Yeong-hwa-neun yeong-hwa-da (2008) Script

Producers KIM Ki-duk and David CHO executive producers CHO Eun-un, LEE Nam-ki, SHIN Kang-young, KIM Ki-duk, SO Ji-sub and KANG Ji-hwan

Let me go!

Let go, you sons of bitches.


ROUGH CUT SO Ji-sub KANG Ji-hwan director of photography KIM Gi-tae lighting director KANG Young-chan production designer LEE Hyun-chu music by ROH Hyoung-woo location sound JUNG Kwang-ho choreography by JEON Moon-shik, OH Ho-jin costumes by MA Youn-hee make-up by JANG Jin production manager KIM Dong-chul 1st assist. Director PARK Hong-soo

associate producer SONG Myung-chul directed by JANG Hun


Boss, where have you been? I've called you many times.

Let's go.

Is it true that you hit him?

He committed no violent act. Please step aside.

Did your counterpart actor really fall down the stairs?

Please make a comment, Mr. Jang!

No, no! Please step aside.

Tell us what exactly happened.

Your face is what makes you money, so stop spitting on it.

Know how much it cost to shut people up?

An article not going out isn't the end.

If bad rumors get out, people will turn on you.

We'd have to stop shooting if Sung-min hadn't agreed to act.

That's why I have you, right?

You despiteful bastard.

Who were you with this time?

Anyway, there weren't that many reporters.

Is that all I'm worth?

We're not made for each other.

Watch how you drive, idiot.

You think an agent only drives and takes calls?

This job isn't a hobby. Put some heart into it.

If I add up all the shares, it will come out 23.08%%%.

Why are you looking at me like that?

23.08%% %? Are you sure? What are you talking about?

Is what you're saying true?

Don't play around with the Chairman's money.

I'm sorry.

You manage Sungwoo Development.

And I manage you.

Don't forget that.

Step aside. Yes, sir.

Hello, boss. Hello, sir.

Hello, sir.

Where have I seen her before?

Is she a new girl?

Don't you know the actress, Kang Mi-na?

Actress? Yes, she's going to be in a new movie.

She's with the director and actor now.

Actor Jang Soo-ta is inside.

Don't you like Soo-ta, sir?

Shall I bring him here? Will he listen to you?


Don't be stupid and just drink.

If I go, I bet I could bring him here.

Then go.

Sir? Go get his autograph.

Autograph? I can get 10 autographs if you want.

He's a real man.

He told you to come in person.

I knew he'd fail.

Tell them to bring in the girls.

You go instead.


Please stop, Mr. Bong.

Like this.

Really aggressive, like a dog fight.

Please stop Mr. Bong.

Then shall I hit him for real?

That would be nice.

You take me too seriously.

I heard you know how to fight.

Is what the paper said true?

People said that he didn't just fall down the stairs, but you had hit him.

Then why'd you agree to take this role?

To be honest, I don't care.

You can't go inside. Move.

You're here again?

Sign this.

Are you my fan? Not me.

Then tell him to come in person.

He's got no legs?

You're a fucking big shot.

He seemed to be a real gangster. Shall we change rooms?

Why? Did we do something wrong?

You sure do have diverse fans.

Just pick out the seeds, idiot.

Mr. Bong, I'm tired, so I'll be going home now.

See you at the set.

Shall I go kick some ass?

Kick whose ass, idiot?

You just stay put. Yes, sir.

Mr. Bong, what are you doing? Give it to me.

Leave it to me. I'm an expert at this.

But you're drunk.

What's the meaning of this?


You look exactly like you do in the movies.

I've seen all your movies.

Please sign your autograph.

You must like movies a lot.

Well, I dreamed of becoming an actor once.

But life had its up and downs.

Actor? I played a role in a movie once.

An actor isn't for everyone.



Gang-pae? Not 'Gang-ster'?


Is my name weird?

Why waste your short life like that?

Wouldn't it be embarrassing to your kids later?

Watch your mouth.

Just because he jokes with you doesn't mean you can joke back.

You got the appearance down.

But you should do it in front of the camera.

Isn't acting all fake anyway?

Do you even know what acting is?

What's there to it?

You get lucky in life and then comfortably imitate people.

How about a handshake?

This place really sucks.

Soo-ta, you definitely have charisma.

