You've Been Trumped (2011) Script

If you ever get to the States, give me a call.

Oh, thank you very much.

Breakfast ready, Gordon?

We've a problem. What?

The beach. Ben's beach. What's the problem?

The problem is it really is Ben's beach.

He owns the shoreline.

Four miles of it from the grass down to the low tide mark.

I found it in the parish records when I was checking out some title deeds.

Can he prove it? We can't steal the beach from him, Victor, it's his.

We'll have to buy it from him.

MALE REPORTER: Donald Trump has arrived in Scotland to talk about his plans for what he claims will be the world's greatest golf course...

FEMALE REPORTER: While Donald Trump swept into the Northeast on his usual wave of publicity, his private jet touched down at Aberdeen airport just after 10 o'clock this morning...

MALE REPORTER 2: Earlier, environmental protestors have bought small plots of land in a bid to block the controversial development.

FEMALE REPORTER: Michael Forbes is of course the farmer who refuses to sell to Trump...

It's my home. I've stayed here for 43 years now.

And he won't but murder it.

FEMALE REPORTER: Mr. Trump said the development could still go ahead without the farmers' land...

TRUMP: If we build a $300- or $400 million hotel, I don't think you want the windows looking down into a slum.

FEMALE REPORTER: Well, Donald Trump will be here for two days.

He says he'll be examining every square foot to make sure his final designs are perfect.

MOLLY: I usually get up about seven and let the cat out.

And in these dark mornings I just nip back to bed again and turn on the TV.

And lie till about, say, half past seven, get ready, start my porridge...

Yes, that's for the hens.

Sometimes, I keep out, if I'm going to have something with taties, I keep out a couple for myself.

We have very good taties.

Just nearly there.

Twenty-four I used to count.

And a fox just nipped off the lot.

MAN ON RADIO: She's only asked a question about...

It's all talking on that station.

And the fox thinks there's people about.

Because they don't like people.

That's just lovely.

Old ladies.

And an egg.

ANTHONY: How many do you get a day? Oh, well, sometimes two.

Sometimes one. Sometimes none.

MEDIATOR: I'm sure you know, guys. Be mindful of yourselves.

Don't rush forward with your gear, you'll get all the shots you want.

Mr. Trump will spend time with you afterwards as well.

If you spread out, guys, you'll get the best view.

Give my pipers a bit of space.

They've divided the marquee into two sections.

Posh section next door with, you know, fancy lace tablecloths and what have you, and we're getting coffee and tea.

Hello everybody.

And everyone knows Martin Hawtree?

Huh? He's the architect of the site.

How are you? Nice to see you. Pleased to meet you.

I was born on the farm that I worked on during the war.

But I wasn't brought up on that farm, because my father was a lorry driver.

Well, he was actually a plowman in his younger day.

Here's a plowing match now. My father did plowing.

That's my father.

He was a prize plower, my father.

He has lots of cups and medals.

We used to go and watch them. I know my father's style of plowing.

See how he is. Look.

See, he's super bent.

This is where we lived.

That's the shop at Whitecairns, which is no more.

There's the Daniels buses.

Eyes are not as good as they used to be.

But I'll...

When I was here first, it was March we saw them.

And then last year it was February.

That's two there that used to come every year.

And we knew it was the same two, because of his long neck.

They're beautiful birds.

Miss Scotland. Come here a minute.

You won't be going to the Miss Universe pageant in, uh, and who's going?

Who's going? How do you rate her Yeah.

TRUMP: Do you think she's good? Yeah.

Yeah. Aw, I don't know her beauty.

Are you from this area?

Thank you.

TRUMP JR: There's so many familiar faces from the press, they've really been amazing supporters of the project.

This is really a circle of our friends.

This was really a celebration of our friends.

A celebration of people that supported us.

It was spectacular for me yesterday to be able to walk the final version of the course with my father.

To say, this is now what we're doing.

This is what will be etched into this land. Forever.

As old provost of the city, yesterday it was my pleasure to welcome these two gentlemen...

We look at the plans you've got to produce this absolutely outstanding golf course...

The excitement in this is absolutely, outstandingly wonderful.

MEDIATOR: Any questions, gentlemen? TRUMP: Very nice questions.

REPORTER: Mr. Trump, what would you say to the many local residents here who feel that you've run rough-shod over planning legislation and environmental issues simply because you've got lots of money?

The, uh, that's a very interesting question because honestly, this is a very popular project.

We've had great support from the council and great support from the political leaders.

We've saved the dunes, and from an environmental standpoint, it's a much better situation than it was before we bought the site.

You can sometimes see the deer, you know, coming out of these trees across there.

They jump the fence. No problem.

They're so beautiful.

I know they're wild, but they're not too scared.

You know. They just seem to put up with us.

Do you want me to face forward?

Watch this.

ANTHONY: What was the first thing he said to you?

"Give this man a job," he says.

"Give this man a job." I go, "What job?"

Then he kept saying it. Three times he said it.

"Give this man a job." I said, "I got a bloody job.

"I don't want a job."

MEDIATOR: Keep this short, ladies and gentlemen, the rain's coming.

Give me an umbrella.

No, I'm just trying... See I happen to be a very truthful person.

His property is terribly maintained. It's slum-like. It's disgusting.

He's got stuff thrown all over the place. He lives like a pig.

And I did say that. And I'm an honest guy, and I speak honestly.

And I think that's why some people like me and some people probably don't like me.

But I think he'd do himself a great service if he fixed up his property.

And I'm not talking money. It's not a question of money.

It's a question of a little manual labor.

It explains it over on the shed. Just go look at that.

He's nought but a compulsive liar, that's for sure.

ANTHONY: Mr. Trump, if you had a message for Michael Forbes this afternoon.

No, I haven't got one. What would it be?

I have no message.

I don't speak to him.

RICHARD: You quite enjoy it and feel that, in the end, you're sort of, power and money will win out.

No, I don't view it as power and money.

I think that principle will win out.

But my people made deals with him, on two occasions.

My representatives have absolutely made two deals that he broke.

So he knows that. His people know that, whoever his people may be.

Nobody's complained about it up till now, huh?

He passed us this morning and just flew on in his top-of-the-range Range Rover with blacked-out windows.

Oh, I missed getting a super photo of him the first time he was ever out here.

The wind got him on the escarpment, and I thought the press would have loved that.

Could have sold that picture for a fortune. His hair was sticking out like that.

You know, the whole lacquered thing had come off, with it all wound round.

And was out to a point.

Damn it.

This is my husband's hat aboard this boat.

He was chief petty officer on deck.

It's a bit dusty.

There he is. Look, under the red umbrella.

Where he is just now, which is just looking slightly to the right, is where he was hoping to put in the club house.

