talk to you something important.

Yes tell me.

Sir, our relation is not like that.

But I want to share something with you.


Sir, the sale of our coffee shop is up by 27% than last month.

That's great. Good job. Thank you sir.

Ma'am, I hope your experience was comfortable.

Yes. Thanks.

Thank you ma'am. Thank you sir. Keep up the good work.

Bye sir. Bye ma'am. Bye. Good day!

Mittee Deora, watch it.

I will teach you a lesson for sure.

Red is just a colour.

Which we see all around us.

This colour has nothing to do with that girl.


Doctor Jha.

30% doctor.

Sahil, are you alright?

Dr. Jha, 50%.

Sahil, relax. Control your anger.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Increase it.


Enough. Stop it.

60% intensity of red light. And 80 seconds of time.

Last month you couldn't do 10 seconds on low intensity.


I could do it much better.

Very good. We'll try it next time.

Next patient please. Sahil, get up.

Doctor, there's so much improvement in me. Let me go.

Relax boy! You have improved. You are not healed.

Get up. Get up. Sahil, stand up.

What should I do to get out of here?

Jha, just a moment.

Option 1.

You need a guarantor.

Like Mr. Hussain. He is not with you.

So option 2. Impress me.

No complains and 100% results.

If you can do it for 3 months.

Then I can write to the authorities and get you released.

Everything depends on me.

I will do it doctor.

Dad looks cool!

Excuse me?

Hello! - Hello dear your ex. Priyank Desai.

That day you looked very rich.

Can I call you later? - Shall I call up Mathur right away?

Alright. Tell me what's the issue?

I need one lakh. Meet me at Coffee day at 6 PM.

I don't have it. - Even I don't have it. That's why I am asking you.

If you don't come on time. I will call up Mathur.

The rest depends on you. Love you. Bye.

No brother. We will do it on her next birthday.

Cancel. Cancel. Thank you. Bye.

What are you cancelling?

Actually I ordered a bracelet for mom on her birthday.

As it's expensive I cancelled the order.

How much does it cost?

Two lakhs.

It's out of my budget.

Take the money. Give it on our behalf.

Anuj, I knew it. That's why I don't tell you such things.

Babe, just take it.

Sahil! Yes. - Who is Surya?

Who is he?


He had a meeting with the security head Mishra.

They want you to sign something.

They gave him lot of money.

Look here. They gave me too.

At 11 PM tomorrow all the CCTV... camera will shut down for 10 minutes for servicing.

They will get him inside then.

What is the matter?

The food is here. Ganju, take this.

Yes. Yes. Patel.

Where is Sahil? He was sleeping.

What will we get in this?

Soup. Soup. What?


Hussain, give me bread.

Are you unwell?

Why were you sleeping?

Slowly. It's hot.

What is wrong with him? I don't know.

Sahil, what happened?

Oh my God!

Sahil, are you mad?

Sahil, stop. Stop! Hey! - Nanu!

Chandu. Nanu.


Give that to me. Sahil! Sahil!

Sahil! Hold his hand, What is wrong with him?

He saw the red soup.

I knew he won't mend.

Not three months he will be here for three years.

Pick him up and lock him.

You haven't eaten since morning. Eat it.

I know nothing happened to you seeing the red coloured soup.

Then why did you do it?

Won't you tell Nanu?

Alright. Don't speak to me.

He is my brother.


Surya is my brother.

You said you don't have a family.

The one who can kill his father so mercilessly.

He can't be anyone's relative.

What do you mean? That rascal committed the murder.

And blamed you for it.

I am going to meet Dr. Irani.

I will tell him about what he and Mishra are planning.


Don't say a word to anyone.

Lock it.

What is it? Do you want this?

Yes. I want it.

I won't give it to you.

Do you want it?


Manju! I want it. I do.

You want it.

Mishra, they are here.

Did you check the car's number? Yes sir. It's them.

Alright. Allow them to come.

He is here.

Don't worry. I'll be in this room too.

Did you get him? Yes. He's here.

I sent you to prison 13 years ago.

That girl sent you to the mental asylum.