I'm getting sober.

Those bastards talk tough, but they're nothing when it's one on one.

But I liked that guy's image.

You bastards, who do you fucking think you are?

What now?

Now that you're famous you think you can do anything you want?

Don't laugh asshole. Otherwise, I'll rip your jaw out.


What did you say?

Leave before I call the police.

You guys need to get hit to register things.

You bastard.

Screw this.

Ruining an actor's face means the end for him.

But he kept...

That's why you hear people call you trash.

Use this for your friend's medical bills.

You don't trust a gangster's money?


You fucking asshole! Wait!

Please don't do this! Let go!


That was very real.

It sent chills down my spine.

We will escort you home, sir.

Boss, you don't trust us?


Fucking idiot.

You think you're worth talking to the boss?

'You rotten assholes! '

I'm not getting my lines right.

'That's why you hear people call you trash. '

'That's why you hear people call you trash! '

'Why waste your short life like that? '

I've collected what I could.

What's your religion?

I don't have one.

Does it make sense that you don't have a religion?

Tell me what you believe in.

I believe in you, Mr. Park.

I want Chairman Baek to get released quickly more than anyone.

We've known each other for a long time.

Please help us until the trial.

Take that with you.

You need to believe in something.

I've been troublesome whenever you come visit.

Not at all, sir.

Did you meet Mr. Park?

Yes, but I couldn't sound him out.

Don't worry.

He doesn't have any concrete evidence.

Is it my turn? Yes, sir.


Just do whatever he wants.

Money isn't the problem now.

Yes, sir.

I caught this one.

Don't cause any trouble until the trial.

Yes, sir.

Don't trust your boys too much, either.

I want to see your face.


Are you crazy?

What if somebody sees us?

Are you that afraid of someone seeing?

What's wrong with you?

I can't even see your face. What is this?

You know how things are.

Have you thought about things from my perspective?

I can't even have coffee with you at a café like other couples.

Are you embarrassed of me?

What are you talking about?

Come here. I missed you.

I'm not a prostitute.

It's been a year already.

I've been patient long enough.

So what do you want me to do about it?

You know how much reporters like to exaggerate rumors?

If your face gets out, you'll never be able to get married.

Selfish bastard.

Don't be so indecent.

Isn't what we're doing more indecent?

Then just go.



Come on, that looked too fake.

How could you fall before he hits you?

Then, Sung-min.

Your punches need to be closer for it to look real.

Don't punch the air. You need to aim accurately.

Do it more realistically.

Sound! Speed.

Camera! Action!

Cut! Are you okay?

God damn!

Sorry, I got too absorbed into it.

Let's do it again.


Try to be careful.



Are you okay?

Soo-ta, what's wrong?

Are you okay?

I must've been too nervous.

Let's not screw up this take.

Let's go again. Okay.

Sorry, but don't get upset whether you get hit once or twice.

Step aside!

You'll lose weight if you keep this up.

For the sake of this movie, nothing's a waste to me.

Doesn't seem so wasteful to me.

It's not even your shoot today, so why are you here?

Mi-na, do you like me by any chance?


Don't mind the director. Just don't overdo it.

I'm sorry.


I told you not to overdo it!

Yes, I like the expression.

Is it that hard not to overdo it?

Don't you know what overdo means?

Hurry up! Save him!

Get the first-aid kit! No, call an ambulance!

How could you hit him for real?

This is a movie!

This is so frustrating.

Jang Soo-ta Assaults Actor During Shoot!

No Visitors Take care of yourself. No, please don't get up.

You're lucky he didn't press charges. What the hell's wrong with you?

I don't know, either.

There are a few reporters and Sung-min's fans outside.

You call this a 'few'?

There he is!

Is the movie called off?

Please make a statement. Was it deliberate?

Apologize! Apologize!

How do you feel now?

I am deeply sorry for upsetting Sung-min and Sung-min's fans.

Show your sincere apology! You trash!

Apologize! Apologize!

Fuck. Which bitch threw the flour?

Soo-ta! Soo-ta!

Please make a statement.

Apologize! Apologize!

I won't apologize!

Edit that! Call me later!

Where are you going?

The meeting for the commercial shoot.

Forget already?

You don't need to go today.

Why not?

They changed the actor.

Wear a hat if you're going outside.

