Yeok-rin (2014) Script


a CHOICE CUT PICTURES production Executive Producer CHA Wonchun

I'm so afraid, I'd rather die. Prince Jeongjo, February, 1775

Prince Jeongjo has no need to know about the Noron faction or the country. Noron faction, November 1775 Noron faction: The ruling political faction at the time.

They had Jeongjo's father executed when he took sides with the opposition party.

Don't be shaken by what the ministers say.

Just follow my example. That is your filial duty.

King Youngjo, November, 1775


1 1:15 PM

I am surrounded by enemies.



3:00 AM

It's the Clerk, sire.


What is the matter ???

Forced to carry such weight...

Even warriors won't last half a day.

But Your Majesty...

You wear that until the day's end...

I cannot exercise openly. What else can I do ???

Without a maid at your service...

Your Majesty ???

Isn't it time you had a chamber maid ??? Isn't it time you took in a maid ???

We are still in mourning.

Does it bother you so ???

Of course not, sire.

Your Majesty ??? It's HONG, the Chief of Guards.

It's almost time, sir.

Wait. I am coming.

What book is it ???

I didn't see it, sir.

'What Heaven confers is called nature'.

'Accordance with this nature is called the Way'.

'Cultivating the Way is called education'.

What book is it ??? 'Doctrine of the Mean', sir.

What does it say in Chapter 23 ???

Your Majesty...

It's time for the Memorial Hall.

'If there is anything you want, do your utmost'.

Then, it will be realized.

4:00 AM

General KOO must be eliminated, sire.

He is behind the Queen Dowager's growing power.

He's the key to the Noron faction's hold of the military.

Imbeciles !!!

You're all out of order !!!

Why train ???

Together fools !!!

From dawn to sunset !!!

He's behind your father's death.

He's worse than the ministers you ordered to death.

Chief HONG ???

Yes, Your Majesty.

The military will rise up if we strike General KOO.

It could back fire on us.

Your Majesty.

We must strike first, sir !!!

Our late king awaits me in the Memorial Hall.

Let me go.


Grandmamma. Have you slept well ???

How could I ???

Are you ill ???

I heard the light is always on at your chambers.

If you overdo yourself, you'll get hurt.

Should you get hurt...

I'd be troubled.

Yes, Grandmamma.

I heard Chief HONG wants to kill General KOO.

Rising to power so young, they say he's bloodthirsty.

He killed several ministers... and sent my brother into exile.

He claims the Noron faction killed your father...

I heard his goal is to kill all the culprits.

And now as the Chief of Guards, he strolls the palace with a sword.

I'm afraid to cross paths with him.

I say this because you are my dear grandson.

Striking General KOO won't just rise up the military.

Without good judgment... ruling is difficult.

Yes, Grandmamma.

Come closer.


By chance...

Should anything happen to you, I'd be troubled.

Appointing a new king and such...

The ministers will all come to me.

At your chambers...

You stay up reading books ???

A man should sleep.

Yes, Grandmamma.

Wash this.

Yes, ma'am.

My father is in charge of the gates tonight.

Today's the day.

It will take place tonight.

If I say to destroy, will it be so ???

Of course, Your Highness.


Would you like to decide ???

We'll see.

A summer's day... is long, isn't it ???

Pour me more liquor !!!

It's hot !!! Take it off !!!

That's better !!! I'm hot, too !!!

Keep yours on. Okay.

But who are you ???

Your Majesty.

Traditionally, Literary Discussions...

6:30 AM have been led by the ministers to help the king's studies. have been led by the ministers to help the king's studies.

But since you took reign, you've built a royal library... and spent time with young clerks.

We fear tradition is taken lightly.

A king is not just a ruler... but must also be a teacher of learning.

Your leader of Noron and my childhood teacher taught that.

How is that a problem ???

If you only deal with low servants, and listen only to praise...

That is not the way of a king.

When knowledge becomes insight... and insight practiced is then learning complete.