And where he was going to put it in, it tends to flood, because the water all runs down off the land into there, so...

Have difficulty putting a club house there unless it's on stilts.

MOLLY: My father, he sang songs that you never hear of today.

He used to sing a song, "You'll never miss the water till the well runs dry."

Which is a very true saying, isn't it?

FORD: It really shouldn't matter if the applicant is Mother Teresa of Calcutta and she wants to carry out development in order to raise money to help the sick, or, indeed, even if it's Donald Trump.

The permission isn't to the person, it's to the land.

MC: And I'd now like to welcome a representative from the Green Party to the stage.

Local counselor, Martin Ford.

Thank you very much.

For those of you who don't know, in Aberdeenshire, we have a council who gives Donald Trump everything he asks for and can't make up their minds whether to throw people out of their own homes to help him.

Firstly, I think it's important for people not from the Northeast of Scotland to have some sense of the buildup.

In 2006, I think that was the first official state visit by Mr. Trump to Scotland.

MALE TV REPORTER: His plan is for the Menie Estate at Balmedie, near Aberdeen.

On it he will create two golf courses, a 450-bedroom hotel, and housing, as well as holiday apartments and golf villas.

An investment of a billion pounds.

FEMALE TV REPORTER: Multimillion-pound golf resort in Aberdeenshire is rejected.

The chairman of a committee of Aberdeenshire councilors used his casting vote after a three-hour meeting was deadlocked.

All the parties had committed themselves to sustainable development.

And you could apply the tests of sustainable development to the Trump proposal, and it failed them.

It failed them in spades.

FEMALE TV REPORTER: The Trump Organization has now confirmed it will now pull out of Scotland after a bitter rejection at Balmedie.

We are very disappointed.

Ultimately, we can go and develop the project somewhere else.

We'll be fine.

I think it's the people of Aberdeen and the shire that were really let down by their council today.

FORD: It was predicated on long-distance tourism.

It was predicated on people flying across the Atlantic to play a few games of golf and flying back across the Atlantic.

It was predicated on utilizing a irreplaceable and diminishing resource of effectively natural habitat.

FEMALE TV REPORTER: Mr. Trump also reiterated his concern about a proposal to to build an offshore wind farm close to his site.

TRUMP: When I look out onto the ocean from the 18th hole of Trump International Golf Links, to be honest with you, I want to see the ocean, I don't want to see windmills.

Good evening. There is renewed hope tonight that American tycoon Donald Trump's plans for a one-billion-pounds golf development in Aberdeenshire, will go ahead.

In a dramatic twist, the Scottish government have called in the controversial planning application, taking it out of Aberdeenshire council's hands.

Never before has an application been called in, in this manner.

FORD: By calling in an application that had already been refused, it's inescapable that the government has, in some way, expressed a view that it does not want the application refused.

MALE TV REPORTER: Today, almost two years on from when he first announced his proposals, the Scottish government have given the tycoon the green light.

Well, I think the message would be, I'm going to build for the people of Scotland the greatest golf course anywhere in the world. There'll be nothing like it.

And it's going to be done environmentally perfect.

The Menie Estate is in the constituency of First Minister Alex Salmond.

The balance of opinion among people in the Northeast of Scotland among my constituents is very strongly in favor.

And that's because we can see the social and economic benefits.

I mean, 6,000 jobs across Scotland, 1,400 local and permanent jobs here in the Northeast of Scotland, that's a very powerful argument.

And I think that outweighs the environmental concerns.

There's not many people looking to invest a billion pounds in this local economy.

It's right in keeping with our development strategy that inward-bound tourism is key for the city and shire.

That's what we're here to support.

And in partnership with Mr. Trump, I believe we can do that together.

I thought it was the biggest thing that had happened in the Northeast since oil was discovered.

No, No, CPO!

You will be the next to go!

FORD: Early in 2009, Mr. Trump's legal people approached the council with suggestions as to how they might justify to councilors the use of compulsory purchase.

FEMALE TV REPORTER: The Trump Organization have asked the council to consider using CPOs and councilors decided it was inappropriate to reject the use of compulsory purchase orders without a full report.

All it does is leaves a big cloud over our heads. That's all it does.

Disappointment mixed with fury, to be quite honest.

This is an action of people with no conscience and no willpower.

This is typical of the sort of thing that we get.

Oh, it's very typical. It's very typical for councilors like yourself to defer decisions that are critical to people's livelihoods.

And you've failed. You've failed!

TRUMP JR: I'm thrilled with the outcome.

They continue to diminish the importance and nonsensical motions put forth by Mr. Ford, and hopefully this will be the last few minutes of his political career, because I think he's blown virtually everything he's ever touched.

FORD: Since that time, the residents at Menie, in their own homes, have been living with the threat of possibility that they would be forced to leave them against their will.

Just bang on the window.

Jesus, how do you do business with someone who doesn't have a door?

I look at his place, and it's a pig sty.

Do I regret that? No, I don't regret it, it's a pig sty.

Turns out, actually we've got a collection of remarkable, principled people who have recognized what's right and what's wrong, and have said they're not standing for wrong.


What we wanted to ask you

have you ever thought about moving?

Eh, no. You see, the thing is, I'm still working the place myself. It's my living.

FORBES: All my relations have been salmon fishing all their lives.

My great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father, all my uncles, were all salmon fishers.

And, it's just in the blood, you know? You just have to do it.

I was fourteen-and-a-half, I went out to fish for my uncle.

And I left school.

I worked with him for a few years. Then I went trawling.

Everybody knew everybody. You know? All the salmon fishers knew everybody.

It's great.

It was cotton nets back then. They rotted quick so they had to make a lot of nets.

These new ones, they're made of plastic. Polythene.

They'll last a lot longer and they're lighter. You know?

So you needed a full crew to work the old nets.

This boat, this size here, you'd have needed probably six men to pull one of these nets up. Now you can do it with two.

Well, I still am. Still am fishing.

Haven't done it for these last couple of years, because I have a bother with my back, but I will get going again next year.

I have to tow my boat down to the beach.

It's not like here you come out of a harbor. I have to launch it off the beach.

And, well, I have nets on the beach.

Stake nets, you know?

And I'll be towing anchors through his golf course as well, because that's how we do it.

We just tow the anchors, we don't lift 'em out with trailers and things.

I'm looking forward to it.

A lot of local people don't see Michael as a particular problem.

They see him as someone who is standing up for what is rightfully his.

And they don't believe all the clap-trap that Trump's PR machine put out about a hard-nosed farmer.

You know, he's standing up for what's his.

Why shouldn't he?

Why wouldn't he? You know?

This is actually zoned for the housing.

On the crest of that hill, between David Milne's property there, is going to be the eight-story blocks of time-share apartments.

