Yeonae soseol (2002) Script

presented by Korea Pituers a Popcorn Film production

starring Cha Tae-hyun Lee Eun-joo Sohn Yae-jin Lovers' Concerto sister~

Hey, Ji-hwan Ji-hwan yes Can I have a ride to Grand Park way junction?

Sure, get in

Working and studying at the same time is hard, huh?

A little You're gonna suceeed At whatever you do

Is that you, Ji-yoon?

Can't you smoke better cigarettes?

Even high school kids don't smoke that Or stop smoking if you can't afford it

How are you such an expert?

By any chance...

Forget it You have another strange mail

No name, no address Who keeps sending this?

It's cute

Smell something?

Yeah, smells like soap

I also want to kiss

5 years earlier

Start One Two Three Four Five!

Yes! Lee Ji-hwan! New record!

You've finally did it Ji-hwan, you're a...

Did you just take something?

No, it's nothing Do you have strawberry juice?

Yes Then I'll take two, please

Something wrong? No Your eyes are really red

Soo-in, come inside!

What are you doing?

Just a sec Wow, it's so nice

Chul-hyun, a girl called!



Ji-hwan, you little bastard!

I'm hungry Again? Yeah

Excuse me

Mind if I sit with you?

Move over

I overheard both of you talking earlier

The one with longer hair Soo-in, right?

Yes I'm Well, I'm not very good with words


I fell in love with you at first sight

Thanks for not laughing Look so funny!

I'm going to the bathroom Kyung-hee I'm serious

Good luck

Let me be honest

I'm really sorry For telling you this...

Ji-hwan Lee Ji-hwan Yes But you're making me feel quite uncomfortable uncomfortable, uncomfortable Not comfortable

Here's a note for you from that guy What? What's that?

I turned the clock back an hour I turned the clock back an hour I wish you'd forget everything I said But if we run into each other next time, let's meet as friends then

I'm gonna leave for now, but we'll meet again We'll meet for sure I'm Ji-hwan Lee Ji-hwan Remember my name, okay? You're Soo-in And you're... What's your name?

Kyung-hee Kim Kyung-hee Right, Kyung-hee Soo-in and Kyung-hee Next time we meet, we'll be friends, okay? okay, see you later

Kyung-hee Sleep over tonight I snuck out, so dad might get mad at me Okay Will it be okay with you?

Whose friend am I? I'll just call home Let's go

I told you not to be so nice

not to be so nice wash mine anyway What are you doing?

Oh, this?

I heard this makes Your breasts bigger Wanna try?

No thanks It's too hard

I really hate doing laundry But you're so nice to do all the laundry Since I'm always home, I'd feel guilty if I didn't It's also good exercise

Stop Gonna give me clothes again, huh?

Yeah Hey, am I some beggar? I have plenty more than you I know But they're useless to me


Why are they useless?

They're too big for me

Why do I keep losing weight doing nothing?

Sorry Know that you're more sensitive sometimes?

It's not that I don't like your clothes Look, our styles are totally different When I wear your clothes, it feels awkward, as if I'm wearing a g-string

Have you ever tried on a g-string?

Yeah, just once It was really weird It was so gross I couldn't walk It was, huh? And really tight

How can a movie not have a single kiss scene?

No fun

You said you kissed before, huh?

Of course With whom?

Would you know if I told you?

Just a guy

What does it feel like?

A kiss?

First of all, Your mouth gets really dry And then right here Hey!

Here Your nipples get hard, then you get really lightheaded, and your arms and legs go numb It can't be explained

Anyway, it feels really awesome I like kissing better than sex Sex?

Stop lying Think whatever you want

But you have a big problem Guys don't like it if you can't kiss right Want me to teach you? Hey!

You have to learn Don't!

Doesn't my face look weird?

My nose is crooked and there's a mole by my mouth I hate it

You're so pretty That's why guys can't resist No, you're pretty Really?

Look, we can see both of us I wish we could always be seen together

'96 Soo-in & Kyung-hee Shoot! Goal! Man, that sucked What's the score?

One to one

Can we join you?

For a big match against Japan, someone's got the wrong attitude

Hey Hey Goal! Lee min-sung!

My senior classmate owns this place I just work here part time We didn't go to college, and are just hanging around You see, we weren't good at school We even barely finished high school I'm an English Lit major, and I'm taking a break My dream is to travel freely My dream is to never change even as I get older My dad treats me like a baby still Yeah, but he's much better than mine My dad always drinks My dad was died when I was twelve

Don't take it so seriously I'm fine with it Because my father is always here

Don't you miss him, though?

