YellowBrickRoad (2010) Script

(projector reel whirring)

(static buzzing) Reporting from station eight at 1100 hours, recorded this the 10th of October in the year 1940, case file 64708NH90.

Subject is the last remaining citizen and only survivor among the missing numbered so far at 257, 257.

This matter is to be classified until further review.

Gentleman, quiet please thank you.

Sir, why was your town abandoned and how did you come to be the only one remaining?

I walked. And you were the only one to return, why is that?

[Man] The others all dead.

I couldn't (static buzzes) I left them on the trail.

[Interviewer] Subject has his hands over his ears in great pain, sir, sir, what is it that you hear?

What is it you hear sir?

(static buzzes)

(doors clanking)

Am I the only one here?

[Receptionist] No sir, I'm also here.

I'm not too late am I?

[Receptionist] We close in two minutes.

Thank God.

You hear about Friar, New Hampshire that old road?


Two forms of photo identification if you would.

Mr. Barnes, what you're asking for there are certainly those who would prefer you didn't have it.

I understand that.

I'm completely positive you're about to add to my collection of letters explaining the supposed gray areas of public domain and--

[Receptionist] You should think more optimistically Mr. Barnes, all yours, case files, the photos and the numbers.

Holy God.

Furthermore, I'm to apologize for all the years of inconvenience to you and to your wife.

They probably don't really mean it.

I mean it.

Enjoy your picture show Mr. Barnes.

Excuse me.


(traffic roaring)

(solemn piano music)

We're drinking.

You're drinking.

You're a teacher now Kenny, you drink.

Just pour it Walter.

Guess that decides the common misconception that you can't do what you love, you resort to teaching.

I don't know where I was going with that.

Because it seems like that's what happened.

Then pour me a drink.

(elegant piano music)

I'm really gonna miss you guys.

I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do.

(elegant piano music)

So how about we drink to throwing it all out the goddamned window, screw the job.

Screw Walter's tenure.

What happens if we could do another book?

He has it.

No, he doesn't.

So now it's real.

(elegant piano music)

[Jerry] Mr. and Mrs. Barnes this is Jerry up at the New Hampshire offices.

We did get word that your proposal has gone through.

I can't say anyone around here is too excited about that.

The ranger we'll be providing you with will not have firearms on with him, so neither should you.

Best of luck on your trip.

[Mysterious Voice] Who the fuck do you think you are?

Stay the fuck out.

[Man] Don't come here.

We're not gonna talk to you.

We can't get away from people like you.


(movie dialogue talking)

Does all this scare you?

In a good way.

Are you gonna be terribly disappointed if we get all the way out there and get a vague, unpublishable story and some pictures of some bones?


And I won't be terribly disappointed.

That's what I thought.

I love you by the way.

We do that yet today?

I love you more.

[TV] Now under the influence of a tasteless, but fast-acting poison.

(glass rings)

Okay, day one, pretty simple.

Today's all about packing up and shipping out.

We'd like to be on the trail by noon, make as much ground as we can before dark.

So why don't we make like it's summer camp and do the whole you know the drill.

I'll go first, my name's Melissa Barnes, I'm co-authoring this thing and I take point in the field.

I'm Cy Banbridge, here from the forestry service.

It was required, but I've been feeling ready for this.

Daryl Luger, I do maps.

Erin Luger, we do maps.

[Daryl] There have been no new maps of the south or the north since like turn of the century, so my sister and I get to be the lucky ones.

We're psyched. We are.

Jill Bateman, Teddy and Melissa's intern.

[Teddy] And just got the med kit and the training to go with it, so she can help with any blisters, aches and pains.

Intern's got the painkillers.

All right, Walter Myrick.

I teach behavioral psychology.

I'll be giving you guys some tests daily and reporting them on this little camera, but you know no release forms, no stress, just look however you look.

[Group] Ow.

Bright light early morning, I know, but I take lots of them. It's true.

Fantastic. Right, Teddy Barnes, co-author, photographer literally.

The story of Friar fascinates me.

Look, I don't know if we'll find all the answers out there, but I can tell you that we have been blessed with the opportunity to take a legend and turn it into recorded history.

Pancakes, pancakes. (group laughs)



(glass breaks)

[Walter] Okay, I'm gonna ask you a series of questions and I want you to just answer honestly okay?

Not too much thinking, sound good?

