Young & Beautiful (2013) Script

What is it? Felix is looking for you.

Did you see him? Yes, he came by the house.

Did mum see him ? Yes, of course.

Did she say something? That he was very handsome.

Will you promise me not to tell mum? Yes.

Why do you not want to say something? She has nothing to do with it. It is my life.

Sure if you say so, I am not saying anything.

I do not want her to ask me questions: What do you do, how did you meet? ...

Where does he come from? Are you in love?

Tell me, Isabelle! Are you in love?

And how about you? I do not know. I am a guy.

YOUNG & PRETTY Come on, let us clear the table. Guys, can you help us, too?

Let's go swimming!

You have to tidy first, we go for a swim later.

Mum, can we go to the beach? Not now. You have to digest before.

Please, Mum . You are going at four, after the nap.

We do not do siesta, we are not kids.

I am no child, but just take siesta!

Let me! Let me go!

Your German friend came. Yes, I know.

He seems nice. He is called Felix, right? Yes.

You should invite him to dinner.

No. It is too silly .

Did you saw him? Yes, there he is.

Where? There, he is playing tennis on the beach.

Right there Do you see?

Shall we get down?

Do you think? Clear, let us go.

There he comes.

Turn around or you will not see him! Shut up!

Hello, Felix. Hello.

Hello, Isabelle. Hello.

Can I introduce my friend, Milan? Hello.

Are you fine? Yes, very fine, and you?

I think, very well. With beach, sun ... everything is perfect!

Tonight we go to a disco ... if you like to.

Yes, of course. Great. I will call and see you there Sure, if you like. Super.

See you. Great, bye.

There it is. Mira. Finish it yourself!

Close it, I do not know how you do it .

I light it. So soon?

Is it alright? Do you like it? You look like a whore.

Do you think? Clear. Look at me!


That is better.

I am going. Are you going to our parents now, so I can leave?

Okay, will you tell me later? I promise.

Do you not want to sleep? No.

What are you doing then? Nothing.

What about your sister? She fell asleep, I think.

Did not she go to see her beloved German? No, she does not care .

Does he speak French? Yes.

Is it good? Coming from a German, yes.

Put on your pyjamas and go to bed. Okay.

In any case, I have been to the beach the whole day ...

... with Milan, who I introduced to you ...

... and we went body-surfing.

Did you ever do body-surfing ? Yes. Yes, haha?

Do you want some ice-cream? Yes.

Good evening, sir. Good evening, sir and madam.

There you are. Six euros.

Thanks, have a good night. Thank you.

Come on, let u s go to the beach.

Do you want? Yes.

It tastes good. Very good.

First time? Yes.

Do not be afraid!

Thank you for tonight.

Good night, Isabelle. Good night.

You were not sleeping? As you see, no.

Where are you coming from? Did your mother know? No.

And you do not have to tell her.

What are you doing here?

I was waiting.

So, what? I did it.

Did you sleep with him? Yes.

How was it? I do not want to talk about this with you, Victor.

Come on, you promised. Did something go wrong?

No, not at all. Go to bed in your room!


Do not tell mum! Okay.

Good morning. Ah, the handsome Felix.

How are you, madame? You can call me Silvie.

Patrick, this is Felix. Good morning.

Hello. Véronique, Peter.

Felix. Good morning.

Hello. Nice .

How are you, Felix ? Hello, Victor.

Are you fine? Yes.

Can I lay down besides you? Sure, if you want to.

Shall we go swimming? Yeah, good idea.

Patrick, are you coming? I am coming.

Victor, are you coming? Not now.

Are you sure there is no jellyfish today?

Special your sister is.

Why? I do not know.

I have ever met a girl like her . Is is because you are German and she is French.

Victor, can you help me, please?

Are you sure, she does not expect something? No, she did not want to come.

17 is fine. Are you getting the gifts? Yes.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, Isabelle, ... happy birthday to you.

Come on, blow! You do not have to cry.

I, who was afraid of him ...

everything and anything ...

I have changed a lot.