Sahil Mehra, what else will you face?

Why did you kill dad?

Sign here. I'll reply after that.

First answer me. Then I'll sign the documents.

He had a sharp tongue.

So I stabbed him with a scissor.

And blamed it on me?

I should have benefit for being a twin. Right? Isn't it a smart move?

Sign it.

When I called you up for help three years ago... you didn't even speak to me. Why should I sign the documents now?

Sign it!

Hey! Don't slap the patient.

Move out! Hey!

You? Is someone here? Call Dr. Irani.

Hey, who is he? I don't know. - 'Call Dr, Irani.'

Call Dr, Irani. I'll seen everything.

Is someone here? I'll seen everything. Call Dr. Irani.

Security, what are you doing?

Nanu, take care over here, I'll check there.


Sign it. Or I'll beat him up.

Here. Sign it.

I'll seen everything. What is wrong with him?

I don't know what he has seen. I'll seen everything.

What did you see? Call Dr. Irani. I'll tell him.

Shut up! Or I'll hit you.

Call Dr. Irani. Bobby saw everything.

Patel! Shut up! - Call Dr. Irani. Bobby saw everything.

Call Dr. Irani. Bobby saw everything.

Call Dr. Irani. Dr. Irani.

Dr. Irani. Wait. I'll give you a shock.

You don't have the machine here.

Hey, call Dr. Irani.

Thank you! Bye!


You could wait for me. Why did you hit him?

I told him. You can speak to me.

Jamal, go away.

Okay. Who are you to give this order?

Keep an eye on the door. I'll dress him up. - Alright.

Go quickly. Okay.


You are trying to trap me.

You are like your father.

You are like your father.


Open the door. Open the door.

Why didn't you open the door? Forget that. Sahil is getting mad.

Take him away quickly.

Let's go. Yes.


"Someone's end begins here. The false blame on someone!"

"Someone's life will be whirling!"

'If you want this forever. Then you have to help me.'

'Alright. I'll do it.'

'When all the lights are switched off at night...

Nanu will take me somewhere.'

'After a short while the lights outside your room will flicker.'

'That is your signal.'

'Immediately you will scream at the top of your voice.'

'Call Dr. Irani. I've seen everything.'

'Call Dr. Irani. Is someone here?'

"I am mad. Be aware of me!"

"I am mad. I am mad. Be aware of me!"

"I am not mad. I'll bring out the truth!"

"Don't understand me.

I have no need. I need your torture. I want you dead!"

"I am mad. I am mad. Be aware of me!"

"I am mad. I am mad. Be aware of me!"

Sir, where do you I drop you?


Is someone here? Call Dr. Irani.


'I thought of pushing him from the stairs.'

'People will think he slipped just like mom did.'

'Then I thought no. What if he lives.'

'You don't have to give exam tomorrow.'

'You will be imprisoned.'

'And if you refuse...

I will kill you.'

'And if the police or anyone finds out... then I'll kill your mom.'

'Save your mother.'

What did you see last night?

Tell me.

I will tell Dr. Irani.

I am Dr. Irani.

Am I mad?

I'll tell Dr. Irani what I saw.

Jha, he hasn't seen anything. Take him away.

I gave you Sahil’s appearance.

Now watch how I turn you into a mad man.


Listen. Yes. - Give me your phone.


Why are you staring at me?

Sorry sir.

"I am torched. My hatred is very extreme!"

"Wherever you are. I'll reach there!"

"How can I leave you? I'll break you. The way you left me!"

"Listen cruel one, it's my turn now!"

"You are very sweet but full of venom!"

"Yes, I am mad. I am mad!"

"I am mad. I am mad!"


Kuttee Deora!

What is this?

This is Kavita's prank. She's totally mad.

She clicked this picture.

Who is Kavita?

Kavita! My best friend from college.

I told you about her.

'If there is emotion in business then it's not business but some serial.'

'Do you understand?'

Come. Come. Come.

Sahil Mehra!


"You are delicate to look at. But you are a savage inside!"

"I have borne your brutality. I have done a lot for you!"

