Yudh (1985) Script

"Hail the revered incarnation of Lord Vishnu, hail the revered..

..sage Bhrighu, I seek refuge in thy name."

"Hail the givers of happiness Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and..

..Lord Bramha, hail the Lords, hail the universe."

"The march advance has been sounded, the enemy is in the front."

"The march advance has been sounded, the enemy is in the front."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, fight, fight them, fight them."

Come at least sign the contract papers..

..the money will be here eventually.

No, I only believe in cash on delivery.

When along with the workers wages the money is coming let..

..it come first.



With Chinoy, here you don't have to fear about anything,..

..Dayal, the whole world knows that nobody helps anybody in trouble..

..but I'm not one of them, I've always helped my friends.

But, you?

Yes Dayal, you join the Chinoy group of industries and I'll take..

..care of the rest.

And about the culprit, I'll take care of him.


Don't give up hope, Dayal, as the deputy Commissioner l..

..assure you that his escaping the law is impossible.

Don't be offended Commissioner..

..but we have little faith on your statements.

I was given the same assurance when that dangerous crook..

..had looted Fakirchand and Mr. Girdhari's money.

It's 24 hours now, Saxena and we still haven't reached a decision.

Sir, a lot of decisions are taken after a lot of thought and..

..without your permission, I can't take a step.

But, what have you decided?

You're aware that this time we are facing a seasoned criminal,..

..that's why this time I want to appoint an officer from our..

..specially trained force, who has a heart of steel,..

..whose thoughts are proud like the sky, who has a shield..

..on one shoulder and a weapon on the other..

..who will attack the roots of crime.

Bhatnagar, I was searching for a diamond like him.

Come I'll introduce you to him.

No, not here, send him to my office alone,..

..I want to test him properly. Sure.


Excuse me, I think you're making a mistake.

I am warning you! Stop, otherwise!

I respect your age, otherwise.

You're courageous, strong but never underestimate your enemy.

Oh! Really.

Vikram! He's the deputy Commissioner of Bombay police.

Sorry Sir, I didn't recognize you.

But I've recognized you officer, I'm known as Saxena.

And I'm Vikram.

But, Commissioner sir, what was all this for?

Nothing Bhatnagar, I was just polishing your diamond, so..

..that I could evaluate it properly.

Vikram, you must have heard about the van robbery case.

Yes sir. - Good.

I want you to take charge of that case.

But, remember one thing, the crook is very smart and cunning.

He's hiding behind the curtain of anonymity. - Sir.

According to the report the murderers car was right here..

..when the van was a hundred feet away, he shot the driver..

..through the head and the van went out of control and crashed there.

Ahan! Bachelor, there is only one route to Dayal industries..

..and the car that comes here, has to cross the railway Crossing.

Correct sir! - Let's go to the railway crossing. - Yes sir.

Help me!

Leave me!

Help me!

Leave me!

Help me! Help me!

A problem here?!

You b****d!

Thank you very much for helping me, lnspector? Vikram.

If you wouldn't have come here in time, then maybe..

The fault is yours madam. - Why?

If a pretty girl like you is alone then even gentlemen like..

..me would be tempted too. Really! - Yes.

But if the man was a gentleman and handsome like you..

..then maybe I wouldn't even have screamed for help, lnspector.

What do you mean?

In today's era, do I have to spell out the meaning for..

.. you lnspector Vikram.


My good friends call me, Vicky.

And I'm called Anita.

Before you leave, tell me one thing, what are you doing in..

..this jungle?

I'm helping the police. - Yes. I am after the same murderer..

..whom you are searching, Vicky.

Looks like you read a lot of spy novels.

No, I read a lot of romantic novels, mostly.

Okay! When will we meet again?

Somewhere or the other.

Bye! - Take care.

Sir, your path of love is open, shall we go to the railway..

..crossing shall we go, sir?

Sir, this road goes to Dayal industries only and..

..I recognize all the cars.

On 12th December between 10 and 1 1 am, when Dayal industries..

..van passed from here did you notice anything peculiar?

Yes sir, a black coloured Ambassador car crossed the..

..crossing at a very fast speed and the number of the..

..car was, MRF 1 1 18.

Sir, one thing is for certain, the killer wouldn't have used his..

..own car, it must have been a stolen vehicle and stolen cars..

..are found only in one garage, at D'souza's garage.

Greetings lnspector! To whom does this car belong?

The car is going for registration we have a temporary number.

Huhn, hun? An old car getting a new registration..

..a black car gets a white paint job, what's the issue?

Sir, you've received false information, sir..

..nothing like this happens in our garage.

Where are you going, scum? Sir, I'm..

Huhn, wrong information, is it?

You want tell me, huhn?! Really, sir!

Now, tell me whose car is it, scum?

Are you telling me or not?

It belongs to Moin-ud-din Khan, sir.

Who is Moin-ud-din Khan? Where does he stay?

A thief never has a home, sir, but tomorrow night, you'll find..

..him at his girlfriend, Nafisa Ali's place, definitely.


You mean to say you know the whereabouts of the killer?

Not the killer but his roots.

You'll know behind every good and evil things there is a woman,..

..behind the killer also there is a woman, his lover..

..Ms Nafisa the one staying in Khar market.

We have the information that the killer will attend the girls..

..dance performance this evening.

Her last performance.

"My savior, I've found the soul to share my woes."

"This heart, my lamenting heart has found it's buyer."

"The generous, the appreciators, the generous,..

.. the appreciators meet me for the last time as this is the..

..Iast night of my last performance."

"This is the last night of my last performance."

"The generous, the appreciators, meet me for..

..the last time as this is the last night of my last performance."

"This is the last night of my last performance."

"O, foreigner, this youth will not venture out, it won't come out."

"This youth will not venture out, it won't come out."

"The clouds of my beautiful hair will not spread, will not spread."

"The lightening, will not fall,..

..it is the last shower of rain."

"This is the last night, of my last performance."

"The generous, the appreciators."

"I've worn these bells today as I've sworn, it's an oath."

"I've worn these bells today as I've sworn, it's an oath."

"Hence, I shall dance only for my love, only for my love."

"l am singing, I am singing as I am leaving."

"Holding the last hand, this is the last night, of my last..


"This is the last night, of my last performance."

"The generous, the appreciators."

"O, o... a dancer lived here, she is dead."

"A dancer lived here, she's dead."

"She paid for all her sins."

"Whilst dying.. whilst dying, she had this statement on her lips..

..that this is the last night, of my last performance, the last..

..night of performance."

"The generous, the appreciators."

"Meet me for the last time as this is the last night of my..

..Iast performance."

"This is the last night of performance."

Catch him, catch him, he shouldn't be able to escape.

Don't move.

Sir, what kind of a behavior is this? - Walk you scum.

Sorry, Sir!

Did you find out anything, Vikram? - Yes sir.

This is the same note I took from suspect Moin-ud-din Khan.

Yes? - If it is established that this is the same note from the..

..robbery, then it means Moin-ud-din Khan is the criminal.

Vikram I'm proud of you. Thank you, sir.

Get a forensic test report of this note. - Yes sir.

Sir, this is the list of the numbers of the looted notes..

..which we had asked for from the bank manager.

This is the note from the robbery!

This means the criminal is Moin-ud-din Khan.

And only Ms Nafisa can take us to him.

Please take your packet.

Finished your shopping? - Yes.

I've bought this necklace, I'll wear it during..

..the marriage rites, see this.

Just one necklace? - Why? Oh, my beloved, the soul of my life

..my fair companion of all times, I'll cover you with gold..

I'll place all the treasures of the world at your feet.

Your love is my treasure Momin, I'll accept the money..

..of your labour as the blessing of God, promise me that you..

..will do nothing unlawful from today.