I have changed a lot.

turned me ...

see it clearly ...

something quite different .

is true , I 'm not ...

what it was ...

the little girl you met .

No, I 'm not her.

love a guy ...

can change everything ...

know very well.

Because every touch ...

every kiss ...

made ??me ...

just for you ...

what I am : ...

a woman who loves you more to you than life .

what did you see, ...

your love. That was Felix.

Autumn -

Come in!

Good afternoon ... Lea.

Good afternoon.

I know, I lied about my age.

Everyone does it, right?

Do you mind? No.

Nor are you like the photos on the web.

I know.

Do you want a drink? No.

Or yes, a glass of water.


You are lovely. Better than on the pictures.

Student? Yes.

Right, that is the crisis.

How old are you? 20 years.

You have very pretty eyes. Melancholic.

You look very young, do you know? Yes, I know. I get that often.

Do we see us again? You have my number.

Are you available for the night?

No, only in the evenings. And I can not do weekends.

What a pity.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

What did you write there? Handsome.

Fine, I prepared the food. It is in the fridge , you only have to heat it in the microwave. Okay.

See you tomorrow. Victor, you have to study more grammar!

Okay. Goodbye, Muna.

See you tomorrow. Goodbye.

I am exhausted.

Dating & You

You could knock before entering. What are you doing?

Leave me alone, I am working! Are you watching porn?

Get out! I, I will eat then.

"At seventeen, you can not be formal."

"One night, you get sick of beer and lemonade ... "

"the noisy cafes with dazzling decades ..."

"and you go under the green linden, for a walk."

"How rich smell lime green on the nights of June!"

"The air is sometimes so soft , to be closed eyelids."

"The wind rustling the city is not far - ..."

"brings aromas of vine and beer."

"Night of June: 17. You let yourself be intoxicated."

" The sap is champagne that goes to your head, ramble."

"You feel a kiss on your lips; throbbing like an animal."

"Your crazy heart, Robinsonea through novels ..."

"when clarity a pale lantern ..."

"spends a Miss lovely look."

"To her, you seem very naive, and trotting with his small boots ..."

"turns, alert , and a living movement ..."

"on your lips, poems then die."

"You arere in love, laughs at your verses."

"All their friends are , you are unbearable."

"And one night , your love deigned to write."

"That night, coffee again dazzled."

"You order beer or lemonade. At seventeen you can not be formal ..."

"when there is lime green on the road."

You can see that Rimbaud speaks drunkenness of nature.

And the excesses that lead to love.

Because being young, Love goes through excesses, disinhibition ...

At 17, one can fall in love only during the holidays ... live a story, and to return to high school have much to tell ... because we fell in love and that summer was cute.

Falling in love, is revealed as a man. Spend youth to be an adult.

It is the intoxication of summer insouciance, freedom ... happiness, joy.

In the third stanza, "Robinsonea" is a neologism?

Is he referring to Robinson Crusoe?

We're adventurous two months and finally we are alone.

Begins and ends the same. Life is like a circle, something infinite ... repeating, whatever happens.

Not necessarily a poem about the meeting ...

It's more like a diagnosis, on the dreams of young love.

Okay, tomorrow 5 pm, 300 Euros. Which address?

Isabelle, are you coming to lunch? I am coming.

You write to your boyfriend? How do you know?

Easy to note. You are radiant.

Is he not in high school? No, you are crazy.

How old is he? 32 years old.

I understand, just assholes around here.

What does he do? He works as a lawyer.

Do you remember the old guy we talked to in front of high school?


It happened again to a friend of my sister. But she did go through then.

Oh, really? Just to buy a Prada bag, can you imagine that?

Why is Isabelle always in that bad mood?

Too bad you did not keep the old guy's number.

Are you serious? No, I am just kidding.

And also I do not like Prada handbags.

I am leaving.

What time are you coming back? During evening, I am going to see Claire.

We are working on a presentation.

Did you take my grey silk blouse? No.

Are you sure? Of course, do not bother me, I said no.