Okay, just go ahead and ask your quiz there.

[Walter] What's your name?

I already oh I got you Cy Banbridge.

[Walter] Where are you right now?

Parking lot.

[Walter] Good enough.

What smell do you associate with the color red?

You gotta be kidding me, cherries I'm thinking cherries I guess.

What does that mean?

It means that you don't have brain damage.

There we go, all right.

(raucous rock music)

Hey. You keep the GPS.

(raucous rock music)

Right near here, this way.


According to this and the numbers you gave me, the trail ends right here.

That thing's broken.

Sweet. Those numbers are accurate.

Well do you see a trail?


We're looking for a trail here.

Are you like retarded hikers or something because you're in a movie theater?

Hold on a second buddy. Hey fuck you Egon.

Tickets are eight dollars, so 56 smackers for all seven, will you be joining us at the movies today?

Hey, you're awesome.

Come on, this isn't happening.

We're leaving.

(dramatic movie sound effects playing)

What are we watching?

Something to do with guns and tits and the end of the world.

Nobody will talk to us.

It's okay.

I'm not one of the angry ones, just jealous.

Why is that?

You get to walk the road.

Except we don't.

There is no road, right?

Coordinates were a sham somehow.

Led us right here that's why we walked in here like assholes.

Did someone tell you all not to talk to us?

My grandfather gave me this job.

He owned it a while before he got cancer in his throat and died, that was last year.

He was friends with the guy who owned it way back when, back before everybody walked.

Your grandfather was here in '39 and '40?

Every other weekend on logging trips yeah.

I've gotta change the reel.

Now wait a minute-- Before the movie starts or we don't paid.


Reach down right side in the back, left over from the old dais, Gone with the Wind, original print, I shit you not.

That second one is the Oz movie.

I found it left in the projector.

It won't run, it's worn to shreds from all the times they put it through the machine.

Hey I didn't you could use me a source or anything did I?

Okay, I don't have a lot of money.

You go something better, you got a fucking expedition to--

You gotta be kidding me.

Listen, I got my own hiking gear.

I can cook.

I can tell you everything I know for the book.

I got no real family, no money to go south.

You gotta please you gotta take me with you.

I appreciate that but you're not hearing me.

There is no trial, then there is no trip.

But there is a trial and--

You've seen it?

There's even a marker, stone, it says Yellow Brick Road.

We drink there sometimes to get scared.

I walked the first 100 yards once.

(car motor revving)

(camera clicks)

(car engine revving)

[Walter] Okay and what is your full name?

Erin Lilian Luger.

[Walter] I'm like you to speak in gibberish for me until I ask you stop.

(speaks gibberish)

Thank you stop. Okay. (laughs)

[Walter] Without looking at your watch, can you tell me what time it is?

3:17. Very good.

Two times two is four. Cy.

Four times two is eight.

Eight times two is 16.

16 times two is 32.

32 times two is 64.

64 times two is 128.

[Walter] Now I'd like you to write a word for me with your finger backwards so that I can read it.

Let's just camp here tonight.

We can set up a tent right over there.

Let's give it one more hour.

(screams) Oh!

Yeah, break your wrist again, that would be good.

Give me one more hour okay?

(bird cries)

Indian cucumber.

You can dig them up, they're sweet.


[Walter] Right how do you feel right now?

A little warm, a little buggy, otherwise great.

[Walter] I'd like you to repeat a gesture until I saw stop.


Okay stop.

I'm not done yet.

Well I said stop. Okay.

[Walter] Thank you.

All right count in prime numbers for me starting with two.

Two, three, five, seven, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23--

[Walter] Fantastic, stop.

I won the Olympics for fastest fire builder four years in a row, summer camp Olympics that is.

Fastest fire builder?

How's that work exactly?

You tie a piece of string 18 inches above the ground and the first one that burns through it wins.

18 inches?

Baby stuff.

I'd do twice that at least.

Hey Cy are moose dangerous?

Yeah, screw around with the moose sure, seen them take a person right up in their antlers fling them like 50 feet.

Bears what you gotta worry about.

I don't really mind bears.

A bear will kill you a lot more sooner than a moose.

Yeah, but it's the antlers.

I don't like the antlers.

Hey guys (mimics halo music).

Not all at once, two each you know.

Gimme it. Gimme it.

Okay, one, two. Do you have caramel?

