Young and Innocent (1937) Script


Don't shout, I tell you! Don't shout!

I will shout if I want to! Who's going to prevent me from shouting.

Listen to me! Why won't you listen?

You're a liar! A liar! You lied when you met me!

You lied to get rid of me! You're a liar and a cheat!

That's enough of it! Get out of here!

That's a nice thing for a wife to say!

I'm nothing of the sort!

Oh, yes, you are! And you're not going to get rid of me with...

...your silly Reno divorce! You're my wife!

Well, what about it?

And I'm not going to have any boys hanging around.

What do you mean?

Oh, you can't fool me! I've watched him! I saw him come in!

Don't be a fool! That boy is not...

A liar! A liar! Why won't you listen?

Because I'm not an idiot!

You quit me eight years ago to go on the screen!

I, who worked for you! Took you out the chorus...

...let you out of the gutter.

And now you spend your time going around with boys, you!

Go on, say it, say it!


Is she drowned? No, she's a mermaid.

This woman was never drowned She was strangled with this belt.

Keep back, please!

Now then, which of you found the body first?

I did. No, he didn't! We did.

Both of you? Elsa saw it first.

That's right! But he says he did.

Well, he didn't! Contradict the evidence, eh?

Don't be silly.

Well, just a moment if you don't mind.

Now, miss, what's your tale?

Well, we were both going down to bathe.

And just as we got...

We saw this young man running away It's absurd, I was running to get home.

You weren't, you were running away, wasn't he, Helen?

That's right Nonsense, the girl's hysterical.

I'm not! I'm not hysterical!

You were running away, you know you were!

It's fantastic! I saw the body from the top of the crest and...

...naturally came down.

I couldn't be sure if she was already dead or only unconscious.

You see, I didn't see the belt.

I ran out to get help so that I could make artificial respiration.

I was only there a few minutes.

This woman has only been dead a few minutes.

Well, it's time we got this thing finished.

Now, is this belt yours or isn't it?

For the hundredth time I tell you it isn't!

How do you know it isn't?

You've already admitted that you've got a raincoat.

Don't put down "got", put "had" a raincoat.

Which you've lost No, not lost, which I had stolen.

Why are you trying to distort everything I say?

Don't get excited, old man, it's only a formality.

You had it stolen, let it go as that. When was it stolen?

Well, I can't remember.

You see, I left it in the car and went in to get some cigarettes.

When I came back it was gone.

You mean it just went into thin air?

What sort of a place was this?

A common shelter called Tom's Hat.

All right, we'll let that go.

Now, did you know the dead woman well?

Yes, fairly well, I knew her in America.

Could it be unfair to suggest that you were especially...

...good friends?

Mr. Kent means her lover. It would be unfair!

Then we could put down that you were friends, good friends.

Oh, put down what you like!

Were you good enough friends to discuss money?

What's the idea? We discussed money three years ago when...

... I sold her a story. Paid in good hard cash.

I received money from her on former occasions.

Talking of money, would it be accurate to say that you are...

...not well off?

More than that, it would be practically true.

Would it? Considering the fact that she's left you...

...twelve hundred pounds in her will?

What's happened to him? He passed out or pretended to.

Of course he's passed out. I've been told that.

What's that for? To put under his head, of course.

That's no good. Sit him up and hold his head down.

Give me a hand!

Go and get some brandy.

You seem to be pretty good at this sort of thing.

Yes, I learnt something about it in a girl guide.

You learnt that slapping trick in the guides too?

No, I learnt that from riding in cars with detectives.

Could you do that to detective's ears as well?

No, I got this from a boxer's dressing room.

Brings them round like fun.

A bit painful, isn't?

Well, you don't know, sir, when you have the rest of your face...

...bashed in.

I'd say we weren't as brutal as all that, you know.

Give me the brandy, I'll do it.

You'll be all right in a minute. What have you been doing to him?

Oh, he's all right. Don't waste your time on him, miss Burgoyne.

Is he guilty? No idea yet He doesn't look like a criminal.

Don't let the looks influence you, young lady.

I don't.

Anyway, he's not my type at all What the hell has happened?

You passed out.

Don't be ridiculous, I never pass out. What do you mean?

Well, that was something very much like it.

Don't worry, you'll be all right.

I must go and find my father. He seems to like the brandy.

He will probably go again.

Next time throw a bucket of water on him.

Who's that? She's Chief Constable's daughter.

She's got a nerve! She certainly has!

Hello, father!

The proceeding has been quite formal.

Well, in that case, why have they questioned him half the night?

Scotland Yard may have their own methods, sir.

Is there someone decent to represent him?

I think they've got Mr. Briggs, sir.

Don't talk nonsense, Inspector. Well, there was no one else, sir.

All right. Where have you been? I've been snooping around.

I left my papers in the car Go on, go and get them for me.

Get them yourself! Well, ordinarily I would.

If I was seen beside that thing I'd have to resign.

You never said you were a disgusting snob, father.

Besides, it's almost human, you ought to love it.

And you're asked very politely to move.

It's blocking the entrance of the court.

Come on!

Sorry I can't help you. Some other time, perhaps.

