You Can't Win 'Em All (1970) Script

Look there.

To the left.

No one is saying you're welcome.

Mode What are these?

Sorry, I was a little inattentive. My name is Adam Dyer.

So you think to save my life?

Learn something, my friend. I really want to help...

...But the cost of living goes up.

It seems that my investment collapsed.

Yes, say where life there is hope.

Really Say?

Is trying to explain something to me?

Do you?

Stop thinking about it.

We will have time to talk.

500 gold?


Where are they?



Give him something to drink.

Enough is enough.

I've had my welcome.

Thank you.

Corrupt and bloody.

There are people willing to work for money.

Looks like you chose the wrong people.

Yes, it does.

Look at this.

Looks like a watch, no.

You learn real quick, is not it?

I had a good teacher.

I do not suppose you have anything useful to say?

I say goodbye and good riddance, my friend.

My name is Josh Corey. Pleasure to meet you.

Sorry, I do not speak Greek.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

Who are you?

My name Kiriakis Cocodopulos.

How are you? I'm Adam Dyer.

Very well, thank you. I'm happy.

This is the ship Mitsos Andriatisa property cousin of my wife.

Your wife? Yes.

What is the name? Mitsos Andriatis.

Mitsos had a terrible accident. Fatal Accident?

In high seas broke his legs. The burden fell on him.

I have to tell you something.

He was in another boat.

Stay here and do not worry about anything.

This place makes any sailor is the luckiest in the world.

Let's see if it's true.

Is a place scented small.

It's almost as if I were at home.

We are working hard.

I like the environment.

Can I get you anything?

Thanks, lady, I hope you understand.

I do not really mean.

My name is Polak.

I'm glad to meet you. Why will not eat grapes anywhere else?

The name Corey tells you something?

Do you have a lot of names.

Are you sure you did not say anything to you?

Actually I wish I could, but I think I'll wait.

We can not.

A boat sets sail from the mainland with our friend.

Corey, come here and you are with your weapon.

OK. I see.

You heard the lady?

If you have something to say, this is the time.

Yes, go ahead. I like to hear.

There is nothing better than a good story.

Who is this Josh?

Friend of man.

I could not think of a better one.

Where are the others?

They are in the company of ladies.

The party is over. Get out. OK.

You two go to the boat.

You can buy you a drink.

Thank you.


I love problems.

OK, I surrender. How did you know?

Courtesy of the Greek Coast Guard.

I love pirates and smugglers. No.

In Turkey, this civil war the sea is not a safe place.

I can not accept this, but I asked some questions?

A very touching story. You should be there.

They eyes filled with tears when they learned that the boat sank bought.

I used this face and his name...

Wait a minute...

...It is a respectable man, no? I see that all was well.

What are you doing here?

I follow the stars.

You're wasting your time. It's cloudy.

Come on.

You have your army?

Here pay better and do not need to watch the stars.

Do you prefer the time, right?

Time, the stars... They are all the same things.

You and I seek the same. This is a good opportunity to make money.

I just want what's mine.

I'm not puritanical.

I know that.

I think your friends are not very puritanical.

They are in some chest will find their medals.

When there is a war, everything is an honor for a soldier.

After nothing back as before.

If you win or lose is almost same.

Therefore, the wisest course is to keep in shape for the next time.

The weather changes.

But people do not.

Professionals are in great demand.

It seems that the Coast Guard has to verify his story.

Your name is more important than I thought.

You bet.

I have some news for you. Yes? - That was not my boat.

This is called playing dirty.

I know. Forgiveness. Health.

Do you see the man?

It's him. Where is my cousin? What did you do with it?

Are you sure? Absolute.

You. Yes, sir?

This man has serious charges against you. I heard.

He says you stole a boat called Mitsos Andriatisa.

What did you do with it? Silence.

What you have to say about it?

I have never seen this man. Friend, take that drink.

Do you know this man?

It? I had never seen.

The clock Mitsosov. He's dead?


Gentlemen, you are stuck.

There goes my furniture.

This place is only for housekeeping. Get out.


Oh, no.

You will pay for the damages.

I have your watch.



OK, help me with the canvas.

Here you go, boys. Could not be better.

Planning to start a war?

No, get involved with a current. It's good, is not it?

Yes You look like a volunteer.

I do not. Unless you pay me in cash.

Who pays?

This month, the Sultan of Turkey.

Apparently the peasants and their leader Mustafa.

Kemal attempt to overthrow the government.

Is that a bad government.

Says who?

The people of Kemal.

Who cares? The Sultan can afford, but people can not.

Does he support those who lose?

