Yo, Potro (2018) Script

Is it already being recorded?

Hold me sideways. I want my Greek nose to be seen.

We're here, in the offices of the general manager of Pumas.

This is the time where they give you the bonus. They throw bills at you in the face.

TA Ta ta. Leaving here we are going to buy a Ferrari.

Red Fury.

[man] Potro. What's up? -Go, eh?

There can be no cameras here. Pati, who let cameras in here?

It's me, it's me.

We are making a documentary of the Potro Romani.

-Ah, what good. -Look what is this, a dulce de leche.

We have it almost sold to ESPN.

We are going to discuss private matters.

I have no secret with my Potrelievers.

I promised them full access to my life. And this is part of my life.

-Well, as you want. -Very well.

Take the twine, I'm with a desire to go partying I can not take it anymore.

Get me the coins.

You are out of the team.


It seems as if he had been rehearsing!

This leave it for some blooper.

What teacher you are.

Let's see, guys, are you waiting for me outside?

I have to talk to the president alone.

Now we are going to move the Ferrari and fill it with whores and champagne.

Dwarf, there's no problem.

It's a misunderstanding, boys, nothing happens.

I have a contract for a year.

Do not make me see myself in the painful situation of demanding them.

You have been, by far, the worst investment in Pumas in history.

I left the eggs in every game. Do not come to break the balls.

Yes And you also left a lot of puddles of blood.

Give me a recommendation letter, boludo. I'm playing soccer, brother.

No, Potro.

That is absolutely unsportsmanlike.

I've already notified all the technical directors of the league of your situation.

I'm El Potro Romani, old man, the Argentine stallion. What the fuck are you talking about?

You have a bullet in the leg, you bastard. Do not mame!

What do you think, that you are the president of the world?

-Don't make me call security. -Traelos, I grab you with punches.

You know how it hurts when those fucking dwarfs fall.

Especially to you. It's an army of dwarves, here.

I do not know what your fart is with the dwarfs!

I do not know what it is.

And I do not care.

And if the dwarfs shit you, it's your fart. But you are already out!

-Dedcate to something else, take a picture. -'Chupame an egg, son of a thousand whores!

Then there is no bonus?

[whispers] Give me half, and we're going halfway.

[whispers] No, you bastard.

-I locked you up for ten years. - Are you going to lock me up?

-I can not give you the bonus. -15 percent.

-I can not give you the bonus. -Give me some coins.

[in a normal voice] Pati, can you please give your papers to the Potro?

-Good luck. -The shell of your mother.

-Potro. -Yes, my little one.

I had an appointment with you today to see the Ferrari.

Did you know what? I saw the McLaren and I liked it a lot more.

Excuse. You know I'm always with you. Excuse.

Son of a bitch!

[horn honks]

Fucking guy!

Son of a bitch!

Boys, we cancel everything.

Erase this to hell.

-It is done. - [man] But he's a little mother, Potro!

-Little mother, son of a thousand whores? -No, güey, little mother narratively.

But those assholes just got me out of the club. Are you Mongol?

With this we can show people how the abyss of soccer is, güey.

What the fuck does that matter to people? They want to see girls, whores, parties.

I do not have a weight, boludo.

I watch for the money, Potro, like the Kardashians.

And what does that have to do with this, boludo?

Güey, this strengthens your brand.

Imagine, a line of sports deodorants.

Aqua di Potro

How am I doing makeup?

-Are you sure it's going to work? -Yes, güey, I swear to you.

Do not make me look like a boludo.

Take a shot here, leaving as fast and furious.

What is life without soccer?

A lot of rotten bodies walking the court of life, like zombies.

Soccer was everything to me.

I feel violated.

Penetrated I feel that without football I am nothing.

What, what am I?

A counter without calculator. A chef without a tongue

Love! Hey, hey, baby!

-What are you doing, boluda? -What are you doing, boludo?

You keep up with all this antics, then?

It's a promotion we're doing to put the Potro brand outside.

Do not come to break my balls. Today I had a complicated day.

Excuse me please. Yes, my love?

No, forgive me.

-They kicked me out of the club. -What?

They kicked me out of the club.

We already knew that this could happen.

-What did we know? -Of course my love.

So you were waiting for this to happen.

Do not.

We can take advantage to ride that Brazilian depilation facility that we have dreamed so much ...

But that is not my dream, how many times do I have to tell you?

That's your dream, my love, it's not mine. I do not dream of a hair removal of anything.

-Is seriously. -No, seriously the balls.

You never trusted me.

-That's the problem. -What are you saying?

-Is it really what you're saying? -Just relax.

No, what "relax" or what chingaderas!

If you continue with this shtick, we will tell everyone who's the one who keeps this family doing oral, double-glazed, huh?

Extreme anal, three times a day, so that the lord is like a king.

See, see.

Fuck fucking, and all of you, too! Fuck fucking!

Go pick up with a Somali truck.

Yes, that's what I do. I'm a porn actress!

-Are aware. -Bravo Bravo. Now what?

I got tired of you! Fuck you!

Yuli ...

Cut, cut, cut.

The fleeting career of Argentine striker Potro Romani came to a dramatic end to be discovered hiding a bullet wound.

Romani debuted in the Ravens, taking them to a final.

He is married to the controversial adult entertainment star ...

What are you doing, the shocked shell of your mother?

Can you move, the bitch that bore you?