My house, originally a coastguard station, built in 1954.

But there's been a station here since about 1860-something.

There's a row of five cottages here to my right.

They are coastguard cottages.

The occupants were originally workers in the coastguard.

So, if when you look at the drawings, you see something that looks like a crashed space shuttle,

that's the hotel,

and where my home is, is meant to be a car park.

The buildings that you see just a little farther over there, the other side of the green field, that's Mike Forbes' place.

Again, under threat of compulsory purchase.

Down below here, this white building, that's the home of the Munro family.

Again, under compulsory purchase threat.

"No compulsory purchase, no more Trump lies" on the top of the postcard.

"The house down the road"

"to the dunes, where once you could roam free."

MUNRO: I've been here a long time. Near on three decades, that's a long time. Most of my adult life's been spent in this house.

Brought my family up here. Finlay was born here.

Here he is, here's Beth. Hi Bets.

And then this man, this foreigner comes in, because he's got a few pounds, they reckon, in his pocket, a bit of a name, and we're just cast aside, we're in the way.

I think it's an awful way to treat people.

That was just when we moved here, I was expecting Finlay.

He was, as I say, born here.

As you can see, the difference from a few years...

This was taken in excess of 25 years ago.

Me with the children, and my mother, paddling. Oh, it was just glorious.

You realize what you've got and what's going to be taken away.

FOOTE: Are you going to Cruden Bay?

Maybe I should take a cruise up in the old Zodi.

Well, I'd just left art college in 1974.

I moved to London, and it's where I continued my relationship with, at that time, John Mellor, who most people know as Joe Strummer.

Having extricated myself from the music industry, I chanced to meet Kim, my partner.

It must have been worse yesterday, 'cause the winds were terrific yesterday.

It's a bit rough today, isn't it?

So you're taking her out of the water then?

I used to come up here with my grandmother and my aunt and my cousins, on the bus from Aberdeen in the mid '50s with our bandy catchers and play commandos on those dunes.

It was a fantastic open space within reach of ordinary people from Aberdeen.

And the only wild stretch has been swallowed up by this development.

Now that is primarily which drives me to say it shouldn't happen.

It's a real mosaic of habitats, you've got everything from open sand to shrubs, to trees to wetlands.

A greener Scotland is effectively a myth if something like this is allowed to happen and lots of areas are either destroyed, moved around, sanitized, disturbed, and they'll be a few bits left, scattered around, as a kind of mitigation of this development.

This very damaging two golf course development, and the whole package is wrong.

Ah, welcome to our little world, Maclntyre.

This is a bay in a million.

This harbor here is a natural for blasting in the underground tanks.

ANTHONY: Incredibly steep, isn't it?

These sorts of models give us vital clues to understand the interaction of waves on beaches, the interactions of the beach and the upper beach, and then the availability of sand to be brought into sand dune systems, such as we've got on the Aberdeenshire coast.

HANSOM: In many what we've got is a very, very clear model of sand moving in a northerly direction.

Crystal clear. That is very interesting from the point of view of science from the point of view of understanding how our landscapes adjust to climate change.

HANSOM: It is the only one left. And once we've lost the only one left, we're dealing with essentially artificial systems.

And the problem with artificial systems, of course, is that because we've meddled with them in some way, we don't actually know what the forward track might be.

These are tees that are build onto very steep sand dunes, so they will have to be built up artificially by movement of sand from elsewhere on the site.

Up to eight meters vertically will have to be emplaced and that will involve moving biblical amounts of sand from A to B.

So not only do you lose the natural dynamism that this area is noted for scientifically, you will stabilize it, so you'll lose the dynamism, but also you'll be constructing a largely artificial sand dune environment.

TRUMP: Well, I've stabilized the dunes, and that means the dunes will be with us forever and that's good, because dunes can be gone with the wind, I mean, dunes can move and shift and sometimes they do, but when you stabilize them they're with you forever, so, I've stabilized them and ultimately I think that's going to be a great factor and a great thing for Scotland and for Aberdeen.

These wilderness environments are our equivalent, if you like, of the Amazon rainforest or the swamps in South America.

And many of these wilderness environments have been lost around the world and in Britain we've got very, very few of those left.

And what's happening here is that we're losing yet another.

We've had tremendous support from the environmental groups and, so I'm very happy about that.

I mean, we've had great, great environmental support.

I've received many environmental awards over the years.

I think the greatest thing I've ever done for the environment is what I'll be doing right here in Aberdeen, but when we went to our meetings we had tremendous support from major environmentalists and environmental groups.

Is my hair okay? It's blowing all over...

Have a look in the lens.

I can't see it. Do you have a mirror? Emily, give me a mirror.

HANSOM: There are no environmental organizations that I know of that favor this development.

TRUMP: Who has a mirror?

HANSOM: RSPB opposed it, SEPA, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage were violently opposed to this development, World Wildlife Trust were against the development, and the Ramblers' Association were against the development.

I know of no credible environmental organization that favored such a development on environmental terms.

This is an accolade site, a site of special scientific interest, the highest conservation accolade that this country can bestow, and yet we allow a golf course to be developed on it, which will remove the scientific interest completely, and it's something of a personal tragedy and great sadness across the scientific community.

MUNRO: It is alarming.

Well, look at what security did to me a long time ago, came out of nowhere, stopped my car, hands on bonnet, and...

I got a scare.

They're saying that's for the lorries, that cars and pick-ups and everything can still use our road.

What, have we got a gap in the trees already.

Well, those trees are seemingly coming down, which they shouldn't taking down.

I'll have to show it to Mike Forbes.

That's where their spring is, up in these trees.

We'll go down Mike's road and we'll have a look.

I haven't been down Mike's this week. Oh, God.


I don't think there's anybody in, is there?

I do worry about the water.

Moira, David Milne's wife, she had a dream that she woke up one morning and we were disappeared, we were all under water.

I said, "Oh." She said, "I looked out the window and you were gone.

"All I could see was water."

She had a premonition. I said, "Oh, don't say that, Moira."

Oh, Mike, you are gonna have problems with your water.

Really horrified to see this bank. I mean, what is it?

I think it's a road, and that these trees are coming down.

This is absolutely horrendous.

That'll be the end of the spring.

Who are you with? ANTHONY: I'm freelance.

As are the rest of the press, anyone who comes in here, would have the...

Do you want to turn that off or do you want to leave it on, or...

I'll just leave it on, yeah. MAN: Yeah?

I'm sure you're well aware, we've had a lot of damage here...

I was causing damage there? No, no, no, I'm only just putting in the picture.

ANTHONY: You know, I'm just basically over-looking from this bank.

There shouldn't be any health or safety consideration, should there?

No, no, no, there isn't. But again, I would ask you, to announce yourself to the site.