I promise, I take an oath..

..from now on I will do nothing illegal.

Don't move, Moin-ud-din, don't move.

I'm also an expert at shooting.

This is the loot from the robbery isn't it?

I needed the money to buy your freedom from that hell..

..that is why I committed the last crime.

But who is this, royal person?

Not a royal but lnspector Vikram, Ms Nafisa.

Yes, Moin-ud-din, I arrest you in the van robbery case.

Inspector Vikram ClD branch.

This is a lie your honor, I'm being falsely accused, I'm..

..innocent, I did rob the money but I did not fire on anybody,..

..I haven't killed anyone, your honor.

What do you mean to say that you've looted the money but..

..haven't killed anyone?

Sir, I had been told before hand that at a certain time, at..

..a certain place, somebody is going to carry out a robbery.

And you know that man?

No, sir, he was wearing a mask.

What did the masked man tell you?

Sir, he told me that from the road going to Dayal industries on..

..the left side, on an unpaved road a van will arrive..

..and the driver will be shot and the man would rob the money.

When the killer was keeping the money in his car, I was..

..anxiously waiting for him, I was lying hidden behind on the..

..back seat and as soon as he sat in the car, I hit him on the..

..head with an iron rod and I escaped with the money.

No, your honor this case is not as simple as my learned friend..

..Mr. Malhotra is trying to prove how can the court believe such..

..a seasoned criminal.

Your honor, the man I had assaulted who had shot the..

..van driver it's him, sir, he is the killer..

..have him arrested, your honor..

..have him arrested, have him arrested..

..sir, have him arrested, he, he is that man.

Order, order, accused Moin-ud-din, don't forget the man..

..you're pointing out to us is a reputed government lawyer.

But the law is the same for every individual, your honor.

If my client has assaulted the car owner then today after seven..

..days there should be a fresh scar on the head of the victim.

The post-mortem Dr. Batra is also present here, let's have..

..the head of the government lawyer be examined.

I refuse to have such a whim be carried out on me and I don't..

..have any scar on my head.

Then why are you not allowing the examination?

Because on examination the truth will be revealed,..

..your honor, have his head examined, check his head, you..

..will definitely find the scar.

But, your honor..

In my opinion the government lawyer should have no..

.. objection in having his scalp examined.

Dr. Batra.

Your honor, I have examined the government lawyers scalp..

..very closely, there is a one and a half inch deep scar on the..

..Ieft side of his head, but, but this scar is not seven days old..

..or seven month or seven years old, it's a scar of a wound that..

..the lawyer must have received in his childhood and this scar..

..will remain with him for a life time, besides this there is no..

..scar from any fresh wound on his scalp.

Moin-ud-din Khan, you are fully trapped in the snare of the law,..

..that is why to save yourself you are trying to frame me, the..

..rest of the loot found in your house is the biggest proof of..

..the fact that you're the killer. You! Admit it that you are the..

..killer, admit it, admit it.

Objection your Honor, my learned friend does not have.. the right to force my client to accept the crime.

Objection sustained.

Does the government lawyer have any witness or..

..incriminating evidence to prove that my client is the killer.

The proof is here.

Your Honor, I have that weapon which was used to commit the..


This was recovered by lnspector Vikram..

..from the house of the accused.

According to the ballistic report the van driver was shot with..

..this gun and the finger prints of the killer on the gun belong to..

..Moin-ud-din Khan.

This gun does not belong to me, your Honor, it belongs to the..

..killer along with the money I'd taken the gun too, that's..

..why it has my finger prints on it but how it reached my place..

..I've no clue because I had thrown it away on the way..

..I'm definitely being framed.

That's enough Moin-ud-din Khan, that's enough how many..

..Iies are you going to say, how will you hide your crime, your..

..Honor, lnspector Vikram caught him red handed with the..

..heist booty after two days he had also arranged for railway..

..tickets to get away from Bombay..

..even the murder weapon has been found which bears..

..the finger prints of Moin-ud-din Khan..

..and after all these evidences it is clear the real..

..culprit behind this crime is him and such a cold blooded killer..

..should be shown no mercy, that's all your Honor.

The judgment of this case will be given tomorrow till then the..

..the court rests.

Father, I came from Delhi to find your killer and I've found him,..

..the police want evidence and I'll provide it to them and I'll..

..prove it to the world that the lawyer is the real criminal..

..behind the van robbery case and your killer.

The witnesses and evidence presented in the van robbery..

..case prove that the accused Moin-ud-din Khan is the..

..criminal who carried out the heist and the court according to..

..the lndian Penal Law 302, 304 and 392 sentence him to life..


Really friend, according to Moin-ud-din you've committed a..

..mistake you should have arrested me.

Should I rectify my mistake and arrest you.

That is an honorable thought.

Have a hearty laugh today sir but one day I'll prove it that..

..you had an innocent man convicted and your law gave a..

..wrong judgment, my Momin is not a murderer.

What did she say, friend? Who was she?

Ms Nafisa, Moin-ud-din Khan's wife.

Oh! So the wounded heart was lamenting, pal, what is my fault..

..when you commit a crime you have to face the consequences.

Congratulations, my boy. You created a miracle.

Your argument was brilliant, congratulations.

Well done, sir, well done.

The other days introduction was brilliant but what are you doing..

..in the court? I'm shadowing somebody.

Hey, you don't have to take so many pains for me,..

..I'm already smitten by you. Vicky, policemen are not supposed..

..to romance on duty.

Your busy over here, sir?

Do you know him? He's my friend.. Public prosecutor..

..Avinash, I know him very well maybe better than you Vicky.

Really? - How interesting? Vicky, tell me..

..why didn't the court believe Moin-ud-din Khan?

The law is not emotional it's judgment is based on evidence.

Without concrete evidence, no one can be convicted.

That's alright sir but after hearing Moin-ud-din I have..

..started believing in him and started suspecting you.

I hope you're not playing a double game?

I play high stake games and have remained uncaught till date.

Huhn? - You can also make an attempt and he's here to jail me.

Everything has happened like you said, Gamamatin,..

..Moin-ud-din, has been sentenced to life imprisonment..

..and we only have to search for the traitor, who informed..

..Moin-ud-din about the van robbery and double crossed you.

I want to know who is that swine? Who tried to outsmart..

..Gamamatin! Who went to that dancer's place and informed..

..Moin-ud-din, that a heist is going to take place and to loot it.

Why? Who had so much guts? You, you, you or you?

Looks like, I haven't taken care of you people properly?

That my dogs are trying to feed in other lanes, by screaming..

..you could lose a winning game, Dadiya.

Now, you will see how I hunt out the traitor.

Come Ms Nafisa, come, I apologise for having you..

..brought here forcefully but what could I do there wasn't..

..any other way, now look at these four very carefully and..

..recognize who's that swine who has made you a widow..

..even before you could become a bride.

It is out of the question for me to recognize him by looking at his..

..face, sir because at that time he was wearing a mask.

Give me another chance Gamamatin I'll find the traitor.


Dadiyo, it is impolite to interfere when somebody is doing the..

..job, so madam what were you saying?

Sir, I didn't see the masked man's face but his voice is still..

..ringing in my consciousness.

Then after attacking the black dress clad guy, you will escape..

..with the millions and for this job I'll give you 25 percent as..

..your share.

And a man can also be recognized by his voice, sir.

It's painstaking to make money isn't it, Dadiyal?

But where I'm going to send you now you won't need money.

Moga! Arrange for a nice meal for Dadiyal.

Gamamatin, please forgive me, I had become greedy, I swear by..

..God, I'll never repeat such a deed, Gamamatin, forgive me..

..please, Gamamatin, please let me go. - Goodbye, Dadiyal.

Ms Nafisa, you know a lot now along with Dadiyal you are also..