"I was your protector. But not anymore. I will plan to end you!"

"I won't let you cry.

Nor let you sleep. I will give you sleepless nights!"


"Yes. I am mad. I am mad!"

"I am mad. I am mad!"

"You are falling on my knees!"

"Which you only know who's your love!"

"Some of my heart is falling for another heart!"

"For my soul!"

"You can't beat me down! I've been for love!"

"You can't beat me down!"

"You can't beat me down!"

The battery?

Honey, are you back?

Come inside.

Why did you do this to me, Mittee?

Why did you do it with me? Why? Why?

Why did you do it?

Speak up. Speak up.

There's no one outside.

Anuj, I want to share something with you.

A boy called Sahil was interested in me at college.

He always stared at me. Tried to talk to me.

One day he proposed to me.

But I refused.

I didn't know he would go mad on hearing my refusal.

He would beat up students and teachers.

This is nothing.

I found out at the court he murdered his father when he was 14.

He was mad.

He was sent to the mental asylum.

It's three years now.

Anuj, I'm sure. He is discharged from there.

He is doing things that are happening here.

Which asylum was he in?

Shimla Mental Asylum.

Shimla Mental Asylum.

Sir, I wanted information on Sahil Mehra.

Who is speaking?

I am his cousin speaking.

Is he still admitted or discharged from there?

He is right here.

Thank you! Thank you sir.

Anuj, I'm sure he's not there. But here.

Mittee, how can one person be at two places?

Anuj! Come with me. I want to check something.

There is no movement.

Wait. Play the footage further.

How did you do it?

It is complicated to explain it. Let it be.

This? I told you.

Mittee, this is me.

Take this.

No bro. It's complimentary.


Actually what she did to you.

Some other girl did it to me too.

Everyone says women are unsafe in our country.

I feel even men are not very safe.

You are right, bro.

I can feel you man.

Yes dad.

Dad, can you attend this meeting instead of me? Please!

Alright. Fine dad. Okay bye.

Honey! I have to go to Mumbai for 2 days.


Hello sir!

Good evening sir.

Anything else?

Sir, I wanted to show you the sample of chainsaw.

We have tested it. The quality is very good.

Sir, a dealer from Gurgaon... is ready to give us the same design for 1/3rd prize.

It will be best for profits too.

How many pieces are we importing?

Sir, we are exporting it.

Yes. I meant export.

Alright. How many pieces?

5 lakh. You said that.

I told you. Yes.

And how is the quality of the Gurgaon dealer?

Sir, definitely the quality is not as good as this one.

But we can manage.

I don't think of short term but long term.

If our quality is good our sales will boom.

And also profitability too.

Right uncle?

Right sir.

Listen Priyank, I'm very busy today. Don't irritate me.

Your bank account is going to Mumbai.

You must be enjoying a lot.

What do you want?

Two lakhs. I don't have it.

Alright. I have Anuj's number. Shall I ask him?

Priyank, try to understand my situation.

Meet me at 10 AM at VIP theatre near Hanuman Temple.

Priyank, listen. Stall. Seat number P17.

Love you! Bye dear. Priyank.

Even your father paid. It's done now.

Good day uncle.

I am Mittee's college friend. Smiley!


I was passing from here so I thought of meeting you.

It's good. Come inside. Right.

Son, what do you do for a living?

I settle accounts.

I mean to say I work at my uncle's hotel in accounts department.

Oh! I see.

Mittee must be returning home anytime. Did you speak to her?

I spoke to her a while ago.

Please handover this envelope to her.

This? Yes.

What is this? Cash of 10,000.

Mittee donates on important day’s right?

It's my birthday's donation to Muskan NGO.


I don't know what charity Mittee's does.


Honestly, you can't know.

Son, will you have tea? Yes.

Aunt, next time. I have to leave now. Thank you very much.

Hey! Grandmother!

I was sad to hear about her death.

Mittee was very close to her right? You have a misunderstanding.

Mittee didn't even see her grandmother.

She was in my womb when her grandmother expired.

Oh! Is it?

Now I understand.