Cy you want some? Here you want to trade, lollypop, lollypop? Did she say we get two each?

Stop! Nobody move.


Snatched your souls!


The hat, where'd you get it?

Oh, I found it just now in the woods taking a piss.

I almost hosed it down on the leaves there.

Did you piss on it? Maybe some mid to late 30s. Somebody screwing with us.

I don't know. Check the label.

Are you serious? Can I check it?

That's scary shit. Look, that's not possible, look, there's no way this hat has been through 70 years of weather.

Maybe someone's missing it right now, someone close by.

Oh, right up my spine.

Nice try, but that's lethal no way.

We have to keep it very safe.

Oh, can I wear it?

Why would you want to wear it?

I don't know, seems the best way to keep a hat safe.

[Melissa] It's true.


No no no, don't hurt the hat, don't hurt the hat.

Come here. (screams)

Oh my!

[Walter] All right name?

[Melissa] Melissa Barnes.

[Walter] Where are you right now?

[Melissa] I'm on the road, we are on the road.

We are on the road now.

[Walter] How do you feel?

Pretty good, maybe great, slightest bit weak in the stomach, but otherwise.

[Walter] Tell me the smell you first associate with the color blue.

Ammonia, or maybe chlorine like in a swimming pool.

Happy mountain green earth whatever.

See you at camp!

[Melissa] So it's 1940 fall, getting colder.

[Liv] Yep, grand dad would have been 15.

And Roosevelt's not paying any attention to the Great North Woods.

No one is, people are losing hope.

They spend all the time and I mean all the time at the movies starting at munchkins and things.

Right and an emerald city.


So what did you think of the official report when you saw it?

Well he only believed things he saw himself so he stuck to Friar just to see talked whatever uniform would talk.

What did he find there?

They didn't leave everything behind.

It's just the things they took, not the things you'd expect.

He said the formal wear was gone, the hats and suits and gloves and things.

She waits to tell us this after we find the hat.

[Liv] He felt they took the music, one of those old phonographs where you turn the crank, no juice needed.

It's amateur hour, it's ridiculous.

Let's just wait till we're sure.

Okay if you say so, suckers.

Coordinate five at 11.5 degrees to the northwest.

Coordinate six at 47.01 degrees northwest.

Coordinate are you ready?


Coordinate seven's at 62 degrees that's north now?


Hold on, I gotta recalibrate.

Hummus tastes like nothing.

D, take off the hat, I'm serious.

Like lemmings, they just do it, there's not one wave of lemmings.

[Melissa] It doesn't matter.



Did you break it?

(static buzzes)

This is Teddy, you guys hear me over?

We're here over.

[Teddy] GPS says we're in Guam over.

The hell you say over.

[Teddy] Never mind over now.

(car engine revving)

[Daryl] Hey, Jill the intern where are we now?

40 miles northwest of Florence!

(group cheers) (group mimics Italian)

(strange wind sound blowing)

Could be a steel mill far off.

Wind tunnel, natural amphitheater anyone?

(strange wind sound blowing)

[Daryl] Hey Jill the intern, where are we now?


Just outside of Melbourne.

Oh good day Melbourne. There's a kangaroo.

This dingo at my baby! (group laughs)

[Walter] Subject four, this is day three, okay early memory first one that comes.

[Jill] My first cat Reggie taking Reggie home.

[Walter] Can you remember what Reggie sounded like?

Yes. Can you imitate that sound?

You want me to meow? Yes.


Daryl, kill the engine.

(birds clucking) (group laughs)

Shh shh shh.

(strange wind sound blowing) (soft voice whispering)

(old time music)


You hear it too? I heard that.

I heard it too. I heard it too.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God oh my God, oh my God.

(old time music)

[Teddy] Theories one solar flares, geothermic and magnetism.

Two, human presence as Cy suggested, like we're being punked by the FBI.

Three, collective hallucination, we pass the psychosis around like a disease.

Far fetched, maybe, but Daryl and Walter's work with the audio levels indicate that--

[Walter] The music's coming from the end of the road.

Fourth, it's the people of Friar, it's the walkers, somehow they're here.

Here's what we know.

We're not all crazy.

Our instruments are buggy.

We are five days away from civilization with gear, three without, so here we are and this meeting is officially about the possibility of turning back?

Oh boo. What?

No no no throw that stuff at me, because I'm the one who suggested going back.