..a threat to me and I don't breed threats, I finish them, don't fear..

..you won't suffer a lot, here I press the trigger and there..

..that was Dadiyal, God bless his soul.

I've heard you also yearn to lead a better life, I'll give you an..

..opportunity from today you will live with me, as my Queen.

You'll stay won't you? - Yes.

Dadiyal, was foolish, if he wanted money, he should have..

..asked me.

He knew I donate millions for the betterment of the society.

But on this cheque for a hundred thousand whose name should l..

..put on it?

Inspector Vikram's.

Inspector Vikram, but last month you donated two hundred..

..thousand to the police welfare fund.

See Goga, in this world who donate the most. people..

..believe him to be an honest, gentleman.

And another thing, what cannot be achieved by a bribe is easily..

..attained by a donation, understand?

Our young inspector that is lnspector Vikram along with a..

..medal is given a hundred thousand for apprehending the..

..criminal of the van robbery case by Mr. Chinoy.

Please come. Please come, Mr. Chinoy.

Kindly give him the cheque with your hands.

Thank you very much.

I thank Mr. Chinoy for appreciating the efforts of the..

..Police Department, I am donating this hundred thousand..

..to the brave maimed services personnel who are lost in the..

..shadows of anonymity.

Thank you.

Hi, Anita. - Congratulations, Vicky.

Flowers alone aren't enough this is my first success..

..on this occasion why don't..

But I am scared that you don't have to regret this success.

One regrets when something is lost or a mistake is committed not on..

..an achievement, my job's fixed and if the girl agrees then...

What plans are being made, sir? That too without me, share..

..it with me. - First explain your late arrival? - Had I known..

..that I was being missed this badly then I would've..

Vikram, Mr. Dayal wants to say something to you.

Friend, you have done a miracle, you've saved us from being..

..wiped out, we owe you. - The task the whole department..

..couldn't do he has done it, isn't it Saxena?

As a friend you can taunt me Chinoy, you..

..can say anything you like.

On this occasion I've kept a party tonight.

Uncle, if you want a roaring party then leave the..

..arrangements to me, okay? Okay. - Fantastic.

Isn't that great, so see you tonight, I'd better rush, bye... Avinash.

Bye. - Take care.

Friend, the girl has a lot of mettle, huhn? - It's getting late..

..mother must be waiting for me. Friend, I'll come along..

..with you to your house today.

Really, you also received a hundred thousand as a reward?

But our generous Mr. Vicky donated the money.

You did a very good thing, Vicky, I expected this from you.

I had thought you're so lucky to have a son like Vicky but now..

..I feel he is luckier to have a mother like you.

All mothers are the same, son.

But I've been unfortunate in this case I lost my parents in my..


Consider this to be your own house, son, whenever you feel..

..Iike it drop in. - After meeting you even if he didn't invite me..

I would have shamelessly come here.

Great! You've just come and become a contender for my..

..mother's love. - A mother's love is always equal for her sons..

..Vicky and if this friend of yours is like a brother to you..

..then he is like a son to me isn't it?

From today I'm his mother too isn't it Avinash? - Absolutely mother.

This means you will only give me half your love and the rest..

..will be taken by this fool.

If I get the opportunity I will take all of it.

See mother, didn't I tell you these lawyers are crooks, I win..

..the game and even though he is the loser he gets the lions..

..share but I won't let you win in the party today.

Is that a bet? - Yes it is.

"Friends, we wish you all a joyous evening."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, we wish you all a joyous evening."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, O, Friends."

"Where do we meet such people everyday."

"Rare flowers only bloom once in years."

"Yes, where do we meet such people everyday."

"Rare flowers only bloom once in years."

"Who here is like you? No one."

"Lips congratulation on the good news to your lips."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, we wish you all a joyous evening."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, O, Friends."

"Who knows when this heart will be lost."

"Crazy over someone when it might get."

"Who knows when this heart will be lost."

"Crazy over someone when it might get."

"Never trust your heart."

"Youthful hearts, O, youthful hearts."

"Youthful hearts bless this joyous defamed day."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, we wish you all a joyous evening."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, O, Friends."

"Oh, with messages, rumors get mad and rumors spread."

"We are all a little crazy."

"Oh, with messages, rumors get mad and rumors spread."

"We are all a little crazy."

"But between us there is no misunderstanding."

"Friends, this friend wishes you for accepting allegations."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

"Friends, we wish you all a joyous evening."

"Greetings from the eyes to all the eyes."

Your charms have wounded me beautiful lady.


My beautiful you?

Can I come in?

Can you come in? Just leap inside beautiful.

What a coincidence, I was just thinking about you. - Really?

I was looking at the party photographs.

And since I've seen your photo I just keep thinking about you.

Your not at fault madam, it's basically my personality.

This is a Delhi magazine of last April, do you remember?

How will I forget it's my job sometimes Madras, Calcutta,..

..Delhi, the work load is such that there is no respite.

But for special friends like you time is not a problem.

What happened sir, why are you looking at me like this?

Up till now I have only seen a picture but today I've come to..

..meet the man behind this photo.

I hope it's okay with you?

For you I can even lay down my life.

Think it over, supposing if I really shoot you?

Look, I'm saved.

Good evening sir, Mr. Vikram has sent this file for you, you..

..can go thorough it, while I have a small..

Bachelor! Where are you going upstairs? I'll see it later.

There's a problem here.

I've understood sir, you have your coffee, I'll have to leave.

Sir, you can finish your work in the night, you can read the file..

I've understood sir, you have your coffee, I'll have to leave.

Sir, you can finish your work in the night, you can read the file..

..in the morning also it will do, sir, huhn!

He's a blunt person, our Bachelor, he's a loud speaker,..

..he'll blab about this evening to everybody.

What happened, Avinash?

What happened?

I'm a little dizzy.

Got the work done, Bachelor?

I did my job, sir, but sir was busy with his work there, looks..

..Iike your work won't get done sir.

Come to the point, Bachelor, you did give the file to Avinash..

..didn't you? - Yes, sir. I did give the file in his hand but..

..I also saw something before I came here.


The last scene of your love story, aah, what an atmosphere..

..sir,one has to appreciate lawyer sir, if you won't mind..

..may I say something? Your quest had reached till flowers..

..only, out there it has reached the bedroom.

Whom are you talking about?

That rape scene girl, sir.


But what is she doing out there so late?

Something to understand, sir, a beautiful girl in a man's house..

..at mid-night, what must she be doing out there? I'm sure she..

..isn't singing lullaby's for him, sir?

Good evening, Anita. Hey, Vicky, you? What are you..

..doing out here at this hour?

And if I ask you the same, then what'll be your reply?

At this moment, I can't answer any of your questions but it..

..would have been good if you hadn't come here.

If you'd told me about this earlier I would have chosen a..

..different path myself. Wait Vicky, I'm helpless today..

..one day I'll tell you everything. Everything?


Vicky, don't misunderstand me, I don't love Avinash..

..I only love you.

Sir, come quickly? - What happened? There was a call..

..from the control room that a man named Rahim's body..

..has multiple knife wounds and since he has..

..gained consciousness he is only taking your name. My name! But why?

He wants to give a statement about Moin-ud-din Khan and..

..the van robbery case.

Rahim! Rahim, Rahim, I've come.

I'm lnspector Vikram.

Thank God you've come lnspector, listen to me carefully.

Go ahead speak. - My friend Moin-ud-din is innocent..

..Inspector, he hasn't killed anyone.

Rahim who has stabbed you? But Rahim who has stabbed you?

Four ruffians, sir, I was hiding from them for quite a..

..while but last night they found me.

Go ahead Rahim, speak, speak. A dying person does not lie..