It's the wish of the clients.

Or if you wish to film on site, we have no issue with it at all, you know, there's no problem.

Sorry? I'm just freelance, yeah.

Hi, there.

What you doing down here? Just doing a bit of filming.

If you're freelance, you film for yourself?

Yeah, just film for myself.

There's a lot of publicity now about this area...


And a lot of this area down here is now classed as a work site.

Yeah. So for health and safety reasons you should really be contacting the department.

This is Estate land. Right. Yeah, but...

The access roads. I thought in...

There's not a sort of right to roam, is there not in Scotland?

There is, but not within vehicles.

But I wasn't in a vehicle up there, I was standing... But again...

Excuse me one second. Could you switch your camera off, please?

And of course you can't cut across the dunes, now, because they've built this road.

That's the road they built.

They've laid those across the natural drainage, so they're trapping water all over the place.

Look at that.

Yeah, this goes up and down with the tide, all this lot.

Hello, how are you? It's terrific, that water.

Yeah. They've virtually dammed us and they put in that road.

Mike's concern is where are they going to pump it to?

Trees suck up water, that's why the trees are planted.

Now they've taken the trees away and buried them in a hole.

Took them away and buried them in a hole.

They dug a big hole over the back here.

They took all the trees and put them in the hole and buried them.

According to my neighbor, He says there was 400 trees buried over there.

MUNRO: And as we go around the corner, Anthony, if you keep looking ahead, you will see our little, little forest here has now disappeared.

I came home, and my son said to me, "Oh, Mum, all the trees have gone."

Oh, me.

The marram grass being stripped into blocks, taken away in huge dumpers.

And as you can see, from the last time we were here, there's been vast quantity of sand taken.

I just can't believe it.

Be interesting to see where all this sand's coming from.

FORBES: That's the sand dunes they're driving.

The sand dunes from over there, they're putting over here.

I didn't think they were allowed to move them.

That should be on now. Yeah, that's it. And then you just press that, that button there.

Yeah. The one on the right. Yeah.

So I'm filming. Always.

To come here every day, you really get an idea of the destruction that's happening.

Also notice there doesn't seem to be anybody coming down, checking on anything.

There's no nobody. Never see a...

The only person you ever see is security, keeping people away, really.

I look at Mr. Forbes and his disgusting conditions in which he lives and that people have to look at that and it's about time that somebody spoke out.

It's almost like, in fact it is like, a slum-like condition.

For people to have to look at this virtual slum is a disgrace.

Mr. Forbes is not a man that people in Scotland should be proud of.

Mr. Forbes is not a respected man among the people that he lives with.

I mean, people have come up to us, they've written us notes, they've written us letters, that this guy is all sorts of things. And I won't say it.

They're saying it.

Mr. Forbes lives in a pig-like atmosphere, it's disgusting.

They are really lovely, genuine, honest, authentic people.

And they're really sincere people.

And, yeah, absolute pleasure to be involved in a project with them.

FORBES: David McCue, he's an artist, and he got in touch with me asking if it would be okay if he did an art exhibition.

I said, "Yeah, if you like, yeah."

So, we were going to do it in a marquee tent out here, but he wasn't for that.

He had to have it in that shed there. Why, I don't know, but he had to have it in that shed.

The worst shed I've got and he had to have it in that.

I think we'll just stick with that for just now.

And can we fit all four on?

MCCUE: Yeah, that one too? Yeah.

MCCUE: I loved the barn, because the minute you started to change and put things in there it kind of re-contextualized the work in exactly the way I hoped it would do.

Aye. Bringing back everything that I took away...

MCCUE: It was great meeting Michael's wife, Sheila.

I says, "Dave, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

MCCUE: She's really feisty and has a great sense of humor.

A great sense of who she is, her own kind of identity.

Sheila chooses to sometimes be out of the limelight, but other times I think it's important to hear her voice too.

The drawing represents, or is a metaphor for, behind every successful man there's a strong woman.

I really wanted to find for myself what the truth was, what was happening at that site, like the security presence for instance, and that was really stressful for Sheila and Michael, and Molly as well. You know, that's their homes, and it would just be a vehicle that would circle their land and stop, pause, and then move off again, but it's intimidating and I certainly felt like that the week that I was there.

This one, for me, was very much...

It's a very typical Trump stance and pose that he does very often and it's almost like a trademark the way he gestures and his body language.

Obviously referenced Warhol quite considerably with the repeat pattern of the dollar sign that's like a brick wall.

You've hit a brick wall, dead-end kind of scenario.

The media has been coming down to this place, has been talking about it as a slum, which it certainly isn't, and to be able to sort of show off the interior of that barn which we've always just seen the exterior of, and get a real glimpse into history, the heritage of this space,

a glimpse out of the back square that looks onto all of the other properties which are in a similar position of maybe coming under a compulsory purchase,

it was just... it was perfect.

Twenty thumbs up on me hobby.

It's in grossly bad taste, which of course is spot on.

I'll need a hockey stick, a baseball bat.

MCCUE: I really wanted an interactive piece, that was quite important, that they weren't just passively, you know, looking at pieces of work.

I'd seen some of them in a computer, David's computer, but they don't look the same in the computer.

FORD: Once again, there's a very pleasant atmosphere, and whilst this is a very serious business, it's great to see members of the community coming together like this in support of the local residents.

MICHAEL: My father was a salmon fisher. WOMAN: What's that?

MICHAEL: When I was born. I was born in this bay on the beach here.

WOMAN: Uh-huh.

And then we moved to... Inland a wee bit.

Couple of mile inland to Fintray.

And then he got a job in Cullen. Uh-huh.

So we moved into Aberdeen. And it was Aberdeen I lived till 14 and a half, and I had enough of that, Aberdeen. I come up here and worked with my uncle, when I left school.

I can't get near it for the kids.

But they're cheating though, they're throwing it down his throat.

The Trump paintings, the accent's very much on the red, the anger.

Whereas Michael's very much the cool blue and the relaxed greens and reflect the diversity of where they come from and what they mean, and what their intentions are, you know.

I think these intentions are very angry, very self-motivated, very self-interested.

They way they display their wealth and their attitude, you know, it is very much a contrast with what goes on here.

But you would expect that. I mean, he's an international figure and Michael's a very local figure, he's very much appreciated by his local friends and people who know him.

MUNRO: A lot of local people here.

Certainly a lot more down to life, you know?

I think in living in the real world, you know?

And it just shows you, you know, the support we have round about.

WOMAN: Absolute bias in the favor of Trump. MICHAEL: Aye, aye.

WOMAN: And rude, and he's negative... That's right.

Aye... destructive comments about you.

And it's very personal, isn't it? I know, I know.

