Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005) Script

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Oh, man.

That's it.

Nice grab.

Oh, yeah.

All right, Danny, your turn. What? I didn't get my full turn.

You did. I counted. That was 25. That's what we said.

That's not fair. It's exactly fair.

Come on, Danny. Time for your turn, then I gotta work for an hour.

You're not the only one who gets a turn.

"The only one who gets a turn."


All right.

Keep your eye on the ball. You got it this time. Ready?

All right, that's a good try. It was a bad throw. It's a bad throw.

Sorry. My bad.

Okay. Here we go. You can do this.

Here we go. Ready?


A deep fly ball to right field.

Clemente back, running on his horse real fast.

Can he get it? Can he get it?

Oh, and Milton Bradley with his dive-and-roll catch.

Dodgers win. You're such a dick.

What? It was a great grab.


Danny, you should not be using that kind of language with your brother.

But it's true.

Listen, kiddo, when I was 6 years old...

Six and three quarters. When I was 6 and three quarters...

...catching was hard for me too.

Well, it's not hard for Walter.

Well, Walter's 10.

So? He's still better than me at everything.

No way. He's not better than you at piano.

I hate that stupid thing.

Someday you're gonna be really happy I got you that piano.

You'll be at a party, there'll be a girl... Like you and Mom?

Look, Danny... and Walter are different people.

He's good at some things, you're good at other things. That's how people are.

He beats me at everything.

Listen to me, this is important.

You're a very special kid.

That's what people say when they can't think of anything.

You know how you always make up games...

...and pretend to be characters?

You have an incredible imagination.

Amazing imagination. A whole universe of an imagination.

And I use my imagination for a living, so I know what I'm talking about.

Is it better than Walter's? What?

Is my imagination better than Walter's?

You're different than Walter.

Don't do that. You wanna play catch?

We just played catch. No, football catch.

I have to work for an hour.

But it's Saturday. Tell me about it.

All you ever do is work. Nice try.

This is so unfair. Hello.

Bill, I am so sorry.

I'll call you back in two minutes. Is that okay?


I have an important meeting this afternoon.

I've... I really have to be ready for it. You're going out?

Yes, I'm going out. Well, I'm going to a meeting.

You're gonna be at Mom's house. She's coming to get you at 3.

We go to Mom's tomorrow.

No, today. This is a four-day Dad week.

Three-day Dad week. Four-day last week...

...four-day next week, three-day this week.

Four-day Mom week this week.

But that's not fair.

To whom? To anyone.

I have to work.

We'd have all the time if Danny wasn't around.

Well, Danny is around.

All right, five throws.

How do I put this? Let me think. I have to work.

Dad, I'm ready to play "Smash Bros."

You told him you'd play "Smash Bros."?

I didn't tell him I was gonna play "Smash Bros."

You're playing catch with Walter? He might if you weren't around.

You're so mean. Everybody wants to ruin my life.

You never keep your promises.

There's only one of me, okay?

I don't like this situation either, it sucks, is what it does...

...but it's the best I could come up with.

So climb off my back and give me about two inches of space, will you?

There are some days, boys, when you gotta grow up all at once.

I need today to be one of those days.

Wanna play Chutes and Ladders?

No, you'll cheat.


No, you cheat at board games.

But you can't even cheat at Stratego.

Trust me, you'll find a way.

Hey. Sorry about that.

Oh, no, no, it's fine.

I'm not meeting him till 3:30, I can finish by then.

Walter, look what I found.

Those belong to me. Put them back.

But you never play with them.

So? They're still mine.

When did you get so mean?

I'm not mean, Danny.

I'm in fourth grade, I have a girlfriend.

You know how Dad said we have to grow up?

Well, this is what it looks like.

Can we please play "Army Men"?

Copy that.

Sergeant, there is a helicopter on fire. Let's get it.

The drawings all match the foam mock-up.

Get back here. Let me hold it.

Yes, red. Give me.

Cranberry, right. It's whatever color they picked.

I worked from the chits.

Can I call you back one more time? It's a small domestic emergency here.

I... I... I know. I know.

Dad. It's not a problem. Okay, thanks.

Look what he did. I was on the phone.