..Inspector I swear by Allah, Moin-ud-din has not killed.. anyone, he is innocent, save him, save him sir. - Rahim.

Praise Allah.

Somebody is dead unknowingly, now there is no need for an..

..appeal, lnspector, go home and celebrate, win a lot of honors..

..and decorate your chest with medals, you've done a very big..

..thing isn't it lnspector? You've squashed a living soul, you've..

..buried a live person, a death sentence would have been preferable.

That's enough Moin-ud-din Khan, enough..

..if you think I arrested you for personal glory then you're..

..wrong and after knowing the truth I will not let you serve..

..somebody else's sentence, I'll get you released from here, this..

..is my promise to you Moin-ud-din Khan, it's a promise.

Are you absolutely sure that Moin-ud-din Khan is innocent.

Yes sir and I'll prove it even if I have to ransack the entire nation.

The van robbery case is not over sir, it begins from today.

I had calmed all the issues by hiding the gun at Moin-ud-din's..

..place but now I've heard the lnspector is reinvestigating the..

..case but there is nothing to be worried about.

As soon as I got the news of your coming I've collected all..

..the evidence of the van robbery case but there is nothing out of..

..the ordinary in them. - I see.

But there is a man who is an eyewitness.

The thing is I followed the killer up to Savoy..

..Hotel and when he went inside I immediately informed the Police.

Can you describe the killer to us. Sir, because of..

..the distance I could not make out anything clearly but he was..

..wearing black clothe and was a fair person.

We immediately raided the Savoy Hotel but found nothing..

..suspicious, this is the list of their customers that day..

..have a look.

Avinash! Surprising even Avinash was there that day.

When you had got the photo of the killer sir, why didn't you..

..arrest him immediately? Not a photograph but a sketch..

..the thing is when the killer shot the driver by co-incidence there..

..was a painter there who had seen a glimpse of the killer and..

..from his memory he made a sketch and gave it to us and..

..this is the sketch.


Sir, the manager of Whole industries escaped the robbery..

..and van accident but two days later died in the hospital.

Did he give a statement before dying. - No, but his daughter..

..told us had he had pointed out the killers photo to her.

You must be having the girls name and address.

Her name was Rita..

..she and her father lived here in the defense colony..

..after the father's death she was all alone over here and we..

..don't know where she went away. And that magazine?

It was released that week, we are sure there was a mistake on her..

.. part, here it is, this is our famous public prosecutor, you..

..must be knowing him, surely.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

The kind, benevolent, Vicky you? Come inside or will have..

..a problem.

Looks like a calamity is going to happen, a huge storm will come.

What's the matter brother you've returned very quickly?

How was your trip? Must have been hectic? And it should have..

..been since you have to find the real criminal. But sir, with all..

..energy you've put in did you get a clue? Or have you..

..returned empty handed? At least say something, sir.

An artist from Calcutta has made a sketch of the killer for me.

Friend, if you have a sketch then you must have also found the..

..killer then too?


Have you arrested him yet or not?

That is what I've come to do.

What sort of a joke is this, Vicky?

Call me lnspector Vikram not Vicky Mr. Public Prosecutor,..

..quietly come with me to the police station or I'll have..

..to man handle you. - You're not in your senses, this is a..

..misunderstanding, Vicky! This is no misunderstanding,..

..I've been to all the places and all the clues point to you, on..

..12th December you were in Madras, yes or no. - Yes, I was..

..there regarding Mr. Guruswamy's murder case.

On 25th January you were in Calcutta. Yes I had gone to..

..attend a seminar but.. - On 20th February in Ahemdabad and on..

..4th April Delhi all this.. - But.. Shut up. - Listen Vicky, I am..

..Public Prosecutor and I've to travel for my work, your testing..

My tolerance, I don't know why you're after me. - Because on..

..the days you were there the murders took place and this..

..can't be a co-incidence in Delhi a girl named Rita had also..

..told the police that her dying father had kept his finger on..

..photo of the killer and it was yours.

This is rubbish, it's a..

..Iie and this has been proved in the court.

Some girl had said it, who is that girl? I'm asking you..

..who is that girl? Who is that girl? - That girl is here.

Anita you? Not Anita, Rita is my name, Rita.

Are you also involved in this plot? The one whom I love.

But I hate you, I was pretending to be in love.

So that I could show the truth about you to the world.

Yes Vicky, whatever I did till to was to avenge my father but..

..you misunderstood me and I could never love such an..

..unscrupulous person.


Now, tell me who you are Avinash? What is your reality?

For whom do you work? - You know I work for the government.

For whom do you kill? Don't get mad Vicky..

..or I too shall retaliate.

Stop it!

Vikram, is a very selfless and hard working officer, Chinoy,..

..just wait one day he will apprehend the real criminal.

It is not possible for him..

..I think in finding the real criminal he'll..

..waste his life away.

We don't have to search for him anymore sir, he was just an..

..arms length away, here he is.

He's the culprit who had spread blood shed behind the veil of the law.

Yes uncle, Vicky is right, he is the one who killed..

..my father in cold blood. And these are the evidence that..

..prove him to be the killer. Oh, shut up! Shut up!

Sir, explain it to them.

Vikram, in your absence I have a complete report of your tour..

..from all the cities you had gone for investigation, this sketch,..

..this magazine and the list of name you've got only create a..

..doubt in Avinash's favour, the evidences you had collected..

..against Moin-ud-din, justify that the killer is Moin-ud-din Khan.

That's why always remember that the court does not convict..

..on the basis of doubt but on the basis of hard evidence.

Avinash, you can go.

Vicky, if you and I weren't friends then for this insult l..

..would have dragged you to the courts.

Inspector you have burdened your mind more than it is..

..necessary and it isn't good for health.

Vikram, at the moment you are very angry due to which people..

..commit mistakes, take my advice give this case it's due..

..with a cool mind.

And for this there is no better place than Bali.

There you will get solitude and peace in abundance.

I have some property there visit it, I'll make all the arrangements.

Junior, I have a new prey for you,..

..at the first opportunity rid him of all his woes.

"What happened, nothing, I don't know anything."

"What happened, nothing, I don't know anything."

"It's not my mistake, it's not an intoxication,..

.. I am in love, I am in love."

"What happened, nothing, I don't know anything."

"It's not my mistake, it's not an intoxication,..

..I am in love, I am in love."

"Unable to sleep and.."

"..if I sleep.."

"..my dreams torment me, your memory haunts me,.."

"..you memory haunts me."

"O, people speak the truth, love is a disease of the heart."

"O, people speak the truth, love is a disease of the heart."

"This disease isn't bad..

".this pain has it's own joy.

"This disease isn't bad, this pain has it's own joy.

"It's not my mistake, it's not an intoxication."

"l am in love, I am in love."

"What happened, nothing, I don't know anything."

"It's not my mistake, it's not an intoxication."

"l am in love, I am in love."

"The mischievous winds of the season, come and goes, if we..

..didn't fall in love, living would've been unbearable,..

..Iiving would've been unbearable."

"Love isn't easy, listen carefully o novice."

"Love isn't easy, listen carefully o novice."

"What I didn't.. - La, la.. hear.. Ah, ha, ah.."

"You didn't speak it."

"What I didn't.. - La, la.. hear..

Ah, ha, ah.. You didn't speak it."

"What I said, it's not my mistake, it's not an intoxication."

"l am in love, I am in love."

"What happened, nothing."

"l don't know anything."

"It's not my mistake.. It's not an intoxication."

"l am in love. I am in love."

"l am in love. I am in love."

Don't let worries bog you down, son, you aren't at fault..

..it was the lnspectors fate that saved him, at the right time..

..you'll be given another chance.

Mother! Mother!

Son, you've come.

What is this mother you are crying?

It's nothing, alright, tell me, how are you?