MAN: Flying about is a most extravagant thing, and building a property and golf development here to attract American golfers is just contrary to environmental way of life that we will have to lead.

As a personal gift to Michael and Sheila,

it feels important for me to give something to them for all the help that they've given me.

Like all my paintings, I find it very difficult to talk about while it's in its early stages.

It's going to be an image of Michael on a salmon fishing boat.

MOLLY: It was a Saturday.

Michael was washing the Land Rover and he also washed Sheila's car.

And then the hose went to a trickle, and he says, "Oh, my water's surely off."

So, he came over and said to me, "Be canny with your water. Because I think it's going off."

See that line of trees? Well, just as this end here, that's where my well is. Well, it's a spring-cum-well.

As you can see, the lorry is going around there just now.

They built the road on top of my spring.

Well, I think my water's more important than his bloody road just now, but not to them.

I phoned up. They keep saying they're going to fix it. I'm still waiting.

You'd think it'd be a priority.

See, it's... No water. Dry.

ANTHONY: How long has that been going on for?

That's since last Saturday.

They were digging up there on Friday.

And Hughson from down the road, he went up and complained there was no water.

They said they would get it fixed right away.

It's a week now I've been waiting and they still haven't done it.

I got the police down and they won't have nothing to do with it either.

Be different if it was the other way around, like.

If it was me cut off their water, I would have been charged by now.

I'm really pissed off. I'm running out of clean clothes.

Dishes is piling up. You need water.

I've been taken water out of the burn to have a wash in the morning.

It's not right.

MOLLY: I needed water for the hens, because they drink a lot of water, my plants outside, and my two greenhouses.

So I took the barrow and our, we call them a rouser, the watering can, and a piece of rope tied to a paint pot and I dipped in the paint pot in the burn and filled the rouser and just rolled the barrow back up again.

And then Michael said, "There's aye a wee drop coming from the hose."

His hose. "So you'll get some for drinking."

It's dry.

This is just another ploy, as I said, with Trump, to piss people off. You know?

It's just... It's not on.

I'm really pissed off, as well, that the police's all one-sided.

This say as they're not biased, of course they are.


No, I'm just trying to work out the facts, basically.

Not an angle. No.

It's not an angle. I'm just trying to work out why...

If Michael has been without water for a week...

Rather than the two of us discuss this... Yeah, no, why...

ANTHONY: What are we looking at over here, then?

Quite a mess, now. We seem to have inherited a new lake here.

Um, Mr. Trump, I don't know what he's doing, but he's scraped all this... Oh, here's the police now.

Mmm-hmm. You got a photo of them?

FORBES: Next thing was the security van comes sneaking around the corner there and told the police you were over there with Suzie Munro.

And then they just took off up the road.

And before they went away I says to them, I says, "Who are you away to charge now?"

And they says "We don't charge anybody, we're the good guys."

With all due respect, sir, would you mind turning the camera off?

ANTHONY: What's it about?

I bet they've been on the phone about this, your visit there.

It's absolutely sickening.

Absolutely sickening. This is what it'll have been about.

Tell ya, I hope they get onto Environmental Health today because having no water for a week and no toilets, no facilities is an absolute disgrace.

They've removed all the topsoil off the ground, I mean this is almost like a floodplain. As you can see, with the bulrushes and everything, it's just marshground.

And of course common sense would tell you that the water you know, flows down to the sea.

Common sense would tell anybody that.

So that's gonna have to be rectified.

Because I see it.

I think environmental health is the next protocol for them.

But we'll just have to wait and see what transpires today.

Who's in charge between the two of you gentlemen?

RICHARD: We're just here as individuals.

What are you here for?

That's no problem. Um...

Could I take note of your name, please?


Because there's been an alleged breach of the peace up at the Menie Estate this morning.

And? Oh, my God.

And, as such, we're making inquiries, so could I have your name, please?

My name's Richard Finlay.

Okay. And yourself, sir? Could I have your name, please?

Yeah, I'm Anthony Baxter.

MUNRO: And then he just became more hostile and more hostile, and lunged at you.

Gave you no explanation.

What we need to do know, though... No, you do not.

You have been detained under Section 14 of Criminal Procedures, Scotland Act 1995.

MUNRO: What's he done? ANTHONY: Could you grab that for me?

Just get that. Richard, grab the film.

RICHARD: Excuse me. OFFICER: Let go of the camera.

Let go of the camera. Let go of the camera before it gets damaged, sir.

OFFICER: Let go of the camera, sir.

MUNRO: And then the next thing I know, you're wrestling over the bonnet of Finlay's van.

This policeman attacking you. Trying to pull the camera off you.

Still not giving you any reason why, what you've done.

I think it was totally out of order.

ANTHONY: do that to me!

OFFICER: Right, sir...

MUNRO: Then slammed the handcuffs on and I saw your wrist was grazed and everything, and that was totally out of order.

MUNRO: That's disgraceful!

ANTHONY: Will you loosen those cuffs, please? OFFICER: Stop.

Have you... ANTHONY: Will you loosen those cuffs, please?

They're hurting me. MUNRO: This is a very sad state of affairs.

ANTHONY: You're hurting my arm. Sir, if you stop shouting...

ANTHONY: Look will you stop doing that to me!

ANTHONY: It's 8:30 in the evening, um...

I just got back to my car after being in the police cells for four hours.

We also had our camera confiscated and our footage confiscated by the police.

MOLLY: I think it was Susan that said, you know...

And I was quite upset about it.

I thought, "Oh, gosh. A nice lad like Anthony."

"Being taken into jail?"

God! I couldn't sleep.

About it, you know?

I thought, "God, who'd like these Trump people?"

They're horrors.

Aye, "Two men charged over 'filming' at Trump."

I'm sick of seeing this.

"Golf will put Northeast on tourism map."

I don't know what he's wanting to hide here, but this, keeping people away off this huge swath of land's not right.

And then there's that hostile attack on Anthony for no reason.

The police wouldn't give any reason.

Mmm-hmm. The mess he's making.

Well, there's something, I mean, this is...

I've never seen anything like this anywhere.

ANTHONY: Does it feel to you that the police are somehow working on behalf of Trump?

Oh, definitely. Definitely.

Michael called them to the water.

And they just couldn't care less.

It's against the law to cut off anybody's water.

And if they had damaged it, though, suppose it was an accident, they should have been supplying them with water!

There and then, you know?

Oh, aye.

NEWSREADER: On his hit show The Apprentice, Donald Trump's word trumps all.

And it appears that power extends to his business venture in Scotland.

At least for now.

Recently, two British journalists found themselves arrested at the site of Mr. Trump's golf resort near Aberdeen...

You have been detained under Section 14 of Criminal Procedures...

That's quite incredible. That is just... That's bullying harassment.