Boo! Ow!

None of your theories really explain the music though, how do you explain the music?

It could be God. How could we all be crazy, I don't get that?

Right. This is the music they were listening to, over and over and over again, my grandfather said, he used to have the film reels.

They were addicts for this stuff.

Wait, stop, back up, Jill the intern said something crazy, I want more information.

Intern, repeat if you would.

It could be never mind.


[Teddy] Theory five act of God.

Oh, it's ridiculous.

What if the people of Friar believed this was the road to some god?

Some wizard or something to stop the war from ever coming?

[Erin] You can ask the wizard for anything can't you?


Nope, because if you remember, the wizard turned out to be a little bald douche.

(group laughs) You're being an asshole today can you stop being an asshole?

Everybody needs to have their voice heard you know.

It's my turn now.

I think we don't know what's going on here and we should leave.

I'm scared.

What if there is an end to this thing and someone or something is there, what would you ask for?

That's a deeply personal question.

What's your answer Mr. Barnes?

I'd just ask him to smile for the camera.

That's all I need.

(old time 40s music)

(car engine revving) (old time 40s music)

It goes, they both go.

We can't tell which is true north.

Try calling northeast north 17 degrees.

How did you do that?

Your sister said your instruments have been off.

Well yeah but I haven't been, that's north.

D, you're good at math, but you're not that good.

I am too that good.

This is a triple in magnetic force and the opposite spiral like the way toilets flush in Australia.

Does that mean there's a point in the center?

Yeah, I think that's where the music is coming from.

Do you have the math to get us there?

I want that coordinate.

[Daryl] So do we.

We don't have it yet.

We have to start taking side specs south, okay, adding things up.

I'm on it.

(old time 40s music)

What's your full name?

Liv Michelle McCann, should I look at you or the camera?

No look at the camera and where are you right now?

Daryl says we're 65 miles inside Yellow Brick Road.

We've been hearing the music since yesterday morning.

[Walter] Say the alphabet backwards.

Z, Y, X, W, V, U, fuck, T?

That's fine. No, let me finish.

V, U, T, S, R. That's fine, that's fine.

You've proved your--

Q, P, N, M, L, shit what comes after I mean before L, L, K, J, I,

H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A.

We've got another one.

Another crossroads guys.

(old time 40s music)

♪ Kiss me once again and hold me ♪

♪ That's the kind of old goodbye ♪

(old time 40s music)

(loud bang resounds) (breathing heavily)

You were talking.

What was I saying?

Not going back.

Not going back?

Not going back.

Your little heart is beating so fast.

It's not little.

(old time 40s music)

[Daryl] Canvas the site already.

You're not where you're supposed to be over.

(radio static buzzes) (laughs)

Daryl I know this is funny, but it's not funny.

Take the hat off.

[Walter] How do you feel right now?

I'm low.

Speak in gibberish till I ask you to stop.

(sings in gibberish)

All right stop.

Now repeat a gesture until I ask you to stop.



You're all right, you're all right.

Get your arm off me.

I was just

I was listening to the music that's all.

I want to know where it went, when it's coming back.

What if we never heard it in the first place?

Don't you miss it?


What are you seeing on the tapes?

Well, it's different for everyone.

It's like separations and slow downs in association, memory loss, so what if people start forgetting the way back?

Daryl has the numbers written down clearly.

I'm not talking about the way home.

I'm talking about the way back to where we started, to who we were when we began this thing.

But they were here Walter.

They passed right through this spot, I'm sure of it.

We have plenty for the book.

This isn't about the book for you anymore.

This is about you reaching, you're always reaching for things that you don't understand that you can't see and this time that really scares me.


You see this?

Take a good look.

Come on, everyone.

Bad berry, atropa belladonna, nightshade, make sure you can tell it from the others, bad goddamn berry.

I wasn't eating it.

I was squishing it.

Berries are for squishing.

Sorry bad berry. Bad berry.

Very bad berry. Bad berry.


You know what?

We deserve a goddamn party.

All right, but be careful I mean that.

Fastest fire builder huh?

Oh shit, this is gonna happen.

Somebody pour me a shot.

(ominous music)

(group laughs)

Burn it out. Don't burn out.

[Walter] Closer than I ever thought it would be.

[Erin] Why do we even have a ref if everyone keeps cheating?

[Walter] You ask a question for the wizard, you ask him that.