It was an accident. You're such a baby.

I'm not a baby. You break all my stuff.

You can't catch a ball... Enough.

...and nobody wants you around. You shut up!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

It's 10 minutes to the office.

I have to run off another copy. I'll be back.

You're gonna leave us alone in this creepy old house?

It's not creepy, it's old. I like Mom's better.

Well, so did she, and now it's hers.

Look, this is a very special house.

The reason I'm working to fix it up is I wanna make a home for us here.

I know it's not Mom's house, and I know it's a little creaky...

...but give it some time, it's gonna grow on you.

I don't wanna stay here alone.

Well, you're not gonna be alone. I'm going to wake up Lisa.

Don't wake up Lisa. What, are you crazy?

She's sleeping. Let her sleep.


Lisa. Honey.

Get up.

I need to go out. I need you to look after your two favorite people.

Come on.

I can't. I have a date tonight.

What time?

We're hooking up at, like, 8.

It's 2. So?

So that's six hours from now. What's your point?

I need you to look after the boys.

By the way, it makes me uncomfortable when you say "hooking up."

Why? It's not like it means anything.

Hope it doesn't. It doesn't. It's just an expression.

Hope it is. It is. God.

We never should have rented Thirteen.

Keep your eye on them. Make sure they don't burn down the house.

Okay? I'm not deaf.

I'm not deaf. What?

Dad, okay.

Fifteen minutes, just close the door.

Thank you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am.

Yeah, hold on.


Dad said no video games.

He did not.


It's a giraffe.

This is SportsCenter. Hey.

I was watching that.

It is Oakland. It is Boston. It is Manny Ramirez.

Can't we watch SpongeBob? No.

You used to like it. Times change.

Tartar sauce.

I'm hungry.

What do you want me to do about it?

Make me macaroni and cheese?

I don't know how.

I'm hungry. What do you know how to make?


Two-run shot. Are you kidding me?

Next batter, Jason Varitek.

In the air to deep right field. Down the line, towards the pole.

How about if you and me play catch? No.

The first guy to give up walk-off home runs...

...on consecutive days since 1998.

Bo Sox win it 6 to 5.

History-making moment for...

You're dead!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Where are you?


Where are you, Danny?


Where are you?

There you are. I said I was sorry.

Don't. No.

Don't do that, it's not funny. You'll be safe here till Dad gets back.

You're just jealous because Dad thinks I'm smarter than you.

I didn't mean that.

Walter. No. Pull me up. Don't.

What's the matter, Danny?

Not still scared of the basement, are you?

Walter! No, Walter!

It's not funny! No!

Pull me up! Walter!

Three-year-olds are scared of basements.

You're really mean.

Dad said not to play in there.

Look what I found in the basement.

Looks dumb and old.

I like it.

Yeah, you would, it's for babies.

Walter, this is so cool. Check this out.

What's Zathura?

Will you play with me? No.

I won't cheat. Yeah, you will.

A card came out. Fascinating.

"Me... Mete...

Meor sho...

Meeor sh... sho..."

Read this for me.

"Meteor shower. Take evasive action."

What's evasive action?

It's when you get out of the way.

What exactly am I supposed to get out of the way of, exactly?

I have no idea. All it says is "Take evasive a..."


It's meteors!

Take evasive action!

Danny, in here.

Danny, hurry up. It's safe.

Danny, come on. Hurry.

Danny, come on, hurry up.

Hurry, hurry, hurry. Come on. Get in, get in.

This is SportsCenter.

Schilling deals no love...

I don't think we should play that game anymore.

That's weird.

It only hit the living room.

Wow, outer space.

No, that's just nighttime.

I don't know, Walter. Night never looked so close before.


Walter, check this out.

Tell her. You tell her.

You should, she won't freak out as much.

We shouldn't really even be in here.

Dude, we're in outer space. It doesn't matter.

Then you wake her.



Lisa. Lisa...

Go away. Lisa, you gotta get up.

What's the rule about being in my room?

We're not allowed unless it's an emergency.

And what's the emergency?

There was a meteor shower and everything got wrecked.

We can't get back to Earth. Shut up!

Just look. Yeah.

Oh, no. What do we do?