I lack discretion... to speak of complete learning yet.

But the Literary Discussions... shouldn't the point be learning that leads to practice ???

For that, you must first learn.

Of course.


If the teachers are idle, would it not be a problem ???

On what grounds do you claim we are idle ???

You insist on reviewing just the Classics !!!

Why don't we ever talk about theories to put into practice ???

The basics come first, sir.

The Classics must be studied over and over again !!!

How much do you know the Classics ???

Raise your hand !!!

If you know Chapter 23 of 'Doctrine of the Mean'.

If any one of you can recite it by memory...

I'll listen to you as of tomorrow.

The Classics you so cherish !!!

Did you study them over and over again ???

Raise your hand if you memorized it all.

No one ???

Clerk ???

Do you know ???

'Do your utmost even in trivial things'.

'From that, you can attain sincerity'.

'This sincerity becomes apparent'.

'From being apparent, it becomes manifest'.

'From being manifest, it becomes brilliant'.

'Brilliant, it affects others'.

'Affecting others, they are changed by it'.

'Changed by it, they are transformed'.

'It is only...'

'those with complete sincerity, who can transform everything'.

That's what it says in Chapter 23, sire.

We should discuss real issues.

That is true discussion and learning.

What issues would you like to discuss ???

I'm cancelling the Discussions for 3 days.

Every one of you must prepare within those 3 days... how to help slaves and children of concubines.

Your Majesty !!!

How can we discuss them at the Literary Discussions ???

Please reconsider, sire !!!

Please reconsider, sire !!!

Your response...

is weak.

He's here.

Have a seat.

What a fool for trying to run off.

He got scared and tried to run.

Look at him !!!

How could you !!!

Sir !!! Sir !!!

What did you teach him ???

I'll return the money.

You bastard !!!

Money's not the problem !!!

Sir !!! Wait !!!

Stay calm !!!

You know GWANG's the one who sent him.

That raccoon looking fool !!!

Hey, you !!!


No greeting ???

Have you been well, sir ???

Looks like you've been eating well.

Your face is white and plump.

This is the man Head Servant AHN mentioned.

We've met before.

If you know AHN, we've probably met.

Make room, sir.

Hey !!!

Why'd you beat him to be a cripple for life ???

Today's the big day.

If I paid for the job I should get my money's worth !!!

Right ???

Now what ???

He tried to run once he'll never do it.

I told you.

Should've asked me to get you a killer.

Killing a man isn't like killing a dog !!!

Just 15 shillings ???

For a head like that ???

Look at the fool.

He'll be a cripple for life like this.

Damn !!! A sword should be kept sharp.

I had to hit him many times.

Oh well.

No choice.

You do it !!!


Please !!!

Don't kill me !!!

I'm sorry !!!

Please !!!

Let me go !!!

I'm sorry !!!

Was it Number 219 ???

Or Number 20 ???

Right !!!

Number 220 !!!

Please don't kill me.

Don't worry, I won't kill you.

That's your name. Repeat it.

Number 220.

Good !!! That's your name.

Don't scream.

If you do you'll get a beating.

Number 77 is the leader here.

He fights really good !!!

You're Number 220 ???

It must hurt.

Don't die.

His Majesty's Mother has come !!!

Duchess Haekyung has come !!!

7:45 AM

That is the king's bed ???


I heard that...

You barely eat these days.

There's a drought and we're in mourning.

My King...

Check your food thoroughly for poisoning today.

Why Mother ??? I had a nightmare.

I have bad feeling.

Yes, Mother.

You must survive this.

No matter what.

Damn !!! Noron !!!

How dare they !!!

It's the morning assembly.

There are rules in this court !!!

How can they not come ???

Perhaps because of this evening's banquet.

They make all kinds of useless gatherings !!!

How can they show contempt of the king like this !!!

His Majesty has come !!!


You often grace us with good food and liquor I am forever thankful.

But some court ministers seem uncomfortable by it.


