Yves Saint Laurent (2014) Script

Burned the farm Pied des Vignes, two acres.

Where is it? - Rio Salado, the army is there. Help yourself.

Here in Oran, does not feel both events.

It is central Algiers, it will bomb, shootings.

And his son? - I'm happy with it.

He said he will present his collection at Maison Prome.

But not surprised he was hired by Dior.

He always wanted that.

With such a stylish mom.

Do you like my dress?

Yes, it's beautiful.

Gotta work?

I can always work well here.

It should be you for inspiring me.

Michelle, stay at the table. - But I'm done.

Met his friends?

Well, I'll make the gown Marie Haizmann.

I'm doing the design.

Who will she marry?

A son of settler Mascarin.

With everything that is happening they will live there?

No. They took an apartment on Avenue Lupet.

It's safer.

When I'm in Paris, I sometimes think of here.

I believe in you.

And I'm terribly distressed.

Monsieur Mathieu Saint Laurent ...

Good morning, Sr. Dior.

Jean, Victoire, Hello.

I do not see how you want decrease the size without better centralizing.

Yes, if I may ...

What do you think, Mademoiselle?

I like it a lot.

It will give thousands of rounds around the Earth.

It's amazing, isn't it?

Actually, I guess that does not interest me much.

What was it called? Sputnik.

What a funny name.

It is. Seems good for a dog.

Works, want to see? Sputnik? Come here.

Come here, Sputnik! How beautiful!


Victoire! Phone. I'm going.

Everything okay, Yves? You are half yellow.

No, I'm fine, thanks. Take care of yourself!

And eat! It is necessary at your age.

The boss counts on you.

Got it.

It just bothers me.

It's true. You need to eat. Yeah, but I'm not hungry.

Who is she talking so long?

Theron is the arm of Paris-Match Give up on her all the time.

Really? How is he?

He is attractive, a handsome man.

But is not too high. Just want to see.

Victoire, will it take long? We miss you.


Love Just for a moment That's what I want Love Just for a moment You, Karl?

Go on, continue.

I need to feel free, that's what I know Look here! Lagerfeld?

I started singing And just try not to make me something of yours Just love me for a moment Not gonna hurt me Kiss Me Now, my little star

What do you want?

What do I want? I don't know.

Stop, you're hurting me.


He does not give more to the Rille?

What are you talking about?

Look at you, taking coke through a straw?

It's wild. What did you say?

I'll marry you ... What?

I said I'll marry you.

Just love me for a moment Not gonna hurt me Kiss Me Now, my little star

Yves ... You were so young.

So beautiful. So shy.

So radiant.

We haven't met, and you alone would face their first battle.

A collection of art represents moments of life.

And today, I'm selling our collection.

Many of our objects were bought in pairs, Because they were chosen, appreciated and loved by two.

Today, standing alone and without you, I can not even see them.

This auction takes up all my time.

I have to answer the same questions endlessly.

"As this collection was assembled?"

"What were your and my favourite picture?"

I'm repeating the same thing.

Yves, you appreciated the beauty.

It is not known where the tastes are born, instincts...

NOBODY teaches us.

Be there from where we came, we were born with them.

Like Christian Dior, the French Haute Couture loses one of its main representatives.

One of his most prestigious names.

Even princesses have accepted the laws of Dior.

Every thought and action it were devoted to this manifestation of human genius that is fluid, and elusive, yet durable, called 'Fashion'.


They are waiting for you. Okay.

The future of the Maison provided by that Christian Dior had established.

The studio will be headed by Mrs. Raimond-Zenacker.

The director of sales remain Yvonne De Peyerimhoff.

And Anne-Marie MuŮoz will be director of the workshops.

Finally, the artistic direction, will be entrusted to Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent, Christian Dior's assistant.

Monsieur, don't you feel too young to direct a major Maison of French Haute Couture?

I still do not know.

Can you tell us what do you want to do on your first show?

I will try to do my best, of course.

Lock myself in my room all day and night and I'm going to draw.

How do you feel at this exact moment?

I can not say everything I feel.