It's already dark? I'm gonna be so late.

It's not dark. We're in outer space.

I saw Saturn outside.

Lisa, open up.

Shut up and listen to me.

Dad put me in charge until he got home.

Which means you guys need to do what I say.

Do me a favor. Go downstairs and stay out of my face.

But it's an emergency.

Is the house on fire? No.

Is anyone hurt? No, but...

Then leave. Lisa, please.

We're really scared. Can you just watch what this game does?

lf this is some weird joke you guys are trying to pull, you're dead.

No, it's not a joke.

Here, watch this. Watch this. Here.

Okay. So wind the key. All right.

So now I'm winding the key. Yeah, see?

And then push the button. So I push it?

Yeah. Pushing the button.

Then the number winds, and whatever the number is, like nine.

Then your ship... The blue ship...

...because the red ship is mine, I got a five.

So then it goes to nine, which would be that thing.

All right. Then the card's gonna pop out.

The card. The card.

The card! The card!

The card. Here's the scary part.

"You're promoted to a starship captain.

Move ahead two spaces."


Lisa, no, no! Lisa! No, wait, Lisa!

Wait, that one didn't count. Let me go. Let me go. Here. Okay.

It's stuck.

Maybe we have to take turns.

See? It was my turn.

Four. Yeah, four.


"Shipmate enters cryonic sleep chamber for five turns."

What the heck does that mean?


Does "cryonic" mean ice?



I killed her.

You didn't kill her.

She's frozen in cryonic sleep.

I gotta melt her.

Are you crazy?

We can't just leave her here like this.

Maybe we should read the instructions.

"Zathura. Attention, space adventurers.

Zathura awaits.

Do you have what it takes to navigate the galaxy?

It's not for the faint of heart.

For once you embark upon your journey...

...there's no turning back until Zathura's reached.

Pieces reset at the end of each game.

Play again and again for different adventures."

That's it. We gotta keep playing.

I'm not playing that thing.

Yes, we are. It says we go home if we win.

It... It didn't say that.

Yes, it did. "Pieces reset at the end of each game."

That means we go home when we're finished.

All I know is that when we play this game, bad things happen.

All I know is that when I played, I got promoted.

So I'm gonna win this and get us home.

Wait, can we...? Don't be a baby.

I'm not a baby.

Look, eight, I'm halfway there.

"Your robot is defective."

What does that mean?

Means my robot's broken.

But you don't even have a robot.


That's your robot?

At least I got one. Well, what does it do?

Anything I want. Get me a juice box, beyotch.

Don't do that. Why not? It's my robot.

You might make it mad. It's 3 inches tall.

I'll punt it across the room. My robot, the card says.

I never said it wasn't your robot. You don't have to be a jerk.

Dude, you're just jealous I have a robot and you don't.

Why would I want...? Emergency.


Alien life form.

Must destroy.

Walter, I think he's talking about you.

Alien life form.

Must destroy.

Danny, take your turn.

There's no key. Find it.

Take it, take it. Come on, hurry.

Take your turn!

Why didn't you go? I could have been killed.

I was scared. But it's okay, he's gone, isn't he?

Danny, take your turn.

Danny, give me the card. It's still moving.

Hurry up, Danny.

The card.

What did the card say?

"You pass too close to Tsouris-3. Enter gravity field."




What happened? It's Lisa.

Is she okay?

Walter, do you think she's okay?

I guess. She's still in one piece.

What happened to the robot?

What are you doing?

I think it's dead.

Get up here.

Do you think the door will hold the robot?



Yeah, once he fixes himself, we're screwed.

He's fixing himself?

How should I know?

Looks about right.

You think she's okay?

I don't wanna be here when she wakes up.

Where are you going?

Taking my turn.

Are you crazy? That thing's messed up.

"You're promoted to fleet admiral. Move ahead four spaces."

Okay, your turn. I'm not playing.

What are you doing? Making mac and cheese.

There's no water, dummy, we're in outer space.

Why are you doing that?

Because I'm hungry and I know you're not gonna take care of me.

Don't bother, the gas won't work.

Any more advice?

You've gotta turn it up more.

Can we at least talk about this?

There's nothing to talk about, I'm not going.