Did I commit some crime or something?

You ignorant bastard.

Hey, I told you to put on a hat.

You're lucky to be alive.


No actor wants to join us.

Please don't take pictures.

People say that you can't transform your acting.

They say you live out your characters, but I disagree.

I think you have great potential.

What bastard said that?

First time you've heard that? Just ignore it.

I told you not to take pictures!

What an asshole.

Yeah, I'm an asshole, so what?

Stop it or else he'll hit you.

Damn it, it took me six years to prepare for this movie.

If I can finish this, I'll dance naked in the street.

Stay on schedule.

But I don't have an actor.

I'll promise to bring one to you myself.



It's me.

Remember you said you wanted to be in a movie with me before?



It's no big deal.

Okay, talk to you later.

Son of a bitch!

I know he's not working, so how could he be busy!

Bastard's gotten really big now.

Yeah, see you later. Goodbye.

There's no one to act.


There's one actor.


Rumors have it that his acting is always the same and he's pompous.

He can't transform his acting.

He's always prone to beat up people.

What an asshole. How can you act with a bastard like that?

Who do you think he is?

Never mind.

Just go buy some beer.

But I don't have any money.

You broke bastard.

But this is a check.

Isn't this my money?

It's the money for my medical bills.

Have you lost your mind?

How'd you know my number?

You wrote it down for me.

You came to return that?

No, I changed my mind.

Want to act in a movie?


I thought you wanted to act in one.

Why? Now you don't?

It's a gangster movie with some fight scenes between us.

I lose a few times at first, but then I win later.

Of course that's a given since I'm the lead actor.

Do I look that free to you?

Forget it if you don't want to.

Is that convertible your car?

Convertible car?

Yes. Is that important now?

Nice car.

You're getting a ticket.


Does that bastard know how much that windshield costs?

Take that ticket off, you bastard!

I told that asshole to stick next to the car.

But why me, when you have so many actors?


The concept for this movie is realism.

What's the real reason?

I told you that the movie's concept is realism.

I sent two actors to the hospital.

So no one wants to play against me.

You hit them for real?

Then how about we do it for real, too?


Let's do the action scenes for real.

You can't shoot movies like that.

Then go if you're scared to do so.


Go with the script for the last scene.

Then all you need to do is win.

I can't fake things.

That's your expertise.

You're smart enough to memorize the lines, right?

'Why waste your short life like that? '

'Wouldn't it be embarrassing... '

Wait, his lines were in the script.

Funny bastard.

Please step aside. A little bit more.

Are you out of your mind?

You call this your promise? Movies aren't a joke.

But you liked his image before.

I liked him as a gangster but not as an actor.

You said you wanted some real action.

Make a decision after you shoot him.

I give up.

Why is that guy here? 'Do I look funny to you? '

'Does my life look easy to you? '

How about saying it in a different tone?

'Do I look funny to you? '

'Does my life look easy to you? '

I see you've practiced a lot.

What about the ending?

Will the ending be okay?

Just trust him and let's shoot.

Mr. Bong, I'm leaving now. Okay.

What are you doing?

I tried out scene 87.

I tried out scene 87 as well.

Don't know whether this is all acting or for real.


How's my hair?





Do it again.

Can't you go any faster?

You're in worse shape than I thought.


Cut! Cut!

Do it again.

What idiot would run ahead of him?

Let's maintain the distance and start again.

You're supposed to have spasms by the scarred eye.

That's the character's trademark.




Cut. Do it again.

What now?

I'd like your eyes to be more vicious.

Hey, director.

Are you mad at me or something?

Isn't this enough?

Your eyes are perfect now.

Shall we stop?

Acting is a piece of cake, right?

Look at the camera and not me.


How was he?

Not so bad.

But wouldn't you be the one who suffers later?

Doesn't seem like it to me.

Where's my right hand man? I think he had to leave, sir.

You can't stand movie shoots, too?

No, sir, but are you okay?

Don't know whether this is a movie shoot or some track race.

Man, I'm exhausted.

There will be no problem, sir.

The law is a pain in the ass. Too many things to check.

Don't worry too much, sir.

You'll be able to come out once the trial is over.

I don't like the fact that I'm in the hands of a young boy.

But I heard he's very competent for his age.