How did you return so suddenly? You were going to come after..

.two or three days? Why didn't you inform me about your coming?

Mother, I've seen you sitting in front of God with the sacred book..

..you're lost in your own thoughts.

Mother, is there a problem troubling you? - It's nothing son.

I don't have any problems.

Tell me how was your holiday? You must've traveled a lot and..

..how is that place, Bali?

You haven't told me?

Hey! What happened? - You are trying to change the topic, mother?

You are surely try to hide something from me? But don't forget..

..your son is a Police lnspector.

Yes I know you're a Police lnspector..

.. but only in your Police Station not in the house.

Come take a wash, I'll serve you food.

Hail God, you've cornered me son.

But after knowing the truth you'll suffer a lot.

Please don't worry, tell me everything without reproach.

This photo is of Savitri's twins.

That means I have brothers and I'm the third child. - No.

Neither is Savitri your mother nor are you her son.

There is such a turbulence within me which will tear me apart.

I don't know who am l? Who are my parents? Whose child am l?

Vikey! But I never thought of you as someone else's child I've loved..

..you selflessly, son. - You call me son but tell me when you..

..find your sons will you love me in the same way?

Will you be able to share your mother equally with me?

See, you're unable to answer me..

..and I know if you had really considered me your son..

..you wouldn't have hidden this fact from me..

.. the truth is you reared me..

..for so many years for your own selfish reason..

.. because you needed a support for yourself..

..in the years that are to come, you saw that limb in me, in me.

Yes, Vicky you're right I took care of you..

.. because a helpless person like me also need support..

..and I saw it in you.

Maybe you'd like to know why? Then listen..

I was a very happy and fortunate woman.

I had a small happy family..

..but one day the workers of our factory went on a strike.

Gamamatin was responsible for instigating the workers.

As usual my husband gave him 20 thousand..

..but that day, he had some other plans..

.the greedy man wanted a partnership in our company.

On my husbands refusal, he threatened to kill him.

I called up the police and snatched the papers away.

But before the police could arrive Gama, escaped from there.

That very night..

I am ruined, I won't let this happen, I won't let this happen.

Leave me, leave me, my sweat and..

..blood have been turned to ashes.

Inspector save my husband, he has gone inside.

No! No!

If we get 500 thousand..

..what will we do with these kids? Will we finish them.

When we get millions we'll think of billions, DAdiyal.

We'll build factories and more factories. - How?

This two are my mint, my fixed deposit account.

Which I'll encash after twenty five years with interest.

Inspector, sir your wife is very serious..

.the doctor has called you immediately.

Doctor? - The situation is dicey, Bhargav..

..I've been able to save your son..

..but your wife is in a delicate state. - lnspector Bhargav!

I'm absolutely ruined brother.

That swine has kidnapped my children.


The **** had the audacity to try and double cross me.

Savitri sister, take care of your kids and leave.

I'll take care of him. Go.

Beardy, get hold of that woman, she shouldn't escape.


He snatched my children from me. I cried I pleaded..

..but he was unrelenting.

This was his revenge.

That I should yearn for my children, for a lifetime.

Inspector Bhargav was very seriously injured.

Before dying he told me, when my son grows up he will fight..

.these unscrupulous tormentors.

And he will defeat our enemy, Gamamatin.

When I reached the hospital..

..Inspector Bhargav's wife's health had deteriorated..

..after handing over her son she died.

God, had dealt his mysterious justice.

In which way was he testing me.

But I did not give up hope. And on the holy man's advice.

I sold of all my assets and came to Bombay with you.

I spent all my time in bringing you up.

When I could only see dark clouds..

..your laughter brought rays of hope for me.

I had nearly forgotten the loss of my sons.

But, maybe I am not destined the happiness from children.

Don't say such things mother, today I'm convinced..

.that the relation of love is stronger than blood relation.

Vicky! My son. Mother forgive me.

Vicky you're that son of mine who did not even give me..

.the pain a mother undergoes while giving birth to a child.

Mother henceforth you don't have one son but three of us.

And I promise..

..wherever they are I'll bring them to you, mother.

And I'll only rest when I've arrested Gamamatin.

Come Raghu and Goga. What's the news?

There's great news Gamamatin.

Public prosecutor Avinash is going to Bangalore by tomorrow's flight.

And the day after tomorrow is Gundappa industries pay day.

I came to know that with the payment of a million another..

..7 million will be withdrawn.

That means 8 million.

Gundapa industries is the top most company in Bangalore..

..but in the near future Chinoy Group of Companies..

..will also be famous there.

Here is your key, Mr. Avinash. Thank you. - Have a good day.

Yes, Gamamatin, everything is going as we had planned,..

..Avinash has reached the hotel.

Hello? Indian Airlines?..

When is the next flight from Bangalore to Bombay.

And the van of Gundapa lndustries will be looted at 8.00 a.m..

..on Chamundi Hill's road.


Look at this sir, another robbery, another murder was committed.

The day before yesterday Avinash went to Bangalore..

..and yesterday one van driver was killed with a bullet in his..

..head, and the same type of heist took place.

Avinash went to Bangalore that's for sure, but when this loot took..

..place he was not there, he was here.

In this room in front of my eyes look there.

And since then he has been waiting for you, over here.

Yes, Vicky, I was sure that someone wants to malign my..

..honesty with the deeds of his crime and I played this game.

Now you see? - Vicky, I have nobody in this world, I've found an..

..honest friend like you and I don't want to loose you at any cost.

Avinash my friend, forgive me for suspecting you without a reason.

Is this a thing to say, being a friend we can say..

..anything to each other, right? Okay.

Your factory? Mr. Dayal, maybe you've forgotten but now your..

..factory is just a part of Chinoy Group of lndustries.

More than half of the company's shares are in my name.

According to law, now I am the owner of this company.

Keep this in mind, you only work here, I take the decisions.

Chinoy, I did all this because I thought you are my Friend.

I am still a friend of yours but not in business..

..because in business there is no friendship.

Yes? - Sir, junior is on his way.

Welcome Junior! Come my son, come.

Rejoice father, this time your son has looted 8 million.

Look at this, isn't it fantastic?

Well done, Junior! The money that people earn after laboring for..

.there whole life, you get it by just shooting a bullet from your gun.

And now in just few days the bankrupt owner of..

..Gundappa industries will come to you for help.

Junior, that day is not very far away when Chinoy group of..

..industries name will be the most famous in all the cities of lndia.

I swear, how stupid are you going take the whole money?

Think about this mint standing in front of you.

For you I've arranged a special celebration tonight.

There must be some girl or something?

Wow! What a choice, she is smooth like butter.

Absolutely, fantastic!

Sir? - Come Nafisa, meet my son.

How is the lawyer your son?

Sometimes even nature makes mistakes and by those mistakes..

..intelligent people like me earn millions in profits,..

..I use my brains, Junior uses his hands and the lawyer shelters us.

Oh! Junior commits the crime while the lawyer is accused.

If he gets caught then the lawyer will the one who is hanged..

This means there's an ace up both the sleeves?

Wow! What an answer. Absolutely, fantastic!

And for this you have to give a prize and the prize will be love.

"Hey! Go."

"Would I love like this, would I love like this."

"I'll show millions of tantrums."

"I'll deny for years."

"I'll deny for years, I'll accept it after years."

"l am a killer, I am a lover."

"l am a killer, I am a lover, I'll make your life miserable."

"Aa, my love, aa, my love, aa, my love, aa, my love."

"O, o, let me at least come to know who this fellow is?"

"O, o, let me at least come to know who this fellow is?"

"Let me get to know my beau."

"Let me test him."

"l will charm everybody."

"l will charm everybody, I will take their heart away."

"l am a killer, I am a lover."