Danny, I just wanna go home, and I can't unless you play.

Don't you wanna get home?

What's so great about home, anyway?

What do you mean? Everything was great until you came along.

See? You treat me like everything's my fault.

You're the one who pushed the button in the first place.

I just wanted to play a game with you, Walter.

Fine, what do you want?

I want you not to be mean to me, not ignore me...

...and I want you to treat me like your brother.

Fine. Do we have an understanding?


Wasn't that easy?


"You are visited by Zorgons."

What's a Zorgon?

I don't think it's bad. Just visitors.


Maybe they're friendly.

They're not friendly!

The fireplace. Hide in the fireplace.


Told you I didn't wanna go. You're the one who made me spin.

There's nothing else we could do.

Are you crazy? Got any better ideas?

"Reprogram"? What the heck does that mean?

How am I supposed to know?


It didn't work.

We'll figure it out later.


No. Go.

No! Go!

"Rest on standing AstroTurf."

What? Rest on standing AstroTurf.

Let me read it. No, I know how to read.

I know how to read. Let me read it. God.

"Rescue stranded astronaut."

What stranded astronaut?

I guess there's gonna be some stranded astronaut or some...

Did you lock the door?

I don't know.

Which one of you spun me?

Who was it? Him.

Don't be so quick to sell out your brother, kid.

He's all you got.

Looks like you got a pretty serious Zorgon problem.

Yeah, what do we do?

Hide. Hide?

They'll just explode the whole house.

We're gonna hide the house.

Turn off all the lights and electrical appliances.

Me? Yes, you. Go. Do it.


You. Come on, kill that flame on the stove.


Burning gas. That's probably what brought them in the first place.

Okay. Now get the pilot light on the furnace.

What's a pilot light?

In the basement. Little blue flame under the big heater.

Blow it out like a candle. Like this:

Walter, the astronaut guy is wrecking Dad's couch.

Come on.

That's Dad's nap couch.

You wanna help me get this out of here?

Hit it.

What's happening? Come on.

Take it.

Follow it.

There you go.

That's it.


They're big, gnarly lizards.

Cold-blooded heatseekers.

And the tiniest spark of warmth will bring them in like moths.

Flying all around the galaxy...

...looking for anything to burn up.

Why don't they just burn up their own planet?

Oh, they already did.

That's not even the worst of it.

The real problem is their ravenous appetite.

They never stop eating.

What do they eat?

Meat. That's good.

Dude, you're meat.

Are you doing this to keep Zorgons away?


I'm doing this because I've been eating paste out of a tube for 15 years.

This totally sucks. Why?

He's eating all our food.

So? Lupe just went shopping.

How long do you think we're gonna be out here?

It could be weeks. Then what?

I don't know.

What about air? How long is it gonna last before he breathes it all up?

I guess. I'm gonna say something.

No, wait. Walter. Walter.

Dude, that's our food.

Yep. And you're running low on supplies.

Yeah, I know. You're eating it all.

Well, as I recall, the card said, "Rescue stranded astronaut."

Looks to me like I'm the only one that's doing any rescuing... I don't think a couple Dagwood sandwiches is too much to ask for.

Dog, you're eating it all.

I passed through a time sphincter to get here.

You realize how difficult that is?

What's a time sphincter?

A wormhole, about yay big:

You squeeze through there...

...and tell me you're not hungry enough to eat a carpet shark.

Sounds like you got a long trip ahead of you.

Oh, you telling me to leave?

Well, I mean, once you get finished eating, yeah.

I hate to break it to you, but that's not your call.

He spun me, so it's up to him.

I'm fleet admiral, and I'm telling you to hit the road.

I apologize, sir. I didn't... I didn't realize you were a fleet admiral.

In fact, I...

I'm a fleet admiral too.

It's just a card, bug nuts.

Well, he wants you to leave too.

That true, Danny? You want me to split?

Of course he does. Hey, mouthpiece...

...let him answer, all right? I need to hear it from the big guy.


Danny, tell him you want him to leave.

Well, he did help out a little.

Help? He burned our couch and now he's eating all our food.

You call that helping?

You know what?

I'm just gonna go. I feel like a third wheel anyways.