All he did was stud law. What would he know about the world outside?


Can't you do it more passionately?


Feels like old times.

Am I supposed to answer that?



I love you.

Ki-su released from prison comes to find Tae-sung.

This is the first fight so it needs to feel sudden.

But are you really doing it for real?


You have to stop right after I yell cut.

Now, let's shoot.

Don't I need make-up and clothes, too?

We gave you that scar by your eye. And your clothes look fine.

I've never seen that actor before.

He's not an actor.

What are you talking about?



Are you nervous?

I'll go easy on you.


Why aren't you fighting?

Soo-ta, you getting scared comes out directly on the screen.

Let's go again.

What's wrong? Scared?

Does it look that way?

What if he gets hurt?

I don't know. This is my first time, too.

What will happen to our movie if the lead actor dies?

You have such a way with words.



Excellent expressions.

More. More.


Soo-ta, are you okay?

Get up.

Soo-ta, are you okay?

What about the camera? Did it look okay?

It looked good because it's real, but are you able to keep this up?

I'm okay. Okay, then.

Sound! Speed.




Soo-ta, are you okay?

What the hell is this? Bring a towel!

I told you to stop right after I yell cut!

I'll talk to you later.

Is this dog shit?

Are you trying to kill somebody or make a movie?

That's what he wanted.

What? You like beating people up?

Then beat me up!

Get up and hit me!

What are you waiting for?

Stop it. Let go of me!

Is this guy some thug or what?

Stop! You're embarrassing me!

What the hell is in that head of yours?

Worry about me and not the camera.

That's why you're one tempo late.

Does this make any sense? The director should've stopped him!

But you're the one who first agreed to do it.

What, you bastard?

Holy shit!

That fucking gangster!

Wouldn't the actors you hit have felt the same way?

What did you say?

Who'd you ask to see me all of a sudden?

We have to rest a few days anyway because of your face.

So how's you like getting hit?

All I did was go by the script.


So do you think you can win in the end?

Of course.

If I hadn't become an actor, I would've fought like you.


Real gangsters like us hear people call us trash.

And those like you who can't act at all hear people call them real actors.

Isn't that funny?

If gangsters were the main characters of this world, wouldn't reality be very sad?

Don't you think?

Regular guys are the main characters of this world.

But if we beat them up in a warehouse, the all piss and shit in their pants.

You think you won't do the same?

Are you threatening me?

You two like drinking with an actor?


Then you all pay for the drinks.

Hey! Yes?

Take good care of him tonight. Okay.

I don't need it. You're so grand.

Who is it?


Yes, Mi-na.






Let's have a look at your face.

What the hell?

Who the hell are you, asshole?

What was that?

I thought you were tougher, but that was lame.

We're different from ordinary people.


It's a big headache for us if we beat up anybody.

What were you doing before?

I was on my way to a hotel with a girl.

I must've intruded.

Well, yes.

Hye-ran, hi.

Were you sleeping?

Su-jung, I just wanted to drink with you.

No, just go back to sleep.

Don't wake up, damn it.

You must've had a bad day.

There are some things I can't understand.

He knows nothing and he thinks he's an actor after a few shoots.

Tell me what you think.

You think a gangster is an actor?

Sorry, I don't understand.



I just suddenly thought of you.

Want to meet?


I just needed someone to talk to.

Hold on.

That was strange.

I thought I heard someone outside.

You really called me out because you wanted to talk?

What did you want to talk about?

You don't need to know.

You haven't changed at all.

Fuck, what now?

Don't say a word today.

I got enough to deal with besides you.

I wish you'd get ruined.

You're scary.

Isn't that my chair?

Don't you see all these chairs?

I don't like it when someone sits on my chair.

I wish you'd show a little respect.

This is how far we'll go in this scene.

Soo-ta says 'You want to die? '

And then he puts out his cigarette in this shot glass.


Here's the compensation for your time in jail.

Is this all?

What else do you want?

Everything that's yours.

Even your woman used to be mine though How dare you.

You filthy bastard.

Be careful.


Cut! You scared me.

Isn't this a real bottle?

Look at the blood on your hand.

Why'd you improvise something so dangerous?

I thought it would make me feel better.

No, your acting was fantastic. Better than any good actor.

Soo-ta, you were, uh, good.

Put some medicine on his hand this instant!