I have his pictures My father loved to take photos We probably have as many as ten family albums When we look at them when relatives come over, they think we're strange Since we have fun and laugh at the pictures But we're laughing because we're happy There's a photo of us at the amusement park, and one in front of our house when we first moved in There's even a photo of all the family naked Hey, that sounds like a lie It's true We took baths together until I was nine

Oh, yeah How did you come up with that clock idea?

There he is!

Ji-hwan got a haircut

Do you mind moving your foot?

What did you say?

You prick Move your foot My friend finds it uncomfortable

Hey, let's move back

Thanks Ji-hwan

Hey, you're pretty brave

I'm shaking all over

I've fallen in love What should I do?

It's no big deal No, it hurts so much But I want to keep on hurting

It's Ji-hwan!

Oh no, it's a cop!

Hold hands One, two, three

Match the steps Left, left, left...

Dad, did you see the movie Il Postino?

Il Posit? Is that really a movie?

You have to see it with mom It's very moving

I've fallen in love What should I do?

It hurts so much But I want to keep on hurting

Mom, have you ridden the Viking?

Do you mind moving your foot?

My friend finds it uncomfortable

I've fallen in love

It hurts so much

But I want to keep on hurting

Man, it hurts

But I want to keep on hurting!

Oh my, Ji-hwan! It's been so long How are you?

Ji-hwan, you little bastard!

How've you been?

Good, of course I almost forget your face Am I coming at a busy time?

You're the one who's been busy, punk

What's this?

Your pictures I put some I liked in my room It's okay, right?

Of course Still taking pictures lately?

No My camera is probably rusted by now Well, taking pictures can't pay for your tuition

You know what?

I liked your pictures, but I liked watching you take them better You look a lot better now

That rotten little...

When are you getting married?

I want to as soon as possible But she said she doesn't trust me still

'96 Soo-in & Kyung-Hee

Don't you miss them?

I sometimes think about them

Chul-hyun What if...

If What if they had called to meet?

Did they call you?

They did, huh?

Not really I'm not sure

What's that supposed to mean?

Should I meet them?

What's the problem?

Do you still have feelings for them?

At first, as time passed I thought of them hundred times a day, then ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven, and then when I forgot to count, I was confused on whether they had black or brown hair,

or if I had really liked them,

or wonder if we really did meet

I thought about those things

'96 Soo-in & Kyung-Hee I'm gonna marry him He likes you, too?


Yes, probably He always recommends love stories and poems And he smiles at me always

Ji-hwan, can you do me a favor?

He always eats a little That's why he doesn't gain weight It's so irritating Want me to just talk to him, right?


Hi Hello

Need a book?

That's okay I'll pick one out myself today

He's my friend from church Hello Oh, hello You pick one out, too Okay

Excuse me

What's the most Popular book these days?

What kind of books do you like?

Well, anything that's easy to read Have you ever read Hu Sam-gwan's Blood?

I already read that...


I heard that this book is really good This one? Yes It's great What is it about?

It's like a detective story The author is German His shoulders are wider than I thought I better change the size Isn't he good-looking?

It seemed as if he was jealous of you, too But Ji-yoon, we look so much alike, so wouldn't he realize that we were related?

Look at our nose and mouth

And when a guy knows some girl likes him, he'll stay distant, even if he likes her No, we don't look alike at all Your eyes are more slanted And you have a Bigger head than me

It's hand-made I'm not sure Min-sik! Come here for a sec

Have you ever seen this letter?

Oh, this Do you know it?

Absolutely no idea There's no address and no name Who'd sent it like this?

My name is Hang Min-shik I deliver mail in a small town

I've been delivering these strange mails lately

This is her room

I'm in love with this girl

I don't understand why she doesn't send these letters

But anyhow, I'm just a postman

She's taking pictures again today

Holding back my wish to scribble with you together I told you I'm busy Just one more question

Are your dreams often colorful?

No No It's often for me Yes Here are the results Kyung-hee and I are the same type Someone who has one heart to love only one person Never cheats, but due to obsessiveness, you're likely to be a stalker Fantastic One heart to love only one person What about me? What does it say?