"l am such a killer lover, I'll make your life miserable."

"Aey, my love, ya, my love, oh, my love, ya, my love."

"O, let me see who is that great killer?"

"O, let me see who is that great killer?"

"Who is capable of my love, till this celebration lasts."

"Up till then I will wait."

"Till then I will wait, after which I will attack him."

"l am a killer, I am a lover."

"l am a killer, I am a lover, I'll make your life miserable."

"Aey, my love, ya, my love, oh, my love, ya, my love."

"l would make love like this."

"l would make love like this, I'll show millions of tantrums."

"I'll deny affection for years."

"I'll deny affection for years, I'll accept it only after years."

"l am a killer, I am a lover."

"l am a killer, I am a lover, I'll make your life miserable."

"Aey, my love, ya, my love, oh, my love, ya, my love."

If she ran away then what are you people doing here?

She can go to only one place go and stop her. Go.

In which room does public prosecutor Mr. Avinash sit?

That last one.

Now the case is with us, relax.

Okay, we will meet tomorrow morning in the court.

What do you want?

I want to meet the lawyer as soon as possible.

You have to sit for five minutes as he is busy in a meeting.

Don't try to deceive us Miss Nafisa.


Thank you.

Sir, a lady left this for you and she said that its very important.

This is in Urdu language, how will I read this?

Sir, give me this letter I will solve your problem, give it to me.

Sir, I have proof, which can prove my Momin is innocent.

I know the criminal, I can't write more as hoodlums are after me.

Please meet me tonight at sharp 1 1.00 p.m. at the Disco Blow-up.

Please come for sure, it's a matter of somebody's life, Nafisa.


You will have to go because her life is really in danger, sir.

Julie darling, see that this photograph is telecast in the..

..missing people's program on 15th August, what?

You do this job for me and I'll do that work for you after my duty.

What happened to my work, Bachelor?

Sir I was doing your work, I spoke to Ms. Julie, of the television centre.

This photograph will be telecast on 1 5th August.

My work will also be done along with your work.

Vikram, I've also come up with an important news.

See this. - What is this?

A letter from Ms Nafisa.

Ms Nafisa? Where did you meet her?

She came to the court, tonight at 1 1 p.m., she will meet me at disco..

..Blow-up, to tell me the truth about van robbery case.

1 1 p.m. in the night at Disco Blow-up.

Here's your price, Babu Rao, the job should be done.

If I have taken the contact then it means the work is done, sir.

I have my boys in every street and corner of Bombay city.

That lnspector Vikram will not reach Disco Blow-up in a single piece..

..from wherever he'll go my boys will take care of him.

Take me to Disco Blow-up hurry!

"The drums beaten, the enemy is in the front."

"The drums beaten, the enemy is in the front."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, - Yes, fight them. Fight them."

"The drums beaten. Yes, the enemy is in the front."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, - Yes, fight them. Fight them."

"Ohho, the story I am telling you, is decades old, which is on my..

..Iips today, which is on my lips today."

"l don't know what will happen tonight, it is the news brought..

..by the evening, it is the news brought by the evening."

"It's a time of test, death is there in front of you."

"It's a time of your test, death is there in front of you."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, - Yes, fight them. Fight them."

"People never change by just sweet talks of love,..

..by just sweet talks of love."

"We have to teach them a lesson by fighting with our hands, by..

..fighting with our hands."

"Talk begets talk, death is there in front of you."

"Talk begets talk, death is there in front of you."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, - Yes, fight them. Fight them."

"The drums beaten. Yes, the enemy is in the front."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, - Yes, fight them. Fight them."


I got your bird, father, now cut off her wings.

Pets, look good in a cage only Ms. Nafisa,..

..but I think, you are a bird, thirsty for freedom..

.that's why you are very restless..

..don't worry, now we will make you free for sure.

This is your dream Gamamatin, you can't escape now because..

..Avinash knows the truth.

Hey, hey, the Avinash you are harping about is also here. Look here.

Chinoy. - That is for the world.

My real name is Gamamatin.

Whatever your name is, now I know your truth, you prink.

Forget about me, talk about yourself.

See your mirror image.

Oh stupid, what are you looking at me so stupidly?

Our face is similar to each other. Absolutely, fantastic!

So, I am being accused of your crime...

..Now I understand why Moin-ud-din got confused..

..after seeing me.

Why my friend, Vicky, suspected me, it was because of you.

As you see sir, today I proved it that my Momin is innocent..

..since you know the truth, will you please free him.

Before that we will free you, Moga, take her.

Goodbye Nafisa.

Sir, now your law practicing days are over.

And as per section 302 you are sentenced to death.

That was our Nafisa, may God bless her soul.

Raghu, Goga, Farukh, Bobo, go after her and finish her.

There she is.

Hello, police.

No sir, there's no information about them but we are still..

..searching for them, as soon as I get some news I'll inform you.


Nafisa, Nafisa, Nafisa who has shot you? Where's Avinash, Nafisa?

Inspector, please save my Momin, he is not a murderer.

Yes I know, I promise I will free him but who were they? - They..

Tell me their name, Nafisa, tell me their name?

His name is Gamamatin.

Gentleman send this news to all the newspapers of Bombay..

.that Ms. Nafisa, has unfolded some secrets of Gamamatin..

.to lnspector Vikram by which he will be arrested very soon.

Stupid lady.

Before she died, she has created danger for us.

Nobody knows the secrets she has told about us to lnspector Vikram?

If you order, we can silence him too.

I have already made a plan to finish him, my children.

Now this public prosecutor Avinash will finish him in..

..his own residence, isn't it Junior?

Whatever you said, I've totally understood it, father.

Hey, stupid in your place I'll go, there and finish him...

After that I'll finish you and put your dead body, in your own house..

..won't it be fantastic?

Take him away.

Come on.

I will not leave you Gamamatin, never.

Junior, learn all his habits like walking, talking.

And all of you listen carefully, within 24 hours get Junior all the..

..information so that he can easily turn himself into Avinash.

About each and every person he meets, about each and every..

..place he often visits.

This is Avinash's home, this is the main entrance..

..hall and in the front..

..is the lawn.

He lives alone at home, this is the house of lnspector Vikram..

..Junior, where you will murder him.

Inspector gets up daily at 7 in the morning, he exercises in the..

..balcony..for sometime.

At sharp 7 30 a.m. he goes to the garden to have breakfast,..

..after that he.. - Stop.

..show me the last slide again, zoom in on..

.that lady who is standing behind the lnspector.

Little bit closer, closer, even more closer, more, more, stop.

Savitri! The witch is still alive.

This lady is the mother of the lnspector Gamamatin.

Mother stays alone for the whole day there are no servants.

Understood, Junior, see this lady closely..

..now you have to do two murders.

What?! Gamamatin is in this city only.

Yes mother, even Avinash has been taken by his men only.

Vicky he's really a dangerous man, I'm scared he might torture Avinash.

Mother don't worry, police investigation is on.

We'll find him soon mother.

Don't move, Gamamatin. I am public prosecutor Avinash, and..

..arrest you under section 300 and 390 for murder, robbery and..

..for deceiving your own country men.

Stop Junior.

Zaka, he is not the lawyer, he is Junior, my son.

He is my new man, Zaka.

He has escaped from jail, today. He has committed 15 murders..

..with his bare hands, by strangulation.

He must have father but you are very smart.

I wanted to astonish you but in lieu you astonished me..

..you recognized me at once.

I know your each and..

..every vain since childhood, I brought you

..up with a lot of care and love..

..still you have to learn a lot from me..

.. now whatever I am going to say listen to it carefully..

.tomorrow its 1 5th of August, independence day for the..

..country and for our enemies.

To celebrate this occasion I'm having a party..