Ok! Enough for this scene. Hurry up for the next take!

Who are you?

What are you doing with my van?

Hello, it's not what you think.

Why is your van so dirty? Who are you?

Why'd you spit? Why are you doing this?

Do what? You messed with my van.

I caught you red-handed.

We can rent a van when we make more money.

Drive your car for a while.

You should've told me before about the situation we were in.

Are you even interested?

Do you even know how much you pay for rent and your phone bills?

Soo-ta is hard to deal with, but try to understand him.

He's got a lot of pride as an actor, though.

You two must've known each other.

We used to date long ago.

When I was a first-time actress a while back.

Don't you feel uncomfortable when you shoot a movie together?

Not really.

I have something I'm curious about, too.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I've been doing it for a while.

Is that all?

You're not going to do it for real, right?

Do what? You know, our scene together.

What exactly?

Who is it?

What problem?

There's nothing. This sucks.

Who called the police?

Chairman Baek's wife reported that her diamond ring was stolen.

The account book and secondary contract had disappeared.

I should've gotten rid of them earlier.

If it was a real thief, he wouldn't have stolen them.

If they're used as evidence, the trial is no use.

That plant-watering, antique-polishing bastard betrays me?

Take care of him immediately.

It's not a good time now, sir.

Are you scared?

You'd know what to do long ago just by looking at my eyes.

There's no time to waste. Do it now.


Who the hell are you?

Where's Mr. Park?

Do you like him?

He doesn't seem like a bad person.

How do you know that?

Aren't you misjudging him?

A gangster is nothing but a gangster.

You can't predict what guys like him will do.

Don't judge people so easily.

We're going to do a long take with one cut.

And be careful with the sound.

We're not like before, so move aside.

You must be on your way home.

You were with him last night?

Don't be so childish.

Then I'll check what you did last night myself.

Let go of me!

Shut the hell up!

Stop it! You fucking bitch!

Let go!

Damn it.


Crazy bastard.

Get out of there!

You rotten filth.

Cut, what's going on?

This isn't acting! He's doing it for real!

Don't cry and wipe your tears.

Did you do it for real?

Rotten filth?

Where is the book and contract?

Did Chairman Baek say he'd spare me if I tell you?

I promise nothing will happen to you.

You expect me to believe that?

Fuck, give it to me.

What do you want to be later?

Why don't you have something you're good at?

How can you live without any goals?

What does youth mean without an ambition?

Again, your bull shit philosophy.

Something good happen to you?

It's you who's had something good happen.

Since you had a big role for an extra.

I had a good time watching your movie.

What are you two doing standing there?

Soo-ta, get ready.

Your acting has gotten a lot better.

You seem like a real actor now.


Have you ever dreamed once of something you can't have?

You never wanted to become someone else?

If I could be you, I wanted to steal your girl.

Then you'd go off to a far away place,

and live as if you were dead.

Didn't you say that you'd spare me?

Here's some traveling expenses on your way.

Then you'd go off to a far away place, and live as if you were dead.


Free him.

If Chairman Baek finds out about this...

Keep this a secret.

I took care of everything, sir.

Seeing that Mr. Park betrayed me, I have no one to trust.

How far away is the trial?

Two weeks, sir.

And Mr. Park?

I sent him abroad without anyone knowing.

We aren't in good circumstances, so please stop acting.

Is there a problem?

Everything's been solved.

You seemed to have changed, sir.


Why are you so serious?

You have to set up the car like that?

It's safe that way.

Why? Can't stand it?

It always seemed strange that the car is higher than other cars in movies.

Why don't you just direct the movie yourself?


I can't trust my agent with it.

Be gentle to it, it's sensitive like a woman.

Cut! What is this!

My car!

My damn car.

That gangster bastard!


Cut! What is this!

Sound! Speed.



Open your eyes! Open your eyes!

Today is your last day, right?

Yes, I died just now.

I'll come visit the set often.

I'm sorry about being so rough last time.

Did you really jump in to save me on purpose?

I didn't see the camera.


Do you live here?

I move around.

What happened here?

Don't say anything.

I thought I could understand anyone when I was young.

But I've lost confidence in it the more I've gotten older.

Hey, aren't you overdoing it?

You're not even listening to me.

Hey, Soo-ta.