Ji-hwan, you're the most indecisive Not any good as a lover You imagine and decide on your own, so you're left just liking the girl If you do date, you'll break a lot of promises The worst of their kind Do you believe that stuff?

That's girls for you No need to get upset

Soo-in Go help Ji-hwan It'll be good exercise Think so?

Ji-hwan, what's your blood type?

Not again A type

Hey What are you doing here alone?

Oh, nothing Just hanging out

They're so lucky Don't they look good together?

It's not easy to fall in love at first sight

It's so wonderful

Gonna stay over, right?

No, I got things to do Like what?

I told you I gotta go Kyung-hee Why do you always ask favors, and I have to carry them out?

Because you never asked me Whatever

I'm tired of that face Always pretending to be weak, and as if the world will end if you're not treated well How long do you think I'll be by your side?

Tell me Tell me!

Kyung-hee, I'm just...

Let's stop I'm going, bye


Just like you, I don't know what to do

They came at five in the morning They ran away because their parents disapproved

I'm going no matter what you say

Your turn

I'm going no matter what, so don't worry Sorry dad Good enough?

Here Be careful with it

Kyung-hee, it's our school The gate has changed Wow, it's been so long I wish we could go inside Me, Too Just ask me, and I'll do anything

This is so great


3767! Stop!

Ji-hwan, what are you doing?

Just a minute

Come on

Ji-hwan, someone's down there What?

Don't wait and just let it all out It's fertilizer anyway I'm sorry I'm sorry Oh... my god!

Sure we can see fireflies here?

Yeah But I think we came too late Thought they'd still be here

Hey, let's call the fireflies How?

I saw it in some book If you close your eyes and call them inside, they'll know to come to you I don't believe you Hurry up I'm closing my eyes

It's cold!

Hey, how come you guys are leaving me out?

Isn't she cute?

Yeah Sometimes

I want to press her down, catch her, and then put herin my pocket Then take her out whenever I feel bad

Me, too


Thanks for coming with us If it wasn't for you, we'd never go on this trip

You see, we never went on a normal trip before

I'm more grateful

Wait, where's Kyung-hee?




Aren't those her shoes?

Kyung-hee! Kyung-hee!


I love you my friends!


What are you doing here?

You're awake Is Kyung-hee still sleeping?

Yeah Didn't you two sleep in your room?

Because of the mosquitoes, we couldn't sleep You must've been really tired We tried to wake you up several times I see

Wanna talk about our first love for fun?

First love?

It's better than just sitting here I like listening to other people's love stories Yeah?

Then you go first um...

In junior high, this girl worked at a comic book shop,

Because of her big eyes, everybody seemed to be attracted to her She was really popular among the guys

I went there everyday to go see her All the boys liked her and came to the store

But one day something happened

Hey, big eyes What's your name?

Hey, let me see your face

You pricks, mind your own business!

Big eyes, you're my girl Everybody got that?

I read five of them

You're lying You only read one Huh?

What's your name?

Ji-hwan Lee Ji-hwan Can you fight well?

Yes, I can he calls me but I don't afraid at all Because she was behind me I raised my fists, and went after him screaming It was good up till then And then?

I got beaten I couldn't hit him even once, and he almost killed me So, she turned her back on me and left I guessed she liked macho men I heard she married him, and they run a tent bar now The end Now, it's your turn When I was a kid, I was in the hospital once That's where I met him

He was a notorious troublemaker at that hospital He played a prank on the nurses, and then hid in my room

the first time I saw him, he smiled really stupid

We became friends quickly, and my room turned completely into a playground

He was special He was very sick, but a smile never left his face

When I think of it now, it's really funny, but I asked people to call me by his name Why?

Well, I thought that even if we were to split apart, I'd feel as if I was always with him

Ji-hwan What, Soo-in?

We've finally made it the snow on top of the trees is so beautiful people call it snow flowers Wow, you could be a tour guide We'll just have to come this winter Yeah Let's come again during winter I'm serious Promise Promise Seal

Doesn't seem like it'll stop raining soon We'd better hurry Yeah, let's hurry A little more Let's stay a little longer

Hold on a little more We'll get there soon

Sorry for begging you to come

You know me Right?

I'm okay

Is she better?

Yeah, she just fell asleep

I'm okay I'm okay

Never saw someone cry before?

No, it's just...

Just that it's awkward Hey! I just got sentimental since it's raining Why? It's not cool?

Ouch, it hurts Stop it

Ji-yoon! what are you doing there?