I do not believe. The sultan is the Greek soldiers as allies.

Always have time to go to the other side.

Yes, that's right. You always on the winning side.

Here, Josh. We have enough weapons to start another world war.

Yes, what they say about Wollanom? Know anything about him?

We expect Turkey as planned.

Take a for you. I do not want to feel abandoned.

Such generosity can be deadly.

Better you than me.

I'm not easy to kill.

Wollan. Where is the village?

Four kilometers inland. Residents are only women and old men.

OK. Gather the men then.

And then what?

Then someone will contact them.

I wonder how many times this valley burned in the last thousand years.

Many times as they did to rebuild.

This is strength of a country, Josh. Celebrities...

...always willing to resist no matter pass.

Some learn, some do not. It's human nature.

Part of human nature comes from the right.

We follow since the last time.

Arrived late Josh. It seems that the attackers came before.


Let them go.

The vultures are still here.

You called them to get in touch with you.

I would like to avoid the useless slaughter of their horses.

Do not be fooled, Josh.

Let us introduce you Turkish hospitality.

Lords, their appearance is really friendly.

But not their weapons.

I suppose landscape not the only reason that brought you here?


Allow me to introduce. Colonel Ahmet Elci.

I am a former officer of the imperial guard...

...and serving Governor of the Sultan of Turkey.

Josh Corey, 42 Sergeant Brooklyn.

I knew you were educated.

What can we do for you, Colonel?

Maybe I can help you.

In the current situation, Turkey needs Western technology.

Caliber 45, fires 400 rounds per minute. Fully automatic.

Even if they are foreigners, we can divide our fortune.

Want to join me for a drink?

OK, guys.

What is this fortune you want to divide us?

This is not Paris, but something is better than nothing.

If you are saying.

Please, sit.

Poor child.

I'm sorry for your decor, Colonel.

Unfortunately, these are the circumstances. I made a suggestion, but would not accept.

I want to make another you.

Come with us Balikesir. And look what eight...

...years of war and revolution made with Turkey.

We are a poor country, but there may be a reward for those who help us.

This is somewhat inaccurate.

This life almost everything is. I just suggest...

...that you have confidence in our good intentions.

The glass is dirty. This is how they serve a Turkish officer?

A grenade.

See what I mean? These followers of Mustafa Kemal are nasty people.

As the chorus is giving hand and taking...

I do not do that, Colonel.

Our own garden of Eden with Eve, Adam and the apple. Beware the snake.

Do not play that game, Josh.

There is nothing more dangerous than a man with a gun.

Colonel, I'm sorry. My friend excels in school.

Is nothing less than the General of the Salvation Army.

There will be other opportunities.

We have a long way to go, gentlemen.

Sorry, but I have no doubt about the good intentions of the colonel, but who will win?

Someone with more authority than I will speak when the Balikesir.

I had to make this point clear. Come on.

From what I see is enlisting? Why not?

I lost everything in the Great War, may recover a little.

I was right, you learn quickly. Yes.

Here is a bunch of bandits and rebels, then I suggest you keep your men on alert.

Do not want to miss the company of noble comrades in arms.

It is very nice to hear, but you need not worry about us.

What happened to Rebels operating in these hills?

All we need is to sing Gary Owen. I never heard of him.

A military march.

The captain will take care of their men. Follow me.

Can I?

The party is over.

Go back to your games, men.

I'm Osman Bey governor of that province. We need missionaries of his caliber.

Unfortunately, these are troubling times.

Mustafa Kemal broke the line of our Greek allies in Afyon.

Within days his men arrived at our doors.

That is, a farewell party.

If the sultan's troops arrive in time, we can defend Balikesir.

Note reinforcements never arrive when you need them.

Sometimes help comes from where you least expect it.

Are you interested in 10,000 pounds?

Actually, the price is 20,000.

Five thousand in cash and the remainder when the work is completed.

I said we're interested? And there we agree.

What is the task?

A trip to Mecca is full of dangers. Not only... in Turkey but also in Syria and Palestine.

Wants us to be a bodyguard for a group on their way to Mecca?

Up to Mecca not going to change the destination to Cairo at some point. - Cairo?

Is 13,000 miles away by land. It will not be easier to use a boat.

True, but the problem is that the British are afraid...

...that our war is spreading and block our coast.

No boat can leave Turkish territorial waters.

But one American boat could.

Did not ask me here. Yeah - Well then you care...

My family owned three small cargo ships. In the last war, two of them went down with my father, brother and crew.

I was the first officer in the third, when he was captured by a German cruiser.

Took me awhile to realize that the Germans went to the Turks.

This ship is at any port of Turkey?