Come on. Try and give it some brandy.

Good morning. Good morning.

I'm Briggs. Lovely morning.

We mustn't be downhearted on a morning like this, must we?

It does one good to see the sun, doesn't it?

My wife was saying only this morning:

"?Henry, don't be so gloomy about the case", she said.

Nice of her! Wasn't it?

We hadn't had a case like this for... twelve years.

Hardly to be expected in a little place of this sort.

Mostly affiliation orders and things like that.

No, a case like this is most exciting for us all.

Wouldn't it be a good thing to talk it over?

Well, it can't do any actual harm.

There will be plenty of time before the trial.

The trial? Oh, I'm afraid so.

Oh, dear, dear, dear.

Well now, where was I? Oh, yes! Yes. Well now...

Well, it doesn't look too good, does it?

However, we mustn't be depressed about it.

Now, take this point.

Those two girls that saw you running away.

Why were you running away? I wasn't.

No? Well, it certainly looked very like it.

I mean, that's going to be very hard to explain away.

Like the money that poor dead creature left you.

That's going to be hard to explain away too.

Yes, that... that looks very like a motive to me.

However, we mustn't despair. Not actually despair. Non desperandum.

Oh, now I should be very much happier.

Oh, much, much happier... if it were not for that belt.

Oh, dear me, that belt.

I wish I could go out and find that blasted coat!

I swear it was stolen at Tom's Hat.

You lost your hat too? Oh, no.

Oh, well, that's something.

Oh, yes, that's quite a good point! Or isn't it?

Tom's Hat is a common shelter on the main Crompton Road.

If only I could get my coat with the belt, the police would...

...realize what a colossal blunder they're making!

Well, of course I'll do everything I can for you.

Though I wish you had been more frank with the police about it.

It always pays to be frank with the police. However...

Are you representing the police, by any chance?

Oh, dear me, no, my dear fellow, I'm on your side.

Tell me, when they searched you, did they leave you your money?

Oh, yes, sir... Two pounds and three schillings.

I wonder if it would be asking too much if I could have...

...a trifle on account.

Certainly, how much?

Well, I thought perhaps a couple of pounds?

Oh, thank you!

Yes, it would be a great pity if you hadn't any money.

Counselling costs a great deal, you know?

However, perhaps you've got some friends who will come to your...

...rescue at the last minute.

Your case next, Mr. Briggs. Oh, dear...

Oh, dear me, I just mislaid my glasses.

You know, I'm quite lost without them.

Ask them to delay the procedure for me a little while, will you?

I shan't be able to read my notes.

We mustn't be depressed on a day like this, must we?

Hold on a minute, the other case has just finished.

Yes, yes, well, we needn't go into that.

Mrs. Bessons, do you really want a separation order?

Oh, no, sir, but I don't him to carry on.

Mr. Bessons, will you promise me to behave yourself in future?

Aye, I will, sir. Maybe I were a bit hasty.

Well, I shall bind you over to keep the peace for six months.

Sir, can't you make it eight months to carry me over Christmas?

No, that'll do. Next case, please.

Come straight home. I'm off to see an old pal.

Yes, your old pals at King's Crown.

Hold it!

Look here, this is the wrong man!

The prisoner has escaped! The prisoner has escaped?

Your Worship, I...

Come on, you lot! Run down the street.

Three of you surround him. Have another one search the spinning.

Look for a murderer in a spinning? Not me!

You're not afraid, are you? No, but I'm not a fool!

Well, take two others with you! Here, you two!

And you, with the spectacles!

Go down the Mill Lane, that will take you to the High Road.

One each side of the fence and one up the road!

Sergeant, take this car and go to the station.

There's a train leaving in a quarter of an hour.

Make sure he's not on it. Yes, sir.

And see that every station on the line is warned.

Right, sir. Can you drive it?

I can drive everything, sir. Oh, but...

All right, Erica, the Sergeant will do it.

Yes, but the thing to do is to pull this...

All right, miss, you leave it to us!

Yes, but don't you see you've got to pull the choke!

Sometimes these get a bit cold. What's this string doing here?

Hey, that's the choke! It's no good, you can't sort it out!

Crank up again!

It's all right, I stopped. I thought you must have, miss.

It wasn't very uphill.

You know, we'll never catch him this way. You two go on your own.

What about you, miss?

Oh, I'll be all right. I'll find some help from somebody.

Halt, young man! For what?

We've got to commandeer you. You're going to what?

Use your car, in the name of the law.

You can't do that, it isn't a Black Maria.

It is for the moment.

We've got to get to the railway station quickly!

I can't go quickly, the pigs don't like it.

We can't hold back, we're on a job!

Pigs is my job.

I hope you will be all right, miss.

Don't worry, I hope you'll find him.

Now then, where do we sit? With the pigs.

Go on, jump up.

Can't you give us a bit more room?

Carts don't take more than ten pigs.

Come on!

Well, if it isn't Florence Nightingale!

What are you doing here?

You must be mad, don't you remember who I am?

Yes, you're only the Chief Constable's daughter.

And my ministering angel.

I don't think that's very funny.