Sadness, anguish ... and also joy, confidence.

And also afraid of failing.

But I will devote myself to the end.

Addition, make my oath.

At that time, I barely knew fashion.

I believed only in the most fine arts.

Literature, painting Iím a painter.

You can stop this ugly guy? I've had enough, I am tired.

It never ends, ask him to leave.

Stop crying. I have sold only five tables in Paris.

Bernard, you will end up under the bridge... and what a bridge.

May God hear you. Sorry.

You're lucky, sweetheart.

Think you'll find your Pigmalion?

It's kind of dark. There is another picture...

I will introduce it to my painter.

Bernard, remember Marie Louise Bousquet, Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar?

Good evening. I wanted to bring Yves Mathieu Saint Laurent.

But the whiz kid is too busy.

It is the favourite painter of him. Thank you.

I need to organise a dinner.

He admires him a lot, but he is so shy.

I'm too shy.

What fun dinner. Be wary of shy.

They rule the world.

Even so, I will arrange dinner But without you, Jean.

A 32.

It was great. Hit the trim.

Thank you.

Let's call him "Bobby."

Thank you, Ms.. Thank you very much.

Are you sure? Naming of dogs to them, will not be bad?

No, no way.

I grew up surrounded by dogs and love them.

They are part of me.

Hello, Victoire. Hello.

The 42.

Let's call it "Valentine". As the daughter of Zizi Jeanmaire.

Very young like this, very cheerful.

Flawless. I like a lot.


Thank you, Victoire. Thank you.

Wow, he's really cute!

Yeah, but just like men. Glad.

Otherwise we would fight among us to have it.

It was also the latest model? Yes, it's over.

We need to rest, Mr.

What? The distribution The room of the runway/

Right. But Monsieur should know ...

Caring for susceptibilities, believe, is a whole policy.

The first line is not enough for everyone.

Yvonne, you know you donít understand it.

But it is important to organise.

Mr. Dior himself gave the directions ...

But I'm not Mr. Dior!

Forgive me for insisting, but... Do not insist!

I can not! I can not.

Very well, Mr.

Number 52.

"Good Conduct".

Number 26.


Beside Charlerrot Mont, who is she?

She is Carmel Snow, from Harper's Bazaar.

And to her right, Helťne Nazareth, from Elle.

Nice hat. - It's ...

Number 19.


Number 42 -. Slightly more, but beautiful.


Thank you very much.

Don't move.

Turn back.

Number 62.

"La Rouge".

It's pretty good. Thank you, Victoire.

You donít like it?

Yes, a lot. Very classic.

Itís Dior.

Number 42.


It is magnificent that simplicity, that lightness.

It's almost a "laisser aller".

And that all this construction is that Dior temple.

And the "Saint Pierre" is served with what?

A "Ratatouille" with fresh vegetables.

Can Saint Pierre with "pommes dauphines"?

No, no.

I'll take ... The Chateaubriant ...

With a ratatouille.

No, sorry. A salad.

I'll let you think about the options.

Some people do not know what they want.

Well, I understand.

Out of my job I can not do anything.

I'm lost.

Thank you, Yves.

At this point?

If you knew a true mentally ill.

Hardly know even write a check.

Not even Yvonne?

Mr. you have other talents. You are kind.

Are you a spoiled child? Exactly.

Why, aren't you? No.

My mother was a schoolteacher and was more severe with me than with the other students. I had to turn around.

He fled her ... Since child.

Where was it? La Rochelle.

I, in Oran.

When you came to do his thanks, just ...

It seemed a seminarian.

But I passed by the priests.

When you will go to Provence, Bernard?

Next week.

And you, Yves?

Well, I go visit my family in Algeria.

In Algeria? There's war, isn't it?

Must end. It's the rotten part of France.

I'm sorry for you.

So, accept my apologies.

No, I did it. I should have avoided talking about it.

No, it's okay.

And I'm not willing to go this summer.

I want to change.

So come with us.

The countryside has style, Giono, I have a great chef, Cicadas. And there you suppose?


No thanks. I do not drink.

Yves, I just think his portrait.