It really is shocking. It's an assault, on journalists trying to do their job. It's completely out of order.

Certainly people around the world have been taken aback that this type of thing could happen.

Um, where journalists were actually arrested, violently arrested, handcuffed, taken to the cells, having been fingerprinted, DNA tests and having their equipment taken off them, kept in the cells...

No, I haven't. I've never seen it like this.

I know people have been done for contempt of court for covering court cases and refusing to expose the sources.

But this was just an interference in journalists trying to film what really is a public interest story.

To me, they seem to just get away with anything they want.

I mean, they cut off the water, what will they try next, cut off electric?

They'll knock down a pole or something, you know?

Oh, aye.

MC: From New York, the greatest city in the world.

It's th Late Show with David Letterman.

Tonight, Donald Trump...

Now this is the guy, this is the classic story.

Donald Trump, big American comes, wants to buy up his ranch or his farm and he says, "Nope!"

So is he going to sell or is he not going to sell?

I don't know, I don't need it. It's not in the way of what I'm doing.

It's on the outskirts of what I'm doing. If I buy it that'll be fine. But nothing I need.

They're using me as an excuse not to build the hotel.

They're saying "Oh, it's an eye-sore, a pigsty," or whatever they want to call it.

But it's a working place. There's going to be stuff lying about.

I don't throw nothing out. Because you never know when it's going to be handy.

And I'm bloody sure no other farmer would throw anything out either.

FORBES: I was sitting in here I was on the computer, I was looking for parts for my tractors.

And Mickey Foote phoned in the afternoon and says, "Do you know there's diggers on your land?"

So I had a look out and I saw the diggers working away.

So I didn't tell anyone what I thought was going on, just in case they got excited.

MOLLY: I was disgusted and felt ill about it.

I mean, all that happening on Michael's land.

That they wanted to buy?

FORBES: I took my title deed with me.

And I says, "You better just put everything back where you got it."

And there was two policemen there so I shouted and said, "Who's the boss here?"

MOLLY: They didn't do anything about it.

They were guarding them, pulling out the poles and putting up fences.

FORBES: And I tried to show them on the title deeds what was mine and they weren't interested.

They said, "We are just down here to make sure there's no damage caused."

Bloody damages? They were ripping up my place.

This is the one I used to use with my father. I see they busted it all.

And that was the police that was supposed to be watching it so there's no damage done.

It looks really respectful, eh? They busted it all.

They've surely phoned the security, here they come now.

They've got a road made now.

That's my land there.

Not now. That belongs to them now.

Now, I've seen enough of this.

This here is the original Menie salmon fishing plans.

And as you can see here, in black and white...

This is the land here for Menie salmon fishers.

But they are saying in the papers today that their plan supersedes my plan.

This here is Trump's plan of the same area as here.

And with this corner cut off.

Andy Whiteman. Mike Forbes.

Good to see you. Good to see you.

What a bizarre goings-on. I'm glad you can laugh about it sometimes.

Well, you have to. You have to. Aye. Oh, aye.

WHITEMAN: If you have a dispute with your neighbor about whose land is whose, you seek to resolve it amicably and ultimately you would go to the courts.

You don't grab it. You don't nakedly grab it.

That's what they did in the past.

If everyone was to do that, it would be a state of strife across the country.

And the other thing is that maps at that time are not as accurate as maps are today.

So I thought, maybe Trump's arguing about a few meters here and all the rest of it.

But the fact there is a map. The fact that it's colored.

The boundaries are shown clearly.

I mean, a lot of land's sold with no maps. Yeah.

The police are correct in that where your boundary is not a matter for the police.

It's not a criminal matter. They shouldn't be here.

They shouldn't even have been here.

And the fact that Trump has got a dispute here, thinks he owns this land...

It's a civil matter.

Before all this happened, they put on a line of flags.

Little red flags with pieces of wire.

And they put them in here. I removed them all.

And I was charged with theft.

FORBES: There was all these little bloody red flags all over the place.

And they were a danger because my grandsons play there and there were sharp wires.

Twenty-seven I pulled out of my land.

Twenty-seven of these bloody things.

Is that charge still... The prosecutor physical, sent a letter back saying they've dropped it, but if I do anything like that again, I will be severely dealt with. So, I'm guilty.

I'm guilty and I would have preferred if it went to court.

To me, that suggests double standards. And very, very political policing.

ANTHONY: Have you ever come across a case like this?

No. No. No. This is unprecedented.

That's a bit stupid isn't it?

They've left an access there, look.

Where does it go? Nowhere.

How can he say that's better than nature?

Boy, the man lives in cuckoo land.

ANTHONY: That flag stands for...

Freedom, and for a country that you are passionate about...

Presumably. Used to be. I used to be.

Until Salmond gave him the right to destroy the bloody lakes.

I voted for SNP for 35 years.

I'll never vote for them again. Never.

They've done this country wrong.

They're giving it away to the Americans.

MALE REPORTER: American tycoon Donald Trump has jetted into Aberdeen, ahead of receiving an honorary degree from the city's Robert Gordon University.

REPORTER 2: This afternoon, the "Tripping up Trump" campaign handed in a six and a half thousand signature petition against the university's decision.

It's really quite sad to see what he's doing.

I thought it was going to be done with a little tweak here and there but it's not. It's just been flattened.

Especially right beside us and he's just moving south.

Awful that our country has let him take our SSI and not...

And I'm sure he's having a quick smile to himself, you know?

MUNRO: They swarm around here like flies.

Whenever he's here, and I mean, it's just a joke.

I also think it's just so false, you know?

All these people are arriving suited and booted and...

"Yes, Mr. Trump. No, Mr. Trump."

What has he done here to deserve this, but to destroy a site of special scientific interest and a beautiful dune system?

TRUMP: The people love what we're doing.

They love that I'm spending hundreds of millions of pounds on doing it.

They love the fact that I'm creating a lot of jobs

Mr. Trump doesn't appreciate just how much the system moves.

None of these things will ever come back because the conditions would be totally changed.

And all these chemicals on the greens and...

Oh, me. You just wonder where it's going to end with this.

MUNRO: The last time he was here he made quite a...

Rather sour comment about myself, and Finlay and the dog.

"Demonstrators." And I thought, "I'm not a demonstrator, I live here."

This one was from the students and any gift from the students I always valued.

Because I thought that was what my work was about.

From the moment I decided that I was going to hand my honorary degree back my thoughts were all about how I could get the maximum publicity because I knew that simply handing it back in a private manner it would simply be put away and that would be the end of it.

How difficult is it for you to return this degree?

It's not difficult at all. I'm going to march in that that door and ask whether the principal is available. If he isn't, it will be given into the desk.