..and I've invited both of them, the inspector and his mother.

But they shouldn't come, I want to hear the news of their death.

It seems you are not only my father..

..but you are the father of the devil also.

What a brain? Fantastic.

On the mouth of this pistol, there is a silencer..

When you shoot, it doesn't make a sound.

Only the dying gasp will be heard.


Did Gamamatin spare you?

Where did he take you?

You know we were so worried, did you tell, Vicky?

I came to meet, Vicky. - He has gone to the police station.

He's busy searching for you.

Okay, you just sit down I'll get you some tea.

What happened? Nothing this photo dropped.

Stop don't pick it up, let me pick it up..

..otherwise you may cut your hand.

See, you cut your thumb, let me bandage it.

Give me your thumb. Whose photo is this?

This is the photo of my twins Gamamatin snatched..

.them from the cradle.

They'd be as young as you by now.

Unfortunately, if they will come in front of me..

.. I won't be able to recognize them.

What happened? Is it paining a lot?

After years I saw my blood that's why tears started flowing.

Fool it's a small cut.

I got so much motherly love because of this.

And I found a son.

Okay, I'll leave, I am not feeling well.

Avinash, Avinash, you?

It seems you ran away from that place.

Good, did you learn anything about Gamamatin?

Who is he? Where does he live?

What is his reality?

Tell me Avinash? Why don't you say something?

I was blindfolded, I couldn't see anything and..

..when they came to know that l don't know anything about them..

.they threw me on the road.

Even Nafisa didn't tell you anything.

I told you friend I don't know anything.

But how can it be..

Vicky are you his friend or only a police officer?

Can't you see he is not well..

....you can ask him about everything tomorrow. - Mother?

Vicky, let it be, go son, go to your home and relax.

Listen Avinash, there is a party tonight at Chinoy's residence..

..we'll talk there, will you come there?

No brother, but tomorrow morning..

..I will come to the police station to give my statement.

Happy lndependence Day, cheers. Cheers.

Chinoy do you want to stand in election?

If it is the only way to do something for the country..

.then I'll do this too.

I have only one motive to do good for the country.

Excuse me.

Good evening everybody, good evening Mr. Dayal.

Mr. Dayal, she's my mother. - Hello. Vicky, where is Mr. Chinoy?

He was just here, come here I will introduce you.

Excuse me sir, the photo I sent to the T.V. centre..

..it will be telecast..

.today, it is about to come, may I switch on the T.V.

This is an important bulletin, 27 years ago a man whose name..

..was Gamamatin abducted these twins from Bharatpur. We have..

..an appeal for the audience, that if they have any information..

..about this matter please meet the Crime Branch lnspector Vikram.

Whoever will give the information, will be suitably rewarded.

Vicky, I have seen this photo somewhere?

I can't remember it, but I am sure I have seen it.

Try to remember it, dear, where have you seen it?

Yes, try to remember, where have you seen it, Neeta?

I have seen it at.. Avinash's residence of course at Avinash's..

..residence, this photo is there in Avinash's album.

Zaka, don't waste even a second, you know it, if somebody is not..

..of our use, then what we should do?

Impossible. - Yes. - He is the son of Barrister Surender Nath.

No Vikram, very few people know this..

.. that he didn't have any son, that's why he adopted Avinash.

It means, Avinash, is my son.

Avinash, is my brother.

I met him so many times but I couldn't recognize him.

We should rush to his residence.

Yes lets go and we will tell him this happy news. - Lets go mother.

Hello. - You devil, don't pretend did you recognize me or not?

Who? Junior? - Not Junior, your father.

Don't pretend anymore, smart ass..

..you sent me to assassinate my own mother?

Speak, why don't you say something?

Where has your voice gone?


Avinash my brother, where are you?

Oh so you are here, why are you sitting in the dark?

Probably you don't know that..

..you are not only my friend but also my brother.

And my mother is your mother too.

Come on my son embrace me.

Avinash. Avinash, Avinash, oh God.

No, it's not possible.

If I come to know about that sinner then.

Mother I know who is that sinner, he is Gamamatin, mother.

Gamamatin! - Yes mother, he is the one who is the culprit of the..

..van robbery case and my brother's murder it is, Gamamatin.

But who he is nobody else knows other then you?

Yes mother, you saw him..

..and you know him also, there must be something..

..every man has hisown style of sitting, walking,..

.talking, writing, just remember something.

Yes I remember, I've a letter which was written by him years ago, in..

..which he demanded ransom for returning my boys, it may help you.

Sir, has come.

Can you tell us lnspector who is the murderer of Mr. Avinash?

He is the same Gamamatin who has committed..

.the van robberies also.

Does the police know the real Gamamatin?

Do you have any proof which will take you to Gamamatin?

I have a letter which was written by him years ago.

Many culprit have been caught by their finger prints, but..

.today I will catch him very soon by his handwriting.

This is not only a letter but the news of his death. I know..

..wherever you are Gamamatin you must be listening to my..

..voice, then listen to it carefully, 27 years ago, you killed my..

..father, lnspector Bhargav.

I've the same blood running in my veins.

Gamamatin the battle which..

..you started long back I will finish it now.

Henceforth, l, announce a war against you..

..I will not spare you. - Who the hell are you to fight with me?

..I can remove your uniform and parade you on the street,..

..otherwise my name is not Gamamatin?

Zaka. take a life or give your life but I need that letter anyhow.

If he has seen your interview then he will be more careful.

Not careful, he will be worried. If you want the rat to come out..

..of his hole then you have to show him a piece of cheese.

He will surely make a mistake by seeing this letter and we have to..

..wait until he makes that mistake.

Hello! Madam Savitri.

Gamamatin! - Your memory is very good, I was thinking that..

..after so many years you won't be able to recognize me I was only an..

..ordinary union leader in Bharatpur but here in Bombay..

..I am a famous, honorable, millionaire, Chinoy.

So you are, Chinoy, I'll call the police.

It seems you want to repeat the past, better still I'll call Vikram.

It will be good if everything is solved in one go.

Hello, Crime Branch, lnspector Vikram, here.

Hello? Hello?

But before that think,.. - Hello? now whom would you like to..

..hang,your adopted son, Vikram or your own son, Avinash?

Avinash? - Hello? - Is he alive?

Yes, he is still breathing,..

.the dead body you found was of..

..your other son who came to know my truth, that's why I had to..

But I have taken very good care of Avinash, look there he is..

..Iooking up while sitting so relaxed in that imported car.

Avinash! - Mother, don't listen to him, he is after Vicky's life..

..don't worry about my life.

My son! - He doesn't know even that you are his mother..

..I am scared of thinking that you..

..might have to cry for your second child.

What do you want?

He should leave his job? - Mother?

What are you saying, sister Savitri?

When the criminal is within his grasp you want him..

.to turn retrace his steps. What nonsense?!

A mother can't see beyond his son's life.

I found Vicky when I had lost almost everything..

..now he is everything for me, brother.

Sister Savitri, if you are forcing him to leave his job for the sake..

..of your love then I can also not accept his resignation..

..as the senior police officer.

Vikram you will not leave the job.

Leave it brother, if anything happens to him then you will..

..Ioose nothing, somebody else will replace him.

Your not short of officers.

..bring him back? Answer me?

Mother, what happened to you so suddenly? You wanted me to..

..become a Police Officer and punish the enemies of the society.

And now you are telling me to leave.. - Enough!

Don't argue with me. I don't want to listen to anything.

This is a resignation letter, you only have to sign it,..

.think it over, you love your mother or your job?

I am sorry sir, I don't want to loose my mother at any cost.

What happened inspector? All your enthusiasm has vanished away?

Yesterday, you were talking big things on T.V..

.that I announce a war and blah, blah. But today you are giving..