Thank you.

We will be how many for dinner tonight?



I thought I cultivated fidelity, but with you, remember?

It all happened very fast.


There is room to reform.

Good night, Zizi. Hello, Victoire.

How do you do? Very well, thank you.

I present to you my husband, Roger.

A great admirer of yours.

I'll show your office.


Beautiful, isnít it? Very cute.

And back there is the office of Pierre.

Where are the rooms? We only have one.

So actually we live together.

Yes Why didn't you tell me?

You are happily married with Paris-Match , is not it?

Come, I will show them the balcony.

Pierre? Pierre.

You know my friend, Victoire?

I know your image by magazines.

Hello She's the woman with whom I always wanted to marry.

Stop it.

My one-third, prepare vodkas.

Is she jealous?

You have fun.

I'm not so nice as well.

Mom, maybe you should get out there, you never know.

And where would we?

Here is our home, our country.

What does Dad think?

What do you think? He thinks like me.

I can not imagine. I...

What happened, dear?

You know ... I do not know if I can postpone.

If drafted, I will not.

Not be able to do this.

Yves, nobody would believe you seeing using weapons.

Mom, I'm sorry.

Gently lift the arms, so ...

What are you thinking?

It's a fair bit. Here tightens?


Yves, did you knew that Karl took the artistic direction of Patou?

Give my kiss to him.

Why do not we dance? He misses you.

Roger is closing the issue.

And Rossi must finish London.

Lord, donít forget the reporters.

Again? What do they want?

They want to make an appointment.

Why did you tell them that I am here?

But you could go, couldn't it, Mr. Saint Laurent?

Stop press, I'm working.

Give me peace.

Give me ... That dress doesn't. You can't even.

Can you leave us alone, please?

I said, get out!

You too, Yvonne. All right, sir.

Where is the chantum, gray, I need to finish.

This isnít! Yves, what is it?


I design.

I design, I design not to listen.

I need to finish it.

Not listen to what? The screams, or the silence.

Always continues. Ever since the beginning.

Yves? Continue.

Calm down. Yves, I'm here.

I need to finish it. I'm here.

You have the talent.

Of the rest, I care.

I will always support you. Really?

I received my letter of incorporation.

Were you summoned by the army Mr. Saint Laurent?

Will he have time to present his new show?

Will he always be the "little prince" of fashion?

Let the questions for later, please.

Who are you? Pierre Berger.

Please. He's too busy.

Let him quiet. And the events in Algeria?

Donít you have something to say?

My only battle is to dress women.

Battle? Just to appear in press?

Lady... My son died in Algeria.

He had his age. How do you answer that?

I HAVE shame in the face!

"Yves Saint Laurent hesitates to take up arms.

Political education or opportunism? "

Clearly they do not understand.

Mr. Boussac, give me a little more time.

Time? I have no time.

The press will end us if we do not react now.

And you are still too young to resist such attacks.

You could ... Sir, I feel Very well at the artistic direction of Maison Dior in Paris.

I'm not in the habit of escaping criticism.

And flee your duties as a citizen does not bother you?

You already got me a postponement ...

Not so simple.

Days later, you responded to the order of incorporation.

But the army and you ...

Empty your pockets, please.

Can not get past the Val de Grace hospital.

This is not a prison, I think.

Iím Dr. Schellner, chief of psychiatric service.

It was I who called you.

There is a simple crisis.

Oh Sr. Mathieu-Saint Laurent is maniac and depressive.

What are you Sir?



Are you willing to confront this?


Hello, Pierre.

You will not stay here long.

I want to sleep.

Are you comfortable?

His mother is in Fontainable Hotel next door.

Why won't you see her?

Now I'm tired.

I just want to be left in peace.

I'm tired ...

I would like ...

Do you want something to drink?


Iíll offer you anything to eat. The food here is ...

It is an ordeal.

You wonít like it.

Back in Oran...

A tail was like a criminal.

At school...

At St. Louis they...

They hit me.

Locked me in the bathroom, "fagot".

Fagot, that's what I heard.

I came home all busted and...

She did not take care of me.