And that will be it. Because somebody's got to stand up to these people and make sure that the world knows, there are people who don't approve of this.

I don't approve of bullying. I don't approve of bullying people on the Menie Estate.

That is my honorary degree certificate. "Not Wanted."

"Not wanted."

MILNE: For someone in such a significant and serious position, to take what is very obviously a very personal and determined stance, is a very positive thing for us.

We are here in pure support of Dr. Kennedy and his position.

Donald Trump has said, he thinks you cannot be too greedy.

He believes that you should be brutal and powerful.

He believes that sacking people is not a bad thing.

He boasts about the number of people he's sacked.

These are not the sort of qualities I would expect of a man who is to receive an honorary degree.

He feels very strongly.

And I think under those circumstances it isn't a difficult decision to make.

REPORTER: David, what happened inside?

Well, Professor Harper wasn't available.

And so I saw one of the vice-principals.

But of course she's following the party line that Mr. Trump is a very successful entrepreneur.

He's a billionaire and of course that tells you everything.

MAN ON RADIO: "They're making a mockery of the system."

The words of Dr. David Kennedy.

Who's handed back his honorary degree to Robert Gordon University.

And he has this message for the tycoon.

KENNEDY: Don't trample on your neighbors.

Don't destroy the environment of Aberdeen.

And this is part of the jewels of Scotland that is being destroyed.

My view is take your money elsewhere, we don't want it.

It's a positive paper, but it's letting people know the truth.

We feel that people just don't know the realities of this development and if they did know, they'd think twice.

There's some people in Aberdeen that really want this development to go ahead, powerful people and they're not letting the word out on what's going on.

Have you been out at Menie House? I have. A lot.

And have you seen some of the ram-shackle dumps that are around there?

If you're referring to Michael Forbes', sir...

I'm not referring to anything specific, I'm talking in general terms.

Have you seen it? I've been to many, yes.

Here's the point. You take in wealthy people from all over the world, flying in, and the plane there, and they're looking at houses that are in bad condition, with ram-shackle tractors and old farm implements lying over there.

Do you think that does any good to the vision of Scotland throughout the world?

NEWS ANCHOR: American billionaire, Donald Trump, defied his critics to pick up an honorary degree from Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University.

He's pledged to build the world's greatest golf course on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

MALE REPORTER: Today, Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University recognized U.S. tycoon, Donald Trump's, ability to make money.

Now a Doctor of Business Administration...

PHOTOGRAPHER: A nice, casual shot against the railing would be quite nice.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Can we get your frown again, Mr. Trump?

Thank you very much.

Hello, everybody.

REPORTER: Is the course on schedule?

Yeah, the course is in perfect schedule.

In fact, if anything, it's ahead of schedule.

And I am very happy to report that, everything we've done, I think it's even coming out better than we had anticipated in our wildest dreams.

It's going to be really spectacular.

There doesn't seem to be people against the job.

The only one I see is this gentlemen right here, who I've never seen before until yesterday when he started screaming. Question?

Real journalists, I want real journalists.

Mr. Trump, I wonder what you'd say to Dr. David Kennedy.

He handed back his degree last week and said that your honor was an insult to decent people everywhere, and also accused you of bullying people on the Menie Estate. I myself have been arrested, handcuffed, and put in a prison cell for four hours whilst interviewing your representative, Mr. Paul O'Connor on the site.

I just wondered whether you felt that was the right way to treat people, and whether in fact, you had anything to hide.

I never heard of Mr. Kennedy. I don't know who he is, so, I can't really refer.

I mean, you're asking me about a person that I've never heard of.

Dr. David Kennedy, the former principal of...

I've never heard of him. I'm sorry.

This is a very popular job.

It's only questions like you ask that cause trouble.

Any other questions?

Yes, Mr. Trump, I just wondered if you could tell us how many local people are...

WOMAN: One question per journalist.

How many local people are employed on the site.

A lot. We have a lot of local people employed.

ANTHONY: Can you give us a number? We're just beginning.

I don't have numbers. We're just beginning, but a lot of people, and there will be more and more.

We've had hundreds of people doing the marram, and now we're ready to start the marram grass again. That's a very big project.

But we've got a lot of local people employed on this site.

But it is an Irish contractor?

MILNE: So I'm going to go and phone the police shortly and let them know.

Take it from there. I've also spoken to the lawyer.

I'm phoning in connection with an incident number you already have on your books.

Incident 56 of the 18th of October. In other words, yesterday.

Well it was regarding, we expected some persons to come onto our land yesterday and cut down and remove a fence.

That didn't happen.

However, they have come on today and cut down and removed that fence.

This is the letter that we received. They're saying that I have a fence and part of a shed or other building erected on land belonging to them.

They're saying that they now intend to remove the fence.

You'll notice I'm not given the option to remove it myself.

And that they may, if they choose, put the fence back up on their drawing.

As far as the shed goes, they're giving me 72 hours, or they're going to raise an action in the Sheriff Court, to have it removed.

If you take the double garage that is sitting here, okay?

I have a stick shed that sits here.

There's an old brick shed from the coastguard days sits there.

And the house actually sits in about here.

Out here there is a pole for the overhead electricity line.

They are claiming at the moment that this boundary actually runs something like that.

And here, they're trying to take the back wall off my garage.

TRUMP: We've been very nice. We've tried to be very nice.

We actually just learned that one of them may have built their house on our land.

We learned that last night when we were doing a survey.

One of the people actually have a big chunk of their house on our land.

So we're having that checked out.

You'll find out.

MILNE: I've come home today, I see that the fence is missing.

That's a police car that was in here this morning.

Which makes it eight, nine, 10 o'clock this morning or there by.

So it'll be interesting to see what time the fence actually came down.

They hit the power line yesterday.

240 volt supply to my house.

MUNRO: Mr. Trump's workmen severed the line with the digger.

They popped the line, and of course, everything shorted, and it cut everybody off.

It's workin' away. Quite the thing. There you go.

Power went out.

Not only is it, in my opinion, criminal damage or vandalism, but now they've also committed theft by removing it from my land.

Which, if you care to remember, is precisely what they charged Michael Forbes with when he removed marker poles from the site.

The fence that they put up without my permission.

"The attached invoice is now due. Please arrange payment for half of this invoice,"

"£2,820, to be made payable to Trump International Golf Links Scotland."

I get out of my bed this morning.

The whole house shaking, things falling off Finlay's shelf.

But this is getting bigger by the day. It's incredibly high now.

ANTHONY: Did you ask the builders what they were doing with this?

MUNRO: Finlay did. What did they say?

It's Mr. Trump's instructions.

Mr. Trump's instructions? Yeah.

To put all this earth here? Yeah, to block our view. To harass us.

Obviously. There ain't no bank on the plans, anything like that.