You're on TV, teletubby, move, dale!

... today we are in mourning ...

[TV turns off]

Are you not realizing what is happening?

They're telling me I can not play soccer anymore. They kicked me out of the team!

My wife left me, your mother's shell! And they told me the internet.

The bitch that gave birth to them can not last two months!

[Twitter sounds]

That is my little brother. My little brother gets married, look!

[man] Is Fabricio Romani your brother? Year!

It's better that he's my brother, imbecile.

Where do you think all this talent comes from, pony face?

This is printed in the genes with the semen of God, old man.

Here. Milk, milk through the veins.

[whispers] Listen.

[Fabricio in recording] Hi, Fabri speaks. If it's for the buro, talk to my manager.

If you are from Barça, leave me your message. And I will answer it Chichichurri! You get married, your mother's shell!

The invitation did not arrive!

It must be the crap postal mail, that things never come to me.

Congratulations, culiado!

Call me, call me. I need you, call me.

We are going to Argentina. You come with me, and all these assholes are coming.

Neta, güey?

We're going to see each other as a family, old man.

Do you understand what that is, you who did not leave Mexico City, imbecile?

The mines there, do you know what that is? From the landscape?

The shells applaud you, it's beautiful, old man.

In one of those, I stay at my old man's house for a while.

Waiting for all this to happen.

There they pamper me, they embrace me. They like me a lot.

Look, what is this?


Comfort first. [laugh]

Check out the suit I bought!

Wine. But in Argentina we say Bordeaux.

Bordeaux. More French. We are more European.

Not like you, boludos. Indian ball.

Look. Argentine passport and Mexican passport. I have two nationalities.

Guess what is it?

We are already, boy.

We are going to Argentina!

[piano sounds playing "Chica de Ipanema"]

I really like to fly.

They say it stops the aging process Well, we are going at a very high speed.

As it accelerates, it accelerates, accelerates. Is it a thousand kilometers, 2000?

But they say it stops him because the people down is at another speed, I do not know if you understand me The law is about relativity.

They also say that ...

... that flying very often can cause you to get an egg inside.

I have a friend who got both of them.

You have to put cold water, then ice, on the eggs.

Your ass closes. Horrible.

I'm going to throw a straw to the bathroom, boludo, I can not take it anymore.

[man by speaker] Welcome to the airport in Santiago de Chile.

I have been summoned to the Argentine national team more than once.

They wanted me to cut my hair. They're crazy, what am I going to cut my hair.

My brother is a great player. We are on par. We are on par.

He devotes a lot to soccer.

He devotes a lot of energy. I like other things.

I like to enjoy life, understand?

[piano playing "Chica de Ipanema"]

This is about a football player, a goal scorer, Traumatized, who stopped scoring, and a ghost of a coach helps him overcome his trauma.

And the guy returns to make goals. About my old man DarÃo Romani.

The Shakespeare of the Argentine football novels.

Look. Goose bumps, brother.

Five years ago I do not come. Clear. I have an emotion, idiot.

We are arriving!

[Tango music plays]

My mentor, the great Pitín Belarri, is coming for me.

This guy discovered Messi.

The soccer mafia stayed with the credit.

What are you doing, Riquitiki?

It's the Potrito!

-How are you, boludo? -Well well.

Let's go down, I can not stay at the airport for long.

But why, what fart?

No ... I owe a debt to the government, then they will not let me travel. But all good. All good.

What is that camera? The camera that.

I'm making a documentary of my life. For ESPN.

Che, what's the Lamborghini in the shop?

How in the workshop? I lost everything. Everything with the witch. I lost the car, I lost the house, I lost most of my dignity, my coach card. All. So, kids, Do not bet with credit cards.

And stay away from opioids.

[Latin music plays]

Excuse the mess.

The maid comes tomorrow.

-Listen to everything, brother. Yes Did you know?

The only thing that witch, motherfucker, could not carry

They were the missiles that I discovered. [laugh]

-We keep breaking it, Riquitiqui, huh? -Oh, yes?

-I signed for two years. -What great.

Goya! Goya!

Cachún cachún, ra ra! Cachún cachún, ra ra!

Che, here the kids are ...

-We are three, but if you want to come ... -Do you invite me to Romani's wedding?

What honor? Oh, stop.

I have a ... a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, -But well, I re ... -No, no, stop, boludo.

-It's the same, I'm going another day. - Are you sucking a lot?

No no. Listen to me. Look back there. I think I have a tuxedo around there.

What is this, boludo?

-Did you have family, boludo, did you have children? -No no no.

It's a diaper for adults.

What do you want? Listen to me, at 4:00 in the morning in winter?

My ass is closed.

[Potro] Well, well, Argentina is the best country in the world.

[laugh] -We have the most beautiful mines.

We have Maradona! The Pope! Heaven and hell, Dad!

Did you know how many fans I have here?

People see it and it goes crazy.

I can not walk down the street.

I came, I came, I came.

-What? -Look at who I have here.

What are you doing, shit?

-Who is it? -El Potro.

What Potro? The singer?

Colt Romani. Do not you like soccer, you?

Do not, of this or fucking idea I have. Nobody knows him.

Dale, start. Start, start.

-Ahorita we record another, give it to him. - [Pitín] Okay.

Yes, well, and tell me, where is this place? Where is the marriage?