At this evening's banquet... Clerk !!!

Yes, Your Majesty.

I shall eat at the banquet for dinner.

As you command, sire.

Where else in this palace...

must I draw back to ???

The assembly is adjourned.

Say that again.

If he should be harmed she will be troubled.

By chance...

Should anything happen to you I'd be troubled.

Before the king...

To her grandson...

She said she'll be troubled if he dies ???

That is what I heard...

That young bitch !!!

How dare she !!!

My Dear...

Yes, Your Highness.

I saved my son at the cost of my husband.

Do you know ???

It was before I was born, but of course I know.

You said...

you'd risk your life for me.

Do you remember ???

You saved my father and mother, ma'am.

My life is yours, ma'am.

At any time...

Wait for my command.

Your Highness...

It will not be detected.

No one will be able to tell if it is in tea or soup.

The target...

You must know.

Yes, ma'am.

Go on !!! Take it !!!

You may go.

9:15 AM

Carrying a sword all day when you're not used to it...

You'll throw your back !!!

People may think you're mocking the king's Chief of Guards.

If it was anyone but you, General KOO... he'd be beheaded indeed !!!

Is your sword itching to get out ???

You read my mind.

This sword should see the light of day.

Be careful.

I saw many lose their fingers and heads.

Before that happens...

I should swing it.

Fools who live too long sucking on people's blood !!!

And traitors who try to kill the king !!!

I'll give my life to killing such bastards !!!

That's why swords shouldn't be given to kids.

Are you afraid ???

80% of the country's soldiers will move if I raise my hand.

If you keep acting up... my hand wants to go up.

Raise it up then.

The hell !!!

Go on. Raise it.

It's such a hot day. Let's go have some dog soup.

I don't eat dog.

Forget it, then.

10:00 AM

I won't do it.

That's not for you to decide.

I want my independence.

I already promised you that.

You'll get it.

But now's not the time.

They're not as good as you.

But if they all attack at once won't it be hard for you ???

I'll see you next time.

You're dating a girl ???

You go when I tell you to go.

A court laundry maid.

She's got big guts.

Dating a man outside the palace.

She could be ripped to shreds.

Hey !!!

Don't grab so hard !!! You'll pull out all my hair !!!

Don't you wanna run far away and live with her ???

Let's settle with this.

Put your swords away.

If you succeed...

You'll get your independence and the girl. Agreed ???

Why of course !!!

I made a good one all right.

The girl...

Don't touch her.

If you do, you'll die.

Of course.


You can't fool me.

If I threaten that girl... you'll always be screwed.


What do you do ???

A bandit ???

Just a thief ???

A killer ???

A hired assassin ???

Get paid for killing people ???

Why'd you follow me around ???

I did not.

On the bridge last month.

And the market two days ago.

Darn it !!!

This is where palace clothes are dyed.

I come here

on the 5th of every month.

I'll do it.


This way, we both win.

Whose head is it ???

The king's.

Clerk ???

Are you there ???

Yes, Your Majesty.

Where is 'Doctrine of the Mean' ???

It's the fifth book on the top left shelf, sire.

Have you memorized every book in this room ???

I'm the clerk who manages His Majesty's books.

Of course I should know.

Isn't that blood ???

I had a nosebleed at dawn.

I failed to check before coming here.

I deserve to die, sire.

A nosebleed ???

How is it only on the bottom of your pants ???

I'm not sure...

If it got on anywhere else he would've noticed.

It's my fault for working him hard with no time to change.

Go change.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Kill your master tonight

You're changing again ???

How many times a day...

Ma'am ???

Help me, please ???

How long has it been ???

Since I came into the palace.

This maid in training will be your new roommate.

Hello, ma'am. I'm Bokbing.

From 4 years ago ???


Be quiet !!!

What do I do ???

Listen closely.

If you stay here you'll die either way.

Wear this and wait for me at the gates.

I'll meet you there.

1 1:30 AM

Who sent you this ???