Don't you realize half the countryside is looking for you?

And so am I, for that matter.

Yes, and now that you've found me I insist on helping you.

I'm determined to push this old crock as far as the...

...petrol station.

What do you mean old crock?

Oh, you're crazy, you haven't got a hope of escaping.

I shall have tell the police at once!

There's one thing you should do. What?

Thank me for pushing the car.

Thank you.

So you should, especially since I'm doing all the work.

Two... Two gallons, please!

Ginger! Two gallons!

Heard about the escaped man? He's wanted by the police.

Just had a police car. It stopped here for a fill up.

If you see that pal you might tell him to keep on escaping.

It's good for business. I certainly will.

Oi, dad! Dad, oi!


How much? Two and eleven.

Thank you. You must let me know where to send the money to.

Anywhere you like.

Will you give it a swing, please?

All right, I'll do it.

How far is it to Tom's Hat?

You go straight along that road about twice as far as you can see.

How far would that be? Oh, about five miles, I reckon.

Then turn right. Go along a mile. Take the left fork...

...and two miles along that road. Not the right fork.

The right fork would take you back to town.

The left fork...

That's right. There's two miles up that road.

Did you hear that my dear?

Five miles straight ahead, turn right, along a mile...

...then take the left fork. Yes, I heard.

You know I can't possibly! Don't forget it's my petrol.

Straight down that road, it's about five miles.

Yes, thank you, I heard.

This isn't Tom's Hat. Will you please get out?

Why? Because it's my car.

It may seem a good reason to you but it doesn't to me.

It's the best thing you can do!

So I've won you over. You certainly have not!

Oh, yes, I have. You see that it's too risky for me to go to...

...Tom's Hat by daylight, so what do you do?

Not a thing.

You persuade me to stay in this deserted mill until dark.

Then you return and ride me over to Tom's Hat before it closes.

I feel like Bonnie Prince Charlie.

You must be Flora MacDonald.

A little while ago I was Florence Nightingale.

That's what I like about you, you're different.

How can you joke about this?

Don't you know what it means if you're caught?

I'd make a rough guess. Horribly rough.

Well, it isn't funny, you see?

No, but I can laugh because I'm innocent.

You don't believe that, do you?

I wish you did.

Well, what are you going to do?

For what we're about to receive.

Let the Lord make us truly thankful.


Chris, you behave yourself. Think of what this means.


It ought to be said in Latin, really.

You needn't swag just because you were talking Latin last term.

Did you go to the dentist's this morning?

Yes, dad. It hurt?

No fear, look!

Oh, it is a big hole, isn't it?

That didn't hurt. I hardly felt anything.

The only thing is I must take my potatoes mashed.

You know, I don't mind going to the dentist's.

You were jolly white at breakfast.

I wasn't! Yes, you were.

You were walking like a jellyfish.

Let's have a look! Big, isn't it?

Get over with your lunch, it's not a nice conversation.

I may even bleed.

Stanley, be quiet!

Chris, you might lend me your gun after lunch.

I want it for myself, old boy.

Erica, you shouldn't let either of them have it, it's...

...highly dangerous.

Top of the class! Don't tease him, you two!

He does speak English. Highly dangerous.

Oh, shut up! Now that is English.

Chris can't shoot straight anyway.

Can't I? What about this?

Christopher don't be disgusting! It's a jolly fine one!

Take it away, Chris, and go wash your hands!

I washed them before lunch. Do as I tell you!


Sergeant tells me you ran out of petrol, Erica.

Yes, I... I had to push it for miles.

Haven't they caught him yet? No, not yet.

It's only a matter of time, of course.

Of course, my dear Watson.

Is your tooth all right, Stanley?

Shall I have your potatoes mashed with milk?

It's all right, don't fuss, Erica!

It really depends how much money he has.

That's often a big factor in cases like this.

A big what? Factor!

Never heard of him. Richard...

How much did he have on him?

Oh, the police think about three schillings.

The solicitor took two or three pounds in advance.

Did you wash your hands, Christopher?

Yes, Erica.

Then sit down and get on with your lunch.

If he has spent those last three schillings it looks to me as...

...if he's caught like a rat in a trap.

Do as I tell you, Christopher!

O.K. Guns are the best things for rats.

Don't be such a swank!

The rat was probably dead when you shot it!

It wasn't! The rat was running across the backyard.

If I had gone with the police with my gun I could've shot...

...him, couldn't I father?

Christopher, don't talk so much!

What's the matter with you? Nothing.

I wonder what he would buy with these last three schillings.

Food, of course!

I know that, I meant what kind of food.


The best thing would be chocolate.

It has very good staying power.

Suppose he didn't dare to go into a shop and get food.

Then I'm afraid he would be very hungry.

And that, of course, may force him to come back.

Unless he faints with hunger or dies in the fields.

With rooks pecking at his eyes.

Inspector Marsh is on the phone for you.

Perhaps there's some news.

Yes, Inspector. No news at all?

Well, there must be some sort of clue.

Yes, I see. Oh, dear me.

All right, I'll come along quickly.

Let me know if anything turns up.