Not cared for me.


Look at me.

I want to be alone, quiet.

Now go away, please.

Go away.

Please look at me.

Whether you want to continue living or dying?

If you want to die, I can not do anything for you.

Boussac took advantage of the occasion to break his contract.

He replaced you.

He has no right to fire you as well.

Let's fight. Look, Pierre, I wish I could design.

Create independently. Can you understand that?

With my dresses, with my designs, I ...

I try to express myself. If you stop me, I will die.

Do you understand? I'll die of boredom.

You need to rest.

He is still fragile. But you're not.

You're strong, right?

We should open our own Couture Maison.

Yes, I want to live.

But I want to live with you.

Hello, doctor.

Mr. Berger... You're late.

Yeah, I'm sorry. Things are complicated.

Want something to drink?

No thanks. I have a meeting in a half hour.

I'm listening to you.

I want to turn the courts to Dior, abusive to break contract.

Boussac did what he wanted to Yves, he wants him to pay for it.

No, what are you thinking?

At 700 francs for damages and any applicable interest.

Are you aware that attacking Boussac is attacking the richest man in France?


Boussac sure no one dares to attack him.

Nor distrust. It is his weakness.

It was not easy to get.

The Baron's friend Roger.

Listen to what they say and not show your game right away.


Morel. How are you?

Hello Sirs.

Thank you.

Hello, Sr. Berger. Hello.

What a delight. Gentlemen.

I was telling him how much I admire Baron.

You are very kind.

You know nothing about fashion and you will launch in the world of haute couture, requiring huge investments?

To do business you need to take risks.

But businesses are not Russian roulette.


Gentlemen, in this case, our capital is called Yves Saint Laurent with his enormous talent.

Not sure what a psychiatric hospital is a deposit of gold.

How so?

Currently, Mr. Berger...

Your project seems to me... risky.

I hope you do not leave mad.

But perhaps in the future, whether we are looking for him.

If you think so...

We can not continue like this.

There is no profit margin.

And this is the cheapest.

I do not know what to do.

Yes, he told me. Say what?

Pierre? Say what?

Pierre, look at this!

Without consequences, isnít it?

It has been said and repeated, Yves, itís a side effect of treatment.

This is talk, look, are tufts.

I'm losing tufts of hair.

He always talks to you like that?

It is because nobody wants to invest in you you will fill me with that hair.

The fact is that you do not find anyone to invest, that's the problem.

Like two whores of Hamburg.

Karl, please. It's complicated.

Sorry, Roger. And if you come to New York?

Does he wants to do panties in New York?

And why not? At this point.

What design is this? That's funny.

Yes, it's funny, Karl. I know it is.

It is to show the Zizi Jeanmaire.

A large male pullover and a black leotard. Incredible!

And why am I the last to know?

Because your husband does not count.

Yeah, but I work, my dear.

Lucky you.

Yves, you are a genius.


We win.

That's the good news.

And what's the bad? We canít get 700 thousand.

Only 680,000.

It does not hurt.

Withdraw the 20,000 missing from your fees.

No, just kidding. How much is missing?

Double. Really? That's it?

Fuck the money. The important thing is to have succeeded.


We win!

Good day. The Paris-Match , please.

Paris-Match , there it is.

Needed to find investors anyway.

Victoire helped us.

The Paris-Match published:

"Yves Saint Laurent opens his own Maison de couture".

It was a huge bluff with two million copies.

And a millionaire in Atlanta bet on us.

Who else?

Marise, an employee. Manage orders as anyone.

And Denise, the control will be most happy to help.

She has an amazing fidelity.

And Ferdinand. Who is he?

The doorman. Knows the habits of customers, a gold mine.

But he retired. Six months ago.

Can I talk to him. I'll do that.

With the Boran collection was a delight It was amazing what he did.

Okay, find a substitute.

Right. And who will choose the mannequins?

Anne-Marie? No, no ...

Okay, then.

I think...

The long dress will look great on Raffaele.

The small tube in Esther.

The plisse skirt will look very elegant in Anne.

For Victoire, the dress with veils.