Parking? Go straight to the basement.

'Brother-in-law, let me go. Or sister will be here.'

'Do it quickly.'

Move aside.

'Brother-in-law, it's enough. Let me leave now.'

'It's just the beginning.'

Where can I get the money from?

I am calling up Anuj. Priyank?

Priyank, please. Priyank.

Oh no!

It's Rolex! Remove it.

No. It's belongs to Manoj.

Hey, you won't comply easily. Wait.

Wait I'll call up Anuj.

Priyank. I'll give it.

'We aren't done yet.'

It is worth 20 lakhs.

Anuj will disapprove of it.

20 lakhs. You are wearing my 3 years salary on your hand.


Why are you doing this?

Hey, don't shed crocodile tears. Just shut up.

Did you forget what you did to me?

Go away from here. Go!

Somebody help!

Is someone here?

Mittee! Mittee, please help me.

Mittee! Please help me. Kavita!

Help me Mittee.

Please save me.


Please help me!

Mittee, please help me. Help!

Hey! Why did you do it?

But what were you doing at that basement?

It was Saturday. So I had gone to the temple.

I didn't find a parking there. So I parked at VIP theatre.

I didn't know he would come there.

Anuj, he has reached my house.

If anything happens to my parents I...

Yes sir.

Okay. Alright thank you.


The police says they don't have any such complaint.

Anuj! Did he kill Kavita?

Hello! Is Kavita home?



What are you doing here?

Last night Sahil chopped your leg right?

What? Chopped my leg?

Who is Sahil?

Sahil Mehra.

Mittee, Sahil Mehra is in the mental asylum since 3 years.

Are you taking drugs?

Mittee. Honestly.

Sahil chopped her leg. I swear.

I'm sorry sir. But take her to a doctor.

I feel she has gone mad just like her ex-boyfriend.


Yes. Sahil.

Didn't she tell you about it?

Anuj, let's go.

Hey! What the hell is wrong with you?

Come on. - Mittee. - This girl is very cunning.

Yes. Are you enjoying it?

A lot.

But seriously.

I am telling you despite being a strong headed feminist.

Don't let her go.

After tormenting so many people if she is left free... she will feel she has won.

Don't worry.

I won't let her win.

Anuj, I'm sure I parked the car here last night.

Ma'am, no car is allowed at this place.

We are renovating the place since 3 weeks.

A board is put up here. Work in progress.

There was no such board here.

And he asked me to park at the basement.

This man? Yes.

Impossible! He works during the day.

Anuj, Sahil was pretending to chop Kavita legs over here.

I feel she has lost it.

Anuj, they are a team.

They are trying to frame me.

You are saying the security here, building security... police, asylum and Kavita are in it.

They have no work beside trapping you.

What nonsense!

Anuj, listen to me. Anuj!

Yes Sahil. They left just now.

Was it him?

No dear. He was a Sardar.

Sardar? Yes.

Okay. Can he look like this without his beard and moustache?

But Mittee, what is wrong? Tell us.

Answer my question. Don't question me.

Look again.

Was it him?

No. No.

Why are you nodding? Look carefully. It was him.

Enough. Enough.

Come with me.

The live CCTV feed of high security unit.

The patient is in front of you.

Is he Sahil?

Yes. But how can he be here?

Thank you doctor. Welcome! - Let's go.

I will go inside and see him. Impossible ma'am.

The patients of that ward are majorly dangerous criminals and mentally disturbed.

Anuj, talk to him.

Mittee, you saw Sahil here.

I don't want to hear his name again.


Bittu, phone. Take the call.

At 2 AM how did you remember me?

Did he leave you?

What? Is she mad?

What problem is she getting into?

2 lakh.

Alright. Meet me at 10 AM tomorrow.

Yes brother. Mittee called me up just now.

Whom will you shoot?

It's for safety.

Look, whatever you do do it deliberately.

Deliver the snack. Yes, that car over there.

Yes Kavita!

There's a breaking news.

What? - This Sunday Mittee and Anuj Mathur are getting engaged.

What are you saying?

Moreover they will marry two weeks later at London.