I mean, you guys are such a tight, unified team here.

You're doing great too. I gotta tell you, the house looks fantastic.

So I'll just get out of your hair...

...and let you guys whomp some more Zorgon butt without me.


Whose brother are you, his or mine?

You can stay.

Orders are orders.

Come on, admiral, your turn.

I'm sorry. Shut up.

I think he can help.

Okay. Why haven't you guys started yet?

We're waiting for you.

Okay, well, I'm here, so turn that clockwise...

Yeah, I know how to play the game. Okay.

Hang on a second. Something's wrong.


I was ahead of you.

Somebody must have kicked the board?

No, nobody kicked the board.

You cheated. No, I didn't.

You cheated. I knew you'd cheat.

"Cheater's" a strong word. I didn't cheat.

I didn't cheat! Guys, guys. Please.

Bring it down. Indoor voices. Now, did you move the piece?

Maybe I moved the piece by an accident.

Okay. It was an accident.

How can you move a piece by accident?

It's stuck to the game. It's impossible. You cheated.

No, no, no, let's not use that word. No, stop saying "cheated."

You cheated! Cheater! I didn't cheat!

Come on. Okay? Now, where did you move from?

I was right here.

No, you weren't. You were back there.


Okay. Here, careful.

God. Okay, it's fixed.

You're such a baby. I'm not a baby.

Slow down. Slow down.

I'm not a baby. You're a baby.

Nobody is a baby here.

I am not a baby! You're a little baby!

I'm not a baby!

Jeez, it won't stop! Please.

Okay, let's play the game.


Won't stop spinning.

What's wrong with it? You broke it.

Oh, look, there's the card. See? It fixed itself.

"Caught cheating. Automatic ejection"?

Does it mean me? Well, you did move the piece.

He's the one who cheated.


Hang on, Walter!

I'll save you.


Wait a minute! I got an idea!

I'm gonna swing this lamp up to you...

...and you grab it, and I'll pull you down.

I can't hang on any longer!

Don't worry, I'll get another lamp.

Stand back.



Oh, no.

You okay?

Are you okay?

Get away from me.


Don't talk to me till we get home.

That look cool from down here?

Because up there it was... It was pretty intense.

My heart's pumping pretty good. That was fun.

Can you just play so I can get out of here and get away from you?

I told him I was sorry. Whatever.

Okay, you know what we need to do?

We need to get our heads right, okay?

Pull it together. As a team.

The three of us.

You're up, big man. Bring us home.

I got you, buddy. I promise.

What's it say? He can't read.

"Lose map of galaxy. Go back two spaces."

I'm freezing my ass off.

Forty degrees? Those savages.

Yes. Nine.

Good roll. Good roll?

Nine's a great roll. I meant great.

It's gold.

"Shooting star. Make a wish as it passes."

That's gotta be the best card in the whole game.

I'm almost to the end, look. A few more and I win.

I hope you win. I don't care who wins.

Because you never win at anything. Hey.

That's why he cheats, he can never win.

No, I don't. You do.

And you almost got me killed.

It wasn't my fault. It's not your fault?

How is it not your fault? This is all your fault.

Everything's your fault.

It's your fault Mom and Dad got divorced.

Hey. You suck.


I get my wish now, don't I?


Don't do it.

Don't do what?

Don't wish what you're thinking.

You don't know what I'm thinking.

Yeah, well, I can tell it ain't good.

Listen. No matter how good an idea seems like when you're angry... never is. You gotta trust me on this one, Walter.

What'd you wish for?

I can't tell you. Tell me.

You know the rules about wishing. lf I told you, it won't...

Tell me what you wished for.

Get off me.


The card worked.

Yeah. It worked, congratulations.

We're stuck in space now forever.

Leave him alone.

What did you wish for?

This. You wished for a football?

Signed by Brett Favre.

Why'd you wish for a football?

You could have just wished the game over.

You could have wished us out of here.

I was under a lot of pressure. He was yelling at me.

Why were you yelling at him?

Okay, guys.

Here's the thing.

I've played this game before.

Okay? I played it with my own brother 15 years ago.

You're a player? Yeah. Just like you guys.

We were fighting a lot back then.