(group screaming)


[Melissa] Something's here.

I don't want to stay anymore.

It's all right. It's okay.

It's okay. I'm eating.

We should move. No one listening.

There's no place like home. Guys.

[Melissa] What is it Liv, we just went to sleep?

I lied.

We were catching onto that.

I never knew my grandfather and he lived in Maine, but I did grow up in Friar.

Just go to sleep.

You should know all this wondering about why they walked people who live in Friar don't wonder about that.

If you live there, you understand.

It's not something you can write a book about.

(ominous music)

(mysterious voices faintly talking)

(old time 40s music)

I tested Jill first thing this morning.

I asked her for her earliest childhood memory.

She told me it was standing at the trail at the Yellow Brick Road.

So which direction is it gonna be in today huh?

We're taking the hint.

Give it one more day.

One more day.

(old time 40s music)

Hold up.

We have to take a site.

Do you want to take the Argo and just catch up?

No, we'll wait.

Okay, D.

Everybody these are the 15 minutes that are gonna make us all well okay?

(old time 40s music)

Oh D you got your finger prints all over this.

(mimics in childish voice)

You know you look like shit?


Is it scratched? No.

Did you scratch the lens? No.

Is it scratched? Give me the hat.

Is it scratched?

Take off the hat, D. Is it scratched?

Take off the fucking hat.

Is it fucking scratched? I'm not kidding with you anymore.

Will you please take off the hat?

Is it scratched? Give it to me.

Did you scratch it? Take it off, give it to me.

Did you scratch the fucking--?

Shut your face and take off the hat.

Is the fucking lens scratched?

If you don't fucking take that hat off.

(old time 40s music) (grunts)

(old time 40s music) (screams)

[Teddy] Now move!

(old time 40s music)

Oh God, he's going for the trees.

Let me see, I want to see. Oh God.

We have to get out of here. You stay there and be quiet.

I'm gonna walk home. It'll be okay.

I'm gonna walk-- What did you see Walter?

He killed her, he just ripped her apart.


They were arguing over the hat.


Walter what happened?

Listen up everybody. (Jill crying)

Erin's dead.


All right. (Jill crying)

There's been a terrible tragedy.

Walter you and I will set up emergency camp here.

Teddy, Cy, you guys take the knife, machete, whatever you can, go find Daryl.

I think we just go home.

Daryl knows the way home.

Trails forked two dozen times.

There's no book.

He's got it on him.

We can find our way back.

I can find our way.

Teddy, Melissa, I agree with Cy.

Stop, let me out of this.

He looked scared.

Bring him back okay?

(Jill crying)

(old time 40s music)

How did this happen?

A moment ago we were fine.

No, no we weren't.

Damn it!


Damn you!


What? Never mind.

What is it Jill?

I was wondering where the candy bag went.

All right, I completely get it.

Look, we're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be fine Jill.

Teddy and Cy are gonna bring back Daryl and the map to Friar and we're gonna go home.

Do you believe me?

I believe you.

I don't.

I just need some Walter, I just need some help.

I mean fine we've got it to put it together, mark it somehow right, we can't just leave it.

You're not going back?

What are you looking for? Something bright to mark the body.

Liv, not alone. I don't care.

(car engine revs)

They're going for Erin.

You sure you saw him come this way?

I thought so.

I don't know what I saw.

Oh God, make it shut up.

It's like on purpose how it does that.

Obviously on goddamn purpose.


It's him.

I caught that.

I saw him.

(radio static buzzes)

Shut that thing up.


Daryl, will you answer me?

We know you're right there. No!

Guys, I think I did something really bad.

We know.

We know man and it's okay.

[Daryl] I hurt my leg.

Yeah, we'll get you help for that, just come right on out here it's fine.

(ominous music)

Okay, Daryl I want you to listen to me carefully okay?

You're not in any trouble.

I know.

It feels like no one will forgive you,

but you're wrong.

Everyone who loves you will forgive you.

We all thought it is what he's saying, but not saying Daryl.

I thought it for days.

We all did.

I thought of killing.

I thought it too Daryl.

[Daryl] You guys can just leave me here.

But you can't do that can you Teddy?

We may have to take him.

[Daryl] No no no no.

You don't have to do that.

I'm coming.

That's good.

That's good Daryl, thank you, now I'm just gonna tie a little rope around your hands as a safety precaution okay?