They will settle there permanently.

Are you serious?

It means Anuj is ready to marry her after all that happened.


This girl must have performed well.

Do something before she runs away from India.

We don't have much time.

Kavita, hold on.

Sir, I wanted your signature.

It's urgent.

Okay. Who told you?

Anuj Mathur's dad had come to invite my Hotel's promoter.

Luckily I was present there. So I heard them speaking.

Is someone present there? Yes.

If you want we can talk later.

Alright. I will call you later. Bye.

Is there a problem?

There's no problem Mr. Sahil Mehra.


Yes. You can keep your neck straight.

I alerted myself when you spoke of quality.

Surya never spoke of quality. He spoke of only money.

I doubted you earlier.

Today you confirmed it.

You did your signatures.

Oh no!

Where is Surya?

At Shimla Mental Asylum.

Asylum? What do you mean?

Please don't tell anyone anything. Please!

I always felt you are innocent.

You can't kill anyone.

But I couldn't do much.

I had no evidence.

Don't worry. I'll do something.

Three years ago when that girl did the act...

I tried to help you.

But Surya found out.

You were my father's servant. Remain a servant.

Don't try to enter the family.

Hereafter if you try to talk to Sahil.

I will do exactly the same thing what I did to my father.

And your state will be just like Sahil.

I am pleased that rascal is in that asylum now.

And you are free.

Sorry! I couldn't do much for you.

But if I can do something for you... don't hesitate to tell me.


Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Anuj and Mittee.

You guys are truly made for each other.

Well, this is blessed day for both the families.

The Mathur's and the Deora's.

Presenting to you all something really special.

Dim the lights please!


Hi Mittee! And hi the lucky man, Anuj Mathur.

I am very happy today. Finally Mittee found her dream man.

Do you remember what you said on the

10th anniversary of Stellar sweets?

I want to be rich babe.

Look, I will date my boss Anuj Mathur.

You were a trainee.

Guess what? Today you are getting engaged to him.

Now you are rich, babe.

Hello Mittee. Do you remember 35% marks?

No money in the pocket. Trying to pacify me twice in a day at office.

Bilal, get me a job. Get me a job.

And in a month Bilal became your lover.

We started dating.

I managed to get a trainee's position at Stellar sweets.

After that you turned off the phone. Number got changed. No contact.

When I met you, you said...

My parents won't allow me to marry a Muslim guy.

Sorry Bilal!

Next month you found your next lover.

Mittee's best friend Kavita and I were engaged.

One day Kavita introduced me to Mittee.

After dinner when I went to drop Mittee home.

She started talking sexy things with me.


Within a week Anand broke off the engagement.

My cousin's took me for clubbing to help me cope with my depression.

Guess whom I see Anand dancing with?

Mittee Deora.

She trapped Sahil Mehra the richest boy of the class in Shimla.

When they had an argument... she proved that normal boy as unstable and sent him to the asylum.

He is in the asylum since three years.

After Sahil was out of the way. I was the next one.

We didn't have a proper relationship. We were just enjoying.

During that time Mittee took a loan of 35,000.

When she had to return it she got away with her dad's health stories.

Look here. Your Rolex watch. Mittee gave it to me.

Your fiancée was 15 year old and I was 22.

We had an affair since then.

I earned 10,000 a month.

I gave her 5,000 out of it.

One day my mom fell sick. I exhausted my money.

Mittee started blackmailing me.

Give me money. Or I will imprison you for sex with minor.

I sold mom's earrings and arranged the money.

She is such a cheap girl.

On our 5th month anniversary she said...

Please let's donate 25,000.

When I transferred the money...

She got a sms on her mobile.

That alerted me too.

I checked her phone.

25,000 credited to Muskan NGO.

It means she was the false trustee... of that false NGO.

I left her right there.

And chapter closed.

Sir, if you have to live alone in life then live alone.

But don't marry this girl even by mistake.

We told you the whole story.

And you are intelligent.

So save yourself and your family, Mr. Mathur.

All the best, dear boss!


Go to hell.

Shame on you!

What is wrong with you? What happened?