Girls, after the runway may use them in public during the season.

Come on, girls, let's go.

Thank you, ladies.

How awful. Why do it?

It does not hurt, Yves.

It does not hurt. What is it?

Look at the horror, look.

Has the audacity to cut my hair.

But you're just beautiful, sophisticated.

Lost roster, cheese.

Maybe, I'll wear a hat. Is it?

And the second entry? A Wig, find her one.

I have a wig. Of course.

Marianne, are you ready?

Hello, Mrs. Snow. Thanks for coming.

Thank you. Hello Mrs., did you have a good trip?

You are superb.

Mr. Mathieu Saint Laurent... Mr. Saint Laurent!

I chose to use the name of the couturier.

Can I see my child? No is busy with mannequins.

Ivonne when Elizabeth Arden arrive do not put her next to Helena Rubinstein. She hates her.


Zizi, his Roland did not come?

No, he's on tour.

He works too hard. Princess Radziwill ...

Glad you came. Really.

Fernando, thanks for coming to New York, I loved it.

And the lingerie?

On Park Avenue, all use. It is a triumph!

Very well. Very well.

Sorry, hello! How are you?

Karl did not come? No, he is doing ...

PrÍt-Š†-porter now. Like Cardin.

He thinks couture is prehistoric.

The girls are ready? Marianne, ready?

Leonard, hello?

It's time. Enough!

Stay focused, calm down. Begins in five minutes.

Use your charm.

Victoire, fast.




It fits well. Great.

Thank you, may go.


Yves, turn.

Go there.

Congratulations, Yves.


Congratulations to all!

"With soft forms, and elegance without interest, to rival Chanel, Saint Laurent shows in purity.

Although producing a good collection, it does not bring anything really new.

It's all taken care of, but monotonous.

The future will tell us if it is not just a flash in the pan."


They expected too much.

I could only disappoint them.

But you're right, scored them.

Fashion is not an art major.

It is not even an art.

To do it how you do, an artist is needed.

The artist is teasing me.

It's true. Turn yourself.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling.

I love you. What?

I love you. I donít understand.

How dare you!

Go to the front of the mirror, let's hit.

But you canít. Give, yes.

You can not take a look. Give, yes.

So itís perfect.

His vision of perfection always makes ...

Clouds! Look.

No, please.

No, we donít send the designs. We sent the clothes ...

We make clothes here, of course. In Paris...

But it's couture. Quality is the most important.

Yes, quality. Sir, the meeting of 16h...

I think Is the U.S., let me.

Not a good idea... I'm on the phone! Damn!

Excuse me. Yes.

It may take five or 17 dresses ...

25 dresses?

Saint Laurent is in the studio? Yes Need to send flowers to Ivonne.

White roses. I sent them.

Thank you.

I'm having dinner with the Duchess of Windsor...

I sold 25 pieces to Hartmann.


Ask Pierre to go out with you.

He can take her dancing, walking by the bars.

No. Actually, it's not his specialty.

It is more spaghetti at home.

But now would be good. It has its charm, of course.

Pierre, you are kind, will give a dinner at Victoire.

She is alone. I'm alone.

Look at the poor thing.

Who is alone? I am.

It's her. I am.

Will be ready soon.

At least disguise.

Or what? He supports me.

But like you, Victoire. Really?

Yes, of course. And that's just me talking with Yves and you may roll?

Gets aggressive, starts barking.

I am barking? Lately all the time.

Okay, and bark is not like you.

You are very false and affected with Yves.

Banking director. You named me.

But you are not at the level.

What's more, order dinner. Finished dinner!

What are you doing there?

They're here. Do not let journalists waiting.

Amazing, look. It is magnificent!

Yes, it is very beautiful. Come on.

How much does it costs? I do not know. I will send the invoice.

Here it is.

Hello, ladies.

Hello. Mr. Saint Laurent.

Hello Hello Nice. Nice.

Mr. Saint Laurent after 26 years you own your own Maison de Couture.

What are you up to?

Do less crap, mostly.

Say that to the extent that ...

I assumed responsibilities too early.