Hey, mind your tone!

Have a nice day and you work well!

Did you get how she speaks?

Excuse me.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Have a seat!

What is your name? Lea.

Very good choice.

How old are you? 20 years.

And you are studying? 2nd year humanities.

Where? In La Sorbonne.

Do you feel good? Yes, I am fine.

Do it to you yourself!

In a natural way.

Do not look at me!

Turn around and show me your ass!

On your knees.


Can I shower? No.

What is it? My money.

I am coming.

It should be 300 Euros.

Sorry, no proof. We said 300.

Come on, get out! Or I will tell your parents you are a whore.

Okay, now, 500 Euros.

I want my money up-front.

Okay, but for 500 you suck me without a condom.

I do not know. Do not worry, I am married!

Do you work only this? No, I do something different sometimes .

You know the saying? No.

"A whore today, a whore forever."

Did you know, that Isabelle is here? No, I have not heard her.

And she is taking a shower at this time. It is a woman thing.

Are you working? Yes, I have a paper to finish.

You know you can work all day on Sunday. Do not worry, I will do this.

Do you not forget the theater tonight? Why do you not ask Victor?

Because he stays at his friend Patrick and we would like you to come with us.

So I am stuck in.

You have to take a breath.

I, at your age ... I know, going to parties, cheesier ...

Hurry up! It will not be long until we go to the restaurant.

How are you? How long have you been waiting?

We have to go now, it will start soon. We are ...

In the gallery. We are there. See you later.

See you in the break. See you.

Where are they?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please return to your seats!

Did you see your mother? No.

It will start now.

Excuse me, excuse me.

See you on Wednesday. Same time. Room 6095. G.

Do you like the theater? Not much.

Did you come with your parents? Yeah, well, he is my stepfather.

Your mother is a beautiful woman.

Do they not suspect something? No.

Better not.

You would not lie about your age, right?

You are an adult, at least? Of course, I turned 18 this summer.

Thank you.

Do ou see many more?

Like you, I have a heart ...

can not promise anything ...

scared to love ...

but maybe loves you.

Why hide it?

Why avoid it?

I have nothing to give you ...

what my eyes see .

not want to suffer ...

but who never suffers?

Why avoid it?

Why leave?

By staying in your ivory tower ...

seeing everything pink or all black .

Solo. Solo.

not be very unhappy ...

one forgets that it is not very happy.

Solo. Solo.

Is there anyone home?

Mum told me you had a girlfriend. Nothing to tell.

You can tell your older sister. And you, did you write your German guy?

No. Do you not want to see him again?

What for? He does not live here. And Felix was nothing.

Did you enjoy yourself? Yes, it was nice.

Nice is not enough.

So, how is your love ... or your lover?

Nothing for you. I said, I am like you, I did not fall in love.

What do you know?

Do you masturbate now? Now, stop! You are a sexual freak.

Do you stumble? Shut up!

Do you not watch stuff on the internet? I amm going to watch TV.


Do you not want to?

Are you married? Yes.

Was it that woman in the theater?

No. She was my daughter.

I was never a good father. Did not care that much.

She was resentful for long time, but then ... now, we are better.

Approached towards each other. We go to the theater or to the movies together.

And she likes me, too.

And as a husband?

I'm trying.

And you? What?

Your father? There is nothing to say. It is my father.

You can undress now.






What the fuck?!

How did you do this? I told you: I fell after showering.

I went through this obsession ... showering all the time.

I will put a patch and have a small scab.

Will it last long? For the time to heal.

There it is. A cute patch.

I remember your childhood always coming back angry from the bloody school.

Like a maniac.

Winter -

Excuse me, good morning. Good morning.

Can wee talk to Mrs. Bontal, please? Do you have an appointment?

No, we are with the police.

My daughter, Isabelle? Isabelle ... or "Lea".

Lea? That is the name of my mother, I do not know what you are talking about.

This is your daughter, right?

No? Yes, I think.

Georges Ferrière often met your daughter, "Lea".