And when the game started, it got even worse.

Every time we spun, we got madder and madder at one another.

And then I landed on the star space.

The same one that Walter just landed on.

Well, I was so mad at him, that when the star passed...

...I made my wish.

What'd you wish for?

I wished that my brother had never been born.

Oh, my God.

Soon as I did it, I felt horrible.

I thought, you know, if I could spin again...

...maybe I... I could land on another star space and... And wish him back.

But the game wouldn't let me...

...because it wasn't my turn.


There are some games... can't play alone.

So, what do we do now?

We go back downstairs and we finish this thing once and for all.

No more cheating. No more arguing.

All you guys have to do is spin a few more times.

I'll help you fight off whatever comes out.


Deal. Deal.

Is it getting hot in here?

You blew out the pilot light on the furnace, right?

Stay put.


My gerbil was in there.

This is bad.

This is very bad.

Why? We didn't get eaten.

Where did you leave the game?

In the living room.


The game's our only way home, and now the Zorgons are burning it.

There is one thing we can do.

Waiting for an invitation? Come on.

Put your back into it. Come on.

Why are we doing this?


You guys actually set the house on fire!

Lisa's back. Lisa's unfrozen.

You're okay. You're okay, Lisa.

Get off me! Get off me! Try and find the fire extinguisher!

No, Lisa, wait. No, Lisa, wait. No, Lisa, no.

Stop! Lisa, don't. The Zorgons are attracted to fire.

Lisa, stop.

No, Lisa, don't do it!

Lisa, don't do that. We gotta keep the fire.

The Zorgons are attracted to fire! Lisa, wait. No, Lisa, don't do it.

No, Lisa.

Great. Now we'll never get the game back.

Okay. Don't worry. They're back.

Who the hell are you? The astronaut.

From the game we're in.

Danny spun me.

What is that? What is that?

What's going on? Where are we?

Somebody please talk to me right now!

All right, they're arming the harpoons. They're gonna board us.

What's gonna board us? Guys, look alive.

What's gonna board us? The Zorgons.

What's a Zorgon? They're lizard-men. They eat meat.

We're meat!

Come on, let's hide downstairs! Okay, listen, when they dock...

...I'll sneak on the ship and steal the game. Got it?

Hang on. What?

Did she say downstairs? Oh, no.

Hey, hey.

Just stay with us, and everything will be okay.

I'll never leave you.

Move, move, move.

Go, go.

Okay. It's gotten pretty serious out there.

I need you guys to hide in here.

I'll keep in touch with these.

They won't work. Danny broke them.

He pulled off the antenna. They're completely destroyed.


It works.

Listen, keep the volume low.

Only use that if you need me.

Wa... Wait, where are you going?

I'm gonna go find the game.

He has gorgeous eyes.


He obviously feels very protective over me.

I just...

I just feel so safe around him.


Oh, my God.

The place is crawling with them. They're all over the basement.

Wait, I think in the corner I see the game.

Yeah, the box is right there.

Hang on, I'm... I'm gonna get closer.

Did he get the game?

Hello? What's going on?

Are you there? Hello?

What's happening? Hello?

Is he dead?

The game was right there.

It was right across from the furnace. I couldn't get it.

There's too many of them down there. They're all over the basement.

Are there any upstairs?

Not yet. But as soon as they're done down there...

It's okay. You tried your hardest.

We believe in you. Will you please?


The dumbwaiter. What?

The dumbwaiter is across from the furnace.

It's a little elevator.

You could sneak right in it...

...we'll lower you down... could grab the game...

...and we'll pull you right back up.

So easy.

Right, Walter?

Yeah, but he's too big.


It was a good plan, though.

It was a great plan.

Yeah, it was.

It was.

Too bad he wouldn't fit.

I wouldn't even fit.

I sure wish we knew someone that was small enough.

Do we really need the game?

How you doing in there?


Listen to me. It's gonna be real easy, okay?

Just gonna lower you down there, grab the game, and we'll pull you up.


Nothing's gonna happen to you, okay?

Yeah. Because I'm your brother.

And that's what being a brother means.

Means I'll never let anything happen to you.

Okay? Yeah.

Okay. This is just gonna take a few seconds, okay?