Ji-hwan I want to be alone

Did that bookstore guy hurt you?

No I don't like him anymore He absolutely has no sense And he's not that good-looking up close And he seems to flirt with anyone

Plus, he's going to the army He seems so weak, so how could they take him in?

Long time no see You must've been busy Yes

A great book came in yesterday Do you wanna see it?

No, that's okay

I'm not gonna be here for a while So I made a list of good books

They're for you to read Thank you

Take care

How do I look?

Where's Soo-in?

She wants to rest at home yet Does she still feel sick?

It feels strange with just the two of us It feels like we're dating

Let's skip the exhibition, and go for a drink I feel like drinking

Are you coming to Chul-hyun's birthday party next Saturday?

Friend Wanna learn how to make a donut with smoke?

If you do this, girls will love you Wait Lighter

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

Don't act as if you're my boyfriend Ji-hwan Lee Ji-hwan! Don't flatter yourself, okay?

I'm drinking somewhere else Don't follow me

What are you doing?

I know you're a nice guy So you don't have to do this Stop it You! You look really mean today Why? Just because Because I'm drunk You look very mean because I'm drunk Fine, it's all my fault Let's cross first Let go, you bastard!


Know why I invited all of you here today?

No particular reason Since life is so dull and boring, those who wanna sing, sing, and those who wanna drink, drink Have fun till you die Hey, stop babbling Everyone drink Hold on, I'm talking I wanna get something clear to you all Especially to the ladies here This woman here is not my girlfriend She's just a friend Only a friend Alcohol friend Please keep your eyes on me Me, too Me, too Let's drink! Asta-la-via!

I didn't think you'd come

Are you sober now?

Are you still sick?

I'm much better now Don't take it off I'm okay It's too uncomfortable Man, that cold is lasting forever

Is it alright if I sing?

Oh, sure

* The child I'm looking for

* Is hard to see

* Who understands the world

* Who even loves tiny leaves

* Whoa, whoa, isn't common

* Yeah, yeah, is hard to see

* The child I'm looking for

* I can see

* My loving friend Ji-hwan

* My loving friend Kyung-hee

* Whoa, whoa, they can see

* Yeah, yeah, I can see

* Whoa, whoa, I can see

* Yeah, yeah, I can see

Ji-hwan, I have something to tell you Wanna go outside?

Sorry that I'm going early No, that's okay You're sick, so you should rest Ji-hwan, wait Stay still Huh?

Close your eyes Why?

Just close them for me

Okay, you can open them now

What was that?

I suddenly remembered a game I played when I was young

Soo-in, when you catch a cold, it's good to brush your teeth and wash your feet and hands often And Soo-in, I have a favor to ask I think I like Kyung-hee I'm just asking for your help Kyung-hee, you're looking at this, huh?

You like me too, right?

What are you doing?

Oh, nothing I'm leaving


Will you give this to Soo-in?

It's nothing important It's just...

Don't read it, okay?

All right

There's a taxi Taxi!

Bye Get in You go ahead first No, just go in Aren't you getting in?

Don't make me angry Okay, get home safely

You better not look at it


It's strange I could tell you in person, but I felt like writing to you today Just read it to me Really?

To my beloved friend Kyung-hee Beloved?

I'm not reading it Okay, I won't do it again

I had a really hard day I had a hemodialysis twice, and two intramuscular injections But I beared it I didn't make a sound Good Know what I thought about to bearit?

You and Ji-hwan I thought you'd come tell me how fun it was with Ji-hwan Okay, that's enough

I'll read it on my own

And this is for Ji-hwan I thought you'd read it so I was careful

Promise me you'll give it to him

Hey, those girls will never show up What were you three doing all that time?

Don't know where they live and their numbers?

You're right What were we doing?

What have we been doing?



What's wrong with your hand?

Just an accident You should be careful Yeah

I'm really sorry to say this But we became uncomfortable around you

You guys now make me uncomfortable, too If you're done, then go It's late

By any chance, are you Mrs Kim Yeun-soo?

Yes I'm Lee Ji-hwan, I called you yesterday Was it the class of 1996?

Yes You understand we don't sell this outside But you're lucky We're almost out of them Thank you

By the way, who are you looking for?


Well, no Just that my girlfriend had lost her yearbook No, please I just thought I could be of some help You see, I graduated in 96 as well I attended this school Oh, I see It's been five years, so she might've moved And I'm also curious as to who you're looking for You see It's two people One is Kyung-hee Kim Kyung-hee The other is Soo-in? Shim Soo-in?