I do not know, boludo, I'm looking for the invitation and I can not find it.

Did you pray the invitation? The bitch that bore you.

Oh, that's it, that's it.

It's at the Yacht Club of Nordelta.

Oh, well, good, good. How cool the Romani are.

I once went there, but they did not let me in.

Same with the tuxedo, quiet, huh?

But good the tuxedo? Do not make us look bad.

No, no, no, with a green fajita and a green mozzie, so ...

No, you will love it You're already riding this fucking car, you idiot. It seems...

[laugh] No, but you know it's a vintage thing.

A car that is 25 years old. It's like wearing broken jeans.

Motherfucker. What piece of fart you threw, culiado.

[Pitín] Well, what do you want? I'm sitting here all day.

-Stop stop Stop. -What do you do, what do you do?

-Do not touch me. -The porters enter here, on the way back.

-Women? -The people who work enter here ...

-Do you know who I am, kid? -No, I do not know who you are.

-Was a dishwasher with a manager's air? -I'm going to break his mother.

-It is the scorer of the Pumas of the UNAM. -What the fuck are the Pumas of the UNAM?

The best team in Mexico, kid. What, do not you have television in your house?

Listen, Beckham of underdevelopment, I would have more respect if you worked ...

-I'm going to kill you! -¡Para!

-I'm going to kick you. - [woman] Boys.

-What is it? [laugh] Good. -Hello. How are you?

-Do they come to the event? Yes Are you ... girlfriend?

No. My boyfriend is the wedding godfather.

-What is all this? -It's a documentary of my life.

Of your life. Why?

I am famous. Colt Romani.

Look, you're famous! What good?

Do you want a picture?

No. Do we enter the event?

Are we entering together?

-Yes, I take them. -Go ahead.

-Pasá, pass, pass. - [Alessia] Yes, thank you.

Look at his ass. Look at his ass.

...And the father.

And he remembered that autumn, when the dictator came to power.

A sudden backlash made ...

He is my old man Listen out.

... invited.

And shot. Finally, it was a goal.

This is a fragment of my book, A goal in the wind, of course.

It's in the stores and you can go buy it.

But most importantly, I want to dedicate it to my great creation.

To my son Fabricio.

-A national pride. -Thank you very much Daddy.

Family! Come, come, come! Come, come, come!

-It's Potro! -[shouts]

What happened, family?

How are you?

-And this ...? -I did not tell you...

And this kid!

How are you, chimichurri? You get married, culiado!

Stop, skinny, calm down a bit. Is this guy bothering you? Take it easy.

-Who are you, face of pony? -The Godfather. Who are you?

-Take it easy. -For for.

Look, how beautiful you are! Let's see, a little flight.

[exclaims] You're stealing, Julián.

Listen to me one thing And these cameras?

We are making a documentary for ESPN of my life.

We made one for Fox Sports, right?

Hey! Then we exchange materials, do not we?

Mine was worldwide.

Sandro, can this be filming from ESPN?

Then we agree and send the protocols.

-All right, kid, or not? -Listen out. Let's go.

-I'm hungry, Julien. Where are we going? There's more food there. Let's go.

Leave the cameras, they stay here.

Lower me the camera.

-Come. -What happens?

You have married me, you idiot!

-¡Para! -But I like it, I love it!

-¡Para! For. -What's wrong with you?

-Does it not make you happy to see me? -You are not invited to the wedding.

Stop fucking. How will I not be invited?

Do you want me to explain it to you?

Dale, boludo, you're not making this joke right now.

It is a very small ceremony.

Did you know this, old man?

Do not say "a very small ceremony." It's reality: You're a catastrophe.

-Do not talk to her like that! -It's reality!

Do not defend it always, Mom!

We do not want anything negative in your life. It's the truth, you have to listen.

What are you telling me, bad vibes, me? If I stopped you, boludo!

I taught you to play soccer, I taught you everything you know.

Oh, yes? Good. Christmas, five years ago, there it goes.

No, no!

-For. Let him tell me. -Christmas five years ago.

I won the Golden Ball. Did you see the happiness I had?

You come to Christmas, and it disappears!

-... I told you it was not me! -Boludo, who was it?

What do I know, boludo? The maid.

-How many things disappeared? Let's go. -It was not him, it was not him!

Who is that guy?

How, who is that guy? Fabri's brother.

How, Fabri's brother? If he never told me he had a brother.

El Potro Romani

-I never liked this family. -Bet with that! Stop!

They are not Catholics, Renata. They are not believers!

I'm getting married! We already talked about this topic.

All I wanted was to come and enjoy this moment with you.

I am proud of you. I admire you, brother.

It's very good, come on. -Excuse me. Perdomame, boludo.

What do you think, that I do not want

-are you in my marriage? -What happens then?

You have to put your shit together. Take charge, order your things!

-My love. -Do you know about this?

Yes, but they did not let me tell you anything.

I spent two months fighting with your dad. Without catching, huh?

-And you know how we like to fuck. -Yes, I know, Mom, to me too.

I love to fuck too. So that's the punishment?

Yes -Do you get angry and twice touching me?

-Do you think it's fair? Yes I come from Mexico p'acá. Tell me something. I did something.

-Eat a powder in the bathroom, convince him. -It will not convince me with that.

I already touched myself too much. Let's go.

-Let's go. - [Belén] I love you, love.

Two years of boyfriends, and you never mentioned a brother?