Your daughter has a double life. As a prostitute.

She is 17, you must be wrong. No. It is her, no doubt.

About your daughter ... she is as a witness not in danger.

And the law consider her to be a victim of this man.

However, there is an investigation ongoing, whether these acts ... happened on own will or are linked to a network of pimps.

Today with the internet any child can access porn sites.

You have no idea, unless you install parental control.

Did you never checke her messages on her mobile phone?


Ms. Bontal, do you know about this?

Did you know? No.

Are you going to the party at Benoit? I do not know yet.

Her parents left the department for the entire weekend.

I do not know. Etienne is supposed to be there.

I think it is an opportunity ... sometime happens to one, do you not think ?


You can go come your boyfriend, if you want to. No, we are done.

Sorry, are you sad? No, it is better that way. There was this big age difference.

Are you leaving, Muna? Yes, your mother came.

What is it? It is not my business.

What is wrong? I do not know.

See you tomorrow.

You have returned so soon? Go to your room, I have to talk to your sister!

Come here, please!

I know everything. About Lea.

Stay here!

The police came. Why did you not say anything?

Say what? Say what?!

What you are doing? A whore?

You are a whore? Is that funny to you?

And the death of this man, do you see?

Do you see? You are disgusting!

Do you realise how bad this? Do you see?

Do you not think? What is on your mind?!

What is it with you? Why did you do that?

All that ...

Isabelle, please.

Isabelle, I am sorry.


What happened?


Did you use condoms, at least? Yes.

Promise me, you left it! Of course.

Can you bring the potatoes, please, Victor?

Everyone to the table!

I have good news. What?

For rentals. Did it work?

Yes, the cottage is available the second week of February.

Are we going skiing? Yes, you can improve your level.

Sure, I 'm better than you. We will see.

Will you come with us, Isabelle?

Of course. Why do you ask?

What did I do wrong? Stop accusing yourself!

But why? It does not help you.

I do not understand that I have not seen anything.

It is that your daughter is so pretty.

What do you mean? It is normal for this such "requests".

Are you kidding? What?

Does it seem normal to be a whore because someone is pretty?

It was not what I said. Do not be silly then!

What did she say exactly?

Nothing. It explains nothing.

The police told me, I needed time to understand what she had done.

At least with the death of this man, it is over.

What if he had not died?

She would have continued. Do you understand?

I think she needs more authority. Maybe you should send her to her father.

Not with this father. We have enough problems.

Okay, listen, tomorrow the police wants to hear your statement ... and you have to go see a psychologist and then you will decide what to do with her.

No use in dramatising.

-Do you think I am dramatising now?

Do you realise, what she has done? Yes, of course.

We must be firm, watch her and punish her.

No more computer, mobile phone, no going out.

And your son, does he understand?

I imagine. He was there when the police came and heard me speaking to Muna.

I will talk to him tomorrow .

Very well.

Really, do you think I am about that now?

What is it? I thought, you just need a hug.

I am sorry.

A man followed me in front of high school and offered me money.

Did you take it? No.

I said, I would think about that and he left me his number, in case I am changing my mind.

06 23 21 46 37.

After how long did you call?

A week later.

Where did you meet together?

At the Intercontinental Hotel, near the Opera.

Did you like it?

Not right away.

At first I was disgusted, but then I wanted to do it again.

Why did you do it again?

I saw a documentary on TV about students who need money.

I bought another phone and so it began.

Do you intend to follow that again? I do not know.

It was just an experience. An experience that can be very dangerous .

You never know who you will be with. There is no one to take care of or defend you.

Being a minor, you are an easy prey.

Most prostitutes are assaulted or raped, left alone to murderers.

It is easy money.,Soon you can be in a vicious circle.

Talking about G. Ferrière.

Had you noticed anything in particular, did you know he had heart problems?

No. He was taking drugs.

What drugs?

I do not know. Viagra.

Did you practice sadomasochistic games, degenerated erotic games ... strangulation, wives, violence ...?

No, it was normal.