Yeah, I think you'd better.

That's good.

Sit down.

Tie me up.


(old time 40s music)

(old time 40s music) (grunts)

Someone will always be watching him.

I can't feel my hands.

I don't care.

I need you to loosen the ropes man, just a little.

(grunts) (laughs)

I have some questions about the numbers for getting home, Daryl.

You're a music guy Teddy.

I was never a music guy.

But this song this song's been growing on me.

Is it growing on you?

I hear the people in the music.

I hear the people who walk.

Daryl, the numbers.

I can't take us home.

You can and you will.

Look at the pages, Teddy, I mean look.

Yesterday morning, 48.3 miles by pedometer, but it charted out at 29.2 miles when we added the numbers up going south.

Impossible. Exactly.

And next morning we set out from camp at 8:45 a.m.

8.2 miles by pedometer, yet our chart said 19 miles.

We looked back three miles later and we couldn't even find the camp site and the view on the scope.

It was gone.

Our numbers are right.

You would have said something.

Erin would have said something.

No, because when you're traveling along Yellow Brick Road the numbers are hard.

They add up.

They make sense going forward, which is exactly how we were taking our sites, going forward.

Looking back was a different story, looking back looking side to side,

the land is like liquid.

Just show me how they work.

Flip to the back page.

That'll take you to the end of the road Teddy, think about that.

(old time 40s music)

(static buzzes)

(old time 40s music)

(static buzzes)

(old time 40s music)

What's it doing?

I don't know, maybe nothing.

I hear a pattern. No shit.

(static buzzes) (old time 40s music)

All right, so we need cotton balls, bandanas, whatever you can stop the noise.

(static buzzes) (old time 40s music)

I can't find it. Keep looking Jill.

(static buzzes) (old time 40s music)

(crickets chirping)

Please go away.

(static buzzes) (screams)

(static buzzes)

(boom resounds) (screams)

(static buzzes)

(people laughing)

(static buzzes) (boom resounds)

(birds chirping)

(car engine revs)

(birds chirping)


(thunder rumbles)

That's the way home.

He wrote it down, we're--

Catch up, Daryl is batshit, so the numbers are all batshit numbers.

No, it's there.

This is the way home.

It's here.

He wrote it down.

I swear to God if you don't shut up.


None of you know me.

You don't even look at me.

All right, enough.

We lost a lot of gear, but people can survive you're just gonna have to trust me.

Lady, are you kidding me?

Oh I'm lady now?

Yeah, you're lady. You gonna forget how to learn my fucking name Cy?

Stupid goddamn lady. Both of you, easy.

Hey don't talk to me. Keep your hands down.

Don't talk like-- Keep your hands down.

Get down goddamn it!

(old time 40s music)

Any reason we should listen to another word out of your hole--? Because it's all about getting out now, isn't it?

(speaking gibberish) Teddy and I have walked Siberian forests, desert goddamn wastelands--

Oh to hell with your wastelands, what is your plan?

She doesn't have a plan.

We have to stick together.

We ration the food and water in our packs and we walk.

Off trail screw the trail, due south.

We'll leave at first light.

We don't have the gear do we?

No, the way I see it we go west?

West. I know there's nothing east and there's even less up north, but west there ought to be a better shot.

Maybe we cross into Vermont.

I'm not sure I'm in love with ought to be.

[Cy] Yeah, you had your chance to talk.

I'm talking now.

Well keep talking.

Now you got a reason, I've got a reason that matters.

I've got this knife.

Yeah, I ain't parting ways with.

I can cut through brush, kill an animal.

I'll fend off a goddamn lunatic driving a goddamn go cart wielding my goddamn machete.

I'm not waiting till morning.

I want to know what Teddy thinks.

I think we should continue north.


It's not an option.

No more north.

I just think we should go home with answers.

These questions will kill us.

These questions never needed to be fucking asked.

What the hell does it matter anyway?

(old time 40s music)

He's all right.

He took a fall, but he's all right.

Off we're going south.

Liv and I head west tonight, with or without you.

You can go on and kill your damn selves, but this one this one ain't gonna die with you because she never should have been allowed on this goddamn trip in the first place and I ain't a part of no damn democracy right now.

I promise you that.

We need to split up the gear.

I'll go stow the binoculars.

Mr. Barnes.

Take the lantern head lamp's ours, last light yours.

The water?