Yes. Goodbye.

Have they caught him yet? No, not yet.

That don't say much of our police force.

They want some young blood, don't they father?

What do you mean "young blood"?

If they don't find him, you will get the sack, father?

I shouldn't be too surprised I don't think he's got much chance, though.

The inspector tells me he only has a couple of schillings on him.

Excuse me, I shall be here in a minute.

All the roads are circled. Can't last long.

It's jolly exciting, isn't it?

Looking for these?

So you came back after all? You really do think I'm innocent.

Not at all, I... I came back to pay my debt for the petrol.

Hello, what's that?


I... I really don't know.


Perhaps you're right.

It's dangerous for you to be around here.

Seriously, I'm very grateful.

If it's any consolation to you I want to you know I'm innocent.

Just because I know nothing about this horrible business I made...

...a dash this morning.

I know if only I could get to that common shelter I would...

...put an end to this crazy situation.

You mind if I eat?

Talking about shelters, this is more than I can bear.

Twenty four hours since I had the police station tea.

No table.

You wouldn't trust a murderer like me with a knife, eh?

It isn't that at all, I... I just forgot it.

There you are, you see? You don't believe I'm a murderer.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes.

Christine Clay was strangled with a belt from a raincoat.

I knew her and can't produce my raincoat, it was stolen.

But I'm going to find it with its belt, you will see.

Then I shall be cleared. Did you...?

What were you going to say? No, nothing, it doesn't matter.

No, go on, what were you going to say?

Did you know Christine Clay very well?

No. I met her in Hollywood.

She liked a story I wrote and asked me to write another...

...that's all.

I went to her cottage three or four times to talk things over.

Beyond that...

See that? What?

A bit of paper coming out of the old mill.

Someone's in there. Perhaps it's...

Yes. Come on.

We were on good terms but I'd never dream she'd go as far as... leave me something in her will.

Is that your dog? Yes, why?

What's it barking for? Well, he wants dinner, I suppose.

Grab hold of him.

Me? Yes, get on with it.

What if he bites me?

In the course of duty you might get a stripe.

What's the good of a stripe if I've got no arm to wear it on?

Go on, grab hold of that dog!

It's all right, leave him alone and come inside.

Anyone up there? No.

Lad, it's no time for fun.

You go to the loft and have a look!

All right, Sergeant, no one up there.

Are you sure? Oh, I couldn't see no one.

Did you look? Of course I did!

I'm going to make sure.

Haven't you got no confidence in me, Sergeant?

None at all!

I have a good mind to go up and have a look myself.

Don't let them see you! Where are we going?

Don't ask questions, pull that string!

Come here! Stop! In the name of the law! Stop that car!

Dowser, we left Dowser behind!

It's all right, he's keeping up If you don't stop I'll jump out!

I've got the sun in my eyes.

We will wait until dark now. Next stop, Tom's Hat.

What has the man at the petrol pump said?

A mile across, then take the left fork.

Two miles beyond that, the end to all our troubles!

Our troubles? Your troubles, you mean!

Can't you realize what you've done?

You made me run away from Sergeant Roberts.

He's my friend, he taught me how to drive!

My father is chief constable, can't you understand?

I'm on their side!

Sorry. Forgive me, of course you must drive straight back.

So what? I was going to take the left fork anyway.

No, you'd better not go in. Someone might recognize you.

I'll find out all I can about the coat.

I might as well see if it's true now.

You'd better hide behind it.

A cup of tea and a piece of cake, please.

Take a seat.


You'll have to stick a card out DAINTY TEAS.

I think it's very nice to have a lady's company for a change.

Don't you have lots of it? I thought lorries were very popular.

Is yours that lorry out there?

I've always wanted to drive one of those.

I've always wanted to be a tight rope walker myself.

No, you're the wrong built. You'd better stick to lorry driving.

You don't happen to know, do you, if a raincoat was found here...

...last week?

If it was it will never reach the lost property office.

Let me see now... a coat.

Well, as a matter of fact there was one old fellow.

More or less of a tramp, really. He mends broken chi...

No, I'm wrong miss, you'll never find that coat.

No, you're right, Bill, it was old Will, the china mender.

Don't remember? He had a raincoat that was nearly new.

He said a bloke had given it to him. We teased him about it.

Trying to kid us that people give brand new clothes away!

Leave old Will alone.

If he did, no need for you to go opening your trap and shouting...

...his name all over the place.

So will I do if I like! What, you're a couple of rotten...

I don't want you to get hurt What was all the fuss about?

Your coat! You're quite right, it was stolen!

An old tramp's got it but his two friends wouldn't let him tell me.

Oh, put your head under that

It's difficult!

If you want to find old Will, the china mender, you'll get him...

...late tonight at Nobby's lodging house.

Well, how far is that?

About thirty miles, I've often given him a lift there.

What's the matter with you? Get out of here!

Well? Well?

All you have to do now is to get the coat back from the tramp.

I'm glad you took the left fork.

So am I now.

Goodbye. And many, many thanks.

Can I... Can I just wish you good luck?

You ought to get back. How are you going to get there?