Why did you run away without telling anyone? I ran. I did not know what to do.

Seeing how he was dead, how long after that did you leave?

I do not know. I was in shock. He was dead.

Are you sure he was dead? Yes.

Have you ever seen a dead man before? No, or yes, my grandfather, but it was different.

Did you take the money? Yes, what we agreed.

Does all the money stay with me? No, being a minor it goes to your mother.

Did you finish your yoghurt? Yes.

Go brush your teeth before bed! Okay.

I am going to let you alone. No, please stay, it is important.

I went to the hospital and ... someone advised me very good. I am not sick .

I did not say that, but I think you need to talk to someone.

I do not want to talk.

No alternatives, Isabelle. With what happened, you have to follow a treatment ... psychotherapy.

I do not. You can not force me.

Listen to me!

Either that or you will be sent to a psychiatric hospital. Do you prefer that?

It is for you, Isabelle. It can not hurt you, why not trying?

And what about my money?

I thought to give it to a charity.

Something for the reintegration of prostitutes Yes , that is fine.


For me , it was a surprise, I did not understand and ... still do not understand.

Isabelle always had what she wanted.

I make my life very well, providing good for the children.

I give her money when she needs it to buy whatever she wants to.

Do you need money? No.

Why charge then? Did you want to know your price?

No, that way it was simpler, clearer.

How can you say this? Let me talk!

Were they older men? Exactly.

About the age of your father?

Or yours.

Can you tell me about him? There is nothing to say.

What I can tell, we split up 7 years ago.

He works hard and lives in Italy. Hhe remarried four years ago ... and have got a son one year ago.

Isabelle and her brother ... they see him during the holidays.

Do you get along with him? Normal, it is my father.

Do you miss him? No.

You know youh have the right to resent or be sad?

Do you get a pension? Yes, everything is clear between us.

And you, Isabelle, does he give you money? Yes, for my birthday, Christmas.

Enough? Yes.

How much? 500 Euros for Christmas and my birthday.

This year, he forgot. No, he sent me a check.

You did not tell me.

Well, Isabelle, can we now define when we meet together?

Are you fine about coming here once a week?

How much? 70 Euros.

No more? It is my rate.

Well, I can pay with the money I earned.

That does not sound like a good idea.

Well, I do not know. No?

Isabelle is right. it is her money, she earned it.

Hello Isabelle. Hello Peter.

Hi kids. Hello Lucie.

And? Everything seems ok, as usual.

How are you liking it?

... the mosquito, pork ... Hello, Isabelle.

Hello Vero, are you okay? Still tired, she grows teeth, Sophie.

Do I give her the bottle if he wakes up? Yes, I left everything in the kitchen.

Bye, mum. Goodbye, my love.

Just warm ... but should not wake her before we get there.

Do you want to see my drawings?

Do not bother Isabelle too much and within an hour, everyone to sleep!

If you want to eat something, help yourself with the fridge! Okay.

Good luck. No going back now, anyway.

-Thanks, have a good time.

Good night.

Good night, I fell asleep .

Everything alright? Yes, fine.

Is Sophie awake? No, I went to see her and she slept deeply.

How good. Is now 1 am, she arrived at 7 pm, so it is six hours.

Peter? You have change? I have only 50 Euros.

How much? 10 Euro.

Here. Thank you.

Can I take you home, Isabelle? Yes.

Peter, wait! What?

I am going to take her.

Are you sure? Yeah, yeah.

Why you did not want Peter to take me? I told you: He has to get up early.

Do you not trust me? Of course.

So you do not trust him? What are you presuming, Isabelle?

I know that my mum told you everything.

In any case, I am not the danger.

What are you implying?

Good evening. Hey, are you okay?

Yes, I gained 60 Euros. What?

As a nanny.

Very funny.

What are you watching? Nothing in particular, just nonsense.

You have been waiting for me? No.

Mum is sleeping? Yes, she is very tired. It is not easy for her.

Why? Do not play innocent, Isabelle! You know why.

What is it? Nothing. You make me laughing.