Smyrna. Changed its name to 'Star of Islam.'

Beautiful name.

Claims to recover properties captured during the war...

...are a matter very time consuming. Unless you know someone very important.

Someone such as a governor of a province?

Especially if it's grateful.

20,000 and the boat.

Is a lot of money to pay for an escort even more when you have your own troops.

Unfortunately, the uniform does not mean loyalty.

We live in dangerous times.

There are people close to me who want to avoid sharing an unnecessary risk.

The followers of Mustafa Kemal has control over much of the country...

...But you would still be able to come to Smyrna.


I believe we agree on principles.

Only in should concern ourselves with good intentions.

The colonel and some men will accompany him.

Leave in the morning.


We need to check something, right?

Tell the Sultan found a way.

Contact Cairo for the Star of Islam is intercepted by a destroyer.

It is advisable to trust our luck these outsiders?

This is a lesser evil. If troops Mustafa Kemal get here before the reinforcements.

If it gets on your hands. What will be fate of the empire.

Go immediately.

This is the permission for the ship.

I trust you to our friends who are suitably rewarded.


As a beauty like this can work in a place like this?

See you later, buddy.

Do you think you're prepared?

You and half of his men in the first car. And the rest there.

OK, Bolek.

Come on.

We go there. Good.

I think it takes something extremely valuable.

Seems so. The temptation can be dangerous among decent people like you.

And even for Mustafa Kemal be interested in this train.

I hope you're right. After the gentlemen.

Thank you.

Obviously, first class.

This is yours. I know, as always third.

Polok, put a guard up there. OK.

Wake. I'll do the first round.

I do not know what kind of animals transported, but I feel an itch on your back.

No matter.

Yesterday was guarding. Have you discovered?


What are you doing in a place like this?

To make digestion.

Just as I thought.

I'm thinking has a lot of Turks on the train...

...Distrust of us, there is nothing valuable to steal.

Huge disappointment.

Wake me for lunch.

Rest a bit. It's time.

Thank you.

I was just giving a ride by train and I happened to enter.

See you on another occasion.

If you insist.

Please turn on the light.

This is a tale of a thousand and one nights.

If you knew you had a car like this would have made a reservation.


Yes, ma'am. With his hands up.

Mr. Dyer... Hi.

If derailed, Mr Dyer?


It's okay. He is one of the good guys.

Thank you.

You engages in other businesses, Colonel?

Let me clarify this misunderstanding. They are the daughters of Osman Bey.

And she who is she? Nanny?

Ayla is a young wizard.

A girl really busy.

Shall we continue?

OK. Gentlemen...

After all, it may be that the trip not so boring.

While we're stopped, wanting to inspect some other car?

If you even suggest it might not be necessary.

Human perception.

It makes me calm. It seems you do not trust us.

Think at all, Colonel.

As my mother says, I've tried.

Mustafa Kemal had no interest in his beautiful train.

How about this? Here?

They are very nice.

Calm, Polak.

Our job is to take care of the goods carefully and is give them whole.

Gentlemen, I will take care of the ladies. You...

...will find horses and mules in the other car.

Let's get to work.

The horses are there. Take and assemble.

Let's do the walking.

Small and stubborn.

Guess what?

The laundry Colonel.

I suppose.

Good afternoon, ladies.

I wonder why the Turks are in trouble?

What would happen if women removed the veil?

A face like yours, there is nothing to hide. You know that, right?

You've seen many cards.

Not all women wear the veil.

Ah, a suffragette Turkish.

Is bad?

No, if you smile.

The rebels are now miles away.

So you do not need much protection.

Yes, but these people can not be safe?

The Kemal followers are poor peasants.

Peasants common?

Willing to die for a man who gave them a little hope.


And I see that ordinary people do not appreciate.

They are a useless flock who are always behind someone.

No need to cry. Who knows...

If you think it's funny, what you do with us?

Maybe I do not want to travel alone.

Do not waste your time talking politics, Mr. Dyer.

I just think about it.

Come with me to the front of the column.

Duty calls.

Take a good look. It's beautiful, is not it?

The Bible calls the Mesopotamian cradle of mankind.

Centuries before Christ, it was the cultural center of the world.

Very beautiful. And what has been done since then?

Camp here.

Someone's feelings are hurt.

I can help it.

Mr. Corey, Captain Enver will take care of it.

You know, he was right. Money is not everything.

Mr. Dyer... Colonel...

Looking for something? I knew I'd find you here.

These boxes seem heavier than they should be.

You perceive. Yes.

You're a smart man. You know what it means to be loyal.

We are talking about the boxes.

Of course. Yes.