It seems to me that now is not the time to speak.

Yes, it's just time to discuss it.

I'm about to marry a liar.

What else is next?

That we are of honeymoon and you happen to leave the clóset?

Bueh, yes, give it, now ...

That I get pregnant, and you're going to tell me that you have more children?

-Calm down. -What do you want me to reassure?

Calm down.

Andá, look for your brother, because if not, I do not marry.

Do not.

-It will not be good for us. -With this, it will not be good for us.

I look for it. OK?

But I am not responsible for what I do. Give me your hand.

Potro, do not get hot. It is done.

Maybe my old man is right, boludo, and I bring bad vibes to the family.

And I do not even see him, do you understand me?

He was a rambunctious man, he was a quilombo everywhere.

But I've matured, I have 35 pirulos.

I'm a big guy It happens that my old man, every time I come, cuts me dry.

He does not want me to get close to the family.

Surely he convinced Fabricio not to invite me to marriage.

Che, how long are the events in Guatemala, or they did not let you in by hair?

-You are breaking the egg. -What happens?

-For for. Is everything all right? -I break your head, boludo!

I already understood that I am not welcome here.

It's perfect. But I love you.

-And I wish you a beautiful life. -Potro.


Dale, you came here.

Oh, I do not pray to you either, Julián! Neither, okay, I'm staying.

Let's go inside, I have a thirst ...

-Well, stop, stop. -Let's take a couple of ...

Can you go back a little?

Let's set some rules ... Give it, back.

You can not drink alcohol. No drugs You can not even talk or look or approach my father-in-law.

-You can not grab a pineapple ... -Can I take a selfie?

Yes, it is not the time ...

I have not left. Tagueame RealPotroRomano.

Under no circumstances, please ask, show the cock.


Look, I can not promise you anything.

-No, well, promise me this. -Let's have a drink!

-But I promised melo! -'Let's have a tequila!

I promised you melo!

We are inside, we are inside.

[Pitín] This for me is a miracle.

I live in a car. Imagine for me what it is to open a key and that water comes out.

Incredible Potro started playing in the little school. He began to demonstrate many skills.

And immediately Fabricio, who is a posh, said "I also want to play".

He convinced him to father to send him to train in a little school of the Juve of Italy.

What does he do? It completely de-finances El Potro and he puts all his confidence in Fabricio because he saw more potential.

Potro was crazy.

First accuses the father with the police of having sexually abused him.

Then he breaks the whole car with an iron. A nice car Then he sets fire to the house, that is, a delirium.

Frightful Quilombo.

Well, that's where he went to the reformatory.

When he leaves the reformatiorio and wants to return to the house, they had run it, they threw it out. A tragedy. Frightening.

[interviewer] Boludo, you discovered al Potro, right?

[Pitín] Yes, yes, it's true.

I found it later, playing on the street.

There in those paddocks, the dry grass.

You only see a cloud of dust and below are the little ones playing.

I only see El Potro, and he excelled.

These kids are a magnet. You can not stop watching them play.

It was a different one, as we say here.

Well, what happens is that I could not place it in any club here because they knew the whole story of him, it came out in the newspapers.

But I had a friend who trained in the basic forces of the Cuervos de MÃ © xico.

I put it there, and everyone already knows the story.

He was made from below.

Nothing gave anything to the Potro.

That is to have eggs.


Hi guys.

I present Diego.

He's going to be one of the godparents, is not it, as we are.

Become friends Chau, mÃ, see you down.

-It's not coming out, boy. -No, yes, yes, yes, it's like that.

"Let's see, let me-" "No, quiet.

I have it ... - Easy, it is doing well.

Listen, keep it away. OK? Keep it away.

-Don't come near me. -OK.

Stay calm. We tame it, we have it quiet all night.

As in the field. I do not want anyone to approach me.


It's hard, but I almost have it.

It's very low, it's the tenth time you try.

Boys, what a bitterness they have.

He is getting married. Look at the storm that is this kid.

Did you know the mines that this kid had? And now what, he got married, boludo!

-He married. Suddenly, we lost it. -Yes, well ...

In Mexico we would be taking stingrays here, it would look like a pedestrian path, boludo.

We get like this, head, we throw the stick, boludo.


No no. Neither pig nor all that, no. Here quietly, I love you.

-It's not coming out, monkey. -No, yes, yes, it's like that.

Barbarian is coming out. What are you saying?

Take the camera, boludo. What I do not want here is the camera.

[the wedding march sounds]

Hey, fix me one thing.

The key to the wedding night is that you take it well.

The garche, then, is the most important thing, are you okay?

It seems not, but believers like to have their asses broken.

-No, they like violence. -Sale, go out.

The piba has to hurt, tomorrow she does not have to be able to walk.

Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, idiot.

[man] You can sit down now, please.

Just as the sun appears every day in the heavens of the Lord, the virtuous beauty of a wife radiates everything in the place.

-What ceremony, is not it, kid? -Leave me, asshole.

The Earth is full of the benevolence of the Lord, [cries]

[whispers] Stop, now.

I can not. It is a divine moment.

[whispers] It's my marriage. I can only cry.

They vow to stay united in health and illness, Until death separates them?

Che, tagueame in the photos, they're all here taking pictures.

I put mello on Instagram.

Tagueame, boludo. What it costs you. You have more followers than me.