I've already told you.

I don't know.

'Kill your master tonight'.

Kill your master ???

Who is it ???

Who is your master ???

You traitor !!!

Is he not the king !!!

How dare you !!!

Betray His Majesty !!!

Since he was a young prince servants tried to kill him.

They poisoned his food and carried knives.

I've heard of over 12 attempts at his life.

Still !!!

You !!!

He trusted only you !!!

I did, too.

Who are you really ???


Let me meet His Majesty.

Head Servant AHN is missing, sir.

Head servant AHN your adoptive father... didn't come here today.

I sent men to check but he is missing.

Explain yourself.

I killed him...

His body's down a well.

Let me meet His Majesty.

Cover the bastard's mouth !!!

Where is the Clerk ???

I locked him in the armory, sire.

Who is coming to archery practice today ???

It's General KOO, sire.

I'll see the Clerk after archery practice.


I want him alive.

Think you can sneak out alive ???

Your Highness...

Have mercy...

She gave you poison ???

Your Highness...


Let me see it.

Bullseye !!!

Bullseye !!!

1:45 PM Duchess Haekyung has arrived.

You called, Your Highness ???

It is hot. Come join me.

No thank you.

Why ??? Embarrassed ???

It does not look good.

There's a drought and we're in mourning.

And a thorn in your eye... is wasting water and embarrassing the court ???

I didn't say that.

Duchess Haekyung...

We were once on the same side.

Why have we drifted so apart ???

If you have nothing to say I shall go.

You betrayed your husband !!!

We worked well together then.

You'll betray your husband...

But not your son ???

Why is he so difficult ???

Does he take after his father ???

How dare you !!!

Stop dishonoring him with your wicked tongue !!!

He is holding back his rage but if it explodes...

The palace will turn into a bloodbath ???

Or the king will end up dead.

So, you wanted to get rid of me first ???

Go on. She is waiting.

Give her the tea.


Go on.

Drink it.


Why ???

Do you think it's poisoned ???

If the court finds out you tried to poison me... what do you think will happen ???

Like father like mother...

Will the king... be able to keep his throne ???

What do you want ???

You bitch !!!

Do you think the court ministers belong to the king ???

Go ahead and kill me.


Let's see.

How that proud son of yours will come... and beg me to spare your life.

Your Highness.

Servants !!!

Get rid of her.

Bullseye !!! Bullseye !!!


Thank you, Your Majesty.

They had stomach aches this morning.

So, they missed 5 shots, sir.

Normally, they can all strike through the center.

I saw them chugging down liquor.

Shooting like that while drunk aren't they geniuses ???

Chief HONG ??? How about a shoot ???

No thank you.

Perhaps rumors of the royal guards being weak at archery are true ???

But we have the best firing squad around.

What good are rifles in the rain ???

You'll get shot by an arrow and die.

General KOO.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Reward all the troops who shot well.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Chief HONG ???

Yes, Your Majesty.

Let's go back.

What do you think of General KOO ???

Your Majesty...

He cannot hide his thirst for blood.

Simpleminded and arrogant.

Atrocious and rude.

The problem is he has control of the military.

So, I think...

Noron's power lies in marriages.

The aristocrats...

The military heads...

They have a vast ring of powers tied by marriages.

Personnel and military rights...

They are all in their hands.

Just killing one won't bring them all down.

Your Majesty.

When my father was dying in the scorching sun...

KOO poured liquor on my father's body... and mocked him so.

Though I want revenge I won't get it through you.

Do you know the Small Arrow ???

Doesn't it shoot short arrows quickly, sir ???

I liked the Small Arrow since I was young.

Though the arrow is short...

It is precise and very strong.

It is not tricky, pretentious nor lengthy.

With its small humble appearance...

It strikes its enemy... and destroys in one blow.

Chief HONG.

Yes, Your Majesty.

KOO is my problem to deal with.

I want to take him by my hands.

I hope you understand.