And... I sometimes have the feeling ...

Iím not to be living my youth.

The day after gruelling day super gifted in fashion Is it not too heavy?

I think those words a bit pretentious.

Let's say that without the seamstresses, my designs would be nothing.

It is a manual art, first of all.

A collective work.


Whether it's for better stop talking nonsense.

Please excuse me, I have work waiting.

But ... Mr. Berger will answer you.

Fruit juice or champagne, which one prefer ladies?

Yes, well ... Yes?


Excuse me or Mr. Laurent ...

He is too modest.

He may even apologize to exist.

This softens. I think so.

But he's right, fashion is not just talk, it's hard work.

And, by the way, instead this interview, which would find the ... see the work? Behind the scenes, the workshops ...

The next show? Yes, with pleasure.

So we will.

That does not stop us from drinking a glass.

I did nothing wrong, was not only among us, agree?

They didnít like it, is it?

Itís not that bad, right?

It's fun, isnít it? They are all there in the cell waiting to take pictures.

Too much fun ...

As she is angry, my goodness.

Will say that I never made it?

Hunt down so no. I forgot, it's true ...

You are a real man. Are you who you say.

And how to be one, I know?

I do not know, ask Victoire. She loved it.

Before, no "settler" was said.

I felt like French.

French Algeria. I can not forgive France.

Took a decision?

We're still hesitating.

I do not want to leave Oran.

And you, Brigitte, do you already know where you will live?

Robert and I believe in Nice or Monaco.

And you, Dad? Where my daughter is.

That's what I like.

You can leave if you want, I'll be in Paris.

So you will not feel alone.

But I'm not alone, you know.

Well, I must go.

When deciding for apartment or house, let me know. Take care of everything.

Want me to stay with you in Paris, my dear?

Yes, of course.

This is leather?

Long boots are the crocodile patent leather.

It is modern.

Thank you, Ms..

Sporting group. Cover black tarp.

Ladies brown jacket. The new YSL woman's silhouette.

It's the trend in that war parties of Elisha.

Thank you, Victoire. These gentlemen are not here for tea.

The YSL woman is free, but its elegance remains.

Lace tunic, Chinese and black round.

Long boots, covered.

Where is Yvonne thought?

Humiliate me in front of these Chinamen .

Chinks are not, are Japanese.

And they donít come here to listen to your jokes.

No, I was betrayed by my bad english.

Of course I can ask him for a sum so.

No, but even in English I can count.

See you later.

It's working?

Why the face?

You told him?

I told him what? He is hateful.

Tell him without telling me.


Yeah, thanks for calling. Why signed without telling me?

There is a phone. Why did not you call me?

Thank you.

The boots, please.

And take off the tights too.

Thank you.

Trust is something that is given, thank you.

I am forced to watch something?

With that hair ... you look like a ragamuffin.

How much vulgarity, poor thing. It's scary.

Victoire! Let her go. Leave.

With this style of stevedore already ...

She forgot.

At work, girls.

Death must be something ...

A defect in inspiration.

The few seasons that have passed were very tender.

The world was changing.

Only talks of Courageís.

Chanel wanted to hire me. I said no, of course.

I knew you would not surrender.

Is stubborn and continues to invent.

His collection "Riant Monde" was a move of genius.

A dress has never been so copied.

The owner of Charles of the Ritz bought out the U.S. Atlanta, U.S..

It was the great beginning to our Maison.


Waiter, please!

I like you. What?

He said he liked you, watching you dance.

I think you're very beautiful.

Very modern, very blonde.

Do you agree to show my models?

Iím Yves Saint Laurent.

Here, please.

Here, please. Turn here.


I do not intend to let me enclose the ivory tower of couture.

I think the prÍt-Š†-porter is an opening for everyday, life day to day.

Intended for a category of people much broader and also more varied.

Laurent, the veils on models of the collection, Who designed them?

Well, just one person.

Sir, I suppose.

Yes Just opened its first store, which is the next step?

I'd like to go, believe me ...

Go away for a long time.

And then come back one day and see if I ... yet I want to make dresses.