Well said. Here there are about twelve tons of gold.

Cairo is not the most pleasant this time of year.

Rome is a magical city, if you have the means to enjoy.

You are right about the loyalty and uniforms.

The Ottoman Empire is dying and does not...

...want to share their luck with Mustafa Kemal.

You lost his fortune during the war.

Half of what's here will compensate, do you.

Do not forget to someone?

Only you.

Tales will feed a hungry fox.

The usefulness of his friends end in Smyrna.

Your begun there.

Before us is a long journey ahead.

Who knows, maybe let us be friends.

I'll think about it. Thank you.

I hope you decide to be selfish in the morning.

Good evening. Good evening.

Welcome to our village. Continue with the wedding.

We stay only one night.

I love weddings.

It is the courage of the innocent.

Is very good.

The evil that I often forget.

I like smart people as we ask for something more in life. Not you?

By order of Colonel, stay here for the night.


Bring the horses.

We will not be able to stay on the sidelines.


Lost? I do not think the Colonel has sent here.

The door was not locked.

I was just resting.

I will not be I will stop.

Colonel will not be happy that you're here.

You wait for him?

Actually, it bothers you?

Not much.

Tell me...

It will be a shame to let you live in a place like this?

Once you understand that gold is only lead.

He will not be pleased.

You need to know that?

Are you trying to bribe me.

Are the time of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Much of his treasure was sent abroad to keep him safe from the wars.

The Sultan also commits mistakes.

No wonder Kemal had much interest in robbing this train.

A woman also needs a man. Someone with whom you can share it.

Someone you can trust.

There is a problem: I do not want Josh is not considered impaired.

I'm glad you said.

If you bother me, I'll kill him.

Convincing, is not it?

I wondered how long it would take to find these boxes?

Do you know about treasure?

Adam, I can smell it from miles away.

I because that fake gold.

It's confusing.

Thanks to Florence Nightingale.

The true treasure will arrive in the hands of their rightful owners.

I and you? According?


What is happening?

Greeks. His entire army is here.

Why attack us if we are on your side?

They think we can not escape.


Roll out the white flag. OK.




Bring three horses behind the inn. Quickly. Now.


Stop shooting.

Launch a rocket recognition captain.

Riding for two days to reach Izmir?

The star of Islam? Fortune smiles the lovers and thieves.

'Il Be on another continent before the Sultan can perceive.

The colonel and the lady disappeared.

Greeks and greet, and I'll make a visit to the Turks.

I noticed that your friends seem very worried about you.

Let our allies enter.


This is your style. The faster output.

You going somewhere?

With you, if you want.

I should have left him to kill him.

I would have done if they do not need me.

Our allies broke the alliance.

When you Americans will find that they can not change the world?

One day you will realize that it is not easy to be nice in defeat.

Major I know that, I want you to know that this is not our fight.

All we want is to get out of Turkey and we are willing to pay.

With what?

With a million in gold.

Josh, the horses are waiting.

Wait a minute. A real man should make the right decisions.

I know that goes all the way to Izmir. We also.

It is better to travel with than 20200 people.

Adam is my friend and is in trouble.

I'll miss.

Come on.

You found the daughters of Osman Bey, they should be safe here.

I agree. OK.

You've got gold. I have the gold.

There are more like these.

Captain, keep your guard.


Rest last night. We leave tomorrow morning.


Adam, what do you know about gold? There was communicated to us.

Do not want to hide, just did not want to raise...

...their concerns. Whenever I think of the other.


He's dead. Dead?

If were. If you have been?

Josh proved my thesis. He picked up the girl and will wait for us in the boat.

This kind of loyalty to friends is moving.

What should we do?

Find the bastard.

Could have demanded horses never reach with these creatures.

This took Greek in the hair.

Became gold while we swallow the dust.

Yes, I hope it's spending gold.

They did a good race, Mr. Dyer.

We could go faster with a couple of trucks, Major.

Do you have a great sense of humor.

I'm glad you think so.

Is our opportunity.


What are you waiting for? Come on.

Where do these people think they will?

Is panic. Half of the people in Smyrna is Greek.

And the Turks are facing local rebels.

Imagine what will happen when the troops of Mustafa Kemal get here.


Where do you come from?

What these people do there?

Major, we are trying to locate the Star of Islam.

Do not talk nonsense.

My job is to protect lives and property of Americans, and not watch this garbage.

This is the real deal. Just tell us where it is.

Sergeant, contact with the seat.

You just said American lives and property. Right?

Star of Islam is an American ship.

Are you wishing to kill him, right?

You can use this boat.

Anything that floats can save saved.