-Go ahead. - [whispers] After the ceremony.

[man] Alliances, please.

[at the same time] Yes, I swear.

With this alliance I commit myself to I accompany and love you for the rest of my life.

I love you, Tiger.

You're the best goal I've ever scored in my life.

Here the Brazilians say it was the Chilean, but ... oh ...

Great. But good [clears throat]

The second best goal that I put in my whole life.

Tell him the best game you played.

Did not you hear the metaphor of the goal? Go back.

Sorry Excuse me.

A goal? -And now, I declare them ... crack and woman.

You can kiss the bride.

Goes for language, huh? The little hand, that God is here.

[applause sounds]

Thank you.


And we're going to fire them with a wave! No, boys?

A wave! Let the marriage start, come on.


Well, boys, boys.

There we are, there we are.

Now that this boring moment is over, we're going to suck.

The envelopes with money to my old man.

Then they put on fart, drug themselves and forget.

Do not be moorings, they give it to you now by leaving here.

This ... can you shut up your mouth?

Now yes, to have fun and suck, fuck! Huh?

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

[Romantic music plays] -Aunt!

Aunt Rita, how beautiful you are!

How are you doing? What did you do? Botox, right?

And tits too! -It was too much.

You are beautiful.

Welcome, welcome everyone.

I realized that here the Argentines use a shit to talk.

We kiss each other Between man and man. That does not mean we're fucking, I'm telling you.

A shit you look Mexican, son of a bitch.

-What's up? - [laughs] And you, did you come back?

Well, we're looking at a couple of clubs here.

-What do I know? -I have a business to do with you.

I'm making a protein shake. I want you to be the brand ambassador.

-Your image. -Well, then we talk.

-Good good. -Do you think?

Who is here?


It's me, Potri. How is it?

Did he give Alzheimer's to grandpa?

I shit on the fucking mother, what a fucking disease.

He does not have Alzheimer's. I think you do not know him.


All very well.

Here we go.

-Permission. -Boludo, I'm the brother.

-Don't fuck ... -When my glass goes.

-The seats are numbered. -It's not the night to argue.

-Unclear. - Son, you sit here.

Why are you arguing? That is his place.

The asshole this is driving me crazy.

Pendejo, the balls ... Oh, thank you very much.

He is a friend of your brother, the best friend, you have to treat him well.

-Is that clear? -Listen to me.

-I'll tell you something. -The night is so long, And you are going to conar? We're at a party!


This is half skinny, huh? But very good, thank you very much.

Thanks for the attention.

Old man, you do not know what happened in Mexico. -Disfrutá. You have to enjoy.

And tell your friend's girlfriend to get dressed, because she's in balls.

Dad, dad, dad. -Renata's parents are from Opus Dei.

But more respect, old man, be in front. They have been married for more than 20 years.

This is the table that we reserve for you.

-No, no, no ... -No, no, come, come.

There is the whole family. -Ninth.

From this moment, this is your family.

You are going to have to take care of her. Is it clear?

-I would have to take a taxi there. -There are also taxis. Sit down here This is the best table, because it is next to the kitchen.

We are going to be the first to eat. [laugh]

Stop fucking. That this is the substitute table.

Stop! Listen, come, come.

Bring a tequila for the gentleman, one for the lady, and, I do not know, strawberry daiquiri

-for the boys. -A problem, we do not have tequila.

We have wine, champagne, whiskey, Fernet, Campari.

How do you not have tequila? Boludo, are you talking to me seriously?

No, no, we do not have tequila.

Go buy all the tequila you can.

-Do you have a little bit of Rivotril to give me? Yes I have a zoo to sleep on.

[sound pills]

We're going to kill neurons, come on, come on!

[everyone cheers]

Here they come!

Come on, that, that!

I said, olé!

Fabri! Reni!

I said, olé! Check! How nice. Look, how nice.

[rock music plays in the speakers]

Who do you think taught that little game to that? Dad!

Who wants it?

Let's see!

I invite you, right? It is clear.

Come on, have fun, have fun.

Your dad has fed me up. To warm up with Renata's dad, who paid for the party, He gave the order that no man give me anything to drink.

But old, you know how is dad. What do you want?

Yes, well ...

The good thing is that the duo is together again. Check, here we are!

-Pother Romani and Belén Romani. - [Belà © n rÃe]

Colt takes one, pulls long pass ...

Bethlehem has it! Bethlehem has it! Bethlehem has it!


¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡! Vieji, I want to tell you something.

-Don't know ... -Did you get involved with the narcos?

Stop seeing so many narco-novels.

Yes, yes, then they will come looking for us.

-With machine guns ... -Are you taking the medicine?

No, because your dad does not like me to go to the psychiatrist.

The medication was very expensive.

If you know that if you ask me, I'll give you, old lady.

-I'm sending you ... -Vals of family. Already.

Go Go.

Good. Health, boys.

If you want to dance, why do not you get to dance?

-Do you think? - [laugh] Yes.

-There are two lucas. -Two Lucas?

Bueh ...

I do not know if I have Argentine pesos, but I have Mexican.

-And the dollar is better traded. -Whatever.

Come on. Che, what bitterness people have here.

In Mexico, even whores are happy.

Potro. Come to.

Do not you have something to put on the girl? A pouch, a ... dress?

A dress? To something?

-What the fuck are you, boludo? -It's making everyone uncomfortable.