Stop drinking, you've overreacted.

I'm just. No it's not.

I have four collections per year, what are you going to do?

I can not anymore, I'm tired. But it was what he wanted.

I did the rope to hang me and it is you who will pass it around my neck.

What else do you want? He has everything and drinks like crazy.

I do not understand what do you want?

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you.

That's it.

In Marrakesh, you have found the light, new colours ... the streets, in walls, women clothing class.

And maybe refound the scent of his youth.

Hello, Tanita.

I present my friend Loulou.

Loulou de la Falaise, delighted.



Your home is very beautiful.

Thank you.

These jewels are magnificent.

I love that touch.

Where are they from? From London.

And it was me who did the.

It's a bug giving laps around the Earth.

I'm impressed. Did it myself?



Thank you.

Here, try it.

Go. Laurent is good sex.

Where are you taking me?

Come, come.

What are you doing?

Secret meeting?

What is it? Try it.

Itís madjound . - What is madjound?

Are dates, pistachios ...

Go, try it.

Loulou experiment to experiment.

It was. But you have to swallow.

Try, Yves. I have bumped.

You will see unicorns.

It's a sweet, does not hurt. You'll see.

Are you watching?

It's good. I see.

Goes down easy.

Donít be looking at me like that.

Who's Winning? I am.

No, it's a lie. Tadeh again.

No this game, is humiliating. We'll see.

Taken by assault by the army, burn the barricades.

Where will it end?

I do not know.

If the left wins let us look bad.

A shop in Rive Gauche ...

Exactly, the shop closed, the neighbourhood is blocked.

I always saw my future as a financial catastrophe.

And be for communism, which will, Yves?

I will dress.

And work uniforms.

Also blouses, blouses, blouses and more.

And especially sweaters. In the early years ...

Your turn ...

I get the winner.

Your favourite heroines in real life?

My mannequins.

His favourite poet?

Pierre Berger. That's cute.

Your ideal of happiness on earth?

A large bed, full.

What feature in MEN do you prefer?

The hair.

And the woman?

The hair also.

Itís main feature?

The kindness.

The only, I'd say.

The most enjoying in your friends?

A joy.

What would be your biggest regret?

Losing hair. Maybe.

It's true. Going bald.

What natural gift would you like to have?

Physical strength.

How would you like to die?

In my bed, well filled.

What is now going through his head?

The smile.

What is your favourite season of the year?

I would say the spring.

Agree. I love the month of May.

I love it.

For ended. We are in June.

See you next year. Up there.

With your Liberation" collection, you caused a scandal.

Young woman wears YSL tuxedo like a challenge.

Was more than equal to men, became his opponent.

You took a liking to insolence.

Mistreated bourgeois, was a social gesture, revolutionary.

And the revolution sold a lot.

Swept all there was.

You were magnificent as Christ is a superstar.

The young seminarian had fallen behind.

Hide me. Hide me!

Stop talking, come dance a little.

Goodbye, friends. I'm leaving.

Bye, dear.

Bye Pierre. Where are you going?

It fills me with bullshit. I'm coming.

Just leaving this super party?

Let the star in their anonymity.

Everything okay, Karl? Hello, Pierre.

I hear you're into bodybuilding, my goodness.

So that your thighs ache?

What insolence!


YSL, this is Jacques de Bascher. My man.

Nice to meet you.

Why did Pierre left?

I do not know. I'm going after him.

Wait here.

Mr. Laurent, please. A photo.

No, please.

Mr. Saint Laurent?

Have a cigarette, please? Yes, of course.


How cute your friend! Can I get?

The worst is that your bullshit seen our advertising.

Recomposed sales, Charles of the Ritz is happy.

I do not know what came over me.

I can not control myself.

Only you can help me.

You do not hear anyone.

Yes, I hear you, I swear.

What do you want me to do?

If I surround himself with bodyguards, they will say I'm a tyrant.

A tyrant, I accept.

A profiteer who found that abuse.

Without you there would be nothing.

You are a genius, Yves.

You would be successful anyway.

This does not justify.

You had the genius.

I just knew you follow.