I don't know what to do.

It's rather meaningless.

It took them maybe a week or 10 days to actually construct, so...

That's quite a lot of work involved. There's a lot of time involved.

There's a lot of effort involved for no real purpose.

Get it done, and don't spend a lot.

It's all on Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf.

TRUMP: Sarah, I want to get rid of that house.

Who cares? You know what? Who cares?

It's our property, we can do what we want.

We're trying to build the greatest course in the world.

This house is ugly.

TRUMP: There are some houses quite far away from the course, but nevertheless, they are in view.

But we are berming some of the area so that you don't see the houses.

I don't want to see the houses.

And nobody has a problem with it. I guess maybe the people who live in the houses have...

There's a great big pond here now the more muck they're scrapin' the water's all bubblin' up.

I was just waiting for that. ANTHONY: The water?

Yeah, water table. They've hit it.

It's supposed to be a putting green.

Well, I could cope... Well, I suppose you'd have to cope with a putting green.

Not that I'd like balls flying in my garden, but...

They've come today, "We're making a car park."

"No, you're not. It's not on your plans."

That big mound in front of us, that shouldn't be done. Not in the plans.

Because they're just the dunes there, Kim, the bit we used to walk over onto the beach.

I took photos on Anthony's camera.

I mean, we got a shock. We just stood and looked around.

Totally flat, sand everywhere, everything gone.

LETTERMAN: I'm imagining how beautiful it must be, these dunes on the beautiful coast of Scotland.

The west coast of Scotland? TRUMP: Well, yes, more or less.

And uh... What do you mean, "more or less?"

It's such a big area, it covers a lot of territory.

It is beautiful, but I'll make it more beautiful.

When I finish, it will be far more beautiful. LETTERMAN: Really?

TRUMP: Yup, that's right.

MAN: I'm not fond of Donald Trump, and I wouldn't want to come all this way to go play a new course nor one of his facility courses, so I'm not sure that it's gonna be a very successful operation.

You know, he is pretty gaudy. That is the way he does things, you know.

He's a New Yorker, and uh...

So, I'm sure it will be a spectacular course.

I'm not sure it will fit in with the traditions, though.

ANTHONY: He says it's going to be the best in the world.

Well Donald would say that, wouldn't he, you know?

Trump will price it most likely outside of my range.

CHESHIRE: Of course there will be some local workers.

The question is what proportion of workers will be local?

And there I think that the estimates that are made in the economic impact study are wildly optimistic.

I mean, if I was Irish, I'd be delighted if Irish workers were being employed.

If I were Polish, I'd be delighted that Polish workers were being employed.

But they're not going to be creating jobs in the local economy.

And indeed, migrant workers tend to remit a lot of their wages back to where they come from. So they won't even be spending within the local economy.

If a British developer came along, saying that they wanted to build 500 houses and and a 450 bed hotel, on an area of wild beauty, remote from any large city, which was gointg to destroy what is the most highly protected type of site we have, a site of special scientific interest, which was by all accounts, a unique type of site, um, they would be laughed out of court.

Think of Mr. Trump as a poker player.

And he's got a hand, but he's also bluffing the local authorities and Scottish government to give him planning permission.

That planning permission is immensely, immensely valuable.

Thousands of millions of pounds, probably, just to get the planning permission.

So his job is to persuade people that there's huge economic benefits.

That's his job.

But we should be critically cautious in accepting numbers which come from the Trump camp.

ANTHONY: And from what you've seen of these numbers, do you think there has been enough caution?

No, I don't think there's been enough caution in critically interpreting those numbers.

It's not surprising that sort of, city fathers might be deceived by a glamorous, international superstar like Donald Trump.

I do find it more surprising that the Scottish government, who I thought was quite canny, has fallen for it in the way they have.

This is the pond where all the ducks were.

I don't know what they've done, but they've now, as you can see, got this fenced off with this orange netting.

FORD: Horrifying, of course, to see the sand just piled up like that willy-nilly. This was a pristine and fantastic dune system.

Now, parts of it are in the process of being wrecked.

And that's very sad.

As things stand at the moment, much of the rest of it is going to be wrecked as well.

Oh, fine, fine. WOMAN: Are you?

This is good. This is great, this.

My name's Michael, I'm up from Glasgow today.

I'm just here to offer you some support. Excellent. Thank you.

Good luck.

Hi, how are you doing?

A fine day for it. Show a bit of support. Thank you very much.

MAN: Come and join us!

KENNEDY: It's good to see that there's so many young people here, supporting justice. And I'm one with them.

I agree completely. And I find it very, very pleasing to see so many people turning out today in order to support the people who are being victimized by Donald Trump, and his profit-making ways.

I'm very proud. It gives you a boost. It really gives you a boost.

You know, when you're down in the mouth about what's going on here, but then you get all these people supporting you, it's really good.

Yeah, I'm really proud.

ANTHONY: What kind of things have they been saying?

Oh, just to keep up the fight. It's always the same every time. To keep up the fight. I'm doing my best.

We're going up to the church hall to have a cup of tea.


BARMAN: May I help you gentlemen?

Yes, I'd like to use the telephone. Is there on in the hotel?

There's a phone box just over there by the jetty. You'll need some change.

You can talk to anywhere in the world from there.

Could you change this for me, please? Tens, the lot.

Well now, I don't think we'll manage that.

You got any tens, lads?

The gentlemen here would like to make a very important long-distance phone call.

Intercontinental! Come on, give me your tens!

Trump Organization, what can I do for you?

Oh, hello there. Yes, I was wondering if I could speak to Donald Trump, please.

I'm calling from Scotland, just recording this call, my name is Anthony Baxter.

Okay, what was it regarding?

Yes, I'm making a documentary about the Trump Golf Course development north of Aberdeen and just wondered whether I could speak to him about it.

I can give you the email address...

Yeah, I did email Rhona a few times actually last year...

And you have the correct email address?

I think so, because she returned the email saying that he was too busy to do an interview at the time, so I just thought I'd touch base.

You can send one again if you like. Right, I did do that, and then I didn't hear anything back.

I don't mind waiting for the meeting to finish, it's just that I've only got so many 50p's here.

And I can't just speak to Mr. Trump's PA?

Hold on a moment. Okay.

Okay, hold on.

Okay, thanks.

Hello? Hello.

Okay, sir, I'm sorry, but that's the only possibility to email Rhona.

I'm sorry, sir, I have to take other calls.

I have to say they're all excellent pictures, they really are very good.

I love the idea of basing them on well-known works of art.

They was quite tired by the time I did get them all together.

And I was as tired as well.

FORD: I think I like Michael and Sheila best.

It's very close to the painting on which it's based.

And I'm also wondering what Michael's contempl ating doing with that fork.