Sergeant, go to the boat. Yes, Major.

Major, not regret.

Take all those people there.

In march.

Come on.


Here. It's all yours.

You're right, thanks.

Good luck, guys.

Come on.

It was time. What stopped him?

Where are the others?

The others have already can come, Josh.

How to say it: A short life is more exciting.

Do not take it seriously.


We need to take care of some things.

Davis, mount the guard at the bridge. Reese, care of the boiler.

Guys, follow me.

With so much noise, I forgot to explain my plan. Did well.


Adam, I know what you're thinking. You're right, but I always do things with a childlike spirit.


Want, is hot.

Wash your feet with it.

What are you thinking?

It will be interesting to find out.

Had a good trip, Adam?

Next time, I'll go straight to America.

Your boat captain. Signed, sealed and delivered.

See? You must have faith.

Just because people cheat and steal, does not make it bad at all.

I can not help you.

Finally, got what I was looking for.

Josh, I'll do you a favor.


These jewels certainly worth millions.


You know what a man like you can do with this money?

May be a good time to get behind the line of fire.

Not a chance.

I can not afford it. I feel responsible.

On the other hand, this money can save the lives...

...of many people especially if they belong to.

I hate to say, Adam...

...But the only way to keep these jewels is go over my dead body.

How I did not think about it.

It might have difficulties.

It seems that all the army wants to return home.

We have to do something.

Let none shoot. Loosen the strings.

Get off the ropes.

Put?? now the same machinery in motion. No matter the pressure you have.

What was that?

I think it was the propeller.

This is increasingly difficult.

Everyone to arms.

In the name of the new Republic of Turkey...

...The ship 'Star of Islam' is seized and its crew arrested.

Calm, Josh. It's not nice to lose control.

Josh, come here.

Take a look.

Within moments will be our turn.

It is a pretty panorama.

Good has to be optimistic. You no longer have to worry about money.

Whether discusses why these things.

And in the end brings us to our origin.

Adam has to recognize that girl has talent.

And unlike the rest of us.

I do not know. I'm not sure.

Is a woman who can make a man be more than it is.

In your case could be a catastrophe. I do not think the world can be prepared for it.

Gentlemen, Mustafa Kemal awaits you.

Come with me.

OK, let's go.

We will follow the head as always. Go, my friend, is impatient.


Stop here.

Where is the jewelry Suleyman, gentlemen?

What did you do with them?

For not make illusion. We know each of you to step up Balikesir Smyrna.

I'm sorry for what you are thinking of us.

You speak in your name, right?

In each game of chess there are no pedestrians.

Do not let the looks you get to this point.

I have no jewels.

Me neither.

Neither do I.

Someone made a mistake.


If the general had more women like you the war...

...would be over in a week. And everything else.

A woman can love your country and continue being a woman.

You'll understand one day.

If you live to this day.

If that had arrived safe in my hands intact at...

...this time would be safe with his men in his boat.

Still have time.

General, do not know where the jewels are. If we knew, we would have said.

It is possible that they are telling the truth.

The jewels might have fallen when the safe was damaged.

Absolutely. Maybe they're on board.

Or at the bottom of the bay.

Anyway, served as our purpose.

The Ottoman Koran is in the right hands.

There were traitors.

Even my own men tried to steal while trying to rob the train.

All because of this book? Why do not you tell us?

Things would have been much easier.

General, allow me to?

The Ottoman Koran.

Ever heard of him?

I know that is one of the rarest books in existence.

Is much more than a rare book.

The Ottoman Koran is a religious and political...

...symbol of my people for 1300 years.

In this situation, the power of the Sultan could...

...join the rest of the Muslim world against us.

Sir, I like your attitude. I think we should help each other.

With sincerity I would take any class reward.

My friend actually has a problem.

He lost everything.

I can not lose more?

You came here rich at the expense of our misfortune, they...

...were willing to do anything to get what they wanted.

If my decision were based solely on it, would be shot.

But here's someone who trusts you.

Thus, considering who provided very valuable service... my country even with their dirty ambition.

It makes me benevolent with you.

You are free to leave Turkey...

...But if you are smart, I recommend you do not go back.

I thought about it.

After all, after all we have done for him.

Could the least given us something. You are lucky that we do not fuzilem.

Josh, I wish I had known this man, not the mercenary.

The jewels have not dropped when the safe was damaged, right?


You'll never convince him.

After all, after all we are partners.

The whole world is waiting for us.

Balkans, Central America, the Far East.

Our experience can help them.

We are particularly talented.

We are a team and there is nothing we can not do.

Do me a favor.

Shut up and cut the potatoes.