And despite everything that happened between us, this pact has never been disrespected.

"He belonged to that great, magnificent and pitiful family of unbalanced, which is the salt of the earth.

All we have is good brought by imbalanced.

They are and not others, who founded religions and composed great works.

Never know what the world owes them and especially what they suffered to achieve. "

This is music in your ears, isnít it?

You have consulted a psychiatrist in 15th.

I noted on your schedule.

Is it for Sr. Saint Laurent.

No, itís not for anyone.

I got this.

Before, Loulou, I had confidence in you.

I forbid you to bring drugs to Yves. Piss off.

Pierre, he asked me to work with him.


You can not isolate him so he has friends.

There are victims and executioners.

Here we have victims and executioners.

I ask you to empty your pockets and go there to see his friend.

Give him more care.

They are all looking over here for the picture!

That, Brigitte.

Youngest, smiling.

We are happy with the meeting.


One more?

Along with my son. Yes, of course.

Love smiles.


Congratulations. Thank you, Pierre.

Three months ago I do not see my son.

You push all who enjoy it.

Send the photo to you, Lucienne.

How dare you?

Santa, how will your business?

They are closed.

I closed it, I'm not so good at business.

I'm at the beach, for me is enough.

Do you miss Algeria? I do.

I have not yet thanked you for the car.

What car? The one you gave me.

It's a Fiat.

Do you like it? Yes, of course.

Very much. This is better.

What it is about?


Stop it, Charles! Come here!


Lawrence of Arabia.

Jacques, stop humiliating his cousin.

You like that, Karl.

Liar, will.

Wow, finally.

Jesus and Mary.


You think I'm a lost?

No, I would call ...

A whore.

Lost is ... It's very old fashioned.

I'm old fashioned.

So it is all explained.

You cost a fortune to Karl, is not it?

Karl my devil.

I give you as a token of my admiration.

No, I refuse to accept me.

Marrakesh had no longer the same brightness for us.

I was there, followed you.

Trying to help you, protect you.

Protect you from everything.

Perhaps too much.

You do not need to give me so many gifts.

No need to buy me.

It was a bad habit I acquired.

Do not send me any more these weights, I do not know where to keep them.

I'd rather see you every day.

You are the only man I want to grow old, you know?

You say the same to Karl.

I bank with him the Joker.

It's a comfortable situation.

But you worry me.

Scare me.

When we love, we are in danger.

That's what I like.


Open your eyes!

Look at me.

No sleep again.


I woke up. - Really?


Stop it!

I agreed.

Why do it?

Is he offended?

He likes you as well?

I think he nice.


He has a beautiful body.

He is charming.

I love him.

But the man in my life is you.

Thank you.

Jacques de Bascher saved the secret of our meeting until death.

He did it right.

I may not have principles, but I have word.

Hey, Jacques, itís me.


You bastard! What did you do?

What did I do?

Good evening. Hello So, where are we going?

For the revelry. End of night.

Not a big deal.

I'll look for my windbreaker.

Stand up and get out there.

Go! Get out! Get out.


You will not leave.

I will not leave?

I will not leave?


You're a loser!

It is a parasite.

You bastard!



My medications?


I found.


Okay? - I need to design yet.

Hello! Okay?

All right, sir?

You entered the illness as one comes into a religion.

But used his last strength to prepare their collections.

You just got happy twice a year.

In the spring ... and fall.

Instead, dear.

Anne Marie?

Why is the model wearing a green coat?

She is the fourth and another?

I do not know. I am not responsible for the order.

Jean Pierre? Why are addressing this here Iva and is not ready? - Here is reversed, the mantle is the second, and ...

Sandrine? - Mr. Saint Laurent designed it After the cocktail dresses.


Let's find out why.

Okay, Loulou.

Pretty much it. Very elegant.

Very well. Thank you.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen ...

The show will start. Move, move, move.

All ready?

Okay, Magali.

You, wait.

Yves? Okay? - Yeah, all right.

Come on, girl.

Come on, go.

Go thank, are waiting.

Thank you.


I'm here, Yves.

So cute.