Brother !!!

14 YEARS AGO What are you doing ???

Eating snow.

Is it good ???

It just tastes like water

Let's name ourselves.

Name ??? We have names.

No, I mean real names.

Not stupid numbers like 220 and 77.

Real names ???

Yes. I'll be Gapsoo.

What about me ???

You can be Eulsoo.

So cold !!!

This is our little secret.

Okay ???

Why you...

I thought long and hard to name us.


Make it quick.

No mistakes !!!

Of course, sir.

Cut 'em off like dogs, huh ???

You two are the strongest. Toss up for it.

Shut up !!!

Hurry up !!!


Let's do it, fool !!!



Head Servant AHN adopted me

then made me serve the prince.

With one goal...

To wait for the time...

Your Majesty.

and assassinate...

But AHN has long been a trusted, faithful servant.

Since when... did he join the Noron faction ???

He was...

on the Noron side from the beginning.

What have you come for ???

I fed you and raised you.

Now, you'll bite your master ???

Why can't fools like you ever become human ???

Come down.

I won't live much longer.

I wanted you to inherit everything that's mine.

It is still not too late.

Beg for forgiveness.

Crazy fool !!!

You will kill me ???

You... killed way too many... of us !!!

For many years... he brought up assassins.

And planted them in and around the court.

For decades... he has supported the Noron to gain power.

Your Majesty...

To you...

I was a lie.

I was...

a complete hypocrite.

I was...

When was it ???

That you decided to save me ???

Since when...

did you change your mind ???

For what reason...

did you...

give up being an assassin ???

4:00 PM This way, sir.

This is Sir HONG Sangbeom who planned everything.

Greet him.

The man in charge of the gates tonight is Chief KANG, sir.

The gate guards are under his command.

The main court guards will be led by his nephew.

That means the king's chambers will practically be empty.

When the sign is given... our men will kill Chief HONG first.

Get rid of him.

Hurry !!!

Then, the assassins will go in over the walls.

Archers will surround the king's court on roofs.

The final assassin will be a man recommended by GWANG.

I saw him with my own eyes.

He'll get the job done right.

There is no way this could fail, sir.

Still no word from the Queen Dowager ???

Wolhae ???

She is my adopted daughter.

She is our contact with the Queen Dowager.

You're in secret contact with the Head Maid ???


No word yet ???

Not yet, sir.

She'll just step back and watch ???

If the Queen Dowager does not give the orders...

What will you do ???

Only the Queen Dowager can pass on the Royal Seal.

Even if we succeed... we need her consent to avoid being charged.

If all goes well tomorrow morning...

Prince Eunjeon will be enthroned.

Does Prince Eunjeon know ???

He doesn't.

No need to know.

We'll just make a king...

A king who is truly ours.

After the assassins, General KOO will surround the palace.

Go and meet the Head Maid now.

Yes, sir.

Your Highness ???

I deserve to die...

I was so afraid... Bokbing.

You are not at fault.

Your Highness.

There's something I couldn't tell you.

Tonight, assassins will attack... the king's court.

What ???

Bokbing ???

How can we save her ???


We were roommates for 4 years.

She is like a sister to me.

You said I could have a wish when the job is done.

Bitch !!! Stop the nonsense !!!

It's the Queen Dowager !!!

If anything goes wrong forget you...

She'll kill me, too !!!

Who do you think you are ???

If it wasn't for AHN why would I adopt you ???

I took you in, fed you, taught you, and let you work in the palace.

Now, you threaten my life ???

You good for nothing bitch !!!

Go to the palace now !!!

4:45 PM

Father !!! Help me !!!

Father !!!

Father !!!

Father !!!

Father !!!

Father !!!

Father !!!

I'm so sorry.

When we were young we secretly came here.

Do you remember then ???

It was the 78th day

since I came to serve you, sir.

Back then...

were you an assassin ???

Yes, sir.

We once went fishing in secret.

Remember ???

In early August...