What's this all about?

If you have a mouth, then tell me what this is.

I don't know.

You don't know?

Who the hell is this girl?

Just because you don't know that's it?

Stop it! I'm going nuts, too!

How long do I have to clean up your mess?

Know how hard it is working with you?

Then quit!

Are you done talking? I'm done.

You live off me, so stop complaining.


What's so special about your life?

Did you do it?

You and I were the only one there.

Tell me! Did you do it?

Say something!

Let go. I don't want to say anything.

If it wasn't you, then who sent it?

Hello? It's me.

They called me. What they want is money.

Wait at home for now.


Why the hell are you doing this to me?

What happened?

I think those bastards are hoodlums from that area.

They want to raise the money.

It's a lot.

I think they know that if we call the police then it'll get publicized.

Sons of bitches.

Where do we get that kind of money so quickly?

Even if it's a celebrity's car, I can't buy it at that price since it's used.

Can I ask for your autograph while you're here?

What's the reason?

You don't need to know.

It's not petty cash.

Keep it a secret. I'll retrieve my car later.

Why do you trust him with our money?

Do a job for me, quietly.

Follow that car.


We caught them, but one got away.

What if that bastard blows the whistle?

Hurry and find him.

When he calls again, I'll go get the tape so you wait here.


That wasn't us.

I said that wasn't us!

Hello? Hello?

Some gangsters attacked them.

They're really pissed off.

Did you hire them?

Don't you get what I'm saying?

Want people to hear that I hired some gangsters?

Don't interfere any more.

Sorry about getting mad last time.

You know how I really feel, right?

I'll go.

No, I want to solve this myself.

And the tape?

Not now.

I'll give it to you when you return my boys.

You should've stuck with the rules.

You bastard! Let go!

Stop the car!

Was it him?

The tape and the video are in here.

Yes, it is.

What's going on?

In the end, you and I live no differently.

Take it before the cops arrive.

No, you're the one who should leave.

I'm handing him over to the cops. And everyone who's involved.

If that goes in their hands, you're in jeopardy.

But I can't handle things like you.

What's so different between him and you all?

To be honest, I don't know.

You ungrateful son of a bitch.

What are you doing?

No, not like this.

If this gets out, you're done for. Don't you get it?

I've lost.

I'm sorry, sir.

You've gotten a lot better.

But what's wrong with your expression?

Is there any problem?

No, sir.

There's nothing to worry about.

Of course there shouldn't be. Only one week left until the trial.

I heard you're acting in a movie.

I have a lot of eyes and ears out there that you don't know.

I'm sorry, sir.

Sometimes I don't know what's in that head of yours.

Damn it.

Right here!

You little...

Damn it.


I'm busy so don't call.

You asshole.

I'm not cursing at you. I'm hanging up.

Why'd you answer the phone like that? It's nothing, sir.

Who was it?

My mother.

Her birthday is in a few days. She asked when I'm coming to visit.

Go visit her.

That's okay, sir.

Thank you, sir.

I'll be back soon.

What did I say wrong, sir?

Let's shoot a movie. Sir?

Come on.


Mr. Park...

What will you do?

Mr. Kim, let's have lunch later.

You look very surprised.

You're not supposed to be alive. Have you forgotten?

How can a living person act as if he's dead?

Wouldn't Chairman Baek know that I'm alive?

You seem to be in a very tight spot.

Let me ask you one thing.

Why'd you let me live?

Why'd you spare me?

I heard he might testify for the other party.

We should take care of him now.

It's not that easy now.

I have to meet Chairman Baek for now.

Follow him and don't do anything hasty.

Go back. He declined your request to see him.

Who are you? What bastard sent you?

I got the wrong room.


They said he died from a fall.

The police will determine that it was a suicide.


It's not a suicide.

Sir, we don't have time for this.

If you don't do something, it's dangerous.


Put some more blood on him. Sir.

Who are they back there?

I brought two more just in case.

Chicken shits.

It's not the time to relax.

Don't you know that Chairman Baek abandoned us?

You say you quit, but what does that leave me?

What is it that you want?

Did you plan all this? Because I mocked you in the beginning?

Think whatever you like.

If you just go, then that's it?

Gang-pae! Gang-pae!

Movies aren't a joke!

Let go of me, you bastard!