Hey, Walter? Yeah?

I'm sorry I cheated.

I know.

You ready to do this? I'm ready.

He's right there.

Guys, why did you stop?

Guys, come on.

I'm not at the bottom yet.

Help me. Come on.

That's it. Pull, pull. Come on, come on.

Go. Go.

They're back. They're coming up the stairs.

Get out of here. Go on.

Go, go, go.

Oh, no.


It was just the box.

Wait. I see the game.

It's on the Zorgon ship.

But I think I can get it.

Danny, do not get on that ship.

Just stay put. We'll come and get you.


Danny. Danny, listen to me.

The Zorgons are up here. Just stay put.

The pulley broke... figure out...

We got rope... So just stay put.

Danny. Danny, are you there?

Danny, the Zorgons are up here. lf you can hear me, listen.

We're not pulling you up right now. Stay put.

We just saw one. Hold tight.

It's just a goat. It's just a goat.

It's just a...

It's not a goat. It's not a goat. It's not a goat.

It's not a goat. It's not a goat.

It's not a goat.

Guys, pull me up.

They got goats with four eyes.

Guys! Quick!

I have the game!

Come on.


I told you I wouldn't let anything happen to you. Come on.


Alien life form.

Must destroy.

He still wants to kill me.

Use the card. Quick.


Alien life form.

Must destroy.

Alien life form.

Must destroy.

Guess that's what the reprogram card's for.

I like that card.

It's a good card.

Where's Lisa?

Lisa... upstairs.

What fell?

Little excessive, but I like it. Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Okay, spin it, buddy.

Almost there.

I got it.

"Flunk space academy. Go back one space."

I'm not even gonna comment on that.

My turn.

"Hit time warp. Go back three spaces. Repeat last turn."

I get another wish.

Thanks for helping us out.

I wish the astronaut had his brother back.

You wished for two of me?

No. I...

I wished the astronaut guy had his brother back.

Danny. Who are you?

It's me.

It's Walter. I'm your brother.

What? Wha...?

No, you're not.

He is.


I'm older, but I'm him.

I came back for you. What's going on here?

That was awesome.

Thank you. l...

I didn't... You did a good job.

You did better than I did.


Now, make sure he gets home safe, okay?


He was me. Yeah.

Oh, my God. And I wanted to...

Ten. You need 10 to win.

Need a 10. Need a 10.

One. God, I suck.

"Would you like to swing on a star? Move ahead nine spaces."

Danny, you won. I won?

He won? You won, Danny. You beat the game.

You won the game. We can go home.

I reached Zathura!

"Game over. Thank you for playing"?

That's it? Now what?

I think we're home.



It's a black hole!

Zathura is a black hole!



Two-run shot. Are you kidding me?

A's up 5-4. Keith Foulke leads the bigs in home runs...

...given up by a reliever with six.

Bottom nine. Red Sox down, 5-4.

Octavio Dotel in for the save. He ain't really saving a whole lot.

He walks "Big Papi" Ortiz... tie up the inning. Kevin Millar up next.

After an Ortiz walk, ninth inning...


Don't push that button. Let's get back to the here and now.

No way it's gonna happen again, is it?

No way. No, it doesn't happen again.

Millar pops out to left field.

Richard's back!

I did it. You won the game.

I won the game. I beat Zathura. We're home.

We're home! We did it. We're home.

I distinctly remember asking you guys not to kill each other.

Dad, it was so awesome. There was this game... sent us to outer space. There was a black hole.

We almost had to stay forever.

I stole the game from the Zorgons. And I saw myself older.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

It's almost 3:00, and Mom's gonna be here any minute.

Grab all games and books, whatever you wanna take to her house.

Come on, get ready to go.

Good throw. Right to the chest. Catch this one.

Caught it. Nice.

All right, ready? Here we go.

Brett Favre takes the snap. He's looking. It's a great pass.

Touchdown. Touchdown.

Just a second, Mom. Hey, Mom.

What happened to the football signed by Brett Favre?

It's gone. What happened to it?

It never happened.

Oh, right.

We never speak of this. Okay?

Never happened. Never happened.

Still think I have gorgeous eyes?

Walter. What?