I'll climb on one of the lorries They're all going the other way.

Or I could get a lift on a police car, there will be one along soon.

I think it's marvellous of you but you're not being very...

...sensible, you know?

Must we go on and on about this?

Yes, what about your father, won't he miss you?

I thought all that out.

My aunt lives about two miles from where we want to go.

I will call on her and then tell my father the truth about...

...where I've been.

To save your conscience, eh? Yes, if you like.

I will only stay two or three minutes, then we can be off again.

This may be useful. What's that for?

For getting in touch with old Will.

He might be in bed when I get to the lodging house.

You mean he doesn't do night work?

I shouldn't think so. Well, we can do without it then.

I shan't be two minutes. I don't feel too safe sitting here.

How are you, miss Erica? It's a long time since we saw you last.

Madam will be pleased to see you. It's nice to see you, Lehmann.

Is auntie in? Oh, yes, miss.

It's miss Felicity's birthday, you know.

She's having a party.

Perhaps I'd better not stay, I had forgotten about the birthday.

No, but you must stay, miss Erica.

She'd be so disappointed if you didn't.

Just go in, it'll be quite all right.

I will tie two handkerchiefs One red, the other green.

Now, I want you to watch very carefully because I'm going to...

...tie them together very securely in this manner.

One knot, two knots I fold them quite tight.

Now, the next thing I'll do is to roll them up tightly into a ball.

My dear, this is a surprise! Will you just have lunch?

And then perhaps after that you might help us to...

...look after the children.

It's so sweet of you to remember Felicity's birthday!

Now, children, you all know the game. Don't fidget so, Marjorie!

One of you has to go outside. Me!

Don't interrupt, Harold! I want to go outside.

That is for me to decide. I think I must go.

Oh... I see. Well, run along, Harold. And come back!

Erica! Erica! You know this game, don't you?

I don't think I remember, auntie I really ought to go.

But you've only just come!

Of course you remember the game, you used to play it so often.

Now, you go outside and don't come in until we tell you.

Isn't it Erica's car? Yes, it is.

Are you a friend of hers? Oh, yes, she's inside.

Oh, and left you out here? I'd never heard such a thing!

She said she won't be long.

Oh, she will, it's Felicity's birthday party.


My little daughter, she's seven today.

Oh, yes, of course, Felicity's birthday, I was forgetting.

She always brings her a present, hasn't missed a year.

Really? No, not a year.

All right. Well, come along in.

No, I'd better not.

I can't leave you out here like a criminal.

Come along, it'll be great fun. Sure it will.

Erica, my dear! It isn't a nice thing.

You bring a young man and leave him outside!

I only meant to stay a few minutes, uncle.

Oh, nonsense, you will stay here and see the party in full swing.

We must get away, every minute is important!

It's this frightful party, I'm having an awful job!

Yes, I know. You've been so good, I'm so grateful...

Come in now!

I'm sorry, I didn't know. Hello, my dear.

You know what Erica did? She left her friend outside...

...while she was playing with the children.

I'm very sorry, I only meant to stay a few minutes.

I came because I wanted to...

You came to give Felicity a birthday present, didn't you?

Oh, how sweet of you, Erica!

One of those lovely stone dwarfs for the garden. Isn't it nice?

Exactly like the ones we've got It will fit in so nicely.

Shall we join the others?

Hello, daddy! Hello, darling!

Oh, Erica, let's play find the thimble!

Hello, Felicity, are you having a nice time?

Yes, thank you, Erica! But I want to play find the thimble!

Well, I expect you can if you ask mummy.

I mean I want you to play. I can't just now, dear.

I will presently. Why can't you play now?

Come on, we'll play it on our own!

Major Cunningham, Mrs. Cunningham.

Sit by me.

Get the crackers, please! Oh, yes, yes, of course.

Mr... Mr...

I suppose you're staying with the Burgoynes, Mr...

Not exactly, quite near...

That's a large family, I've never known how many they are but...

...I suppose you find it rather difficult to...

Yes, I'm not too sure myself Erica, I'm so sorry, I didn't quite catch your friend's name.

Beechcott Manningtree. Oh, really?

That's a extraordinary name, isn't it?

I don't think I've ever come across it before.

Come along, Erica.

Let's go now.

We can't, they'll start thinking things.

I started thinking things long ago.

Be quiet.

Love calls but once though passion...

Steady, old girl. I'll read it out.

You must leave things like that to me, Harold.

It was my motto.

Ah, the ice is here. In the nick of time.

Auntie, we really ought to be going.

Yes, I really think we should. Yes, yes, of course.

Would you mind picking these ices for me, please?

Oh, certainly, of course. Are they strawberry?

Yes, the red's strawberry and the white's vanilla, you see.


It's a nice young man, Erica. Has your father known him long?

Not very. What does he do for a living?

A sort of a clerk, I believe. Oh, in what?.

Advertising. He makes up advertisements.

What a very uncommon name! What did you say it was?

Beechtree Manningcott. I didn't see you.

Would you just take those ices to those nurses over there for me?

What a very sweet Erica is, don't you think so Mr... Croft?

Yes, awfully nice.