It was the 164th day since I began serving you, sir.


were you an assassin ???

Yes, sir.

You came in all bruised up.

You didn't say why you were beaten.

And I didn't say why I was crying.

The year of the Rooster...

It rained hard that day.

It was 3 years after my father's passing.

Were you then...

an assassin ???

What were you ???

Your Highness !!!

12 YEARS AGO Your Highness !!!

Your Highness !!!

Your Highness !!!

Your Highness !!!

Your Highness !!!

Your Highness.

You were here, sir ???

What are you doing ???

Drinking rain, sir.

Is it good ???

It just tastes like water.

Did you get beaten again ???

I fell, sir.


I know everything.

Your trainers...

Want me to scold them ???

I'm fine, sir.

Is your father...

up there, too ???

Yes, Your Highness.

Why did you become a eunuch ???


I wanted to save someone, sir.

Chief HONG. Yes, sire.

The Clerk may leave the palace.

I will not allow for him to be chased.

But sire...

Let him go.



And live...

Your Majesty.

Do not die.

But live.

Give him a horse !!!

The Head Maid sent me.

5:30 PM


I have no way to get you out now.

When night falls, I'll try.

Then, you'll fall in danger.

There is a way.

Something horrible will happen.

We must warn the king... I know.

I was the secret messenger.


The Head Maid and I...

And countless other people here have prepared it.

How could you !!! You call yourself human ???

Sending a 10 yearold to poison the Queen Dowager ???

How could you ???

If the Queen Dowager died, she would've been killed !!!

People like us... can be used to start a fire and tossed away ???


This palace... and all you people !!!

I can't stand it all !!!

Don't cry.

And don't be afraid.

I'll be back.

I've brought dyed goods.

All clear ???

Take His Majesty's order.

Now, you're officially a free man.

Don't ever come back to the palace.

Or else !!!

Crazy ???

You can't be here.

I missed you.

You can't come in here !!!

Hurry !!! Go !!!

If you're caught, we're dead.


going away...

Where ???

Some place far.

You won't... come back ???

Probably not.


Take me, too ???

Could you take me with you ???

I'll do anything.

If you'll just take me I'll do anything !!!


It's really dangerous.

Because of me we could both...

It's okay.

Let's go far away.

Let's go now.

I have one thing to do.

Wait for me at the gates.

There is a banquet this evening.

I can't visit the Queen Dowager.

Your Majesty.

She insists you visit this evening.

Head Maid ???

Yes, Your Majesty.

Who do you serve in this palace ???

Of course...

You, sire.

You may go.

Clerk !!!

Bring me my book !!!

The maid's name is Suryeon, sir.

What ???

She is praised by many as being gentle and kind.

Oh ??? Is that so ???

Shall I call her in, sir ???

The royal lineage must go on, sir.

She is not the type I like.

She is your type, sir.

No, she's not.

She's just your type.

Clerk !!!

But my wife...

What if she finds out ???

Don't laugh.

Why you.

Stop it.

Your Majesty ???

I've brought freshly washed sleepwear, sir.

Bring it in.

Are you done ???

Yes, sir.

Get down !!!

He doesn't know what happened to his mother.

Is that so ??? Yes.

Let's visit his chambers then.

3 HOURS 30 MINUTES EARLIER What will you do ???

I have evidence and witnesses.

It's so shocking I came to consult you first.

You won't talk ???

My King.

What have I done wrong ???

Do as you wish.

She may be my mother but the court has rules.

And the country has laws.

And I am... the protector of the laws.

The king of this country.

No matter what the circumstance...

I must not be swayed personally.

That is my duty.

I could send...

Duchess Haekyung...

Your mother... to join your father.

I could have her killed.

Do as you wish.

He said... to do as I wish with you.

When his mother could die...

Do you know where your son went ???

Out for drinks !!!

Do you think... you can be king ???

What ???

You fools do not know my son.


You're both crazy.

Head Maid.