More respect with the lady who is here in front.

The best hugs, the best advice comes from a whore.

Okay, but I gave you the hug there next to the bathroom.

[man] Fabricio!

Fabricio! Fabricio!

Hey, I love you. You are ... [shouts]

I admire you!

You're the greatest...

-Stop stop Stop. -Â He's armed, he's armed!

He is not armed, he comes to take a picture.

-Yes, I have nothing. -For for.

Colt, quiet.

-It's okay. -I came, I came with me.

-Slow slow. -HANDLE!

-Quiet. Stop stop Stop. -So a big one, that's you.

Can someone take a picture of me? -Go ahead. Potro, take us a picture.

[with a trembling voice] Once, almost ... "He's all nervous, poor.

-I almost killed myself ... -A tenderness.

Flip the camera, kid. -... trying to see Messi.

-Ready. Photo. -No, one more?

Remove one with me. -No, it's fine, thanks.

How is "good"? Take a picture with me!

Hey, slowly, slowly.

Go Go.

-You're a fan of mine too, are not you? -OK OK.

-It's going to take it. Upload it to Instagram, huh? Yes There it is, good.

What are you drinking, boludo?

Thank you.

Oh, God, thank you.

Get it out.

[applause sounds]

Everything is for you.

I am telling my dealer to invoice me for the falopa, but he does not want to.

No, because white goes black.

I do not like marriages. I like to do something more ...

... more symbolic. Let the memory remain for a lifetime.


-It's all ready. It's perfect. -We're there?

Focus well, old man. Go ahead.

[dance music in the speakers]

â ?? ª Yeah! Whoo! Put your hands up! â ?? ª Year! I'm dying!

A flash mob!

-How did you remember? -No, it was not me ...

Watch the show that this asshole is doing.

â ?? ª Yeah! Put your hands up! â ?? ª

[the music goes off] -The music?

Hey! What happened? If I was going through it.

Love, Tristan prepared a beautiful speech, and he is about to say it.

Are you loading me?

No, love, he prepared it for several months. Let's see, Tristan?

Thank you. Thanks for the flash mob, it's one of my favorite things in the world.

-Did you like it, baby? -HANDLE!

-To all, thank you! - [piano music plays]

I would like to make a toast. Because of our friendship The truth is that Fabricio is for me ...

... is much more than my best friend. It's like a brother.

Much more than a brother, because really as a brother you can touch any salami.

He is very important. Ours is tremendous.

We stand shoulder to shoulder on every court, in every battle.

Do you remember when we went to the America's Cup?

Yes -We play against Mexico.

[laugh] We never win so easily.

[Fabricio laughs]

-Five goals -They are all players of metegol.

[laughs sound]

That asshole makes me look like the family's lining.

It was like the selection playing against a group of retirees.

-No no no. You will not put together a quilombo. I ask you, please.

-Do not go. -Pitin, let go.

They were tremendous ... - Sit down, because I feel you, bastard.

-Calmed down. -Let him speak.

-I do not take care of him. -When we were kids, my old man took us to the popular to see the Central Rosary.

-That was watching football. - That!

Soccer was our thing. It was what united us.

It was our code.

And you, now, are making a fool of yourself.

Applause for my dad. - [applause sounds]

[Darío] Thank you very much. -The author DarÃo Romani.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Look how they love you, che.

I loved you too.

Until one day ...

Until one day you shit in my sleep.

You left me in balls, to give everything to my brother.

Look at me. Do you know what it is like to have a dad who does not believe in you?

A brother who never defended you?

Because this was of the three.

They left me out.

[Darío] Is that already?

Is the show over, or is it still? Did you blow off?

Can we continue with the party?

You can go to sleep calmly, old man.

Because they shot me with a .45.

-And I'm not going to play soccer again. -They were the narcos!

No, mom. It was Tony. A friend of the Crows. Huh?

But that's it, I already forgave him.


This is for you, old man.

For fucking my life.

[screams the microphone]

He always does the same, wants to be the focus of everyone's attention.

How many years have you?

Why did not you tell me?

-What for? -Because I am your father, for what purpose?

I never cared, old man.

But what do you say, puppy? How will you not care?

We have to look ahead.

Do you have any idea how many things you can still do?

-What what? -How 'like what'?

Stop crying. You saw the mirror?

Did you see the pint you have? The sympathy, the tenderloin.

You are whole, beyond the injury.

Did you know what you were kid, walking puppies? A phenomenon!

No, but what ... - [laughs] He goes to shit.

No, it's an idea. [laugh] Do not take it that way either.

Dieguito, you and I made mistakes, both.

But now we have to look ahead. Borrón and new account. It's over!

Did you know how many times I tried to approach?

To you?

I do not know, I ... Why do not you stay for a while here, with Mom, with me?

-Do you think? -Come here.

I came here, fool.

Come here. Do you know the things that you and I can do together?

We can go to see a game, we can go fishing.

We can go to the sea for sushi. I tell my secretary to make a contract.

-To drink champagne, to dance ...! -Eh eh. Â Contract of what?

How 'contract of what'? An idea.

You gave me the rights for my new book!

Your life, for me, is extraordinary. Look, what irony.

Lead goal Goal lead in gray. Red carátula.

An impact.

Forward, they put a bullet to him playing in a dangerous third-world team ...

But why do not you get on a turtle and go slowly to the shell?