Have you known Colonel Burgoyne long?

Oh, yes, years and years.

Your work must be very interesting.

My work?

Yes, Erica's just been talking to me about it.

Oh, yes, of course. Do you like it?

So many young men of today dislike their work.

Oh, I love it, I find it very satisfying.

But it must be awfully difficult to strike the right note.

Well, at first, perhaps, but of course you need a good ear.


I should have thought the eye would be much more important.

Yes, that's important, certainly but I can read at sight now.

I beg your pardon?

I mean, I can see a piece of music if it's put in front of me.

I see. And play, of course.

Oh, yes, of course.

I'll tell her definitely we're going.

Auntie, I've got rid of those ices.

Now we really should be going.

Very well, my dear, it was nice of you to come.

It's a pity you have to go so soon, I've had such an...

...interesting talk with your friend, Mr. Manningcroft.

We want another game, mother.

Oh, let's get the ices served first.

Just before children go. Well, what should it be?

Harold wants blind man's buff. I'll be blind man!

That's for me to decide, Harold. Mothers will be first blind man.

Can't I, uncle? I don't think so, dear.

All right, you can try and catch me.

Oh, very well.

It's... Mr. Beechtree! Oh... Where's Erica?

They went home. They asked me to say goodbye.

You idiot!

Don't you realize there was something going on between them?

She didn't know his name! He didn't know it himself, really!

Oh, you're exaggerating, my dear.

Nothing of the sort! I wanted to find out more about them.

You had to make me play blind man's buff!

There you are, what did I tell you?

They're not going home, they're taking the other direction!

Kingston 8-40, please. Hurry!

All right. Hello, Margaret.

I thought we would never get away.

Don't you think she seemed a bit suspicious?

I don't think so, just naturally inquisitive.

She seemed satisfied with the answers I gave.

I nearly died when you produced that china dwarf.

I wonder if she'll ever miss it from the garden.

We mustn't laugh.

It was very funny when she asked my name.

I was scared stiff! The look on your face!

We mustn't laugh, it's very serious!

You look so much better when you're laughing.

Do I?

Of course I don't want to make trouble.

But I feel it's duty to tell you.

I mean, Erica's so young, she's at an awkward age.

Oh, but I, I can't understand it.

Erica always tells me if she's going a long way.

And certainly who she's going with.

Gordon Bleam is the only man I don't like to see her with.

Then it was him! I was sure that he gave a false name.

Yes, but he's in India!

Oh, then it wasn't him.

Which way did you see the car going?

Yes... Yes... All right, I'll phone you later.

He never even thanked me.

Two more miles and we'll be there!

Yes, we'll be there but what then?

What then, my child? What then? The tramp, the coat, the belt.

Are you sure the tramp will be there?

Of course, he will be standing at the door in tears, saying... you are, guvnor. Will it be as easy as all that?

Why not, everything has gone all right up to now.

I don't see why that should change.

I hope not. It would be such a waste.

When you go back to your father you can burst open the...

...door and say... With a throb in my voice.

Yes, a throb in the voice is certainly indicated.

You will stand in front of him and say: I've travelled far...

...and risked much and here is the man in all his innocence.

Then he'll tap me on my head and say...

With a throb in his voice.

Thank you, Erica, thank you. It'll be touching.

Oh, Robert, if only things would turn out all right.

They started to. What do you mean?

You called me Robert. Oh, did I?

I didn't notice it.

She will be going through Lemming unless she turns back.

Well, it's an old Morris. No, I don't remember the number.

She'll have someone with her. A young man, I believe.

Get her to telephone me, will you?

Excuse me, are you miss Burgoyne?


Your father's Chief Constable, isn't he?

Yes, why?

He wants you to phone him right away.

He said it's urgent, will you step inside?

Why, you are the chap who escaped from the police this morning.

I've seen your picture! You'd better come inside here...

Quick, step on it!

We were overconfident, I didn't think about the papers.

Thought we may do it We seem to be crawling.

I can't run away like this Especially with an escaped man.

It means I'm an accessory. And accessories get ten years!

Oh, it's terrible, what will happen to the boys?

Poor father! We must go faster. You've to get that coat back.

I can't go back now!

Poor father, what shall I tell him? What shall I tell him?

Right. I suppose he must be the man.

I can't understand it.

Keep my daughter's name out of it, Inspector.

For the time, anyway.

That's all right, sir. Don't you worry.

The search is well underway.

He's probably forced her to go to Ashcroft Forest.

There'll be less chance for him to be found there.

We're combing the forest now, sir.

It's all right, my dear, we're perfectly safe here.

We'll hide here for a bit.

The whole thing will be over in a couple of hours or so.

We'll shake hands and you'll never see me again.

Won't I?

Oh, you needn't see me again.

Put your coat on. It's all right.

Now you do as I tell you. I know exactly how you feel.

You see no end. You don't believe it's true.

The night always exaggerates things, doesn't it?

Personally, I like the night, it's much more alive than the day.

Look at those people on that train. Eating... actually eating.

I'll tell you what. I'll scout about for some food, shall I?

No, we'll wait. We'll wait till the coat is safe in our hands...