Yes, Your Highness.

Where's General KOO ???

He is standing by in the outskirts.

The day is ending. I'll give him my decision.

Destroy !!!

Run like the wind.

We must not be delayed one second !!!

Chief HONG...

Mother's life and my last chance... are over there.

He's here ???

Damn it !!!

Why'd you come so late !!!

I'm ready...


General KOO !!! Receive the king's orders !!!

What brings you here, sir ???

Where are you headed ???

I've come to see General KOO.

Go back, sir.

Make way.

Who am I ???

His Majesty the king.

Make way.

General KOO.

I will let you live.

It's still not too late.

Plotting with the Queen Dowager...

And this foul conspiracy.

I'll forgive everything.

It's the king's sword.

Look at the blood on it.

Is this...

the world you want ???

Will you strike me with that sword now ???


Will you become my sword ???


Number 77.

Still alive, huh ???

What's this ???

Isn't this his record book ???

You wanna give this to the king ???

Guess all the Noron fools will be dead with this !!!


Did you send the secret message ???

Yes !!!

I sent it.

Because you won't listen !!!

Eating good things in the palace they all got soft.

Can't order the fools to get the job done.

Who's there ???

Who else besides me ???

Didn't see ???

The girl in laundry ???

She's Number 224 or...

Number 223...

Hell !!! I forget.

And Eulsoo ???

What happened to him ???

Who's Eulsoo ???

Number 220 !!!

Damn bastard !!!

Forget you. I got others to kill the king.

Damn son of a bitch !!!

You ain't got the balls !!!


45 MINUTES EARLIER Time to close the gates !!!

It's the king's court !!!

Drop your weapons and surrender !!!

1 1:07 PM

Your Highness.

His Majesty commands to escort you back.

It's the king's court !!!

Drop your weapons and surrender !!!

Fire !!!

Draw your swords !!!




It's you, isn't it ???

Number 220.

Brother ???


I'm Gapsoo.

Number 77.

Not His Majesty...

Don't kill him.

How'd this happen ???

Don't Eulsoo...


Not His Majesty...

I'm so sorry.


Please...not the king.


I'm so sorry.


Clerk !!!

Clerk !!!

Clerk !!!

Gapsoo !!!

Gapsoo !!!

Read it.

It's Grandfather's writing in blood.

When Father died in the crate...

Grandfather wrote on Father's shirt With his own blood.

How the Noron faction drove him to his own son's death.

He wrote it.

In case they put the young prince...

in a crate, too.

Me !!!

He wrote it to protect me.

General KOO !!! Bring in the culprit !!!

Your Highness...

Please forgive my mother.


I'll forgive you.

I'll bury everything.

How my mother tried to kill you.

How you tried to kill me.

And this letter to kill the Noron faction.

If this is revealed... and today's plot gets out...

there is nothing I can do.

Will you...

kill everyone ???


My father's death...

I'll kill all the culprits behind it.

Your family, too.

I'll kill them all.

I'll dig up your ancestors and crush them.

I'll annihilate your entire clan !!!

I'll destroy your family's land !!!

All the servants and livestock !!!

I'll rip them to shreds.

I'll burn them all down.

Give me your hands.


Make your choice.

My King...

What will you choose ???

I've been trained to kill people.

And sent into the palace to kill Your Majesty.

I've witnessed beastly ambitions among aristocrats.

I write this in hopes to save a child crushed between them.

Please avoid the attack on Your Majesty's life tonight.

And protect your people, sire.

What do we have here ???

The king is here ???

What a laugh this is ???

Will killing me change the world ???

Do your utmost even in trivial things.

From that you can attain sincerity.

This sincerity becomes apparent.

From being manifest it becomes brilliant.

Brilliant, it affects others.

Affecting others they are changed by it.

Changed by it they are transformed.

It is only... those with complete sincerity... who can transform everything.

It will change.

If you do your utmost one by one...

The world will change.

Directed by LEE Jaekyoo