You need it. You need it.

Don't let this happen.

(old time 40s music)

[Walter] We should set watch.

(thunder rumbles)

(old time 40s music)

[Man] Where are we now?

Stay with me, stay with me.

[Man] Where are we now?

Where are we now?

Don't, it's too far away.

Don't listen to him, he can't see us, stay with me please, stay with me. Where are we now?

(old time 40s music)

(birds chirping)

Where are you?

I can't feel you.

I'm here, right here.

That's better.

I had a dream we made it all the way home and it wasn't there.

It's okay.

It was gone.

The grass was black and the sky was full of smoke and I was there, but I was dead.

All the people were all dead or disappeared.

We were so scared.

Even worse when I woke up because what if this road is our home now?

(old time 40s music)

(birds chirping)



No no no!

(old time 40s music)

No, stop!



(old time 40s music)

Line up three objects and you make sure they stay in line.

You doing fine you know?

You're doing real good.


Take it, I'll catch a chipmunk later.



(old time 40s music)

Why isn't it getting darker than this?

I don't know.

You don't think we're actually going north?

No chance.

(old time 40s music)

Bad berries.


Don't eat that.

I tried it in like the 10th grade okay.

I mean it didn't kill me, but it gets you high.


Uh huh.

Dumb fuck thing to do though.

Eat too much, it's poison.

Plus you get a rash.

(old time 40s music)

(car engine revs)

(old time 40s music)

I like this forest!

I like it too.

I like it too.

(old time 40s music)

I feel like walking.

No no no no too dangerous.

Let's just stay right here.


Can I touch your hair?


You sure we can't walk, get some more milestone?


Oh my gosh, look a chipmunk.


Would you eat one of those?

I have I ground it up with a rock and I fried it.

How did it taste?



You're hilarious.

I'm gonna kiss you, that's okay right?



[Liv] No Cy.

(car engine revs)

It was North Dakota.

That'll be a beam with a falcon on the gate.

And we had to bribe that woman because she wouldn't let dogs in.

Oh Mickey was on that trip.

Remember when Teddy got hives from the chlorine in the hot tub?

Mickey was so small then.

Mickey will die soon.

That girl is feeding him.

She's irresponsible.

She won't check to see that we haven't come home.

She'll just stop coming.

He'll sit by the door and cry for days and days.

This topic, Teddy's he's gonna be fine.

We're on our way home right now.

(old time 40s music)

Hear hear hear don't listen to that.

Here, take these, come on.

(old time 40s music)

Use as many as you need.

(whispers frantically)

(old time 40s music)

3rd grade, Mrs. Scott, hairy chin wall, I had chicken pox, stayed home a week.

I had a crush on Brent Ian, but he doesn't know.

I think I love him, resting a finger on his face, vacation on Cape Cod.

I loved the beach.

(old time 40s music)


Are you?


Are you mad at me?


I'm just coming down high.

Can you help me?


Put it all together.

[Liv] We're walking right now.


We've been walking for what seems like forever.

Yes. But it isn't.

We were part of a group of people that walked north because we were wondering why another group of people had walked north.


We were all once born and we're all gonna die.

We do lots of things in between like this and sometimes we have jobs like you had a job and your job was to walk this trail.

I lived alone and sold popcorn.

And I lied because I knew

I think I always knew if you live in town long enough, you know oh God, the real reason they walked, just like I feel your eyes on me right now even though I can't see you.

You always know the trail's there.

Everyone does.

But no one says it.

You're embarrassed to believe it could be like a way out.

You feel like the trail will understand you

and now I think that's the worst part.

That it does.

(old time 40s music)

It's mountains tomorrow I think.

Hey guys look.

No way you had that the whole time?

Did you steal that? I got it when we were dividing up our things and nobody remembered.


(old time 40s music)


Let's ration it okay.

We have a long road ahead of us.

(old time 40s music)

I'm sorry!

I was so hungry!

(old time 40s music)

I'm sorry!

(old time 40s music)

Liv, it's happening to me too,

what happened to Daryl.

Just go to sleep.

No, no if the music keeps up and we don't find a town soon

I'm gonna do something to you that's unspeakable.

Like what?

I've been thinking about it for miles, all the things I'm gonna do.

I thought about taking myself out, but I think if I start cutting things I might get confused.

(old time 40s music)

Get out the rope sugar pop.