...and then we'll eat, and how!

Straight to a seven course dinner. Seven helpings and champagne.

Well, I'm going now. I shan't be long.

And off we'll go before their goggling eyes.

And then I'll carry you all the way home.

Well, now off to the lodging house.

I'll pinch the rover man's hat.

Well, how do I look?

Erica...Erica, darling, do say something.

I can't. I just can't.

I know I'm being silly but... I'm so terribly... Terribly tired.

My dear, of course you are. What can I do?

Perhaps you'd better get along home.

No. I will sit out now You're marvellous.

I'll be all right here.

I don't want anything to happen to you.

You'll be perfectly safe, I promise you.

Now you have a little nap and try to forget all your worries.

That's right.

Dowser! Dowser! Look after her, Dowser.

I don't want anything to happen to you either.

Good evening, Nobby.

I ain't Nobby. He's been dead since before the war.

Have you got a bed? One left.

O.K. Number 6 Thanks. Is Old Will in yet? Will?

No, I've kept his bed. Are you a pal of his?

Yes. I didn't know he had one.

Oh, yes. Good night.

I don't want any of that business. here, you understand?

And I don't want to come here again.

That's all right, then you keep out.

You will eat those words, you Finney!

Get out!

Old Will hasn't gone yet, has he?

You're his pal, you ought to know.

I just woke up.

You know which is Old Will, the china mender?

No, mate, I never heard of him.

So that's the game, is it?

So you are a pal of his after all.

How long has this racket been going on? Will!

Who wants me? Oh, the governor!

Hello. A cup wants mending? Don't you come here racketing!

What's the trouble?

Getting your pal to bash up my china so you can mend it!

My pal?

I don't want any argument from you, it's the last time you've...

...come in here!

What does he mean? And who are you?

Listen, I want to talk to you.

I'll be with you in a minute, it's my work.

I've got to talk to you, it's about something very important.

What's your game? And who says that I'm your pal?

Well, that was a mistake.

I was thinking it pretty well was.

I've traced you for nearly fifty miles.

Fifty miles, what for?

Do you know anything about a raincoat?

I don't know what are you talking about. I've got to get along.

You do know something about it.

But I'm not interested in you, I only want the coat.

Come on, Will, bash his mouth in.

He will get something he don't expect in a minute.

You got a coat from Tom's Hat, didn't you? Well, it's mine.

I only want it as evidence, you can have it back afterwards.

It's no good asking me, I'll keep telling you I don't know...

...nothing about it!

Why are you so obstinate?

I tell you it's a matter of life and death! It's going to save me!

It's going to save me from a charge of murder, the police...

...are after me now!

Come on! I can't come now.

Erica! I've got to find her!

Come on, I'm not finished with you yet!

What's the idea? Wait a minute! Where are you going?

Halt, stop him!

Hurry up, Sergeant, they're just going out!

Erica! Erica! Quick! What's the idea?

Drive that way!

You've got the coat?

He knows everything about it but he's keeping his mouth shut.

I'm kidnapped!

They're coming!

Come on, pal, what's the matter with the dog!

My cheese, he smells!

The coat! Look, the raincoat! Pull up, we've got it!

I didn't know what you were up to, governor.

Coming along and saying you're my pal.

And dragging me about like this I feel like a shy bride.

I'm terribly glad.

I wonder how far is the nearest telephone box.

I ought to get on to father. Here you are.

It's mine, all right.

There's no belt. What have you done with the belt?

What have you done with that belt?


Here's a stitch. What happened to it?

There was no belt on it when that bloke gave it to me.

Then it was my belt. Who do you say gave you the coat?

I told you, some fellow.

But can't you remember what he looked like?

Yes, he blinked. What do you mean "blinked"?

Like this.

Anyhow, his evidence is as good as the belt, he knows that I didn't give it to him.

Oh, no governor, it wasn't you. It's no good, Robert.

Of course it is, it's perfectly good proof!

The police will never believe his evidence.

What do you mean, I'm respectable.

And as for a tramp saying he was given a practically new overcoat.

They'll think it's fantastic.

I've got to talk to you more this. The police will catch up...

...with us soon. Where's the best place to hide?

Well, there's a Boulevard three mile off.

And there's a quiet little lane where nobody goes much.

Before you get to...

Oh, what about the old mine workings? It's about a mile or so.

We'll go, Erica.

Let's try the old mine workings!

Robert! Hang on, I'm coming!

Here they are! Quick, they are in here!

We left the dog behind! He's all right, don't mind it!

What do you mean? I'm going back!

Don't be such an idiot! Come!

Hold on, miss, hold on. Have you got him?

No. Which way did he go?

Now, miss Burgoyne. We know that you have been involved in this.

It's no fault of your own Really?

I mean, we naturally saw that you were trying to track him.

I see.

When he gave you the slip, where do you think he was making for?

I don't know. And he said nothing at all?

Nothing at all.

Miss Burgoyne, I'm doing all I can to make things easy for you.

Will you please try and make them easy for me?

I've got a job on here and I've got to find a murderer.

Then why don't you? We're doing our best.