-In what sense do you tell me? -You have not changed anything.

-You understand why I left. -Diego...

You're bad writing, Dad.

-You are wooden. -How?

You take out your book because Fabricio finances it for you.

You're a loser. And I do not recontract you to punch because you're my dad.

I came out, take it.

[whispers] Acércate to see the tears.

It's already, skinny, tomato it. Do not be morbid, boludo.

I'm tired of the documentary. Go Go.

Here it is, the fucking mother. Come to.

Where were you, dear? Why did you get here, what, why did you leave?

Where do you ... what's the matter, you're here?

Did you know? I should have been here to support you.

It was traumatic what happened to you.

So, suddenly. I did not know the madness you were in.

I did not want to disappoint you either. -But how are you going to disappoint me?

It is fucking what is happening to you.

The end of football is hard, but so, abruptly, in the middle of your career ...

-I have nightmares all night. - Sure, how are not you going to have.

And now you're going to have to learn to play the toughest game of all, eh?

You have to learn to let go.

It's going to be hard. Difficult To get out of the spotlight, from the affection of the fans, it sucks.

You can not take charge. You are not to blame for what happened.

What does one of the shitty ways God chooses for you know? But that's it!

You have to get ahead, you're young. Dale, huh?

Bueh. Paco No, are you smoking paco? Riquitiqui, leave that, it kills you, brother.

-Who are you giving this, piba? -Yes, we are.

-How are you going to smoke this, boludo? -Taking.

Da jale.

Go ahead.


I just wanted to reconnect with my family.

My dad never loved me. My brother is a asshole, they do everything to him.

It is believed that it is Messi.

At least your mom loves you.

What will my mom want? My mom is crazy.

It has early schizophrenia. I am orphan, boluda.

No, you're not an orphan. What happens is that blood ties mean nothing.

Because family is the people you decide to be with.

I just do not know what to do if I stay here. I feel like a foreigner, idiot.

This is not my house.

And what does the house have to do? The home is an abstract concept.

Theoretically, I live in a car. That's my home.

Home is where one feels embraced.

Look, yes, yes, look what this is.

Look at the plans I have in Mexico. Party in Xochimilco with the most mommy.

He invites me to the thong in his house.

Look at the mines. Look at how pretty the pibas are.

Retreat in Tulum with Chava Iglesias.

Stop fucking. This are my friends. Not these shitty people here.

We are here and now, and fuck with everything.

The ex-wives, the toxic beings.

"Fuck my dad, you know? Yes My old you are, crazy.

You are my dad. Did you know who my brothers are? These pinches nacos.

-We are going to break the track! -HANDLE!

Let's have fun!

Lost for lost, give me a little more of that, give it to him.

[music sounds]

I'm going to change the music.

People are sleeping, kid, drink, drink it, put this on.

Let's see.

Break it, you bastards!

To give it to him, that this is mass of pot!

[reggaeton music sounds]

Stop, wait, stop.

For for.

[man] Kiss! Come on!

-Live the boyfriends! - [everyone cheers]

I really can not believe I'm seeing my old men like that.

I do not know if I ever saw them touch each other. I swear.

[Potro] That's the power of reggaeton.

-It's not me, it's not me. -Ay no, thanks.

I never thought my marriage was going to be so incredible.


Touch It's like stone.

I tell you that your son could be a stripper of those.

Oh, no, no, well, good, good.

Guard the hose, that's it!

Very good.

-Don't you dance? -No, do not jump me.

Come, follow me.

-I have no desire. -I just stuck an ecstasy.

-Go ahead. -I do not want. And calmly.

Rest for a while.

-How is Mexico, is it cute? -It's cute.

-Do you not know? -No, I do not know.

-We have to come and visit. -When you want, whenever you want, I'll go.

You say, whenever you want.



-You're in El Potro, mamita. -HANDLE? Do you like me to hit you?


What are they doing?

-Exactly what you are seeing. -No no no.

Why do not you pay attention, you fucking idiot?


What the fuck does that camera ...? Other, I'm going to kill you!

-For here, asshole. -¡Para!

[man 1] No, it's worth it. - [man 2] Love him!

The girl is looking for me, I'm not stone. What do you want me to do?

[man 3] Give him, Potro, give him!

Enough, queers! -¡Para!

[man 3] That's it, you bastards, they bleed his nose!

Give him, Potro!

Stop, I promised Fabri that he was not going to fight me. Can you calm down?

Look what you have done.

Look, it's all your fault.

Stop, skinny, what do you say?

You took all your fans.

Well, I can have a good time too.

Skinny, if we had a connection. It was not just sex.

-Callate, cock with legs. -What about the song you did to me?

-What song, what song? -¡Para! No, no, no!


-What are you doing? -It was without wanting, without wanting. Are you okay?

Calm yourself, calm down now.

[drowned scream]

-Renata. -What happened here?

Were you, this?

-For for. -Never fight!

-Quiet, stop, stop. -DarÃo, what did you do?

You are not El Potro.

You are a disaster. Do not you get tired of killing us?

-One and again ... -Why you scold him?

-... you ruin our lives. - Seriously, why not ...?

I did not go, the asshole wants to hit me. I am...

Why do you want to hit?

No, no, what are you doing here? I left here!

Wait, I come in peace. -Exit here!

-Get out of here. Room. -Give me a chance.