What is there to laugh?

You remind me of a guy I went to bed. A customer .

What are you playing, Isabelle? I am not playing.

You should be careful with your mum. She is fragile.

You need to talk. She needs to understand.

It is hard for your mother, you know? I have nothing to say , it is my life.

Make an effort, be nice! She is very shocked.

And you, are you shocked? Yeah, me, too.

But I do not care, I am not your father.

But precisely, what do you think?

I think you are in a phase of adolescence, where you want to experience ... know your limits, transgress.

Did you sleep with a hooker before? I do not think, that is any of your business.

Come on, tell me, I will not say anything to mum!

What are you doing?

Nothing. we are talking.

Go to bed at once!

I am sorry, but ... I know, do not say anything!

You could send her to a boarding school, right?

I do not know.

You are accepting her vice. What are you saying ?

I was watching you. You are exaggerating. She just wants to provoke.

It is my daughter and it disgusts me.

You have to talk calmly.

Where are you going?

What are you doing ? Did you see what time it is?

I want to propose something. What?

What do you think the two of us go to London for a weekend?

For shopping. Peter's parents have an apartment there.

We could go see a musical.

I do not like musicals.

What did we do to make you act like this ?

I do not understand. Before you told me everything.

Is it Patrick? Of course not.

What did the psychologist say? Nonsense.

Is it bad? I do not want to talk about this with you.

But I can understand. I also had your age and did stupid things.

You, too? You were a whore?

I am your mother, Isabelle. It is normal to worry and try to fix things.

I know what is between you and Peter.

What are you talking about?

You have sex.

If I say yes, what would that change?

That you trust me.

You scare me, Isabelle.

What I liked was to arrange appointments.

Chat online, talking on the phone.

Listen to the voices, imagine things.

Then go, discover the hotel ... not knowing who I would find.

It was like a game.

A game ... dangerous.

No. Or maybe a little.

At the time I almost felt nothing.

But then, when remembered at home ... or in high school ... wanted to do it again.

With another one.

What about the death of this man?



Did you see him several times, that Georges? Yes.


He was friendly.

With him it was more tender.

Not asking much, just ...

caress ... looking at me.

Except the last time. He asked me to get up ...

and died.

After this, I had no desire.

I felt dirty.

Dirty? Why?

Because killing him.

What is it? I slept with Etienne.

That is great, it is what you wanted. No.

I did very badly. Now he is ignoring me.

I saw him, acting as if nothing had happened.

What was wrong? It lasted 3 minutes.

I felt nothing, even when he had ejaculated.

Do not worry! At least, you did it. Something less to do.

Do not cry.

It is always like the first time.

What do you know? You are still a virgin!

Did you sleep with your lawyer? No.

I read many stories on the subject and it is always the same story.

Etienne? Are you coming to the party at Benoit on Saturday?

If you want, I will go with you.

Thank you. It is alright.

Mum agrees? Yes, she talked to my psychologist.

Who will come? Students in my class.

Are not I too ugly ?

No, it is fine.

Are not you going to make up? What do you think?

Yes, a little, at least.

There is a girl in my course. You know what she does?

What? She gives kisses with tongue for five Euros.

Not expensive.

Did you pay? Are you crazy? I am not in need.

It is not shameful. It is good to practice.

Do you like my friend Marco? Yes, I think.

I would like to sleep with a girl. Forget it! You do not have enough money.

Did you not quit?

Sure. I am kidding.

It is for me. Do not say anything!

Hello. Hello.


Good evening, Claire. Good evening, Madame.

Everything alright with you? Yes, and you?

Do not come too late and call me if you have a problem!

Yes, I call.

Thanks, have a good time, girls. Good evening.

Goodbye, girl, have fun!

Do not worry, everything will be fine, you have to trust her!


How are you doing? Well, and you?

Well, where are you going? I am walking.

Hello, Isabelle. Hello.

Too hot, too? No, I needed some air.

Yeah, me too. I think, I took too much.

I did not know you were coming. You do not usually go to parties.