You're not! Can't you see what a mistake you're making?

You find a clue and follow it to death.

The evidence against him is very strong.

It's not! Can't you tell he didn't do it?

He had no reason to do it.

That woman was helping him, he told you that.

Yes, he told us a lot of things.

And if you stopped chasing him you might find the real murderer.

I should like to know why you take all this interest in this.

Because... Because he's innocent.

He couldn't kill anything! He's much too kind and gentle.

Why, he's the finest person...

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, gentleman.

... For what we're about to receive.

May the Lord make us truly thankful.

Christopher, try not to make noises when eating your soup.


Your father would like to see you when you finish, miss Erica.

Come in.

Come in Erica, my dear.

I wanted us to have a little talk together.

I can quite understand that you didn't want to speak in front...

...of those detectives.

But surely there's something you want to tell me.

That might help us to find this fellow.

No, father, there's nothing. I see...

You still insist on shielding a man wanted for murder.

He's not a murderer.

You know as well as I do that you are committing a criminal offence.

And I'm responsible.

You'd better read this.

Must you do this, father?

You'd better go to your room and stay there for the time being.

Is everything all right? Has Old Will found him?

I'm going to give myself out.

That's why I came back.

I want you to tell them that I forced you to do that.

And to say goodbye. I did it because I wanted to!

It's no use.

That coat with no belt was the end of everything.

I suppose they found it in the car.

Yes, they brought it in while I was being questioned.

No belt in the pocket by any chance?

No, nothing but a box of matches of the Grand Hotel.

I've got to go. Old Will's waiting.

Will you go now? I don't want it.


Those matches! Did you say Grand Hotel?

Yes, why?

I've never been there in my life!

Then whoever killed her...

Has been or still is at the Grand Hotel

Well, if it isn't Cinderella! What's the idea?

What idea? This dressing up for the ball.

I don't know what you mean, officer.

Well, look: this.

I've been watching you for the last half hour

I'm so glad you came back.

I don't know what I'd had done without you.

After all, you're the only one who can recognize him.

These boots pinch a bit.

I haven't had the time to slit them for my corns.

Hadn't we better start looking for him?

Yes, rather.

Here, what's that place? That's the office Well, perhaps they know that bloke that twitches.

I'll go and ask.

Excuse me, miss, you don't happen to know...?

Just a moment, please. All right.

No good asking her, she'll never know a thing like that.

What if I try in there? Yes, anywhere.

Yes, sir?

Table for two, please. Thank you.

We ought to order tea or something, we can't stay here.

I'd rather have a beer.

I don't think you can get that kind of thing here.

I'd better order because I'm the man.

Two cups of tea, please. Indian or Chinese, sir?

No, tea!

Keep an eye on her while I telephone her father Very good, Sergeant.

Haven't you seen anyone with a twitch?

There are too many people. You must find him!

Well, I can't ask them all if they twitch, can I?

We have bitten more than we can chew.

He must be here, somewhere!

What sort of twitch has he? Just in one eye?

No, both eyes.

I can't see nothing with all these people crowding about.

Can't we go to another table? No, we can't, they're all taken.

Oh, we've got to take a look somehow.

What about dancing? Can you dance?

No, of course not, duckie, but I don't mind having a go.

It's only half walking, anyway Oh, well.

I wish I had my old boots.

I want you, old man.

Don't come in again like that.

It isn't funny and I pay someone else to make the orchestrations.

I'm afraid it's no good, duckie We mustn't give up.

The cops have been watching us for the past quarter of an hour.

I know. I didn't think you had noticed.

I didn't think you had either.

They're probably looking for Mr. Tisdall.

I shouldn't take too many of those, old man.

I take as many as I want. All right, all right.

I'm sorry, but I take them to stop these twitches.

Got to be stopped somehow, it's getting on my nerves.

Come on, boys, time's up.

I want to thank you for your patience and your consideration.

The whole thing's beyond me. Please, go in.

I'm sorry, sir, but it can't be helped.

Of course, go ahead. Do whatever you think fit.

There's nothing you need to do to her.

I was saying there's nothing you need to do to her.

It's all right, I'm not going to give you any trouble.

It's a pity you didn't think that sooner.

You might have saved a great deal of trouble.

Go and take him inside, Sergeant.

I'm going to get miss Burgoyne and the old man.

Come on, boys.

Where are they? Over there.

Ask them to come out, will you?

Please, stand back, he needs air Please, keep clear!

All right, let's get along.

What's happened with the band, waiter?

I don't know, sir, I was trying to find the doctor.

They don't seem to know what to do for him.

Can't we help?

Your last efforts of first aid weren't much of a success.

Can't you be human for once?

Here, let me see.

Get some brandy, sir Certainly.

Will! Will!

Look, Will, his eyes!

Will someone wipe the black in his face?

It's him, miss! It's him, all right.

You gave the old tramp a raincoat, didn't you?

What did you do with the belt of the raincoat?

What did I do with the belt?

I twisted it round her neck and choked her life out of her.

I found him, it's all right, it's over.

Father, don't you think we ought to ask Mr. Tisdall to dinner?