(old time 40s music)

(car engine revs)

(old time 40s music)

(static buzzes)

Teddy, come back, Teddy.

You fuck!

(old time 40s music)

♪ Walter, Walter ♪

♪ Leave me in the beyond there ♪

♪ Walter Walter ♪

♪ Find the forest Walter ♪

♪ And feel the forest Walter dear ♪

(old time 40s music)

It's the song isn't it?

It's a sick coincidence.

It's calling me out.

Don't you leave me.

I won't.


Why didn't you find anybody?

I can't answer that.

So you've been best friends with both Teddy and me for all these years.

Isn't it amazing?

Everything changes when deep in your heart you think you might die tomorrow.

Are you sure?


We'll go away or these trees will.

(old time 40s music)

(car engine revs)

(old time 40s music)

I might plead at the end, but you just gotta do it and don't be like those others, don't argue with me, talk talk talk.

I don't want to talk anymore.

(static buzzes) (old time 40s music)

You want me to stab you?

No, no, I don't want my blood on that knife.

Then how?

You got to break my neck.

I can't, I don't know how.

You grab and you twist.

I'm not strong enough.

Yes you are, anyone can do it.

But I can't.

Somewhere in you you can.

You've gotta find the place that can, I'm sorry Liv but you've gotta find the place that wants to.

(old time 40s music)


(somber piano music)

Don't, don't, stop!


Please oh God stop.


(boom resounds)




Melissa I want you to forgive me.

I've just I've seen too much, so it's time for me to click my heels and go home.

I know you probably don't want to see this, but it's just so that in some way even if it's off the timeline, I know that I know that you're here with me.

So stay with me hmm?

Don't look away.

What's your name?

My name is Walter.

And how do you feel right now?

Ah, much better.

Earliest childhood memory?

Climbing up the bars of my crib to get out.

Speak in gibberish

until I say stop.




(old time 40s music)

It's never ending.

(old time 40s music)

(static buzzes)


(old time 40s music)


(old time 40s music)

(static buzzes)


Teddy, can you hear me?

(static buzzes)

Don't leave me out here alone.

I'm trapped here and I don't think I don't (static buzzes)

if you had to go north, if you had to go, had you thought to wake me that morning,

I would have gone with you.

(static buzzes)


[Daryl] Melissa.

I want you to know that I'm here.


[Daryl] In the cave behind you.

Are you going to run?

I don't want to run from you.

[Daryl] Why not?

I mean with my leg you might have a chance.

Are you gonna kill me, here now?

[Daryl] Yes.

Please Daryl, does it have to be so much pain?


Here we go.

Melissa, are you there?

I thought I heard you somehow.

Is it possible that you could hear me?

I'm somewhere off the map, I don't know.

I can't read the numbers.

I can't trust the numbers.

I'm starting to think the trick is

that it never ends that there is no end.

(somber piano music)

Melissa are you there?

Are you sleeping?

Are you somewhere sleeping without me?

I hope you make it home

and that's it warm and he's waiting for you.

I hope that you can remember how to live.


He hung out to hear the music

and you'll be with Walter.

And Walter will be happy too.

And everything where I ended up never picture where I am.

And don't let anyone else picture it either.

One day one day you won't think about me,

not even to curse me.

I loved you.

Go home.

(old time 40s music)

(boom resounds)

(old time 40s music)

(static buzzes) (old time 40s music)

(ominous music)

Help anyone.

Am I the only one here?

No sir.

I'm also here.

Who are you?

I run the picture shows of course.

You have to help me, please listen to me, listen to me.

I'm listening yes. There are others.

I have to find them help, you have to understand, I left them out there.

They no longer require help.

How do you know that?

Because I've seen it.

And her?

Please what happened to her?

Oh Mrs. Barnes, I've just seen her.

Have you?

Is she here?

Did she make it to the end?

Oh indeed sir she's arrived at the end.

But there are so many ends.

Enjoy your picture show Mr. Barnes.

(old time 40s music)

Take your seat there.

(old time 40s music)

(buzzer buzzing)

(static buzzes)

[Ethereal Voice] Teddy.

This is our home.


[Ethereal Voice] The grass is black.

The sky is choked with smoke.


[Ethereal Voice] All of the people have disappeared.

This is our home.


This is our home.

(birds chirping)

(faint old time 40s music)

(faint old time 40s music) (birds chirping)