Do you know them?

So that's who you were looking for Sure, I know them since they were famous They were very sick They barely came to school, and were always together Others were both jealous and sympathetic of them They were very sick?

My goodness You didn't know?

Actually, I was also shocked when I first heard it They were absent a lot, but they never showed it

I'm sorry to tell you this Soo-in isn't in Seoul anymore, and Kyung-hee passed away Pardon?

What are you talking about? Kyung-hee's dead?

Yes, it's so awful I was a sophomore then It's been five years already Kyung-hee's dead? Kyung-hee?

Soo-in will be hard to find After Kyung-hee died, Soo-in's health got worse She had it hard Since they relied on each other so much

Holding back my wish to scribble with you together But Min-sik will be in late today Can you tell me where I find him?


Ji-hwan! Ji-hwan!

Ji-hwan, where did you go? You scared us


* The child I'm looking for

* is hard to see

Do you have a girlfriend now?

Kyung-hee, I found Ji-hwan I found Ji-hwan Really? That's great

Hold on

Soo-in, let's change our names from today I'm Soo-in and you're Kyung-hee Why? Why do you wanna change names?

If we do, even if we're apart we'll think of each other always That'll be fun You're Soo-in and I'm Kyung-hee When I think of it now, it's really funny, but I asked people to call me by his name Why?

Well, I thought that even if we were to split apart, I'd feel as if I was always with him

Next Number42,Shim Soo-in Yes Yes

Kyung-hee, Yes

Soo-ln Kyung-Hee You're so lucky to ride on this You know what?

Nurse Park and Dr Kim had a fling They were caught kissing in the medicine room Kyung-hee Yeah?

I love you Me, too

Ji-hwan, she's here



Oh yeah, I forgot You had a small scar here

So this mole was on the left side I wasn't sure

Kyung-hee's got a boyfriend Kyung-hee's got a boyfriend I'm taking her away!


Don't take her!

It's Ji-yoon, the one who always borrowed romance novels Do you remember me?

Hi I miss you

Congratulations, be happy Thanks, go and eat See you at the reception Eat only two servings

Your wish came true Congratulations Congratulations Thanks Ji-hwan Congratulations Thank you Congratulations also on getting back together

How about a picture for this moment? I'll take it for you Should we?

No You look fine

You have to give it to him

Hi, Ji-hwan It's Soo-in Are you doing okay?

Of course Soo-in, are you doing okay, too?

I think I'm going far away I really don't want to go What will I do if I miss you and Kyung-hee?

Ji-hwan, take care of Kyung-hee I know without you telling me That you two like each other Here's some advice about Kyung-hee Kyung-hee's favorite food are sponge cake with yellow jam and strawberry juice And she likes guys who has a funny bright smile Look carefully between her eyes If she has three wrinkles, it means she's feeling sick it means she's feeling sick So send her home quickly

She likes to hold hands, so do it often My beloved friend, Ji-hwan Today I feel like eating the instant noodles you made for me

Change into this Dad, you're really handsome, but there's something missing What is?

Dad, come here yes Stay still yeah

Hi, Ji-hwan It's Kyung-hee

I'm alone right now My dad suddenly had to go to Seoul You better not laugh at this When I go away, I told him I wanted a beautiful funeral like in the movies It'll probably cost a lot since I wanted a fitted dress I wanted to look pretty for people one last time Especially you I'm worried about your company test Since you came to see me often, you didn't have much time It was awkard and silent between us, but I was happy, thinking about the old days How about you?

I did, too I think I'm a very lucky girl All I have are happy memories Soo-in, who made me laugh all the time

And for making me realize how wonderful taking pictures are, my beloved Ji-hwan

Ji-hwan, a nice gentleman who accepted my awkward kiss

This is embarrassing, but I really liked it then I want to erase this line Forget it, I'm too tired

Coming to my funeral, right?

You have to come Since I miss you as well If a single guy doesn't show up, people will feel really sorry for me Oh yeah, I have something to tell you You might get angry at me Remember that letter for Soo-in?

I ripped it up I feel better now for telling you You'll forgive me, right?

I'll tell Soo-in when I meet her Ji-hwan, I love you

I loved you before And I love you now Good-bye, Ji-hwan Good-bye witch87 cunvitcon