Dad! Call the doctor.

Dad! - Call the doctor. What happened? - Call the doctor.

What happened?

Call the ambulance.

Leave us alone.

For God's sake leave us alone.

Hello! Hi Mittee.

You bastard!

Your dad is dying at the hospital.

And you are sleeping peacefully at home.

Aren't you worried about your dad?

Don't speak about my dad.

If you have the courage come to me. I won't spare you.

I won't spare you instead.

I stole your bank account I mean Anuj Mathur.

Then showed your true face to everyone and humiliated you.

Now I'll steal from you the most precious thing.


I will kill you if anything happens to dad.

Hello! Hello!

Dr. Sarah, come to O.T. right away.


Mittee, leave from here.

You gave us enough sorrow.

Mom, please let me meet dad once.

He doesn't want to meet you. Got it?

Go away from here.

Mom, please. Don't do this. Please!

Dad! Go away from here.

'Response ward. 2nd row.'

'Hi Kuttee. I mean Mittee.'

'Are you enjoying yourself?'

'Why did you do this to me?'

Come in front of me once.

'You are crazy to get rid of me earlier.'

'Now you want to see me?'

Where are you? 'Turn'.

What joke is this? Hello! Hello!


Our story is so dramatic.

Come. Let's make the climax interesting.

You hit a girl. Rascal!

Ma'am, are you alright?

'Who got shot?'

Go away from here. No. No.

Mittee Deora, come here.

No. No wait here. Don't go outside the room.

Mittee! Here. Here.

Where are you running away?

I am here to beat you.

Ma'am, you are not allowed to come here.

It's a restricted area. Shut up.

Ahh! Hey!

Hey, wait.

The girl is here. She has gone upstairs.



Switch on the fan.

Shut up!

Someone is here to meet you.

Uh! Is it my dad?

Surya Mehra. I am his twin brother.

He didn't tell anyone about me.

He hated me.

As I killed my father and blamed it on him.

I went to meet him at the asylum for some signatures.

He trapped me and ran away from there.

He worried you and me for two months.

But the way you killed him...

I was very happy to hear about it.

I wanted to meet you personally to thank you.


I heard you got a life term.

And your parents didn't come for your hearing.


But don't worry.

I will help you somehow.

You fulfilled my revenge by killing Sahil.

Say bye to him. Your time is up.


Leave me.

Leave me.

'You have to get Surya out from the asylum.' - 'What?'

'Mittee had taken a gun.'

'I'm sure she will try to kill me after her engagement breaks.'

'She will fire at Surya not me.'

Leave me.

'I am ready to take the responsibility of Sahil Mehra.

I am his uncle.'

"I am mad. I am mad! Be aware of me!"

'I have blood cancer. I am going to London for the treatment.'

'Before going home come to the hospital and take the legal papers from me.'

'Which hospital?'

'Where are you?' - 'I am on the first floor. Where are you?'

'Come on the third floor.'

"My quality is that I am crazy. I do mistakes!"

"I am out of my mind and my life is messed!"

"I walk carefree. Stare at me!"

"I did what you taught me. This fight was fair!"

'Where are you? Someone is firing here.'

'Come to 218. Quickly.'

'Where is Sahil Mehra?'


'The fight was fair!"

"I am mad. I am mad. Be aware of me!"

"I am mad. I am mad. Be aware of me!"

"I am torched. My hatred is very extreme!"

"Wherever you are. I'll reach there!"

"How can I leave you? I'll break you! The way you broke me!"

"Listen cruel one. Now it's my turn!"

"You are very sweet. But full of venom!"

"Yes. I am mad. I am mad!"

"I am mad. I am mad!"

"Why did you do this? You cheated me!"

"Why did you wound me?"

"You are delicate to look at. But you are a savage inside!"

"I have borne your brutality. I have done a lot for you!"

"I was your protector. But not anymore!"

"I will think of ending your life!"

"I won't let you cry. Nor allow you to sleep!"

"I will give you sleepless nights!"

"Yes. I am mad. I am mad!"

"I am mad. I am mad!"