-Take it. -I want to clean your dress.

Give me a second, I know of bloodstains.

Leave me a second. Yes, with this it comes out.

Does not matter. It's in vain, everything you're doing!

Because to me all this is driving me crazy.

It happens that I hit her, Reni.

-Excuse me! -Yes, you and your brother!

-No, he did not do anything. -Do not stop crying You did not fuck her so much.

He did not do anything, it was me, I should not have taken the cloths out of the sun.

I knew that deep down I was not invited.

But what did you want me to do? I could not come.

-And it's better. Is your brother. -He's my brother.

-I must talk to Fabricio. -¡Para, no!

Yes, yes! Because he is a liar. He hid you.

It's a pity not having met us before!

He is a big guy!

If I want to start a family with him, I want something ... something without ... without pooping.

Well, but they will not fight now! And less for me.

-We are very different, do you understand me? Yes I armed him with every quilombo ...

Once I exchanged the urine sample from him.

I was doing Maradona's diet.

-To which? -Is...

-How? Ah, the ... -This.

It came in, every four hours.

The pipà was radioactive.

-Yes, right? -He was suspended for a year.

For my clpa.

But despite all that, you're here. That speaks well of you.

-So so. - [laugh]

-Exit! -Exit!

All right, he does!


It's good to meet you and how good you came.

Did you know what? I love that you are here.

I love that you have taken Tristan's girlfriend.

Let's see if someone lowers the ego to that idiot.

Cock face. [laugh]

-Thank you. -Thanks to you.

I'm going to burst your brother.

You are not going to burst anyone. In three, you hit my brother.

-Get my girlfriend! -You hit my wife.

-What's wrong with you? -It was an accident.

He took my girlfriend at your wedding! -Well, I learned to take care of her!

Ask her what happened. You're not going to touch anyone, take it.

It's fine, it's fine, it's fine. It is done.

Forgive me To you, I forgive you.

What will I forgive you for, if I love you? My house is not here, old man.

My house is in Mexico.

There my family is waiting for me.

With chilaquiles and party. All good, all right?

They are all invited to my house. There, to the Aztec land.

Where people are more warm, it is more good.

And women are more open there by Detroit. [laugh]

I love them.

Stop, Potro, stop.

I am very sorry that football has not worked.

I want you to know that I saw all the matches.

-Not mom, what are you going ... -I did not miss a game!

Look. Ravens-Saints. Crows losing 2-1.

Three minutes to end the game, the ball grabs the Colt.

My brother. The archer is ahead. Realized.

He bends down, puts the ball, gets up ... Without mosquitoing ... Cum!

The ball touches the net, the goalkeeper goes to look inside.

-You saw it! Yes All.

Well, it seems you're not the only crack in the family.

[laugh] Good. You will never be at my height.

But yes, you know what to do with a ball.

-I came to visit me, yes? -I love you brother.

[Alessia] Che, Potro. -What?

-Go on Instagram. -Dale, and you dare me to love this one.


How are you going to put in to distribute? You were shitting punching. They were big ...

They were giving you Ping-Pong ball.

If I do not arrive, they put your head in the hole.

Seriously no. Stop fucking, I have to take care of you.

-And well, give it to him. -Che, do not you want to stay at home?

-I have place in the car. -In your house? Stop fucking.

Why do not you come to my house?

Did you know the parties we do at home?

Whores, dwarf, falopas. We fill it with mines.

Che, what happens is that I do not know how to do to live with so much pollution.

What do you have, like a snorer, there? What is your plan?

I spent all the money on this trip.

But I can start again. Be edecán.

Waiter in the Countess, I do not know. Thank you, old man.

Thanks to you.

I discovered you, crazy. I'll take care of you until the day I die.

-Do me a favor, old man. -What?

Do not smoke anymore, paco.

Huh? Find a job And stop fucking with that house. Get an apartment, huh?

When I start working, I send you money. OK?

I'm going to send you Pay attention to me See you soon, okay?

-I love you -Me too.

Come on, click naco, we're late.

-What fart, little fart? -Hello.

Well, where do they travel?

-A Mexico. -Do you allow me your passport, please?



-But you do not look Mexican. -It seemed a bit racist to me.

Listen to me. I want to renounce my Argentine citizenship.

I want you to give that to the government.

This passport has already been issued. Keep it, you may need it.

-Well, take it then. -Surely.

-What are you doing, asshole? -What's wrong with you, skinny?

It betrays the fatherland.

Because you do not know Mexico.

-Did you ever go to Mexico? -Now I'm going.

I'm Mexican.

Moreover, look what I tell you. I'm going to live in Cancún.

And when I die, I want them to cut my ashes with coca and they take all my friends on the beach while they play a corrido del Potro.

-Ah? -Did you like it?

I loved it Did you know why? Because today I start a new life.

Beware of the chile, with the mariachis ...

-and with the little squares. Huh? -And you, watch out for menopause.

You're close, huh? If he has not caught you yet.

[Potro] Where the hell are we coming from and where are we going?

Let's see. In the end we are all vagabonds trotting around the world.

Thinking well, I suck an egg that my leg does not work.

What matters is that I still have my cock.

Argentina is no longer my house.

Mexico, jerks, embraces me with love.

Here, people love me.

And I sure have a lot of kids lying around.

Maybe I never know what my place in the world is.

That, after all, is me. Potro.