..your resignation, Commissioner I told you earlier also that you..

..have put a lot of faith on a new officer.

Son, don't forget to remove your uniform before leaving..

..you're no more an lnspector.

Good bye, Bachelor.

Hello, Crime Branch, Sawant here, lnspector Vikram one moment.

Sir, your call.

Hello. - Listen to this carefully..

..your Anita is in my hand so you've to do whatever I say, otherwise..

..you will be called the murderer of your love.

What nonsense are you speaking? Talk to her. Vicky? - Anita!

He is after that Gamma's letter. Anita where are you calling from?

Don't worry about me. - Enough! Hello? Anita!

If you will not come to Versova Gym with the letter at sharp 8 then?

Hello, hello? Tonight at Versova Gym.

Tonight at Versova Gym, there will be some problem.

So you came lnspector. - Where is Anita? - You'll get her.

First give me that letter. This is your letter.

Your Anita is there.

You son of a bear tell me where is Gamamatin otherwise I'll kill you?

I don't know anything.

You still have a chance tell me, where is he? - No.

Tell me where is Gamamatin?

I got his uniform removed, Zaka will be coming with the letter.

Ask all of them to throw their guns otherwise I will kill all of them.

Now your game of hide and seek is finished, Mr. Chinoy alias..

..Gamamatin, lets go to the police station, the rest..

..of your game will be played there.

Stop Vikram, if you arrest me then your mother will be very..

..sad I am telling you the truth. She is a shameless..

If you will speak anything about my mother then I will kill you.

This is the truth just think..

..why she didn't recognize me at the police station.

She wants that her other son should live,..

..who murders at the mere drop of my hat.

Had you been an lnspector..

..you would've arrested us both and we would be hanged.

That's why she forced you to give up your uniform.

Probably she'll not be able to bear the grief of her second sons death.

After all, he's her blood, her own son.

He's not like you who was..

..brought up as an orphan, he has parents.


Vicky, what's the decision you have taken?

The same that you wanted. I've left the job.

I knew it you will never disobey me.

Yes, If you want me to do anything else for the sake of your child..

..I am ready for that too. What are you saying son?

Stop it! Enough of this fake mother and son relationship.

Do you remember once I asked you if you will get your sons back..

.then will you be able to give me the same love..

..if there will be same place in your heart for me, you were silent at that time..

.. but today I've got the answer of that silence.

Now I've come to know why you forced me to resign from the police?

Why you did not recognize Gamamatin at all?

Whatever I did, was for the sake of our well being, Vicky?

You are just lying.

You did that not for our sake but for the sake of your son..

..because he is a murderer and a criminal.

Police is searching for him. But you don't worry.

I will not tell this secret to anybody not even to the police.

Because it's the time to pay you back for what you did for me.

Congratulations for your son. Where are you going, Vicky?

You have already removed me from your heart..

..I am just leaving the house.

"Life just see my miserable condition."

"Life just see my miserable condition."

"Life just see my miserable condition."

"Give answer to each and every question of mine."

"Either give me poison or give me liquor, you give me liquor."

"Life just see my miserable condition."

"l couldn't fall like a tear, I couldn't speak,..

..neither could I keep quiet."

"Don't give me so much pain so that I could not bear it."

"What happened to my joys? Just tell me?"

"Either give me poison or give me liquor, you give me liquor."

"Life just see my miserable condition."

"Luck made me angry on myself."

"Luck has taken my own away from me."

"Fate turned my good luck to curses."

"Give me back all my stolen dreams."

"Either give me poison or give me liquor, you give me liquor."

"Life just see my miserable condition."

"Give answer to each and every question of mine."

"Either give me poison or give me liquor, you give me liquor."

"Life just see my miserable condition."

Vikram your resignation.

Sir what are you doing?

You know who is he? - Avinash. Wrong, he is his twin. - What?

According to the postmortem, he does not have..

..any wound on his head, which Avinash had.

Vicky, mother will be really happy to know that Avinash is still alive.

But she already knows he is alive. What?

This is a plan of Gamamatin..

..Avinash is in his web that's why he is black-mailing my mother.

Then your mother can tell us who is Gamma Martin?

Ask me sir. I will tell you who is he?

Who is he? - The biggest millionaire of Bombay and your good friend,..

..Mr. Chinoy, is Gamamatin.

Chinoy is Gamma Martin? - Yes sir,..

..my mother would've revealed the secret at the police station..

..but because of Avinash she kept quiet.

Then you take your men..

Sir, I started this case and I shall finish it.

Give me only 24 hours.

Wherever he is I will not spare him.

What Commissioner Saxena knows everything.

Staying here is dangerous Bona, make my arrangements for Bali.

The time has come to answer Vikram's challenge..

.the war will take place there only.

Before leaving should we finish her Gamamatin.

No Raghu, she is our last pawn.

Gama, whatever you said I did it, now please return my son to me.

There is still one more job left for you..

..you have to send Vikram to Bali for me.

No, I will never do it. Then forget Avinash.

I will not let you go, swine, where is Avinash?

Mother. - Mother. Mother are you all right?

My son. - Yes mother.

I forced you to leave the job because he forced me to do that,..

..in lieu of that he would leave Avinash..

..but he deceived me he took him away, with him.

Where did he take him?

To Bali. - Bali?

Yes mother, in Bali somebody shoot at on his orders.

It seems that I have to go to his city to settle all the issues there.

He wants that you should go to Bali. Why don't you understand, Vicky?

Why he has left me alive. So that I should tell you to go to Bali..

..and then they can, no, no, you will not go to Bali.

You don't worry mother, nothing will happen to me.

Today my duty and my promise which I had made to my father..

..inspector Bhargav, are forcing me to go to Bali.

Please give me your blessings mother.

Tell Gamamatin after giving a challenge sending..

..his errand boys is the work of a coward..

.. but I will give him an equal chance.

Tell him it will be sensible to come out and face me in the open.

Explain it to him properly.

You can't make good weapons out of bad iron ore...

What your father couldn't do you will not be able accomplish it.

You just take care of this girl and Avinash.

With the first rays of the sun I will take care of Vikram.

"This world is a ground for battle and the life is a struggle."

"This is the battle between lies and the truth,..

.to fight is your work."

"l have seen death and the enemy is standing in front of me."

"Lord Krishna told Arjun don't show your love for the enemy..

..fight them, - Yes, fight them. Fight them."

Don't worry lnspector,..

..I'll not kill you with this toy, in fact I'll kill you with this.

What happened? Are you shocked lnspector.

This is called the falcon's claws.

This is called the walk of a cheetah.

This is called the bear's grab.

This is called the criminal taming punch.

This is called messing up of the face technique.

And this is called shut your opponents mouth technique.

Good-bye Mr. Lawyer, bye-bye Anita.

Bye-bye Bona.

Fire! Avinash!

Oh God!

No, no, no.

Stop it, Avinash. Get off Vicky.

My anger will subside only after killing him.

Don't go insane, Avinash, even I mourn the death of my brother..

..and the ruin of my mother's life..

..but I promise you I'll make his life like that..

..of a living corpse in jail.

Mother. - Avinash my child, my son...

.. today my heart is relieved after so many years.

Yes mother now nobody will be able to separate you from your son.

Vicky! - Yes mother.

Moin-ud-din Khan, you will be happy to know that court has..

.. forgiven the rest of your punishment. You are free now.

So at last you fulfilled your promise, Vikram, now you have..

..all the rights to take this medal. Thank you, sir.

What a job, sir, hats off, Moin-ud-din is free..

..brother is united..

..with brother and mother has got her lost son.

Everybody is happy, everybody has got something..

..but what have I got? Nobody's bothered about that?

You've got a hero with a medal, why don't we celebrate with..

..something sweet.