Claire insisted. Good.

Do you want a cigarette? Yes, thank you.

If I say I want to kiss you ... are you going to send me to hell?

Sorry, I am very silly.

Okay, kiss!

Are you sure? Yes.

Isabelle, what are you doing?

Come, come!

I 'm alone in my room ...

dreaming of him to come ...

to take me a day of childhood ...

and who would leave me ... away!

If I had to have described ...

I would undoubtedly wrong .

But I already liked his smile ...

have known before .

Do you want to go home?

Not the first night.

When I saw him , It was a bit like that ...

had nothing anyone.

But I knew he was ...

and none other.

Spring -

Lunch is ready, Victor.


Are they coming? Yes, we can begin.

You know it is the first day of summer today? Yes, I know.

Sorry, I do not know what is wrong with me.

What are you doing? Now let me handle this!

Good morning. Hi Alex, come sit!

Isabelle is coming? Yes, she is showering.

And you, do not you shower? Not yet.

Do you bother? No, it smells.

What are you drinking? Coffee? Yes, thank you.

How was the concert last night? Great, I love this band.

There was a party afterwards, but we were not going to.

Why? Because Isabelle wanted to return early.

I am not guilty. I know.

She is too serious, just thinking about studying.

Isabelle, what are you doing? Come, get yourself a croissant!

Where will we go for vacation this summer?

It is a sensitive issue.

At Clos ! Me , I would like to go back to Al Clos.

At least, a couple of weeks.

What are you reading? Lesmois.

What is it? Now you need to be quiet, I want to read in peace .

Do you not want to quit? Yes, but later.

So you are ignoring me?

It is over, Alex.

What? What ended? We.

Why do you say this?

Because I am not in love with you.

Why, and what did I do?

Nothing. I am. It is so.

We are good together. We had fun, right?


Then? Give us time!

What are you doing? Nothing.

Want to play PlayStation?


Where is Alex? He left.

Why was he not saying goodbye to me when leaving? I do not know. He looked sad.

What did he say ? Nothing. He did not want to play.

Did you tell him? No.

Perhaps he suspects? Not that.

Good morning, Miss. Good morning.

Good morning, Miss. Do you want a drink? I am waiting for someone.

Good morning. Can I sit?


What do you take? Like you.

Are you sure? Yes.

Please, two whiskey.

I found your number in one of his agendas.

Lea. It was my nickname.

I know.

I wanted to meet.

Learning how the last girl was to see my husband before he dies.


You do not have to reproach yourself. He was sick.

Die making love is a cute death, right?

You are young. And very pretty.

Thank you.

Too pretty. Did not imagine that.

Neither imagined you so. Oh, yeah?

Have you talked about me? No, never.

How old are you really ? 17 years.

17. What a lovely age.

I also was 17 when I met Georges.

I knew he saw other women.

At first it hurt, but ...

finally I settled me.

I was always melancholic.

If I had been brave, less shy ...

I wish men paid to make love to me.

But I never dared.

I thought at times. As a fantasy.

Now, I am older, too. I would have to pay.

You did it in room 6095, right?


It is booked. And I would like you to accompany me.

300 Euros. That was your rate?

So, it was here? Yes.

I needed to see this room.

We love to the end.

Always with the same tenderness.

You want to talk or undress me?

It will not be necessary. Sorry.

Come to bed with me!

I also needed to see this room.

Thank you.

Sync by Woolysan Corrected language by vEGA

I tend Streets unless anyone ...

almost anyone.

city forces me feverish pace to follow ...

feverish pace.

But when we get together ...

when you return to the night ...

just a look ... to be me!

I touch the sky with my fingers ...

the world beneath my feet ...

as first ... me!

the streets, bring me back a monotonous life ...

a monotonous life .

town I get lost, I forget, neglect me ...

abandoned me.

But when we get together ...

when the sky turns black ...

just a look ... to be me!

I touch the sky with my fingers ...

the world beneath my feet ...

as first ...


hear, feel and see.

me! As first ... me!