Gang-pae! Gang-pae!

I don't know your reasons, but you can't do this.

Yeah, you don't fit here.

Go, you bastard!

Go live like filth for the rest of your life!

Pitiful bastard.

Watch your mouth. What's it with you?

You don't know shit.

You worthless thug.

I let you slide since he liked you, but you have no respect.

Look down, asshole.

Feel humiliated in front of everyone, huh?

Then look down or else it'll get worse.

You son of a bitch! Come on and fight!

Hurts like hell, doesn't it?

I'll make you look down before I hit you ten times.

Look down.




Can't you differentiate movies from real life?

Let's go.


Let's see who will win.




Pitiful bastard.

Just remember one thing.

This is all because of you.

Let's do it for real this time.

Sir! Sir!

You bastards!

Why are you calling so late?

Shouldn't you be next to me at a time like this?

Is this Jang Soo-ta? This is the police calling.

The police?

Get rid of that frown.

Think you're at home? Sit right, you bastard.

Damn it. You're here already.

What happened to you? I couldn't reach you.

What's this?

Why do you have this on you?

You did it?

You did this from the beginning?

I don't think so.

He seemed to have raised the amount during the transaction.

He had some gambling debt, so that could be why he did it.

You broke the tape because of that?

That was some really good acting.

What have you done for me?

How could you say that to me?

How could you of all people?

Hey, calm down. Let me!

Please stop it. It's over now.

It's not over! That's enough!

Are you fucking human?

Let go!

Are you human?

How could you do that to me?

Hi, it's me.

I wish you wouldn't call me anymore.

I was calling someone else, but I must've pressed the wrong button.

I'm busy so if you don't have anything to say I'm hanging up.

Okay, talk to you later.

Being dead or alive can't be left in someone's hands.

Chairman Baek and you all are now done for.

How about working under me?

Use it for traveling expenses.

I have to return the favor.

Or pay back the production costs!

Say something.

You bring a gangster to this movie and ruin everything!

Now you don't want to be responsible for it?

Let's shoot again.

Are you fucking playing games?

What happened to your face?

Then why'd you go in the first place?

Shall I just go?

Go where?

You probably had your reasons.

You don't make the decisions around here.

Get lost, you son of a bitch.

You bragged about being an actor, but now you don't care about what happens to the movie?

Get lost, you bastard.

Punch me.

Crazy bastard.

You don't care about what happens to the movie anyway.

I don't care of course.

What the...

What the hell are you doing?

Let's fight now.

Punch me.

Why? Don't have the confidence to win?

There's no camera here.

Don't be conscious of people and fight freely.

Why are you doing this?

If you want it that bad, then let's do it for real.

But this isn't the place.

My play starts next weekend. You're coming, right?

Do I have to go?

Of course you do.

Your face is full of scars.

Why do you keep kissing me?

So that you won't feel any pain.

So that no one will hurt you.

I feel like a different person when I'm with you.

What kind of person?

Ice caramel macchiato and a parfait please.

Are you the actor Jang Soo-ta by any chance?

No, you've gotten the wrong person.

I like your movies. Have a good time.

I didn't think you'd come.

Don't you feel uncomfortable here?

Well, no...

How's the coffee?

Not bad.


This is the very end.

Are you really going to fight?


You have the confidence, right?

Just make sure we get filmed.

Okay, let's do it.

You can win.

Okay, get ready.

Get ready for the last take!

Everyone get ready!

Bring me some socks.

Camera A, go with a full shot!

Camera B and Camera C, shoot the actors with close ups.

Will it come out like in the script? I don't know either.

The director doesn't know everything.

Then what do you know?

That the director should trust his actors till the very end.

I'll be gentle.

Give me all that you got.

Ready! Shoot.

Sound! OK.



Is that all that you got?


Did all the cameras get everything?

They fucking did it.

You two were wonderful.

Absolutely wonderful.

Don't cry. You look like a loser.

Where are you going?

Now that the shoot's over, the director wanted to have a drink.

Now you seem like a real actor.

Where are you going in such a rush?

To shoot a movie.

What? Without a camera?

You're the camera.

Don't be silly.

Film it right.

I'll carry it for you.


Be careful carrying it. It's precious.

You bastard!

Son of bitch! Don't move!

Come here!

Step aside.